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Ruby Heart by Big Joe

Version: 0.96 | Updated: 07/09/00

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Guide for Ruby Heart Version 0.96
Written by Big Joe (BigJoe777@tricorpgames.com)
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About this guide

Well, I just decided to write this guide out of the blue, not seeing anything
for the blond pirate chick. If you're looking for a guide giving you insanely
big combos, then sorry, you wont find it here yet... or ever. The purpose of
this guide is to give people a strategically sound approach to Ruby Heart,
after all, it's easier to find combos than it is to create a successful

Table of Contents

1. Update History
2. Who is Ruby Heart?
3. Basic controls and terminology
4. Colors and basic info
5. Basic Moves
6. Special Moves
7. Supers
8. Combos
9. Basic Strategy
10. Character Specific Strategy
11. Who works well with Ruby?
12. Special Thanks
1. Update History

5/26/2K - Version 0.7: First version of the guide. Added terminology,
explanation of all moves,
basic strategy, controls, limited number of combos, colors

5/26/2K - Version 0.8: Added more info regarding normal and special attacks,
fixed some things in basic strategy, added some character specific strategies,
added assist types in basic info section, added a few more combos, fixed other

5/27/2K - Version 0.85: Added more character specific strategies, still plenty
more to go.

6/21/2K - Version 0.95: Finally decided to update again. Added things in
special move and normal move section. Added more character specific strategies,
added more combos, edited special moves, edited basic moves, started "Who works
well with Ruby?" section. All sections are now being worked on.

7/9/2K - Got the home version. More helper info should be coming along soon,
assuming that I can leave the Dreamcast or stop playing Diablo II. Anyway,
added new combos (and they're good ones!) to the combos section.


2. Who is Ruby Heart?

Ruby Heart has no real history, she's an original character made specifically
for this game.
All I know for sure is that she's a pirate. If she has any storyline, I don't
know what it is.


3. Colors and Basic Info

JP - Blond hair/Blue outfit
SK - Grey hair/Blue outfit
FP - Pink hair/Brown outfit
RK - Grey hair/Green outfit
A1 - Pink hair/Green outfit
A2 - Red hair/Purple outfit

Launcher - D.FP
Snapback - S.FP

Assist Types
Alpha: Anti-air - Sublimation/Bartonerre
Beta: Capture - Fierce Anchor Grab/Miru Fantome
Gamma: Enhance - Offense up/Super Schwartzalle

4. Basic Controls and Terminology

The Strong and Forward buttons have been removed from this game in order for
new control
system to work. This is what the new control scheme is like:

Jab      Fierce      Assist 1
Short   Roundhouse   Assist 2

The Strong and Forward (medium) attacks can still be accessed by pressing Jab
Short twice in
a combo.

I will denote the buttons using this legend:

JP: Jab punch
FP: Fierce punch
SK: Short kick
RH: Roundhouse kick
A1: Assist 1
A2: Assist 2

There are also other terms I will use, some of which will be explained:
D: Duck(ing)
J: Jump
/\: Super Jump
->>: Dash in
PP: 2 Punches
P: Punch
K: Kick
KK: 2 Kicks
QCF: Quarter Circle Forward (D,DF,F)
QCB: Quarter Circle Back (D,DB,B)
HCF: Half Circle Forward (B,DB,D,DF,F)
HCB: Half Circle Back (F,DF,D,DB,B)
DP: Dragon Punch Motion (F,D,DF)

Launcher: This attack is used to start an air combo. After this attack is
executed, press up on the control stick to pursue and combo.

Tech Hit: Press -> and attack as soon as you are hit with a throw, and you will
tech hit, preventing the throw from happening.

Safety Roll: QCF+P right before you hit the ground.

Advancing Guard/Push Block: Press PP while blocking to push your attacker back.

OTG: Abbreviation for "Off The Ground." This is the term used for attacking
opponent while he is lying down on the floor. A safety roll usually prevents an

XX: (Cancel into) Canceling is when you "cancel" a normal attack by executing a
special or super move the instant it connects. New to the Vs. series is the
ability to cancel special attacks into supers.

Chain combo: Chain combos are done by pressing buttons in a certain order. Some
characters can only go from light to heavy in a 3 hit chain (ie. JP, JP, FP),
but others can do a complete 6 hit chain (JP, SK, JP, SK, FP, RK). However, in
the air, every character (with certain exceptions) can do the full chain during
an air combo, with FP or RK ending the combo.

