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Ruby Heart by Khaotika

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 08/06/00

Khaotika's MvC2 RUBY HEART FAQ 
Version 1.6

Newest version: 8/6/00

Submitted 6/3/00, revised 6/6/00, 6/13/00, 8/6/00

*Note- this FAQ was completely written and researched by Khaotika! (Jon) 
<khaotika@earthlink.net> It shall not be copied, reproduced, or borrowed 
without my permission. Feel free to print this and share it, but do not 
do so without my name somewhere in the document. If you wish to quote 
something from this, please give me an email beforehand. If you do not 
comply with these guidelines, I will send a thousand rabid raccoons 
after your mangled corpse. ^_^

This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.
Also at www.khaotika.com/mvc2.html
...If you want to use it for your site, email me first, please.






8-6-00: Added partners/translations/more combos..

6-13-00: Corrected Tour De Mage/added URL/Added Fun Stuff section/and 
other things..

6-6-00: Made some corrections.

6-3-00: Totally new.



The basics for this game have remained unchanged since the start of the 
vs. series, only you now have 4 basic buttons and 2 assist buttons. You 
can select the character's assist at the select screen.

To get a strong, you have to press jab, then jab to get a strong. For a 
forward, press short, then short. This only works in combos, however.. 
And you can cross these up as well, like jab to forward, or short to 
strong. The assist buttons call out your other two characters for an 
assisted attack. 

This is the layout:

Joystick------  Jab     Fierce    Assist 1

               Short    R.house   Assist 2

And the key to the moves and combos:

Superjump; SJ; SJump - quickly press down, then up

U- Up
UF- Up-Forward
F- Forward
DF- Down-Forward
D- Down
DB- Down-Back
B- Back
UB- Up-Back

D, DF, F - lists like these tell you to roll from down to forward in one 
motion, then apply the button presses.

DASH - F, F or B, B or 2 punches simultaneously. Character moves faster 
than normal speed. Use it to advance or retreat.

BLOCK - Press joystick/pad away from opponent while they attack. Can 
also be done in midair.

ADVANCING GUARD - While blocking, press 2 punches simultaneously, to 
push back an attacking opponent.

ROLL - B, DB, D + Any punch or kick. - When knocked down, use this to 
prevent follow up attacks.

SAFE FALL/BREAK AWAY - Press joystick/pad in any direction except up + 
Fierce or R.house - You can fall or get away safely from a hold, throw, 
or being knocked out of the air.

VARIABLE COUNTER - D, DB, D + Assist button - While blocking, do this, 
and one of your partners will come out, counter-attacking, and switch 
characters. This uses one level of super meter.

VARIABLE ATTACK - Press jab and short or fierce and r.house to switch 
characters. Characters that have damage will recover the red portion of 
their life while resting.

XX- cancel (XX into is cancel into)

OTG- on the ground. Means that you can continue the combo/move/super 
while the opponent is on the ground.

ASSIST- One of two buttons that will call in your other partners for a 
special quick attack.

SNAPBACK- D, DF, F + Assist button. Tired of your main opponent? Then 
force him out by doing a snapback. Assist 1 will bring in the 2nd 
character, while assist 2 will bring in the 3rd.

DELAYED HYPER COMBOS- This is also the first game where you can cancel 
supers into other supers. For instance, you use Venom Web, then cancel 
before Venom's finished into Tron's Lunch Rush. Both supers will 
connect, and Venom will switch out to Tron. You can also use 3 
supers/characters for this. Experiment with different teams to find a 
Delayed Hyper Combo that suits your characters.

DOUBLE/TRIPLE TEAM- Press both Assist buttons to activate all your 
characters supers. The super the character uses depends on which assist 
you picked. This move uses 2 or 3 bars of the super meter, depending on 
how many characters you still have, or how much super bar has been 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, and if you really don't know how to 
play one of these games by now, then this probably isn't the place to 
start with.... :P



- Well, the only sure thing I know is that Ruby Heart is a Capcom 
character. It's been speculated that she comes from an incredibly early 
game from Capcom, but nothing concrete has surfaced yet. Anyway, Ruby 
Heart is the female air/sea captain of her crew aboard her ship, the 
Partenaire (I'm assuming that's the name). Apparently, she's searching 
for the armor that Abyss possesses. It's unknown why she wants it, but 
hey, she's a pirate. :) 

