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Gambit by Gambit1234

Version: 1.5b | Updated: 08/18/00

                   Marvel vs. Capcom 2- Gambit FAQ and Strategy Guide v1.5b          
                                       by Gambit
********************************Table of Contents:*********************************

1. Moves Legend
2. Profile and Brief History
3. Gambit's Stats 
4. Gambit's Costumes
5. Gambit's Moves
6. Gambit's Assists
7. Damage Guide
8. Gambit's Combos
9. Strategies
10. Gambit vs. Other Characters
11. Glitches and Bugs
12. Legal Crap

*********************************1.MOVES LEGEND************************************

LP-Light punch, done by pressing the X button (default Dreamcast settings).
LK-Light kick, done by pressing the A button.
HP-Hard Punch, done by pressing the Y button.
HK-Hard Kick, done by pressing the B button.
A1-Assist 1, done by pressing the L button
A2-Assist 2, done by pressing the R button
QCF- Quarter-Circle Forward. Done by rotating the D-Pad from down, to down-forward, to 
DP- Dragon punch motion. Done by pressing forward, down, down-forward in a smooth 
QCB-Quarter-Circle Back. Done by rotating the D-Pad from down, to down-back, to back. 
Charge- Done by pressing down for 2 seconds.
j.- jumping
OTG-Off The Ground
XX- Cancel into
DHC-Delayed Hyper Combo, a Super used by a partner character while another super is 
still in effect (Super Cancel).
TS-Team Super, a tag or triple team super.
VC-Variable Counter.

***************************2. PROFILE AND BRIEF HISTORY****************************

*Real Name*: Remy Lebeau
*Height*: 6'2"
*Weight*: 180 lbs.
*Eyes*: Black with red pupils
*Hair*: Brown

Gambit is an X-Man and a former thief. He grew up in New Orleans and joined the X-Men 
befriending Storm. Parts of his past are shrouded in mystery. He has the ability to 
kinetically charge an inorganic matter to the point where it explodes on impact. He 
also has
superhuman agility and reflexes and some minor empathic powers. 

Previous Games: X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom

********************************3. GAMBIT'S STATS***********************************

Gambit is rated 1-10 in power, walking speed, agility, special attacks, super attacks, 
throws, combos, stamina, range, and priority. His strengths and weaknesses are also 

*STRENGTHS*: Gambit is fast, fairly powerful, has good combos and moves and has plenty 
of variety. His attacks can sometimes confuse the opponent also.
Also, Gambit's staff gives him INSANE priority and reach.

*WEAKNESSES*: Gambit's ground throws are good, but his air throw is very difficult to 
connect with. Gambit's moves do simply average chipping damage, and can leave him open 
at times,
and have start up or finishing lag.

********************************4. GAMBIT'S COSTUMES*********************************

*LP*- Gambit's original costume. Light brown coat, blue boots and armor.
*LK*- Gambit's Marvel vs. Capcom alternate. Greenish gray coat, silver boots and 
*HP*- Purple hair and shirt, gray trench coat, blue boots and armor.
*HK*- Dark brown coat, blue boots and armor.
*Assist 1*- Royal blue coat, Blue boots and armor.
*Assist 2*- X-Men vs. Street Fighter alternate. Cyan coat, blue boots and armor.

********************************5. GAMBIT'S MOVES************************************


Standing-Gambit performs a quick backfist.
Crouching- Gambit performs a crouching backfist.
Jumping- Gambit performs a jumping backfist.

*STRONG PUNCH*- X (after a light attack)
Standing- Gambit performs a downward swipe with his staff.
Crouching- Gambit performs a short downward swipe with his staff.
Jumping- Gambit swings upwards with his staff.

Standing- Gambit performs a strong horizontal swing with his staff reaching nearly 
half the 
screen's distance and knocking the opponent across the screen.
Crouching- Gambit uses his launcher, uppercutting with his staff.
Jumping- Gambit swings downward with his staff, sending the opponent crashing against 
the ground.
Standing- Gambit performs a quick knee.
Crouching- Gambit uses a short forward kick.
Jumping- Gambit uses a short forward kick in mid-air.

