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Sakura by Edwin.C

Version: 2.8 | Updated: 06/19/00

Marvel Vs Capcom 2: Sakura FAQ

Version 1.0 - April 24 2000 - The Beginning
Version 1.5 - April 26 2000 - Major update on most sections!
Version 1.7 - April 29 2000 - Finished the section on defeating Abyss.
Version 2.0 - May 5 2000    - Corrected some major errors here and there.
Added in a few facts about Abyss and also a little note about her
Midare Zakura super.
Version 2.3 - May 19 2000   - Major update once again. Added a new section
called Fun Stuff. Changed the name of Evil Sakura to Hiyakeshita Sakura.
Version 2.5 - May 24 2000   - Added MAJOR combos and team names. If you want
to be a pro in using Sakura in MvsC2 then read the combos section NOW!
Version 2.6 - June 12 2000  - Even more comboes added.
Version 2.7 - June 14 2000  - INFINITE MOVE ADDED!!!!
Version 2.8 - June 19 2000  - Updates on most sections once again.

Created on April 24 2000 by Edwin "Shinji" Chow


1:  Intro
2:  Legend
3:  Normal Attacks
4:  Throws
5:  Movelist
6:  Combos
7:  Assists
8:  Strategies
9:  Win Poses
10: Colour Guide
11: Defeating Abyss
12: Fun Stuff
13: Credits


1 - INTRO:

I've have been playing MvsC2 in the arcade(I don't own a Dreamcast.) for
quite some time now. I just keep wandering- Why do people just like to use
Spiderman or Wolverine so much? So much so that all other characters are
neglected. Are they really that good? Well, I think it is high time someone
step stepped to put a stop to this and kick Spiderman's and Wolverine's

Sakura is an excellent fighter in all areas. Most people are "afraid" to use
her due to the fact that she plays differently from other Shotokans. Her
punches and kicks are very unique (not like Shotokan-style attack) and hence
even her moves are different.

I must admit that it takes time to really get to "master" Sakura. But then
again practice makes perfect.



D = Down
DF = Down-Forward
F = Forward
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
P = Any Punch
LP = Light Punch
HP = Heavy Punch
PP = Both Punches
K = Any Kick
LK = Light Kick
HK = Heavy Kick
KK = Both Kicks
dp = Dragon Punch (f, d, df)
rdp = Reversed Dragon Punch (b, d, db)
qcf = Quarter Circle Forward (d, df, f)
qcb = Quarter Circle Back (d, db, b)
PA = Partner A (the higher partner)
PB = Partner B (the lower partner)



LP = A weak, straight punch with very little range.

HP = Sakura places her two arms together and swings them diagonally, just
     like someone swinging an axe.

LK = A short ranged kick.

HK = A straight kick that carries quite a range.

Jumping LP = Sakura uses her palm to attack.. Short-ranged and at a diagonal

Jumping HP = Double-hand chop aiming downwards.

Jumping LK = A straight kick that has A LOT OF RANGE. Use this move often
             when Sakura jumps.

Jumping HK = Weird looking kick at an angle of 45 degrees downwards. Never
             ever use this move. Unless you want to eat an air combo or two.

Ducking LK = A short ranged kick(again...) to the shin of the opponent. THIS

Ducking HK = Looks just like Ryu's.

Ducking LP = More or less the same as the standing LP except with a ducking

Ducking HP = An uppercut. Launcher. Air combo starter.

Forward HK(Flower kick) = An overhead. Sakura moves her leg up in an
n-shaped movement and lands it one the opponents head.

Aerial Rave Launches: D + HP, DF + HK, LK -> LK



Sleeper Hold(fw+HP) = Rapid button throw.

Usagigeri (Rabbit Kick)(fw + HK) = Sakura climbs to
the opponent's chest, turns around and kicks him away.



Note: There are 2 types of Sakuras-the normal Sakura and the
Hiyakeshita(Sunburned) Sakura. I'll separate the movelists of both of them.


QCF+P:  Shououken(Cherry Blossom Punch)

Sakura charges an enemy with a blue field in front of her. If it connects,
it will result in 7 hits. If blocked, Sakura just bounces away.  The field
will absorb most projectiles.  Also, when absorbing, her dash is slowed
downed. This move can be done in air or on the ground. LP version of
Shououken does the same damage as the HP version and has less startup and
recovery time.

