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Anakaris by Mysterious M

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/20/00

Egyptian Emperor - Marvel vs Capcom 2
Anakaris FAQ


By:  Mysterious M

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Revision History

V.1 - Uh... Whatever you see here



Anakaris is easily Capcom's strangest fighting character ever created.  Back in 
the days of the early 1990's, Capcom needed a new way to sell its infamous 
Street Fighter series.  Cleverly, they masked the old game engine with a new 
face, namely named "Vampire Hunter" (Darkstalker's in the U.S.).  However after 
a first glance, one may realize that the characters of Vampire Hunter aren't 
quite as Street Fighter oriented as one may think.
Anakaris has appeared in 3 games in Capcom's past, Vampire Hunter, Vampire 
Hunter 2 and Vampire Savior.  His story involves him being a past pharaoh of 
Egypt who swore that he would always defend his people.  Some thousand years 
later, Anakaris arose out of his sarcophagus to battle against the rest of the 
Darkstalkers against Jedah.  I'm not sure about his tie to Marvel vs Capcom 2's 
storyline (I'm not even sure if Marvel vs Capcom 2 HAS a story line.).
As in all his past games, Anakaris retains his tradition of a slow lumbering 
character with strange moves and odd animations.  While he has easily been the 
most overlooked character in Marvel vs Capcom 2, let me assure you that Anakaris 
can be a major threat if played in the proper manner.  Of course, I have only 
just begun toying with him and in no way am I to be called a master of him.

+  Anakaris has really strange hitting moves, which can easily confuse your 
+  Anakaris can throw from basically anywhere on the screen.
+  Anakaris is everywhere and nowhere at the same time if played right.
+  Anakaris' slow speed can mask the fact that he has tactics of crossing the 
screen quickly (more confusion).
+  Anakaris has HUGELY damaging supers.
+  If you end up using Anakaris well you will get TONS of respect.

-  Anakaris has the SLOWEST walking and jumping speed in the game!
-  Anakaris can have problems getting in close.
-  Anakaris doesn't really have any huge combos to speak of.
-  Anakaris as long lag times after almost all his special moves.
-  Anakaris is a huge sprite.



1.1 - Abbreviations
1.2 - Movelist
1.3 - Special Movelist
1.4 - Super Movelist
1.5 - Assists
1.6 - Strategies
1.7 - Facing Hayato
1.8 - Combos
1.9 - Cool Animations
2.0 - Thanks
2.1 - Legal Stuff


1.1 - Abbreviations

LP = Low punch
MP = Medium punch  (Press LP twice)
HP = High punch
LK = Low kick
MK = Medium kick  (Press LK twice)
HK = High kick


1.2 - Movelist
Anakaris' normal moves are the key to winning with him.  They are just so 
confusing that an opponent often has problems blocking them.


Standing:  Anakaris does a strange chop forward.  The chop doesn't really come 
from high to low, it just thrusts forward.  For a LP, this move has LONG range 
(rivaled by Hayato's) and can hit enemies easily another sprite's distance away.  
The jab is surprisingly fast and very useful.  Use this to start all your 

Crouching:  4 of Anakaris' bandages hit forward.  Another fast move, the range 
on this isn't as good as his standing jab and it can be blocked high.  Simply 
use it in combos, but little else.

Jumping:  Anakaris kicks forward with his foot.  The kick is actually very high 
but hits directly forward (rather odd hitting angle).  Although not being a true 
"punch", this has good air-to-air properties due to its medium range and 
priority.  Often times your opponent will not be expecting such a fast hitting 
air move, but that's the idea.


Standing:  A chop very similar to his standing LP, albeit with slightly longer 
range and lag.  Trust me, your only going to be using this in combos (it's a MP 
anyway, so you don't have much choice).