I believe that she's a flimsy pretext by Capcom, who wanted a reason/way 
for all the Capcom and Marvel characters to be in the same boat (pun 
intended). Thus, they created the flying warships, along with the 
continued use of flying ships in the backgrounds. Ruby just happens to 
be the character in charge of the Capcom side... Oh well. At least she's 
a GREAT original character, and fun to use as well. :)


- For the DC, hold short kick, and press start. Ruby Heart pulls out a 
telescope/viewfinder, looks through the end, and giggles to herself 

- For the arcade, just press start... Duh. :)


Opening Animation: Ruby shuts a treasure chest with her foot, and kicks 
it aside. She adjusts her hat saying "Chanto mite okudayo.."/"Take a 
good look at it.."

Win 1: Ruby faces the player, takes off her hat, and hangs her head low, 
as her hair blows in the wind. She says "Unga waru katta wa ne.."/"What 
terrible luck you had.."

Win 2: Ruby places her foot on top of a treasure chest that slides out 
from nowhere, and raises her anchor high into the air. Her crewmates all 
jump/fall from out of nowhere and gather around her. She then says 
"Tsugi ikuyo!"/"Let's move on!"

Timeover Loss:

Loss: Ruby lets out a scream, as she falls backward, landing on her 


Open animation 1: "Chanto mite okudayo.."/"Take a good look at it.."
Open animation 2 and tag in: "Shouganai.."/"It can't be helped.."

 - Shouganai loosely means along the lines of "Your best isn't good 
enough."/"That's the way it is.."/"Too bad!"

Tag out: "Makaseta!"/"You handle it!" OR "I'll leave it to you!"

Help call: "Ikimasu!"/"Let's get going!"

Miru Phantoom: "Tokihanateryo...Miru Fantuumu!"/"Be unleashed...Miru 

Win 1: "Tsugi ikuyo!"/"Let's move on!"
Win 2: "Unga waru katta wa ne..."/"What terrible luck you had..."

Tour de Mage:

 -When barrel connects: "Ikuyu."/"Let's go." (I believe)
 -Throwing a dagger: "Tsuki iyuko!"/"Let's move on!"
 -Finished after 4 daggers: "Unga waru katta wa ne..."/"What terrible 
luck you had!"
 -Making a mistake: "Shouganai."/"It can't be helped."


(Jab) Dull turquoise hat, coat, and pants. Lite turquoise sleeves.         
	White collar and shirt tails. Brown boots, blonde hair.
	(basic color)

(short) Dull navy blue hat, coat, and pants. Lite blue sleeves. Baby
	blue collar and shirt tails. Brown boots, lite gray hair.
(fierce) Dull muddy brown (almost red orange) hat, coat, and pants.
	Dull orange sleeves. Lite orange collar and shirt tails. Brick
	red boots, lite gray hair.
(r.house) Olive green hat, coat, and pants. Yellow-green sleeves. White
	collar and shirt tails. Muddy brown boots and lite gray hair.
(assist 1) Green hat, coat, and pants. Mint green sleeves. White collar
	and shirt tails. Muddy brown boots and lite gray hair. Dark

(assist 2) Midnight blue hat, coat, and pants. Purple sleeves. Lite
	purple collar and shirt tails. Brown boots and orange hair.



-Some of Ruby Heart's attacks involve nautical equipment, but most are 
rather normal..

stand Jab - Standard straight jab punch. Fair priority.

crouch Jab - Standard lower knee punch. Fair priority.

jumping Jab - Diagonal ascending chop. Fair priority.

stand Strong - Swift uppercut. Fair priority.

crouch Strong - Crouching gut punch. Fair priority. Lifts enemy off 
ground a bit..

jumping Strong - Low diagonal overhead strike. Good priority.

stand Fierce - Standing anchor slice. Ruby swings the anchor from her 
back to her front and back to her back. Best if used in a combo.

crouch Fierce - Anchored uppercut. Launcher. Fair priority. Better 
priority if comboed into..

jumping Fierce - Overhead anchor slice. Ruby swings the anchor from over 
her head to down near her foot in an arc. Good priority.

stand Short - Standard shin kick. Decent priority. Use it to start a 

crouch Short - Sitting leg extension. Ruby sits and taps her leg out 
very low. Fair priority.