QCB+P:  Hadoken (Wave Movement Punch)

Sakura shoots a big projectile diagonally upwards. LP version has almost
zero range, while the HP version goes a long way. ) HP
Hadouken is a decent anti-air move which can stop jump-ins cold

QCB+K:  Shunpu Kyaku(Spring Breeze Kick)

Sakura lifts off in a hurricane kick. LK is a little hop, while HK flies
you across the screen. Time this move correctly.


QCF+PP:  Midare Zakura(Cherry "Storm?" Riot)

Sakura dashes forward and lets the opponent eat about 15-17 hits worth of
beatdown that ends with a Shoryuken.
*NOTE(by KronoVortx@aol.com):*
This move can connect during a partner assist. Most auto combos
(Cable's Time Warp, Rogue's Goodnight Sugar etc) will only cause one hit
if used when a partner assist connects. But strangely though, it seems
that only Sakura's work in such a situation.

QCB+PP:  Shinkuu Hadouken(Shaking Sky Wave Movement Punch)

Must be on ground.  Sakura fires off 10 long-range projectiles. Useless due
to the fact that it is aimed upwards. An extremely good move to use on the
3rd form of Abyss though.

QCB+KK:  Haru Ichi-Ban(Spring's First Storm/Number One Storm of Spring)

Sakura takes off straight up with several hurricane kicks. Remember
STRAIGHT UP NOT FORWARD. Another point to take note is that Sakura's legs
are not very long.

RDP+LK: Hiyakeshita Sakura Transformation

Uses 3 Hyper Combo levels


QCF+P:  Hadouken(Wave Movement Punch)

Sakura fires off a projectile, this time horizontally.  The distance the
projectile travels depends on the strength of the button used.

QCB+K:  Shunpu Kyaku(Spring Breeze Kick)

Same as normal Sakura's.

DP+P:  Shououken(Cherry Blossom Punch)

Another dashing attack that ends in a dragon punch, except that the
energy barrier is only present in the air version of this move.

DP+PP or KK: Ashura Senkuu (Asura Warp) (Forward)

Same as Akuma's(Gouki's). This move moves through supers too! I've once
escape a triple team super with this move! Boy, was that guy pissed off!

RDP+PP or KK: Ashura Senkuu (Asura Warp) (Backwards)

Same as above except that Sakura teleports backwards this time.


QCF+PP:  Shinkuu Hadouken(Shaking Sky Wave Movement Punch)

Unlike normal Sakura's, this one is a horizontal blast just like Ryu's. Use
it often in combos and to deal block damage.

QCF+KK:  Midare Zakura(Cherry "Storm?" Riot)

Exactly like normal Sakura's.
*NOTE(by KronoVortx@aol.com):*
This move can connect during a partner assist. Most auto combos
(Cable's Time Warp, Rogue's Goodnight Sugar etc) will only cause one hit
if used when a partner assist connects. But strangely though, it seems
that only Sakura's work in such a situation.

QCB+KK:  Haru Ichi-Ban(Spring's First Storm/Number One Storm of Spring)

Same as normal Sakura's

LP -> LP -> F -> LK -> HP: Shun Goku Satsu (Imprisoning Death Flash)
(uses 3 Hyper Combo levels)

The raging demon. 'Nuff said.

RDP+LK: Normal Sakura Transformation

Uses 3 Hyper Combo levels



Note: These combos work for both dark and normal Sakuras.

Air Combos:


-LP, LP, Shououken/Hadouken


Ground Combos:

-Jump HP, LP, LP, Shououken/Hadouken, Shinkuu Hadouken

-LK, Senpyuu Kyaku

-Ducking LK, Ducking LK, Ducking HK


-Jumping LK, Jumping HP, Dashing Crouching LK, Dashing Crouching HP,
Super Jump LP, LK, LK, Light Senpuu Kyaku, LP, Light Shououken

-D + LK -> D + LK -> QCF+P -> QCB+KK

-Jumping HK/HP, Light Senpu Kyaku(still in air), low LK, Low HK,
Low LK(OTG),...The next part depends on wether you're normal or
sunburned Sakura.

