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Tron Bonne by Khaotika

Version: 3.6 | Updated: 07/26/00

Khaotika's MvC2 TRON BONNE FAQ 
Version 3.6

newest revision- 7/26/00
4/12/00, submitted 4/29/00, revised 5/29/00, 6/13/00

*Note- this FAQ was completely researched by Khaotika! (Jon) 
<khaotika@earthlink.net> If you quote something from this, please give 
me an email beforehand.. otherwise see the credits section..

This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
and at www.gamesdomain.co.uk/
Also at www.khaotika.com/mvc2.html
-- If you want to use it on your site..email me first, please.






7-26-00: Added Misc things like a URL/Animations/Translations/some 
partners/more combos.

6-13-00: Added Fun Stuff section/Added URL/Added Basic Attacks/Added a 
TON of combos/added snapback info.

5-29-00: Added more to combo section. Added Table of Contents. Will
probably finish the entire FAQ soon. Updated Move/Super names.. mostly 
because Kao Megura's names are the official ones, and they sound 
better.. Beefed up everything.

4-27-00: Added more to history, strategy. Fixed minor errors..

4-12-00: Added more to history, beefed up special moves info and 

4-11-00: Added more combos, team supers, colors, more info in general.



The basics for this game have remained unchanged since the start of the 
vs. series, only you now have 4 basic buttons and 2 assist buttons. You 
can select the character's assist at the select screen.

To get a strong, you have to press jab, then jab to get a strong. For a 
forward, press short, then short. This only works in combos, however.. 
And you can cross these up as well, like jab to forward, or short to 
strong. The assist buttons call out your other two characters for an 
assisted attack. 

This is the layout:

Joystick------  Jab     Fierce    Assist 1

                Short    Forward   Assist 2

And the key to the moves and combos:

Superjump; SJ; SJump - quickly press down, then up

U- Up
UF- Up-Forward
F- Forward
DF- Down-Forward
D- Down
DB- Down-Back
B- Back
UB- Up-Back

D, DF, F - lists like these tell you to roll from down to forward in one 
motion, then apply the button presses.

DASH - F, F or B, B or 2 punches simultaneously. Character moves faster 
than normal speed. Use it to advance or retreat.

BLOCK - Press joystick/pad away from opponent while they attack. Can 
also be done in midair.

ADVANCING GUARD - While blocking, press 2 punches simultaneously, to 
push back an attacking opponent.

ROLL - B, DB, D + Any punch or kick. - When knocked down, use this to 
prevent follow up attacks.

SAFE FALL/BREAK AWAY - Press joystick/pad in any direction except up + 
Fierce or R.house - You can fall or get away safely from a hold, throw, 
or being knocked out of the air.

VARIABLE COUNTER - D, DB, D + Assist button - While blocking, do this, 
and one of your partners will come out, counter-attacking, and switch 
characters. This uses one level of super meter.

VARIABLE ATTACK - Press jab and short or fierce and r.house to switch 
characters. Characters that have damage will recover the red portion of 
their life while resting.

XX- cancel (XX into is cancel into)

OTG- on the ground. Means that you can use a combo/move/super while the 
enemy is on the ground.

ASSIST- One of two buttons that will call in your other partners for a 
special quick attack.

SNAPBACK- D, DF, F + Assist button. Tired of your main opponent? Then 
force him out by doing a snapback. Assist 1 will bring in the 2nd 
character, while assist 2 will bring in the 3rd.

DELAYED HYPER COMBOS- This is also the first game where you can cancel 
supers into other supers. For instance, you use Venom Web, then cancel 
before Venom's finished into Tron's Lunch Rush. Both supers will 
connect, and Venom will switch out to Tron. You can also use 3 
supers/characters for this. Experiment with different teams to find a 
Delayed Hyper Combo that suits your characters.

