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Venom by Khaotika

Version: 2.4 | Updated: 06/13/00

Khaotika's MvC2 VENOM FAQ 
Version 2.4

Newest version: 6/13/00 
4/27/00, submitted 4/29/00, revised 5/29/00

*Note- this FAQ was completely researched by Khaotika! (Jon) 
<khaotika@earthlink.net> If you quote something from this, please give 
me an email beforehand.

This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
Also at www.khaotika.com/mvc2.html
... If you want to use this for your site...email me first, please.






6-13-00: Added more combos/snapback info/added URL/Added Basic 
Attacks/Fun stuff

5-29-00: Added to everything. Added Table of Contents.

4-29-00: Made some additions and corrections.

4-27-00: Made some minor corrections, added to combos section.

4-12-00: Beefed up the specials info, added more to strategy section.

4-11-00: Totally new.



The basics for this game have remained unchanged since the start of the 
vs. series, only you now have 4 basic buttons and 2 assist buttons. You 
can select the character's assist at the select screen.

To get a strong, you have to press jab, then jab to get a strong. For a 
forward, press short, then short. This only works in combos, however.. 
And you can cross these up as well, like jab to forward, or short to 
strong. The assist buttons call out your other two characters for an 
assisted attack. 

This is the layout:

Joystick------  Jab     Fierce    Assist 1

                Short    Forward   Assist 2

And the key to the moves and combos:

Superjump; SJ; SJump - quickly press down, then up

U- Up
UF- Up-Forward
F- Forward
DF- Down-Forward
D- Down
DB- Down-Back
B- Back
UB- Up-Back

D, DF, F - lists like these tell you to roll from down to forward in one 
motion, then apply the button presses.

XX- cancel (XX into is cancel into)

OTG- on the ground. Means that you can do a combo/move/super while your 
enemy is on the ground.

ASSIST- One of two buttons that will call in your other partners for a 
special quick attack.

SNAPBACK- D, DF, F + Assist button. Tired of your main opponent? Then 
force him out by doing a snapback. Assist 1 will bring in the 2nd 
character, while assist 2 will bring in the 3rd.

DELAYED HYPER COMBOS- This is also the first game where you can cancel 
supers into other supers. For instance, you use Venom Web, then cancel 
before Venom's finished into Tron's Lunch Rush. Both supers will 
connect, and Venom will switch out to Tron. You can also use 3 
supers/characters for this. Experiment with different teams to find a 
Delayed Hyper Combo that suits your characters.

DOUBLE/TRIPLE TEAM- Press both Assist buttons to activate all your 
characters supers. The super the character uses depends on which assist 
you picked. This move uses 2 or 3 bars of the super meter, depending on 
how many characters you still have, or how much super bar has been 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, and if you really don't know how to 
play one of these games by now, then this probably isn't the place to 
start with.... :P



-Venom was first introduced as a living symbiote that was bonded to 
Peter Parker in the Secret Wars, becoming his new Spiderman costume. 
After a bit, the costume tried to control Peter, but it was subdued. 
Soon after, Peter's rival at the Daily Bugle, Eddie Brock, came into 
conatact with the symbiote, and they bonded, since they both had a 
hatred for Parker. This creature is known as Venom, an almost perfect 
meld of symbiote and human. Venom was once a villian, but then turned to 
being a hero of sorts, if not a bizarre and lethal one at that. His 
hatred of Peter/Spiderman has brought him back to the dark side, 
however, and he now resumes his quest to destroy Spiderman once and for 


- For the DC version, hold short and press start. Venom stands up 
straight, and his face peels back  to reveal Eddie Brock saying either 
"Villain" or "Come and Get Us!", complete with cartoon word balloon over 
his head.

- For the arcade version, press start...Duh.


Open animation:
Win 1:
Win 2:
Timeover Loss:


(Jab) Dark Blue (basic color)

(short) Black
(fierce) Yellow-Orange (commonly referred by me as Mustard Venom)
(r.house) Green
(assist 1) Purple

(assist 2) Lite Gray or Lite Purple (varies with people's opinions..)