Normal: ...standing HP, Hadoken cancel into Shinku Hadoken.

Sumburned: ...standing HK, Hadouken cancel into Shinku Hadoken.

-LP -> LP -> Shououken -> Shinkuu Hadouken ->
Cammy's Arial Super (Maximum Cammy)->OTG Cammy games*

*Note: You must have Cammy in your team for this combo to work.

-(Normal Sakura) Jumping LP x 2-> Ducking LK x 2 -> Ducking HK
->H.Sakura Morph-> Ducking LK(OTG)-> Standing HK -> Hadouken
->Shinkuu Hadouken**
**Note: This is the BEST Sakura combo I've done so far. Hits 32 times
and reduces your opponent's life meter by 60%!

-(Normal Sakura) Jumping LP x 2-> Ducking LK x 2 -> Ducking HK
->Ducking LK(OTG)-> Standing HK ->Shououken->Shinkuu Hadouken
-> Cancel into Dr. Doom's QCF+KK Super (40++ hits!)

-(Hiyakeshita Sakura) Jumping HK -> Standing LK -> Standing HK
-> Hadouken-> Shun Goku Satsu!(Your opponent will not have time to

-jumping LP, LK-Shunpu Kyaku, (land) dashing LP, LK, (S.Jump) LP,
LK, LK, LK-Shunpuu Kyaku, HP, HK, (land) ducking LK (OTG), ducking LK
,HK (14 hits)

-jumping LP, LK-Shunpu Kyaku, (land) dashing LP, LK, (S.Jump) LP,
LK, LP, LK, LK-Shunpuu Kyaku, HP air-throw,
(land) dashing-ducking HK (OTG), Midare Sakura (18 hits, 85% damage)

-jumping LP, HP, (land) dashing LP, LK, (S.Jump) LP, LK, LK,
LK-Shunpuu Kyaku, HP air-throw, (land) dashing-ducking LK (OTG), ducking
HP, (S.Jump) LP, LP, LP-Shououken

-standing LK, LK, (S.Jump) LP, LK, LK, LK-Shunpuu Kyaku, HP air-throw,
(land) dashing-ducking LK (OTG), ducking HP, (S.Jump) LP, LP,
LP-Shououken, repeat to juggle the opponent to an infinite!*
*NOTE:* This is possible only if the opponent doesn't do a recovery

-(Hiyakeshita Sakura) Jumping HK -> Standing LK -> Standing HK
-> Hadouken-> Midare Zakura -> Cancel into Dan's Otoko Michi (95% damage!)

(Hiyakeshita Sakura) Jumping HK -> LK Shunpu Kyaku -> Dashing LP -> LP ->
HP -> Hadouken -> Shinkuu Hadouken

(Normal Sakura)LK -> LK -> Hadouken -> Shinkuu Hadouken

HP -> Midare Zakura

Jumping HK -> LK Shunpu Kyaku -> Dashing LK -> HP -> LK Shunpu Kyaku

Jumping HP -> Dashing LK -> Haru Ichiban

(Hiyakeshita Sakura) Jumping HK -> LK Shunpu Kyaku -> Dashing LK -> HP ->
Hadouken -> Midare Zakura

(After launcher) LP -> LK -> LP -> LK -> Shououken

Jumping LP -> Jumping HK -> LP Shououken

Jumping LP -> Jumping LK -> (jump toward again after landing) Jumping LP ->
Jumping LK -> Jumping LK -> LP Hadouken
Note:  Try this one on tall characters only.

INFINITE MOVE:(Opponent trapped in corner)jump LP, jump LK, jump HP,
(still in air)LK Shunpuu Kyaku, repeat...

Download the movie featuring this infinite here:

More to come...



Assist Type
   Alpha: Dash Type - Shououken / Haru Ichiban
   Beta:  Projectile Type - Hadouken / Shinkuu Hadouken
   Gamma: Balance Type- Shunpu Kyaku / Midare Zakura



1) A normal two-hit jump in, followed by a pop-up, a quick air-combo, then
fished off with a light Hurricane Kick, if it's done REALLY fast, Sakura
will be slightly above the guy in mid-air. Then add another hit, by
simply pressing HP and finishing the combo there.

