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Guile by J.K.N.-DRamas

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 04/26/00

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2: New Age of Heroes
FAQ Version 0.1 (Last updated 04.26.00)
FAQ © 2000 The Notorious J.K.N. (ranchanny@aol.com)
FAQ © 2000 The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)

GUILE FAQ © 2000 The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)
Name: Guile
Original Series: Street Fighter II
Recent Appearances: GQ (haha)
Personal Nickname:

Version Updates:
0.1 - (04.26.00) - Sections 1 to 12 completed.




This FAQ assumes you are the first player with your character facing to the 

B - Back
F - Forward
U - Up
D - Down

U* - Up* (i.e. UB - Up and Back)
D* - Down* (i.e. DB - Down and Back)
T* - Tap* (i.e. TB - Tap Back)
H* - Hold* (i.e. HB - Hold Back)

WP - Weak Punch
WK - Weak Kick
FP - Fierce Punch
FK - Fierce Kick
AA - Assist A
AB - Assist B

* ; * - In Series (i.e. WP ; WK - Weak Punch, then Weak 
* + * - Simultaneous (i.e. FP + FK - Fierce Punch and 
Fierce Kick)


After a long absence from the video game scene, Guile finally makes his much 
anticipated return in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, commemorating the year 2000 with a 
bang! Back due to popular demand, he has been updated to fit the modern style 
of combat and is better than ever. He still sports his trademark hairstyle and 
returns with moves from his old arsenal. This just goes to show die-hard fans 
that things never really change; they just get updated.

Guile is an extremely well-balanced character with average size, speed, 
strength, and reach. He stands at a little under half of the height of the 
screen with his fists held up and close to his body in a tight boxing stance. 
When crouching, he lowers himself to about one third of the height of the 
screen. He rests one knee on the floor and keeps his fists up, maintaining his 
boxing stance.

When walking, he either hops forward or backward with both feet. He has a fast 
walking speed and maintains his boxing stance by keeping both fists up. His 
dash, both forward and backward, is very quick and reaches about two thirds of 
the length of the screen. When dashing forward, he lunges quickly and goes 
into a forward roll. When dashing backwards, he simply jumps back. He is quite 
manueverable in the air but has no extra abilities such as an air dash or an 
extra jump.

Guile, because of his average strength, both deals out and takes a decent 
amount of damage. Considering his speed and ability to combo rather well, this 
often gives him the advantage during a match. As a balanced character, he does 
not need to rely on a single strategy and does 
well in almost every aspect of the game. Probably the best thing about Guile, 
and other characters like him, is that he has very little to no drawbacks.


WP - green (jungle camo)
WK - blue
FP - cream (light desert camo)
FK - brown (desert camo)
AA - green (jungle camo), dark-skinned Guile
AB - grey, dark-skinned Guile


Entrance - Guile sizes up his opponent. With one hand on his hips, he looks at 
his opponent and rotates the other arm twice, saying, "I'm impressed."

Win - Guile has three different win animations. For the first, he places one 
hand on his hips and beams a mocking smile at his fallen opponent as he raises 
the other arm, flexing and showing off his muscular form. For the second, he 
turns to the players and places both hands on his hips, his dog-tags glinting 
momentarily. For the last, he pulls out a comb and fixes his hair. Then, he 
puts the comb away and, facing the players, places both hands on his hips.

Win (time) - Guile turns his head away and mockingly salutes to his opponent.

Loss or Tie (time) - Guile buries his face into one hand in disappointment.


Guile momentarily straightens out. He places one hand on his hips and, as he 
rotates the other arm once, says, "Too easy."


WP - Guile jabs quickly with the front fist. It is a short range attack with 
good speed.

WK - Guile pivots on the front leg and quickly does a low kick with the back 
leg. Like his standing WP, this is a very close range attack.

B + WK - Guile hops forward a little, travelling about one sixth of the 
distance of the screen, and extends his knee in an attack. Despite the fact 
that this move does as much damage as a fierce, it is practically useless. No 
hits can be chained either before or after it. Therefore, it serves no purpose 
in terms of combos. Plus, it doesn't have enough speed or range to catch 
anyone by surprise. Because Guile hops forward, he will be closer to the 
opponent and will be open to a counter-attack if it is blocked. Never use this 
in a serious match!

