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Juggernaut by Jack9

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 10/05/00

Author: Jack9
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 FAQ:Juggernaut v2.2
October 5, 2000

Juggernaut Experts and FAQ contributors:
Mr. MacDonald   - cmd@hooked.net   (glitch & err correction)
Sir "O"mega Red - Sir0rion@aol.com (Xmen, not Marvel, vs Streetfighter DOH!)
                - LilFado@aol.com  (Combo)
"That kid at Camelot" - I wish I knew your name. (Juggernaut Glitch testing)
Mr. Greer       - mgreer@artic.edu (Combo, Alpha Counter->Super)
Maxcaty         - maxcaty@home.com (Spiral Assist Combo[s])

I.    Introduction
      -My Experience
II.   Legend
      -Assist codes
      -"The Glitch"
III.   Moves
      -Arial Raves
IV.    Strategy
      -General Strategy
      -Problem Opponents
V.    Character Info
      -Specific Damage Values
VI.   Coming Soon
VII.  Credits
VIII. Legal Stuff
IX.   Version History

I. Introduction

Okay, this FAQ was created for all of you powerplayers out there who want to
win and/or want to use Juggernaut for tournament play. You know who you are.
Juggernaut will now be referred to as 'Jugg' for brevity.

I first started using Juggernaut in the original Marvel (COTA), before
switching to Omega Red. Rogue and Jugg were my faves in X-men vs
Streetfighter. I always loved how quickly this big dude could end a match
(especially against all those quick chun-li, spiderman, and all them shotokan
boys). I loved bein able to punish such a small mistake with half a life bar. I
have switched to Magneto as a starting character, Dr. Doom, and Juggernaut has
been relegated to a second-class assist character (if my normal team isnt 
working, Magneto/Cable/Juggernaut is my backup).

Jugg's attacks do massive damage. Averaging 2 or 3 combos before defeating an
opponent (remember that damage is increased by about 50% if a character is hit
while they are flying in from a tag-in). Some people find the powered up mode
to give him a signifigant boost in damage. Powering up is actually a tricky
thing (as I will explain later). His counterattack capability is very good. In
the older Marvel vs Streetfighter, you could punish just about anything
stronger than a jab. In the fairness of balance that is no longer
true...excepting your ability to Headcrush when any hit (even your jab!)
connects ^^.

On a high note, Jugg's high priority seems to be even higher! Jugg's throws are
great. Throw throw throw. Few supers come out as fast as the headcrush. Most
supers that come out before a Headcrush just slow Jugg down on his way in. The
Headcrush STOPS time for a short amount of time upon startup...if a character
starts a walking animation and you are within 1/4 in, start a headcrush and it
will connect. Jugg's still got his armor, although it's arguably worse than The
Hulk's in MvC2! Jugg only takes 85% damage from attacks. Yay.

Jugg has super armor. This translates into increased priority. Jugg will not be
stunned by most non-sweep moves and can continue to act while absorbing up to 4
non-fierce moves, in some instances. During his assists he has even more armor
(more like mega-zangeif). The nature of the additional armor is still a matter
of debate although it is a common misconception that the glitch in the arcade
translates into additional armor during an assist...this widespread belief is
simply a testament to the fact that when assisting, the Jugg has additional
armor and it is simply misunderstood.

Jugg's slow. I mean his actual horizontal movement is slow. Most of his moves
are fairly quick. The best way for this guy to get from one side of the screen
to the other, is either low jump pressure, superjump, Headcrush (his super), or
(NOT RECOMMENDED) Juggernaught Punch.

Jugg is foremost a turtler, so you will always be looking for ways to perform
moves, just to build the supermeter.

II. Legend
WOW. After not putting a legend, enough people emailed me using differing
nomeclature and correcting me after I changed to someone else's
nomenclature...here's all a 6 year old needs to know...
F = joystick pushing toward your opponent
B = joystick pushing away from your opponent
U = joystick pushing up
D = joystick pushing down
(Combinations allowed, i.e. UF = diagonally up and forward)
DP = Dragon punch (*sigh* F D DF F)
PP = Both punches
HP/HK = fierce punch/roundhouse
d.* = ducking 'whatever' (i.e. d.short)
s.* = standing 'whatever'
j.* = jumping 'whatever'
sj.* = super jumping 'whatever'
Whenever a jab or short is referenced, the button is being referenced unless
otherwise needed for clarity (i.e. Arial Rave jab->short->jab->short does not
come out as jab short jab short but it is described that by button because of
air-infinites for other characters...hmm does jugg have any air infinites???

