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Roll by Khaotika

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 07/26/00

Khaotika's MvC2 ROLL FAQ 
Version 2.2

Newest revision: 7/26/00

4/27/00, submitted 4/29/00, revised 5/29/00, 6/13/00

*Note- this FAQ was completely researched by Khaotika! (Jon) 
<khaotika@earthlink.net> If you quote something from this, please give 
me an email beforehand..otherwise, see the credits section.

This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com
and at www.gamesdomain.co.uk/
Also at www.khaotika.com/mvc2.html

...If you want to use it for your site, email me first, please.






7-28-00: Added some partners/added translations and animations/fixed and 
revised a few things/more combos

6-13-00: Added basic attacks/another URL/made corrections/added fun 
stuff/snapback info/more combos

5-29-00: Added more everywhere.. Added Table of Contents.

4-29-00: Added a bit more overall, corrected some mistakes.

4-28-00: Added more to strategies and combos section. Fixed some typing 

4-27-00: Totally new.



The basics for this game have remained unchanged since the start of the 
vs. series, only you now have 4 basic buttons and 2 assist buttons. You 
can select the character's assist at the select screen.

To get a strong, you have to press jab, then jab to get a strong. For a 
forward, press short, then short. This only works in combos, however.. 
And you can cross these up as well, like jab to forward, or short to 
strong. The assist buttons call out your other two characters for an 
assisted attack. 

This is the layout:

Joystick------  Jab     Fierce    Assist 1

               Short    R.house   Assist 2

And the key to the moves and combos:

Superjump; SJ; SJump - quickly press down, then up

U- Up
UF- Up-Forward
F- Forward
DF- Down-Forward
D- Down
DB- Down-Back
B- Back
UB- Up-Back

D, DF, F - lists like these tell you to roll from down to forward in one 
motion, then apply the button presses.

DASH - F, F or B, B or 2 punches simultaneously. Character moves faster 
than normal speed. Use it to advance or retreat.

BLOCK - Press joystick/pad away from opponent while they attack. Can 
also be done in midair.

ADVANCING GUARD - While blocking, press 2 punches simultaneously, to 
push back an attacking opponent.

ROLL - B, DB, D + Any punch or kick. - When knocked down, use this to 
prevent follow up attacks.

SAFE FALL/BREAK AWAY - Press joystick/pad in any direction except up + 
Fierce or R.house - You can fall or get away safely from a hold, throw, 
or being knocked out of the air.

VARIABLE COUNTER - D, DB, D + Assist button - While blocking, do this, 
and one of your partners will come out, counter-attacking, and switch 
characters. This uses one level of super meter.

VARIABLE ATTACK - Press jab and short or fierce and r.house to switch 
characters. Characters that have damage will recover the red portion of 
their life while resting.

XX- cancel (XX into is cancel into)

OTG- on the ground. Means that you can continue the combo/move/super 
while the opponent is on the ground.

ASSIST- One of two buttons that will call in your other partners for a 
special quick attack.

SNAPBACK- D, DF, F + Assist button. Tired of your main opponent? Then 
force him out by doing a snapback. Assist 1 will bring in the 2nd 
character, while assist 2 will bring in the 3rd.

DELAYED HYPER COMBOS- This is also the first game where you can cancel 
supers into other supers. For instance, you use Venom Web, then cancel 
before Venom's finished into Tron's Lunch Rush. Both supers will 
connect, and Venom will switch out to Tron. You can also use 3 
supers/characters for this. Experiment with different teams to find a 
Delayed Hyper Combo that suits your characters.

DOUBLE/TRIPLE TEAM- Press both Assist buttons to activate all your 
characters supers. The super the character uses depends on which assist 
you picked. This move uses 2 or 3 bars of the super meter, depending on 
how many characters you still have, or how much super bar has been 

The rest is pretty self-explanatory, and if you really don't know how to 
play one of these games by now, then this probably isn't the place to 
start with.... :P



-Roll is from the Megaman series from Capcom. She is the little sister 
of Megaman (known as Rockman in Japan), and was originally built to be a 
housekeeping robot, by her creator Dr. Light. Fed up with Megaman going 
out to fight the badguys and being left behind to be the housekeeper, 
Roll charges headlong into battle using an old Rock buster attachment, 
an exploding bouquet, and Megaman's long-time helpers Flip-Top (aka 
Eddie), Beat, and Rush. She's here to kick ass and take names!! :)


- For the DC, hold short kick, and press start. Roll poses, tugs on her 
hair ribbon, and says something in Japanese. She used to say "Makenai 
wa!" / "I won't lose!" , but it sounds like something different this 
time. I'll check my sources and get back to this.