DOUBLE/TRIPLE TEAM- Press both Assist buttons to activate all your 
characters supers. The super the character uses depends on which assist 
you picked. This move uses 2 or 3 bars of the super meter, depending on 
how many characters you still have, or how much super bar has been 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, and if you really don't know how to 
play one of these games by now, then this probably isn't the place to 
start with.... :P



-Who is Tron Bonne? - Tron first appeared in the first 3-D Megaman game 
called Megaman Legends (or Rockman Dash in Japan). She is the only 
sister of the Bonne clan of pirates.. Her older brother Teisel and her 
younger brother Bom (also known as Baby Bonne). She's precocious, 
tempermental, and a bit vain.. She never goes anywhere without her Kobun 
helpers present.. She is 15 years old, and will return for Megaman 
Legends 2. She currently stars in her own game, the Misadventures of 
Tron Bonne. She also has a secret crush on Megaman, and had somewhat 
reformed at the end of Legends, but don't expect her to remain on the 
side of good for long.. ;) This is her first appearance in a VS game, or 
a fighting game, for that matter.


- For the DC version, hold short and press start. Tron's mech stands 
still as she steps out of the driver's seat. She puts her hand on her 
cheek, with the other on her hip, and starts laughing at you. The Kobun 
jumps up and down laughing as well.

- For the arcade version, just press the start button.. Duh. :)


-Tron's Mech is actually a smaller version of the Gustaff, a walking 
arsenal she created in the Misadventures of Tron Bonne. This one lacks 
the head, though.

Open animation: Tron and the Gustaff roll on-screen, with the Kobun 
sitting atop one of the hands. She declares "Odakara wa itadaki 
yo!!"/"The treasure is mine!!", and climbs into the Gustaff's seat. The 
Kobun hops down, and waits behind her.

Win 1: Tron poses with the Gustaff, triumphantly, saying "Katta wa!"/"I 
won!" The Kobun jumps for joy.

Win 2: Tron looks back behind her, as a Kobun chef appears, saying 
"Gohan desu yo!"/"Meal time!". She and the Gustaff fall to the ground, 
courtesy of the other 30+ Kobun, scrambling to get a meal. Tron falls on 
her face, looking peeved. 

Timeover Loss: Tron's Gustaff explodes, leaving her on the ground, 
similar to her Win 2 pose. The air around her is filled with smoke, and 
she has soot all over her. The Kobun stands, disappointed and crying.


Intro: "Odakara wa itadaki yo!"/"The treasure is mine!"

Assist: "Onegai.."/"Please.."
Lunch Rush: "Damannasai...Gohan desu yo!"/"Shut up!...Meal time!!"

Victory: "Katta wa!"/"I won!"


- NOTE: Whichever color you pick for Tron, will be the Kobun's 
corresponding color! (ie Fierce Tron/Fierce Kobun)

(Jab) Yellow-Green/ Red-Orange Mech; Lite Purple/Magenta Tron; 
Yellow/Blue/Lite Blue Kobun (basic color)

(short) Cherry Red/Gray Mech; Lite Purple/Red Tron; Yellow/Black/Gray 
(fierce) Blue/Yellow Mech; Lite Purple/Orange Tron; Dull 
Yellow/Pink/Lite Pink Kobun
(r.house) Army Green/Brown Mech; Cream/Brown Tron; Yellow/Turquoise/Lite 
Turquoise Kobun
(assist 1) Black/Yellow-Orange Mech; Gray/Orange Tron; Lite 
Pink/Red/Lite Red Kobun

(assist 2) Pink/Silver Mech; Lite Pink/Pink Tron; Lite Pink/Purple/Lite 
Purple Kobun
(aka the Strawberry Shortcake Tron)



- Tron's basic attacks involve morphing and transforming her mech into 
weapons of destruction...

stand Jab - Poking Mech arm. Fair priority.

crouch Jab - Crouching Mech arm poke. Fair priority.

jumping Jab - Downward fist thrust. Good priority.

stand Strong - Stonebreaker multi-hit thrusting arm. Hits multiple times 
(4 hits max). Great priority. Pulls enemy in.

crouch Strong - Crouching satellite beam. 3 hits. Good priority. Pushes 
enemy away.