Snapback: QCF+A1 or A2. This attack switches in one of your opponents partners.
Pressing A1 switches in partner one and A2 switches in partner two. You can
chain combo into a snapback.

5. Basic Moves

Standing - A good attack for poking. Ruby thrusts a quick punch forward. Comes
out very quickly, and has pretty good range.

Crouching - Basically the same attack as her standing jab, speed is the same,
range is the same, and is also a good poking attack. Use this if your opponent
is ducking.

Jumping - Ruby thrusts her hands diagonally upward with her fingers extended.
This move is meant for hitting opponents ABOVE you. This should be
pretty obvious, but this is NOT an attack that you'd want to jump in with. Use
it in air-to-air combat, should things come to that.

Standing - An ordinary shin kick. Fast, but lacks in range. Nothing special.

Crouching - Quick kick that hits low, like any other D.SK.

Jumping - If you're going to jump in with something, use this. The J.SK has
range, and is a nice and quick attack to use air-to-air.

Standing - A forward swipe with her anchor. Pretty good range. Not really
anything special that I know of.

Crouching - Ruby Heart's launcher. An upward thrust with her anchor. This a
short ranged attack, and unless you have good momentum from a dash in, it will
not connect after 2 previous hits.

Jumping - A downward swipe with her anchor. This attack reaches the furthest of
all her jumping attacks, and thus is a great air-to-air attack.

Standing - A vertical kick. This is Ruby's "alternate" launcher, meaning it's
not a launcher on its own, you must hit a D.Strong (Jab x2) before this will
launch, although it doesn't make any difference from the D.FP.

Crouching - Ruby throws out a whip that knocks her opposition down. This is
Ruby's sweep attack, and I must say, it's a very nice attack. The horizontal
range on this attack is phenomenal, as it stretches over half the length of the
screen. Very good anti-keep away attack.

Jumping - Ruby thrusts her foot downward. This is probably the best attack to
jump in with, and also has good air-to-air priority.

6. Special Attacks


Can be done in air
Redirect with Direction+P

This is probably Ruby's best special move. Ruby becomes surrounded by a blue
ball of fire and rushes forward. You can redirect it 2 times in any of the 8
directions on the controller. Think Jon Talbain from Darkstalkers. If the
opponent is hit while on the ground, he is knocked
off of it.
        With Jab - Ruby's goes forward
        With Fierce - Ruby goes diagonally upward

How to use the Schwartzalle effectively - You want to make good use of her
ability to direct this attack. A good strategy for this attack is to cross your
opponent up by sailing over him in the air and then coming down on an angle
towards him, but if it's blocked, redirect in the opposite direction, or you're
gonna eat a combo. Most people don't expect it. Since this move comes out so
quickly, the FP version is good anti-air. Also good as an air combo ender.
Remember, you can "redirect" in the same direction.


Ruby's other best move. Ruby summons a pillar of energy that can only be super
jumped over. Depending on
which kick you press, the pillar will either appear directly in front of her,
on the opposite end of the screen. The pillar will cancel projectiles.
        With Short - Directly in front
        With Roundhouse - Almost to the opposite edge of the screen

How to use Sublimation effectively - Anticipate! Anticipate! This move has a
noticeable startup time, and thus does not come out instantly. In other words,
if you start this move while your opponent is at the peak of his jump, it will
miss. The SK version is great anti-air, and the RK version is great for keeping
your opponent at bay. Use this move to tick off your opponent, especially in
pressure games. Using a Sublimation after a chain or D.SK, D.SK, D.RK will OTG
and allow you to jump and combo, even hit them with a Super Schwartzalle!


Ruby brings out a treasure chest and a ghost pops out after a very noticeable
delay. In addition to the long startup, the ghost moves very slowly. Should the
ghost hit, it will slowly drain the opponent's super meter.
        With Short - The ghost will peak at the middle of the opponent
        With Roundhouse - The ghost will peak directly above a normal sized

How to use the Fantome effectively - Given the incredibly long startup and the
very slow speed of the ghost, the idea of this move is not to hit with it, but
to keep your opponent blocking while you dash in and pressure him (preferably
with a high-low game), possibly a throw. Use the slow speed of this move to
advantage. Try jumping over your opponent and cross him up by comboing him on
the other side. If you really want to hit with this move, try executing it,
super-jumping, the camera will follow you, and your opponent wont be able to
where it is.