2) Sakura is not an air combo freak like Spiderman. Try your best to make
your opponent stay on the ground where your chances of winning increases.

3) Tag Sakura with the right partners(and with the right partner
assists). Good examples are Iceman, Cable and Ryu. Always make
sure you have a partner with a beam-like team assist move(e.g Cable's
Viper Beam). Call out that partner as often as possible and use him/her
to deal damage and as a combo starter.

4) You might want to use her flower kick once and a while on an opponent who
is getting up as he/she will MOST PROBABLY be guarding downwards.

5) Against air combo happy characters like Spiderman and Wolverine - Oh
great...this is going to be a tough match. Turtle around(I know there
are many people out there who hate turtlers. I myself am one of them.
But then again in such a situation, you have no choice but to do so.).
Be defensive(But not TOO DEFENSIVE.). Push your opponent away whenever
possible. Air combo happy players will USUALLY do very little to defend
against themselves. Use this to your advantage.
Here's a little tip: Team assist-> combo -> super move -> repeat...^_^

6) You might want to try out this team: Sakura, Dan, Ryu. To me this is an
extrememly challenging team due to the fact that only Ryu is considered
the "easy one" to use.(This is not really a strategy, but I'll just add
it here just for fun.)

7) Don't always rely on the Hiyakeshita Sakura morph too much. Why? Well
here are the reasons:
-The morph takes up 3 levels of your super meter. You might as well
do a triple team super to dish out damage.
-By the time you charge up your super meter to level 3, your "normal"
Sakura(and perhaps even her team partners) will be dead.
-"Normal" Sakura's Shououken has a protective blue shield both in air and on
the ground while Hiyakeshita Sakura only has it in the air.

8) Another tip is to use the LP version of her Shououken on the ground a
lot. It has a lot of protection and it has very little delay on it, as well
as flipping Sakura backwards a bit; thus protecting you from 
Also, if you do a LP Shououken on a opponent who blocks it, quickly do it
again, usually you'll catch them trying to counter-attack and the you can
quickly link it into a super. At the very worst you'll end up being blocked
again and safe from attack.

9) Midare Zakura will connect fully on the Third form of Abyss, just as long
as he is in the large demon form. Most auto-combos simply won't work, but
the Midare Zakura acts like normal. Guess all her Shotokan training finally
paid off.^_^

10) Sometimes a LK Shunpu Kyaku will make you hop over smaller characters 
are ducking. Just make sure you use a Projectile assist for protection



-Fist up in air, skirt flapping(panties showing...hee...hee...), laughing.

-Her friend runs out and they both do THE SAKURA SWAY (hips waving back and
forth, dreamy look in eyes) together.

-Two kicks, stance and SCREAM!
    =Same kicks, stance, and scream, but her shoe flies off, bounces on her
     head and shoulder, then lands on the ground.

-Her friend runs out carry a school bag. She then falls causing Sakura to
have that sorry look on her face.

Another trick returning from MSHvSF are Sakura's selectable win poses.
They are as follows:

  LP  Sakura lifts an arm up while laughing, with cherry blossoms falling
      around her.
  LK  Sakura sways back and forth, doing a little dance.
  HP  Sakura throws several kicks while yelling, and her shoe flies off
      and hits her in the head.
  HK  Sakura rubs her nose and then waves her hand while saying
      "Konna toko da ne!"  (That's the way it should be done!)
  PP  Same as her HP pose, but her shoe stays on.
  KK  This one works in two ways--normally, Kei (her friend), will run
      on-screen, trip, and fall over, while a shocked Sakura watches on.
      However, if you performed a Hyper Combo or Variable Combination
      during the battle, or if you hit your opponent with Sakura's
      taunt, then Kei will run up to Sakura and the two will start
      doing her LK dance moves.



