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Ruby Heart by CaliberX

Version: 1.5a | Updated: 06/10/00

----< Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes >-------------------------
----< Ruby Heart FAQ and Strategy Guide v1.5a >------------------------

FAQ written by Mike Green a.k.a. CaliberX (CaliberX@hotmail.com)
Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and Ruby Heart are (c) Capcom of Japan. 
All Marvel character names are (c) Marvel Comics.

     The most recent version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs
(www.gamefaqs.com).  Anyone wishing to post this FAQ on a public server may do
so; I just ask you to inform me of it first.  This FAQ can neither be
reproduced in any way, shape or form, nor can it be used for any kind of
profitable or promotional purposes.  This work was created and is owned by me,
CaliberX (CaliberX@hotmail.com).  Any and all copyrights and trademarks are
acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned in this FAQ.

Information for this FAQ comes from my experience with the USA arcade version,
I have not played the DC import, but plan to buy the US DC version as soon as
its available.  When I do I will add damage info etc., unless someone wants to
supply me with that info now.

Table of Contents
1. Legend
2. Introduction
3. MvC2 Basics
4. Basic Attacks
5. Special Moves
6. Hyper Combos
7. Assists
8. Combos
9. General Strategy
10. Character Specific Strategy
11. Version History
12. Credits

1) Legend
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward
QCB = Quarter Circle Back
HCF = Half Circle Forward
HCB = Half Circle Back

F = Forward
B = Back
D = Down
U = Up
DF = Down + Forward
DB = Down + Back
UF = Up + Forward
UB = Up + Back
P = Either punch button
K = Either kick button
JP = Jab Punch
SP = Strong Punch
FP = Fierce Punch
SK = Short Kick
FK = Forward
RK = Roundhouse Kick
A1 = Top assist button, calls in your second character
A2 = Bottom assist button, calls in your third character

S. = Standing
C. = Crouching
J. = Jumping

UL = Universal Launcher
VC = Variable Combination
HC = Hyper Combo
DHC = Delayed Hyper Combo
OTG = A move that hits the opponent off of the ground.
-> = Indicates that you should cancel the previous move into the next

2) Introduction

     Ruby Heart is an original character created by Capcom for MvC2.  Well,
that's at least what Capcom says, and nobody, as far as I know, has found any
previous Capcom game she is from.  I haven't looked into it much, but I will
put down here what I know about her.  She is a pirate mage with, I believe, an
airship, that wants Abyss's armor (the premise story for about half the
characters in the game, which is pretty lame, but who cares about the plot of a
fighting game?).  As for how she plays, her special moves are fairly original
and make for interesting games.  She is not an air combo freak like Strider or
Wolverine but her aerial raves are still good and do plenty of damage.  Her
basic attacks are strange since some have very long range while others have
very short range.  Overall, she has very cool looking moves and Hyper Combos
and can be really fun to play.  Below is a quick list of her special moves and
Hyper Combos, more information on them is in their respective sections.

Schwarzaile [QCF + P] (air) Redirected with P + any direction x2
Sublimation [QCF + K]
Fantome [QCB + K)
Rafale Canon [HCB + P]

Hyper Schwarzaile [QCF + PP] (air) Redirected with P + any direction x4
Pirate Ship [QCF + KK]
Mille Phantoms [QCB + KK]
Tour de Magie [Roundhouse, Jab, Down, Short, Fierce]

3) MvC2 Basics

Variable Combination [A1 + A2]
     Requires at least one and up to three levels of HC energy.  For each
character and level of HC energy that you have, one of your characters starting
with the current one and going down will perform their VC Hyper Combo as
determined by their assist type.  The character who started the VC will remain
the active character when it ends.

Variable Counter [B, DB, D, A1 or A2]
     Requires one level of HC energy.  Execute this move while blocking an
attack from your opponent and your current character will jump out and your
second or third character, determined by A1 or A2 respectively, will take their
place as the active character and perform their Variable Counter move as
determined by their assist type.

