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Jill by ABrea

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 12/09/00

                     [Sega Dreamcast Import]
                      JILL VALENTINE GUIDE
                         Version: 2.6
                      Written by: Aya Brea

This FAQ was written based on the Japanese Sega Dreamcast version of 
the game. Certain aspects may differ from the arcade or home versions 
that are scheduled to release later this year. The latest version of 
the FAQ can be found at:


  - Revision
  - Credits
  - Legend
  - Jill in a nutshell
  - Why use Jill
  - Valentine Normals
  - Valentine Special Moves
  - Valentine Hyper Combos
  - Valentine Assists
  - Valentine Combos
       - Simple combos
       - Advanced combos 
       - Aerial Raves
       - Useless combos
       - CRAAAAAAAAAAZY team combos!
  - Valentine Strategy
       - The unpredictable slide!
  - Versus Strategies
  - Valentine Partners
  - Jill vs Abyss
  - Epilogue

04/Jun/2000 – V1.0
  - FAQ was first created

07/Jun/2000 – V2.0
  - Um, completed all moves and combo sections. Also partner 
sections. Still incomplete here and there.

09/Jun/2000 – V2.1
  - Filled in the Jil vs Abyss section
  - Altered the discription of almost all of Jill's moves
  - All hits and damage for combos and moves added
  - Added more combos
  - More partners
  - Added some decent combos with Tyrant ;)
  - Edited the format and corrections

27/Jun/2000 – V2.2
  - Added more to the CODE: T-002 super. It's actually VERY useful 
and versatile!
  - Added more compatible partners, and more combos. :)
  - Filled in Jill's strategies

09/Jul/2000 – V2.3
  - Added another pretty cool OTG juggle combo
  - More strategies
  - Character vs strategies, although they're not very good.

19/Jul/2000 – V2.4
  - Added more combos
  - The Epilogue section, just for fun. ;)

23/Jul/2000 – V2.5
  - The CRAAAAAAAAAAZY combos section. :)
  - Added Hayato to partners section
  - Added Zangief and Storm strats
  - Some French corrections
  - More strategy and a brand new confuser section.

10/Dec/2000 – V2.6
  - Altered the "Charlie's Angels" CRAAAAAAAAAAZY combo
  - A note about Baretta Counter
  - Another AWESOME reason why you should use Dr. Doom!
  - Added a few more character specific strategies, especially 
Magneto, Dr. Doom etc...

  - Capcom for making this fab-n-addictive game
  - Glen for getting me the Japanese Dreamcast
  - Charles Leung for sending me a copy of MvC2
  - CjayC for his hacked MvC2 save file
  - Kao Megura <kmegura@yahoo.com> for his complete MvC2 movelist and 
a lot of comments and combos. :)
  - Michael Charlton <mikecharlton@hotmail.com> for the ultimate 
Tyrant combo with Dr. Doom!
  - Genji <genji27@yahoo.com> for tips on getting the Tyrant super to 
work, and a MAJOR thanks for telling me that it's OTG-able! Wow, that 
just opens up a HUGE amount of combo oppotunities.
  - Rashid Reddy <shinkuu_r@hotmail.com> for the tips on Rocket 
Launcher, combos and the idea of the Epilogue section. BTW, excellent 
Storm FAQ!
  - Final Fantasy Fanatic <finalfantasyfanatic_@hotmail.com> for 
helping me with some French translations in Jill's ending. ;)
  - LuisX <luisx@ufl.edu> for notes about Baretta Counter 
  - Nico Valencia <acb_dragon@yahoo.com> for the awesome tip about 
Dr. Doom and the CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY combo


Directional buttons/arcade stick

      U                               Up 
   UB | UF               Up-Back             Up-Forward
 B ---N--- F         Back           Neutral          Forward
   DB | DF               Down-Back          Down-Forward
      D                              Down

  - C, Crouch, is done by holding D, DF or DB
  - J, Jump, is done by any of the U, UB or UF motions
  - SJ, Superjump, is done by the [D, U] motion
  - Block is done by holding B. A regular Block must be done to avoid 
Overhead attacks
  - C.Block, Crouch Block, is done by holding DB
  - Air Block is done by holding B in the air
  - Advanced Block (ie, Push Block) is done by PP while Blocking in 
any of the above methods. If successful, either you or the opponent 
will be pushed away, preventing certain following up attacks.
  - A ground dash (both backwards and forwards) is done by tapping 
the direction hastily twice in a row. 

Button configuration
   Dreamcast                         Arcade
   _    __/     \__    _             _        
 _|L|___|         |___|R|__         (_)      (LP)  (HP)  (A1)
        |   VMU   |                  |
    |   |_________|   (Y)            |       (LK)  (HK)  (A2)
  --+--            (X)   (B)
    |                 (A)

Ok, excuse me for the terrible ASCII arts. The default controls for 
the DC buttons are:
  X=Light Punch (jab)    Y=Heavy Punch (fierce)      L=Assist 1
  A=Light Kick  (short)  B=Heavy Kick  (roundhouse)  R=Assist 2

To perform Medium Punch or Kick (aka Strong and Forward), tap LP or 
LK respectively a second time after the initial attack. This can ONLY 
be done during a combo, or when your initial attack made contact with 
the opponent, be it Blocked or not. (So tapping the LP button 
repeatedly when you're across the screen from the opponent will never 
produce an MP.)

You may also cross up the Punch and Kick buttons. Chain combos follow 
the "zigzag" rule (ie, LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP -> HK) so tapping a 
weak attack button after another attack will execute the next 
corresponding command along the chain. For example, tapping the LP 
button twice and LK button once will produce a LP -> MP -> MK chain.

  - Tech Hits are performed by tapping B or F + HP or HK when thrown. 
Can be used in air.
  - Recovery Rolls are performed by [B, DB, D] + P or K just when 
you're about to hit the ground.
  - Taunts are perform by holding LK and tap Start on the Dreamcast, 
or start alone in the arcade.

Other abbreviations
  P / K    - Punch / Kick
  PP / KK  - 2 Punches / 2 Kicks
  QCF      - Quarter Circle Forward, execute [D, DF, F] motion
  QCB      - Quarter Circle Backward, execute [D, DB, B] motion
  HCF      - Half Circle Forward, execute [B, DB, D, DF, F] motion
  HCB      - Half Circle Backward, execute [F, DF, D, DB, B] motion
  DP       - Dragon Punch motion, execute [F, D, DF] motion
  (air)    - Indicates that the move can be done in air
  OTG      - Off The Ground. Indicates the move combo'd into will hit 
             the opponent when they're lying on the ground. Certain 
             "juggles" also fits into this category. 

Character Switch
To switch character, press LP+LK for partner 1 or HP+HK for partner 
2. The current character will taunt (they're invincible during this 
time) and leave, while the your partner jumps in with an attack. 
Opponent will be launched into the air if the tag-in attack connects, 
and following up combos are possible.

Aerial Rave
When you hit an opponent with a Launcher (for Jill, it's D+HP or 
DF+HP) and tap U. You'll automatically Superjump to pursue the 
opponent in the air with a quick combo.

Variable Assist
Assists are basically modified versions of the Team Attack feature 
used in Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighters. By pressing one of 
the Assist buttons (A1 or A2), your respective partner will jump into 
the screen and execute an Assist command corresponding to their 
Assist Types (Alpha, Beta or Gamma) chosen at the Character Select 

Variable Counter
When blocking an enemy's attack, perform the motion [B, DB, D] + A1 
or A2. The screen will freeze for a moment as the corresponding 
partner jumps in with a counter attack (predetermined by Assist Type) 
as your current partner retreats. Each Variable Counter costs one 
level of Hyper Combo Energy. 

Delayed Hyper Combo
New feature in MvC2 that resembles the EX series' Super Cancelling. 
Before the current Hyper Combo ends (whether it hits or is blocked), 
execute a Hyper Combo motion for the second character on your team. 
Time will pause for a few seconds as your second partner jumps in and 
swap places with the current character, and attempts to continue the 
combo with a Hyper Combo of their own. (Note however, the new super 
is NOT guaranteed to connect. Beware of bad Hyper Combo 
combinations!) You can continue this for up to 3 characters, and you 
must have enough Hyper Combo Energy (ie, Super Gauges) left to 
execute the desired follow up Hyper Combos. This cannot be used when 
only one character in your team is alive.

Variable Combination
Press A1+A2 will result in a team super attack, where up to all 3 
characters of your team jumping onto screen and execute a Hyper Combo 
each (as predetermined by their Assist Type). Each Hyper Combo will 
consume a level of your Hyper Combo Energy. (So if you only have 1 
level, only your current character will execute his or her Hyper 
Combo.) Note that a Variable Combination will not cause an active 
character change like Delay Hyper Combo. Again, bad Hyper Combo 
combinations can be nightmares when used in Variable Combination. If 
the character's Hyper Combos are incompatible, stick to Delayed Hyper 
Combos instead, where you'll have more control.

Another cool new addition to the game is, by sacrificing a level of 
Hyper Combo Energy to knock the your opponent back into the "reserve" 
team. A successful Snapback attack will force the character that's 
been hit unusable (even through Assists, Variable Combination and 
Delayed Hyper Combo) for a few seconds. A Snapback can be blocked, 
but it can be combo'd into. Note Snapbacking an assist character will 
have little effect and performing it when your opponent has only 1 
character alive will simply waste the Hyper Combo Energy as the 
damage done is pretty insignificant. A Snapback is done by QCF+A1 or 
A2, the assist button used determines which member will jump in to 
replace your opponent.

Jill Valentine's debut appearance was in Capcom's classic Resident 
Evil a few years ago. She is an intelligent member of S.T.A.R.S. 
(Alpha Team) who was the machine expert of the team. The S.T.A.R.S. 
members were sent to the Arklay Mountains in the outskirts of Racoon 
Forest to investigate a case of missing persons and strange sightings 
of dog-like beasts. During the investigation, the team was attacked 
by monsters where they have no choice but to retreat to a nearby 
mansion. However, the nightmare continues as the team encounters even 
more bizarre creatures inside, such as rotten humanoid zombies, flesh 
eating dogs, ape-like creatures with scythe-like claws and crows that 
aims for your eyes. Jill was able to escape with only a few other 
S.T.A.R.S. members. Jill's title in MvC2 is "the one who Returned 
Alive from the Nightmare".

Jill also starred in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (aka Biohazard 3: Last 

MvC2 is Jill's first appearance in a fighting game, and Capcom has 
done quite a decent job fine-tuning her skills. Yes so she does have 
some wacky special moves, but it's no worse than everybody else's. 
(*cough cough* Sonson, Amingo *cough cough*)

SPECIAL MOVES (these are not necessarily the official names.)
Elbow Tackle (air)        QCF+P (hold HP to charge)
Grenade Launcher          DP+P  (hold P for longer launch)
Baretta Counter           HCB+P (tap P for more hits)
Zombie Call               QCB+K (2 varieties)
Summon Dog                QCF+LK 
Summon Crow               QCF+HK

Hyper Elbow Tackle (air)  QCF+PP
Rocket Launcher           QCF+KK
CODE: T-002               QCB+KK

Seriously, Jill is an excellent character, though you wouldn't expect 
her to be. Here are some major advantages of using Jill:
1) She's VERY fast and has combos that rivals Spiderman and Strider
2) She has great keep away games with a variety of helpers
3) She's one of the slimmer characters (thanks to Jenny Craig) so 
   combos are not as effective on her
4) Jill does a LOT of damage in very little time (because she's so 
   fast) and plus, she doesn't take damage as badly as the sissies 
   like Strider.
5) Great annoyance factor
6) Great priority on some moves. :)
7) She has a healing assist
8) C'mon, she's the star of the RE series.

