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Guile by t-bob

Updated: 05/20/00

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Guile FAQ.
by t-bob (tyler@mimic.ca)
Last updated: 5/20/00

Quick note: this is a pretty raw FAQ of Guile, and will probably grow as I
play more (but more likely, it won't because I'm lazy).  This is a good FAQ
for beginning Guile players.  You medium- or advanced-level Guile players will
find this document of little or no use.  Also, I'm assuming that you'll be
familiar with the terminology used in this guide.  If you're not, refer to
CJayC's or Kao Megura's MvC2 FAQs (up on Gamefaqs) or any general VS. FAQ to
clarify whatever's confusing you.  That aside, on with the show.

1. intro / changes
2. miscellaneous junk
3. command moves
4. special moves
5. hyper combos
6. combos
7. closing


Though mostly absent from Capcom games since Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (he
was in only the EX games and SFA3), Guile is definitly back on the map in
MvC2.  The only significant changes have been to his supers (obviously).  His
command moves have changed as well due to the new button layout, but they're
all intact.  Possibly his most valuable new asset is his in-air somersault
kick: same button input, but no 2-second charge.  It makes for great air
defense (under the right cirumstances) and a very nice air combo finisher.
Don't be mislead though: due to the vastly different game engines of MvC2 and
EX or Alpha games, Guile's "feel" is completely new. Players familiar with
X-Men vs. Street Fighter or Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Charlie
will feel more at home with Guile, though the two have their differences.

Guile's damage rating is standard; that is, he does not take more (i.e.
Akuma) or less (i.e. Juggernaut) damage from attacks than normal.

Launcher: Crouching Fierce / DF+FP (same animation)

Snapback move: Spinning Back Knuckle (F+FP)

Ground Magic Series: Weak to Strong
Jumping Magic Series: Weak to Strong
Super Jump (Air Combo) Magic Series: Zig-Zag
Super Jump (Air Combo) Finishers: Roundhouse, Air Somersault Kick

Assist Types:
Alpha: Anit-Air Type - Somersault Kick / Somersault Strike
Beta:  Projectile Type - Sonic Boom / Sonic Hurricane
Gamma: Balance Type - Sonic Boom / Sonic Hurricane
- As far as assist types go, Guile's picks are a real quandry.  Alpha type is
  far better for normal assists, but worthless for Dual- or Tri-Supers.
  And, while Beta and Gamma types have the Sonic Hurricane's superiority
  going for them, a Sonic Boom as an assist as rather pitiful.  I prefer
  Alpha as I do Delayed Hyper Combos more than the Dual or Tri ones, and I
  like having the somersault kick there on demand.  I recommend you try both
  and see which suits you more.  NOTE: I havn't found any difference between
  Guile's Beta and Gamma types, which leaves me wondering: why couldn't Gamma
  be Somersault Kick / Sonic Hurricane?  *GRRRR*

Normal moves worth noting:

Crouching Fierce - As noted before, Guile's launcher.  Its range is short, but
it easily combos off a standing or crouching jab or short (but more on that
in the combos section).

Crouching Short - Possibly Guile's best combo starter.  Fast, and great range
to boot.  You'll be opening a lot of combos with a dashing crouching short.

Crouching Roundhouse - Remember how Guile's Roundhouse is actually two kicks?
He swings once, spins, and comes around with the other leg.  Originally, if
the first hit, the second would whiff, and if the first missed or was blocked,
the second still had a chance of hitting.  That's been changed a little.
Now, when the first kick hits, the second will OTG your oppenent if they
don't roll away... BUT (big but) while they're still OTG, you can cancel into
a super (Sonic Hurricane or Somersault Strike, either will connect for a few

RK Air Throw: Guile's good old backbreaker midair throw.  You can OTG after
this now.

Spinning Back Knuckle - F+FP
- Can be cancelled into a Sonic Hurricane or a Somersault Strike.

Straight Punch - B+FP
- Same as Spinning Back Knuckle

Upside-Down Kick - F+RK
- Can be performed in the air (will finish air combos).

Hop Kick - B+HK
- It looks like it, but it's a high attack, not an overhead.

Bazooka Knee - B+SK
- This can be chained into, but after you perform it, your combo's over.  So,
  don't bother with it.

Sonic Boom - Charge B, F+P
- With all the D, DF, F+P fireballs out there, this won't do you much good in
  a firefight.  It has its place in combos though (more on that in the combo
  section).  Also, you can use the Sonic Boom to "put pressure" on the
  opponent.  A Jab Sonic Boom moves across the screen so slowly that you can
  easily catch up with it and try a combo.  I like to jump in just as the Boom
  is about to hit, so they block high, then just as the Boom is hitting, open
  a combo with a low strike.  This may sound cheap, but the number of times
  you'll actually be able to pull this off are rather few.

