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Cammy by Johmeriquai

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 05/14/00

--------------- Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes --------------
------------------- Cammy FAQ V 0.1 (14th May 2000)------------------

FAQ written by John Hodges a.k.a Johmeriquai. (johmeriquai@hotmail.com)

I have written this FAQ for free, you can use it for free, please do 
not use sell this file or printed out information for your own 
financial gain. If you wish to use this FAQ please write to me and 
ask for consent. Comments and suggestions welcome.  This is my FIRST 
ever FAQ so please be kind! :)

This document is Copyright 2000 John Hodges.

Legal Info.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes and Cammy are copyright to 
Capcom.  All characters names and moves in this FAQ are copyright to 
their respective owners.

-------------------------- Version History --------------------------

Version 0.1 : Just the start really, colours, combos.
Next Update: Strategys, useful assists, assist combos.
------------------------------ Contents -----------------------------

1. Legend
2. Cammy’s outfit colours
3. Basic Moves
4. Special Moves
5. Hyper Combos
6. Assist Types
7. Combos
8. Credits

------------------------------- Legend ------------------------------  

LP = Light Punch
HP = Hard Punch
LK = Light Kick
HK = Hard Kick
A1 = Assist Button 1
A2 = Assist Button 2
P = Any Punch
K = Any Kick
PP = Both Punches
KK = Both Kick
QCF = Quarter Circle Forward (Everyone should know these by now ;))
QCB = Quarter Circle Back
HCF = Half Circle Forward
HCB = Half Circle Back
DPF = Dragon Punch Forward motion (F,D,DF)
DPB = Dragon Punch motion (B,D,DB)
_^_ = Super Jump
------------------------------- Colours -----------------------------

LP = Cyan outfit, light brown boots.
LK = Lime Green outfit, light brown boots.
HP = Dark Blue outfit, dark brown boots.
HK = Pink outfit, brown boots.
A1 = Light Purple outfit, purpley boots.
A2 = Black outfit, purple boots, really tanned!

------------------------------Basic Moves----------------------------

I’m not going to add what all of the LP and LK etc. moves do because 
personally I think that although they are a nice touch they are 
pretty pointless.

Launchers = HK, or D + HP
2 Dan Jump = Jump x2
Dash in/back = F, F / B, B

---------------------------- Special Moves --------------------------

Axel Spin Knuckle				QCF + P
Cannon Drill				QCF + K (Can be done in air)
Cannon Spike				DPF + K
Cannon Strike				QCB + K (Only in air)
Cannon Revenge				HCB + P
Hooligan Combination			QCB + K
(During Hooligan Combination)
Combination Cannon Spike		K when in air
Cross Scissor Pressure			P when next to opponent in air
Fatal Leg Twister				P when next to crouching opponent
Razor Edge Slicer				Press nothing, land with a sweep

---------------------------- Hyper Combos ---------------------------

Spin Drive Smasher			QCF + KK
Reverse Shaft Breaker			QCB + KK, mash for more hits
Killer Bee Assault			QCB + PP (Can be done in air)

---------------------------- Assist Types ---------------------------

- Alpha -

Partner Assist				Cannon Spike
Counter					Cannon Spike
Variable Hyper Combo			Spin Drive Smasher

- Beta –

Partner Assist				Cannon Drill
Counter					Cannon Drill
Variable Hyper Combo			Spin Drive Smasher

- Gamma – 

Partner Assist				Axel Spin Knuckle
Counter					Axel Spin Knuckle
Variable Hyper Combo			Killer Bee Assault

------------------------------- Combos ------------------------------

Now for the best bit! :) Trust me about these combos, they are all 
do-able I’ve done them myself and I ain’t the best person in the 
world at this game.

Cammy has a maximum Ground Combo of 3 hits without a jump in. These 
can consist of either:-


Then either, HK, HP, Cannon Drill, Cannon Spike or Spin Drive 
Smasher. If you start off the combo with two hits e.g. LP,LP then HK 
cannot be linked except with a dash in, D + HK can be linked but 
where’s the fun in that? 
Cammy has another Launcher, D + HP which I would personally opt for.  
This can be done after any of the above combinations with or without 
dash in.

For extra hits you could start the combo off with a jump in, this 
will gain you an extra 2 hits, jump in LP, LP, (land) LP, LP, D + HK, 
there’s 5 hits with your launcher.

After Launching your opponent Cammy has a Super Jump of 5 hits, which 
consist basically of LP, LK, LP, LK, then for a finisher either HP, 
HK or Cannon Drill. Combining this with the jump in and ground combo 
will give you a combo of 10 hits!!  Doesn’t sound impressive huh? 
Well there are a few little tricks that you can use to increase this 
combo try doing her Launcher (any), then jump with them, and do 
LP, LK, LP (pause for about 1/2 a second) then do LP, LP, hold UP, 
LP, LP, Any finisher e.g. HP. This will give you 13 hits. This may 
sound or look impossible, but trust me it works I’ve done it.  I do 
not know what the exact properties of whether the extra 2 LP hits or 
not are. I’ve tried all sorts of weird things, holding Forward before 
the LP, LP after the 1/2 second pause, dashing in first, they seem to 
work at first but then don’t some other times, if anyone knows how 
this works I’d be grateful if you could mail me (You’ll be credited 
of course :)).

But what if you could get more hits? Well you can, thanks to James 
Chen’s SFGals combo video I downloaded from shoryuken.com  This guy 
is a genius (well in my book anyhow!) :)) He has linked the Killer 
Bee Assault onto it as well.  Now I tried this initially but it never 
hit, the opponent always landed way before she even thought about 
starting her Hyper Combo. But by using a Cannon Drill (HK) it rises 
the opponent to give her enough time to jump back on the wall and hit 
her opponent with it.  I dunno how James Chen thought of this but I’m 
glad he did!  This can give you 18 hits and does loads of damage, and 
it doesn’t stop there, after she slams them down you can do a OTG 
(Off the Ground) combo, dash in D + LK, D + HP and she launches them 
again (Unless they tech roll out). It’s up to you what you do from 
here, you can start the combo all over again, or you can just do a 
plain old Aerial Rave combo.  You can only link this combo twice 
though, after the second Killer Bee Assault she cannot do another OTG 

Other less complicated less fun combos.

4 Hits.

LP, LP, HP, Cannon Drill.

6 Hits.

Jump in LP, LP, (land) LP, LP, HP, Cannon Drill
Jump in LP, LP, (land) LP, LP, D + HK, Cannon Drill.

12 Hits.

LP, LP, HP, Spin Drive Smasher.

14 Hits.

Jump in LP, LP, (land) LP, LP, HP, Spin Drive Smasher

Ok so I lied here’s another complicated one. :)

23 Hit.

Jump in LP, LP, (land) LP, LP, Spin Drive Smasher, dash in,(OTG)
D + LK, D + HP, _^_, LP, LK, LP, Cannon Drill (HK), Killer Bee 
Note: For some reason, during this combo, if the Spin Drive Smasher 
gets them into the corner the OTG combo will not work, or doesn’t 
seem to with me anyhow.

------------------------------ Credits ------------------------------

James Chen. For those wonderful combo videos and inspiration for this 

GameFaqs for hosting this FAQ.

CJayC for having the great idea of creating such an amazing site full 
of all the information that we gamers need! :) 

Capcom for the greatest game I have ever had the pleasure of playing.

Chris MacDonald for his big in-depth FAQ which I used for the names of Cammy’s 
moves. I have the only thing I have taken from another FAQ and that was only 
because I had no idea what the names were.

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