I will however introduce something that many MvC2 FAQs are lacking...
Non-comprehensive list of examples provided in ()

AFA = Assist full-screen attack. (Magneto's and Cyclops' projectile)
AFT = Assist full-screen throw. (Omega Red and Anakaris throw)
ACV = Assist close variable attack. (Jin and Akuma's expansion).
ACT = Assist close throw. (Zangeif's throw)
AH  = Assist heal. (Sonson heal)
AE  = Assist enhancement. (Amingo enhance)
APA = Assist projectile attack. The projectile's nature makes a huge tactical
difference. (Guile and Marrow's projectile)
FAA = Full-screen anti-air. (Marrow expansion)
CAA = Close anti-air. (Hayato and Ryu's anti-air)
FCA = Full-screen capture assist. (Spider-man and Magneto's capture)
ACA = Above Close Attack. (Strider's variable, Jugg's Gamma)

etc. etc. etc. (make them up as needed)

I realize that there are some overlapping assists. Doom's variable attack could
be considered AFA or APA or FAA...however people do (or should I say should) be
using assists for specific purposes in any given situation; opposed to randomly
pushing the assist buttons from time to time.

After some exhaustive testing (that noone else seems to do), I verified that it
exists for both DC and Arcade.
Power up before you tag out. Until you switch characters (including switching
to the other non-jugg character) or switch to Jugg and perform the power up
again., you are in "Glitch" mode. You do additional permanent damage and leave
even less of that, red.

III. Moves

JAB- a quick short attack. Decent damage for a jab. Good priority and a nice
lead in for low jump pressure to keep them from air throwing you. Probably one
of my most used attacks. Usually the scariest because after this connects, the
follow up is STRONG or Headcrush.

STRONG- This is the second jab hit. Has a slightly shorter range but and
doesn't do much damage (read: would be considered plenty of damage for any
other character).

FIERCE- Standing fierce will launch an enemy and stun anything else possible.
While crouching, fierce is your primary launcher. Trying to launch someone is
rarely a good idea. You can either jump up after this and combo away (ending
with this same punch for very nice damage) or body splash (the fierce version
does almost as much damage as his arial rave).

SHORT- A quick short kick. It looks kinda silly if you are standing, that's how
pathetic it is. It's part of the arial rave combo of course, but I use it a lot
while ducking to chain into a FORWARD sweep combo.

FORWARD- This causes jugg to turn 1/4 away from you and stomp. No range and big
recovery time. While ducking, it's longer than the short and if you follow up a
d.forward, it sweeps them (the d.forward hits twice; the second hit is the
sweep). If the victim blocks the intitial SHORT, nothing you do will push them
back, so call in a AFA while the second half of the FORWARD comes out.

ROUNDHOUSE- The standing version is a pretty powerful, high, slow kick. Decent
range and nice damage and launcher that you can't follow up (except in a
corner?). The d.fierce is slow and not useful. On a successful hit, this move
will stun any opponent it does not launch.

AIR-THROW (F-HP in air)- If you are coming UP to meet them, it seems to have
better priority.

HEAD-BASH (F-HP)- You grab them and beat their bodies against your head a
couple times. Great damage, GREAT priority.

GROUND-SMASH (F-HK)- You grab them and throw their body against the ground
(launcher). I finish this off with a FIERCE GRIP or Headcrush if in a corner.
The priority is poor.

JUGGERNAUT PUNCH (D, DF, F, P)- Juggernaut rushes forward and lands a downwards
punch that goes into the ground, launching the opponent across the screen. 
This move does hellacious damage and comes out fairly quick. The jab version
has a short range but recovers (as compared to the fierce version). The fierce
version goes just about the full screen, is used as a combo finisher, and has
so much recovery...you might as well be dizzy'd. Can hit bodies on the ground.

EARTHQUAKE (F, DF, D + P)- Juggernaut hits the ground in front of him and sends
a small shockwave along the ground, hitting multiple times if it hits even
once. Hits mid->low...low for duration of groundwave. Can hit bodies on the

BODY SPLASH a.k.a. Body Press (D, DF, F, K)- Juggernaut does a short jump
forward and bellyflops onto the opponent. If you miss, it leaves Jugg wide open
for a world of damage (see Fierce Juggernaut Punch recovery). This move comes
out quick and is good for mandatory (block) damage since the only way to avoid
being hit by it is via - connecting with one of the highest priority launching
moves, where only the collision detection between the Jugg and your
charactacter is the farthest endpoint of your character (a la Dragon Punch,
Omega Strike). This is not a hard-an-fast rule, it just fits as a loose
definition of the kinds of moves that can stuff it...you get the idea. Useable
in midair. Fierce version goes higher, does more damage (maybe has higher

POWER UP (DP-PP)- The powerup is supposed to give you additional power for the
next connecting/blocked hit. Unfortunately this is more often a leading weak
attack or throw (read:waste). Much more on this later.