*FORWARD KICK*- A (after light attack)
Standing- Gambit performs a medium speed middle kick.
Crouching- Gambit uses a short, but quick sweep.
Jumping- Gambit kicks upward, going medium speed and distance.

Standing- Gambit performs a high Roundhouse kick.
Crouching- Gambit performs a fierce sweep.
Jumping- Gambit uses a strong mid-air roundhouse kick.


QCF+P (air) Gambit pulls out a handful of cards, charges them, and throws them at his 
opponent. This is Gambit's main projectile. Light punch throws an almost instant 
Kinetic Card, holding the opponent for a very short time, while the fierce punch 
version comes out slower, holding the opponent longer, making it more able to be 
comboed off of. You can super cancel his fierce Kinetic Card directly into the Royal 
Flush. The air version of this move is angled downward. It doesn't have quite the 
start-up and slows Gambit's fall.

QCB+P The same as the Kinetic Card, but at a 45 degree angle upwards. Once again, the 
punch determines the speed and holding time. This move has been improved greatly in 
Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It is now faster with much more priority.
If the opponent is hit by this move, they will fall stunned, ready for some nasty 

DP+P (LK+HP for fierce version) With this attack, Gambit uses his staff to either 
combo his opponent or launch a suprise counter attack. 
LP- Gambit performs one quick attack with his staff. Good for countering or a suprise 
HP-Gambit attacks with a 3-hit combo. This attack is very good to end OTG combos with.
LK+HP- Gambit attacks with another 3 hit combo. This attack covers more distance, but 
doesn't OTG as well. Use this attack to end ground combos.

D (CHARGE), U+ K For this attack, Gambit bounces off a wall and delivers a diving 
kick. You can control which wall Gambit jumps to by holding Up and the direction of 
the wall. You can also bounce to another wall by pressing the direction of it after 
Gambit bounces off the first. This attack is better used bouncing off a simgle wall 
because the attack is very quick and sometimes confusing. Bouncing of a second wall 
gives the opponent more time to block and often puts Gambit in danger. 

D (CHARGE), U+ P Another version of the Cajun Strike, Gambit starts the attack the 
same way but attacks the opponent overhead with his staff. Like the Cajun Strike, 
Gambit can bounce off the other wall and with this move, it's better too. It makes the 
move more confusing and The opponent doesn't always know when to block. This is a very 
underrated move as a skilled player can make this one of the best in their arsenal.


QCF+2P Gambit tosses his staff up in the air, and unloads a deck of cards. This attack 
is best used while the opponent is on the ground. If the opponent is above Gambit, the 
staff will knock the opponents into the cards, or sometimes behind Gambit, leaving him 
open. If the staff hits the opponent into the cards, it does a reduced amount of hits, 
but the staff alone does the damage of a kinetic card. This attack can easily be 
comboed into after a c.Fierce, c.Roundhouse, or Kinetic Card. After Gambit performs 
the Royal Flush, he does a short taunt, which can put him in possible danger. This 
attack has average start up speed and must be timed well. Do NOT use this in 
desperation situations. Gambit uses this in team supers.

QCF or QCB+2K Gambit jumps to a wall and unleashes an attack of super-charged cards 
charged to their highest potential, causing huge shockwaves of kinetic energy to 
bombard the opponent. This attack does fairly good chipping damage, although less then 
in Marvel vs. Capcom, but the power, speed, and number of hits have been greatly 
improved. This attack has fairly slow start up, but is still fast enough to hit an 
opponent in the middle of a move. This move is better to use than the Royal Flush as a 
desperation attack, because it has no recovery lag, so once it's performed, Gambit is 
perfectly safe. The direction you do this move in determines the wall Gambit jumps to.


*Punch Throw*- the "charger". Gambit grabs the opponent, charges them with kinetic 
energy, and kicks them away as they explode.
*Kick Throw*- Gambit knocks the opponent to the ground, slamming them with his staff. 
Moving the D-Pad and pressing the kicks will cause this move to hit more.
*Air Throw* (kick)- Gambit presses off the opponent with both legs, sending the 
opponent crashing against the ground.