FP - Guile's back foot steps back a little as his front fist hooks upward in a 
close range uppercut. It has about as much range as the standing WP and does a 
fair amount of damage.

B + FP - Guile punches straight forward with his back fist. This fierce attack 
comes out pretty fast and has good range, reaching about one third across the 
length of the screen.

F + FP - Guile pivots on his front leg, spinning back and unleashing a long 
range backhand. This move is fast considering its range, reaching almost half 
of the length of the screen. Does a good amount of damage and is good for 
catching opponents by surprise.

FK - Guile pivots on his front leg as he does a high, spinning roundhouse kick 
with the back leg. This move reaches up to Guile's height, but it has very 
little horizontal range, about as much as the standing WP.

B + FK - Guile hops forward as he executes a spinning back kick. This move has 
good speed and excellent range, reaching over one third of the length of the 

F + FK - Guile flips over and kicks with a sweeping motion while upside down. 
It's visually impressive considering he's upside down when kicking. It reaches 
a little under one third of the length of the screen and, like his other 
fierce attacks, has decent speed.


D + WP - This is a crouching version of Guile's standing WP. He simply jabs 
with the front fist for a quick, short range attack.

D + WK - Guile kicks low for a quick attack with good range. It reaches about 
one fourth of the distance of the screen and hits if the opponent is not 
blocking low. Because of its speed, range, and ability to hit low, this is an 
excellent opener for combos and is highly recommended.

D + FP - Guile straightens out all the way as he punches up, unleashing a 
fierce uppercut. It doesn't have much horizontal range and, if it hits, will 
launch the opponent into the air.

D + FK - Guile executes two sweep kicks in a row. First, he sweeps forward 
with the back leg, reaching almost one third of the length of the screen. 
Then, he plants the foot down and, continuing the momentum of his spin, 
executes a reverse sweep with the other leg, reaching a 
little over one third of the length of the screen. Each kick, which hits if 
the opponent is not 
blocking low, does half of the damage of a fierce attack and knocks the 
opponent to the ground. If the first kick hits, it will knock the opponent to 
the ground, and the second kick will automaticaly hit the fallen opponent, 
unless he manages to roll out of harm's way. After the 
second hit, the opponent will roll away automatically. Because Guile is 
essentially doing two 
moves, it takes him a while to execute both kicks. In some cases, this leaves 
him wide open to attacks. Luckily, you can snap him out of it and prevent him 
from doing the second sweep by executing a special move, either a Sonic Boom 
or a Somersault Kick, immediately after the first sweep. Use a Sonic Boom on a 
far away opponent or a Somersault Kick on an opponent jumping in at you. It's 
a great fail-safe ability on an already excellent double sweep attack.


WP (in air) - Guile jabs quickly diagonally downwards. It is a fast, short 
range attack.

WK (in air) - Guile tucks his feet in and strikes diagonally downwards with an 
extended knee. It's quick but is an extremely close range attack.

U + WK (in air) - Guile straightens out both legs and, with one leg extended 
straight down, kicks diagonally upwards with the other. Like the other aerial 
weak attacks, it's quick but has very little horizontal range.

FP (in air) - This is a more powerful version of Guile's WP in the air. He 
quickly winds back before punching diagonally downwards. A powerful punch, it 
is just as fast as WP and has as much range.

U + FP (in air) - Like the regular FP in the air, this short range move is 
both fast and strong. However, instead of punching, Guile chops diagonally 
downwards with the other hand.

FK (in air) - Guile kicks straight across, extending his leg to its full 
extent. This move has good speed and has the best horizontal range in Guile's 
aerial arsenal.

B or F + FP (while near opponent) - Guile grabs the opponent and flips him 
overhead, tossing him across the entire length of the screen. Use this if the 
opponent is getting a little too close for comfort and you need the room. It 
puts a lot of distance between you and your opponent and gives you time while 
he is getting up from the ground.