FIERCE GRIP a.k.a. Double Fist Punch (F-HP)- Juggernaught extends both arms
straight out in front of him (his longest reaching stationary attack). If a
stunned body is falling after a super or throw in a corner, catch them with
this on the way down. It does great damage and the opponent's body will recover
instantly afterwards while in the air, as they fall straight down. On a
successful hit, this move will stun any opponent it does not launch across the
screen (not combo friendly).

SUPERS (*cough* Super)
HEADCRUSH (D, DF, F, PP)/(Hold PP, D, DF, F) - This move is Jugg's only super
(8-hit max). This move will hit through most projectiles (some started supers)
and during any opponent's move/dash/non-blocking-jump if you can hit them
before their animation ends. Can be used to cross the screen offensively when
an opponent is pressuring you from far away (like Dr. Doom in the air or Spider
Man throwing web balls at you) or to run away from Strider, for example. Can be
chained from any successful Jugg attack that places a stunned body (falling) in
front of the Jugg. Careful when mashing buttons...it's comedy to see someone
start a headcrush and in their zeal they end up cancelling into another
character's super before it even connects. Cancel into another character's
super before the 4th hit because if the 4th hit is the final one, you cannot
cancel into another super when it registers.

I *STILL* do not know how to get the full 8 hits. I believe it has to do with
mashing the Jab,Short,Fierce,Roundhouse as each hit occurs, or something.

Um, according to buttons...
Jab->Short->Jab->Fierce->Roundhouse(in corner)
(still looking for reliable raves ending in air throws or body splashes)

Alpha) Earthquake (LP)            AFA
Beta)  Juggernaut Punch           APA (Preferred)
Gamma) Body Splash                ACA

Alpha) Earthquake (FP)            AFA
Beta)  Juggernaut Punch           APA
Gamma) Body Splash                ACA

*) Headcrush

IV. Strategy

Some people feel Juggernaut's best role is as an assist character. I used to
disagree, but I can now make an informed comment on his assists. His moves are
very hard to interrupt (his armor is increased) and as you should know by
now...any hit by the Juggernaught will stun a victim without super-armor. The
Alpha is the key to protecting primary characters. The Alpha assist keeps him
on the screen the longest and puts Jugg on top of the primary giving them
access to Jugg as a wall (if you're initially blocking) plus it gives them
access to any stun that occurs from his assist attack. The Alpha assist also 
starts as a mid attack and ends as a traveling low. The Beta is the strongest
choice for Jugg. His purpose is to deal damage and survive. Period. As a
tertiary character you can be sure that he will be healing the whole game. His
Juggernaut Punch assist is almost truly unstoppable (and homing). I have seen
him punch through an arctic blast. Beta is like giving your primary an extra
super-attack. Whenever you do a move that has a high recovery or has no
follow-up; summon Jugg. Even if the punch (which does block damage) whiffs you
will be in a position to protect him. If the opponent tries to launch a
taunting Jugg it's going to take an extra hit, at least. While the opponent
begins to launch Jugg you have plenty of time to counter. You can
off-the-ground any opponent hit by a Beta assist that does not roll to safety
afterwards (fast characters like Magneto can capitalize on this regardless of
whether they land in a corner or not). Remember that even as an assistant Jugg
only takes 85% damage which he can completely heal back while offscreen. With 
2 superbars, the chance of an alpha counter->headcrush is something your 
opponents will have to learn to fear. It does a TON of guaranteed damage vs 
someone who throws out an idle beam attack or any non-superjump move in 
general. Learn to alpha counter.


Get next to the opponent before the fight then try one of these...
1) Jab->Strong->Headcrush
2) jab (get stuffed by psylocke or some other nimble character)
3) (skip the whole getting stuffed part) Headcrush from the get-go
4) block AFA
5) block until you can d.short->d.forward (if they are blocking
   call in AFA). Dont fierce earthquake, they may roll behind you.