jumping Strong - Backhanded energy ball. Hits high. Good priority.

stand Fierce - Double spinning lariat punch. Hits twice, but only in 
corner. Knocks enemy away. Good priority. Has bad recovery if you use it 
outside of a corner.

crouch Fierce - Crouching Firewall. Insane priority and anti-air.

jumping Fierce - Air spinning lariat. Good priority. Good as a combo 
starter and finisher.

stand Short - Double shovel sweep knockdown. 2 hit knockdown, but can be 
interrupted after first hit. Good priority.

crouch Short - Crouching chainsaw blades - backs of arms become 
stability pillars. Great priority. 3 hits max. Can be interrupted.

jumping Short - Jumping double chainsaw blades. Hits diagonally down. 3 
hits max, and can be interrupted. Insane priority, great as a jump in.

stand Forward - Giant diagonal flamethrower. 3 hits max, and can be 
interrupted. Good priority.

crouch Forward - Double spiked yo-yo launch. Lifts up opponent. Good 

jumping Forward - Giant shovel push. Good priority.

stand R.house - Giant rock scoop and throw. Hits twice, if you activate 
close to enemy. Hold button down to hold rock, release to throw, or just 
press r.house once. Priority range differs on where opponent is.

crouch R.house - 4-legged spinning knockdown. Can move a bit while 
activating. Good priority.

jumping R.house - Enormous Rock Piledriver. Hits diagonally down. Good 
for jump ins and combo ending. Great priority.

Alpha/Throw Type: Throw. Has short to medium range.. slow recovery time 
if missed, but is unblockable. Tron jumps out to throw the enemy. She 
basically appears where you were last standing, and tries to throw you. 
Good for starting up a small combo.

Beta/Anti-Air Type: Flamethrower. Comes out fast, and in a diagonally 
upward stream for 3 hits. Great anti-air move. Useful for starting a 
combo as well.

Gamma/Projectile Type: Satellite Beam. Slow to come out, creates a 
small, short pulse at waist below level. Has the ability to stun for 
about 1 real-time second.


-Tron's team supers depend on which assist you picked-

A: Lunch Rush - Probably the best one, because of it's massive chip 
damage.. and that's basically what you want if you've just pressed the 
Assist buttons together..

B: King Kobun - Still has a slow startup, and isn't too effective unless 
you comboed in the super before you pressed the Assist buttons..

G: King Kobun - See B.


Kobun Launch: F, D, DF + P (fires a Kobun from out of the mech, 
parachutes down.) One hit move. Slow to connect. Basically an anti-air 
move, but only good at a distance. Jab throws it lower and close, while 
fierce throws it higher and farther. This can also be used in a combo, 
but beware the recovery.

Beacon Bomb: D, DF, F + P (punch pressed determines angle of beam) has 
short range.. If the sight and beam connects, two Kobun will appear and 
attach to the enemy, holding them in place for a few seconds, allowing 
you to do a follow up attack. Jab is a straight beam, Fierce fires it at 
a 45 degree angle. The Kobun will retreat with red energy crystals which 
basically do nothing to help Tron. Best used to trap the enemy for a 

Bonne Strike: D, DF, F + K (kick pressed depends on how long it lasts) 
can be done in mid air.. Tron's Mech sprouts a drill arm, which drills 
the enemy while moving forward. If it connects, it hits multiple times. 
Good for comboing into, or for decent block damage. Can be a little 
cheap, though.. Press the buttons for more hits. Try to end all your 
combos with this move.


Throw: F+P: Tron's mech turns around and throws the enemy in the other 
direction. Pretty good priority in midair, but the ground one has worse 

Air Dash: F, F in midair. Good for suprise attacks or evasion 

Rock Throw: Standing r.house. Tron's mech produces a boulder, and then 
throws it. You can hold the button to delay the throw, but it will 
eventually throw the boulder. Good wake-up hit, if you connect the 
start-up hit.

Moving Knockdown: Crouch r.house. You can move a short distance while 
doing this move. Use a super or Bonne Strike after this move.