jumping Short - Low diagonal striking heel. Decent priority.

stand Forward - Double neck and shin kick. 2 hits if uninterrupted. Used 
in a combo.

crouch Forward - Two legged knee attack. Ruby stands on her hands and 
extends her legs. Good priority. Used in a combo.

jumping Forward - Swift boot sweep to neck. Starts low, but hits at the 
neck level. Good priority. Used in a combo.

stand R.house - Full neck kick. Reaches from ground all the way up to 
head level. Decent priority.

crouch R.house - Crouching burlap snap. Knocks enemy to ground. Use a 
sublimation afterward for best results.

jumping R.house - Blurring overhead sweeping heel to neck kick. Great 
jumpin priority. Comes out in an arc from behind her, and her leg ends 
up around chest level of the enemy. Great priority.

Alpha: Short Sublimation. Comes out fairly quickly, and is great for 
ending/setting up combos. Also helps link some supers. She has great 
recovery as well. Just don't throw it out randomly, like certain other 

Beta: Fierce Anchor Capture. Only works on certain characters when they 
are standing (see THE LIST below). Can be used in a combo. The effect 
only lasts a split second, so this is useless if you're across the 
screen, unless you have a beam super.

Gamma: Power Up. Ruby appears and hands you a power up orb. The effect 
lasts for about 6-8 seconds. This gives you probably 1/2 more damage to 
all your attacks, including supers, but only for the character she gives 
it to. You're better off picking Alpha, IMO.


-Ruby Heart's team super depends on the assist picked. Some are more 
useful in a triple team, while others are less useful.

A: Partenaire - Ruby calls out her ship, which punctures the enemy with 
it's knife, holding them for the multiple cannon blasts. There have been 
instances where the CPU takes all of the knife hits, then blocks the 
rest..Does fair chip damage if missed, but is best used if you can combo 
into the knife. 

B: Mille Phantome - Ruby summons a larger treasure chest, which releases 
several phantoms. These phantoms travel across the screen, filling it. 
It does insane damage if unblocked, but the block damage is impressive 
too. She can be easily knocked out of this, and can be jumped over..

G: Hyper Schwarzelle - Ruby charges forward with a large orange flame 
shield around her. This version moves straight forward, with no 
deviation from the path. It does decent block damage, and can hold the 
enemy in place for whatever supers her teammates are unleashing.

Overall, none of these are bad choices, and the one you pick will 
probably match your playing style. :)


Schwarzelle: D, DF, F + P (punch pressed determines angle, only on 

Ruby charges forward, surrounded by a sheild of blue flame. The effect 
is that she becomes a living, controlable fireball for a second or two. 
You can control this by using the joystick/pad and changing directions 
of her charge, while hitting the buttons for extra hits. She only 
charges about 3 times, and will drop after that. Can be comboed into 
with most of her basic moves. Jab starts from straight forward, while 
fierce starts with her rising up at a 45 degree angle. Can be done in 
midair. Be careful of her recovery time.

Sublimation: D, DF, F + K (kick pressed determines the distance)

Ruby Heart pauses and opens a book revealed from her coat. She scans it 
and quickly raises her other arm. The arm motion creates a rising 
waterspout that appears from the ground. You can OTG from a knockdown 
with this, and it's recommended that you do so.. ;) Great anti-air, and 
it swallows up most fireballs. >:) Great recovery, too.

Fantome: D, DB, B + K (kick press determines height of ghost)

Ruby summons a treasure chest, which opens, releasing a ghost that 
travels across the screen. If the ghost hits the enemy, it will attach 
itself to them for a few seconds, and drain their super bar. To get out 
of it, they must hit you successfully. This move is very telegraphed, 
and can be jumped over easily. It also leaves Ruby open to attacks..in 
other words, don't rely on it.. The ghost will disappear after 
travelling off screen or the width of one screen..

Jab Anchor Grab: F, DF, D, DB, B + Jab punch.

Ruby extends a small anchor from a chain wrapped around her arm. It 
moves straight out from her and reaches as far as 3 bodies away from 
her. If caught, she pulls the enemy close, and uses a small cannon in 
their face to blast them away.. Can be used in a combo, and I recommend 
using it there often. :)
This will not work against Roll or Kobun, even if used in a combo.