- Almost all of Venom's attacks involve his living symbiote costume, but 
a few are basic punches and kicks.

stand Jab - Lunging light fist tap. Fair priority.

crouch Jab - Light knee tap. Fair priority.

jumping Jab - Jumping neck tap. Fair priority.

stand Strong - Sweeping open hand uppercut. Launcher. Great priority.

crouch Strong - Crouching diagonal tongue lick. Good reach and priority.

jumping Strong - Jumping diagonal lick. fair priority.

stand Fierce - Giant face lunge. Both of Venom's arms merge with his 
face to form a giant head. Fantastic reach and priority.

crouch Fierce - Crouching giant face lunge. Same as stand, but has a 
shorter reach. Good priority.

jumping Fierce - Jumping twisted tentacle arm. Good priority.

stand Short - Tiny shin kick. Fair priority.

crouch Short - Crouching shin tap. Fair priority.

jumping Short - Jumping neck tap. Good priority. One of his best jump 

stand Forward - Lunging, grasping feeler symbiotes. Hits twice. Great 
priority, good for comboing specials and supers.

crouch Forward - Lunging symbiote dorsal spears. Good priority.

jumping Forward - Jumping bodyspike trap. Great priority, great as a 
followup from a jump in.

stand R.house - Twin twisting diagonal symbiote body cover. Insane 
priority and anti-air.

crouch R.house - Symbiote sweep knockdown. Good priority.

jumping R.house - Jumping Twin full body rotating symbiote body wrap. 2 
hits max. Good as keep away. Good as combo ender or beginner. Great 

Alpha: Venom Fang (fierce version). Very quick, and hits multiple times. 
One of the best assists in the game, period. Has a quick recovery, and 
fits in almost everywhere.

Beta: Venom Rush (short version). Not as quick as Fang, plus leaves 
Venom open a lot more. Not really recommended.

Gamma: Standing strong (launcher). Short range, but great priority. Has 
a quick recovery..but you're better off using the Alpha assist.


-Venom's team supers depend on which assist you picked-

A: Death Bite - Venom's symbiote becomes a deadly wave that carries the 
enemy across the screen for more hits. Fast to activate, and can be used 
in a combo. Best used as part of a beam combo. Great chipping super, and 
it goes with just about everything.

B: Death Bite - See A.

G: (you guessed it..) Death Bite - See A.


Venom Fang: D, DF, F + P (punch pressed determines range) Venom's face 
warps into a giant Venom Face, launching himself at you, going 
downwards. (Jab has short range, fierce has longer range, and hits 
muliple times) Great for anti-air, and pixie characters. Also good for 
countering EVERYTHING, like beams, fireballers, and it comboes with all 
of his regular moves and combos. Use it and ABUSE IT!!

Venom Rush: D, DF, F + K (kick pressed determines reach of symbiote) 
Venom's symbiote pours out from him on the ground, and lunges upwards 
with a few mouths. Short is close range, r.house is a longer range. If 
Venom misses this, prepare for hurt.. it takes him some time to recover 
from this.. Can be used as anti-air, and in certain combos.

Web Throw: F, DF, D, DB, B + P (punch pressed determines angle of 
webbing) Venom sends out a stream of webbing. If caught, he pounds the 
enemy into the ground, back and forth, with this webstream. (Jab is 
straight forward, fierce is at a 45 degree angle) Slow to release, but 
great damage if it connects. You can no longer rotate the pad/stick and 
press buttons for more damage.. Use for an unexpected counter...


Throws: F + Fierce Punch - Venom grabs the opponent and webs them up in 
a cocoon, stunning them for about 1-2 realtime seconds. You can combo 
them afterward.. 

        F or B + R.house Kick - Venom uses his symbiote to slam you to 
the opposite side of the screen. You can combo them afterward, if you 
throw them into the corner and are fast enough...

        F + Fierce Punch - Air Throw. Venom grabs the enemy's head, and 
slams them to the ground. Good priority, and is best used to counter 
jump ins.

Air Dash: F, F in the air. Best used for escape tactics or for 
confusion. Try to use a Venom Fang occasionally to cross them up.

Launcher: Comboed standing strong.

Snapback: Standing fierce animation.


Venom Web: D, DF, F + 2P 
Venom jumps into the center of the screen, launching massive amounts of 
webbing out in a web pattern. If caught, the enemy is snared in a 
coccoon, and Venom performs an auto-combo ending with a Venom Fang. This 
is blockable, and he announces it before doing it, so use it sparingly.. 
Great against fireballers, or as a counter for an enemy's missed move. 
Use this one occasionally, but don't rely on it working everytime.. 
Also, you can use this at the end of an assist, but the timing is 

Death Bite: D, DF, F + 2K 
Basically a souped-up Venom Rush, only this one is like a wave, and 
carries the enemy across the screen for multiple hits. Very useful, but 
not in the corner. Venom's best super, because of it's chip damage, and 
it's comboability.



- Venom is fast, has range, and lots of power. His best uses are for 
ground combos that lead into specials or supers. His standing fierce, 
jumping fierce, and r.house all have very good reach, so you can use 
keep away tactics.. He also has an air dash, which can help you confuse 
your enemies, along with Venom Fangs. Overall, Venom is a counter 
character, but can be a mean combo machine. Most people mistake him for 
a larger Spiderman, but Venom's far from that misconception.