Delayed Hyper Combo
     During any, well at least most, Hyper Combos you may perform the motion
for a HC of the next character in your line-up and they will jump in and
execute it.  You may do this up to 2 times, using all three characters, for a
total of 3 Hyper Combos in the DHC.  This changes the active character to
whoever ended the DHC and each HC takes its normal amount of HC energy to

Universal Launcher
     In MvC2 every character can perform a launcher by pressing DF + RK or FP
depending on the character.  This is called the Universal Launcher.  This was
probably put in to help characters who use a medium attack as their only other

Snapback [QCF + A1 or A2]
     A snapback attack looks just like one of the characters basic attacks and
takes level of HC energy to perform.  It is blockable, but can be combo'd into.
 If it connects it will knock the current opponent out and force in either the
second or third character, depending on which assist button you used to perform

Push Blocking [PP while blocking an attack]
     I guess the official name is Advancing Guard, but that's pretty dumb since
you don't advance.  Usually this will just push away the attacker.  It's a good
way to force someone like Akuma or Strider to back off.

OTG - Off The Ground
     After an attack that knocks a character to the ground it is possible to
hit them "Off The Ground" with certain attacks in order to lengthen a combo. 
Some people also refer to it as "On The Ground" since you are hitting someone
who is on the ground.

     Canceling means to perform a move while the animation for the current move
is still in progress.  MvC2 adds the new ability to cancel many special moves
into Hyper Combos.  All of Ruby's specials are cancelable, at least at some
point, in this way.

4) Basic Attacks
----< Standing >-------------------------------------------------------

Jab - A short jab, you would have never guessed.

Strong - A quick uppercut.

Fierce - Ruby takes out her anchor and swipes horizontally at her
opponent with it.  Nice range, fast recovery.  Like all weapons, the anchor
doesn't count for hit detection on Ruby.

Short - A short kick to the shins.

Forward - A downwards kick that hits twice.  Does a little more total damage
than her other medium attacks because of the two hits.

Roundhouse - A kick almost straight up.  Launches if opponent is already in the
air.  Ruby's most damaging basic attack.

----< Crouching >------------------------------------------------------

Jab - A short jab.

Strong - Another short punch.  Knocks the opponent into the air a little, but
they will land on their feet.  The only use for this effect as far as I can
tell is to launch with S.Roundhouse.

Fierce - Launcher, see below for more info.  Ruby takes out her anchor and
swipes upwards using her whole body.

Short - A good range low kick.

Forward - Similar to her Short, except with better range.

Roundhouse - Ruby pulls out her whip, knocking her opponent down with it.  VERY
long range, almost half the screen.  Great for hitting people who think they
are out of range of a character Ruby's size or for counter attacking a ranged
opponent.  It comes out very fast, but watch out because the recovery is pretty
long.  If they block it you should be OK, but if you miss you need to cancel it
into a special or prepare for a beating.

----< Jumping >--------------------------------------------------------

Jab - An upwards chop.  Never use it when jumping in, only to start aerial

Strong - A downwards chop.

Fierce - Ruby does an over-the-head downward swipe with her anchor.  Good
range, great priority, and decent speed.  Watch out for the slow startup time
on it.

Short - A standard out and down jump kick.  Good range, pretty good priority. 
I use this 90% of the time when jumping in.

Forward - Ruby kicks upwards, knocking her opponent up slightly if they are in
the air.

Roundhouse - Ruby kicks downwards with the heel of her boot.  Very fast, and
can be used during super jumps to fill the HC meter very quickly.  Doesn't have
that much range though, so its not that great for jump ins.

----< Launchers >------------------------------------------------------

C.Fierce - Ruby takes out her anchor and swipes upwards, standing up in the

S.Roundhouse - Ruby kicks upwards.  This will only act as a launcher if the
target is already airborne.

UL [DF + Roundhouse] - Similar looking to the S.Roundhouse, it will launch off
the ground as well.  Does the same damage as the C.Fierce and only sends them
just over one screen high.

I used to think that C.Fierce was a better launcher than S.Roundhouse, but
since S.Roundhouse does more damage and can also be combo'd off a C.Strong they
both have their uses.  I suggest trying to combo into the S.Roundhouse since it
does more damage and the C.Fierce should be used after an OTG C.Short.  The
C.Fierce does come out a little faster, but neither are very good vs. high
priority jump ins.  Its better to just block and counter.

-----< Throws >--------------------------------------------------------

Face Smash (F or B + FP) - Ruby grabs the opponent and gives 'em a blow to the
face, sending them flying across the screen.  When done in the air she punches
them downwards.