Fierce Anchor Capture: F, DF, D, DB, B + Fierce punch

Ruby twirls the anchor on her arm, and launches it skyward at a 45 
degree angle. If it hits, you will capture the enemy for about 1/2 a 
second, so make sure you're close enough to capitalize. Again, these 
will not work on short characters..unless you manage to launch them 
before you do the move.


-These characters will be caught in the Anchor Capture from a 
standing/walking position:

Cammy     Captain Commando   Psylocke     Spiral       Hulk
Cyclops   Captain America    Sabertooth   Vega/Bison   Iron Man
Felicia   Silver Samurai     Zangief      Tron         Omega Red
Thanos    Ruby Heart         Gambit       Venom        Storm
Amingo    Blackheart         Dhalsim      Dr. Doom     Sentinel
Guile     Shuma-Gorath       Anakaris     Rogue        Colossus
Charlie   War Machine        Juggernaut   Magneto

- On Juggernaut, Hulk, and Sentinel, you have to use a few hits before 
the Anchor Capture will work. You cannot hold Silver Samurai or Colossus 
while they have super armor activated.


Throw: F+P - Ruby grabs them close with one hand, and knocks them away 
with the other one. Can be done in midair.

Launchers: Crouching fierce. Ruby rises quickly, swinging a small anchor 
up with her movement to launch them. Has fair priority..best if used in 
a combo.

	DF + r.house (on the ground): Ruby's 2nd launcher. The only way to 
combo this is with ONE jump in hit, preferably a fierce or r.house. This 
launcher takes off a tiny bit more energy than her normal launcher.

Snapback: Ruby's standing fierce animation. Best used in a combo.


Hyper Schwarzelle: D, DF, F + 2P

Ruby Heart charges forward, surrounded by a large orange flame shield. 
This can be controlled with the pad/stick and you can add more hits by 
pressing the punch buttons. It can change directions a maximum of 5 
times..just remember to press the buttons while changing a direction. 
Can be comboed off of most of Ruby's basic attacks/specials. She CAN be 
knocked out of this, but it takes some effort. Be careful of her 
recovery time.

Partenaire: F, D, DF + 2K

Ruby Heart summons her ship. The dagger on the front pierces the enemy, 
holding them in place for the cannons to blast them. The key part of 
this super is to catch them with the dagger. You can combo this super 
off certain attacks. This super has limited range, and can only connect 
if the enemy is jumping on Ruby, standing, crouching, or descending from 
a jump close to the ground. If the dagger won't connect, the ship 
leaves, leaving her open to attack. Press the buttons for more damage.
As said earlier, there have been cases where the CPU takes all the 
knife, but then blocks the cannon blasts. If they do this, the cannons 
do fair chip damage..but this usually only occurs fighting the CPU or 
accidentally comboing this with a crouching r.house..which I have done 
by accident.. :p

Mille Fantome: D, DB, B + 2K

Ruby summons a larger treasure chest full of phantoms, which pour out 
across the screen, filling it. If they connect, they will do insane 
damage to the enemy. If not, the block damage is pretty decent. Be 
careful of this super, because Ruby executes it slowly. The phantoms 
absorb fireballs, and should absorb the brunt of a beam super. Be 
careful, because the enemy can also jump behind her, because of the slow 
activation. I suggest doing this after the enemy superjumps away, or 
when they have a move/super with horrible recovery.

Tour De Mage: R.house, jab, down, short, fierce - press jab and short to 
throw daggers.

Ruby Heart raises her arm, then lowers it, mimicing the the movement 
downward of a barrel that appears from the top of the screen. If it 
connects, the screen turns black, then blue. Ruby is now holding a few 
daggers, while one of her crewmates holds up the barrel containing the 
enemy. Press jab and short to throw her daggers into the barrel. With 
each of the daggers successfully thrown, the crewmate will turn the 
barrel again. The object is to throw the daggers either into the top or 
the bottom holes in the barrel. If you manage to get four of them into 
the side, the barrel explodes, launching the enemy skyward. The crewmate 
disappears, while Ruby Heart taunts the enemy. This does a mere 1/3 
damage to a normal stamina character like Cable.