Spining Punch: stand fierce. Hits once, then hits again. Most people 
forget that it hits twice. Use that to your advantage.

Launchers: Crouching Fierce, or DF + Fierce. Tron's mech slams a fist 
down, which creates a pillar of fire, launching the opponent. Great 

Snapback: Standing Fierce animation. Still has the recovery time of a 
normal standing fierce.


Lunch Rush: D, DF, F + 2P 
Tron fires a beacon into the enemy; her main Kobun whistles, and all 39 
Kobun (and 40 makes Tron's Kobun) come marching in over the opponent in 
a lunch rush.. Has close to medium range. The Beacon Bomb used must be 
used up close, and with out the enemy blocking. If it misses, then 
prepare for a world of hurt. Best used in a combo. Notice that Data is 
among the hungry Kobun. The earlier Data appears, the more damage the 
super will cause. (pointed out by Kao Megura)

If you happen to have only one super built up, you can press Assist 1 
and 2 simultaneously to activate the Lunch Rush. You won't need to be in 
range for it, therefore, you can safely use this as a surprise attack, 
or from farther away, or for good chip damage.

King Kobun: D, DB, B + 2P 
Tron goes into her assist animation, bringing out a satellite dish that 
emits a signal. Tron's main Kobun then grows to titantic proportions, 
and smashes the enemy repeatedly with a giant hammer. You can use the 
first hit from the Kobun's growth like Roll or Megaman's Hyper supers, 
knocking the enemy into the rest of the hits... Also best used in a 
combo. Can be used as an anti-air, but it is a bit tricky..This super 
works like an auto combo if it connects.



-Tron is slow but powerful. Most of her moves chain directly into 
others, so try different combinations. Her reach is pretty good, but you 
might be beaten by someone faster than you, so be careful. Her priority 
is great, except when executing a jump in combo, so try to superjump 
beforehand.. Her Bonne Strike can be done in mid-air, and she has an air 
dash forward, so utilize that... Use confusion tactics, and try to use 
everything at your disposal.. Her fierce punch hits twice, and not many 
know that. Use her knockdown (crouching r.house) to set up massive 
damage combos and supers.. but don't use the C.rhouse XX into King Kobun 
too often! Your opponents will expect it and will roll out of the super! 

The best way to use her is as a strategy character. Follow up anything 
that stuns your enemy with a sure fire Bonne Strike or a Super that fits 
in with the combo. Tron's jumping fierce is her best offensive advancing 
move. You should either land a throw, or start a combo that can be 
finished on the ground. Pester the hell out of everyone by using Bonne 
Strikes whenever possible.. works wonders on their concentration!! ;)

Tron can also dish out some insane chip damage with her Bonne Strike, as 
well as the Assist Lunch Rush, so use them in dire situations. Try to 
use the air version insted of the ground Bonne Strike so you can recover 
quicker. Tron has a horrible air game, so keep that in mind when facing 
opponents who excel in the air. Wait for them to come to you. Use 
assists to cover her slow recovery on some of her moves. Also, when you 
DHC into another super with her, you must switch supers at certain 
points. For example: The only way you can DHC her Lunch Rush into your 
next character's super is to start it almost immediately after the Kobun 
appear from off screen. Any later, and you won't be able to cancel. Keep 
in mind that some characters supers are miserable when paired with 
Tron's.. A high hitting super won't combo well with a low to the ground 
one like Lunch Rush. Remember this when choosing assists and teammates.

Omit some hits in the super-jump combos when facing characters that are 
smaller than Captain Commando, because the enemy will fall before you 
can finish the combo. For example, try to just use the weaker hits and 
XX into a Bonne Strike. Speaking of falling characters, use her jumping 
r.house as she falls to possibly stun the enemy again, followed by, you 
guessed it, a Bonne Strike! :D KEEP THEM GUESSING!! Try not to set into 
a predictable pattern. 


