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Captain America by Mysterious M

Version: 1 | Updated: 06/05/00

Freedom Prevails - Marvel vs Capcom 2
Captain America FAQ


By:  Mysterious M

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Captain America

Revision History

V.1 - Uh... Whatever you see here



Captain Amerika, (er, America) is the product of the United State's effort to
create the ultimate super soldier.  During World War II the U.S government
worked in secret on a super soldier formula.  The formula, once injected, would
increase an individual's strength, speed and metabolism to an uncanny rate. 
The first test subject, a Private (I can't remember his name) underwent the
procedure with it being a complete success.  Unfortunately the formula was
destroyed by an internal spy.  Being the only one who had taken the formula,
the private was from then on known as Captain America.
In Capcom's history, Cap's been around since the days of Marvel Super Heroes. 
He does, and has always, kicked way too much butt.  I mean, Capcom overpowered
him almost to the point of being shoto-esque.  I do love him though, because
he's not really cheap.  You can escape most of his big strings (if you know how
to ROLL) but when you don't, he pulls off some of the most stylish combos in
the entire game!  I do wish he was a little less corny though (I mean, Captain
AMERICA???  Where's my CANADA MAN!?  Jeez).  = )

+  He has power in DROVES!  For a character of such size, his hits do really
painful things to your opponent.
+  His shield gives him extreme range.  His HP has some of the longest reaching
properties in the entire game and they recover fairly quickly.
+  He has really high priority.
+  All of his supers are useful and damaging!
+  He can jump twice.

-  He's a little on the slower side (anything but a LP/LK have startups)
-  He's somewhat of a shoto
-  He's friggen Capatain AMERICA!?  Where's my CAPTAIN CANADA!?



1.1 - Abbreviations
1.2 - Movelist
1.3 - Special Movelist
1.4 - Super Movelist
1.5 - Assists
1.6 - Strategies
1.7 - Facing Captain America
1.8 - Combos
1.9 - Cool Animations
2.0 - Thanks
2.1 - Legal Stuff


1.1 - Abbreviations

LP = Low punch
MP = Medium punch  (Press LP twice)
HP = High punch
LK = Low kick
MK = Medium kick  (Press LK twice)
HK = High kick


1.2 - Movelist


Standing:  Your generic jab forward.  Since Cap's pretty tall, the jab is
pretty high.  Some characters like Rockman can duck under it (trouble) but in
general you're pretty safe with it.  Use it to open up your combos or on a SLIM
chance to counter air attacks.

Crouching:  Cap punches forward but this time with his shield.  In most
respects, not really useful outside of combos although the range on it is
slightly longer than his standing LP (not enough to make a huge difference
though).  Without the shield this move serves little other purpose than

Jumping:  Diagonal punch downwards and forward.  Not bad as a jump in seeing as
it is quick, however a little lacking in priority.  This is actually my main
combo starter, but it isn't exactly the best one.

MP  (Combo Only, press LP twice)

Standing:   Cap thrusts upwards with his shield.  In the older games it used to
launch the opponent, now it wont so don't try to jump up after it.

Crouching:  Cap hits the ground hard with his shield.  In the older games it
was GREAT for OTGing, but now you can't use it outside of combos.  A shame
really, I loved that punch.

Jumping:  Cap passes his shield behind his back, latches it to his other arm
and then sweeps it from a high position to a low position.  Despite the long
explanation, it comes out fairly quickly.


Standing:  Cap bends over forward and sweeps his arm with his shield laterally.
 Let me tell you now that the HP is the move that makes Cap what he is.  This
punch has AMAZINGLY long range (I rate it just as long as Hayato's infamous
Plasma Sword) and has HUGE priority.  First, use it often as a keep away move. 
Although it is rather laggy, the "images" of the shield generally keep
opponent's from dashing in (very useful).  With some timing, you may be able to
find yourself countering missed moves with this as well (the damage is VERY
pleasing).  The only thing to note is, again, this move is very laggy (both on
startup and recovery).  Try not to whiff, ever, or you may find yourself eating
a fireball or super fireball (very rarely will people be able to counter with
anything else).

Crouching:  Cap thrusts upwards with both his hands.  As his only real
launcher, it has its uses.  Compared to other launchers (with his shield) its
priority is pretty high.  Unfortunately it is also quite slow, meaning that if
you get blocked you could be in for a counter combo.  I generally use this as
an anti air over his Stars and Stripes as it allows me to get in for a nice
damaging combo.  Without the shield, the launcher comes out faster meaning you
wont get countered quite as often, but it loses a lot of priority making it a
much less effective anti-air attack.  In my opinion, the tradeoff isn't worth
it, but some people may dis-agree.