B or F + FK (while near opponent) - Guile grabs the opponent and turns him 
around. With arms secured around the opponent's mid-section, Guile executes a 
suplex. The opponent hits the ground and, as Guile releases, bounces across 
the entire length of the screen, recovering in the air. 
This is Guile's old suplex move, but it isn't too good because it allows the 
opponent to recover 
in mid-air.

B or F + FP (while near opponent in air) - Guile intercepts the opponent in 
the air, wrapping an arm around his mid-section, and forcefully throws him 
back down to the ground.

B or F + FK (while near opponent in air) - Guile grabs the opponent and holds 
on to him as they fall back to the ground. Right before landing, Guile places 
the opponent over a shoulder and executes a backbreaker as they hit the 
ground. Guile then drops the opponent down. The opponent 
will be vulnerable for a brief moment because he will be on the ground right 
next to Guile, and 
it is possible to punish him with something before he can get up. A crouching 
kick, either WK or FK, can hit, but it won't set up for much because the 
opponent will automatically roll away after one hit. I suggest executing the 
hyper combo Somersault Strike. If you time it right, you 
can send your opponent reeling with a nice unblockable hyper combo.


Sonic Boom - HB ; F + Any P
Guile swings both arms before him in a pincer-like motion, sending two arcs of 
energy spiraling towards the opponent. Both WP and FP do equal amounts of 
damage and differ only in speed. WP sends a slow projectile while FP sends a 
faster one. Because of the charge time required for this move, you should use 
it sparingly. Use it once in a while to keep opponents on their toes or tack 
it at the end of a ground combo. It comes out pretty fast and has very little 
recovery time. However, be sure to never get into a projectile battle when 
using Guile. You won't stand a chance against characters whose projectiles do 
not require charge time. 

Somersault Kick (a.k.a. Flash Kick) - HD ; U + Any K
Guile jumps forward, quickly flipping back and kicking with an extended foot. 
As he kicks, he sends a crescent of energy soaring through the air diagonally 
upwards for a second hit. The crescent of energy sails all the way up and 
across, but it does minimal damage by itself. The move has limited horizontal 
range, but is an excellent anti-air defense. FK sends Guile as high as a 
regular jump and will make him land about halfway across the screen. WK does a 
little less damage and has a little less range, both vertically and 
horizontally. The actual kick itself comes out very fast, but the move has 
considerable recovery time. Guile will be vulnerable on 
his way back to the ground. Use it primarily as a defensive move on an 
opponent jumping in at you, or chain it at the end of a ground combo.

Anti-Air Somersault Kick - (in air) TD ; TU + Any K
This is the aerial version of Guile's Somersault Kick. If you perform this 
during a regular jump, Guile will be vulnerable on his way back to the ground. 
Because of this recovery time and moment of extreme vulnerability, try not to 
use this during a regular jump. There are better things you can do in the air 
to take advantage of openings or repel airborne opponents. You can use FK or 
simply block. It's better than leaving yourself momentarily open. Luckily, 
when done during a super jump, Guile recovers almost instantly after the kick. 
This is better used during a super jump because it's fast and does not leave 
Guile open. This is also chainable to combos. So, feel free to use this rather 
than a regular move to end an aerial rave for some extra damage.


Sonic Hurricane - D ; DF ; F + 2 Punches
Guile winds back with both arms and brings them both before him in a pincer-
like motion, as if he were to throw a Sonic Boom. A huge disc of energy then 
forms and spins around Guile as he remains in the "pincer" stance. This move 
reaches about two thirds across the length of the screen and, whether it hits 
or is blocked, draws the opponent in with its whirlwind motion. It actually 
comes out pretty fast and does solid damage. It's highly chainable, and a 
simple opener for it can be WP ; WP. Tack it on to the end of a ground combo 
for a devastating unblockable hyper combo or use its speed to take advantage 
of openings.