Crouching:  Anakaris extends both his arms into the ground and they appear in 
front of him, emerging from the ground and move forward.  I can't believe you 
can't perform this move outside of combos!  Oh the shame of it all!  Capcom's 
new button setup wreaks of stinkiness.  Ahem, sorry, but let me tell you- back 
in the days of Vampire Savior- this was THE anti air move because it was able to 
keep your opponents at just the distance you wanted.  Oh well, I guess you could 
always just launch them instead.

Jumping:  A kick similar to his jumping LP with slightly longer reach and lag.  
Again, only to be used in combos.


Standing:  Anakaris' arms turn into snakes and he extends them forward as they 
bite.  For a HP, it's not bad.  Reminds me of Juggernaut's standing HP, but 
without the super armor (boo!).  You can use it as a decent poke, but just be 
careful of the lag time afterward.  Not bad for countering missed moves, so long 
as you can time it right.

Crouching:  Anakaris extends his arms into the ground and then 4 arms extend out 
of the ground and form a vertical cage around him.  All I can say is this is one 
of the BEST launchers in the game.  The priority is so high I've managed to hit 
characters out of numerous moves!  The speed is excellent as his arms emerge 
almost immediately from the under the ground!  Finally, Anakaris has coverage on 
all sides.  What does this mean?  You can use it to counter CROSS-UPS!  Sure 
Anakaris may not have huge combos, but then he'll just use this to take away the 
combos of others!

Jumping:  Another kick similar to his MP and LP.  The range is pretty good and 
the damage is very nice.  A pretty average jumping move, but not fast enough or 
tricky enough to really warrant a lot of use.


Standing:  A short-range "soccer" kick forward.  Not really of that much use 
since its pretty slow and inferior compared to his jab.
Back + LK :  A delayed Axe kick which hits twice.  Not all that useful, but it 
is an overhead.

Crouching:  Anakaris slithers his bandages across the ground quickly which 
emerge a short distance away in the semi-shape of a foot.  Not a bad move, it 
comes out quickly and must be blocked low.  Its main use stems from the fact 
that it is so misleading (sometimes you can barely tell that Anakaris has 
initiated the move before his feet appear on screen.)

Jumping:  Anakaris motions forward and then two long, LONG legs quickly emerge 
from the GROUND and hit upwards!  A very confusing move, if you can aim it right 
his jumping kicks can be your best friend.  Again, it takes a little getting 
used to in order to hit the opponent, but once you do, they won't know how to 
counter it!  The move comes out quickly and will often hit opponents out of any 
air attack (due to its low hitting property).  


Standing:  A longer version of his LK.  Only to be used in combos.

Crouching:  A longer version of his LK.  Only to be used in combos.

Jumping:  Basically his jumping MP.  Only to be used in combos.


Standing:  Anakaris shapes his body into a rather fat sarcophagus, leaves the 
ground and hits the opponent with the base.  The initial and recovery time are 
quite bad, but the main point of this move is that it LEAVES THE GROUND.  If you 
can anticipate an enemy's sweep, use this move and counter them big time (the 
damage is quite nice).  You can also move slightly forward or backward by 
holding the respective direction when you perform it.  I generally use the 
retreating one to cover my retreats and the advancing one as a counter move.

Crouching:  Basically just his crouching LK again but Anakaris makes an obvious 
swing motion with his body.  Although not as misleading as his LK, as a sweep 
move it is quite useful.  The startup and recovery are a tad longer than his 
crouching LK, but fast enough to catch an opponent off guard.  I would be 
careful about letting it get blocked though, there's JUST enough recovery that 
there's a possibility you could get air comboed.

Jumping:  A long drawn out version of his LK.  While the startup and lag are 
both way, WAY worse, the damage done by this move as well as the fact that it 
knocks your opponent backwards is a good trade off.  Use it intermittently with 
your LK to confuse your opponents so that they won't be able to guess whether to 
attack you in the air or not.  Remember, due to the move's low hitting 
properties, it will be quite easy to counter an enemy's air attack.  It also 
covers jumping retreats rather well.