As here are some disadvantages:
1) Lack of any decent anti-airs
2) She's vulnerable for a very short period of time during her helper 
   summons, so your opponent can punish you if you abuse it.
3) Jill doesn't have any sorta command moves or unusual ones like 
   overheads. All her normals are pretty straight forward, but 
   there's nothing more to it. (Look at Rogue's crouching strong, now 
   THAT's a good normal!)
4) Jill's normals have crappy air-to-air priority.

Valentine Normals
The damage for each move was recorded from the Training Mode, so 
they're 100% accurate. Remember Capcom's Damage Reduction though. The 
more hits you do, the lesser damage each hit will do (although no 
hits will ever do less than 1 point of damage). I think 150 points is 
100% health. This was tested on Cable, who takes regular damage. 
Also, these damage are used only on human opponents, CPU controlled 
characters takes about 30% less damage.

Standing LP – Damage: 4
A quick jab forward. Has pretty decent range so use it for poking and 
to start combos, although her LK is better.

Crouching LP – Damage: 4
The crouching version of standing LP with identical range. I use this 
a lot to start ground combos.

Jumping LP – Damage: 4
A slightly downward angled punch with a LOT of range (for an LP)! Use 
it as jump-ins.

Standing MP – Damage: 7
An outstretched punch with the other hand, even more range. Use with 
LP for poking.

Crunching MP – Damage: 7
A bent punch to the chest area. Has only about as much range as the 
LP. Use as a combo filler.

Jumping MP – Damage: 7
Looks like jumping LP but her fist is more horizontal. Use for air 
combos and 2-hit jump-ins.

Standing HP – Damage: 13
A forceful punch straight forward. Has deceptive range (ie, reaches 
very far) and is faster than some other character's. Good poke.

Crouching HP – Damage: 13
You'll be using this a lot as this is Jill's launcher. The horizontal 
range isn't that bad, and can be combo'd into from a 2-hit ground 
chain most of the time. Although this is a pretty crappy anti-air (at 
least it never did anything for me.) Like all of Jill's moves, this 
has good speed.
Note Jill's DF+HP does 14 points of damage, and it looks and works 
exactly the same way. Weird!

Jumping HP – Damage: 13
A very awkward move where Jill aligns her body at a 45 degrees angle 
and slams her arm downwards. Has a slight lag at the start, so it 
makes a mediocre jump-in. Good for Aerial rave finisher.

Standing LK – Damage: 4
Jill lifts her leg up sideways quickly. Has good speed and more range 
than the LP. Great poke.

Crouching LK – Damage: 4
Has identical range and speed of the LP, but hits low. Good for 
starting combos and OTGs well. :)

Jumping LK – Damage: 4
Jill extends out one of her legs. Great range and can cross up. (Is 
it just me or are cross-ups harder to do in the VS series?) Although 
it seems like you cannot do a double hitting jump-in with a cross-up. 
Good for air-to-air combat too.

Standing MK – Damage: 7
Almost identical to the LK except she uses the other leg. Combo 
filler or use as poke.

Crouching MK – Damage: 7
Jill leans on the ground with one hand and extends one of her legs 
out, with the other one slightly behind it. (Think Rose's crouching 
Roundhouse without the lags.) Has great reach. The only thing bad 
about it is that you have to go through the LK to get to this. :( 
Good combo filler.

Standing HK – Damage: 13
A powerful roundhouse to the chest area. There's a bit of lag, but 
this has great range. A very useful attack, and use occasionally as a 

Crouching HK – Damage: 13
One of Jill's best normals. Her crouching roundhouse is a slide 
that's not only fast, but also goes 1/3 of the way across the screen! 
Use occasionally as a surprise attack. Great knockdown attack. Try to 
ALWAYS cancel this into an Elbow Tackle because it has next to no 
recovery and OTGs for good damage (and chips nicely when blocked).

Jumping HK – Damage: 13
Jill spins around and sends out her leg. (Looks like Cammy's jumping 
roundhouse.) Has lag but good range. Stick to her LK instead.

Throw (air) – F or B+HP - Damage: 16
Jill grabs the opponent, pulls out a knife and slashes them away. 
(BBHood and Marrow has a similar throw.) Ummm, it's just a throw I 
guess. Decent damage, but I dunno if you can OTG this like other 
character's throws.

Snapback – QCF+A1 or A2 – Damage: 10
The animation is Jill's standing HK. It's quick and has a LOT of 
range (unlike some other characters, like Cammy's) and combos well. A 
lot of people just ignores Snapback but I think they're really 
* Try Snapbacking a foe to bring out their partner with a lot of 
recoverable life. They'll all disappear, yay! If used correctly, this 
can be more damaging (in the long term) than a Hyper Combo.
* Snapbacking a foe that's really getting on your nerves and bring 
out an easier opponent. I use this on annoying BBHood and Wolverines. 
The good thing about this is that since the time limit of this game 
is pretty short, you'll most likely have to save your health to win. 
If you can get rid of an opponent that's kicking your ass, you won't 
loose as much health. (If they try to switch back, block and combo 
them afterwards. :)
* If your opponent withdraws a seriously injured character, bring him 
or her back, and kill them. This works well in unison with the first.

Taunt – LK + Start (DC) OR Start only (arcade)
Jill pulls out her radio and says "Yes!" Can't hit, decent recovery. 
Not a very impressive taunt though, but that's all Jill has.

Valentine Special Moves
Elbow Tackle (air) – QCF+P     (Hold HP to charge)
2 Hits, Damage: 18
Jill quickly charges across the screen with her elbow and shoulders 
on fire. The LP version has faster execution time and travels about 
half the screen. The HP version sends her 3/4 of the way across the 
screen. This can also be used in the air, which is good for Aerial 
Raves. :)

Notice that when you execute the HP version, a crosshair will appear 
on Jill's body and glows as long as you hold HP. This charges up the 
tackle for more range and damage, but also gives it more recovery 
time. Each second charged will add about another hit onto this 
attack, but each successive hit will do lower damage. Also, the 
reason for a longer lag at the start up of the HP version is that 
Jill will ALWAYS execute a standing HP before dashing. (If you decide 
to charge it up, only the standing HP will come out.) However, if 
you're in the air, nothing would come out if you want to chage up the 
Elbow Tackle. 

Kao Megura had some advice for charging up the Elbow Tackle without 
having the annoying HP coming out. 

  "You can perform Jill's qcf + HP attack without that annoying HP 
  coming out. To just do it out of the blue, hold HP, input qcf, then 
  release HP. If you want to charge it up, you can just do qcf + hold 
  HP during another move that it can't cancel into, like her standing 
  HK, crouching HK, or even her throw (throw them with qcf + HP when 
  close, then hold HP.)"

Jill will not loose the charge as long as you hold down the HP 
button, even if she gets hit. She'll execute the charged Elbow Tackle 
as soon as you release the button. The charge will also wear off if 
you execute the LP version. Otherwise, you can use the other buttons 
as much as you wish. One other disadvantage of charging it up is 
that, Jill will loose the charge if you ever perform ANY Hyper Combos 
while charging. To utilise a charged up Elbow Tackle, make sure the 
opponent is against the corner when you decide to release it. This is 
because Jill charges faster than the distance the opponent reels when 
they get hit, and thus she usually travels through the opponent after 
about 18 hits. A charged version has very fast execution time and 
does GREAT block damage! Use it for chipping, in combos or OTG.

Because of the lag, use the LP version for combos, and the HP version 
if you wanna charge it up. IMO, charging it up is not really worth it 
because you'll loose the ability to combo the Elbow Tackle and looses 
her launcher. 

The Elbow Tackle OTGs grounded opponent very well. Try to use this 
after a sliding crouching roundhouse for 2 extra hits and decent 
quick damage. Also, you can use this to juggle an opponent who has 
been launched into the air after a successful tag-in attack, but the 
timing is a bit awkward. The uses for this move are endless, use your 
imagination. :)

Grenade Launcher – DP+P   (Hold P for longer launch)
2 Hits, Damage: 18
Um... what can I say? Jill's most useful weapon in Resident Evil is 
simply one of her least useful moves. The LP version launches the 
grenade low but reaches far. The HP version is the opposite, higher 
but with a short horizontal range.

The grenade usually explodes in midair, but you can hold the Punch 
button to delay it. It can travel all the way back to the ground if 
you want it to, and can be used as a slow and unreliable projectile. 
The LP version can reach across the screen though. Note however, Jill 
is COMPLETELY vulnerable during the launch, and delaying it will only 
result in a higher risk since the projectile is so slow.

Can be used as a mediocre anti-air, although it does have one 
advantage. Since it's a missile and not a body attack (ie, 
Shoryuken), Jill has a lower risk of getting beaten out by a high 
priority attack in the air. :) Although I wished the DP motions were 
a bit easier to do on the DC. :(

So use this as an occasional anti-air, just be cautious that it's 
slow. Be careful about cross-ups though, or jumps at close range, as 
the grenade will miss as the opponent lands behind you. Uh oh, not a 
pretty scene. You can also annoy the hell outta your opponent by 
summoning lotsa dogs and crows, use a projectile assist use the 
Grenade Launcher if he tried to jump over the mass on the ground, 
pushing him back (hopefully onto one of Jill's helpers down below.)

Baretta Counter – HCB+P
3 Hits, Damage: 14        (Tap for up to 10 Hits, Damage: 14!!!)
I have just realised how USELESS this move really is! When you 
execute this, Jill will stand there and glows for about 2 seconds or 
so. If she is attacked during this time, he'll attempt to push the 
opponent away with her palms. And if THAT connects, she'll pull out 
her Baretta and fire 2 shots. (The initial "push" counts as a hit but 
it does no damage. Go figure.) You can also tap on the Punch button 
rapidly and Jill'll fire up to 10 shots. Afterwards you'll get a cool 
new animation where she refills her gun. :) Neat taunt.

(BTW, Jill does NOT use her Magnum in this move because her Magnum is 
a Revolver 6-shooter. This gun is obviously a self-loading automatic 
and has a higher stock capacity.)

The good thing about this move is that it can counter a variety of 
attacks, be it standing, crouching or jumping. It obviously doesn't 
counter projectiles or beam attacks. Now the bad point about this 
move is that the initial "push" that triggers the counter gunshots 
has VERY little range! Thus, it'll fail against some long range 
attacks, anti-air-type attacks and it's not very reliable against 
jump-ins. It also does not last very long, so you'll have to 
anticipate an enemy's move. (A whiffed counter will make you pay 
darely.) Finally, the damage done is hopelessly low! I mean, at 10 
hits, you'll do no more damage! (It works so that every shot hits for 
1 point of damage except for the last shot, which is the most 
powerful. However, no thanks to Damage Reduction, with each added 
hit, the last shot's damage drops. So a 5 or 7 shot counter will 
actually do more damage than a full 10-shot counter! Is that 
ridiculous or WHAT?!) 

Kao sent in this table showing all the possible hits and damages of 
this move, it's VERY weird!

     Hits:    3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 
     Damage: 14 16 17 18 19 20 21 14 

So if you want the most damage out of this, try 9 hits. Else tap for 
10 hits just for the taunt or don't do a thing. So with damage like 
that, I'd advice you not to bother with this move.

Except maybe on one occasion. That is? A blocked slide. If you're 
fighting a human opponent and he blocks your slide (crouching 
roundhouse). Instead of cancel it into an Elbow Tackle, mix it up 
with an occasional Baretta Counter. They'll most likely try to 
counter or sweep you, but you'll nail them with this. :) Tap on the 
buttons to get 10 shots because of the nice animation at the end. 
(Hey, free taunt!) Watch out for supers though.