- For the arcade, just press start... Duh.


Opening Animation 1: Roll rides in on the back of Rush, jumps off, and 
Rush continues running off-screen. (Parodies Strider)

Open Animation 2: Flies in on Beat, and drops down to the ground. 
(Parodies Strider)

Open Animation 3: Stands, and kicks Flip-Top. She pulls her ribbon, 
saying something, as Flip-Top exits off-screen.

Win 1: Roll's clothes flash for an instant, and then reform into a cute 
little school dress, complete with backpack. She poses. ^_^

Win 2: Megaman trots in, and makes a face at Roll, who cries.

Win 3: Megaman drops down in the Beat Plane, making Roll's skirt flip up 
a bit. She holds it down as Megaman smiles. (PERVERT!!!)

Win 4: Roll poses, crossing one of her arms over the other at the elbow, 
and says something. (I think the speech was removed from this win pose 
for MvC2)

Win 5: Rush appears, and sits next to Roll, as she adapts the pose in 
Win 4. A hologram with Dr.Light emits from Rush, and she replies to the 
hologram. "Yatta ne!"/"I did it!"

Timeover Loss: Roll collapses to the ground, bawling her eyes out. :(

Loss: Roll shrieks, falling to the ground, then evaporates, ala the 
classic 'death' of all the Megaman games.


Jump: Roll holds down her dress, and says "Ecchi!"/"Pervert!"

Crouch: Roll has her hands on her knees, playfully looking at the 

Forward Walk: Roll walks forward, holding her hands near her face, 
looking curious.

Backwards WalK: Roll holds her hands near her body, walking backwards. 
She appears intimidated.


Taunt: /

Assist: "Tasukete!"/"Help me!"

Victory 1: "Yatta ne!"/"I did it!"

Misc speech: "Yamete!"/"Stop it!" (in a cut-it-out way)
             "Konaide!"/"Stay away!" (or "Don't come near!!")

Hyper Roll: "Makenai wa!"/"I won't lose!"


-NOTE: Whatever color you pick, when Megaman appears in Roll's win 
animations, his colors will be the corresponding color. (ie R.house 
Roll/R.house Megaman)

(Jab) Red dress, gray sleeves, with white trim. Blonde hair, green hair 
ribbon (basic color)

(short) Dark gray dress, gray sleeves, white trim. Blonde hair, blue-
green hair ribbon.
 Goth Roll
(fierce) Pink dress, strawberry red sleeves, white trim. Blonde hair, 
red hair ribbon.
 Strawberry Shortcake Roll
(r.house) White dress, blue sleeves, white trim. Blonde hair, white hair 
 Ice Princess Roll
(assist 1) Blue dress, lite blue sleeves, white trim. Blonde hair, blue 
hair ribbon.
 Rhapsody in Blue Roll

(assist 2) Lite blue dress, purple sleeves, white trim, dark skin. Lite 
pink hair, green hair ribbon.
 Random Chaos Roll



- Most of Roll's attacks indicate that she's a passive character, but 
that doesn't mean she won't take it easy on you. ;)

stand Jab - Forward tap. Fair priority.

crouch Jab - Ankle poke. Good priority.

jumping Jab - Jumping poke. Good priority.

stand Strong - Stretching Follow-Through Cross Punch. Good priority.

crouch Strong - crouch version of standing strong. Pops enemy up for any 
additional hits. Good priority.

jumping Strong - jumping version of standing strong. Good priority.

stand Fierce - Swiping slap. Great priority.

crouch Fierce - Diagonally upward Defensive Punch. Fair priority.

jumping Fierce - Jumping Downwards slap. Great priority.

stand Short - Tiny shin kick. Fair priority.

crouch Short - Defensive shin kick. Fair priority.

jumping Short - Jumping tiny kick. Has same animation as standing short. 
Fair priority.

stand Forward - Standing Upper shin kick. Same animation as cr. short. 
Good priority.

crouch Forward - Deep Poking kick. Same animation as jumping r.house. 
Good priority.

jumping Forward - Jumping anger kick. Same animation as stand r.house. 
Good priority.

stand R.house - Standing furious kick. Good priority.

crouch R.house - All purpose ground slide. Moving knockdown. One of her 
more useful attacks. Great priority. Can OTG other moves afterward.

jumping R.house - Jumping horizontal arc cutting kick. Great priority. 
Good as jump in or combo finisher. Stuns enemy momentarily.