Anchor Grab:

Ruby tosses her anchor either forward or diagonally depending on which button
you press. When the opponent is caught, she fires a cannon at point blank
        With Jab - Directly forward, no startup delay
        With Fierce - Diagonally upward, has a short windup at startup

How to use the Anchor Grab effectively - The JP version of this is a great
counter for someone dashing in at you, it comes out very quickly and is easy to
hit with, and it is comboable. Use the FP version only if you anticipate a jump
in and are not comfortable using Sublimation or Schwartzalle, but its not worth
it at all, you're better with the other two.

7. Supers

Super Schwartzalle:
Can be done in air
Redirect with Direction+P

The Super Schwartzalle can be redirected 5 times instead of just 2. The physics
of this move is just like the regular Schwartzalle, but instead of blue, the
fire is red.

How to use the Super Schwartzalle effectively - This move is best done in a
combo, especially as an air combo finisher. It's not very prudent to use this
you would the regular Schwartzalle, but it still is a good move to punish
mistakes with. You can only super cancel this when you execute a regular
Schwartzalle on the ground.


Ruby summons her ship forth with a blade on the front of it. If the blade hits,
her opponent starts getting bombarded with the ship's cannons. This move comes
out incredibly quick, but leaves Ruby open for a dangerous amount of time.

How to use the Partonerre effectively - Be caredul when using this super, if
you miss, you're in serious danger of eating a combo, especially if your
opponent is using a pixie character (i.e. Strider, Spider Man, Psylocke, et
al.) It's a good move to catch an off guard opponent. The blade only hits 3 or
4 times, so it does not do much block damage. Actually, it doesn't do much
damage at all. This super pretty much sacrifices attack power for
effectiveness. The best thing about this move is that it can hit an opponent
quickly from across the screen. After they whiff any special move, whack 'em
with this. The Partonerre can be comboed after a S.FP, so use that to your

Miru Fantome:

Out of a chest Ruby calls out comes a horde of ghosts. The startup delay and
speed at which the ghosts travel are the same as the regular Fantome.

How to use the Miru Fantome effectively - Much like the regular version, you
shouldn't expect this move to hit. You also shouldn't expect your opponent to
stand there and block while this hits them. You really should avoid using this.

Tooru Do Maji:
RK, JP, Down, SK, FP

Ruby drops a barrel on her opponent, and throws knifes by pressing either JP or

How to use the Tooru Do Maji effectively - I'll be honest, there really is no
way to effectively use this move that I know of. The knife throwing is just a
guessing game, but the barrel comes down pretty quickly. If you can type this
button sequence flawlessly and are feeling lucky, hit someone recovering from a
whiffed attack. You can also get an easy OTG if you hit your opponent with this
in the air.

8. Combos

I will add more once I find more. It should be noted that Ruby
is not a character that you can expect really big combos from:

Jump-in RK, ->> JP, JP, FP, Jab Anchor Grab

Jump-in RK, ->> JP, JP, FP XX Schwartzalle XX Super Schwartzalle

Jump-in RK, ->> JP, JP, FP XX Partonerre

Jump-in SK, SK, Land, JP, D.FP /\, JP, SK, JP XX Schwartzalle/Super

Jump-in SK, SK, Land, D.SK, D.SK, D.RH XX OTG with Short Sublimation, Fierce
Schwartzalle XX Super Schwartzalle (You can redirect the Schwartzalle and still
be able to cancel.)

Jump-in SK, SK, Land, D.SK, D.SK, D.RH XX OTG with Short Sublimation, J.SK,
J.SK, J.FP, J.RK XX Super Schwartzalle (The J.RK will indeed hit after the
J.FP, and you also get a smooth cancel after it, too.)

Jump-in SK, SK, Land, D.SK, D.SK, D.RH XX OTG with Short Sublimation XX Tooru
Do Maji, Partonerre (He he, a Tooru Do Maji combo! If you time this right, the
blade of the Partonerre will hit and you'll get a full blast out of it. A very
impressive combo.)

Jump-in SK, SK, Land, D.SK, D.SK, D.RH XX OTG with Short Sublimation XX Tooru
Do Maji, ->> S.RK /\ JP, SK, JP XX Super Schwartzalle (Wow. Amazingly
impressive and not that difficult to do once you get the hang of it. Try to
cancel the Sublimation early so that he Ruby wont be too far away.)