NOTE! LuisX <luisx@ufl.edu> informed me that he has countered Jin's 
Blodia Punch super with this move! I personally don't see how, but I 
guess it means that this move has a lot of priority!

Zombie Call – QCB+K
LK: 1 Hit, Damage: 2
HK: 1 Hit, Damage: 15

I bet this move is going to be Jill's trademark in this game. This 
move summons a slow walkin' zombie from Jill's end of the screen. It 
takes a second before the zombie walks onto the screen, and it 
travels extremely slowly across the screen. (You'll be lucky if it 
hits at all.)

The LK version will call up a regular RE-type zombie. If it makes 
contact with the enemy (it's unblockable), it'll munch on the enemy 
for 1 point of damage but holds them in place for a while so Jill can 
dash in and combo them with an Aerial Rave or Hyper Combo or anything 
you can think of. :) What's even cooler about the zombie is that you 
can hit your zombie with an attack, but instead of dying, the zombie 
will fall to the ground and stay there for a while. (Although it'll 
disappear if left there too long.) If the enemy walks over to it, 
it'll grab the opponent's leg and munch on them like in RE. :) So as 
you can see, this move can drive your opponent nuts if used well.

The bad side about this zombie is that it can be gotten rid of 
easily. Any normal attacks can dispatch the zombie, coupled with the 
slow walking speed, it's very hard to get it to hit. You can also 
call birds or dogs to knock the zombie down. As for assist helpers, 
they _can_ be used in unison with the zombie, although it can be 
difficult. Assists does NOT automatically disable the zombie. 
However, if the assist partner somehow hits the zombie, they'll kill 
it instead of crippling it. (So most projectile, rush or beam assists 
cannot be used well with the zombie.) Some however, like Ruby Heart's 
Alpha assist, can work pretty well.

The HK version will call up a flaming zombie (like the ones in RE2 or 
3) that's pretty similar to the regular zombie in shape and speed. 
However, instead of munching and holding the opponent in place, it'll 
explode on contact but will do more damage than the regular breed. 
Although you can't really play and games like the regular zombie.

The flaming zombie does have some advantages over the regular zombies 
though, in that it's a lot harder to get rid of. Summoning crows and 
dogs will not harm the zombie in anyway, neither will assist 
partners. (So if you wanna play keep away, use this zombie.) Also, if 
the opponent tries to hit the zombie with a normal attack, chances 
are, since the zombie explodes upon contact, they'll trade hits. 
(Hehe. :) You can have some real evil Jill players if you master the 
Zombie Call move.

Most players can see this comin' a mile away, so don't expect them to 
hit very often. They're useful however, as confusion techniques and 
pressuring the opponent, disturbing their concentration and they'll 
likely to make more mistakes. :) A good strategy is to call a zombie, 
jump or superjump over them. Attack them to make them block. Push 
them with an Elbow Dash and try to get them into the open and 
awaiting arms of the zombie. Hehehe, dinner is served. :)

Summon Dog – QCF+LK
1 Hit, Damage: 14

This move summons a Cerberus (zombie-dog) that runs onto screen from 
behind Jill and dashes across the screen. Jill will jump over the dog 
right and evading it. Cool. :) However, Jill is "stunned" in a 
"freak-out" animation until she jumps over the dog and is 
uncontrollable during that time. That makes this move pretty 
dangerous to use up close, as it leaves her defenseless for a longer 
period of time. It's safer when she's at the corner of the screen 
though, as she'll jump immediately as the dog comes on screen.

The dog is basically Jill's projectile. It's pretty fast and can be 
used as a shield that you can hide behind. You can only have one dog 
on screen at one time (ie, like all fireballs in the game.) The 
recovery time isn't great, so you won't win a fireball war with this. 
The dog can be hit and get killed though.

Good to use for keep-aways, crippling your zombie at long range and 
chipping damage. Don't rely on this too much though, because it 
leaves Jill open when she jumps over the dog, but use it occasionally 
when the enemy least expected to confuse them. (Like to make them too 
busy trying to block/evade the dog.) 

One cool thing about this move that Kao mentioned is that Jill's jump 
can be used to evade sweeping attacks. Especially at the end of the 
screen where Jill jumps immediately. If you can master these anti-
sweep moves (like Rose's standing forward in Alpha 3) then make good 
use of this. Otherwise, this use is pretty useless when we can't read 

Summon Crow – QCF+HK
1 Hit, Damage: 14

This move summons a crow from RE that swoops down from the air above 
Jill and then flies upward in an arc. Like the Summon Dog move, Jill 
is also affected by the "stun" at the activation of this move. Jill 
will duck under the bird as it flies over her, then she'll be able to 
move again. Still a bad move to use up close.

Another one of Jill's projectiles, although the path that it travels 
is pretty awkward, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The crow 
can hit most standing characters on the ground (although the shorter 
ones like BBHood, Roll etc obviously won't be hit). Most characters 
don't expect the crow to be able to hit them and dashes in, and thus 
gets hit. :)

The crow is also a great anti-air in a way, because a lot of players 
won't expect it. The path that the crow swoops covers a lot of air, 
especially on bigger characters, hitting them, or pushing them away. 
Another good keep away move, especially against air-opponents. 

The crow can be hit and knocked down as easily as the dog. Beware of 
air projectile throwers if you want to use it as an anti-air. 

Hyper Elbow Tackle (air) – QCF+PP
10 Hits, Damage: 45

Jill dashes forward with her whole body surrounded by fire shouting 
"You're finished!" This Hyper Combo isn't as powerful as her other 
ones but has a HIGH comboability. You can tag this after a normal, 
the regular Elbow Tackle, OTG or as an Aerial Rave finisher.

This super isn't very fast, so punishing a whiffed super won't 
connect unless he's standing right next to you. The best way to use 
this is to combo it, and believe me, it's a piece of cake. The 
priority of this super is very good too, and usually beats out anyone 
who tries to counter you with a super of their own. Another good 
point about this Hyper Combo is that since it pins the enemy so close 
to Jill, you'll be able to cancel this into another Delayed Hyper 
Combo really easily. :) Plus, the air version of the super has a 
similar property, and any vertical supers will cancel well from it 
for massive damage, especially when you've used the Hyper Elbow 
Tackle as an Aerial Rave finisher.

Oh yeah, one really fun thing about this super is that, even if the 
opponent uses Variable Counter (when blocked), the priority of this 
move will cancel almost anything they try to throw at you, and will 
keep hitting them. :) 

Rocket Launcher – QCF+KK
16 Hits, Damage: 47   (Up close, 13 Hits, Damage: 36)

Jill pulls out a rocker launcher and shoots a semi-stream of missiles 
at the opponent, and then falls over from. :) Jill's rockets are 
fired at head-height, although some missiles travel at a slightly 
lower altitude. (Works similar to War Machine's Proton Cannon, but 
with not as many missiles travelling across the screen.) Some 
missiles will miss certain shorter characters, and the REALLY short 
ones will not be affected on the ground at all.

If the enemy is relatively close to Jill when you activate this super 
and isn't blocking, they'll get launched into the air as Jill pulls 
out her rocker launcher and the following up missiles will hit 
automatically, juggling the opponent in the air. However, some of the 
lower missiles will miss, doing only 11 hits instead of the full 16, 
and a heap less damage. Fortunately, the close version of this Hyper 
Combo CAN, and I repeat, CAN be worked into a combo, since the 
initial pulling out of the rocket launcher is fast. Although since 
the comboable version does so little damage, you might as well stick 
to Hyper Elbow Tackle instead.

Ummm, not much to say, it's more powerful than Jill's Hyper Elbow 
Tackle (when done far away and all missiles hit), but I think this 
super is fairly average compared to the other character's beam supers 
(Shinkuu Hadoken, Proton Cannon, Soul Eraser etc.) It's way too slow 
to try to counter anything at long range. Fair chipping damage, but 
can be a very bad influence in Variable Combinations. Since it 
juggles the enemy in midair across the screen from Jill, a lot of the 
ground-based moves will miss (like Tron's Lunch Rush, which does 
MAJOR damage!) It's fairly compatible with certain Hyper Combos 
though, such as Ruby Heart's ship ram super or Sabretooth's Hyper 
Armed Birdie.

CODE: T-002 – QCB+KK
13 Hits, Damage: 56

Jill shouts "What's that?" as the ground cracks open by a beam of 
light before her. If the enemy gets caught amidst of the beam AND 
isn't blocking, the Tyrant (from RE1) appears and slashes the enemy 3 
times with his claws. (And Jill'll fall over and take cover. :) Now 
you can execute the Rocket Launcher motion (although only QCB+K is 
required) right after the Tyrant finishes slaughtering the opponent. 
What happens is that Jill will execute Rocket Launcher, blows up the 
Tyrant and damages the enemy who gets caught in the blaze for 1 more 
hit, 7 point of damage. Cool baby.

Even though CODE: T-002 is Jill's most powerful Hyper Combo, it NEVER 
hits EVEN on a computer opponent!!! Probably the most useless Hyper 
Combo in the whole game.... unless you know how to use it. 

There's a bit of start-up delay. The enemy has to not be blocked when 
the ground cracks and they MUST stand RIGHT at the CENTER of the beam 
for this to hit. (If they're just touching the edge of the beam, they 
won't be harmed.) The beam is about 2 Jill-width wide, and appears 
right in front of her. So get used to the range of this Hyper Combo 
if you even wanna bother with it.

I have worked up a couple of ways of comboing this super but it just 
plain SUCKS! It can OTG (!!) but for only ONE HIT! (And it does only 
ONE point of damage!) Use it like you would with Dan's super taunt. 

Genji has given me some tips on getting this super to connect. For 
example, do it when you seen the opponent whiff a move with long lag 
(dash in if necessary) such as a missed command throw or uppercut. 
Another way to get the Tyrant super to connect without much fuss is 
when the opponent has been disabled in some way, such as being chewed 
on by a regular zombie. (Assists like Spiderman's Web Throw or 
Magneto's Hyper Grav also works well.) Believe me, there are MAJOR 
rewards for connecting the CODE: T-002 super!

First of all, it's Jill's most powerful super. But what you REALLY 
wanna get this to connect is that you CAN OTG after it!!!!!!! (Thanks 
a zillion to Genji for telling me that.) The opponent will ALWAYS 
land somewhere in the middle of the screen, so all you've gotta do is 
to dash in -> C.LK -> Launcher -> Aerial Rave -> (Air) Hyper E.Tackle 
-> Delayed Hyper Combos for HUGE damage, and looks REALLY impressive. 
Wanna impress the crowd? Try some of my combos later in the guide if 
you wanna show off. Last but not least, getting hit by this "useless" 
super plus being combo'd from it like grandma's cookies can really 
give your opponent an ego crush. Show 'em not to mess with a member 
of S.T.A.R.S. :)

Jill's call-in assist, Variable Counter and the Hyper Combo done in 
Variable Combination depends on her Assist Type.

               |     Alpha       |     Beta       |      Gamma
V. Assist      | Herb & Spice    | Elbow Tackle   | Grenade Launcher
               |                 |                |
V. Counter     | Summon Crow     | Elbow Tackle   | Grenade Launcher
               |                 |                |
V. Combination | Rocket Launcher | Hyper E.Tackle | Rocket Launcher

Alpha – Restoration Assist
Jill's Alpha Assist is the most useful IMO. She will show up with a 
pot of herb in her hand, like in RE. She'll randomly give you either 
a Green Herb (restores a small amount of health) or a Red&Green Herb, 
which restores almost twice as much life. :) Although she can only 
restore the recoverable portion of one's health bar. (What's even 
cooler about this assist is when you receive her herbs, a ECM metre 
like the one in RE pops up and turns green. :) Call her in when you 
knock down your opponent. She performs Rocket Launcher during 
Variable Combination, which isn't too shabby.