Somersault Kick - Charge D, U+K
- Good air defense as it pushes the other player away even if they block it.
  Be wary of beam supers though.  Like the Sonic Boom, it's good in combos.

Air Somersault Kick - In mid-air, D, U+K
- This will be a bread-and-butter move for your air combos.  Probably Guile's
  best air combo finisher.  Like the ground Somersault Kick, it's good air
  defense; it's tricky, but you can jump and immediately cancel into this move
  to get a similar effect.  Be even more careful with this than the ground
  version.  Guile will be vulnerable all the way to the ground, so use it at
  extremely low altitudes, or make sure it hits (or prepare to eat a super or
  two... or three).

Sonic Hurricane - D, DF, F+PP
- Unlike Charlie's super-sonic-boom-type-move (whatever it's called), this is
  one gigantic sonic boom that stays in place for the duration of the super.
  Probably Guile's best super.  It has a range of about 2/3 of the screen and
  can be easily cancelled into via a ground combo for great damage.  Not only
  that, but it has the advantage that beam supers do in that it has quick
  startup and convers a lot of ground, forcing your opponent to block.  To
  round it all out, the recovery time on this move is minimal.  You'll learn
  to love the Sonic Hurricane.

Somersault Strike - D, DB, B+KK
- This is pretty much the same as Charlie's super of (I believe) the same
  name.  Not very useful on its own, it can be cancelled into through a ground
  combo.  Be careful with this, as Guile will wind up vulnerable and right
  next to his opponent if this is blocked (can you say "suck it down?").  It
  has slightly faster startup than the Sonic Hurricane, but it's still not as

Crossfire Assault - In mid-air, D, DF, F+KK
- Think Chun-Li's Shichisei Senkuu Kyaku from MvC, except not as damaging.
  Like Chun's super, this is best tacked on at the end of an air combo.
  However, unless you time it just right, this CAN be blocked.  In my
  experience, it gets blocked about 1/3 of the time for whatever reason (I
  think I'm not activating it quick enough).  I prefer to just go ahead and do
  it most of the time, but if you're trying to come from behind and have to
  make every use of super meter count, you're better off ending the air combo
  with an Air Somersault Kick.  Also like Chun's "Air Raging Demon" (as some
  have dubbed it :) the Crossfire Assault can hit bigger characters on the
  ground.  Use it to punish the big guys if the whiff with something (i.e.
  hopping over a Juggernaut Earthquake Punch and quickly performing a
  Crossfire Assault).

Since this is more of a "basic" FAQ, these combos are pretty simple.  Learn
these, and you'll have a good base of combos to mix it up with.

D.C. Short, Short, Roundhouse XX Sonic Hurricane
- simpe OTG combo for good damage.  A Somersault Strike works too.

D.S. Jab, Fierce XX Sonic Hurricane OR Somersault Strike
- If you're close enough, you can do the Strong punch too.

D.S. Short, Roundhouse XX Sonic Hurricane OR Somersault Strike
- Same as above, you can add the Forward kick if you're close.

D.C. Short, Fierce, /\, Jab, Short, Jab, Short, Fierce, (F+)Roundhouse
                      or "     "     "     "  , Crossfire Assault
                      or "     "     "     "  , Air Somersault Kick
- Be sure to dash in close so the crouching fierce connects.  If you go for
  the Forward kick (that is, tap Short a second time), it can often push the
  oppenent too far away, so don't.  You might be able to do the second two
  combos after a Fierce, but I'm not sure.

D. Jab or Short, C. Fierce, /\ (see air combos above).

Jump, Jab, \/ S. Short, Short XX Somersault Strike OR Sonic Hurricane
- the second kick will push the opponent away too far for a launch.  Be sure
  to do the cancel quickly.

Jump, begin charging back, Jab, \/ Jab, Fierce XX Sonic Boom
- If your opponent blocks the Fierce, the Sonic Boom will push them back a
  little more, making this combo pretty safe.

Jump, begin charging down, Jab, \/ C. Short, Short, XX Somersault Kick
- You can do this with two crounching punches too.  Same as above, the
  special move at the end will push the opponent away if blocked.

Roundhouse Air Throw, C. Short, Roundhouse XX Sonic Hurricane
- A little tricky, but doable.

As you can see, Guile is a combo machine.  His ability to finish pretty much
any ground combo with a super will prove to be his best asset.  Be sure to
use it.

Anyway, that should get you started with Guile.  If you work those techniques
well, you'll be able to whoop some ass.  As stated by many before me, Guile
will most likely prove to be a powerful and key character in MvC2.

Thanks to CJayC for writing such a great MvC2 FAQ (which I took most of the
move names from).


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