Any combo with a +HC means that you can Headcrush afterwards for additional
innumerable 1->2's...
1) (in corner)throw,OTG d.short->d.fierce->arial rave (end with air throw)
2) d.short->d.forward->short Jugg Punch->Headcrush
3) d.short->d.forward->Earthquake->Headcrush
3) s.jab->s.strong (even in the air, even if they block)->Headcrush
4) s.jab->s.fierce->Headcrush
5) s.short->s.fierce->Headcrush
6) back up when a new character comes in, fierce grip (if they block and try to
capitalize, cancel into headcrush)
7) (in corner) throw->d.jab
8) (near corner) fierce grip (wait) Headcrush
9) d.short->d.forward->short bodysplash
10) d.short->d.forward->Spiral Assist->Headcrush (OW! There must be a LOT of 
ways to chain off of Spiral's punch assist, but that's the only one I know)
11) Alpha Counter (Jugg)->Headcrush
12)(opponent in corner) d.Fierce/\sj.jab->sj.short->sj.strong->sj.forward->

mgreer@artic.edu states -
non glitched it (12) does about 60% and glitched it practically kills a lot of 
characters. The OTG is completely safe because your opponent cannot roll 
after a flying screen (which the sj.fierce created.) The standing fierce 
will launch the opponent, but you can't pursue with another air combo since 
you are not allowed to superjump after a flying screen. the fierce and 
roundhouse are essential as they set up Jugg's falling to match his 
opponent's so he can then do the OTG (not to mention they are the meat of 
the damage.) 

Way good.

Jugg's best thing to do when he's fighting is to capitalize on 2 things.
Positioning and assists. Since you cannot move horizontally (basically), you
will either be chasing an opponent or bringing him to you. Strider has to come
to you, as does the Hulk, and Marrow, etc etc etc. This is the ideal situation
(although Zangief and The Hulk are exceptions). Characters coming at you are
vulnerable to your counterattacks and your assitants. I typically walk forward
while calling in a AFA or AFT which they block (or hopefully dont as they rush
to meet me ^^) and jump at me. I happily jump up and throw them down. If they
block, I still have done more damage and controlled positioning. If you havent
figured it out by now, MvC2 is about keep-away, not combos. Dr. Doom is almost
PURE keep-away. As Juggernaught you should be perfectly happy headcrushing an
assistant  as the primary opponent jumps at you (you will happily end the crush
far away from the primary ^^). All the good players I play force you to kill
their assistants before the primary so get used to a non-stop use of
assistants. Jugg is a great shield, granted. Most importantly he has the best
follow-ups if the assistant stuns your opponent or the opponent foolishly tries
to attack your assistant.

A common situation is for you to call in an assist as your opponent is trying
to start a combo. The opponent lands behind you, causing your assistant to
attack the wrong direction. In this case I simply grab the opponent with the
insanely good HP throw. If they stuff that with anything stronger than a jab
(because frankly, only a non-jab can inturrupt the throw), I Headcrush. Make a
note, when close enough to touch the opponent (and a little ways away) your
throw has more priority than any move other than Zangeif's pile driver.

As far as the Jugg's launcher(1) and powering up(2), lets look at the tactical
advantages and disadvantages.

1)Jugg needs 1-3 hits to be stunned and his high-slow launcher with not very
good priority, makes any failed launch attempt (blocked/inturrupted) too
dangerous to think about. Strider can ALWAYS inturrupt your launcher when he
jumps in because his cipher is not part of the collision detection fellas.
Everyone knows how fast Strider can deal hits on his way down. Let's also
acknowledge that about 50% of the time that you will be unable to begin an
arial rave or Body Slam follow up because the opponent's body/your d.fierce
punch will connect late (top of the fist). The launcher is almost always a bad
idea. When the punch connects late and they are blocking it's over for you.

2)You have to decide early on using the glitch. Powering up takes positioning
time and prevents you from blocking. If you want to use the glitch, use it by
STARTING with Juggernaut. Being smart about it is important. You can power up
safely if you have JUST finished someone off, the opponent is superjumping, the
opponent is on the opposite end of the screen, the opponent is flying, or any
such situation that has a safe delay. A great choice is to begin the match with
an assist that takes awhile to finish, like Doctor Doom's Ant-Air. You have
plenty of time to power up there. Since you cant blow the powered up state
by attacking, you must look for a situation to switch safely (I have not
tried countering out, do you stay glitched?). Do not pass up an opportunity to
do considerable damage for the opportunity to go into glitch mode and dont
sacrifice your second character when they switch in. A couple strong combos to
the new character and Jugg will have to switch in (because the character that
switches out take the place of the one that switches in). Remember to always
lead with the Jugg assist and try to predict moves. Dont be afraid of using the
metagame (listen/watch for them pressing buttons ^^).

