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Servbot (Kobun) by SBAllen

Version: 1.25 | Updated: 05/12/00

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Kobun FAQ
v.1.25 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
12 May 2000



Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do
with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
MY work, not yours. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright
2000 by Capcom and I do not in any way claim rights to any of the
characters contained within the game. Legos are copyrighted by LEGO.
This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Allen "Sailor Bacon" Tyner.

The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:

Revision History

v.1.25 Added Snapback info
v.1.2  Added info to the secret taunt section
v.1.1  Killed the typo demon...
v.1.05 *grumble grumble* Stupid typos....
v.1.0  Um... everything.

Table of Contents

-Character History
-Opening Animation
-Winning Poses
-Assist Types
-Normal Moves
-Moves Legend
-Special Moves
-Super Moves
-Abyss Strategy
-Final Words

Kobun Character History

He's one of the many kobun (servbots [aka Lego dudes]) to serve their
master, Tron Bonne. There isn't much to be said about these little guys
except that they are definitely loyal to their master. And cool...

Kobun Colors

To get Kobun's different colors, select him with the following buttons:

A Button: Black and gray outfit, yellow Lego head.
B Button: Light blue and lighter blue outfit, yellow Lego head.
X Button: Blue and light blue outfit, yellow Lego head.
Y Button: Red and pink outfit, light yellow Lego head.
L Button: Red and orange outfit, mother-of-pearl Lego head.
R Button: Purple and light purple outfit, mother-of pearl Lego head.

Kobun Opening Animations

-Kobun flies down and lands on his rear. He gets up, rubs his hurting
bum, quickly bows to the opponent and gets ready for the match.

-Another kobun gives Kobun strategy. He quickly bows then gets ready
for the match.

Kobun Winning Poses

-Kobun throws a paper airplane and chases it offscreen. Suddenly, the
paper airplane's chasing him!

-Kobun sits down, gobbles down a meal, then falls asleep.

Kobun Assist Types

Alpha: Assist Move: Call for help (Rush!)
       Tag Team Super: Chuushoku Rush
       Chuushoku Rush type: On the ground

My personal favorite to use, Kobun calls in another kobun for the Call for
help (Rush!) attack which can be used in many different ways. Plus, the
ground Chuushoku Rush is the most useful for tag combos and can be comboed

Beta:  Assist Move: Kobun Fire
       Tag Team Super: King Kobun
       Chuushoku Rush type: Air Strike

This one is pretty good, Kobun Fire is okay and all but the Air Strike
version of the Chuushoku Rush is cool in that you can combo with it...

Gamma: Assist Move: Kobun Fire
       Tag Team Super: Chuushoku Rush
       Chuushoku Rush type: air rush

This is another good assist type. The Kobun Fire is hard to get hit out
of and the air rush version of Chuushoku Rush can be used quite similarly
to Strider's Legion or any other screen filling Super.

Kobun Normal Moves

(Note: To do the medium power attacks, hit the weak button equivalent for
the second hit in a combo)

Standing Jab Punch or Short Kick: Slice a piece of cheese and poke them with
the knife. (Note, the pieces of cheese can't hurt the opponent....)

Standing Strong Punch or Forward Kick: Slice a bigger piece of cheese and
poke them with the knife. (Note, the pieces of cheese can't hurt the

Standing Fierce Punch or Roundhouse Kick: Kobun's launcher. He throws a
tablecover in the air (which lands on an invisible table o_O). Doing this
followed by an Aerial Rave is pretty much your only source of normal

Ducking Jab Punch or Short Kick: Slices off a longer piece of cheese that
CAN hit the opponent.

Ducking Strong Punch or Forward Kick: Launches a longer piece of cheese at
them for a rather cheesy two hit combo.... sorry, that was bad.

Ducking Fierce Punch or Roundhouse Kick: Kobun holds up one plate too many
and falls over, dropping the plates on the opponent. This move has pretty
good range (well, for Kobun anyways) and is quite useful. It can be
followed up by almost any special move

Jumping Jab Punch: Kobun quickly slices a carrot in half and hits the
opponent in the process.

Jumping Strong Punch: Kobun scoops some... stuff... out of a pot and
throws it at the opponent.

Jumping Fierce Punch: Kobun holds out a tray full of food and whacks the
opponent with it. Good reach makes this a pretty good move.

Jumping Short Kick: Kobun tosses some scrambled eggs in a pan.

Jumping Forward Kick: Kobun tosses what appears to be rice into the air
in a big clump.

Jumping Roundhouse Kick: Kobun holds a tray at an almost 315 degree angle.
Another good move to use.

Throw: (F or B) + FP: Kobun is scared to death by a mouse, so he jumps
onto the opponent's shoulders then kicks them down when the mouse is
far enough away.

Snapback: D, DF, F + (Assist 1 or Assist 2)
Kobun's Snapback is the same as his Fierce Punch or Roundhouse Kick.