Venom's best assets are his power, his stamina, and his insane priority. 
Venom has uses ranging from keep-away, anti-air, and countering. His 
best move also doubles as the best assist in the game, the Venom Fang. 
Venom Fang is great for ending combos, countering fireballers, and anti-
air. Venom has great air priority, as well as great comboability in the 
air and on the ground. He's been sped up a bit since the first Marvel 
vs. Capcom, so his recovery is quicker than before.

Venom is a large target, so be careful of dialers. Don't use the Venom 
Fang or Venom Rush recklessly, or you will be punished. Venom's about 
power and high health, so don't worry about eating a super, because you 
can probably stage a come back. Venom Web is practically useless, unless 
you use it against fireballers, as a wake up move, or as part of an 
assist. Some assists are harder to combo into, but others are easier. 
Tron's throw is a great setup. Ruby Heart's Sublimation, is also great, 
but wait until the last hit to connect before activation. Assists like 
Ruby Heart's are difficult to judge for a Venom Web, because if you 
screw up the timing, Venom won't complete the entire super. You should 
always keep them guessing with his moves, combos, and supers. Venom is 
great against almost every character in this game, so don't be afraid to 
use him against ANYONE.


1. Crouch r.house, Jab Venom Fang

2. Crouch Fierce, Venom Fang (3 to 7 hits) (in corner)

3. Stand Fierce (enemy in corner), Venom Fang

4. Jump in short, ju forward, stand jab, stand short, stand forward, 
fierce Venom Fang (can be done in or out of corner)(can use jab if in 

5. Jump in short, ju forward, stand jab, stand short, stand forward, XX 
into Death Bite

6. Jump in short, ju forward, crouch jab, crouch strong, Venom Fang

7. Jump in short, ju forward, crouch jab, crouch strong, XX into Death 
Bite (difficult to pull off)

8. Venom Web (enemy ends up in corner), crouch short, stand fierce

9. Venom Web (enemy ends up in corner), crouch short, stand strong

10. Jump in fierce, crouch jab, crouch short, Venom Fang

11. Jump in fierce, crouch jab, crouch short, XX into Death Bite

12. SJump in, Sj jab, short, stand jab, stand strong, sjump, jab, short, 

13. SJump in, Sj jab, short, stand jab, stand strong, sjump, jab, 
strong, fierce

14. SJump in, Sj jab, short, stand jab, stand strong, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, Venom Fang

---- (12-14 can be jumped in with jab, short or with short forward)

15. SJump in, Sj jab, short, stand jab, stand strong, sjump, jab, short, 
forward, fierce

16. SJump in, Sj jab, short, stand jab, stand strong, sjump, jab, short, 
forward, jab Venom Fang

17. Jump in short, forward, crouch short, crouch r.house, short Venom 

18. Crouch r.house, short Venom Rush

19. Jump in short, ji r.house, stand jab, crouch short, Venom Fang

20. Jump in short, ji r.house, stand jab, stand forward, Venom Fang

21. Jump in short, ji forward, stand forward, c. rhouse, XX into Death 

22. Stand r.house, Venom Fang

23. Crouch jab, crouch forward, Venom Fang

24. Crouch jab, stand forward, Venom Fang

25. Stand jab, stand forward, Venom Fang


1st part- Block accordingly, and use jab Venom Fangs as much as 
possible. The Venom Fangs should put you on the other side of his armor, 
also the Fierce punch works well. Be cautious of Venom's lag time and of 
Abyss' supers and charge.

2nd part- Use jumping fierce or r.house a lot, and avoid a lot... Try to 
get in a little close and use the r.house Venom Rush. You can try some 
Jab Venom Fangs as well. The Venom Fangs should cross Abyss up, with 
Venom landing on the other side, and Abyss's attacks facing the opposite 
direction. BE CAREFUL of his super, though!

3rd part- Avoid until you get a clear hit, and use jumping fierce, 
jumping r.house, and small combos.. Venom's supers are practically 
useless, unless his full form is on the screen. Then you can use Death 
Bite for some damage. Try to end all of your combos with Fierce Venom 
Fang, which should put some distance between you and Abyss' attacks.

---What's next??----- 

If you think I'm writing a FAQ against all 56 characters, think again.. 

Next version: Partners for Venom/animations/various other things..

---Fine Print and stuffs----
This FAQ created an copyrighted by Khaotika! (Jon Wilkie)4/11/00, 
updated 4/29/00, 5/29/00, 6/13/00
All Capcom and Marvel characters are copyrighted and trademarked by 
their respective companies... 

Thanks to Game FAQs.com for the wonderful hacked VMU save..

Thanks to everyone at Fighters.net.. 


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