(In the corner) Jump-in SK, SK, Land, D.JP, D.JP, S.RH, /\ JP, SK, JP, SK XX
Super Schwartzalle, redirect yourself so you land before your opponent, OTG
with D.SK, D.FP /\ JP, SK, JP, SK XX Super Schwartzalle

->> JP, JP, FP XX Super Schwartzalle, redirect until you land first, Super
Schwartzalle, redirect until you land first, Super Schwartzalle, redirect until
you land first, Super Schwartzalle, redirect until you land first, Super
Schwartzalle, redirect until you land first, D.FP/S.RK /\ JP, SK, JP, SK XX
Schwartzalle (Hands down Ruby's most difficult combo, but the rewards are so
well worth it. Make sure that you direct down for fourth redirection so that
you land first. Try to find a redirection pattern that works and you'll be
making your opponent's jaw drop.)

9. Basic Strategy

First and most importantly, Ruby Heart is a ground/anti-air character. Her best
game is on the ground, she is a relatively weak character in air-to-air combat.
She is much more suited for ground-to-air and ground-to-ground. If you insist
going air-to-air, use her FP and RK, as well as the Scwartzalle.

DON'T TURTLE! Ruby does not work well under pressure; keep your opponent away,
and if they get on your case, push block.

Alternate between keep away and an aggressive style. Since Ruby Heart does not
have the kind of "flawless" keep away game as some other characters, people
eventually find a weak spot in your strategy. Keep things interesting, keep

Make good use of the Schwartzalle. Because you can direct this move, it can
catch a lot of people off guard, but don't use it too often, she can be easily
countered after this move.

Make even better use of Sublimation. This move is so useful you have no idea.
OTG and pressure with this as much as possible.

Use her D.RK. I could not be more blunt than that, the range of that move is
just insanely long and that should be used to your advantage. This is a great
move to counter those keep away characters.

Watch out for characters that like to super jump a lot, immediately dash out of
the way, avoid being directly under him.

10. Character Specific Strategy

Amingo - Amingo has some devastating priority air-to-ground, keep him from
jumping in on you, and then jump in on him, just make sure to watch out for his
beanstalk super. You should be using Sublimation a lot, unfortunately, the
Schwartzalle wont get you very far. Take advantage of her J.FP and J.RK, you'll
need it.

Anakaris - He really should not be much trouble for you at all. Try to meet him
in the air, there's a good chance you'll beat him out, just be sure to watch
out for Idle Hands. The Sublimation really ticks him off, he has quite a bit of
trouble getting around them.

B.B. Hood -

Blackheart -

Cable - Ruby should be able to have a field day with Cable. Her D.RK renders
S.FP useless. Hit him with the D.RK, and then immediately get on top of him.
Cable's Viper Beam (and Hyper Viper Beam) has a blind spot directly in front of
him. If you see a Hyper Viper Beam coming, super jump directly in front of him,
then nail him. You'll have to watch out for a Cable player that uses all of his
attacks, for this type of player, remember that Cable is good at keep away, not
anti-air. Jump in on him.

Cammy - Don't try to beat Cammy air-to-air, the cannon drill has more priority
than anything you've got. Even if you do a Schwartzalle, it will only trade
hits. Cammy also has a double jump, which can seriously throw off your timing,
but if you anticipate one, do a FP Schwartzalle and then redirect in the
direction she double jumped. Her counter attack and Cannon Drill can ruin your
poking game, so don't bother. Her Cannon Drill and Spike can stop dashing and
jumping attacks, but they have long recovery times, so hit her with a quick

Captian America - Captain America's highest priority attack is his launcher, so
be careful of that. He really shouldn't give you much trouble at all, his moves
come out fast, but they have very long recovery time, just stay back and force
him to come to you, there really isn't anything he can do about it.

Captian Commando - Captain Fire when far away, Captain Corridor when close up.
One goes forward, one goes straight up, what do you do? Well, one of two
You can switch out and catch him mid move, or you can do a Schwartzalle on an
angle. You can also get in mid range and hit him with a D.RK. If your opponent
uses Captain Kick, duck, he'll sail right over you. Bottom line, use the
Schwartzalle, it'll get you across the screen in no time.