-Venom: In addition to his power, and excellent keep-away game, he also 
has his Venom Fang assist, which is useful for covering up mistakes. His 
Venom Web is excellent to delay into a Lunch Rush. He's also pretty 
fast, and a great confuser. A double team with him yields Death Bite, 
which is useful for adding hits to the Lunch Rush. A great choice.

-Sabretooth: Just like Venom, he is quick and powerful. He has great 
specials and supers, as well as a great Alpha assist (Berserker Claw), 
and Beta assist (Birdie Call). His two punch supers help in DHCs for the 
Lunch Rush or King Kobun. Pull a double team with him using his beta and 
Tron's alpha, and watch the energy meter of your enemy disappear!! 
Another great choice.

-Felicia: Just in case you need a faster character to match all the 
pixies, I chose Felicia. She's fast, has some decent specials, and some 
good supers. In fact, her specials can combo into her supers, which can 
lead into some nasty DHCs. Unfortunately, she lacks in defense, and in 
her overall pressure game, because she has short reach on some of her 
moves. The real reason I choose her is to match her Alpha with Tooth's 
Beta, and Tron's Alpha, for a REALLY INSANE triple team..which will give 
very high damage to anyone..even the chip damage is fair..

-Jin: Jin covers Tron very well with his assists, as well as his 
strength and reach. His DHC potential with Tron lacks, but you can make 
up for it with everything else at his disposal. Another good teammate to 
have, especially for backup.

-I'll add more as I experiment! ^_^



1. Jump in R.house, XX into air Bonne Strike 

2. Stand jab, stand strong, XX into Bonne Strike 

3. Stand jab, stand forward, XX into Bonne Strike 

4. Jump in short, jumpin r.house, crouch short, XX into Bonne Strike 

5. Jump in short, jumpin r.house, crouch fierce, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, fierce, XX into R.house (on a big character) 

6. Jump in short, jumpin r.house, crouch fierce, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, air Bonne Strike. (Best air to ground to air combo) 

7. (in corner) Stand Jab, Fierce, Kobun Launch

8. Jump in short, forward, stand short, forward, short Bonne Strike

9. Air Dash over enemy's head, fierce (before landing), stand jab, stand 

10. Jab Beacon Bomb, jab Kobun launch, Bonne Strike when Kobun hits.

11. Jab Beacon Bomb, jab Kobun launch, cr.fierce when Kobun hits, sjump, 
jab, short, strong, forward - end with fierce, r.house or Air Bonne 

12. Jump in jab, strong, stand jab, stand strong, Bonne Strike

13. Jump in short (3 hits), ji r.house, c.rhouse, Bonne Strike

14. Jump in short, ji forward, crouch short, cr. forward, fierce Kobun 

15. Jump in short, ji forward,  Air Bonne Strike


16. Stand jab, stand strong, XX into Lunch Rush 

17. Stand jab, stand forward, XX into Lunch Rush 

18. Stand jab, stand fierce, XX into Lunch Rush 

19. Jump in short, jumpin forward, stand jab, crouch strong, XX into 
Lunch Rush 

20. Crouching short (3 hits), XX into stand forward, XX into Lunch Rush 

21. Jump in short, jumpin forward, stand jab, stand strong, XX into 
Lunch Rush 

22. Stand R.house, XX into Lunch Rush (has to be in close)

 - The trick is to wait until you see the back of the opponent's head in 
the line of fire to activate Lunch Rush. -

23. Throw enemy into corner, r.house Bonne Strike, XX into Lunch Rush

24. (in corner) Jump in short, ju r.house, crouch r.house, r.house Bonne 
Strike, XX into Lunch Rush