Jumping:  Cap waves his forward from under his body to just above his head
covering ALL the space in front of him.  As an air move, it's his BEST one. 
The priority is way above most other jumping moves and the range is uncanny. 
This is my air combo ender (it does loads more damage than a pidly Shield
Slash) and my general jumping "annoyance" move.  Use often as the recovery time
isn't even that bad.


Standing:  A shoto kick.  Short range and low priority make it useless except
for comboing.

Crouching:  A very quick kick to the feet.  You CAN use it to counter moves
into a combo (because its range is quite good and it must be blocked low).

Jumping:  A kick diagonally downward and forward.  It has EXACTLY the same uses
as his jumping LP.

MK  (Combo only, press LK twice)

Standing:  A short kick to the head.  Doesn't matter since it can only be used
in comboing (it looks like an anti-air, but I assure you it isn't).

Crouching:  A longer version of his crouching LK.  Again, this used to be a
bread and butter OTG move, but now you can't use it on its own, so no comment.

Jumping:  A short kick diagonally up and forward.  Again, not much to say since
it can only be used in combos.  It does seem to juggle your opponent upwards
however (hence the reason it is used in his various double jump combos).


Standing:  Cap balances on one arm and kicks forward with both his feet.  This
move has INSANELY long range and keeps the opponent stunned for a VERY long
time.  The lag time is a lot longer than his standing HP however so I don't use
it much on its own, except to buffer the Final Justice to (and even then I
combo it).  It should be noted that if you dash and then do this move, Cap does
not stop but instead performs the kick while moving forward.  This has some
interesting potential that I need to work more with.

Crouching:  An even LONGER version of his crouching LK (boy is Capcom creative
or what?), this is Cap's all purpose sweep.  Although the range is kind of
small and it comes out quite slowly, I still find myself using it just to keep
the opponent off balance (I can't help it, its my playing style).  As far as
sweeps go, its not really that great.

Jumping:  A kick more forward than diagonal.  I don't use it very often in the
wake of his jumping HP but I will tend to start air combos with it from time to
time.  Other than that, I can't really comment on its nature since it isn't a
widely used move in my repertoire.


1.3 - Special Movelist
Cap's special moves tend to change around when he is equipped with, or missing
his shield.  Thus, I shall explain the properties of BOTH, or in some cases the
move can only be used with the shield (thus shall be noted).

Shield Slash
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + punch  (ground or air, Shield Only)

Cap yells out "Shield Slash" and then throws his shield one of two ways
depending on what button you use to initiate the move.
LP:  Cap throws his shield straight forward.  Like Nash's sonic boom the
traveling angle is actually quite high meaning that it has strange anti-air
properties.  Unfortunately also like Nash, certain characters can perform
animations to get under it without a hitch (Roll and Kobun can STAND under the
damn thing if I'm not mistaken).  In general, this is your keep away move. 
It's reasonably fast (slower than some fireballs though) and does a fair amount
of damage.  Try not to do much dashing afterward or you might miss its
retrieval though.  All in all, not very special.
In the air Cap throws the shield downwards at a 45 degree angle.  Excellent
startup time makes this an essential move.  I generally use it to cover my
backwards jumping, or pressure an opponent.  It is also useful to note that Cap
stops in the air for about a full second as he throws the shield.  Many times I
have jumped fireballs and made an easy counter with the shield.  In fact, in
some cases utilizing his double jump and then an air shield slash works wonders
for avoiding beam supers and COUNTERING the opponent!
HP:  Cap throws his shield behind his back and it travels upwards at a 45
degree angle.  Excellent anti air priority (being a projectile and all) but
kinda slow startup time.  Don't use it as an anti air unless you have correctly
anticipated a jump in, but when you do it'll work almost everytime.  Otherwise,
all I can really say is that it looks really flashy in combos.
In the air Cap throws his shield forward.  Very limited uses as this throw is
somewhat slow compared to his downward version.  Again, there's that stop in
mid air, but you wont be countering anyone with this.  Add to the fact that
this has the lowest success rate for retrieval of his shield and you come to
the conclusion that this is not a very useful move.  At least I did.
* As a general note, the Shield Slash does less damage the farther away you
perform it.  Also, if the Shield Slash is blocked then the shield will not
return automatically so you must retrieve it manually (which is not all that
easy sometimes).