Ruby's throws seem to have bad priority, she certainly won't win a throw war. 
I only ever use them when someone is blocking a lot.

----< Snapback >-------------------------------------------------------

QCF + A1 or A2 - Ruby does her S.Fierce.  Much better than some peoples
snapbacks since it has quite good range and can be combo'd into the same as her
regular S.Fierce.

----< Dashes >---------------------------------------------------------

Forwards Dash - Ruby puts her head down and lunges forwards.  She traverses
just over 1/2 of the screen.  A good dash, but she is certainly no Magneto or

Backwards Dash - Ruby hops backwards a short distance, quite slowly I should
add.  Only covers about 1/3 of the screen, I think.  Not very useful, jumping
backwards seems a better idea to me.

5) Special Moves
This section explains how to do all of Ruby Heart's special moves, when they
can be performed, and any special properties of them.  How to best use them is
found in the strategy section.  Some move names and translations, names in
parentheses, are taken from Kao Megura's MvC2 FAQ and the other (wrong ones)
are from the US arcade machine.  Any info on move names and translations would
be greatly appreciated.

Schwarzaile [QCF + P] (air)
     Surrounding herself with blue flames (or water?), Ruby propels herself
forwards.  JB goes straight ahead while FP is at a 45 degree angle.  The air
version always goes straight ahead.  Using P + Any Direction will change the
direction of flight or continue it longer in the current direction and can be
done twice.

Sublimation [QCF + K]
     Ruby opens her spell book and reading it, calls water up from the ground
that vertically covers about 2/5 of the stage.  SK makes it come up close to
Ruby, and RK it comes up farther away.  Both versions have the very useful
feature of canceling projectiles and both can OTG.

Fantôme (Ghost) [QCB + K]
     Ruby conjures up a treasure chest which opens, sending a ghost flying out
very slowly towards her opponent.  SK makes the ghost travel close to the
ground, and RK will make the ghost travel up slightly as well as have a little
longer range.  The ghost can be blocked, but if it hits the opponent it will do
a small amount of damage and cling onto them, draining HC energy.  If Ruby is
hit at any point during this move the chest or ghost will disappear.

Rafale Canon (Gust Cannon) [HCB + P]
     This move is totally different depending on whether JP or FP is used.  If
JP is used, Ruby throws out an anchor straight forward holding onto the end of
the chain.  It covers about 2/3 of the screen before she pulls it in.  If
blocked or if it cancels a projectile she will pull it back in right away. 
When unblocked Ruby reels the opponent in and then shoots them with a cannon
sending them flying.
     If FP is used Ruby winds up and throws an anchor upwards at a 45 degree
angle which, if unblocked, will trap the opponent for a VERY short time
allowing you to punish them.  This version has HORRIBLE startup time since she
has to wind up before she throws it making it close to useless.  It can hit the
medium and large opponents even if they are on the ground as long as you are
right next to them, but since it has so much startup time it doesn't really

6) Hyper Combos
All of Ruby Heart's Hyper Combos take one level of HC energy to perform.

Hyper Schwarzaile [QCF + PP] (air)
     Exactly the same as the Schwarzaile except its red and can be
extended/changed direction up to four times instead of two.  If the move ends
at ground level there is basically no recovery time on it, but if ended in the
air Ruby will be unable to block until reaching the ground.

Pirate Ship [QCF + KK]
     Ruby calls her pirate ship in and a huge blade on the front stabs the
opponent up to 5 times.  If it is not blocked then the ships guns will start
firing and you can mash the buttons for more hits/damage.

Mille Fantômes (One Thousand Ghosts) [QCB + KK]
     Ruby conjures up a huge treasure chest except this time lots of ghosts fly
out of it and they hit the opponent for damage instead of draining HC energy. 
The startup time is horrible, but it does good chipping damage and insane
damage if it connects.

Tour de Magie (Magic Trick) [Roundhouse, Jab, Down, Short, Fierce]
     Ruby conjures a barrel that falls down from the sky.  If it hits an
opponent in the air it does very pathetic damage, stuns them, and won't
continue with the rest of the move.  If it hits them on the ground then the
screen changes and her pirate crew comes in to watch, and one of them holds the
barrel.  Ruby can now throw knives into slots in the barrel by pressing F + LK
or LP up to four times and one of her crew turns the barrel after each throw. 
I believe that getting all four knives to connect is quite random and even then
it only takes off about a third of the opponents life.  Why oh why does Capcom
make the coolest looking supers so useless?