The probability of getting all 4 is horrible. If you get one wrong, the 
barrel drops away, and you waste a level of super for a tiny amount of 
damage. The sequence of the daggers changes everytime..so usually it's 
not worth the effort.. if you do happen to want to do it, it's best to 
do it for show.. Otherwise, save your super meter...


STRATEGY: Ruby Heart is an eccentric, but fun character. At first, she 
seems a bit inimidating to use because of the erratic specials, supers, 
and normal moves, but with time, you can use her to be one of the most 
dangerous characters in the game.

Use her sublimations as shields for all those fireballers in the game. 
Her Schwarzelle is great for confusion..try to experiment with how many 
angles you can hit your opponent from. Whenever you use her crouching 
r.house, try to follow it up with a sublimation for more hits, or for 
comboability. Only try to use her phantome attack when the enemy misses 
a delayed move. Fireballs will cancel out the phantoms, so don't rely on 
it too much.

Her anchor throws/holds are both easy and difficult to use. She has a 
delay for both, so try to use them as part of a combo. You can combo the 
jab anchor grab into  almost any of her standing attacks. Of course, the 
longer the combo, the more the damage, and the more beneficial for you. 
:) The window of opportunity to follow up on her anchor hold is VERY 
small, so captialize!

Don't use her supers recklessly. Many people call her a super waster, 
but that's probably because they don't know how to effectively chain 
them. If you use Partenaire, always combo it for the best effective 
attack. The Hyper Schwarzelle can combo off almost ANY attack Ruby has, 
just remember to try to direct it and keep pressing buttons. Her Mille 
Phantome is only useful if you have the time to actually successfully 
pull it off. Don't panic with her supers, and you'll be fine.


-Jin: Jin helps protect Ruby with his Beta and Alpha assists. He also 
has good stamina and power, and his specials are great as well. In case 
you worry about wasting a super with Ruby, Jin has 3 great ones. The 
only thing lacking in this team-up is their double/triple teams and DHC 
ability. But again, a great choice for a teammate.

-Venom: Power, speed, stamina: Venom covers all of this and more. Along 
with having great reach, Venom's alpha assist does well in covering a 
retreat, or for cornering the enemy. He also has two great supers, both 
of which contribute very well to double/triple teams/DHCs. A very good 

-Sabretooth: He has almost the same pluses that Venom has, except his 
reach is shorter. Nonetheless, the 'tooth has great assists, as well as 
a good combo game. His supers help out as well and he does well as a 
double/triple/DHC partner. Another great teammate.

-Thanos: Still afraid to use supers with Ruby? Then here's a good choice 
for a super user. His assists aren't that great, though, and he's a big 
target. Still, you can't deny that he has great power, and lots of 
stamina. His DHCs are excellent with Ruby as well. 

-Dr. Doom: Help cover your retreat with Dr.Doom! Use his alpha assist to 
cover any angle the enemy attacks from. He has a good keepaway game, in 
comparison to Ruby, and he has excellent combos and supers to wear the 
enemy down. For a DHC, try Partenaire into Photon Array; and say goodbye 
to pests like Guile and Iceman. ^_^


-NOTE-:Any combo that begins with j.in short, forward will not work on 
smaller characters. Use j.in r.house instead.

****-anchor grab combos-****

1. Jump in Fierce, stand fierce, jab anchor grab.

2. Jump in r,house, stand r.house, jab anchor grab.

3. Stand short, stand forward (2 hits), jab anchor grab.

4. Stand jab, stand forward, jab anchor grab.

5. Stand jab, stand strong, jab anchor grab.

6. Stand jab, stand strong, stand r.house, jab anchor grab.

7. Stand jab, stand strong, stand fierce, jab anchor grab.

8. Jump in r.house or fierce, dash jab, s. strong, s. fierce, jab anchor 

9. Jump in r.house or fierce, dash jab, s. forward, s. rhouse, jab 
anchor grab.

10. Jump in with fierce or r.house, dash jab, s. forward, s. fierce, s. 
r.house, jab anchor grab. (larger characters only)