Up + jumping R.house - Jumping overhead vertical cutting kick. Great 

*See OTHER MOVES section for more uses of Roll's basic attacks.*

Alpha/Projectile Type: Roll Buster. Fireball move. Pretty quick, but 
hits low, and travels slowly. The best assist, IMO.

Beta/Variety Type: Flower Bouquet. Roll launches an exploding flower 
bouquet. Hits high, but travels slowly. Has to be in close range. REALLY 
horrible assist, because it's slow, and people can see it coming from a 
mile away.. Of course, this also could be useful for using confusion 

Gamma/Balance Type: Same as Beta. You're better off choosing the Alpha 


-Roll's team supers are all the same no matter what assist you pick..-

A: Hyper Roll - The best way to use this is for Roll to lead off the 
team super, because of the initial start up hit. Otherwise, it does less 
than average damage. Does pitiful block damage if blocked. Make sure to 
get the enemy into her electricity beam, for maximum damage.

B: Hyper Roll - See A.

G: Hyper Roll - Again, see A.


Roll Buster: D, DF, F + P (punch pressed determines range) Roll grabs 
her old Rock buster, puts it on her arm, and shoots a fireball about her 
size towards the enemy. Can be done in midair. Jab is a slower fireball, 
while Fierce is a faster fireball. Both of them hit only once, and can 
be used in a combo. Her recovery time is slow, but not painfully slow. 
Can be used in OTG combos.

Flower Bouquet: F, D, DF + P (punch pressed determines height and angle) 
Roll produces a bouquet of flowers which explode on contact; if they 
don't connect, they explode eventually. Jab is a higher angle, but the 
area of contact is short range. Fierce is a lower angle, but the area of 
contact is long range. Really slow, and hard to connect. That and it's 
very, very hard to produce.. 95% percent of the time you try to do this, 
you always get Roll Buster.. 

 - Kao Megura suggests doing the move motion as D, DF, F twice, then 
pressing the punch button. This makes pulling this move off easier.

Item Change: Flip-Top appears, and gives Roll one of three weapons, 
which can be interchanged with different commands. 
-To use these items: D, DB, B + P. For Leaf shield, you have to do the 
motion twice.

IC Rockball: D, DF, F + K. This is the standard item Roll starts out 
with. Roll drops a soccerball out. To use it, you have to kick it. The 
angle of the kick determines the angle of the ball's movement. This hits 
2-4 times depending on the placement and size of the enemy. It flies off 
screen after bouncing around a few times. Useful as a surprise from 
behind, but not too much else. Can be used for OTG combos.

IC Leaf Shield: D, DB, B + K. Roll forms a leaf shield around her. To 
fire it, use D, DB, B+P. This can be used in midair, but this is the 
slowest of the items. A fireball, beam, multi-hit or super move will 
disintegrate the shield. Can be used for OTG combos.

IC Tornado Hold: F, D, DF + K. Roll uses a small gust of wind to pop the 
opponent up. Not as dangerous as before. Jab will get a closer tornado, 
while fierce yields a tornado with a farther reach. Very useful, and can 
be used for OTG combos. It's very difficult for me to pull off for some 
reason, but maybe that's just my controller. Still one her best keepaway 
moves, plus it sets up a good wall for you while you retreat.

- Kao Megura suggests doing the move motion as D, DF, F twice, then 
pressing the kick button. This makes pulling this move off easier.


Throw: F + Fierce Punch - Roll does a body throw, with your opponent. 
This can be done in mid-air, and can be used in a combo. She has one of 
the best throw priorities in the game. 
Jumping R.house: This move will stun your opponent for about one real-
time second. Use this to help out Roll's combo game. This move does 
NOTHING to those with super-armor unless you use a hit before it. (EG: 
Juggernaut/Hulk/Sentinel/Powered up Silver Samurai/Armor Colossus)

Up + jumping R.house: A different kick, that uses a sweeping kick over 
your enemies' heads. Very useful as a jump-in, but so is the regular 

D+r.house (on the ground): Slide: Use this to finish combos, set up 
combos, or for keepaway tactics, followed by a Roll Buster.