Chun-li -

Colossus -

Cyclops - Your Sublimation can cancel out his Optic Blast, but you have to
really see it coming. Ruby can have a bit of trouble with this guy, just make
sure not to stay on the ground, his moves are too quick for you to dash in on
him. Sublimations and Schwartzalles will come in handy in this fight.

Dan Hibiki -

Dhalsim -

Dr. Doom - What's great about Ruby Heart is that she can play both keep away
anti-keep away, and you'll need anti-keep away here. When Dr. Doom super jumps,
he'll be up there for a while. What do you do? Super jump and meet him with a
Schwartzalle. In order to beat Dr. Doom, you're going to have to be offensive;
keep away vs. keep away just doesn't work, especially for Ruby. Be careful of
the Photon Array on the ground. Unfortunately for you, the D.RK wont get you
very far in this situation, what with giant beams coming at you every second.
The Molecular Shield could pose a problem up close, too. Play cautiously (but
aggressively) against Doom.

Felicia -

Gambit -

Gouki/Akuma - Treat him like you would any other Shotokan. His defense is low,
so hit him fast and hit him hard. If he starts chucking air fireballs in front
of you, do a Sublimation to cancel them out, it may also help against the Tenma
Gou Zankuu. If you see a Tenma Gou Zankuu coming, super jump over it and meet
him with a Schwartzalle. It's really not a good idea to stay back and wait for
him to come to you, he probably knows you can't do anything about his air

Guile - While playing against Guile, it's important that you try not to go on
the offensive too much. Guile's strengths lie in his ground-ground and ground-
air game, but his air-air and air-ground isn't all that strong. Guile doesn't
have a very good jump-in, take advantage of that, try to lure him into jumping
and then out-prioritize his jump-in attack. In the air, watch out for his high
priority HK, but if you're a little over him, you wont have to worry about it
much. Also make sure to stay out of throwing range. If you happen to be hit
his HK throw, then roll, he can OTG and re-launch after it and catch you in it
again and again, learn how to tech hit. BE CAREFUL about his D.HK. I cannot
stress this enough. If you're hit with it, make sure that you roll after the
first hit or you're eating a Somersault Justice. However, if you block it,
smack him with a Super Schwartzalle right after you block the first hit. This
is VERY useful against a Guile player. If you insist on being aggressive, jump
in while blocking, lure him into using his Flash Kick and punish him
afterwards. Playing against Guile is a game of lures, get him to attack you,
but try not to get him too close.

Hayato - Hayato is a very poor defensive player, so if you can mount an
do it, and do it fast. Pressure him as much as possible. Out prioritizing him
the air is almost impossible, just stay on the ground and use Ruby Hearts anti-
air skills. A Fantome might actually do you good in this fight, forcing him to
block so you can go pressure him, just make sure you don't meet him in the air,
and if you do, jump in blocking.

Hulk -

Iceman - ICEBEAM! ICEBEAM! ICEBEAM! I've pretty much just summed up a fight
with Iceman. Ruby has a lot of trouble with Iceman, it's SO hard trying to get
up close on him. Your only chance of getting in close is super jumping directly
over him. Her special moves, including the Schwartzalle, wont be useful at all,
the Icebeam comes out too quickly. If you do manage to get in close, do try to
stay that way.

Iron Man -

Jill Valentine - If you've never used the D.RK before in your life, use it
You can take out those annoying zombies before they even get close to you. The
rest of her moves really shouldn't give you much trouble; the grenade launcher
takes too long to charge, her charging elbow doesn't get her very far and the
dogs and crows can be a nuisance, but they're fairly simple to work around,
just get within mid-range and do a RK Sublimation. Jill works best at close
range, keep her away from you.

Jin -

Juggernaut - The Big Red Machine! Quite a dangerous opponent, but he is
horrible at close range, basically he'll just stand back and build up the super
meter waiting for that devastating Juggernaut Headcrush. So here's what you do,
poke him. Doing anything else is dangerous. Force him to come to you, and then
nail him after he whiffs something. Whiff anything, and you're getting a
Headcrush. However, if you see him whiff anything, whack him with a Partonerre.
Try playing an air game with him, just make sure to stay out of vertical range
of the Headcrush. Now, Juggernaut can be a pretty nasty SOB with his Beta
assist (Juggernaut Punch), you can counter with a Partonerre, but that's pretty
risky as it pretty much leaves you open to your active opponent. On the other
hand, getting rid of him completely might be somewhat better. Your call.