25. Jump in short, short, stand jab, stand fierce, XX into Lunch Rush

26. Jump in fierce, stand jab, stand strong, XX into Lunch Rush

27. Jump in short, forward, stand short, forward, short Bonne Strike, XX 
into Lunch Rush

28. Air Dash over enemy's head, fierce (before landing), stand jab, 
stand strong (or forward), XX into Lunch Rush

29. Jab Beacon Bomb, jab Kobun launch, Bonne Strike when Kobun hits, XX 
into Lunch Rush

30. Jump in jab, strong, stand jab, stand strong, Bonne Strike, XX into 
Lunch Rush

31. Jump in short (3 hits), ji r.house, c.rhouse, Bonne Strike, XX into 
Lunch Rush

32. Jump in short (3 hits), ji r.house, stand jab, stand strong - end 
with Lunch Rush, Bonne Strike, or Bonne Strike XX into Lunch Rush

33. Jump in short (3 hits), ji r.house, stand short, stand strong, 
r.house Bonne Strike, XX into Lunch Rush

34. Crouch short, cr. forward, pause, XX into Lunch Rush

 - Shoot at the ankles of the enemy when they are launched. -

35. Jump in short, ji forward, crouch short, cr. forward, pause, XX into 
Lunch Rush


36. Jump in short, jump in forward, stand forward, crouch r.house, XX 
into King Kobun

37. Stand short - 2 hits, XX into King Kobun

38. Jump in jab, ju short, stand jab, crouch forward, XX into King Kobun

39. Crouch short, crouch r.house XX into King Kobun

40. Stand short (2 hits), XX into King Kobun

41. Jab Beacon Bomb, XX into either Lunch Rush or King Kobun

42. Jump in short (3 hits), ji r.house, c.rhouse, XX into King Kobun

43. Jump in short (3 hits), ji r.house, stand short, stand forward, 
c.rhouse XX into King Kobun

44. Jump over enemy and fierce, XX into Lunch Rush or King Kobun


45. Jump over enemy and fierce, snapback.

46. Jump in short (3 hits), stand short, snapback.

47. Jab Beacon Bomb, snapback.

48. Jump in fierce, stand jab, stand strong, snapback.

49. Jump in short, stand short, stand forward, snapback.

50. Stand jab, stand forward, snapback.

51. Jump in jab, ji strong, stand jab, stand strong, snapback.


1st part- Block accordingly, and use the Bonne Strike as much as 
possible. Also, you can try using jumping short, and jump back and forth 
over Abyss' head, but be careful about his charges and supers...
Use her multi-hit moves behind him when he uses his beam super.

2nd part- Use jumping short a lot, and avoid a lot... Use the short 
Bonne Strike if you have time.. Try King Kobun for some decent damage.
Block often, and don't get caught by the bubbles. Use her jumping 
fierce, jab, or short to pop the bubbles.

3rd part- Avoid until you get a clear hit, and use the Bonne Strike and 
King Kobun if you have time.. Jumping fierce works too, but be careful 
of the lag time.. Jumping short works as well, and if you can follow 
anything up with a r.house Bonne Strike, which should put you out of his 

---What's next??----- 

If you think I'm writing a FAQ against all 56 characters, think again.. 

In the next version: More partners for Tron/anything I've forgotten..

---Fine Print and stuffs---- 

This FAQ created and copyrighted by Khaotika! (Jon Wilkie) 3/31/00 , 
revised 4/11/00, 4/12/00, 4/27/00, 4/29/00, 5/29/00, 6/13/00, 7/26/00

All Capcom and Marvel characters are copyrighted and trademarked by 
their respective companies... 

Move names courtesy of Kao Megura's MvC2 guide, also found at 
www.gamefaqs.com. Another thanks to him for the Data information.

Special thanks to CainHakase@aol.com for the voice translations! Once 
again, you saved me! ^_^d

H'lo to Hoe Muffin, who repeatedly refers to my FAQ from his FAQ. Wotta 
guy. :)

Thanks to Game FAQs.com for the wonderful hacked VMU save..

Thanks to Jamie Long of Games Domain for hosting my FAQs!

Thanks to everyone at Fighters.net.. 
Especially BabyBonnieHood and Ug the Caveman for taking the time to 
point out errors and corrections, and just for reading the darn thing!! 


Look for my other MvC2 FAQs: Roll, Venom, Kobun, Ruby Heart, Sabretooth


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