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Cyclops by Z-Force

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/07/00

Cyclops FAQ for Marvel Vs Capcom 2 V1.0
FAQ Written by Z-Force (z-force@execpc.com

Table of contents

I.	Introduction, thanks, and disclaimer
II. Version History
III. Places to Get this FAQ
IV. Character Introduction
V. Legend
VI. Colors
VII. Assist Types
VIII. Basic Moves
IX. Special Attacks
X. Super Combos
XI. Strategies


This FAQ is copyrighted by me, Z-Force.  I don't mind if you want to take this 
FAQ and put it on your website, as long as you e-mail me first, mainly so I can 
list you under my list of places to get the FAQ.  Do not try selling it or 
otherwise using it to make a profit.  Also, I want to thank all of the people 
who e-mail me with info and stuff, for this and my other FAQs as well.

Version History

V1.0  The Very first version

Places to get this FAQ

www.geocities.com/~z-force (my homepage)

Cyclops Introduction

I don't follow comics much, but I know that Cyclops (aka Scott Summers) is the 
leader of the famed team of mutants known as the X-Men.  Gamewise, he made his 
first appearance in X-Men, Children of the Atom.  He was also present in the 1st 
to VS series games, and made an appearance in MvC1 as a helper.  Now he has 
returned in MvC2 to wreak havoc on your foes.  He is a very powerful character, 
who plays sort of like Ryu.  IMO, he's better, but that's for you to judge.

Legend (all moves assume character is facing right)  Throughout this FAQ, I'm 
going to assume that you are at least somewhat familiar with this game and that 
you now the basics.  If not, I recommend Kmegura's FAQ at gamefaqs.com, as it 
will tell you everything that you would want to know.

f = Forward
b = Back
u = up
d = down
df = Down forward
db = Down Back
uf = Up forward
ub = Up Back
P = Punch
LP = Light Punch
HP = Hard Punch
K = Kick
LK = Light Kick
HK = Heavy Kick
PP = 2 Punches
KK = 2 Kicks
A1 = Assist 1
A2 = Assist 2


LP =  Blue
HP = Light Blue
A1 =  White-Blue
LK =  Dark Grey
HK =  Dark Grey, different colored visor
A2 =  Black

Assist Types

With all 3 types, he uses the Mega Optic Blast as a super assist.  This assist 
is very powerful and compliments any super assist combo well.

Alpha:  His assist and Variable counter is the Optic Blast.  This is a good all 
purpose assist to use.

Beta:  His assist and Variable counter is the Gene Splice.  This can counter 
jumpers, and you can combo it with your own Gene Splice or possibly another 

Gamma:  His assist and Variable Counter is the Cyclone Kick.  This is the least 
useful assist, but is still useful as a poke, or combo move.

I recommend using either the Alpha or Beta Assist types, depending on your style 
of play

Basic Moves

LP Standing  Just a basic jab.  It's slower than other jabs though, so not as 
LP Ducking  A basic ducking punch, again nothing special about it
LP Jumping  Another basic punch.  Nothing special, but good for opening a combo.
HP Standing  Cyclops shoots a small blast of energy.  In other words, an instant 
projectile.  This is very useful, as you can imagine.  Use it to pressure your 
HP Ducking  Same as above, but fired lower.
HP Jumping   A strong punch in midair.  Designed more to hit people up high, you 
have to be pretty deep to hit a normal standing opponent.
LK Standing  A basic mid kick.  Faster than the LP, good as a poking attack.
LK Ducking   A very low kick.  Slow, and not very useful
LK Jumping   A kneedrop.  Very nice to use as a combo opener.
HK Standing  A spinning roundhouse kick.  Can knock out jumpers, and also comes 
out with good speed.
HK Ducking  A basic footsweep.  Good range.
HK Jumping  A somersault kick.  Good width, makes it a good aerial attack.  You 
have to be deep to hit a standing foe.

Special Attacks

Optic Blast: d, df, f, P
Cyclops zaps his foes with an energy blast.  Use LP for a low one, and HP to 
fire one upward.  Useful in projectile wars, you should be able to win most of 

Gene Splice  f. d. df. P
A jumping uppercut attack.  Use the LP version as an air counter, and the HP 
version, which is wider, in combos.  You can get more hits and damage by ramming 
on the buttons.

Optic Sweep f, df, d, P
A low angled Optic Blast.  Functions like a sweep kick, but with better range.

Optic grab:  f, df, d, db, b, P up close
A throw move where Cyclops grabs his foe and blasts them skyward.  Use uf or ub 
to send them flying in other directions.

Cyclone Kick:  d, db, b, K
A double Kick Attack.  Best used as a poking move or a combo ender.   Pretty 
good recovery time.

Rushing punches:  Charge b, f, P, then P or K rapidly
Cyclops charges the foe, throwing a barrage of punches.  Useful as a surprise 
move or in combos.

Running Throw:  Charge b, f, K
Cyclops runs at his foe.  If he gets them, he throws them for decent damage.  
The start up time is pretty bad, so I'd advise against using it.

Other notes:  Cyclops has a throw with db + K.  He can do different jumping 
attacks by holding down plus a button.  He can double jump, by pressing up 
twice.  Finally, you can do a double kick by double tapping HK.

Super Combos

Super Optic Blast:  d, df, f, KK
You do a big optic blast, which you can control.  Pretty damaging, but why use 
that when you also have the...

MEGA Optic Blast:  d, df, f, PP
The granddaddy of all Beam Supers.  Cyclops shoots a HUGE blast of energy that 
fills up the screen.  Does Heavy damage and looks awesome.  Also compliments 
other beam supers very well.


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