1.3 - Special Movelist
For the most part, Anakaris' special moves are a mixed bag.  First of all, I'm 
not too wild about using special moves in general (with almost anyone) but if 
you know how and when to use Anakaris' special moves, they can be quite damaging 
and useful.

Idle Hands
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + punch

Anakaris reaches forward and his hands disappear.  They then reappear a distance 
away from him and wave around.  If your enemy happens to be standing in the 
unfortunate spot, Anakaris will grab him/her, swing him/her about for a bit 
(wrapped like a mummy!) and then slam them hard into the ground.  LP will have 
his hands appear a short distance from Anakaris, the HP goes about a full screen 
First of all, let me say that this move is hilarious whether he hits or misses.  
I love watching Anakaris grab for nothing with his hands sprawling in the air.  
Second (and more to the point), the move is a long distance attack, which is 
UNBLOCKABLE!  Immediate uses here...  The key is getting the distance down.  
Just for examples...
1.) I've grabbed Cable right before he commits to his Hyper Viper Beam
2.) I've grabbed Ken after a long range fireball (ditto for Dark Sakura)
3.) What?  Grabbing Gouki out of the RAGING DEMON!?  = )
4.) I've grabbed numerous taunters (haha, laugh at my face eh?)
That being said, it is an extremely useful and annoying move so long as you get 
the distance and timing down.
On a sadder note, you must also take notice that his detached hands can be hit 
so don't be pulling this move out right in front of your opponent's face or you 
could be eating an attack.  Even worse, Anakaris is completely vulnerable for 
the entire duration (about 2 seconds) from start to finish.  Easily enough time 
for the enemy to get a super off.  In short, get the distance down and you'll be 
fine (since you won't have to worry about it getting blocked).

Sarcophagus Smash
Motion:  Down, down + punch (ground or air)

Anakaris motions downward with his hand and a huge yellow sarcophagus falls from 
the sky.  LP makes it fall close, and HP makes it fall far away.  I don't see 
much use for this move other than forcing a block from the enemy.  The motioning 
arm is a HUGE giveaway to the moves initiation and the sarcophagus doesn't even 
fall from the ceiling all that fast.  At a far distance, use it to keep jumpers 
on the ground (that is, if you want to.  I'd rather let them jump in and then 
launch them).  At close range, use it to force the enemy to block and then 
follow up with the Idle Hands.

Pharaoh's Curse
Motion:  Back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward + kick  (air)

THE MOVE!  Anakaris opens up the wrappings on his face and a strange, black 
gooey face emerges and spits out a puff of ?dust? at an angle downward.  If the 
dust hits the enemy then they turn into a tiny mummy-type thing.  During this 
time, the opponent cannot attack at all nor can they really move well.  The 
transformation lasts about 10 seconds.  LP makes Anakaris shoot the puff close 
and low, HP makes him shoot it long and far.
First of all, the damage on this move is negligible, but that really isn't the 
point.  If you connect, IMMEDIATELY go for a combo or a Super!  Air comboing the 
tiny mummy guy isn't too hard, and the opponent seems to take more damage while 
transformed.  On the other hand, using a super is often MUCH more effective 
since the opponent cannot block while transformed.  This move is basically your 
window to all the nice damaging Supers that Anakaris possesses (let's face it, 
hitting an uncursed opponent with them can be rather difficult).
There are a few drawbacks to this move.  First of all Anakaris is pretty slow 
when he does this so he opponent can generally avoid it rather easily (unless 
they're sleeping or in the middle of doing something, hint hint hint).  This 
also means that Anakaris can be hit out of the move rather easily (especially by 
damn Ryu-type beam supers!).  If your going to pull off this move, make sure its 
when the opponent is committed to something, or they are sleeping (jumping Ryu's 
super fireball, cursing him and then using your own super generally adds a nice 
amount of insult to injury).
Its also a good idea to mention that the Pharaoh's Curse is an overhead and MUST 
be blocked high. = )

Pyramid Smash
Motion: Down or down forward + HK  (air)

Anakaris stops in midair and immediately comes down at a 45 degree angle while 
his legs take on the shape of a pyramid.  Hugely useful move simply because of 
Anakaris' mid-air stop (seemingly like Jin and Hayato strangely enough... hmm).  
You can use it to evade fireballs (see strategies section) or also for pulling a 
surprise attack on the enemy (Opponent's generally don't expect Anakaris to come 
down so quickly because his jump is sooooooooo slow).