Ken -

Kobun -

Magneto - The say he's one bad mutha... shut yo mouth! In all serious, Mags is
one tough cookie against any opponent. For this fight, you're going to want to
get as close to him as possible, but avoid the Hyper Gravs like the devil. Mags
has an insanely fast dash (that he can do in mid-air) and catch you off guard.
Your keep away game is pretty much useless, but the Sublimation can be used to
cancel out the Hyper Gravs. Use the Schwartzalle to get in close if you need
to, just watch the damn Hyper Gravs!

Marrow -

Morrigan -

Nash/Charlie -

Omega Red -

Psylocke -

Rockman/Megaman -

Rogue -

Roll -

Ruby Heart -

Ryu -

Sabretooth -

Sakura -

Sentinel -

Shuma-Gorath - Shuma's air-to-air priority is too good for you to match, don't
go air too much with him, instead, stay on the ground and Sublimation like
crazy. There really isn't anything much he can do about it.

Silver Samurai - Use your Sublimations and D.RK's. He's got some nasty
priority; don't get too close to him. Remember, Sublimations cancel out
projectiles (and even some projectile supers), and that includes Sammy's
shurikens. Don't use your assist buttons too often, that lighting super of his
really clobbers them. Bottom line is, try to avoid close combat.

Son Son -

Spider-Man - Ugh! This is Ruby's WORST enemy! A lot of Spidey players I know
love to keep throwing out Web Balls in the air all day, and then air dashing to
the other side (a la a popular Morrigan technique). Sublimation will stop the
ball, but not prevent Spidey from doing another one. Meet him in the air with a
Fierce Schwartzalle. He also has some juicy recovery time on his moves, smack
him after a whiff. His J.RK still has excellent priority, so don't try to
counter it, and make certain that you block high.

Spiral -

Storm -

Strider Hiryu - Strider takes damage very poorly, but has high priority
He's been toned down quite a bit from the previous game. And Ouruborus isn't as
good as it used to be, neither is Legion, and Ragnarok was never useful.
However, a good Strider player never relies on his supers. His sword gives him
so much extra reach, and much like Hayato, you'll have trouble out-prioritizing
him. Use your D.RK, because other than the Ghram, he doesn't have good long
ranged attacks.

Thanos -

Tron Bonne -

Vega/M. Bison -

Venom - Ruby can have some serious trouble with Venom, but if you can avoid
jumping in on him, you'll have an easier time. His standing RK has great anti-
air priority and I am yet to find an attack that can cleanly beat it out. The
Venom Fang is just as dangerous, but if he whiffs one, smack him for it. Play
mid-range, he no longer has a medium kick button in which he can direct the
Venom Rush into the middle, but you'd still be advised to be careful of a S.FP
from there.

War Machine - Ruby can have a lot of fun with War Machine, the Shoulder Cannon
is only a minor threat and can be countered easily with a Schwartzalle. Any
other whiffed attack, such as Repulsor Blast or the Proton cannon, can be
countered with a Partonerre... from across the screen even. War Machine's
recovery time is so bad, it's so incredibly easy to counter him. Have fun.

Wolverine - Few people hate Wolverine more than I do, so I'm going to enjoy
this. Boy did they neuter this guy, no longer can he combo after the diving
kick, cannot build his super meter with his J.SP and he takes damage so poorly.
I really wish people would stop picking him so much. The recovery time from all
his moves is horrible, so you shouldn't play very aggressively unless you're
sure you can overpower him. Play pretty defensive, but not totally.
Sublimations will be useful and Schwartzalles will come in even more handy.

Wolverine 2 - Of all the characters in the Marvel universe, why ANOTHER
Wolverine?! Seriously! I really don't care what you do, just murder him for me,
would you?

Zangief - If you block something, PUSH BLOCK!!! If you don't, you run a serious
risk of getting caught in an FAB (Final Atomic Buster). If you're hit with a
lariat, he can cancel into an FAB, keep jabbing to push him away so that you
punish him afterwards. Don't play at close range, don't let him get near you.
Punish him for any whiffed attack, especially an elbow drop. Play it safe, play
it from afar, and you should be pretty much alright.