Stars and Stripes
Motion:  Forward, down, down-forward + punch

Cap yells "Stars and Stripes" and then thrusts upwards and leaping off the
ground.  LP makes Cap do a short jump, HP makes Cap do a high jump.
With Shield:  As an anti air move, its alright.  The priority is not quite as
high as a Dragon Punch but the damage done is more than adequate to justify its
usage.  The move's startup is extremely quick, but then dangles in the air
longer than most moves of this type which makes it odd to use.  I wouldn't use
it too often to counter jump in's though, you generally get hit out of it quite
often.  The move only hits once.
Without Shield:  Well, you sacrifice priority for hits.  In all the damage is
about the same, but the startup and "hangtime" is slightly shorter.  This
version hits about 7 times, but I rarely find myself playing Cap without his
shield so I can't really comment on its usefulness.

Charging Star
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + kick

Cap yells out "Charging Star" and then thrusts forward.
With Shield:  This is the move that all Cap players tinker with.  It hits twice
and has decent startup with a pretty laggy finish.  The main reason that
players toy with it is the fact that it NEGATES projectiles.  No it doesn't
block them, it NEGATES them!  First, you shouldn't really use it from far away
for the specific purpose of just negating a projectile.  Cap slows down after
negating a projectile which means you'll eat many beam supers this way.  The
best time to use it is when you've anticipated a close fireball, and serves up
a pretty satisfying counter.  You can also end off combos with it since it
tends to knock opponents pretty far away.
Without Shield:  Not very useful.  It's basically the same move except that it
hits about 7 times but you lose the ability to negate projectiles (and in the
end, isn't that the whole point?).  Again, you lose priority but gain hits.
*As a general note, the Charging Star does more damage the farther away you
connect with it.

Double Jump
Motion:  Jump and press up again in mid-air

Well, I really just stuck this here to make sure everyone knows about it. 
Cap's double jump, like any other, is mainly used to avoid attacks, lengthen
air combos, and basically annoy the *you know* out of your opponent.  I often
use patterns of jumping backwards and then back forwards to mix up my game
(leaving my opponent dazed and confused).

Motion:  Forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back + punch

This is the second move that makes Cap what he is.  He performs a cartwheel
forwards which passes through just about ANYTHING (except throws) and starts
and recovers rather quickly.  Bread and butter move, you basically have nothing
to lose by using this EVER.  I throw them out all the time from passing
projectiles with ease, to crossing over the opponent's sprite thus confusing my
enemy.  As for notes, well... there is a bit of lag at the end of the move, so
don't try to cartwheel right into your opponent's face for no reason.  Other
than that, its an excellent move that deserves a place among the best special
moves in the game.


1.4 - Super Moves

Final Justice
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + 2 punches

Cap yells out "Final Justice" and then charges forward with his arm (or shield)
protruded.  If he connects, he'll knock the opponent up into the air, perform
an auto combo and then end off with another launcher into a strange looking
power slam.
This is easily Cap's most damaging super combo.  By itself I'd estimate it
takes a good 40% of an opponent's bar, but more importantly, the throw at the
end ensures that only about half of that is recoverable.  On the downside, this
super is a pain to connect.  It has a short lag during startup, slow traveling
speed, and hefty lag should you get blocked.  As a stand-alone super, I never
use it.  Anyone can see it coming, from expert to scrub, and without the
ability to block anything with his shield (he won't, even if his shield is
equipped) you really don't have much leeway in hitting anyone who isn't
Keeping this in mind, let me also tell you now that the Final Justice combos
VERY nicely off of a standing HK.  THIS is what it is used for.  Buffer a magic
series combo into a standing HK and then tag the Final Justice onto the end to
ensure a healthy dosage of pain.  Other than this, I tend not to abuse the
super very much.

Hyper Stars and Stripes
Motion:  Forward, down, down-forward + 2 punches

Cap ducks for a half second and then lets loose with 3 Stars and Stripes in a
row.  In general, use it as you would for Ken or Akuma's "Shoryureppa" supers. 
It is a body attack which somewhat limits its uses, and the lag time afterward
is likely to get you pounded should you whiff the move.  Again, I use this
mainly in combos seeing as I don't want to ever whiff it, however the startup
time is immensely quicker than the Final Justice meaning that you CAN counter
attacks with the Hyper Stars and Stripes.  Unfortunately the most of the damage
done by this super can be recovered (although the damage is quite nice) and its
priority is only so-so (I've been hit out of it many times).  Don't ever use as
an anti air because you generally hit the first one, and whiff the rest (giving
your opponent ample time to get up and nail you).