Beta – Charge Assist
Jill rushes across the screen from behind you, hitting the enemy 
twice. Good Assist, and good chipping damage, but Alpha is better. 
Hyper Elbow Tackle is a good move too. Again, not a bad choice.

Gamma – Projectile Assist (should really be Anti-air!)
Jill comes onto the screen and fires a round of HP grenade, although 
it don't travel all the way down and explodes in mid-air. (Meaning no 
mind games or surprise attacks.) Crap assist! An ok anti-air, but a 
bit too slow. Avoid avoid!

I must admit, I have horrible reflexes and I can't do combos very 
well. (That's why I don't use Strider or Wolverine). However, the 
good news is that, Jill's combos are so easy to do it's almost 
embarrassing. I have spent a lot of time to come up with these combos 
(and not just in Practice Mode) so I hope you guys appreciate it. If 
you have any other impressive combos, feel free to send them in. :)

Aya's Tip: These are short-cut tips on how to work the combos better 
if you're having trouble. They're also there if you're too lazy to 
tap all the buttons (against the CPU anyway, since they do almost as 
much damage.)

Simple Combos
These are the most basic quick combos, everyone can do them. (As a 
matter of fact, my grandma taught me these...... j/k.)

1) Jump-in, J.LK, J.MK, C.LK, C.MK, C.HK
5 Hits, Damage: 32

A VERY easy 5-hit knockdown combo that everyone can do, and does very 
good damage.

2) LK, MK, HK, LP Elbow Tackle
5 Hits, Damage: 39

You've gotta cancel into the Elbow Tackle quickly, else it won't 
combo. Also, you can use any combination of punches or kicks for the 
first 2 hit. (Although Standing LK and MK has the most range.)

Aya's Tip: Um, I usually cut out the HP or HK, and use C.LP, C.MP, LP 
Elbow Tackle instead. You only have to press one button.

3) C.HK, LP Elbow Tackle (OTG)
3 Hits, Damage: 31 (!!)

A short, tag-on combo. You should OTG the Elbow Tackle whenever you 
use Jill's slide for more damage. Beware of it once your opponent 
learns to roll away though, but otherwise this is very safe.

4) LK, MK, HK, Snapback
4 Hits, Damage: 23

Snapbacks are more useful when combo'd. Poke them with LK and if it 
connects, snap them back. Snap crackle and pop! (Oh BTW, you can 
cancel a Snapback from a HK even though it uses the same animation.)

Advanced Combos
These starts to get a bit more complicated. You need to practice the 
timing on some of these too, but they do MAJOR damage! You can tag 
jump-ins on these too.

1) Jump-in, J.LP, J.MP, LP, MP, HP, LP Elbow Tackle, Hyper E.Tackle
12 Hits, Damage: 58

One long chain here. Most of Jill's normals are interchangeable too, 
so you may use kicks instead of punches. You've gotta cancel both 
Elbow Tackles really quickly else it'll either not combo or won't 
come out at all. Works in corners only though.

Aya's Tip: Like above, you can cut out the HP and do the Elbow Tackle 
from a crouching MP.

2) C.LK, C.MK, C.HK, Hyper E.Tackle (OTG)
12 Hits, Damage: 49

Good damage, just hope they don't roll. Tag another super (or 2) at 
the end for more havoc. This one HURTS!

3) C.LK, C.MK, C.HK, LP Elbow Tackle (OTG), Hyper E.Tackle (juggle)
9 Hits, Damage: 51

Basically a variation of the above, but a lot harder to do. THE combo 
for Jill. Also safer than the above, as if they roll, you won't waste 
a level. You must cancel the super IMMEDIATELY as the regular tackle 
hits, or it won't come out. The Hyper E.Tackle will only juggle for 3 
hits, but ironically, it's more powerful than the above combo where 
the super hits more times. Go figure. Tag more Hyper Combos for more 
fun. :)

4) LK, MK, Rocket launcher
15 Hits, damage: 41

You must be pretty close to the enemy to launch them else it'll whiff 
and the enemy will be able to block the Hyper Combo.

5) CODE: T-002, (dash in), C.LK (OGT), C.HP (launcher), Aerial Rave!
=> Thanks to Genji
20+ Hits, damage: a LOT!

This looks way cool but it's hard as hell to pull off. The opponent 
will ALWAYS fall at the center of the screen, so you've gotta dash 
immediately once you recover from the super, else you won't catch 
them with the C.LK. You can tag any of my Aerial Rave combos below to 
finish this off. If you really wanna get fancy, have 2 or 3 levels of 
Hyper Energy and tag an air Hyper Elbow Tackle as the Aerial Rave 
ender. But wait there's more! If you have a character with a vertical 
super (Cammy, Ken, Sakura), do a Delayed Hyper Combo for even more 

However, to balance it out, it's EXTREMELY difficult to do! It 
requires tremendous amounts of traning and patience. I can only do 
this like less than 5% of the time in training mode, but it's indeed 
possible. (Damn Dreamcast pad! Those guys at Sega must have been on 
drugs when they've designed it. "Whoa man... let's make it like a 
spaceship man..." "Yeah dude..." *Roll eyes*) Plus, Jill is not 
Cammy, her ground dash is of good speed but has a pitiful range. :( 
Consider yourself a Jill Valentine master if you can pull this off. 

6) CODE: T-002, (dash in), C.LK (OTG), Rocket Launcher
=> Thanks to Genji

Umm... Never got this one to work, but I guess it's possible. You 
have to cancel fast because if you tap LK again (for a MK), the 
opponent will roll away automatically so you'll whiff. I guess this 
is not as powerful as the above combo, but it's still cool.

7) C.LK, C.MK, C.HK, C.LK (OTG), C.HP, Aerial Rave

This is an awesome combo! Thanks to Jill's slide that takes her 
forward and recovers quickly, she can chain an OTG LK afterwards. It 
takes some practice, but you have to tap LK right after Jill recovers 
from the slide else it wouldn't come out. I wouldn't recommend 
munching on the LK button because you would get an MK linking after 
your LK as well (and that will whiff.) 

This combo is best done after a jump-in and ground chain for added 
hits and damage. Any Aerial Rave combos from below will link well, 
but I personally recommend the Throw Combo (#4) because your supers 
won't hit as hard after so many hits. Tagging a throw will boost this 
combo up to the 50% damage mark!!! (And doesn't even cost a level, 
not to mention that you gain levels fast.)

8) Jill switch in, (dash in), C.LK, C.HP, Aerial Rave

A fairly decent tag-in combo, kinda hard to get it to connect. You 
can try other moves, basically any move (except Tyrant) will connect 
after a tag-in if you can time it right.

9) (Charge Elbow Tackle), C.HK, Release charged Elbow Tackle, Rocket 
Launcher or Hyper Elbow Tackle
=> Thanks to Rashid Reddy <shinkuu_r@hotmail.com> 

Beware of rolls again. I am not sure if you can super-cancel into 
Tyrant though. It'd be awesome if you could.

10) Baretta Counter, Rocket Launcher
=> Thanks to Rashid Reddy <shinkuu_r@hotmail.com> 

Not really a combo, more like a bait. The regular counter sucks, but 
try to use it to bait them into hitting you. Then pull out the Rocket 
Launcher when they get close, they'll end up getting launched and 
taking lotsa damage!

Aerial Raves
Of course, Aerial Raves plays a HUGE part of Jill's game. :) Oh yeah, 
I'll start these combos with the launcher (D+HP or DF+HP) and you can 
add-on a 2-hit jump-in and 2 ground chains (preferably C.LP, C.MP, 
the others push Jill too far away) before the launcher.

1) Launcher, HP Grenade Launcher
2 Hits, Damage: 18 + launcher

Not really an Aerial Rave, but it's ok for those people who ain't 
good at it. I dunno if this combos or not. The grenade seems to hit 
them on their way up (when they shouldn't be able to block), but the 
launcher don't register on the combo meter. 

2) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, Finisher
HP: 6 Hits, Damage: 43
HK: 6 Hits, Damage: 43
Elbow Tackle: 7 Hits, Damage: 46
Hyper E.Tackle: 15 Hits, damage: 64

The Aerial Rave that all other combo-daemons in the game has. A thing 
to note is that her MK is kinda weird and sometimes don't hit right. 
The finisher can be a HP, HK, LP Elbow Tackle or the Hyper version. 
Jill's SJ HP and HK absolutely SUCKS as they have a delay, and 
usually end up being executed at odd intervals that misses the enemy. 
An LP Elbow Tackle works the best but you must buffer it immediately, 
else it won't combo. The Hyper E.Tackle seems to be easier to combo 

Aya's Tip: I hate having to do hunter chains in Aerial Raves. (Hey, I 
have only 5 fingers on my right hand!) I usually cut out the kicks.

3) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, LP Elbow Tackle, Hyper E.Tackle
17 Hits, Damage: 69

Like above, but with a super tagged in for MAJOR damage! You have to 
cancel into the super VERY quickly or else it won't come out. If you 
buffer the super when the regular Elbow Tackle only hits once, then 
you wouldn't need to be in a corner to get this combo to connect! (In 
that case, it does 16 Hits, Damage: 67.) If you want to get more hits 
to connect, you must get the opponent in a corner, and cancel the 
Hyper E.Tackle after both hits of the regular Tackle, but you must 
also do it very quickly. The enemy will be launched ever so slightly 
higher into the air after the Elbow Tackle, and you won't get as many 
hits and damage. Go figure.

4) Launcher, SJ, LP, LK, MP, MK, ( ), Air-Throw
5 Hits+throw, Damage: 33+16

I LOVE this one. You have to wait a split second after the MK for the 
throw to connect, else you'll most likely to get a HP that won't even 
hit! The timing is easy. Time it like if you're doing the hunter 
chain, but don't actually hit the button, and you should end up with 
the throw by pressing F+HP. If you want to do all 4 hits of the 
hunter chain in the air you must do it very fast, or else you won't 
be able to throw them.

Useless Combos
The name says it all. Use these to piss off your opponents.

1) C.HK, CODE: T-002 (OTG)
2 Hits, Damage: 14

The most useless combo in the game. You must slide from far away, so 
only Jill's toe connects and cancel it to the Tyrant super for ONE 
hit (and ONE POINT OF DAMAGE!) But still. Use this when you're 
winning (or loosing.) Think of it like Dan's super taunt that 
actually hits. You can also add a jump-in and ground chain before 
this for a maximum of 6 hits, but still, it's a waste of Hyper Combo 
Energy, use a regular Elbow Tackle instead.

2) Zombie Call (flaming), Summon Dog, Summon Crow
=> Thanks to Kao Megura
3 Hits, Damage: 43

You should be standing right at the end of the screen. Call the dog 
when the zombie is in the middle of the screen (between the 2 super 
bars) then immediately call the crow as Jill recovers. Why's this 
useless? Ha, they HAVE to be brain-dead (as Kao puts it) to be hit by 
this, as a person with fair eye-sight can see it coming a mile away! 

If the dog hits (since it's the fastest), then all will connect. 
However, if they block the dog and you managed to time all other 
summons, then just sit back and watch. :) Because the zombie is 
unblockable and they'll still be in their block-stun after the dog. 
:) Although you can't really combo anything after that it seems 
(Jill's dash is a bit too slow.)