11. Jump in short, forward, dash jab, s. forward, s. fierce or s. 
rhouse, jab anchor grab.

-That's a lot. :)-

****-Schwarzelle/Hyper Schwarzelle combos-****

12. Jump in fierce, stand fierce, schwarzelle.

13. Jump in r.house, stand r.house, schwarzelle.

14. Stand jab, stand strong, schwarzelle.

15. C. rhouse, short sublimation, fierce schwarzelle.

16. Stand jab, c.short, c.forward, c.rhouse, short sublimation, fierce 

17. Jump in r.house, stand jab, stand short, stand forward, c.rhouse, 
short sublimation, fierce schwarzelle.

18. Repeat 17, but after sublimation, jump up, jab, XX into Hyper 

19. Repeat 17, after schwarzelle, XX into Hyper Schwarzelle.

20. Jab schwarzelle, XX into Hyper Schwarzelle.

21. Stand r.house, XX into Hyper Schwarzelle.

22. Stand jab, stand short, stand forward, XX into Hyper Schwarzelle.

23. Jump in r.house, stand jab, stand short, stand forward, stand 
fierce, XX into Hyper Schwarzelle.

24. Repeat 23, but use schwarzelle after fierce, then XX into Hyper 

25. short sublimation, fierce schwarzelle or f. schwarzelle XX Hyper 

****- Other Combos -****

26. c. jab, c. short, c. fierce, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward --
end with fierce, throw, r.house, schwarzelle or Hyper Schwarzelle.

27. Jump in r.house or fierce, repeat 26.

28. Stand jab, stand fierce, XX into Partenaire.

29. Stand r.house, XX into Partenaire.

30. Jump in r.house, crouch short, crouch fierce, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, forward, air throw.

31. j.in r.house, s. jab, s. forward, s. fierce XX into Partenaire.

32. j.in r.house, dash fierce, r.house, XX Partenaire.

33. short sublimation, immediately XX into Partenaire.

34. j.in short, forward, dash s. jab, c. forward, c. r.house, short 
sublimation, immediately XX into Partenaire.

35. j.in short, forward, dash s.jab, c. short, c.forward, c. r.house, 
r.house sublimation, immediately XX into Partenaire.

36. c. jab, c. strong, s. rhouse, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, -- 
end with fierce; r.house; air throw; or Schwarzelle.

37. j.in short, j.in forward, dash c. jab, c. strong, s. rhouse, sjump, 
jab, short, strong, forward, -- end with fierce; r.house; air throw; or 

****-Snapback combos-****

38. s. jab, s. strong, s. fierce, Snapback.

39. s. fierce, Snapback.

40. s. rhouse, Snapback.

41. j.in rhouse, s. jab, s.short, s. forward, Snapback.

42. c. short, c. forward, c. rhouse, short sublimation, Snapback.

43. j.in fierce, dash fierce, s. rhouse, Snapback.

44. j.in short, forward, dash jab, c. short, s. forward, s. fierce, 


1st part- Use her jab schwarzelle to get on the other side of him, and 
to avoid his charges/attacks. Use sublimations behind him when he uses 
his beam super. Be careful of her lag on those two moves. You can finish 
him off with Mille Phantome if you get behind his beam super.

2nd part- Repeatedly use R.house sublimation from a distance. C. rhouse 
will also work. Use jabs to pop the bubbles. Partenaire and Mille 
Phantom will work, as long as he's stuck in an animation.

3rd part- Use every trick in your bag, because almost all of them work 
here. Just be careful of lag time and recovery. Use a lot of 
sublimations and avoid staying in the same place for too long. Always 
try to get behind him. Good luck!

---What's next??----- 

If you think I'm writing a FAQ against all 56 characters, think again.. 

Next version: more partners for Ruby Heart/anything else I've 

---Fine Print and stuffs---- 

This FAQ created by Khaotika! (Jon Wilkie) 6/3/00, revised 6/13/00, 
8/6/00. All Capcom and Marvel characters are copyrighted and trademarked 
by their respective companies... 

Thanks to Cincycolin@aol.com for pointing out my Partenaire mistake...

Thanks to Maniac1984 and Kao Megura for reminding me to change the info 
about Tour De Mage only using 1 super bar. I was gonna change it sooner 
or later! ^_^

Extra special thanks to CainHakase@aol.com for all of Ruby's 
translations! Saved me once again, you did.. ^_^

Thanks to Game FAQs.com for the wonderful hacked VMU save..

Thanks to everyone at Fighters.net.. 
For their continued support in my FAQs! ^_^


Look for my other MvC2 FAQS! : Roll, Tron, Venom, Kobun, Sabretooth, 


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