Hyper Charging Star
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + 2 Kicks

Cap gets into his blocking animation and then rushes forward with his shield in
front of him (just as a normal Charging Star).  However in this case, the
shield is surrounded by a MASSIVE swirl of energy.  Basically take his normal
Charging Star, and beef it up about 10 to 12 times.  I can easily say that this
is Cap's bread and butter super.  It combos nicely, priority remains very high
and best of all, it STILL blocks projectiles.
First weaknesses; There aren't any.  Well, I should rephrase that, there aren't
many.  If you whiff, there's a remote chance that you can get countered
(although usually the opponent is extra cautious in making sure the swirl of
energy dissipates before attacking) and the ground speed isn't really that fast
so if you miss, the opponent may jump you and attack from behind.
Now the strengths; First to mention is that the super starts off almost
immediately.  See a missed move?  Don't hesitate to use a Hyper Charging Star
to counter for big damage.  Next, the super combos very nicely off of almost
anything (sans other supers).  Often I back up Shield Slashes with the Hyper
Charging Star.  Finally, the priority on this move is very high.  You can
counter a wide assortment of ground attacks and jump-ins (and the opponent
doesn't just get knocked away either, they get hit for the full hits) with a
quick activation.  Oh, and did I mention that the move has the same fireball
canceling properties as the normal Charging Star?  Except now it works for BEAM
supers!  That's right, if you're close enough you can counter an opponent's
beam super by activating the Hyper Charging Star!  Although rather difficult to
do, it is satisfying beyond belief!


1.5 - Assists

Assists are Marvel vs Capcom 2's new feature.  An assist temporarily brings in
one of your partners to perform one of their moves.  I haven't used them
extensively so I'm not sure as to how useful the assists are...

Alpha:  LP Shield Slash
Beta:  HP Stars and Stripes
Gamma:  HK Charging Star

The assist that you choose also determines which super that Cap will use with
his double / triple teams.

Alpha:  Hyper Charging Star
Beta:  Hyper Stars and Stripes
Gamma:  Hyper Charging Star


1.6 - Strategies

General Strategy
The truly great thing about Cap is his immense versatility.  He plays well at
any range and can easily switch between positions thus giving him great control
over a match.  Your general strategy should consist of both standing and
jumping HP to poke your opponent and then following up with a Charging Star
(usually they try to counter the HP) to close the distance and get in for those
big combos.  Hyper Charging Star is the super of choice as the damage is high
as is the priority.  Don't forget to use that Cartwheel often to confuse your

Cap's defensive game is actually his weakest, but that's not saying much.  If
you find you need to get into a retreating position, little more is needed than
a backwards jump covered by a HP attack.  Alternately if you worry about
leaving yourself open, try a double jump to avoid whatever attack your opponent
may try to attack you with.  Once in the defensive position, utilize HP often
to keep your opponent at bay.  Naturally, your Shield Slash is your keep away
projectile, but it doesn't work quite as well as one would hope since, if it
gets blocked, retrieving the shield could be a problem.  Thwarting jump-ins can
be done in one of three ways.  First, if the situation warrants, try tagging
them with a HP Shield Slash.  This is the safest way to counter a jump in since
it doesn't directly involve Cap getting his hands dirty.  In failing that, many
individuals will use the Stars and Stripes, but I much prefer a crouching HP
and then follow that up with an air combo, both of which are perfectly fine
seeing as both have rather high priority.  When you find that your opponent is
assaulting you non stop, it's a good idea to block and slow down the game. 
When you find the opening, use the cartwheel to cross the opponent's sprite
(hopefully as they are performing a move) and get behind them to either throw
or combo.

Mid Range

Cap has numerous mid range fighting capabilities.  Again, your HP is the attack
of choice seeing as it keeps your opponent nicely distanced away.  On the
ground, the HP is a great poke so utilize it well.  What many individuals don't
know is that his jumping HP is also a great poke.  Try jumping straight up and
letting one go when your opponent tries to leap over you, it's generally a nice
wake up call for him/her.  On the ground, the Shield Slash is indispensable as
is the Charging Star.  Use the former for keeping your opponent exactly where
you want them with a combination of LP and HP versions.  For the later, be
ready to counter close range projectiles or beams with it and get in for the
counter.  The super of choice at this range is the Hyper Charging Star since it
gives you all around great coverage and allows you to get into an offensive
position.  You can also use your cartwheel to pass by your opponent's
projectiles and get in close, or just as a general annoyance tactic.