Like its name suggests, are you CRAAAAAAAAAAZY enough to do these 
CRAAAAAAAAAAZY team combos? If you can find some combos that fits 
into the CRAAAAAAAAAAZY category, send them in.

1) "Frankinstein & the genetically enhanced" – LV5 HC Energy required
Required members: Dr. Doom, Jill, Cammy

(As Dr. Doom) (jump-in possible) LP, MP, Electric Cage, (as Jill) 
CODE: T-002 (DHC), (dash in), C.LK (OTG), C.HP, (SJ), LP, LK, MP, MK, 
E.Tackle, Hyper E.Tackle, (as Cammy) Reverse Shaft Breaker (DHC), (as 
Dr. Doom) Flaming Sphere (DHC)

2) "Beauty and the Beast" – LV5 HC Energy required
=> Thanks to Rashid Reddy
Required members: Hayato, Rogue (replaceable), Jill

(As Hayato) jump-in, LK, MK, [B+LP, LP, HP, HK,] (Plasma Combo), 
Shiden (1 hit only), Rasetsu Zen, (As Rogue) Goodnight Sugah (DHC), 
(as Jill) CODE: T-002 (DHC), (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), C.HP, (SJ), LP, 
LK, MP, MK, E.Tackle, Hyper E.Tackle, (as Hayato) Engetsu (DHC)

3) "Everything and the girl" – LV5 HC Energy required
=> Thanks to Michael Charlton
Required members: Hayato, Jill, Silver Samurai

(As Hayato) jump-in, LK, HK, (dash-in) LK, MK, F+HP, [B+HP, LP, 
HP+A2, HP,] (Plasma Combo, Silver Samurai starts hitting here) jump-
in LK, HK, (dash-in) LK, MK, F+HP, [B+HP, LP, HP, HP,] (Plasma 
Combo), Shiden (HP version, 1 hit only), Rasetsu Zen, (As Jill) CODE: 
T-002 (DHC, cancel 6th hit of Rasetsu Zen), (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), 
C.HP, (SJ), LP, LK, MP, MK, E. Tackle, Hyper E. Tackle, (as Silver 
Samurai) Raimei Ken (DHC), (as Hayato) Engetsu (DHC) 

4) "Charlie's Angels" – LV5 HC Energy required
Required members: Sabretooth (B), Jill (a, y), Bulleta (a, B, y)

(As Sabretooth) jump-in, LK, MK, (dash-in), LK, MK, HK, Wild Fang, 
Berserker Claw X, (as Jill) CODE: T-002 (DHC), (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), 
A1+A2 (Variable Combination)

This one is just INSANE!!!!! The enemy will end up with holes all 
over their body from Buletta's Uzi, Jill's Rocket Launcher, Birdie's 
machinegun and the rifle and shotgun from Buletta's fellow hunters! 
This team packs more ammunition than the Vietnam War!!! 

Sabretooth's opening combo is powerful enough (about 50%), then 
you've got Jill's ultra powerful Tyrant, and to wrap it up with 
another 50+ gunshots. *whistle* Damage scaling doesn't bother me 
here, since each of those shots are doing a minimum of 1 point of 
damage each. The volume of hits more than makes up for it.

5) "Death chipper" – LV3 HC Energy required
Required members: Jill (a, y), Bulleta (a, B, y), Sabretooth (B) OR 
                  Tron (a)

(As Jill) Charged E.Tackle (longer = better), A1+A2 (Variable 

Cool Hunting, Hyper Armed Birdie and Lunch Rush are the TOP THREE 
chipping supers in the game hands down! 

6) "What goes UP must come down HARD!" – LV5 HC Energy required
=> Thanks to Nico Valencia <acb_dragon@yahoo.com> for this combo
   (Sorry, but I had to alter the order little bit...)
Required members: Cammy, Dr. Doom, Jill

(As Cammy) jump-in, LK, MK, (dash-in), LK, MK, B+HK, Spin Drive 
Smasher, (As Dr. Doom) Electric Cage (DHC), (As Jill), CODE: T-002 
(DHC), (dash-in), C.LK (OTG), C.HP, (SJ), LP, LK, MP, MK, E.Tackle, 
Hyper E.Tackle, (As Cammy) Killer Bee Assualt, (dash-in), C.LK, C.HP, 
(SJ), LP, LK, MP, (pause half second), LP, MP, U+LP, LK, MP, MK, 
Suplex Throw (F+HP), (pause 'til almost hit the ground), LP (or 
C.LK), HK (or C.HP), repeat Air Combo 'til opponent dead or Tech Hit 
or roll

This is not only a CRAAAAAAAAAAZY combo, it qualifies for a 

  - Use Jill's helpers sparingly, because if you go overboard and 
flood the screen with dogs and zombies, sooner or later your opponent 
will catch on to you. (A beam super is all it takes to get all of you 
  - Try to be unpredictable with your helper summons, and be 
creative. Try to confuse your opponent when they expect something but 
do something else. For example, use a Crow as an anti-ait instead of 
Grenade Launcher or Assists. Summon a zombie after a blocked slide 
when they're expecting an Elbow Tackle.
  - They say a man's best friend is a dog, so a woman's best friend 
must be a zombie! Try to utilize Jill's zombies. ALWAYS try to cross 
up your opponent after summoning one and pushing them into the 
zombie. One effective method is to cross them up and instead of 
attacking (as they'll guard push you away), dash at them. If they 
block or do nothing, they'll get shoved into the zombie for happy 
munching times. If they try to counter, they're likely to get munched 
as well. Hehe... (Beware of supers though, and those ultra responsive 
  - Another way of connecting with the zombie is to superjump 
immediately after it, so they cannot see properly.
  - Call your helpers during those split seconds where they've been 
disabled, such as being knocked down, for a little chipping damage. 
(And use a Projectile Assist.)
  - Call a crow when you kill off one opponent. They might not expect 
it and lands on the crow for more damage.
  - Jill can be used both as an "up close and personal" or "hard to 
get" character. The best strategy is to mix up the pattern to keep 
the opponent guessing. Dash in for quick combos then settle back and 
call some helpers etc. 
  - Switching characters are best done through Delayed Hyper Combos. 
Try connecting with a Hyper Elbow Tackle for an easy Delayed Hyper 
Combo. If not however, her launcher is a great way of switching out 
safely. How you ask. If you haven't noticed, you can cancel a normal 
move into character switch. So if you connect with say C.LP, C.MP, 
C.HP, you can switch out while the enemy flies into the air unable to 
do a thing.
  - When you switch Jill in and her attack hits, the opponent will be 
launched high into the air and you can combo them for good damage. A 
dash-in C.LK will be good enough as an OTG attack, then cancel that 
into her launcher and you'll get a free Aerial Rave! Otherwise, you 
can execute a Hyper Elbow Tackle when they fall from the switch-in 
attack, but it's kinda tricky to time.
  - Jill is one of the 3 characters in this game with a valuable 
Recovery Assist. Jill is rather vulnerable during the time where she 
hands you the herb though, so to utilize this effectively, call Jill 
up when you knockdown an opponent so they can't retiliate. Also, call 
Jill when you finish off an opponent for a similar reason.
  - Use your Variable Assists as often as you can, and mix them up a 
bit. If the assist characters get hit, they won't loose any 
recoverable life. Use your Assists whenever your jumping in (charging 
and projectile works best.)
  - For ground based Assists (for example, Gamma Tron or Spiral), 
always try to cross them up. When you're about half a screen away 
from the opponent, dash and do a dash-jump. Call in the partner when 
you're leaving the ground and the Assist partner will pop up from 
that side of the screen while Jill lands on the other side of the 
opponent. This gives your opponent a hard time when they tries to 
block the "right way". 
  - If your opponent is reading this guide and tries to do it on 
your, dash back and super jump out of it. :)
  - Try for a Tyrant when you see the opponent whiff a move with lots 
of lag, and try OTG for mad damage.
  - Jill's Rocket Launcher is very slow so don't try to counter 
anything with it, unless they're extremely close and you can "launch" 
them. But then again, you might as well use Hyper Elbow Tackle. Oh 
yeah, NEVER use Rocket Launcher when you're at full screen. It's so 
damn slow I think my grandma can race the rockets and win. Plus it's 
not a true beam super so anyone that has one (Shinkuu Hadoken etc) 
can hit Jill out of it easily.
  - Jill's Rocket Launcher is fairly decent in a Variable Combination 
though, because launching the enemy into mid-air can hold them in 
place for other character's supers. Be aware of incompatible supers 
(like ANY of Cammy's) because they just waste your Hyper Combo 
Energy. Characters with charging type Hyper Combos should also avoid 
using this. A Delayed Hyper Combo works much better.
  - Jill's Hyper Elbow Tackle has great priority. You can counter 
most normals (like if they try to sweep you), specials and even 
supers! It can sometimes pass through projectiles, but not always. I 
dunno why though. Oh yeah, make sure the opponent is nearby when you 
attempt this, because the range and speed leaves something to be 
  - Stay on the ground, unless you're jumping in. Avoid air-to-air 
combat if you can, because Jill's normals has crappy air-to-air 
priority. You can however, use her Hyper Elbow Tackle to knock 
anything out, but it's kinda hard to time unless used in a combo. 
  - If you're faced with an opponent that blocks a lot and KNOWS how 
to block, chip him. That's right. Charge up for Jill's Elbow Tackle 
and chip him to death. The regular Elbow Tackle has MAD chipping 
ability. You can add even MORE chipping damage by canceling it into a 
Hyper Elbow Tackle. The best of all, Iceman is NOT immune to Jill's 
ultimate chipping power. Hehe, wanna play cheap? I'LL give you cheap. 
  - Like always, push block a lot. Get used to the habbit of using 
the punch buttons and push block your opponent's ground chain and 
counter them with a high priority Hyper Elbow Tackle.
  - Know which way to block. If you do get caught in 2 character 
cross-up attempt, ALWAYS block AWAY from the ACTIVE character, not 
the ASSIST character. You CAN block when attacked from both sides 
because otherwise it would have been too cheap. Push block too!!!
  - Do NOT forget the Snapback feature, sometimes it can save your 
bacon when used well. Remember, most arcades (if you're playing in an 
arcade) has a time limit. If a certain character is giving you 
trouble and keeps running away from you, Snap their back and bring 
out an easy target. This way you can save time and you can win a more 
"time out" fights with a careful Snapback. Oh yeah, Jill's Snapback 
has a lot of range, so use it to counter some moves.
  - Easy Launcher!! A lot of people complain that launchers are 
annoying because a lot of the times you accidentally cancel into a 
fierce Elbow Tackle. The way to avoid this is to hold DB when you do 
the C.HP part. That way, you'll not only be able to crouch block if 
you need it, but the chance of accidentally executing QCF+HP has also 
been reduced. It works for most of the characters unless they have a 
DB command move (like Morrigan.)
  - Another awesome way to confuse your opponent when HE crosses you 
up is to call in a charge type helper (Beta Jill fits into this 
category, as does Rogue, Captain American etc.) early. Then the 
helper will appear BEHIND him, so he has to make the decision of 
either block (and probably fail because of the awkward positioning) 
or attack you, in which case he'll get smacked by your assist. :) 
Make SURE you call the assist early on because if you get hit before 
the assist characetr comes out, they will not attack.
  - If you ever block a stationary super (Sonic Hurricane, Amingo's 
bean stalk thingy etc.), push them (or youself) away and Rocket 
Launcher their behind.
  - Push blocking seems to work differently in this game compared to 
MvC1. In the old days, pushing a beam super PREVENTS being pushed 
away by it, but in MvC2, push blocking beam supers does the opposite 
and puts a larger gap between the 2 characters. So if you want to 
retiliate after a beam super, DON'T push block it so you can stay 
closer to the opponent.
  - You can charge the Elbow Tackle at the end of an Aerial Rave. Use 
an HP as your Aerial Rave finisher, but do a QCF+HP motion and hold 
HP. You'll knock them down with an HP and will activate the Elbow 
Tackle charge. (Thanks to Michael Charlton)

+++++ The Unpredictable Slide +++++
Y' know, Jill has some pretty mean mind games if you can use it. Her 
slide is one of her best normals and can be followed up in all sorts 
of ways that'll smack your enemy or confuse them THEN smack them. 
Here's a new section dedicated to Jill's blessed slide and all the 
follow-up attacks and when you should use them. (Thanks a million to 
Michael Charlton for the idea..)

