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Boss FAQ by TSmith

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/22/01

Marvel vs. Capcom 2-Boss FAQ v.1.3

This FAQ copyright Tracy Smith 2000.  Marvel characters copyright Marvel
Comics.  Capcom characters copyright Capcom.  Strider Hiryu copyright Moto
Kikaku.  Feel free to copy this FAQ and read it on your own time.  Do not copy
this FAQ and call it your own.  This FAQ is not meant to be seen in a magazine
or any other type of paper media.  Do not sell this FAQ for money.  If you want
to post this FAQ on your site, please e-mail me so I can tell others where else
to find this FAQ.  Do not change the copyright info.  PROPS TO MY MEMORY!!

E-mail: See the bottom of this FAQ.  But don't just scroll down.  Read this
FAQ, please.

This FAQ should only be found at:
My computer (no, it's not hooked up to the Internet)

If you find this thing anywhere else, it's probably a ripped copy.  Go ahead
and laugh at the person who did that, because I nearly flunked English.


I. Introduction
II. Version info
III. So what is that thing supposed to be, anyway?
IV. Strategy, sort of.
V. Credits


I. Introduction

So why am I writing this FAQ, anyway?  One day, someone gave me a free game of
Marvel vs. Capcom 2.  I found out that this game is very friendly to
button-rammers like me.  Sadly, I didn't make it to the final boss.  When I saw
this boss, however, my first reaction was, "Oh my gosh, it's Onslaught with a
makeover."  The Abyss, hearing that thought of mine, promptly showed the
hapless player that he (?) was very different from his predecessor.


II. Version info

1.0-Just getting started.  I'm using my memory, not a Dreamcast, to make this
FAQ. (4/26/00)

1.1-Okay, okay, so I don't read Marvel comics.  Added the TRUE history of the
Abyss, changed my Top 5 list, added a couple more attacks by the Void, and
added a bit more to my strategy section (check it out).  Might not release this
version the day after I'm done, though.  (5/4/00)

1.2-Yes, I finally got around to updating this thing.  The Servbot (Kobun) is
here, and it is just PERFECT for the second form of the Abyss!  Speaking of the
second form of the Abyss, there is one more very interesting way to beat it. 
Just keep in mind that you'll take quite a bit of cheese damage if you attempt
this.  Also added a theory posted by someone about that black ball. . .

1.21-Really, really minor detail overlooked.  Don't scroll down.  Just read the
top if you're that interested. (9/22/00)

1.25-OH, NO!!!!  Ian, wherever you are, if you want a place in my credits
section, please send me your e-mail address!  It somehow got deleted!!

1.3-One of my friends, out of sheer boredom, sent me a LONG e-mail (which is
more or less this update).  Check it out.  Oh, yes, and Rowen, wherever you
are, you're now in the credits. . .but you somehow got deleted out of my
in-box.  If you want your e-mail address in here, please give me a message (and
pray I look at it when I'm not seeing double).  (1/21/01)

III. So what is this thing supposed to be, anyway?

Well. . .I doubt that it came from a Marvel comic.  Looks like some demented
programmer at Capcom (no offense, really) decided to make something that
vaguely resembled one of the statues in a stage in Marvel vs. Capcom (the one
where faces of weird-looking people would randomly show up). . .or so I
thought.  I recently got three different e-mails telling me that the Abyss is
one of the four dark horsemen that worked for the Apocalypse (hmm. . .I wonder
where that freak showed up?  Other games in this series, maybe?).  According to
Matt McD, it (I'm sorry, but that green stage of his sure doesn't remind me of
anything male) was a void that sucked in all hope.  However, I couldn't find
any reference to the Abyss on the offical Marvel site (inbox overflow, here I
come).  Your job is to kick its hole (either one will do).  There are three
stages to Ugly.  The first form is much like Onslaught's first form. Its second
form is its green slime form.  Its third form is also like Onslaught's third
form.  Here is my comparison between the two bosses:

|BOSS NAME:        |         Onslaught         |          Abyss          |
|NUMBER OF FORMS:  |             2             |            3            |
|ATTACKS,          |Laser beam that didn't hit |A projectile in the form |
|FIRST FORM:       |certain ducking characters,|of a horn that is easily |
|                  |bash, sentinel helper,     |avoided, bash, 2-hit     |
|                  |sentinel bombers, Magnetic |close strike, super      |
|                  |Tempest, Magnetic Shockwave|version of its horn,     |
|                  |a hold very similar to     |super laser beam that    |
|                  |Magneto's, teleport which  |hits everyone (Roll      |
|                  |is used in the middle of   |included), super armor,  |
|                  |combos, will occasionally  |teleport, blue balls that|
|                  |tag in a very weak partner.|take some fancy evading. |
|ATTACKS,          |None, as his second form is|Flamethrower, narrow beam|
|SECOND FORM:      |very similar to Abyss'     |wider beam, bubbles that |
|                  |third form.                |hold character, super in |
|                  |                           |which it spins rapidly & |
|                  |                           |sends out slime bullets. |
|ATTACKS,          |Onslaught's "Mighty Hand", |Flames that scroll up,   |
|THIRD FORM        |laser shockwave that will  |flames that scroll side- |
|                  |stay put, radiate, or go   |ways, jump attack (front |
|                  |across the screen, hold    |or back), smaller version|
|                  |like Magneto's.            |of Onslaught's shockwave,|
|                  |                           |more flames (super)      |
|VULNERABLE SPOTS: |First form: Everywhere.    |First form: Everywhere.  |
|                  |Second form: Hand, face.   |Second form: Everywhere. |
|                  |                           |Third form: Everywhere,  |
|                  |                           |and that black ball at   |
|                  |                           |the top of the screen.   |
|MOST ANNOYING     |First form: Teleports away |First form: NOTHING will |
|FEATURE:          |during your combos.        |hit it out of its supers.|
|                  |Second form: Half the time,|Second form: Always knows|
|                  |he's not on screen.        |where you are.           |
|                  |Overall: He's cheesy in all|Third form: It's very    |
|                  |of his forms.              |hard to find (even that  |
|                  |                           |black ball of its).      |
|                  |                           |Overall: Too intellingent|
|                  |                           |(a void with brains).    |


IV. Strategy, sort of

Before I go on, I am not going to do a strategy on individual characters
(unless something weird happens).  Instead, I will name a strategy, and all the
characters I think will best benefit from it.  You can disagree with me, but
unless I do something incredibly stupid (like putting down a projectile for
Zangief), don't e-mail me.  If I have a question mark next to the character, it
means that I have yet to see/play this character against the Abyss.  Oh, yes,
and I will assume two things: first, you know how to play the characters, and
second, you know that when I mention a super, it means the same thing as Hyper

FIRST FORM: Abyss won't take as much damage as normal (Super Armor, you know). 
However, it sacrifices speed for defense, and just about ANYTHING will hit it
(I think the hawks from Strider's Zoo, er, Legion should hit the behemoth).

Strategy No. 1: The Keep-The-Hell-Away-From-My-Character strategy (without
using a super): Cable, Iceman, Marrow (surprised?), Cyclops, Akuma (but be
careful, as Akuma can't take too many hits), Tron Bonne (hehehe) (that ray gun
of hers, and her roundhouse, I think), Megaman, Roll, B.B. Hood (Bulleta),
Sentinel, War Machine, Iron Man, Dr. Doom, Magneto (again, be careful), Storm,
Blackheart, Thanos, Silver Samurai (almost forgot about him).

The only reason why Akuma is here (and not Ryu or Ken) is because his
projectile will travel at an angle when launched from the air.  Ryu and Ken are
better off dishing damage up close and personal.

Strategy No. 2: Go all out on the projectile supers: Everyone above, plus
Morrigan, Ryu, Strider Hiryu, Jin, Ruby Heart, Gambit (I strongly suggest his
Cajun Explosion), Jill, Sakura (if you can get the distance right), Omega Red,
Shuma-Gorath (yes, you are reading correctly), Felicia, Anakaris (but ram on
the buttons, or else you will be in trouble), Kobun (but the timing is
everything!), Charlie, Guile (I guess. . .).

So why isn't Chun-li in here?  The last thing you want to do is to close the
gap between you and the Abyss (which is exactly what her Kikou-shou will do). 
Instead, do her Lightning Kick (I knew that, right, dearie?).