I've established that thanks to Cap's Charging Star and Cartwheel (also his
double jump, but not so much), he has the means necessary to turn any position
into an offensive one.  Now what do you do once your in your offensive
positions?  There are a number of things which Cap has at his disposal in order
to punish your opponent's at close range.  To name but a few...
1.) The Cartwheel:  Use it often to keep your opponent dazed and confused.  Try
to be everywhere and nowhere at the same time.  This is easier said than done,
especially at close range, but with practice you may find yourself evading most
enemy attacks rather than blocking them.
2.) Crouching HP:  Launching your opponent with Cap is the only opening you
need for really long, damaging strings (thanks in part to his air jump).  Since
his launcher has rather short range and high priority, don't be afraid to stick
it in after missed moves, or if your opponent tries to jump out of your
3.) The Hyper Charging Star:  Useful as ever, even though your proximity has
decreased.  This super CAN be used as a counter if you're fast (look for those
openings).  Remember that the energy field is actually quite high, so if you
want to use it to keep jumpers in the corner (you will want to quite often) go
ahead, but do so at the expense of a super bar (I tend to do this actually, but
watch out for super jumps).
4.) Double Jump:  No one ever used the double jump, and I always wonder why
because it truly is a VERY useful move.  From an offensive position, I enjoy
playing guessing games with my opponent in which I jump backwards, and then hop
back forwards again with a HP.  Often times they see the backwards jump as a
retreating move, so they dash forward.  By the time they start their dashing
animation (the first few frames of a dash, the opponent cannot block) I'm
already back in their face again and putting that shield in his/her face. 
Naturally this has to be practiced to be truly effective, but would you really
have read this far if you weren't willing to?
5.) Almost anything else:  Cap is graced with a repertoire of damaging moves
that come out fairly quickly.  As such, you'll be doing a lot of comboing in
the corners and loads of pressuring.  However one thing to note is that you
shouldn't really be using your HP a whole lot by itself at this range.  When
blocked close, the HP can be countered with almost anything (big combos,
supers, big combos into supers, you get the point.)

Miscellaneous Strategy

It can't be stressed how much versatility Cap has in movement.  Although he is,
technically, one of the slower characters in the game, he has methods of
avoiding attacks while moving which means that you can attack/dodge and move at
the same time.  In a way, this is more useful than having a fast character that
is getting hit all the time (Spidey immediately comes to mind).
1.) The Cartwheel:  I actually deem this Cap's main method of transport.  The
distance covered is quite good (equal to at least 4-5 steps) and he is almost
invincible while performing it (sans throws)!  Of course there is a bit of lag
at the end (but that's true for everything) so you don't want to be
cartwheeling like a happy madman or you'll be sealing a sure fate to the
underworld.  Its main use is to pass projectile attacks in order to surprise
your opponent by landing right in their face!  Many times I have passed Ryu's
Hadoken or Guile's Sonic Boom and ended up right in front of them!  At this
point you want to use your biggest, nastiest combo and then laugh in their face
(although technically doing this in real life is wrong).  I also use the
Cartwheel to get away from jump-ins.  Try not to carwheel so that your opponent
passes over your sprite (you'll be too late to recover) but instead, Cartwheel
before your opponent gets to you (just outside of launching range).  Almost
every time you'll end up safe about 5 steps away in which case you can either
go on the offense, or stick to defense.
2.) The Charging Star:  Another excellent coverage move.  I don't really like
it as much as the Cartwheel, but it tends to counter close range projectiles
with a little more ease.  It does have certain anti-air properties, but I
wouldn't really recommend using it as such.  In most cases I'll use this over
Cap's dash, unless I want to start a combo.
3.) The Double Jump:  Another worthy addition to Cap's repertoire, the Double
Jump is an excellent confusion tactic, which is great for moving back and forth
in mid-air to the point that your opponent loses himself.  Watch out for Ken,
Amingo, Cammy, etc... their supers which are completely vertical could put a
stop to your acrobatics though.  Use the Double Jump from far away to cover
distance quickly (along with a super jump you can cross the entire screen with
Then of course there is your normal assortments of walking, dashing and
jumping.  I generally cover almost all my jumps with a HP, but it isn't always


1.7- Facing Cap

Alright, I'll probably regret writing this section but I've decided to give
some strategies on the do's and don'ts of fighting Cap.