Situation A: Slide connect, enemy rolling = negative
  1) OTG Elbow Tackle and/or Hyper Elbow Tackle
     "If it ain't broken, don't fix it." This is one of the best ways 
     Jill can tag damage onto her knockdown combos, and one that 
     you'll probably use the most often. Piece of cake to do as well.
  2) OTG C.LK -> launcher -> Aerial Rave (or other OTG combos)
     An alternative for the above. Also does a lot of damage and 10 
     times as classy, although slightly harder to do.
  3) Dr. Doom Beta Assist -> CODE: T-002 -> OTG combos (see below)
     HUGE damage with a 10 out of 10 style point. Teach them not to 
     take a S.T.A.R.S. member lightly!

Situation B: Slide connect, enemy rolling = affirmative
  1) Cancel into Zombie Call
     Either variety works fine, catches them almost everytime plus 
     they will roll STRAIGHT into the zombie's "open and willing" 
     arms. LK Zombie holds them for ANOTHER free combo while the 
     flaming zombie stays on screen longer and is much harder to get 
     rid of. Highly recommended.
  2) Cancel into Summon Crow
     Do it a little late and if you expect them to jump. A nasty 
     surprise from above, but don't work very well on "dumb" 
  3) Cancel into Summon Dog
     Do it a little late. The dog is faster (if they're slow to 
     react) and good if they crouch. Also, tends to make them block 
     the wrong way. :)
  4) Cancel into Elbow Tackle + dash/beam assist
     The Elbow Tackle will whiff (obviously) but you need it there so 
     that Jill'll face AWAY from the opponent. The dash assist 
     character will appear behind the opponent and gives them a nasty 
     surprise. If they try to block, they'll probably end up blocking 
     the wrong way and if they try to attack you, they'll get 
     smacked. A win win situation. :) Can also act as a "saving 
     grace" if you accidentally executed (or like me, have bad 
     relexes) the Elbow Tackle when after they've rolled away. Beam 
     assists works well too.

Situation C: Slide blocked
  1) Elbow Tackle
     Two ticks of chipping damage and you recover fast enough for 
     almost anything they try to throw out at you.
  2) Baretta Counter
     This is fun. They might try to counter as you recover and gets 
     knocked again. Even more fun if you cancel it into the Rocket 

Situation D: Slide PUSH blocked
  1) Hyper Elbow Tackle or Rocket Launcher
     May not always work. Hopefully, the high priority of either 
     Hyper Combo is enough to counter out anything they try to throw 
     out. If not, bad luck.
  2) Block
     Hopefully, you'll recover fast enough to block. :P

So, you'll usually get a lot of situation As, especially with scrubs, 
beginners and most average players. Just combo them to death. When 
they've learned to roll away, give them the "evils" with your T-virus 
generated zombies. Then when they're expecting zombies and about to 
jump out of the way, the crow is nice. If they learn to duck under 
it, the assist and the dog plays its part nicely. If they stop 
rolling, it's even easier, just keep on comboing them to death!

Jill vs Amingo
Annoying! Don't let him launch you 'cuz he (it?) can do insane air-
combos like you. Its plant helpers are annoying, but they're NOTHING 
compared to Jill's helpers. So if your opponent wants to play keep 
away, play along with him. Careful though, he has a LOT of reach with 
his normals, but try to launch him when he whiffs a fierce or 

Jill vs Anakaris
Damn, I HATE him! He may be a huge target who moves at snail pace, 
but his combos are as quick as Strider's! His low attacks are quick 
and has a LOT of range, so block them at all cost, else you'll end up 
eating a big combo! Another thing to ALWAYS remember is whenever you 
block his combos, push him away or else he'll throw you. Knowing how 
to block is your best offense. So block low most of the time and if 
he tries to do his coffin smash attack, block high as it's an 
overhead. His jumps are also very slow, so try to get him up there. 
Stay either very close (offensively) or very far away. He takes a lot 
of damage, so do him fast. (No THAT way you sicko!) He also has no 
throw. :) Feel free to throw him if it's not considered cheap at your 

Jill vs Blackheart
Boring! All he ever tries to do is keep you away, but your zombies 
will never take him down that way. Get in there to do some real 
damage. He will try to use his ducking jab (fast and high priority) 
to push you away, plus his dash is invisible. He is a big target 
though. If you can, jump in a lot and try it with different attacks 
to throw off his timing. Since he's so tall, you can probably do say 
jab, strong, Elbow Tackle while still in the air. Also, dash in 
between his moves, as they take a long time to recover. Don't worry 
about his supers, they're just extremely slow.

Jill vs Bulleta (BBHood)
Oh I hate her! She has an iron inpenetratable defense! She's small, 
fairly quick and annoying! She can keep you away all day, blocking 
everything you throw at her and her voice is just terribly 
irritating. (Sounds like she's meowing when she does her Cheer & 
Fire!) Watch out for her Cool Hunting super, it's a MAJOR chipper! 
Damn, plus her moves are charge based, she'll probably crouch a lot 
to take advantage of her relatively small size. Jill doesn't really 
have an overhead so she looses one element in this mind game. All I 
can recommend is that you confuse her with your zombies occasionally, 
do different jump-ins throughout the round. For example, a 2 hit 
jump-in with a projectile/beam helper from far away, a ground helper 
close to her while you cross her up from the other side, a variant of 
the above but you jump from slightly further away that does not cross 
her up. Give her a hard time blocking your combos. You have one 
advantage in this game though, because all you have to remember is 
that her normals has almost NO RANGE! Just watch out for her Cheer & 
Fire, stay outta her range (and believe me, her launcher has a VERY 
small range) and confuse her panties off!

Jill vs Cable
Cheapness has a new name... and I'll leave you to guess what that is. 
Cable's guns are very deadly, so most scrubs will try to shoot his 
fierce at you all day and chip you with a Viper Beam. Super jump or 
dash jump out of it and jump in on him. He has a lot of lag after his 
standing fierce and Viper Beam, so take this time to combo his butt 
off. Don't even think about your zombies, his guns can take then down 
from a mile away.

Jill vs Cammy
Cammy is probably THE fastest character in the whole game! She has an 
AWESOME ground dash and great pokes. However, remember that all her 
specials has a lot of lag, so go after her there. Pull off a Tyrant 
if you can. Because of this, she will have very poor chipping power, 
so as long as you block a lot, she'll get impatient in trying to chip 
you, and therefore open herself up for combos. Beware of her 
Hooligan's Combinations though. If you ever see her roll into a ball 
and comin' at up, jump out of it or smack her out with a Hyper Elbow 
Tackle, because she'll throw you if it connects. Sneaky huh? Oh yeah, 
ALWAYS push her Spin Drive Smasher and launch her for an easy Aerial 
Rave when she lands.

Jill vs Captain America
His shield grants him extra priority plus it has a lot of reach! If 
so, try jumping in (summoning a helper of course) and NOT attacking. 
If you block his crouching fierce, dash in for a ground chain. Also, 
dash farwards and backwards to lure him into making a fierce atack, 
and smack him with a Hyper Elbow Tackle. Don't get carried overboard 
and gets smacked by a Charging Star though. If he ever does his Hyper 
Charging Star, push him away (do it late) and punish with with a 
crouching short chained into combo. (He recovers a little too quickly 
for anything else.) Also try out your zombies, because Cap is likely 
to loose his shield often and loose his projectile.

Jill vs Captain Commando
He's cheap and he's ugly, it's your job to punish him! Don't play 
with your helpers because of his Captain Fire. Jump in WITHOUT 
attacking, else you'll eat a Captain Corridor (a move with an ugly 
name that does WAY too much damage!) Thankfully, it has a LOT of lag, 
so dash in and combo him however you want, or use the Tyrant. :) 
Block a lot and jump a lot, try to get him to use Captain Corridor. 
If he flies into the air with a whole lotta Captain Fires, aim for 
his behind with your HP Grenade Launcher.

Jill vs Chun Li
Chun Li gained some and she lost some in MvC2. She lost a LOT of her 
deadly combos and the mid-air super. Yet she's still VERY fast, her 
attacks are strong, an insane priority launcher and that throw with 
unfair range. She's been toned down a lot (like her Kikoshou), but 
can still give you a headache. (As for the things she gained, there 
are 2 new HORRIBLE voice samples and a boob job...) Do not EVER try 
to hit her in the air unless you're doing an Aerial Rave, her 
priority's too great. (As a matter of fact, avoid jumping in general, 
as she'll just throw you anyway.) She no longer has that crounching 
fierce -> Senretsu Kyaku combo, so punish anyone who tries to do that 
on you. (Senretsu has a lot of lag.) Also know which way to block, 
especially the overheads. Play with you partners a bit. Since she 
jumps around so much, it's no doubt that she'll get smacked.

Jill vs Colossus
Annoying annoying annoying! His Tackle has mad priority and can hit 
you just about anywhere on the screen. If he tries to come at you 
with his Hyper Armor super, run away and summon zombies. (Super armor 
doesn't help if something is unblockable. :) His Power Dive is 
laughably easy to dodge, but I guess anyone who uses it out of thin 
air is bound to be a scrub. Don't let him get too close. Stay away 
from him to make him come at you with a Tackle, and combo him however 
you like after that.

Jill vs Cyclops
Cross up cross up cross up. He won't have much of a variety, but it's 
an imparitive that you keep an eye out for his throws. If he starts 
running towards you for no reason, jump! Otherwise, all he will ever 
do is Optic Blasts. Try cross him up with a helper on one side and go 
for the other. Watch out for his arguably the most screen-filling 

Jill vs Dan
I never thought Dan was that bad. Anyway, don't underestimate his 
Premium Sign attack. If you seen it however, jump to the OTHER side 
to attack him, else you'll get hit. His Aerial Raves can hurt a lot, 
else he'll mainly be a scrub.

Jill vs Dhalsim
Dhalsim's Yoga Flame assist can be annoying, try super jumping. Plus 
he has range on his side. If he tries to come at you with a Drill 
Kick or the other one, Grenade Launcher gets the job done. Oh yeah, 
try the Flaming Zombie, Dhalsim might get hit when he tries to take 
it out. Otherwise, I don't have much strategy for this guy.

Jill vs Dr. Doom
The king of projectiles. He'll super jump and fire his projectiles 
from mid air throughout the fight. Super jump after him between his 
projectiles and catch him with a jab, strong, Hyper Elbow Tackle. 
Otherwise, look for lags in his attacks. (Hint hint, his launcher.) 
Oh yeah. If he does go in the air with projectiles, dash right 
underneath him. That way, NONE of this beams will reach you! Not only 
that, you can only play sneaky and pick which side of him you want to 
stand him, and give him a nasty launcher when he falls and block the 
wrong way. Teach him not to spray his beams in the air again!

