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Dan by PWolfstien

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/25/00

Marvel Vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes                                        
Written by: Paul Wolfstien	
Email: PaulWolfstien@aol.com

Version 1.0 -I wrote this thing.

Net version: I will have how to play against ALL 56 characters with Dan, this
will be a huge section and I hope everyone will find it useful.

Table of Contents
        1. Introduction/Disclaimer
        2. Story
        3. Moves
        4. Combos/Colors
        5. How to use Dan best
        6. Thank You's

1. Introduction
Hello, my name is Paul Wolfstien (Your author ^_^) Ever since Street Fighter 
Zero (aka Alpha) I have always been very fond of Dan Hibiki. What I liked so 
much about him was he is very cocky  as I am heh. He is also considered to be 
a major underdog though I can beat just about anybody  to death with him in 
any game he has appeared in. In being this "underdog" it makes it that much 
more fun to piss people off at arcades by winning with him and thus having your 
opponents friends  laugh at him mercifully! Hope you enjoy the FAQ. This is my
very first FAQ, so please take it easy on me and feel free to tell me what you 
like/dislike about it with my e-mail addy which is above.


This FAQ was written for personal and private use for Marvel vs Capcom 2: New 
Age of Heroes. I do not care one bit if you use this on your web page, or 
distribute it as long as it remains UNCHANGED.  This means totally unchanged, 
not even spelling errors. Because I hate plagerism and I wouldn't want 
to be you if I found out ... This CAN be used by any magazines ect, IF, and 
only IF you get my written permision first, thank you.

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is Copyright 2000 Capcom Co., LTD Marvel 
Characters TM and  Copyright 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc. Strider Hiryu 
Copyright Moto Kikaku.

THIS FAQ is copyright 2000 Paul Wolfstien.

2. Story

Who is Dan Hibiki?

He's arguably one of the most famous characters from Capcom's arcade fighting 
game series Street Fighter  Alpha (Zero). Dan's background is a fairly 
interesting one. He's of Japanese nationality, although he  currently lives in
Hong Kong and manages a dojo, where he teaches his own fighting style called 
Saikyou-ryuu  (Strongest Style). His father, a martial artist named Go Hibiki,
was killed by Sagat (another SFer) during a tournament in Thailand after Go 
injured Sagat's eye (according to rumor, Go was the tournament champion before 

Dan first appeared as a hidden character. His father's death drove Dan to seek
revenge, and he searched for someone to teach him martial arts. He eventually 
became the student of Gouken (also the master of Ryu and Ken). However, Gouken
stopped training Dan after a time when he realized that Dan only wanted to 
learn how to fight so that he could get revenge (apparently, Gouken didn't 
want to risk having Dan turn evil like Gouki, or Akuma, as he's known outside 
of Japan did). Dan went ahead and decided to create his own fighting style 
based on what  he had learned from Gouken. Ten years after his father's death,
Dan felt that he was finally ready to go after Sagat. This is the point at 
which the first Alpha game begins. In MSH vs. SF, we learn that Dan has a 
grudge against Akuma for kicking his butt all the time. In Pocket Fighter 
(and in SFA3), it's revealed that Dan has also helped train Sakura (another 
SF'er). SFA3's storyline also states that Dan is best friends with Blanka 
(whom he calls Jimmy), and that Blanka has saved his life on several 
occassions. Why Sakura would train under Dan (for obvious reasons), or why 
Dan and Blanka would get along (maybe Dan likes watermelon!), is beyond me. 
That's just part of the great mystery of Dan! 

-The Origions of Dan-
The character known as Dan originated from an illustration drawn in 1993 by 
one of Capcom's artists. The drawing, which depicts Sagat holding a beaten Dan
by the head, is faithfully reproduced in the Alpha games. However, Dan's 
creation and evolution have a more humorous aspect to them--he may have been 
designed as a parody of the many games produced by another arcade giant, SNK.
In particular, Dan seems to be similar in many ways to the characters in a 
popular fighting game series called Ryuuko no Ken (Art of Fighting in the US).
Some examples include: 

- Dan wears a black shirt, orange gi, and wooden geta, virtually the same 
outfit worn by AoF's Ryo Sakazaki. He also has a ponytail like Robert Garcia,
another AoF character. 