Strategy No. 3: Run up and do as much damage as possible before it decides to
do a move on you: Everyone except Cable and Iceman (these characters will do
best when kept away from Ugly).  Best to finish such combos with a cross-over
(like most uppercuts and a certain dashing slice by Hayato).  Use assists if
you want, but make sure they don't eat a 16-hit bash by the Abyss.  Oh, yes,
and don't accidentally cross-over yourself into the Abyss' green rain (Tracy
tips her hat at Skywalker).

Strategy No. 4: I believe I can fly: Anyone that can hover for a significant
amount of time (like Sentinel).  Just fly and whack the Abyss with "normals"
(skywalker, you'd better know what the heck you're talking about!).

Characters that will do the least good: Zangief (as most of his attacks are
throws), Dan (um, well. . .), Juggernaut (because just about everything will
hit him and cause some damage).

SECOND FORM: The Abyss will melt into green slime.  Please be quick in knocking
it out, since it will laugh like the demented little bastard it is every time
it does a move requiring its gun.

Strategy 1: Stay out of range of its flamethrower, as it will use that move
most often.  Try not to switch out, since its only super does the most damage
up close.  If you think you're good, don't use projectiles.  The green bubbles
will pop if you attack them.  The best helpers are those with any type of
projectile and a lot of spare health.

Strategy 2: If you think you're an expert at timing, pick a character that's
fairly short (like Cammy), crouch right next to the Abyss, and simply jab/kick
away.  The timing part will come when the Abyss tries to "bubble" you or when
it does its super.

Strategy 3: Send in the calvary!  Or, send in the people with fast projectile
assists that go all the way across the screen (did somebody say Cyclops?). 
Time it right, or the Abyss will have a field day with your assistant
(Skywalker, again).

If you have the Servbot (Kobun) in your team, use it.  Servbot is so short that
just about anything that the Abyss fires at it will miss.  Just beware of those
green bubbles and that bullet super.  I saw someone beat the Abyss with Servbot
by having the Servbot call in its buddies.  As for Roll. . .

THIRD FORM: This time, the Abyss is pissed.  It will transform into a really
big red monster.  The background will continuously scroll, so don't get
disoriented.  If you're going for insane score, use lots of supers (as there
will be more hits on the combo meter as usual).  Please note that this form of
Abyss takes the most damage.  Although it may seem random, there is a pattern
to the Abyss' appearances (after it jumps).  Unfortunately, you'll have to
figure this one out on your own, since I'm terrible at recording patterns.  It
seems that the Abyss also has some LAG after it does certan moves (like its
pillar of flame thingie) (Tracy tips her hat to Ian, whose e-mail is currently
missing).  Blast away with something that comes out fast during the lag.  If
you lose, you will be MOCKED!

Strategy No. 1: If you saved up your supers, use them here: Anyone with at
least one super that doesn't require a hit to perform (a bad super would be
Morrigan's Darkness Illusion), or a super that has a fairly fast start-up time,
and very little recovery time (bad recovery time=Captain America's Final
Justice when you miss and Captain Commando's Captain Storm after you hit).

An exception to the strategy above is a well-aimed, powered-up Juggernaut
Headcrush (guess who I'm referring to?).  That should knock off quite a bit of
the Abyss' health.

The most effective super by far has to be a certain someone's Hyper Griper, er,
Viper Beam.  Depending on the damage setting of your machine, that one
oversized laser beam can take off up to 75% of Ugly's health (thanks, Ian). 
The machines I know of sure don't.  Other beam/gun/firearms supers should work
here as well.

Skywalker (next time, e-mail me when you're not delirious) notes that the third
form of the Abyss is SO big that it takes 3-5 times the normal damage (since
all its red parts are considered fair game).  Therefore, Cable is going to do
insane damage, 'cause his laser hits EVERTHING!!

Strategy No. 2: So you're out of supers. . .: Hayato (um. . .Plasma Combo
anyone?), Jill, and anyone else who acts like he/she/it regularly takes
steroids. (The goal here is to fill your super meter as fast as possible while
trying to do the most damage in the least amount of time).