Jill vs Felicia
Felicia is a good character. :) ALWAYS roll after you get tripped by 
her crouching roundhouse, else you're in for a Please Help Me assault 
by the kitties. Um... beware about using assists in this fight, as 
her Hyper Sand Splash goes across the screen and even opponents 
behind her! Her launcher has very little range, keep that in mind. 
Counter her when you block her Rolling Buckler attack.

Jill vs Gambit
Well. Always roll because Gambit has nasty OTGs. His Royal Flush is 
pretty easily blocked and avoided.

Jill vs Gouki (Akuma)
Most people still uses Mr Constipation. He might stay in the air 
throwing fireballs at you. In that case, try dashing under him and 
make him feel a grenade. He's not very fast (none of the shotos are) 
so try countering him a lot after his whiffed attacks. He's pretty 
easy to take down, due to his sissy defense.

Jill vs Guile
Hate him. Roll after his crouching roundhouse like always. If you 
ever block his Sonic Hurrican super, push him away and fill him with 
lead from your Rocket Launcher. He has to charge for his specials, so 
if you keep him on his toes by poking him a lot and jump around, he 
won't have a chance to charge. If he tries to turtle, show him with 
door with your helpers, and since he doesn't have a projectile super, 
you're pretty much safe.

Jill vs Hayato
Love his costume! His Plasma Sword has insane reach, but most of his 
normals has lag. Fight either extremely aggresively, closing in on 
him or very far away. None of his moves are very fast, so if you take 
advantage of Jill's speed, you can pin in down if you stay very close 
to him. Best if you corner him with a ground helper like Tron or 
Spiral, or a Throw Assist like Tron or Zangeif. Never however, under-
estimate his range. If you play far away, then it's block block block 
and counter. His attacks has a lot of lag after as well.

Jill vs Hulk
Ok he might be big, but his command throw is blockable, so don't be 
afraid to block his attacks. (You should too, because they do too 
much damage!) If he tries to chip you with Gamma Slam, jump-in for a 
free combo. (Remember his Super Armor!) If you block his Gamma 
Charge, time for an air combo! Avoid jumping in when he's idled, else 
you might end up eating a Gamma Crush. If you block a Gamma Crush, 
push him away and dash in with a combo of your own. If you really 
want to take care of his super armor, try cancelling into a Hyper 
Elbow Tackle if he tries to hit you.

Jill vs Iceman
Miss Chip meets Mr Anti Chip, good show. Most people use Iceman for 
his cheap ability to take no blocking damage from energy type 
attacks. However, NONE Jill's attacks fits into that catagory so feel 
free to chip as much as you like. :) If you really wanna chip him to 
death, use your charged up Elbow Tackles and Hyper Elbow Tackles. 
Cross ups are good too.

Jill vs Ironman
You can see his Proton Cannon from a mile away, so superjump behind 
him if he does. If he goes into the air with Smart Bomb, summon a 
crow to take him down (might not work.) Jump-in blocking if you 
expect a Repulsor Blast, and dash forward to launch him for an Aerial 
Rave. Jump-in for a combo if he abuses his Unibeam.

Jill vs Jill
Your strategy will be based on her strategy. If she continously 
summon her helpers, use your assists to knock them off and jump-in on 
her on your own. (Else you might end up jumping right into a zombie.) 
If she foolishly summons her helpers while away from her edge of the 
screen, launcher her or combo her at your leisure. If you meet the 
combo-freak type Jill, block block and try to look for openings. 
Since Jill's normals are so straight forward, they're very easy to 
block, unless she tries to confuse you with cross ups. Oh yeah, roll 
after her slide connects.

Jill vs Jin
Dunno much about him. Even though he's of a small size, he's really 
slow. BUT even though he's slow, he has great reach to balance it 
out, so don't under-estimate him. His normals has a lot of lag (like 
his launcher) so go after him there. Don't turtle since his normals 
chips. Watch out for that tornado super, so try not to jump over him 
if possible. It's almost impossible to block the right way!

Jill vs Juggernaut
Stay defensive at all times. Don't try to jump at him or poke him a 
lot, as he has Hyper Armor and his Juggernaut Headcrush is both 
lightning fast and powerful. His moves has a LOOOOOOOT of lag, so 
you'll have a millennium to combo him. Just remember to always begin 
your combos with a couple of weak/medium attacks to take out his 
Hyper Armor, especially if you try to launch him. He's a big target 
and slow as hell, so if you stay defensive and out of his range, he 
can't do much about it.

Jill vs Ken
Ignore his projectiles, it has even less range than Sakura's! Show 
him who's boss with your "projectiles", that will make him come to 
you. Watch out for his overheads. If you get a chance, use Hyper 
Elbow Tackle if you see an opening. Careful abotu jump-ins too.

Jill vs Kobun (Servebot)
Hahaha, whoever chooses this Pokemon-wannabe must either be a real 
scrub or a grand master. His normals are bug bites! Watch out for his 
super though, but it can be blocked easily. He's a little target, so 
use your crouching attacks, and stick to ground and not air combos. 
Absolutely nothing can go wrong, unless you're up against a grand 
master. In that case, I don't have any strategy.

Jill vs Magneto
Roll roll roll, else you'll eat huge Magnetic Shockwaves. If you 
block it, go after him while he's still in his stun. Most Magneto 
players are OBSSESSED with his Magnetic Storm Air Combo. Well, you 
gotta block low most of the time to avoid him dash-in low short trap. 
If he jumps at you, call your Anti-Air Assist. Also, Magneto is VERY 
weak against cross-ups. Do dash-jump to get over him but call your 
helper just before you reach over him to trap him in between. Most 
Magneto players really don't know how to play defensively, because 
all they want to do is dash-in, launcher, air combo, Magnetic Storm 
and follow up. Stay on the offensive side, but be cautious of his low 
short and dash.

Jill vs Marrow
No one plays her. Watch out for her dive special assist, it's very 
confusing to block. Otherwise, she's weak offensively so kick her 
butt for being a Bardot wannabe. Her attacks tend to have short 
range. Don't let her cross you up, because then she'll his her homing 
darts super which is very hard to block!

Jill vs Morrigan
Umm, she's fast and can play hard to get. If she superjumps can shoot 
Soul Fists down at you, either super jump and go after her, or dash 
under her and shoot her down with a grenade. She's weak both 
defensive and offensively, so she should pose much of a problem. 
Don't get caught by her ultra damaging Soul Eraser and you'll be fine 
(it's a crap chipper.)

Jill vs Nash (Charlie)
Basically use the same strategy as Guile. He don't have the Sonic 
Hurricane though so it's harder to counter it. I heard people say 
that Nash is weaker, so if you can beat Guile you shouldn't have much 
problem with Charlie.

Jill vs Omega Red
Cheap cheap that's all I can say. Otherwise I dunno how to fight him 
very well.

Jill vs Psylocke
I personally think that Psylocke has been over-rated and has been 
toned down since MSH. She's weak and the same goes with her supers. 
Watch out for her combos. Look for her teleport and try to smack her 
there (watch out for the mini-Psi-Thrust though.)

Jill vs Rockman (Mega Man)

Jill vs Rogue
Ahhh, she can be ultra annoying with her Power Drain. A good Rogue 
player can beat out just about anybody. IMO, Rogue is one of the top 
tiers of the top tiers. She does not have a projectile, so you may 
want to take advantage with your helpers. Don't over do it though, as 
she is fast and you'll never know what she can do with that Air Dash 
of hers.

Jill vs Roll
Heh, you shouldn't need strategies to beat Roll. Much like Kobun, 
it's either gonna be a push-over or a grand master's challenge. 
(Watch out for her thorws, her only way of doing decent damage.)

Jill vs Ruby Heart
She's well balanced and it can be hard to penetrate her line of 
defense. Most of her specials has lags, but a good Ruby player never 
leaves herself open without a way of retiliating. If she makes a 
mistake (like misses you with a Supremation) punish her. She has one 
major weakness and that is her recovery for her charge special attack 
(and the super version.) Ruby cannot block while she falls if she 
ascends into the air, so dash under her and throw out a launcher. 

Jill vs Ryu
A lot of Ryu players are scrubs who play for his "style" and his 
Shinkuu Hadoken. (And 'cuz they don't know how to use anyone else.) I 
found that if you jump a lot, they'll get pissed off and will try to 
hit you with a mid-air Shinkuu Hadoken, and ALWAYS misses. :) 

Jill vs Sabretooth
He's strong, but he can't really chip. Fights quite a lot like a 
strength version of Cammy with a speed handicap. Has lags everywhere.

Jill vs Sakura
Never knew anyone who's good with her.

Jill vs Sentinel
Ouch! He's hard... Anyone??

Jill vs Storm
Ay ay ay! No me gusta! There are generally 2 types of Storm players, 
the cheap scrubs who only knows how to use her to chip and the combo 
freaks. Beating the former is a second nature for most decent Jill 
players, while the latter can be a heap of problem. She'll try to 
confuse you with awkward jump-ins, high/low games (HATE that!), 
really good priority and stays in the air forever! Against those, 
you've gotta play REALLY defensively, knowing which way to block, 
push block and counter, especially if they get impatient and pulls 
off ANY special moves.

Jill vs Tron
Tron's moves has INSANE lags. Punish her when she missed a Tron Rush 
or Lunch Rush super, or basically almost everything. 

Jill vs Zangief
Keep away at all times! Summon LOTS of helpers and he won't be able 
to touch you at all. Push block a lot because he can supercancel many 
of his blocked moves into the FAB. Keep your distance and you 
shouldn't have much problems. Oh yeah, he CANNOT throw an assist 
character, so use them a LOT to confuse him into trying to throw 
them, and go into his stun. :)

More character strategies in the next version, maybe. If anyone has 
some good Jill vs strategies, I'd love to hear from you. (Since half 
of the characters in MvC2 I don't even use.)

Here are some characters who I think works wonders with Jill. I won't 
include the ones that works well with everyone though (mainly the 
cheap ones, like Cable and Iceman.)

=> Rogue
I highly recommend Rogue! She's fast, strong (both offensively and 
defensively), mobile and have great combos. Not to mention the Power 
Drain that can drive your opponent insane.

Her Goodnight Sugah Hyper Combo can be tagged after Jill's Hyper 
Elbow Tackle for not only good damage, but also a free Power Drain!

=> Zangief
Ok I must admit that I am terrible with 360s and I hate slow 
characters, but Jill can do crazy combos with Zangief, yes that's 
right! Choose Beta Zangief (Suplex) and...

(When close), Zangief Assist, C.LK (OTG), C.HP, Aerial Rave!

Zangief's Suplex already does good damage, coupled with Jill's Aerial 
Rave ability, it's speechless! Timing is kinda tricky. The enemy must 
be in a corner though. You need to dash in, and hit the enemy right 
before they hit the ground a second time. Practice makes perfect.

Finally, Zangief's Final Atomic Buster links pretty well off a ground 
Hyper Elbow Tackle for more damage. So if you're good with Zangief, 
he makes the perfect partner, and provides a lot of power.

=> Tron Bonne
Tron's Alpha Assist works the same way as Zangief's Suplex, so you 
can also combo with her. One good thing about Tron over Zangief is, 
due to the nature of her throw, the enemy don't really need to be in 
the corner. You just need to dash in quickly. Don't use Variable 
Combination though, since her Lunch Rush will miss completely if 
Jill's Rocket Launcher hits.