- As for Dan's attacks, his Dan Kuu Kyaku closely resembles Ryo's Hi En 
Shippuu Kyaku or Robert's Hi En Senpuu Kyaku. His Kou Ryuu Ken looks much more
like the Ko Hou or Ryuu Ga of Ryo and Robert than it does the Shou Ryuu Ken of 
SF's  Ryu and Ken (even though Dan's style is supposedly a derivative of Ryu 
and Ken's Shotokan karate). 

- Dan's Ga Dou Ken is thrown with one arm, like Ryo's Ko Ou Ken. In addition,
the Ga Dou Ken has an extremely short range--this may be another joke 
reference to AoF. In that game, characters have a 'Spirit Bar', which as it 
depletes, affects the usefulness of certain moves. A Ko Ou Ken thrown with no 
Spirit Energy left would result in a projectile that would dissapate almost as
soon as it was thrown, just like Dan's Ga Dou Ken. 

- One of Dan's Super Combos, the Hisshou Bu Rai Ken, is very similar to Ryo /
Robert's Ryuu Ko Ranbu, from the defensive posture at the beginning to the 
uppercut attack performed at the end. 

- Dan has many poses that are similar to those found in AoF. His 'perfect' 
winning stance is just like Yuri Sakazaki's (the sister of Ryo), and another 
win pose resembles a similar pose of Takuma Sakazaki's (the father of Ryo and 

- Dan's Custom Combo victory sign in SFA2 is a tengu mask, which is what Mr. 
Karate (Takuma) wore in AoF. 

- In SFA2, Ken asks Dan if he 'knows the art of fighting', an obvious 
reference to the series that Dan draws heavily from. 

There's more than just physical similarities, though: 

- Dan has his own dojo, just like Takuma, and is the creator of his own 
martial arts style...again, same as Takuma (he created 'Kyokugen- ryuu'). 

- The titles of Ryo and Robert are 'Muteki no Ryuu' and 'Saikyou no Tora', 
respectively. Dan's fighting style is called 'Saikyou-ryuu'. While the 
meanings are different, it is an uncanny coincidence. 

- In Dan's MSH vs. SF ending, he's about to beat up Gouki when his sister 
shows up and says something like, "Stop, Dan, that's our, our....'. Not only 
does Dan's sister look surprisingly like Yuri, but this ending is an obvious 
parody of Ryo and Robert's ending in AoF, when they are about to finish Mr. 
Karate and Yuri shows up and informs them that he is really their father, 

- Dan's storyline also has an AoF reference. His motive, wanting revenge on 
Sagat for killing his father, is the same as Terry Bogard's, who wants revenge
against Geese Howard, the crime boss who killed his father, Jeff. 

However, SNK seems to have returned the favor. In The King of Fighters, a game
series which Ryo, Robert, Takuma, and Terry have all been in, most characters 
were given short-range fireballs when the third KoF ('96), was released. Ryo
and Robert also got redrawn moves that look a bit more like Dan's attacks than
they did previously. Takuma appears in the GameBoy version of KoF '96 in his 
Mr. Karate persona, but several of his stances now look a lot like Gouki's 
animations from the SF series. But as of late, Capcom seems to have gotten 
the better of SNK. Dan's new quote for his Kou Ryuu Rekka in Pocket Fighter 
is "Sorya, Sorya, Sorya!" which KoF '97 fans recognize as Robert's new quote 
for his Ryuuko Ranbu. And so the rivalry continues.... 

It's more fun to mock you than defeat you ...