Somersault Strike - D ; DB ; B + 2 Kicks
This is a souped up version of Guile's Somersault Kick. He executes three 
Somersault Kicks in a row as he traverses the length of the screen. Guile 
barely leaves the ground for the first two, releasing a crescent of energy 
with each kick, and soars up for the third, this time creating two energy 
crescents with the third kick. This move has decent speed and does a good 
amount of damage. As with all "wave" hyper combos, this will eventually hit 
from a distance away, but it is most effective when used at close range. As a 
matter of fact, it is also highly chainable. You can open for it simply with 
WK ; WK. It will also hit if the opponent is on the ground. So, feel free to 
use it immediately after the first sweep of crouching FK (D + FK) or any other 
time the opponent is on the ground right next to you. Be careful, though, if 
you are blocked because this move has an ample amount of recovery time, as 
Guile will be vulnerable on his way back down 
to the ground after the third kick. Use it only to take advantage of openings 
or combo into it 
for a deadly offensive strike.

Crossfire Assault - (in air) D ; DF ; F + 2 Kicks
While in mid-air, Guile first tucks his arms and legs close to his body and 
then quickly dashes forward, reaching about three fourths across the length of 
the screen. If he hits the opponent, he will quickly execute a series of moves 
and end the combo with an Anti-Air Somersault Kick. If this move misses or is 
blocked, Guile will come out of the dash and simply drop down to the ground, 
carrying some of the forward momentum of the dash. Although Guile will be 
vulnerable on his way back to the ground, this is usually not a problem. If 
the opponent is airborne, then he will usually not be able to retaliate with 
much until he gets back on the ground, giving you enough time to recover. Like 
the other two hyper combos, this is also chainable. You can combine it with a 
combo by using it at the end of an aerial rave, or you can use it by itself to 
catch opponents by surprise. Not only can you catch aerial opponents by 
surprise, you can even surprise grounded opponents with this. While at a 
distance away from an opponent on the ground, execute this move at the moment 
right before you land since Guile will be low enough to hit. Because of 
Guile's lack of an aerial dash, the opponent will most likely not expect to be 
hit by anything until Guile is on the ground. If the opponent does block, it 
won't take Guile too long to recover since he is so near to the ground. 
However, because this is a surprise tactic, use it 


Alpha - Somersault Kick
Dual/Triple Hyper Combo - Somersault Strike
Guile hops in front of his ally and quickly does a Somersault Kick. This is a 
pretty good defensive assist move, especially against opponents jumping in at 
you. Although it does reach as much as halfway across the screen, it's not 
very good when used offensively. Guile will be vulnerable on his way back to 
the ground after the Somersault Kick and momentarily upon landing.

Beta - Sonic Boom
Dual/Triple Hyper Combo - Sonic Hurricane
Guile steps in directly behind his ally and throws a Sonic Boom. This is 
useful because it gives Guile's ally a projectile attack if he doesn't already 
have one or an extra projectile attack if he does. As with all projectile 
moves, this has multiple uses.

Gamma - Sonic Boom
Dual/Triple Hyper Combo - Sonic Hurricane
This is the same as Guile's Beta assist type. As far as I can tell, there 
seems to be no difference between the two. It just comes down to preference, 
whether you want a green or blue life bar.


The combination of Guile's speed, strength, and toughness makes him an 
excellent character. As an average character, he does not rely on a single 
strategy but provides a balance. He can be both defensive, relying on his 
Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick to keep opponents at bay, and offensive, 
utilizing his speed, strength, and ability to combo well for a deadly assault. 
The best way to use him, then, is to balance out your battle strategy. Switch 
around between offensive and defensive tactics to keep your opponents on their 

In terms of combos, Guile is actually pretty good. He can chain up to three 
regular hits on the ground (for example, WP ; WP ; FP) and up to five regular 
hits in the air. You can extend any of his combos and do extra damage by 
tacking on a special move, such as a Sonic Boom or a Somersault Kick, at the 
end of each combo. When jumping in at an opponent, he can connect an average 
of two hits (I suggest using WP ; FP) before landing on the ground. This, of 
course, depends on the size of the opponent. When you take Guile's strength 
into consideration, it means that even his simple combos can do some serious 