7) Assists
----< Alpha >----------------------------------------------------------

Anti-Air Type
   Partner Assist: Sublimation
   Variable Counter: Sublimation
   Variable Combination: Pirate Ship

This is hands down Ruby's best assist.  The Sublimation is a good partner
assist that almost never leaves Ruby vulnerable.  One thing about it to note is
the fact that it really isn't that great an anti-air move even though its
Anti-Air Type, its instead best used for crossing up or just pressuring.  The
Pirate Ship HC goes well with any other horizontal HC.

----< Beta >-----------------------------------------------------------

Capture Type
   Partner Assist: FP-Rafale Canon
   Variable Counter: FP-Schwarzaile
   Variable Combination: Mille Fantômes

This is easily Ruby's worst assist type, for partner assist at least.  The FP
version of the Rafale Canon is just plain horrible and should be avoided like
the plague.  The only use this assist type has is a good Variable Counter and a
great VC, the Mille Fantômes.  If another character combos into the VC its
guaranteed to do massive damage.

----< Gamma >----------------------------------------------------------

Enhance Type:
   Partner Assist: Power-Up enhancement orb
   Variable Counter: Sublimation
   Variable Combination: Hyper Schwarzaile

Ruby hops on screen holding an orb that gives your current character Power Up
for a short time.  This assist is decent, but I would much prefer to have her
Sublimation as an assist instead.  For a short time your character can really
dish out some damage, though.  Also, the Hyper Schwarzaile is uncontrollable
and will go forward 5 times, making it just mediocre since it can't add to much
damage to beam VC's since it doesn't hit that many times and the damage buffer
kicks in.

8) Combos
----< Combo Theory >---------------------------------------------------
Ruby Heart uses a 6 hit magic series on the ground and while jumping and super
jumping.  This means it is possible to chain all 6 basic attacks in the order:
Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, Fierce, Roundhouse.  During this series any of the
attacks may be omitted.  This being said, Ruby can actually do a 7 hit series
during an aerial rave in the corner.  Between the Forward and the Fierce she
can get in an extra Short.  Because of her 6 hit series and the amazing range
on her C.Roundhouse, there is a very neat trick Ruby can do.  If an opponent
blocks any combo end it with her C.Fierce launcher.  Since there is some
recovery time on it many players will try to dash in and combo you after its
blocked.  This is when you cancel the C.Fierce by continuing the combo with a
C.Roundhouse and cancel into a Sublimation.  At the very least they will end up
blocking the Sublimation and at best you will OTG them with it and can commence
serious beatdown. =]

One of the most important parts of playing Ruby is her ability to quite easily
combo 2 of her HC's, one of which can be used as an air finisher.  Her Hyper
Schwarzaile can be easily combo'd into off of both her S.Forward, S.Roundhouse
(that doesn't launch), and best of all her S.Fierce.  Her Pirate Ship HC can be
combo'd into after a S.Fierce or S.Roundhouse that doesn't launch.  The Hyper
Schwarziale can also be used as an air finisher and does especially well as
such in the corner.

The last and most important part of Ruby's combo game is her ability to OTG the
Sublimation after a successful knockdown with a C.Roundhouse.  In order to do
so you must cancel the end of the C.Roundhouse into the Sublimation or else it
will miss.  Don't worry though, since unless they roll they will just take
block damage from it and can't counter attack you.  After the Sublimation has
connected you can do a few different things.  The Hyper Schwarzaile can easily
be combo'd off of it and her Pirate Ship can as well.  It is possible to dash
in and launch or just super jump into an air combo, but this is quite hard to
pull off, a HC is probably a better idea.

Below are the combos that I primarily use because they are easy to do and
connect with.  The ending parts of each combo are generally listed in order of
usefulness and difficulty, the easier and more useful ones at the beginning.  I
am not going to list the awesome-but-close-to-impossible-to-do combos.  From
these examples and knowing Ruby's magic series you can figure some of those out
on your own as well as longer variations of the ones below.  Most light
crouching attacks could also be standing attacks, but why would you use those
when Ruby's crouching attacks generally have the same or longer range and do
the same damage?  All these combos have been tested by me personally unless I
state otherwise.