1.4 - Super Movelist
Anakaris easily has some of the most damaging super attacks in the game, but 
using them properly is a matter of timing and precision.  It's also a matter of 
memorizing their motions (Anakaris has some strange super motions).

Sarcophagus Holocaust
Motion:  Down, down + 2 Punches

Anakaris motions as he would for his Sarcophagus Smash but then a series of 
Sarcophagi fall from the ceiling.  This is easily one of the MOST DAMAGING 
SUPERS in the whole game!  I've seen the damage go up to 70%, rivaling Shuma 
Gorath's Chaos Dimension!  Unfortunately the super is actually almost useless.  
Hitting an opponent is nearly impossible since the window of startup is so long 
and Anakaris gives the move away so much.  Even worse, in order to rack up the 
70% damage the opponent has to be cornered, and about a sweep's distance away 
from Anakaris.  Boo.  At least it's damaging, just not useful.

Pharaoh's Illusion
Motion:  LP, LP, forward, LK, HP

I love this super so much because when an opponent sees it for the first time 
they just go "WHAT IN THE H*LL"?  Anakaris grows really large (remember 
Apocolypse) so that all you can see is his massive head floating around in a 
background of blue.  His hands then appear and you get to JUGGLE YOUR OPPONENT!  
LP makes his left hand swat, LK makes his right hand swat.  HP makes his left 
hand rise, HK makes his right hand rise.  
This move has really good startup.  No wait, let me rephrase that.  This move 
has AMAZING STARTUP.  For such a confusing super, it starts of INSTANTLY!  
Capitalize on its starting time and then pound the buttons in a circular motion 
starting with whichever side you need to "swat" first (the side your opponent is 
on).  I've gotten up to 50% damage with this super and its beautiful.  You can 
use it to counter almost anything (if your fast, even missed beam supers).  You 
can't combo it though.
On a down note (and this is really minor), Anakaris' head is vulnerable during 
the entire time so try to keep your opponent away from it at all times (its not 
very hard).

Asp Rush
Motion:  Backward, forward + 2 punches (air)

Anakaris jumps into his sarcophagus and then opens the door while a horde of 
bandaged vipers rush out and then rush back in.  Your punches control the upper 
snakes, and your kicks control the lower ones.  You are allowed to have 2 snakes 
advancing at any time, and 2 snakes retreating.  
In all respects, a very good super.  The startup is quite nice and its not hard 
to hit with (even on counters, I haven't really tried comboing it yet).  For 
maximum damage you should mash the buttons in a circular manner starting from 
LP.  I'm not sure about the air version, it doesn't seem to air combo (although 
I might just be too slow.)
As for downsides, well.  The snakes reach ALMOST all the way across the screen, 
but if you whiff it from an entire screen length (you didn't, did you?) then 
beam supers become a problem.  Also, if you get super jumped you'll probably be 
vulnerable for about a second by the time your opponent lands on your opposite 

Pharaoh's Retribution
Motion:  HK, LP, down, HP, LK

Anakaris jumps a short height into the air, places his arm in a spell casting 
position and fires a "dust ball".  If the opponent gets hit they get flamed, 
then iced, then electrified and finally a giant sarcophagus lands on their head.  
For such an incessantly hard super to pull off in the heat of battle, it isn't 
very useful.  The damage is rather low (only bout 40% or so) and hitting with it 
is a real pain in the but.  The only good side is that you get to see that huge 


1.5 - Assists

Assists are Marvel vs Capcom 2's new feature.  An assist temporarily brings in 
one of your partners to perform one of their moves.  I haven't used them 
extensively so I'm not sure as to how useful the assists are... but here's 
Anakaris' anyway.  