Strategy No. 3: Hit the ball: Anyone with a double/triple jump and halfway
decent damage OR a fast super that can be done in the air (like Psylocke).

Moves that you don't want to do on ALL 3 forms of Abyss: Zangief's Super Atomic
Buster, Rouge's Goodnight, Sugar (I don't think she gains anything), supers
that require a dash or hit to activate (Strider's Ragnarok or Venom's Venom
Web. . .I doubt it, but the dash supers may work on the first form of the
Abyss), Shuma-Gorath's Chaos Dimension (waste of 3 good super levels), any
uppercut super (unless it's the last thing you do).

So what's at the end?  The credits and some pictures.  Boring?  Depends on who
you are.

Oh, and before I go. . .


5. Taunt.  And taunt.  And taunt.  And. . . (this will only apply to those who
can't get enough of Jin/Morrigan's taunt)
4. First form: Go right up to Abyss' face, don't jump/duck, and POKE (a la
3. Second form: Go right up to Abyss' face to attack (you will take massive
amounts of cheese damage).
2. Third form: Keep moving back/forward (either direction is fine)and don't
1. Play as Mech Zangief (it's not that I don't like him. . .it's that he can't

Maybe we're all losers.  Ross Levine has a theory that there is no ending
because the black ball isn't destroyed (if you don't know the ending, go to
your nearest arcade and play the thing until you see it).  I don't know if this
is true or not.  My theory is that Capcom realized that making 56 individual
endings would take too long, so they made one generic ending.


V. Credits

This FAQ was supposed to be very, very, very boring.  You can thank these
people for making sure that this FAQ isn't quite so boring.

Gamefaqs.com, Gameadvice.com, and Gamesdomain.co.uk

For posting this thing.  These sites have FAQs on just about every game in the
known universe (not quite. . .but close enough).  Did you take the Poll of the
Day at Gamefaqs.com yet?

EVERYONE who contributed something to the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 section of

For the moves and move descriptions of everyone (Shinden?  Guren?  WTF?).  Yes,
I DID figure out many of the moves on my own, but I needed help on characters
that no one wanted to play (I figured out what a Viper Beam was but Mille
Phantom?  Like I'M supposed to know what Capcom was thinking when they gave
that move that name?  I have since been informed that all her move names are
supposed to be French).  Before you shake your head, let me remind you that I
needed to know the moves of as many characters as I could remember so that I'd
know what would be effective on Abyss.  I hope I didn't break any laws.

All the arcades who carry this game

This one is obvious. . .

(in alphabetical order): Jack Crow (jack9@crazygrandpa.com), Matt McD
(daslapstick@hotmail.com), Michael Coppolecchia (mcoppolecchia@acclaim.com).
For correcting me on the Abyss. I should have known. . .

Ewymun5007@aol.com, Super Penguin (superpenguins66@hotmail.com), Ebrahim
Makawi(ebrahim89@hotmail.com) and Fergo Fergo (fergo92@hotmail.com) and Ian.
For giving me a few reprimands/strategies.

Ross Levine (rlevine@mn.rr.com)
For an interesting theory. . .

Rowen of the Strata (accidentally erased your e-mail address, too)
For explaining why Ruby Heart's move names are like that.

My dear, dear friends

For giving me most of my Abyss info without realizing it and for letting me bum
off an occasional character.  I can still outdance just about all of you on a
certain song (because you're usually on the floor screaming in pain).

Skywalker, Spamminator, etc. (wanderer3.geo@yahoo.com)

For e-mailing me at 1:15 in the morning, and for all the great advice.  Quit
snickering, because I see you at school, and can probaly sing you to death.


For taking the time to read this thing.

Do you have any questions, comments, or CLEAN jokes?  E-mail me at

Yep, it's the stuff at the bottom of my FAQs.  Enjoy!!

*I make sure that the Abyss has gone back to wherever it came from.  I prepare
to leave, but stop as I hear something strange in one of the sections.  Sure
enough, a certain lunatic with purple flames is duking it out with the Abyss. 
The cardboard cut-out version, that is.  I sigh, get out my keyboard, and send
the purple flame loon back to where he came from.  The burnt cardboard is
trashed, and I make a note to make more of those cardboard cutouts.  Then I
turn to leave. . .*

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