----< Ground Combos >--------------------------------------------------

Dash in and...

1) C.Jab, C.Short, S.Forward, S.Fierce -> (see list)
     a. JP-Rafale Canon
     b. Pirate Ship
     c. Hyper Schwarzaile
     d. JP-Schwarzaile -> Hyper Schwarzaile

2) C.Short, C.Forward, C.Roundhouse -> OTG-Sublimation -> (see list)
     a. Hyper Schwarzaile
     b. Schwarzaile -> Hyper Schwarzaile
     c. Pirate Ship
     d. Jump in, J.Short, J.Strong, Hyper Schwarzaile
        * Very good choice all around and especially when starting out
          if you can't always get the Sublimation to OTG because this
          lets you keep the pressure on even if the Sublimation misses.
          The only problem is they need to be in the right spot for this
          to connect.
     e. Dash Forward, S.Roundhouse (Launcher, continue in the air.)
        * You must start the S.Roundhouse early, letting your momentum
          carry you close enough to hit.
     f. Mille Phantoms
        * UNTESTED, probably does not work, but tell me if it does...

3) C.Short, C.Fierce (Launcher, continue in the air)

4) C.Jab, C.Short, C.Fierce (Launcher, continue in the air)

5) C.Jab, C.Strong, S.Roundhouse (Launcher, continue in the air)

----< Air Combos >-----------------------------------------------------

After a launcher or when meeting opponent in the air...

1) Jab, Short, Strong, Forward,
     a. Fierce, Roundhouse
        * It is very hard for me to connect with the Roundhouse when not in
          the corner, but in the corner you can do Short, Fierce, Roundhouse
     b. Schwarzaile
     c. Hyper Schwarzaile
     d. Schwarzaile -> Hyper Schwarzaile
        * With b, c, d you may want to leave out the Forward since
          it knocks the opponent up into a somewhat strange position
          and can cause you to miss with some hits sometimes.

9) Strategy
----< Special Move Strategy >------------------------------------------

1)  Sublimation:  This move is Ruby's best special.  It will cancel out
projectiles, stop people from dashing at you, stop people from normal jumping
at you, it can stop pretty much everything short of super jumps and full screen
HC's.  Always use this whenever it will force your opponent to block since it
does some block damage and, like a beam, push blocking it will NOT allow them
to retaliate, it will just push Ruby away.  If it connects try to continue with
a combo.

2)  Schwarzaile:  Don't rely much on her FP version to counter jump ins because
its hard to time and she is vulnerable to basic attacks during the startup of
it.  Also things like Hayoto's regular sword attacks can knock her out as well.
 While in the air you can use her Schwarzaile like an air dash sometimes, such
as using it to get behind your opponent after super jumping to avoid a beam
super.  You can also cross up a lot by doing this in the air over their head
and then coming back at them from behind.  Always remember that if it hits you
can cancel into the Hyper Schwarzaile. =]

3)  Fantôme:  While being one of Ruby's weaker specials it still has its good
points.  If the opponent if far away and on the defensive go ahead and do this
move before advancing on them.  It really drains away quite a lot of HC energy
if it connects and does a little damage as well.  Its also annoying since its
so slow.  I find myself actually connecting with this move a lot for some
reason, I think because it is so incredibly slow.  I can dash in with a blocked
combo, and its still not quite at them yet and they get hit if they try to
counter attack.

4)  Rafale Canon:  I have not checked yet, but I believe if you connect with
the JP version you can cancel into a HC.  Never use the HP version in a serious
match because it has SOOOOOOOOO much lag both on startup and recovery and is at
such a terrible angle, you have been warned.  It doesn't even hold them long
enough to get off her MEGA damage Mille Fantomes HC.

----< Hyper Combo Strategy >-------------------------------------------

1)  Hyper Schwarzaile:  I find that this is the second most used HC  because it
is her one HC that is really easy to throw in a combo.  Almost any ground or
air chain can be finished with a Hyper Schwarzaile.  In order to get all the
hits move diagonally upward once and then go straight up for the rest of the
time only changing if you see it won't keep hitting.  Its possible to OTG
afterwards, but you have to plan ahead for it since normally you end it way up
in the air.