Alpha:  Standing HP
Beta:  Long range Idle Hands
Gamma:  Mid-range Sarcophagus Smash

The assist that you choose also determines which super that Anakaris will use 
with his double / triple teams.

Alpha:  Asp Rush
Beta:  Asp Rush
Gamma:  Asp Rush

(I'm not too sure about the supers since I don't use delayed team combos very 


1.6 - Strategies

General Strategy
The name of the game with Anakaris is confusion.  Since most of his moves have 
odd hitting properties or angles, opponent's often have problems figuring out 
which way to guard and that is the key to getting off the big hits.  Despite the 
fact that Anakaris isn't really a dialer character, he does have a normal aerial 
rave combo (something I was really surprised about) which does a good amount of 
damage and can surprise even the most experienced opponents...

Anakaris can play the best either on absolute defense or absolute offense but 
not well when trying to switch between the two intermittently.  On defense, his 
standing HP is a good keep away move which comes out fairly quickly with high 
priority.  Use the close range Idle Hands to keep an opponent worried about 
getting too close due to the fact that it can't be blocked.  It should be noted 
that Anakaris has several useful methods of retreating.  First is his jumping HK 
which emerges from the GROUND!  Due to the slow speed and the length of time it 
remains out for, this is the perfect move to cover your backwards jumps.  More 
often than not the opponent will be a little too intimidated to try and jump 
after you, nor can they dash under you.  Watch for the recovery though, beam 
supers can be a pain in the butt.  Second is his retreating standing HK.  
Although he doesn't actually move a great distance backwards, the move is useful 
enough to warrant usage when making quick getaways.  I should mention that 
walking or normally jumping backwards is simply NOT AN OPTION.  Anakaris' 
walking speed is laughably slow as is his jumping speed.  You can also use the 
Sarcophagus Smash can be used to zone opponent's by keeping them away, but don't 
abuse it... shotos learn fast.

Mid Range
Not the range of choice, mid range has but a few advantages in Anakaris' favor.  
Once again, the standing HP snake bite is a good poke (albeit a little slow) and 
you can utilize his quick acting crouching LK or MK to tag opponents who 
misjudge Anakaris' large size for slow speed.  When in doubt, use your advancing 
HK to put yourself at close range.

Anakaris can be a real pain at close range... for your opponent that is.  With 
some deceptively fast acting moves, Anakaris can play a major offensive game 
that is both deadly and unexpected.  First, use his dash and air dash often to 
cover the distance and get in close.  A great tactic against shotos is to air 
dash a fireball, pyramid smash and then do an air combo.  Often times, counter 
missed moves with your crouching HP, you'll launch them 95% of the time due to 
its high priority.  Mainly your offense is made up of air combos, but when you 
have the chance nail them with a standing HP or close Idle Hands.  Often times 
you can mix this up by jumping backwards.  When the opponent sees that they 
finally have an opportunity to strike, let loose with a Pharaoh's curse, you may 
just catch them out of a Dragon punch (or derivative thereof).  When the 
opponent is transformed, feel free to let loose with an air combo or a super.  
Speaking of, another great tactic is to pressure and then dash backwards.  Often 
times the opponent sees an opening so they'll dash forward to push an offense.  
That's when you pull a Pharaoh's Illusion and juggle them for up to 50% damage!