(Gloves & Shoes)/Skirt/Tie | (Dark Colors have Tan Skin)
LP: Red/Blue/Yellow       | Black/Navy Blue/Red
HP: White/Dk. Green/Yellow| Black/Dk.Green/Red
PA: Yellow/Blue/Pink     | Black/Blue/Red
LK: Purple/Black/Pink     | Black/Black/Blood Red
HK: White/Red/Lemon       | Black/Red/Blood Red
PB: Tan/Tan/Lemon        | Black/Dk. Grey/Red



Abyss was a character taken from the X-Men comic crossover about 5
years ago called "Age of Apocalypse." Abyss was one of the 4 Horsemen
of Apocalypse, and he consumed human being's hope and joy. Really a sick
and twisted individual. Quoted as saying "Tell me, do you spit out your
gum when its lost all of its flavor?" after completely consuming a child's
hope, then spitting it out. Besides being somewhat elastic, he pulls people
into an abyss inside of his body.

Form 1

  Don't waste your super meter by morphing into Hiyakeshita Sakura. Use it
on supers to dish out damage.(Might as well as Abyss cannot block.) Always
super jump to Abyss's back and combo from there. Try not to make him face
you. If you must, do a short combo then block. Do not disencouraged with
the block damage.(It's quite high.) Watch out for his two supers. His
first super makes spear-like projectiles rain from the sky, while his
second(look out for that blue light that forms near his head before
he does this super) fires a thick blue beam from his chest area.

Form 2

  I recommend that you morph into Hiyakeshita Sakura. Do two air Hadoukens
then block. Another way is to keep doing Hadoukens on the ground and charge
up your super meter. The moment it is full, do a Shinkuu Hadouken. Watch out
for those huge green bubbles that appear once and a while. To avoid them
just simply duck down or hit them. If you DO get hit by them, rotate the
joystick rapidly.
*IMPORTANT NOTE:* Never ever get get close to Abyss when he is in this form.
Attack him with projectiles and long-range attacks.

Form 3
NOTE: This strategy works for both Sakuras.

  Do not be frightened by this form of Abyss. I know it's BIG but then
again, it has an EXTREMELY LOW defense. Aim for that sphere that is
hovering above him(it's easier to hit) and keep doing this air combo-
LP, LP, Shououken. Block once and a while and watch out for that Venom
Rush-like move of his. Once your super meter is charged up, do Shinkuu
Hadoukens. A friend of mine(who does not want to be credited) told me
that a triple team super consisting of Cable, Sakura, Tron Bonne/Cyclopes
can actually kill Abyss in one short! I have tried it out and IT WORKS!



*NOTE:* This is just a section of some of the names you can give to the
teams that you formed. These team names are not offical. I invented them for

Ryu                            \
Akuma                           > Shotokan Supremes
Hiyakeshita Sakura             /

Ken             \
Dan              > Shotokan Wannabes/Shotokan "Failures"
Sakura          /

Ryu             \
Zangief          > Classic Street Fighters
Chun Li         /

Chun Li          \
Nash              > The..erm..Cops?
Guile            /

Strider Hiryu   \
Silver Samurai   > The Swordsmen
Hayato          /

Rockman         \
Tron Bonne       > Team Rockman/The Kids!
Roll            /

Morrigan        \
Bulleta          > Women from The Darkstalkers Series
Felicia         /

Chun Li         \
Cammy            > Street Fighting Gals
Sakura          /

Zangief         \
Juggernaut       > The Titans/Team Whoop-Ass!
Hulk            /

Ironman         \
War Machine      > The Armoured Bastards
Dr. Doom        /

Cyclops                 \
Ironman/War Machine      > Beam Team
Cable                   /

Hulk           \
Shuma Gorath    > Green, Mean Fighting "Machines"
Amingo         /

Ironman        \
Spiderman       > Classic Marvel Super Heroes Fighters
Hulk           /

M.Bison              \
Ironman/War Machine   > High Flyers
Magneto              /

Capt. America   \
Psylocke         > Double Jumpers
Bulleta         /

Sakura          \
Zangief          > Mighty Morphing Power Fighters
Spiral          /

Spiderman/Venom \
Dan              > The Taunters
Psylocke        /

Rockman         \
Roll             > Microscopic Organisms
Kobun           /

Akuma           \
Anakaris         > Servants of The Dark Side
Blackheart      /

Wolverine/Sabretooth  \
Felicia                > Human Animals
Spiderman             /

Rogue           \
Marrow           > Women from X-Men Series
Storm           /

Morrigan        \
Rogue            > The Seducers
Psylocke        /

Jill            \
Captain Commando > The "I can't fight alone." Team*
Tron Bonne      /
* The name of this team was invented due to the fact that all members
rely on outside help to assist them during the match.