Crouching strong: Used after a standing jab, this move will pop your 
enemy up momentarily, allowing for a combo to be used.

Double Jump: Jump up once, and while in the air, jump again. Roll can 
stay in place for this, or use it to change direction in midair. Great 
for screwing up the opponent's timing.

Launchers: Standing r.house or DF + R.house

Snapback: Standing r.house animation.


Hyper Roll: D, DF, F + 2P 
Roll shouts "Makenai wa?", flashes white and grows 3 times her original 
size. A huge bolt of electricity screams out from two electrodes on her 
head, while she fires off a large number of various missles (mini-rush, 
beats, and breast missiles...). This move does slight to no chip damage, 
and she can be knocked out of it very easily. If you connect with the 
initial blast, you'll most likely connect all the other hits. The range 
for the initial hit has increased for MvC2, and is basically 2 and 1 
half Rolls wide. The electricity is the most damaging part, so make sure 
it connects. This is comboable on the ground, and in midair, but does 
less hits.. Best used as a wake-up.

Rush Drill: D, DF, F + 2K 
Roll calls out for Rush, and he converts to a drill vehicle. Roll then 
rides around in this vehicle, which drills the opponent for multiple 
hits. Mash on the buttons and use the joystick to increase the damage. 
This move is slow to start out, but is completely invincible when 
activated. A timer will appear above the super combo gauge, telling you 
how long the super will be active. The recovery time for this move is 
horrible, so only use it in appropriate situations. You can use the 
joystick to make Rush jump up a little bit, but it's better if you 
remain on the ground. You can do a combo after this move finishes in the 
corner if the enemy is launched high enough for you to OTG after their 

Beat Plane: D, DB, B + 2P
Roll calls out for Beat, who then converts into a weird hybrid 
bird/plane. Roll rides in this plane, which fires out fireballs and 
drops miniature bombs. You can use the joystick to control the movement 
of the plane, and mash on the buttons for all the hits. This isn't an 
auto combo, so you must keep pressing buttons. This move can no longer 
be done in midair, which reduces it's effectiveness. Roll can also be 
knocked out of this move at anytime, so be sure that you activate it far 
away; after your enemy recovers from a slow move; and when your enemy 
hasn't got a super prepared to knock you out of it. I only use this move 
for chip damage..otherwise it is almost useless..


STRATEGY: Roll is an incredibly hard character to use effectively. You 
are limited by her short reach, her weak supers, and very little 
priority. However, she does have advantages! Her Roll Buster has a 
reduction in recovery time, as well as her flower bouquet. Beat Plane is 
still a fairly okay way to do some slight chip damage, but Roll has lost 
the ability to do it in midair, and the start up time is slower. Rush 
Drill still hurts, and is still invincible after the start up frames, 
but is horribly slow to pull out. The Hyper Roll is not as useless as 
before, allowing for better use in combos and an increased hit range for 
the initial hit.

Her added double jump helps to create confusion, and it allows Roll a 
safer retreat. Don't overuse her Roll Buster, or you will be punished. 
Roll works better staying on the ground, rather than in the air, but if 
you are forced to jump, use her jab or r.house to keep attackers away.

Other strategies for Roll include her throw. A lot of people hate 
repetitive throwing, but for Roll, it's a survival tactic. She still has 
one of the best throwing priorities in the game, but there are some 
characters who can beat her. Roll is also very weak, but not quite as 
weak as in the last game. She is a little more powerful, and her jumping 
roundhouse will help you tremendously. Utilize her by using a mix of 
keepaway, throw tactics, and taking advantage of missed opportunities. 
Roll's best used as a confusion character. Always keep them guessing and 
use her small size to your advantage!! :)

If you play Roll, and win with her, you'll probably get a ton of 
respect! :) Keep in mind that Roll has very little stamina and power, so 
use a good mix of keepaway and combos. Her supers are usually only 
useful if the enemy misses an attack and leaves them wide open. When you 
use Roll, it's probably a good idea to back off and study your enemy's 
techniques, then go in for the attack. Also, try to pair her up with 
characters that have great assists, and with partners that complement 
her playing style. Most importantly, have fun with her! Roll isn't meant 
to be a serious tournament character, but don't let that stand in the 
way of playing, IMO, one of the most fun characters ever selectable in a 


-Venom: My old Roll partner from MvC1, works just as well, if not better 
with her in this game. Roll can count on solid protection from his Venom 
Fang assist. He also provides brute force, and insane power, plus his 
supers (Venom Web, and occasionally Death Bite), work well with hers. He 
also helps her with his keepaway game, since Roll barely has one 
herself. An all around great partner, IMO.