2)  Pirate Ship:  Ruby's best HC.  This HC does good damage (mashing can get
you a good 33% off the average character) and is quite easy to chain after her
S.Fierce.  This is the HC you always want to use whenever your opponent is
vulnerable, such as when they switch characters and miss you or miss with most
HC's.  That's all because it comes out incredibly fast.  When I say fast I mean
it can catch Guile after a blocked Sonic Hurricane, and yes I know I should
just push him away and waste his ass. =]

3)  Mille Fantômes:  The startup on this super is INCREDIBLY long so it doesn't
have many uses.  That out of the way there are a few times where you always
want to use this HC.  The first is if you need to kill off a turtler with low
energy since it chips well.  Ruby's other HC's do very little block damage. 
The second is to counter missed HC's with extreme lag at the end, such as Ken's
Shouryuu Reppa.  The third is when someone misses with a HC that you don't need
to block or can push block out of such as Ryu's Shinkuu Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku.
 You may ask why in the world you would use this instead of one of her other
HC's, the answer is simple.  This HC does insane damage if you manage to
connect it, draining an easy 40-50% off the average character.

4)  Tour de Magie:  Don't use this super in a serious match since its hard to
hit with and it doesn't do that much damage even if you are lucky enough to get
all the hits.  This one will just get you some style points since it looks so

----< General Strategy >-----------------------------------------------

1) Using the Sublimation you can really play a great game of keep away, but I
prefer to use it to pressure the opponent, constantly using it whenever it will
force them to block, then dashing or jumping at them and trying to combo. 
Either way, a partner with a beam assist such as Cable, Ice Man, Magneto,
Cyclops, Dr. Doom, etc. is extremely helpful to Ruby.

2) If they block any regular move of yours that has some lag on the end just
cancel it into a Sublimation that they have to block or a Schwarzaile that will
get you to safety.

3) Keep it on the ground.  Ruby's best move, the Sublimation, is a ground based
attack and her air attacks do leave something to be desired, so her game is
best kept on the ground.  Do Sublimations to get people to back off, then dash
or jump at them.  If you must take to the skies don't forget to throw in a
Schwarziale every so often since its so maneuverable and fast and can help you
cross up in the air.

4) Ruby has a great corner trap game using the Sublimation and helpers.  First
combo into a RK Sublimation when somebody is in the corner.  If blocked, mix it
up between jumping in with FP or dashing in with C.Short and C.Fierce.  If they
block the C.Fierce do C.Roundhouse -> Sublimation.  If you have a beam assist
or other anti helper assist always call them in while dashing or jumping to
protect Ruby from your opponents helpers.  After the Sublimation they may try
jumping at you, just call in a helper or launch them.  The only real way your
opponent can get out of this is from a well timed super jump, certain assists,
or push blocking Ruby (the easiest way).

5) Try to keep the pressure on them at all times.  Whenever you get pushed away
its great to do a SK Sublimation since almost everyone will either end up
jumping at you and blocking it or dashing at you and getting hit by it.  Always
attempt to OTG the Sublimation after a C.Roundhouse unless your opponent is
VERY good at rolling after the knockdown.  DO NOT use the Sublimation when they
are near you because they can get inside it and hurt you, only do it when they
are far away or will be forced to block it.

6) Switching out:  I find the truly best way to switch out in MvC2 is to do a
DHC.  Because of this if I have taken moderate damage and I catch someone in
her Pirate Ship HC I will usually DHC to get Ruby out of there and bring a
fresh character in.  Also, if you connect with a Sublimation you can take that
opportunity to switch out safely, although doing a combo is probably a better
idea unless Ruby is really low on life.

7) Use your helpers.  I can't stress this enough.  All the best players I know
constantly call out their helpers at the right times in order to start a combo,
surprise the opponent, or counter attack.  Don't just call them in randomly or
repeatedly, know what assists they have and use them accordingly.  I find dash,
beam projectiles, and anti air to almost always be the best assists.  All three
of them help Ruby's game a lot.

10) Character Specific Strategy
Against many character your general strategy should work fine.  If anyone has
additional strategies I will gladly add them and give credit.

Akuma - Push him away from you again, and again, and again.  If Akuma is at a
distance he can't do much of anything to you, so keep him there and try to
sweep him and make him block Sublimations.  If you every block his dragon punch
super do the Mille Phantoms.  Watch out for multiple air fireballs then diving
kick if you try to dash under them.  Since he takes so much damage he really
isn't that hard if you play defensively and counter attack when you get the

Amingo - ??? Nobody uses him.