Misc. Strategies

I cannot stress enough how badly beaten into the ground a walking or jumping 
Anakaris will be.  Anakris has plenty of good ways of getting around the screen, 
you do not need to WALK OR JUMP!  First of all, to move forward either super 
jump, dash, air dash or use an advancing HK.  For retreating, super jump, dash, 
air dash or use a retreating HK.  Simple right?  Now when do you use what?  
Well, in general, use your dashing or super jumping when your opponent is on the 
other end of the screen.  Its relatively safe and you can cancel them both with 
a block.  Use the air dash to cover quick distance when you don't want to be 
grounded.  A good example is you've just jumped Cable's Hyper Viper beam.  Super 
jump, air dash when the coast is clear, land on the opposite side and SUPER 
(this isn't as easy to do as I made it sound).  The retreating air dash is good 
for getting away from a tight situation in a hurry.  Anakaris' air dash is fast 
enough that it can escape most enemies follow ups and attacks.  Finally, only 
use the Advancing or Retreating HK at close range.  Whiffing the move isn't a 
good idea.


1.7 - Facing Anakaris
Although facing Anakris isn't all that difficult (or common) against the 
computer, it can be hell against a human player who knows what he/she's doing 
(although that's not very common either).  Seeing as I have never faced a single 
Anakaris player in my life (that includes Vampire Savior) this is basically 
theoretical strategy based on what I know about him.

- If you can, fight a mid range battle with him.  Anakaris cannot perform a 
version of the Idle Hands or Sarcophagus Smash at this distance.
- Try to get him to whiff his idle hands, it makes him rather vulnerable.
- Punish him for jumping or walking.
- Play a quick game of attack and retreat, Anakaris has a tough time dealing 
with that.
- Take advantage of his slow speed by assaulting him, but watch out for his high 
priority launcher.
- Keep a special watch for Anakaris' jumping kicks, they have a tendency to hit 
you out of almost any kind of air move (sans supers).

- Ever underestimate Anakaris, he may be slow but he's got enough moves to kick 
the crap out of some of the stronger characters.
- Sleep.  If you stand there doing nothing it's a one-way ticket to getting 
wrapped by the Idle Hands.
- Ever think that Anakaris can't play defensive or offensive, his strange moves 
are misleading.
- Taunt him often, again he'll get you with the Idle Hands really often.
- Get hit by his supers, they're quite damaging.


1.8 - Combos
To tell you the truth... this is going to be a very short section... = )

Dash in LP -> Crouching LP -> Crouching HP -> Jump LP -> LK -> MP -> MK -> HP
- Anakaris basic magic series combo, it actually hits more times than anyone 

LP -> LP -> LK -> HP
- Yeah your looking at it and wondering why I would stick something like this in 
here.  Well, let me tell you that for a short 4 hit combo this is ALL PURPOSE 

LK -> Crouching HP -> LK -> LK -> LP Idle Hands
- This isn't a true combo, but it works like a BEEOCH.  Amazing pressure tactic, 
opponent's usually block the combo and get thrown.


1.9 - Cool animations and Quotes
Opening animation 
1.) A large yellow sarcophagus drops from the top of the screen and Anakaris 
2.) A large yellow sarcophagus is lying on the floor and Anakaris jumps out.

Standing Animation - Anakaris stands with his arms raised up.  He walks like a 
TRUE MUMMY (very slow).  

Jumping Animation - Anakaris stretches his body out really, really loooooong.  
Once he's airborne and falling, his bottom half disappears and all you can see 
under his turban thing is a strange huge eye.

Flying animation - During his air dash, Anakaris squats down and rides his 
turban thing like a little magic carpet.  Totally hilarious.

Ending Animations -
1.) Anakaris stands facing the screen and vibrates while mumbling.
2.) Anakaris stands sideways and raises his arms in the air as if he is being 
hailed by an invisible crowd.


2.0 - Thanks

Morrigan - For giving me the opportunity to actually survive a few seconds with 
Anakaris on my first try and thus realizing how cool he is (and the fact that he 
has such big combos for such a slow guy).

Gogetta 256 - For helping me relive the old days of Darkstalkers so I could get 
all of his animations down.

Lemur-X - I took some of the move names and a combo or two from your FAQ.

Anyone out there who's willing to use original characters, not like those damn 

2.1 - Legal Stuff

Feel free to distribute this FAQ so long as MY NAME IS ATTACHED TO IT!  Yes, we 
do have a copyright thing here in Canada...


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