Chun Li         \
Psylocke         > Sexy Fighters
Morrigan        /

Dhalsim         \
Dr. Doom         > Team Keep Away
Omega Red       /

Sakura    \
Roll       >  Team Kawaii, or Team Humiliation (Beaten by a Bunch of
Sonson    /   Cute Little Girls!"

Iron Man/Sentinel     \
Tron Bonne             >  Team Mecha
Jin Saotome           /

Captain America    \
Guile               >  Team G.I.Joe(Real American Heroes)
Charlie(Nash)      /

M. Bison(Vega)   \
Dr. Doom          >  Team World Domination
Magneto          /

Anakaris        \
Dhalsim          >  The Contortionists! (All 3 have normal attacks that
Amingo          /   morph parts of their bodies)

Jill      \
Guile      >  Team SWAT
Chun Li   /

Iron Man      \
Cable          >  Team Big Gunz
War Machine   /

Dr. Doom   \
Colossus    >  Team Heavy Metal
Sentinel   /

Captain America  \
Iron Man          >  Team Avengers
Hulk             /

Sentinel     \
Juggernaut    > Team BIG Boys
Hulk         /

Captain America  \
Iceman            > Team Anti-Beam
Bone Wolverine   /

Jill                \
War Machine          >  Team Rocket (Launchers)!
B.B. Hood(Bulleta)  /

Dr. Doom   \
M.Bison     > Caped Crusaders
Magneto    /

Wolverine(Bone)  \
Wolverine         > Team Berserk
Sabertooth       /

Cammy     \
Guile      > Team Special Forces
Nash      /

Captain America  \
Cammy             > Soldier Squad
Guile/Nash       /

Jin Saotome   \
Sakura         >  Team Ranma 1/2 (A Saotome, a cute tomboy, and a girl
Felicia       /   who turns into a cat

Pink Dan (assist Beta)               \
Pink Captain Commando (assist alpha)  > Cotton Candy
Pink Jin (assist beta)               /

Sakura     \
Ryu         >  Headband team
Jin        /

Brown Sakura          \
Brown Ruby Heart       >  "Hot" Chocolate
Brown Jill            /

Sakura       \
Jin           >  Team Annoyance (Sakura's screaming, Jin's stripping,
B.B Hood     /   B.B. Hood's singing)

Ryu             \
Strider          >  The Silent Warriors (They almost never talk)
Akuma           /

Ryu           \
Ken            >  The Newbie's Team
Akuma         /

Spiderman      \
Wolverine       >  Old Favourites
Strider        /

Akuma      \
Storm       >  The Diving Kickers
Rouge      /

If anyone has a unique team name, please mail it to me. I'll put it up
and give you full credit for it.

- Game FAQs <<www.gameFAQs.com>> OF COURSE!

- Vgstrategies(http://vgstrategies.about.com). Here's another place where my
FAQ can be found.

- Rikidozan (rikidozan@hotmail.com). I've taken the colour guide from your
  FAQ. Hope you don't mind.^_^

- (KronoVortx@aol.com) for correcting my mistakes here and there.

- fireball13@earthlink.net (Fireball 13) for giving me some very useful
combos and stategies.

- "Matt McD" <daslapstick@hotmail.com> for giving the history of Apocalypse.

- John Jones <duomax.geo@yahoo.com> for giving me the name of Sakura's HK

- MaXeEmOe <wizard1980@yahoo.com> for giving me some comboes.

- Joseph Christopher (Got the concept of team naming from your Ryu FAQ.)

- Kao Megura. Took the pick Sakura's Win Pose thingy for your FAQ. Hope
you don't mind.

- "Jeff Ravatt" stuntz@usa.net for giving me some comboes.

- "Damien Hailey" <samas_1@hotmail.com>,"Erik Peterson"
<piccolo_0233@hotmail.com>, <PaulWolfstien@aol.com> for their unique
team names.

- "James" <jamesbragado@sprint.ca> for corrections, team names and comboes.

If I left any one out please e-mail me. THAT'S ALL. HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING


2000 Copyright Edwin "Shinji" Chow

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