Although Dan gained a certain amount of notoriety for his resemblance to 
certain SNK fighters, he was regarded by many as a pretty worthless character 
and this is what he became best known for. Capcom has made him even weaker in 
his appearances since Street Fighter Zero, but whether this is just another 
way of mocking SNK or because it fit's the players' image of Dan is hard to 
say. Examples of such weaknessess include the ability for other characters to 
duck beneath his Dan Kuu Kyaku in SFA2, not to mention the fact that his normal
repetoire of moves were redrawn and consequently made even worse. His lack of 
chain combos in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter is another example. 
Even in non-fighting games, he was given considerate deficiences, such as his 
gem pattern in Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo (it consisted entirely of red 
counter gems, allowing his opponent to easily break the gems once they had 
reverted back to normal and do a lot of damage to Dan). 

Capcom also made Dan a considerably annoying person to fight against. In SFA, 
he was the only character who could taunt an infinite amount of times. Not 
only has he kept this ability since then, but he was given more taunts in 
SFA2, including the Chouhatsu Densetsu, a super combo which did no damage to 
his enemy and consisted entirely of Dan jumping and rolling around while 
taunting. He gained moves that were rather stupid as well, such as a 
Zero/Alpha Counter in which he taunts his opponent, or his Premium Sign 
attack, where he takes out an autograph of himself, signs it, and flings it 
at his foe. 

Dan's also shown up in SPF2T and Gem Fighters Mini-Mix (that symbol means 
'father', BTW). In a somewhat 'in-joke' manner, Capcom made Dan parody his own
fellow Street Fighters, giving him a pose similar to Chun-Li's taunt and his 
own version of the Shun Goku Satsu, a powerful technique wielded by the main 
bad guy of the SF series, Gouki. While this move could severely injure an 
opponent of Gouki's, Dan's Otoko Michi inflicts only minor damage to his 
enemy but leaves Dan with only one sliver of life left, even if he had a full 
life bar to begin with--and it's non-recoverable damage on top of that. Dan 
was given a rather overconfident, "see if I care, you moron" type attitude, 
which only served to accentuate his many taunts and provocations. Capcom has 
also made many allusions to Dan's weaknesses, such as some of Sean's quotes 
in SF3: "Just don't call me Dan!" and "...Rule #3: Don't be like Dan!" 

Then there's Dan's father, Go, who appears in Pocket Fighter to help Dan. Not
only is he dressed up like Gouki, but he has similar moves as well. Like Dan,
Go also takes a stab at SNK--he appears wearing a tengu mask, just like Mr. 
Karate from AoF. (CREDIT KAO MEGURA)


3. Moves

I hope all of you know the buttons have been screwed with a bit. I am not 
going to do the "mediums" in this FAQ. They can only be used when you use a 
light in front of them so it takes out the purpose of writing what they 
excatly do, common people check it out for yourself heh.

Basic Attacks

Light Punch(LP): Quick, short range, can be a linker into his knock-up EX- 
Ducking LP, Ducking FP. Does little damage. Also good for using against 
combo people a lot, same with the short kick because it's your only chance 
at starting an air combo on them. ***

Fierce Punch(FP): An overhead chop, it has a deceptive range IMO and takes good 
damage. Also fills up the super bar well. Not a good jump in, though. 
Use wisely. As with any fierce, it has it's backsides. Recovery time, ect. 

Short Kick(SK): Short range, can be a linker into his knock-up as the punch can. 
Does minimal damage. Good to combo into the Dankuu Kyaku. ***

Roundhouse Kick(RK): A very good move to use, I think it's very decieving with
the motion of the kick. Does good damage and fills up the superbar well, 
a great move to use in the air to ward off opponents. ***1/2


Special Moves 

DF=Down Forward
DB=Down Back

1. *Zenten Chouhatsu - D, DF, F + Taunt -Dan rolls forward and taunts the 
opponent. *

2. *Kouten Chouhatsu - D, DB, B + Taunt -Dan rolls backwards and taunts the 
opponent. *

3. *Air Chouhatsu - In Mid-Air, Taunt -Dan says "yahoo" in mid-air, my favorite 
taunt! ***

4. Gadouken - D, DF, F + P -Dan's projectile. It is VERY small and it has VERY 
short range. Does this mean this move sucks? No, it just means that it has to 
be used right. How do you use it you ask, well this move was A LOT better in the 
Street Fighter Zero (Alpha) series because it was a great anti-air move. In this 
game it can be used as any anti-air move if timed right. I usually use it a lot 
in the corner and for combos such as LP, MP, Gadoken ect... ** 
This is also his Alpha assist type.