*Forward*- Gambit quickly hops forward.
*Backward*- Gambit dodges back.


*Taunt* (Start+B)- Gambit rests his staff on his shoulder and motions at the opponent 
saying "C'mon, mon ami!" 
*Battle Start Taunt*- Cards hit the ground and explode, then Gambit jumps in and says 
"C'mon, mon ami!" while motioning at the opponent.
*Entrance Taunt*- Gambit jumps in and says "It's Showtime!" while motioning at the 
*Exit Taunt*-Gambit turns his back and says "See ya, mon chere" as he jumps out.
*Win Taunt 1*- Gambit rests his staff on his shoulder while saying "Don't mess with a 
*Win Taunt 2*- Gambit charges a card and disintegrates it saying "La tournement c'est 
*Time Over Taunt*- Gambit flips a card up his sleeve and says "See ya, mon chere."
*Assist Call*-Gambit stands straight and says "C'mon!"
*Assist Exit*-Gambit motions to the opponent and says "C'mon, mon ami!"

****************************6. GAMBIT'S ASSISTS*******************************

*ALPHA*: Gambit throws a kinetic card.  
*BETA*:  Gambit jumps in and performs the jab Cajun Slash.
*GAMMA*: Gambit uses his launcher.
*TS*: Royal Flush

Gambit's assists can all be useful. Super combos can be chained off his Alpha assist 
easily because the card holds the opponent. His Beta is a great suprise or counter 
attack. His Gamma, although the least useful of the three, is his launcher, which is 
powerful, has high priority, and can set up air combos well.

******************************7. DAMAGE GUIDE**********************************

This guide shows how many points of damage Gambit does on an average stamina character 
(100%). A character has about 145 points of life. When a character goes into "Danger", 
moves take off a little but less health, so 3 Royal Flushes will take the character 
down to 1 point of life, but not KO the character.

*Move has variable damage/hits (may lessen or increase damage)
**This move can be pressed for more hits/damage

Jab Punch-        Standing:4       Couching:4       Jumping:4
Strong Punch-     Standing:7       Crouching:7      Jumping:7
Fierce Punch-     Standing:13      Crouching:13     Jumping:13
Short Kick-       Standing:4       Crouching:4      Jumping:4
Forward Kick-     Standing:7       Crouching:7      Jumping:7
Roundhouse Kick-  Standing:13      Crouching:13     Jumping:13 
Kinetic Card-     Jab:15           Fierce:15        Air:15
Trick Card-       Jab:15           Fierce:15
Cajun Slash-      Jab:18           Strong:26*       Fierce:22*
Cajun Escape-     Jab:20           Fierce:20
Cajun Strike-     Short:18         R.House:18
Royal Flush-      Single:49*       Staff Hit:15     DHC/TS:41*
Cajun Explosion-  Single:47*       DHC:32*
Punch Throw-      Standing:16
Kick  Throw-      Standing:16**    Max:24
Air Throw-        Jumping:16
Assist A-         Assist:15
Assist B-         Assist:18
Assist C-         Assist:13   
Switch-           Switch In:10     Snapback:10

*****************************8. GAMBIT'S COMBOS***********************************

Ground: Hunter Series (ZigZag)
Jump: Hunter Series (ZigZag)
Super Jump: Hunter Series (ZigZag) 


**Ground**- All of Gambit's basic attacks chain together. Here are some of Gambit's 
more useful combos.

*c.LP, c.LK, c.LK(MK), DP+HP
*LK, LK(MK), HK, DP+LK&HP, OTG Royal Flush 
*HP Kinetic Card XX LP Kinetic Card XX HP+LK Cajun Slash, OTG Royal Flush

**Air**-All of Gambit's air attacks chain together just like his ground attacks. Here 
are some of his more useful air combos.

*j.LP, j.LK, c.LP, c.LK, c.HP, j.LP, j.LK, j.LP(MP), j.LK(MK), j.HP.
*c.LP, c.LK, c.HP, j.LP, j.LK, j.LP(MP), j.LK(MK), j.HP
*in corner-Perform Gambit's Punch Throw into the corner and quickly follow with this 
 c.LK, c.HP, j.LP, j.LK, j.LP(MP), j.HP

*Use dashes to start off Gambit's combos. His combos are very quick but take some 
timing. Also, cancel Gambit's standing attacks into Super Moves.