Oh yeah, not only is Alpha Tron an excellent partner, but I've came 
to appreciate Beta and (especially) Gamma Tron! Yes that's right, her 
Assists are WAAYYYY under-rated! Just because ALL her Assists are her 
normals doesn't mean they're useless.

Beta Tron's Assist is her flame-thrower (her standing MK normal) and 
is categorised as an "Anti-air Assist" (although it will only hit 
once, unlike her MK.) Tron's Gamma Assist is some sorta power-magnet 
that emmits rings of magnetic energy to with a short range (her 
crouching MP) and is categorised as "Projectile Assist". (Whatever!) 
It also destroys any projectile it comes into contact with, making it 
a good defensive assist.

What makes these Assists so useful is that they do MAJOR damage! (I 
cannot believe it, but her Gamma Assist does more damage than 
Zangief's SPD!) They also chip nicely. And as any Tron player (like 
me) knows, these attacks has a "stun" property that freezes the 
opponent in place for half a second or so, so you can dash in and 
combo them. It also sets up a perfect oppotunity for any "hard to 
connect auto-supers" and in Jill's case, her CODE: T-002 super. Damn, 
I love Tron!

=> Dr. Doom
Not only is Dr. Doom a great character by himself (3 types of 
projectiles. Wanna chip? Nobody chips like him!) but his Electric 
Cage Hyper Combo is at the EXACT distance for cancelling to Jill's 
Tyrant super! Surprise surprise, there's actually a good use for this 

Thanks to Michael Charlton <mikecharlton@hotmail.com> for this combo
(As Dr. Doom) LP, MP, Electric Cage, (as Jill) CODE: T-002 (DHC)
Hits: Upto 28, Damage: Upto 81 (!!)

This combo is surprisingly easy and damaging! You don't even have to 
be in a super as Dr. Doom's Electric Cage (QCF+PP) holds the victim 
in place. You MUST however, cancel the super before the 16-hit point, 
because that's when the super ends and th enemy is launcher into the 
air. If you cancel after that, Tyrant won't hit.

Ok... Nico Valencia <acb_dragon@yahoo.com> has convinced me that Dr. 
Doom is the perfect partner for Jill. You know Dr. Doom's Molecular 
Shield? (The one where she summons lots of rocks that swirls around 
his body then flies across the screen.) Not only is it a great 
chipper, it's also PERFECT for connection Tyrant! Believe it or not, 
it also has OTG properties. So you can connect a few complex looking 
moves with simple activations together for an ultra damaging and 
stylish combo.

C.LK, C.MK, C.HK+Dr. Doom Assist (OTG), CODE: T-002 -> OTG combo

Believe it or not, it works! Works best in corners. For 
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig damages, choose Beta Dr. Doom. :)

=> Spiral
I forgot to mention last time. Spiral is a very cool character with 
some awesome combos too. But what you really want is her Gamma 
Assist. Spiral uses a normal move, her standing HP, which is a 6-
handed punch. Now this lasts quite a long while and can add 6 more 
hits to Jill's combos. Use your imagination and make up your own 
combos. :)

For example: Jump-in, J.LP, J.MP, Spiral Assist, LP, MP, HP, LP Elbow 
             Tackle, Hyper E.Tackle
Do it like if you're trying to do a regular Jill combo, but tap the 
Assist button and the attack button at the same time. Although this 
does tend to downgrade your Hyper Combo damage.

Also, Tyrant can be combo'd in the same way. 

Jump-in, J.LP, J.MP, Spiral Assist, LP, MP, CODE: T-002
22 Hits, Damage: 56

=> Hayato
Hayato is awesome. He has some insane range and priority with his 
normals, has mad mad combos (you MUST've seen the CRAAAAAAAAAAZY Jill 
and Hayato combos above!) and has an awesome costume. However, Hayato 
does take some skill to use so make sure you practice with him! He 
also has a groovy LV3 super that does over 50% damage!

Oh yeah, try DHC-ing into Hayato's Plasma Field from Jill's ground 
Hyper Elbow Tackle. That way, you're sure to hit the opponent with it 
and feel free to use the LV3 super afterwards without having to spend 
3 levels!

=> Characters with vertical Hyper Combos (eg, Cammy, Ken, Sakura, War 
Machine, Psylocke etc.)
These supers makes excellent Delayed Hyper Combos when tagged after 
Jill's easy-to-connect air Hyper Elbow Dash for lots of easy damage. 
You can even tag them multiple times if both of Jill's partners has a 
vertical Hyper Combo.

=> Um, I can't think of any other specific characters, but someone 
with a Projectile Assist is ALWAYS a plus.

Abyss form number 1
Abyss' first form is a giant golem-like creature with horns. He 
cannot block in this state, but has Hyper Armor (not affected by hit 
stun). What I usually do it call out an Assist (try the most damaging 
non-throw assist) and hit Abyss with LP, MP and Elbow Tackle. Block a 
lot too, as Abyss has many very damaging attacks. It doesn't matter 
very much if your Assist characters get hit, as they're recoverable 
and it fills up your Hyper Combo Energy. 

If Abyss tries to use his super beam, super jump over to the other 
side. It's VERY obvious when he's about to do that. He'll stand there 
with a glowing sphere-like thing on his chest for about 3 seconds. 
Once he execute his beam and you're on his other side, hit him with 
LP and MP. When he stops, combo him with your best ground combo and 
the Hyper Elbow Tackle. Use the Hyper Combo Tackle a lot if you want 
to end this fight quickly.

Abyss form number 2
This form is even cheaper! He melts into green slime and forms a 
humanoid figure from it. He then shoots blue fire from his arm (with 
a STUPID laugh!) and occasionally charges up for an energy beam 
attack that chips a lot of damage. He STILL has Hyper Armor so don't 
get too close, or you'll get hurt by his fires.

I really hate this form. If you have any Hyper Combo Energy left, use 
the Rocket Launcher from afar. (Or if you have characters with better 
beam supers, switch over to them. Morrigan's Soul Eraser works 
wonders here! Variable Combination can work pretty well too.)

If you don't, well... call in your projectile assists. Summon dogs 
from afar if you want. Leap into the air to build up your Hyper Combo 
Energy. If Abyss is about to fire his beam, superjump over to his 
other side and make some free hits.

When he's pissed off. He'll disappear and 3 green bubbles will 
appear. Try not to get caught in these, as they'll imprison you. Jump 
into the air and try to pop them with your LK. Jill's probably fairly 
worn out, so switch over to another partner and carry on with them.

Abyss form number 3
I always retire Jill to the reserve during this fight, partly because 
she's worn from previous fights, and partly because of her Assist. 
Her Alpha Assist is very useful here.

In this form, Abyss turns into a huge demonic beast that seems to 
have a body built from blood. (Ewwwwww!!!) He always has a floating 
orb over his body, which is very vulnerable to attacks. He'll 
disappear a lot and send these vertical beams at you (usually at the 
spot where his orb levitates) so it's pretty dangerous try to hit 

What I usually do is call Jill up for a life refil whenever Abyss 
goes off the screen, then jump up to combo Abyss when he pops back up 
screen. If you wanna use Jill in this fight, try aiming for the upper 
half of Abyss' body and do J.LP, J.MP, J.HP, Hyper E.Tackle. That'll 
knock his health bar by a bit. Remember to block whenever he's not on 
screen, as his beams can do a LOT of damage!

If you have enough Hyper Combo Energy, you may opt to team up a 
Variable Combination (if you have good Hyper Combo combinations.) Try 
doing it right below his head. After some practice, Abyss really 
isn't that hard. 

Since MvC2 does not have an official storyline, there's no way of 
telling Jill's involvement in this game. However thanks to Rashid 
Reddy who gave me the idea of making up a plot. So anyway, here's 
Jill's story in MvC2.

"Chris.... I have to find you..."

Jill glares into a dark and damp room, lit only by a single dim oil 
lamp. Files and Chris' belongings are scattered across the room. It's 
obvious that someone has searched here. A blood stained knife laid 
before her feet.

"This is..."

Jill left the underground hide-out without hesitation. The back-ally 
became darker and narrower. Jill's heartbeat fastened. She thought 
she sensed breathing other than her own, or was that just the sealed 
memories from the dark mansion?

"Jill..." She thought she heard a familar voice, a vague whisper, 
calling out her name. A human figure emerged from the shadows. She 
saw his face under the soft moonlight.


"Shhhh..." The dark figure approached her, whispering softly. "Listen 
Jill, before you go, there's something I want you to have." He 
brought out a slim test-tube, filled with rich purple fluid 

"This is..."

"Yeah, yes it is. It's the 'other objective'. 'To recover the lost G-
virus sample from the bottom of the Umbrella Research center towers.' 
I found this on the body of Nicolai. Here, take it."

"Why Carlos?"

"According to the record, all traces of the G-virus has been lost 
since the death of William Birkin. This is the last sample. We must 
not let anyone get their hands on this, or the disaster of Racoon 
City will only repeat itself again. It needs to to disposed of... 
once and for all... If anyone can do it, you can!"

"...I understand, Carlos... I'm onto it."

"Be careful Jill." With those words, he disappeared into the open-
arms of the darkness.

Little does she know, Magneto and his evil mutants are also in search 
of the "last sample of G-virus". And the once proud Pharoah Anakaris 
is also after this G-virus to recreate his lost kingdom. Her journey 
begins here...

=> It's taken right after Jill's Epilogue in RE3, so fans of the 
series should understand this. If ya haven't figured it out yet, the 
G-virus is the one that Leon found on Ada's body near the end of RE2. 
He kinda got pissed off and threw it away.

Now here's Jill's ending:

"Tout le monde monte sur le bateau!" ("Everyone get on the ship!")

Jill reached the end of a cliff, where a flying air-ship is docking.

"Ruby!!!" Jill shouted.

"Est-ce que je peux vous aidé Madame?" ("Can I help you ma'am?") Ruby 
Heart was just about to board her ship.

"My name is Jill. I need your help. I need... to dispose of this." 
Jill pulled the tube containing the G-virus out of her pocket. "This 
is what they wanted. This is what they were fighting for, the source 
of all chaos."

Ruby said nothing and turned around. "Viens avec moi." ("Come with 

The airship took off. Jill laid against the soft pillow. She was 
finally able to take a good rest.

*Knock knock* "Jill, lève-toi!" ("Jill, get up!") 

Jill woke up to the stench of sulfurous ashes. She hurridly lit an 
oil lamp and followed Ruby out to the front deck of the gaint 

"Nous sommes arrivées." ("We're here.")

Jill walked towards the edge of the deck, where Ruby was standing, 
waiting cross armed. The sharp odour of the vocanic ashes became 
almost unbearable. Her vision started to blur as she took one last 
look at the G-virus....

"Rest in peace..." She loosened her grip on the tube.


=> Sorry for the French stuff. Ruby Heart is French so I thought I 
might as well be "classy" for once. Thanks to "Final Fantasy Fanatic" 
for helping me with the translations.

This FAQ should be only used for non-commercial and non-profit 
purposes. You may print it out if you wish. You may use it on your 
webpage as long as you ask for permission and proper credits are 
given. Enjoy MvC2! :)

"Hey, I ain't no ordinary civy, I'm a member of S.T.A.R.S." – Jill 
"Once S.T.A.R.S. always S.T.A.R.S." – Jill
"Are you ok?" – Jill
"Thanks Barry, I'll take this then." – Jill (bad acting!)
"And on the 7th day, god invented firearms." – Me

Copyright 2000 by Vance Heart aka Aya Brea. 
E-mail me at i_love_aya@hotmail.com
Homepage: http://www6.50megs.com/vanceayahan/

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (c) 2000 Capcom

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