One thing to keep in mind when using Guile is to constantly charge for his 
special moves. Whenever you have the chance, hold B to charge for Sonic Boom, 
D to charge for Somersault Kick, or DB to charge for both. Even while you're 
in the middle of a combo, you should be charging for a special move. You never 
know when you're going to need or want to use them. It's better to have 
something at your disposal when you want to use it rather than realize a lost 
opportunity at the last moment. Even if you end up not using a special move, 
charging for it won't cost you anything. It won't leave you open or waste your 
time. As a matter of fact, when you block an 
opponent's attack, remember that you are already charging a special move. 
Blocking high charges for a Sonic Boom while blocking low charges for both 
Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick. 

Because of their speed and ability to be chained to combos, Guile's hyper 
combos can be especially punishing to opponents. They can each be used by 
themselves to catch opponents by surprise and do good amounts of damage. 
However, like Guile himself, they can also be used both 
offensively, chained at the end of a regular combo, and defensively, taking 
advantage of momentary openings left by opponents. Because of the new game 
engine that allows multiple hyper combos to be linked together, this can be 
especially lethal. Combo into one of Guile's hyper combos and link several 
others to it for a devastating offensive assault or severely punish an 
opponent for leaving himself momentarily open with several linked hyper 


Against Abyss' first form, you have to be on the defensive, constantly 
blocking his attacks. As soon as Abyss finishes an attack and there is an 
opening, execute a simple four hit ground combo. You can do this easily with 
HB + WP ; HB + WP ; HB + FP ; F + FP (Sonic Boom). Guile 
will do three regular hits and then throw a Sonic Boom. The reason why you 
should hold B while doing the three hits is to charge the Sonic Boom so that 
you can immediately throw it right after the third hit. This works best when 
Abyss is right next to Guile. If there is a little distance between Guile and 
Abyss, use HDB + WK ; HDB + WK ; HDB + FK ; (immediately after first FK sweep) 
F + FP. Once again, Guile will do three regular hits and then throw a Sonic 
Because of the range of Guile's crouching kicks, this combo works better than 
the previous one if Abyss is a distance away from Guile. However, you have to 
be sure to throw the Sonic Boom immediately after the first sweep of Guile's 
crouching FK. The second sweep is too slow, and Abyss will nail you if you 
don't stop it by throwing a Sonic Boom. If you doeverything correctly, you 
should only lose about half of your life bar from chip damage.

Against Abyss' second form, there isn't much Guile can do. Just stay as far 
away from Abyss as you can and bombard him with Sonic Booms. Time your 
projectiles so that they won't be canceled out by Abyss' flamethrower. While 
holding B to charge your Sonic Boom, wait until he finishes his flamethrower 
move and then immediately throw a Sonic Boom. If at least one of Guile's 
allies has a projectile assist move, feel free to call on that ally for an 
extra projectile attack.

Against Abyss' third form,  stand near Abyss' midsection as the match begins. 
Then, jump up and do a simple, 3 hit aerial rave (for example, WP ; WP ; FP). 
When you land, be on the defensive. If Abyss melts into the ground and leaves 
the orb near you, quickly dash to the other side of it 
if you can. Be on the defensive, but if the flames start rising on the other 
side of it, you are 
free to punish Abyss with up to three aerial raves. If you can't do this, then 
be on the defensive and be patient. Wait until Abyss resurfaces near you. If 
he's close enough, dash in towards his midsection, jump up, and execute an 
aerial rave. Once on the ground, be on the defensive again. Repeat this 
process until you win. If you want, you can execute Guile's Somersault Strike 
hyper combo if you find yourself standing near Abyss' head right after he 
resurfaces. This does a good amount of damage and is usually safe because its 
forward motion leaves Guile behind Abyss after the move is finished.



FAQ © 2000 The Notorious J.K.N. (ranchanny@aol.com)
FAQ © 2000 The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)

No portion of this FAQ can be replicated or reproduced without our consent. 
Thank you for not resorting to cowardly tactics. If you need to use something, 
simply ask or give us due credit.

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