11. Who works well with Ruby?

This section provides information about the effectiveness of your assist
characters while using Ruby. Here is a table of how this section is used:
Character Name-

Suggessted Assist Type:
Delayed Hyper Combos:
Double/Triple Teams:

Amingo -
Suggested Assist Type: Gamma - This is your best bet, really. His enhancement
and life up really isn't all that useful, and does nothing to keep your
opponent at bay or for you to set up any combos.
Delayed Hyper Combos: It's difficult to hit with Amingo's supers after one of
Ruby's. You can probably hit a Shokubutsu no Okite after you hit with the
blades of a Partonerre, but that's about it.
Double/Triple Teams: Horrible, don't even bother.

Anakaris -

B.B. Hood -
Suggested Assist Type: Beta - The best thing about this assist is that it's
anti-air and can hit people on the ground too, think of it like one of Sakura's
fireballs that lasts longer.
Delayed Hyper Combos: Cruel Hunting is your best bet for a DHC, it's the
easiest to hit with.
Double/Triple Teams: When paired with a Partonerre, Cruel Hunting is one of the
best Double Team hyper combo complements I have seen.

Blackheart -

Cable -
Suggessted Assist Type: Alpha - The Viper Beam could give you just enough time
to get close to an opponent, although his other 2 really aren't all that bad.
Delayed Hyper Combos: You'd think it would be easy to hit with the Hyper Viper
Beam after a Partonerre, but it's not, it will hit once, knock them up a little
and they'll be able to block. You're better off trying one after a Super
Double/Triple Teams: The Hyper Viper Beam will do good damage with anything
it's complementing.

Cammy -
Suggessted Assist Type: Beta - The Cannon Drill gets across the screen quickly
and comes out very fast.
Delayed Hyper Combos: Okay, the Killer Bee Assault can easily hit anyone at
least at mid range, though it works best at long. When done after a Partonerre,
though, it doesn't always hit all 5 times. You can also cancel the beginning of
a Spin Drive Smasher into a Super Schwartzalle.
Double/Triple Teams: Not good, the Spin Drive Smasher usually ruins everything
for you.

Captian America -

Captian Commando -
Suggessted Assist Type: Beta - Captain Corridor is nice anti-air and leaves him
relatively safe.
Delayed Hyper Combos: You'll never have an easier time hitting with Captian
Storm than after a Partonerre. Let the ship run it's course, then execute this.
Double/Triple Teams: Captain Sword will hit, but it won't do much.

Chun-li -

Colossus -

Cyclops -

Dan Hibiki -

Dhalsim -

Dr. Doom -

Felicia -

Gambit -

Gouki/Akuma -

Suggested Assist Type: Alpha - The Flash Kick is good for anti-air when your
opponent gets too close for you to do a Sublimation or is coming down from a
super jump.
Delayed Hyper Combos: The Sonic Hurricane is good if you're using Guile as your
primary character. From this, Ruby can go right into a Partonerre or a Super
Schwartzalle easily.
Double/Triple Teams: Not really worth it unless you chose Beta type, the Sonic
Hurricane complements very well.

Suggested Assist Type: Gamma - Hayato comes out fast and hits 2 times, a great
assist if you want to start pressuring.
Delayed Hyper Combos: If Hayato is your primary character at the time, you can
cancel into a Partonerre or Super Schwartzalle after a Cresent Moon, Rasetsu
Slash, or even a Black Hayato Attack. Just a shame you can't do the Black
Hayato Attack AFTER one of Ruby's.
Double/Triple Teams: Only if he is your primary character, otherwise most of
his attacks will miss.

Hulk -

Iceman -

Iron Man -

Jill Valentine -
Suggessted Assist Type: Beta - You can make the most use out of the Charging
Delayed Hyper Combos: The Rocket Launcher will complement a Partonerre pretty
well, and doing a Hyper Charging Shoulder just seems logical (and suitable)
after a Super Schwartzalle.
Double/Triple Teams: You don't want the Hyper Charging Shoulder paired with a
Partonerre or the Rocket Launcher paired with a Super Schwartzalle, pick Ruby's
assist type for something that works.