Anakaris - Try to keep him blocking and wait for him to do something with lots
of lag and counter.  PUSH BLOCK HIM.  If you don't you are going to get thrown
after any blocked combo.  If you do these two things he shouldn't be that hard
to wear down.

B.B. Hood - ??? Not many people use her.

Blackheart - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Cable - Cable can be pretty tough for most people, but Ruby has some decent
weapons and tactics to use against his keep away game.  A RK Sublimation will
hit Cable if he does a viper beam from across the screen, but you will also get
hit, it will knock him out of the Hyper Viper Beam too though.  Try to super
jump a lot to get close to him and when you do don't let up on him.  If you
manage to see the Hyper Viper Beam coming, super jump and Schwarzaile behind
him then Mille Fantome him while you laugh at his lame scrub tactics. 
C.Roundhouse -> Sublimation -> HC whenever he pulls that damn gun out and you
shouldn't have to many problems. =]

Cammy - Cammy is very fast and can combo her "Lock On" HC for massive damage. 
She can also play lots of mean high low and throw games.  Try to keep her away
from you and counter attack when she makes a mistake.  If you let her in close
to often you will probably get launched and die.

Captain America - Played fairly seldom here.  He's quite predictable usually. 
Will go for air combos and throws quite often, especially air throws.  Don't
try to beat him out air to ground ever, and punish him whenever he misses with
his launcher.

Captain Commando - Damn this guy is hard.  He can keep you away all day with
his Corridor, Commando Fire and assists.  Try to get close to him and block his
Corridor then combo him.  His Corridor does have longer recovery than in MvC1. 
If you get close to him he WILL throw you.  If he launches you, you will
probably be eating a very damaging Captain Sword, so don't let him.  If you
have a beam helper, use him... a lot, since the captain can't do much about it
except block.  Anyone have any really good strategies vs. him?

Charlie - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Chun-Li - Just unlocked recently.  She is mostly just annoyingly fast, but
can't do that much damage at once since she has lost her air HC.  No real
strategy, but she isn't really all that hard anymore so you probably won't need

Colossus - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Cyclops - ??? Not many people use him.  Never gives me problems, just use your
general strategy.

Dan - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Dhalsim - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Doctor Doom - Doctor Doom is quite slow so take advantage of that.  Don't let
him frustrate you with his keep away game.  Whenever he super jumps, dash
underneath him then super jump and try to combo when he inevitably does the
photon shot.  I never have that much trouble against the good Doctor Doom
players so he shouldn't be that hard.

Felicia - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Gambit - Never jump in on him because his C.Fierce will win every time.  Also
try not to launch him when he jumps at you because his Fierce will also win
here every time.  Push him away and try some Sublimations so he plays less
aggressively.  Other than that I don't have much to say, Gambit is a very good
character and in the hands of a good player doesn't have many weaknesses.

Guile - Guile is always one of my three characters and I usually bring him in
versus anyone else using him.  He can be extremely hard to do much to in the
hands of a good player.  One thing to remember is to not jump in on him because
he will either Somersault Kick or launch you.  If he is turtling then just walk
up and throw him.  Use your SK Sublimation at a distance to scare him away from
dashing in at you.  Winning against Guile usually means winning mind games
against him or chipping him to death.  Repeatedly make him block the
Sublimation and use any chipping assists that you have.  Good luck, you will
probably need it.

Hayato Kanzaki - Hayato is pretty hard as well when played right.  Jump in on
him with your Fierce since it will usually hit him out of his slow launcher. 
Push him away with Sublimations.  When he dashes or jumps at you just block his
combo and counter with a C.Roundhouse since his moves have lots of lag.

Hulk - No real advice against the Hulk because I have to many problems against
him.  Make sure you block his Gamma Charge because if you don't you will eat a
Gamma Crush and 60% of your life is gone.  Keep him away with Sublimations and
assists and combo him using a HC if you block a move with lots of lag.  Be very
careful counter attacking normal attacks because he may cancel it into a Gamma

Iceman - Get in close to Iceman and try to cross him up.  He won't take any
damage from blocking Sublimations so don't use it that much.  Jump at him from
a screen away and do a Schwarzaile if he tries a horizontal Ice Beam.  If he
jumps at you just launch him with C.Fierce because you will always have
priority.  I never have to much trouble with Iceman as long as I stay close to
him and don't let him throw me.