- Be cautious.  With Cap's myriad of abilities to avoid getting hurt, it can be
a real pain to attack him with consistent success.
- Combo him often.  Cap is one of the game's larger characters.  He also seems
to have somewhat of a deficiency in countering continuous long strings.
- Use saturation type moves on him.  In my experience, a match between equally
matched Cap's and Ironmen always end up in a mismatch in favor of the Ironmen.
- Sweep him often.  Cap is devoid of really good getup moves, that and the fact
that most of his normal moves leave him open low.
- Look out for the Cartwheel.  It can be the bain of your existence unless you
learn to anticipate and counter it.
- Taunt him often.  No I'm not joking about this.  Cap is really quite devoid
of moves that allow him to cross the screen quickly and attack you at the same
time.  (This only works at full distance).  The only thing that travels the
whole screen in time to whoop you is the Shield Slash, and from a full screen
it does pidly damage.
- Counter quickly.  Many of Cap's moves have long, but misleading recovery
times.  When in doubt, go for the counter, you'll usually get it.

- Throw single projectiles (like fireballs) at him from close range.  He as too
many ways of dealing with them.
- Spew beam supers at close range, his Hyper Charging Star is a huge problem
(well, for me).
- Definitely DO NOT whiff close range moves, Cap's power coupled with his
enormous combo potential makes him an extreme threat in the countering


1.8 - Combos
 Not only are Cap's combos long and intertwined, they are also horribly
effective and majorly punishing.
Dash-in LP -> LK -> MP -> crouching HP -> jump LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP
- Your basic magic series combo, it does an amazing amount of damage for a
rather short combo.

Jump-in LP -> LK -> land HK -> HP Shield Slash -> Hyper Charging Star -> OTG LP
Stars and Stripes -> Hyper Stars and Stripes
- An amazingly effective combo that looks as good as it hurts.  You can
actually see this one on a video at Shoryuken.com.  Remember that you must
cancel the Stars and Stripes into the Hyper Stars and Stripes before Cap leaves
the ground.

Jump-in LP -> LK -> land LP -> MP -> Crouching HP -> Jump LP -> Double Jump LP
-> LK -> MK -> HP -> LK -> land LK -> MK -> HK -> *Final Justice*
- Another infamous Shoryuken.com combo.  There isn't much to say but problem
points come especially at the LK after the normal Aerial Rave.  You want to
time it so that you hit the opponent with the LK halfway through the fall from
the combo to the ground.  As for that last Final Justice, its nearly impossible
to tag on (I know it works though, I've seen it) and by this time it does very
little damage (thanks to the compounded damage system) but it just looks so
sweet when you manage to tag it on.

Jump-in LP -> LK -> land LP -> Crouching HK -> LP Stars and Stripes -> Hyper
Charging Star -> Crouching HP -> LP -> Double Jump LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> LP
Shield Slash
- Another nicely damaging combo that is easy enough to perform.  Again, you
must cancel the Hyper Charging Star before Cap leaves the ground for his LP
Stars and Stripes

Dash-in LP -> MP -> HP Shield Slash -> Hyper Charging Star -> OTG crouching LK
-> crouching MK -> Hyper Stars and Stripes
- Not much to say, of course it can be rolled out of after the opponent hits
the ground.


1.7 - Cool animations

Opening animation:  Cap slides in on some sort of wire then lands while yelling
"Hold it!"

Taunt:  Cap turns to face the screen, salutes and says "Freedom Prevails!"

Ending animations:
1.) Cap gives the downed opponent the thumbs up and says "Good Job Soldier!"
2.) Cap turns to face the screen, salutes and says "Freedom Prevails!"
3.) Cap turns so his back faces the player and a myriad of doves flies by.


2.0 - Thanks

CJAYC - for posting my FAQs on his site.  (I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy)

Shoryuken.com - For showing me what kind of combos Cap really has!

My brother -  For providing enough reason for me to try Cap in the original

2.1 - Legal stuff

Feel free to distribute this FAQ so long as MY NAME IS ATTACHED TO IT!  Yes, we
do have a copyright thing here in Canada...  No we do not eat blubber... = )

- MC

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