Jin -

Suggested Assist type: Beta - Unstoppable! Juggernaut's super armor is in
effect even when assisting (it went through Cable's ENTIRE Viper Beam and still
hit!). The Juggernaut punch is fast and deadly.
Delayed Hyper Combos: The Juggernaut Headcrush is good after just about
Double/Triple Teams: An excellent complement for just about any of Ruby's

Ken -

Kobun -

Magneto -
Suggessted Assist Type: Beta - If the Hyper Grav hit's some poor, unsuspecting
soul, it's a free hit for you.
Delayed Hyper Combos: Hmm... it's a bit tricky to hit with one of Mags' supers
after one of Ruby's, you might want to try one when he is your primary
Double/Triple Teams: Not good, but not bad either, the Magnetic Shockwave is
just horrible in this situation, but the Magnetic Tempest might help in some

Marrow -

Morrigan -

Nash/Charlie -

Omega Red -

Psylocke -

Rockman/Megaman -

Rogue -

Roll -

Ruby Heart - (For you DC players)
Suggessted Assist Type: Alpha - Sublimation is the most usefull of all her
Delayed Hyper Combos: I'm really not sure how Ruby complements herself, she
probably does it in the mirror (Oh that was SO bad!)
Double/Triple Teams: If you have 3 Ruby's all doing the same thing, what's to
worry about?

Ryu -

Sabretooth -

Sakura -

Sentinel -

Shuma-Gorath -
Suggessted Assist Type: Alpha or Gamma - The Mystic stare leaves him safe and
is a good projectile.
Delayed Hyper Combos: You can only do one (unless you wanna be stupid and do a
Chaos Dimension) but he is good starting off, and decent after the first few
blade hits of the Partonerre or the first hits of a Super Schwartzalle.
Double/Triple Teams: Complements anything rather well.

Silver Samurai -
Suggessted Assist Type: Beta - The shuriken is fairly fast and does good chip
Delayed Hyper Combos: That lightning super will come in very handy here, as it
covers almost the entire length of the screen. On the other hand, I'm fairly
sure you can hit with the shurikens after a Partonerre in the corner.
Double/Triple Teams: Unfortunately, he doesn't do his lighting super here when
you chose Alpha type, he just rushes forward like a DP + P would do. You're
better off with Beta type, trust me.

Son Son -

Spider-Man -
Suggessted Assist Type: Alpha - Free combo anyone? The Web Ball leaves Spidey
safe and when it hits, that can mean good things for you.
Delayed Hyper Combos: A Maximum Spider after a Partonerre (or an Ultimate Web
Throw after it's first few hits) and a Partonerre after a Crawler Assault. Very
good complement to Ruby.
Double/Triple Teams: Unless you chose Gamma type for Ruby, you definitely wont
hit with a Crawler Assault, don't bother.

Spiral -

Storm -

Strider Hiryu -
Suggessted Assist Type: Beta - The teleport kick comes down right over them,
just make sure to cover Strider after it.
Delayed Hyper Combos: I haven't tried it yet, but you may be able to connect a
Ragnarok after the blade of the Partonerre hits, maybe an Ouroborus, too.
Legion may be too slow to hit after a Partonerre starts firing it's cannons.
Double/Triple Teams:

Thanos -

Tron Bonne -

Vega/M. Bison -

Venom -
Suggessted Assist Type: Alpha - The Venom Fang is great for covering characters
dashing or jumping in, an excellent assist, provided you cover him when missed.
Delayed Hyper Combos: Don't do anything other then a Venom Web, it's
ridiculously easy to hit with.
Double/Triple Teams: The Death Bite could be a mediocre complement to the
Partonerre, but that's all.

War Machine -
Suggessted Assist Type: Alpha - The Shoulder Cannon is a pretty nice
Delayed Hyper Combos: A Proton Cannon after a Partonerre is your best bet.
Double/Triple Teams: An excellent complement to the Partonerre, if you're using
B.B. Hood as your 3rd character, this ranks very high on the coolness (and
damage) meter.

Wolverine -
Suggessted Assist Type:
Delayed Hyper Combos:
Double/Triple Teams:

Wolverine 2 -

Zangief -

Still lots more to come as I experiment with new Characters

12. Special Thanks

LordWyndia, for keeping me on my toes, forcing me to get better, and for
inspiring me to write this guide.

Jagoros, for giving me a roll of quarters for my birthday.

Zen Master, for being such stiff competition ;-)

Andy, for keeping me sane during my first year of college.

Sean, haven't you learned how to air combo yet, bro?

Jeff Weisbroth, for reminding me that push blocking against Zangief is a must

All the guys at the car service place. You guys are cool, just learn to play

All the guys at Video Gamesters, for keeping me on my toes, and reminding me
that I CAN lose :-)

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