Iron Man - ??? Just unlocked.  Nobody here plays him well yet.

Jill Valentine - Play her much like any of the fast combo crazy characters and
remember to roll if she knocks you down or you will eat a HC.

Jin - ??? Nobody uses him here, except me.

Juggernaut - Ruby has no problem vs. this behemoth.  Chip him with Sublimations
and combo him if they hit.  Just watch out if he has a beam assist.  Keep him
away from you and jump at him with Short, Forward since that will stop his
super armor.  He shouldn't be much of a problem as long as you don't get
Headcrushed. =]

Ken - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Kobun - Not unlocked yet.

M. Bison - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Magneto - I really don't know what to say.  Try to block a lot and nail him if
he slides.  Push block the Magnetic Shockwave and HC him.  I have major
problems fighting Magneto since his cross up game is one of the most deadly
there is.

Marrow - ??? Nobody uses her.

Megaman - Launch him if he jumps at you.  Counter any blocked slides.  Not much
else since he was recently unlocked and I've only played against him in MvC2 a
few times.

Morrigan - ??? Nobody good uses her.

Omega Red - Unlocked recently.  Nobody uses him that much.

Psylocke - Play her like you would Chun-li or any other fast character.

Rogue - ??? Nobody uses her.

Roll - ??? You suck if you need advice for beating Roll, 'nuff said.

Ruby Heart - Stop her from doing what you would do. =]  Most people are not
very good with you and will use her Schwarzaile way to much.  Punish them after
you block it.

Ryu - ??? Nobody good uses him.  Play him using general strategy.

Sabretooth - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Sakura - ??? Nobody uses her.

Sentinel - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Shuma Gorath - Nobody good uses him.

Silver Samurai - He is extremely annoying and will try to chip you to death
with his stupid Shurikens.  Whenever at a distance use your SK Sublimation to
force him to come at you since it will stop his Shurikens from doing chip
damage to you.  Super jump a lot and try to cross him up.  Dash at him if he
jumps straight up or backwards to launch him after he inevitably throws a
Shuriken.  Once you get close to him try to keep him blocking and wait till he
makes a mistake since most of his moves have lots of lag.

Sonson - ??? Nobody uses her.

Spider-Man - He plays like all other dialers.  Keep him away with the
Sublimation and he can't do much of anything to you.  Launch him if he jumps in
at you since you have priority.

Spiral - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Storm - ??? Nobody good uses her.

Strider Hiryu - Strider should just be beaten down like the scrub who is
playing him.  Unless they are really good almost all he will do is try to combo
into his launcher.  Just play him like normal and frustrate him by blocking
everything.  Call in an anti air assist if he jumps at you.  He takes damage
like a fairy now so he won't pose much of a problem.

Thanos - ??? Not unlocked yet.

Tron Bonne - Nobody uses her.

Venom - ??? Nobody uses him.

War Machine - ??? Recently unlocked.  Nobody uses well yet.

Wolverine (admantium) - Wolverine has been castrated by Capcom and sucks now,
just give him a good beating.

Wolverine (bone) - See above.

Zangief - Push block him and keep him away from you with Sublimations.  If he
gets to close you will be getting a Final Atomic Buster.  He will be pretty
easy in his normal mode, but look out for the Metal Zangief change, if he does
it get someone with a beam in there pronto to take him out because Ruby will
get annihilated fast.

11) Version History

1.0 - First release of the FAQ.  Any additional information is welcome and will
probably be added in future updates.

1.01 - Fixed a few minor things that nobody should even notice.

1.5 - Added some character specific strategy as well as fixing up a lot more
little things.

1.5a - Some small mistakes corrected.
12) Credits

1. CJayC of www.gamefaqs.com one of the best sites on the net for hosting this
and many, many other FAQs.

2. Capcom for making MvC2 what MvC should have been.

3. Kao Megura's MvC2 FAQ for many move names and translations.

4. Everyone at my local arcade, both those who I beat on and those who humble
me on a regular basis, although that happens less and less of late. :)

5. Readers like you.

Unpublished Work Copyright CaliberX 2000


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