-Sabretooth: Just about the same as Venom. His Alpha assist (Berserker 
Claw), helps pop the enemies up into useful range, while his Beta assist 
(Birdie Call), helps protect Roll from overhead attacks while she 
advances. Sabretooth is fairly quick for a big guy, and has nasty 
specials and supers to back up his speed and power. He also helps to 
link Roll's supers with his, especially his punch supers..both are great 
for activating the Hyper Roll. Another solid choice.

-Jin: Always underated, Jin helps out tremendously with Roll. Both his 
Beta (Dynamite) and Alpha (Cyclone) are great protection and anti-air. 
He has great reach and power, and is generally a incredibly reliable 
fighter. The double team/triple team supers with him and Roll together 
are lacking, however, since the success depends on which assist you pick 
for Jin. Also, unless you use Beat Plane or Rush Drill, you cannot DHC 
Jin's most powerful super, the Saotome Cyclone. Nonetheless, you can 
link the other two supers. Again, a very good choice as a teammate.

-Jill: I really don't play Jill too often, but she has a remarkable 
keep-away game, where Roll doesn't. Her assists are great, especially 
her Shoulder Rush and the Herb of Healing, in case Roll's in a pinch. 
One great aspect is that both Hyper Roll and Hyper Shoulder Rush (I 
forget the actual name), if activated as a double team, will GUARANTEE 
all hits from both supers, if activated at the right time.. A fair 
choice of partners..

-More partners as I experiment more! ^_^


-NOTE: Some of the c.jab, c.strong, stand r.house combos WILL NOT 
connect against some characters..some of them will be able to miss the 
r.house, and the combo counter will stop.


1. Jump in short, ji forward, stand jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, 
short, strong, forward, -- end with: r.house, u + r.house, fierce, or 
Roll Buster

2. Jump in short, ji forward, stand jab, stand forward, crouch r.house, 
Roll Buster.

3. Same as above, only activate Leaf Shield, then fire at the end 
instead of using Roll Buster.

4. Jump in short, ji forward, stand short, forward, crouch r.house, Roll 

5. Jump in jab, fierce, stand jab, stand fierce, Roll Buster.

6. Crouch jab, crouch strong, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, strong, 
forward, -- end with: fierce, r.house, u + r.house, or Roll Buster.

7. Jump in jab, ji short, dash jab, stand forward, stand fierce, Roll 

8. Jump in jab, ji short, stand jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, forward, jump again, jab, short, Roll Buster.

9. Jump in jab, ji strong, stand jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, forward, air throw.

10. Jump in jab, ji forward, dash jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, 
forward, jump, jab, short, fierce.

11. Jump in jab, fierce, c.jab, c.strong, stand r.house, sjump, jab, 
short, strong, forward, -- end with fierce, r.house, u + r.house, air 
throw, or Roll Buster.


12. (Enemy in corner), Jump in short, ji forward, stand jab, stand 
r.house, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, XX into Hyper Roll.

13. (Enemy in corner), Rush Drill, stand short, r.house, sjump, jab, 
short, strong, forward, -- end with: fierce, r.house, u+r.house, or Roll 

14. (Enemy in corner), activate Leaf Shield, Jump in jab, fierce, stand 
short, crouch r.house, fire Leaf Shield, XX into Hyper Roll.

15. Jump in jab, ji strong, ji fierce, dash jab, strong, fierce, Roll 
Buster. (on medium to larger characters.) (Get them into a corner.) 
(Omit jumping strong on smaller characters.)

16. (Enemy in corner) Jump in jab, fierce, c.jab, c.strong, stand 
r.house, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, jump, jab, short, Roll 
Buster XX into Hyper Roll.

17. (Enemy in corner) Jump in jab, fierce, c.jab, c.strong, stand 
r.house, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, jump, jab, short, strong, 
forward, -- end with fierce, r.house, u + r.house, or Roll Buster.


18. Crouch jab, crouch strong, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, XX into 
Hyper Roll.

19. Jump in jab, ji short, stand jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, 
XX into Hyper Roll.

20. Crouch jab, crouch strong, XX into Hyper Roll. (Hard to connect)

21. Jump in jab, fierce, stand fierce, crouch r.house, Roll Buster, 
immediately XX into Hyper Roll. (This is really hard to pull off, but is 
best used in a corner.)