5. Kouryuuken - F, D, DF + P -Dan's uppercut. Great move, it has great priority.
It is a little more verticial than in the past, which is good. Can be used in 
certin combo's does good damage. ***1/2. 
This is also Dan's beta assist type (The best one IMO).

6. Dankuu Kyaku - D, DB, B + K -WHAT A MOVE!!! This is by far Dan's best move, 
it can also be done in air now which makes it even better! LK does only one 
knee attack, which is good for jumping in to annoy the opponent. FK does three 
kicks in a row, takes good damage and his best air combo ender. Has pretty good 
recovery time also. ****

7. Premium Sign - D, DF, F + K -This move rocks! MANY people think that this 
move sucks ... it doesn't. The Roundhouse kick one does but the Light kick one 
doesn't. The light kick is a very good move to do and I'll tell you why. It's 
pretty fast, Dan just takes it out and throws it for decent range, and decent 
damage. The Roundhouse one is long, has more range, same damage. But your SO 
left open, not near as much as the light. So why do this move? Well it cancels
out well, meaning if say a comboer comes at you like say ... Strider, well he 
dashes at you and is about to combo you to hell ... well do this move and it 
will stop him. One it's very funny when you do it, and too it's very good. 
Don't OVERUSE this move however, or your opponent will see it coming and 
destroy you. *** for the light -* for the Roundhouse. Gamma assist type.

-Hyper Combos-

1. Shinkuu Gadouken - D, DF, F + PP -This can be a VERY good super, if used 
right. It takes a great deal of damage and has better range than the Gadouken. 
How should you use this? Well, in the corner mainly. I find to use this best 
with assist helpers such as Gouki (Akuma's) Gamma type. When his hits then do
the Shinkuu Gadouken, then you can do either and air combo, OR ANOTHER super 
such as the Kouryuu Rekka for MASSIVE DAMAGE!!! ***

2. Kouryuu Rekka - D, DF, F + KK -This move isn't the greatest anti-air super,
but who really uses supers for anti-air anyway. However, this super is very 
good for combo's. But the combo's it's good for are tech rollable. Oh well 
when you do get those combo's off they take great damge so it's good in that 
sense, just don't overuse this super. **3/4

3. Hisshou Buraiken - D, DB, B + KK -This super can take some chip damage but 
it's not really that great. It would be but I have yet to find anyway to link
it except with an assist helper. When you can link this with an assist helper 
it can become a great super, especially in the corner where afterwards most 
of the time you can knock your opponent back up for an air combo. It has it's
good sides and bad sides. Use wisely. **1/2

4. *Chouhatsu Densetsu (Super Taunt) - D, DF, F, D, DF, F + LK + START -This 
super rocks! I will tell you why it rocks also :) Ok, now this is a number of 
taunts in a row. Now you'd think it would suck because it leaves you TOTALLY 
open and it takes zero damage ... WRONG. What you do is hyper cancel this move 
into another super when you see your opponet is about to maul you! They rarely 
ever see this coming, except after you hit them with it! Then most of the time 
they will let you do the whole taunt to them and get laughed at by everyone in 
the process, now how cna that suck? ***

5. *Otoko Michi - HP - LK - B - LP - LP Requires and uses 3 Hyper Combo Levels
-This super is WAYYY better than it ever has been before, it can take 100% of 
damage away if mashed correctly. You will lose Dan in the process of this but 
just only use this move when Dan has very little life remaining and your set. 
Now the good comes with the bad. It does take 3 levels of super bar. It can 
be tech hited grrrrr. But if you can time it right it can work you just have 
to hope your opponent isn't smart enough to tech hit it :) ***

Note: All of Dan's taunts except the Chouhatsu Densetsu fill up his super bar.