*********************************9. STRATEGIES************************************

-Use Gambit's reach and priority to your advantage. Because of his staff, Gambit is 
very good at fighting up close.
-Gambit can combo his HP Kinetic Card into his LP Kinetic Card if well timed.
-Use Gambit's Cajun Escape and Cajun Strike to confuse your opponent. 
-Gambit's Kinetic Card is argueably the best projectile in the game, but it is not a 
beam. Don't use it like one. Use it in moderation and time it well for nasty combos.  
-The Cajun Slash is a very useful move to end combos with or OTG with. Use it for 
combos of for pressure.
-The Trick Card has gotten a lot better in this game, so use it! This isn't a move an 
opponent will expect you to do, so if they super jump, stay on the ground and throw a 
Jab trick card and hit them with a nasty combo on the way down.
-The Royal Flush is a very powerful move and can be Comboed into off a C.Roundhouse or 
a launcher. The Royal Flush is also a great move to start a DHC with, but use it in 
-The Cajun Explosion is faster and more powerful in this game. It is probably the 
ultimate counter super. Once the cards are thrown it beats out anything.
-Dash in and out with Gambit. He has a quick dash and it can be very useful for 
starting combos. His backdash can quickly be cancelled into a move and is a decent way 
to confuse someone into attacking. Once the opponent attacks, hit them with a Royal 
-Use OTG combos mercilessly. Gambit's OTGs are among the best in the game.
-Gambit can cancel any of his ground moves
-Every now and then, add in a well-timed taunt ^_^. His taunt is pretty quick and 
stylish, so use it occasionally after hitting a super or beating a character, but 
don't by any means overuse it.

***************************10. Gambit vs. Other Characters*************************

*Gambit vs. Projectile characters*- Gambit's kinetic card will beat any projectile, 
and he has the speed to fight up close. Gambit shouldn't have any problem against 
projectile characters.

*Gambit vs. Beam Characters*- Gambit's Kinetic Card will not beat out a beam, so try 
to fight up close to prevent those cheesy beam tactics. Most beam characters can't do 
much up close so stay on the opponent at all times.

*Gambit vs. Pixies*- Pixies can be a problem for Gambit, but they can't duck his 
kinetic card. Use a mix of keep away and fighting up close to beat them. Use ducking 
attacks, jump ins, and combos, with well timed supers and pixies won't be a problem. 
Also, pixies take damage worse than other characters. Always Block low and play a good 
defensive game as well as offensive.

*Gambit vs. Large Characters*- Dash in constantly and use ducking attacks and combos. 
Also, look for good open spots to hit with a super. Big characters aren't a problem.

*Gambit vs. "Other" Characters*- Study the opponent's style and look for open spots. 
Play an offensive and defensive game.

**Gambit vs. Abyss**
*1st form*- A super jump and a constant barrage of kinetic cards will take him out in 
no time. If you reach the ground, defend and Super Jump, and throw more kinetic cards.

*2nd form*- The same tactics work on this form as the first. Watch out for his capture 

*3rd form*- Play defensive and use a well timed Cajun explosion when Abyss is in the 
middle of the screen. The Cajun explosion will do a huge amount of damage to this form 
if timed correctly. 

****************************11. GLITCHES AND BUGS************************************
*Floating Trick Card* Dash using 2P and quickly perform a QCB+P. If performed 
correctly, Gambit will float off the ground and throw his trick card.

*Cajun Flight* Perform Gambit's Assist 2 snapback and then quickly perform a Cajun 
Strike. If you bounce off the left wall, Gambit will fly off screen and remain there 
for the remainder of the battle. My prefered win pose ^_^.

********************************12. LEGAL CRAP***************************************
 Gambit is owned and copyrighted by Marvel Comics, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is copyrighted 
to Capcom and this FAQ is owned by me ^_^

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