Other big and throw happy types (and you know who you are cuz I'm like that
too). Zangeif especially. Zangeif can air-block your launcher and throw you
quicker than anything. If Zangeif elbow drops he stuffs anything you do other
than stand-blocking...after which he will throw you. I often play an elaborate
game of keep away, jumping at/away from Zangeif while throwing air jabs and
using assistants to hopefully stun him. Like The Hulk, most of Zangeif's moves
will inturrupt you in 1 hit! AND do lots more damage than you are used to.
Zangeif and Hulk assists are also very damaging.

The airborne keep-away players. Spiderman, Dr. Doom, to an extent Cyclops,
Akuma...anyone who is more comfortable doing blocking damage rather than
attacking you close up (either because they know how to defeat the Jugg or they
are just better at the airborne keep-away tactics). You want to
counter-tag-out/tag-out ASAP. Jugg just doesnt have the airborne faculties
necessary to defeat this simple tactic and no assist will really help. A nimble
character like wolverine, sonson, etc. or an air-superiority character like
Storm, Ruby Heart, or Dr. Doom should always be used to balance out the Jugg on
your team.

V. Character Info

Brief History     - http://www.jlwc.com/x/juggernaut.html


LP - Brown/Red
HP - Orange/Lt. Orange
LK - Rose/Lt. Brown
HK - Red/Lt. Orange
A1 - Dk. Grey/Brown
A2 - Dull Green/Brown

Here are exact damages and stats. against a character who takes average
damage (i.e. Cable):

attack name            normal         power-up        glitch
standing  p / k       7  10  17      10  --  25      10  15  25
crouching p / k*      7  10  17      10  --  25      10  15  25
jumping   p / k       5   8  15       7  --  22       7  12  22

juggernaut punch       20 / 28         30 / 42         30 / 42
earthquake punch&      19 / 25         23 / 29         29 / 38
juggy body press       18 / 22         27 / 33         27 / 33

juggy head crush         58              63              87
f + HP attack            20              30              30
df+HP launcher           18              27              27
all throws               16              16              24
snapback attack          10              10              15
tag in (same P+K)        10              10              15
delayed hc headcrush#    49              49              75

* For his crouching MP, it's 7 points, then 3 points, since
  it hits twice. Using the glitch, it's 10 points, then 4 points (14 total).
& No data on traveling low attacks from earthquake punch
# Combo into Super Headcrush

VI. Coming Soon (or Eventually, according to how you look at it)

 - How to get more hits out of Juggernaut's super.
 - Dr. Doom MvC2 FAQ/Move list
 - Remy SF III : 3rd Impact FAQ/Move list

VII. Credits

 - Capcom
 - GameFAQs
 - Jack9 (aka Me)
 - Camelot and Sunny-Hills Golfland in SouthernCalifornia USA
   Thanx for the 15 years of good times.
 - http://www.jlwc.com/x/juggernaut.html for the character
 - All the FAQ contributors. My life is sad and I love mail.

Questions, corrections, comments, submissions, anything? Send it in.
If you have input, more combos, urls, exact damages, glitch info (DC or ARC),

VIII. Legal Stuff

This document is Public Domain, free for duplication in-part or in-total within any number of 
formats. FAQs should, and will always, be used for educational and entertainment purposes.

IX. Version History

1.1 Spelling errors fixed.
    Combo corrections (Short->Forward->Forward not Short->Fierce->Fierce)
    RDP - P changed to RDP - PP for Power Up
1.2 Juggernaut assist information updated.
    Super max hit increased.
    Body Splash can be performed in air.
    Juggernaut mose effective as tertiary assist character.
    New format.
    Costume colors and character info link.
1.3 I just cant seem to get moves right, changed many of them again.
    Grammatical updates for clarity.
    Changed all references to forward->forward combos to forward.
    More specificity on BODY SPLASH priority and Beta Assist info.
    Added variable counter info.
    Added quantified damage stats.
    Added The Glitch section
    Added combos
1.4 Standardized almost all references to how to perform moves
    Added 2 to the title of the FAQ (was Marvel vs Capcom Juggernaut FAQ). Doh.
2.0 Glitch info added. Glitch/Power up strategy changed.
2.1 Legal Stuff, updated.
    Contact info, updated.
    Coming Soon, updated.
    Corrected spelling and grammatical errors.
2.2 Added to general strategy.
    Added opening assist/power up tip.
    Added 3 to combo section.
    Revised meaning of # in the key

For internet news, faster than you can read, visit http://www.jack9.org

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