Assist Types
 Alpha: Shooting Attack - Gadouken / Shinkuu Gadouken -Dan's projectile. 
Not very useful, nor is his super projectile for a three team super unless 
Dan starts it and they are in the corner. **

 Beta: Air Attack - Kouryuuken / Kouryuu Rekka -The best one IMO. It's his 
uppercut, and his super uppercut. Great anti-air assist. Not good at all 
in a three team super unless ... no it's pretty worthless in a three team 
super heh. Still, a great assist nonetheless. ***1/2

+Gamma: Irregular Attack - Premium Sign / Hisshou Buraiken -The worst 
assist. It's his premium sign, and Hisshou Buraiken for the three team. 
The premium sign can be distracting though, and can have some use I 
guess in that it's just annoying but the damage is low and it can be 
avoided easily. The Hisshou Buraiken can be a good for a 3 team chip 
damage only. **1/2


4. Combos/Colors (More to come)

        -3hit: LP, MP, LP Gadouken.

        -5hit: LP, MP, FK Dankuu Kyaku.

        -3hit: DLP, DFP, Kouryuuken.

        -7hit: DLP, DFP, LP, LK, MP, MK, FK.

        -9hit: DLP, DFP, LP, LK, MP, MK, Dankuu Kyaku.

        -10hit: (In the corner) DLP, DLK, DFP, LP, LK, MP, MK, FK Dankuu Kyaku.

        -4hit: DLK, DRK, Kouryuu Rekka. (Can be tech rolled)

*Note: I'm not showing damage because it varies towards the opponent you are 

If anyone has any other combos for Dan that I don't have up here and sends 
them to me, I will put them up and give you full credit, even if it is the 
smallest combo I will put it up. Has to be 3 hits or over, though.


LP-Pink suit/Maroon Gloves/Black Belt (My favorite)
FP-Deep Purple suit/Maroon Gloves/Black Belt
Assist1-Yellow suit/Purple Gloves/Black Belt
LK-Orange suit/Purple Gloves/Black Belt
RK-Neon Green suit/Yellow Gloves/Black Belt
Assist2-Cyan suit/Yellow Gloves/Black Belt


5. How to use Dan best (Soon to come, How to use Dan against all 56 characters!)

 I use Dan at his best by being annoying as hell. What I mean is taunt A LOT 
(Even if your getting pummeled, it gets a good laugh out of people, just make
sure the guy your facing doesn't beat your ass :) ) I also like to use my 
special partners a lot in my offense. My team is Dan, Gouki, and Juggernaut, 
a team which I use very well. I like to use his air combos a lot, I will also
jump in with a LK Dankuu Kyaku because it's a great move to jump in with. All
around have fun, as that is what Dan was ment for and annoy your opponent. If
you can master Dan he is a great person to use, he's my favorite. Just PLEASE 
do me ONE little favor ...


If you do that, you will be beaten in no time. Believe me, this is why I use 
to think Dan sucked. I played him in SFZ (Alpha in the US) and tryed him and 
was disgusted at first. I would always lose ect. But then I learned Dan my 
way. I like to think of him as MY Dan because I think all the great Dan 
players have their own style and you can kind of call him your character. 
As with just about every other character in the game people play them the 
excat same.

Just all in all have a great time!

6. Thank you's

1. CJAYC- For hosting my FAQ and for writting such good ones :) Thanks CJAY! 
I also used the spelling of the moves from his FAQ. Hope you don't mind, Jeff.

2. Kao Megura- For letting me use his story section on Dan. His FAQS got me 
into writing this one, thanks Kao.

3. Capcom- For making some of the best fighting games ever, and most 
importantly making MvC2 which is IMO the best fighting game of all time. Not
to mention creating Dan :) Take that, SNK!

4. Me for writing this thing :) And you for reading it :) Hope it was useful!



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