22. Jump in jab, ji short, stand jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, short, 
strong, forward, jump again, jab, short, XX into Hyper Roll.

23. Jump in jab, ji short, stand jab, stand r.house, sjump, jab, strong, 
pause for half a second, short, jump again, jab, short, XX into Hyper 
Roll. (works on only medium to large size characters) 

24. Crouch R.house, jab Tornado Hold, immediately XX into Hyper Roll.

25. (Enemy in corner) Jump in jab, short, dash jab, short, c.rhouse, -- 
end with Roll Buster or Roll Buster XX into Hyper Roll.

26. Jump in jab, fierce, c.jab, c.strong, stand r.house, sjump, jab, 
short, forward, jump, jab, short, XX into Hyper Roll.


27. Jump in jab, strong, dash jab, snapback.

28. Jump in jab, fierce, dash jab, snapback.

29. Jump in jab, r.house, dash jab, snapback.

30. Stand short, snapback.

31. Crouch jab, c. short, snapback. (Won't work on certain characters)

- NOTE - On the air Hyper Roll combos: The best way for these to connect 
is to activate it when the enemy is above Roll's waist. You should be 
able to get all the hits when it connects.

-ROLL'S SEMI-INFINITE: Yes, she has an infinite... sort of. I've only 
tested this on the training mode though.. everyone else keeps rolling 
out of it. ;P

-Get opponent into corner - Jump in jab, ji strong, stand jab, stand 
r.house, sjump, jab, short, strong, forward, air throw, - land before 
they do, stand fierce, stand r.house, sjump, and repeat.

-This works on most size characters, but won't on some heavier 
characters that land before you do. Of course, this won't work if they 
roll or tech hit the throw. Not really a TRUE infinite, but if your 
opponent is incompetent, take advantage of his ignorance.. ^_^


1st part- This part will give you trouble, because of Roll's defense and 
power problems. Block accordingly, and use small combos. Sjump when he 
charges or uses his beam super. Try a Rush Drill occasionally, but be 
careful of retaliation. Avoid staying in one place for too long. Try a 
Beat Plane from behind him when he uses his beam super. Fierces will 
help you build your super meter for that purpose, and for the next part.

2nd part- The easy part for Roll. :) Stay low and use jab,strong combos. 
Or you can fire off fierce Roll Busters. Roll can duck the laser, but 
will take damage if you block. DO NOT JUMP AT HIM UNDER ANY 
CIRCUMSTANCE! Try to use Beat Plane or Rush Drill for some extra hits. 
Use Roll's jab to pop the bubbles. Be very careful of his large laser 
and of his spinning beam super. This part will take off a lot of damage 
if any of it's attacks connect..

3rd part- Difficult, but not impossible. Use small jumping combos at 
your discretion. You can try to use Hyper Roll, but only if you get 
behind Abyss. Beat Plane will work, but remember that you can be easily 
knocked out of it. Overall, be very cautious, and wait for openings. 
Once again, use fierces to build up your super meter, and try to get 
behind him every time he reforms.

---What's next??----- 

If you think I'm writing a FAQ against all 56 characters, think again.. 
:) Actually, since Roll is a hard character to master, I just might..

Next version: More partners for Roll/a possible vs. characters 
list/anything else I've forgotten..

---Fine Print and stuffs---- 

This FAQ created by Khaotika! (Jon Wilkie) 4/27/00, updated 4/29/00, 
5/29/00, 6/13/00, 7/26/00. All Capcom and Marvel characters are 
copyrighted and trademarked by their respective companies... 

All the cute names for Roll's pallete swaps were created by me. If I see 
them in other FAQs, I'll know where you stole them from..

Thanks to Kao Megura for helping out with those difficult moves. :)

Huge Thanks to CainHakase@aol.com for the translations! I'd be lost 
without you. ^_^v

Kudos to you for trying out one of the more difficult to use characters 
in this game!

Thanks to Game FAQs.com for the wonderful hacked VMU save..

Thanks go out to Dogshell for his wonderful Roll page! 

Thanks to Jamie Long of Games Domain for hosting my FAQs!

Thanks to everyone at Fighters.net.. 
Especially Roll's Daddy! We are the number one Roll supporters
on F.Net!!


Look for my other MvC2 FAQS: Venom, Tron, Kobun, Ruby Heart, Sabretooth


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