Moves Legend

D = Down
DF = Down-Forward
F = Forward
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
P = Any Punch
JP = Jab (weak) Punch
FP = Fierce (strong) Punch
PP = Both Punches
K = Any Kick
SK = Short (weak) Kick
RK = Roundhouse (strong) Kick
KK = Both Kicks

Kobun Special Moves

Kobun Fire: D, DF, F + P (can be done in air)
This is a pretty good move. If done with JP it shoots forward and if done
with FP it shoots at a 45 degree angle. You can hold down the button to
charge the move and get more hits but if you hold it down for much longer
after Kobun's head turns completely red then you won't do much damage at
all. If fully charged, this move has great range but it's hard to get it
fully charged while the enemy is running around.

Call for Help: D, DB, B + P or K
There are four different things you can do with this move.....

JP (Rush!): Another kobun runs across the screen and trips the opponent.
This is good to ping the opponent when there's good distance between the
two of you.

FP (Seize!): A kobun comes out carrying another kobun which is thrown at
the opponent. He holds onto the opponent for about 2 seconds, giving you
time to start an attack. This is a really useful move if you actually
want to try to win with Kobun.

SK: (Downward Air!): A kobun comes flying downward, hitting an opponent
on the ground.

RK: (Upward Air!): A kobun flies across the top of the screen, hitting
a jumping in opponent.

Robot Attack: D, DF, F + K
Kobun jumps into a large robot (but doesn't quite get in all the way)
and the robot runs towards the enemy. Kobun is dizzy afterwards for
about a second so be careful and make sure the move hits.

Taunt: SK + Start
Kobun yawns and stretches.

SECRET TAUNT: D, DF, F + SK + Start (hold Start)
Kobun throws a deadly paper airplane that goes forward for as long as
you hold down the Start button. It explodes when you release the
Start button. (Thanks to Goumodi for the holding Start info)

Launcher: FP or RK

Kobun Super Moves

Chuushoku Rush: D, DF, F + PP
Depending on the Assist Type that you use, this does one of three

Alpha: An on the ground attack exactly the same as Tron Bonne's
Chuushoku Rush Super. This is good to nail a grounded opponent with and
it always works unlike Tron Bonne's.

Beta: An air strike attack that is pretty dumb unless used in one way
and one way only. If you're nowhere near the left corner of the screen,
you can follow up D + FP or D + RK with this Super. Whenever this
Super hits a corner, it stops but Kobun still sits there like it's
going. That's bad.

Gamma: An air barrage that's almost exactly the same as Strider's
Legion attack. It can chip at the opponent but I personally prefer the
Alpha type. It's up to you really.

King Kobun: You and several kobun buddies merge together and form the
almighty King Kobun who serves justice with the Squeeky Mallet of
Doom! You control the King by moving left and right and using P or K
to pound with the squeeky mallet.

Kobun Combos

Aerial Rave combos:

Normal Combos:
(Note: unless it's in an Aerial Rave, you can swap SK for JP, or RK for
FP in these combos)

JP, JP, D + FP, Kobun Fire
D + JP, D + JP, D + FP, Robot Attack
JP, JP, D + FP, Robot Attack, Chuushoku Rush (Alpha only)
JP, JP, D + FP, (IMMEDIATELY) Chuushoku Rush (Beta only)

Kobun Strategy

-Use your size to your advantage! You can walk under fireballs, some
Supers can't touch you (Venom's web Super comes to mind), etc. This
is your best asset.

-Your attacks are very weak so keep that in mind...

-Your defense sucks. Be careful...

-If you're playing Kobun then you're obviously pretty good at the game
(or crazy ^_^) so good luck!

Abyss Strategies

If you're psychotic and want to try to beat Abyss with Kobun, here's
the best strategy I can give you.

Form One: Sneak in combos as often as you can without getting hit by
his attacks. His attacks do lots of damage to poor Kobun. I advise that
you use Alpha Kobun and pound him as often as possible with the
Chuushoku Rush. Good luck. My advice is that if you really want to
try to impress your friends by beating the game with Kobun, then pick
a team of three Alpha Kobuns. You should be able to get a level 3
Super bar pretty quickly from blocking and comboing then do your
three way attack and you should drain all the life from this form. ^_^

Form Two: Heh heh, this is actually kind of fun to fight. ^_^ You can
pound away on him and he can't hit you except with his Super and if
your reflexes are good enough you can block it. Kill the bubbles with
jumping SKs and you should take little to no damage on him. Feel free
to use all the Chuushoku Rushes that you want to.

Form Three: Okay, do jumping combos on the core when possible. For you
to win, you MUST get some clean Chuushoku Rushes in. I've managed to
beat Abyss without losing a single Kobun or tagging out by using the
3 Kobun technique listed above. It's hard but not impossible.

Final Words

First, I'd like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for not only hosting all of
my FAQs, but also for hacking the game and getting out all the hidden
characters. You rule! And I'm also like to thank him for the names of
the moves since I was too lazy to make something up. ^_^ I'd also like
to thank myself for spending the time it took to write this FAQ. ^_^
I'd like to thank Capcom for making such a great game. And I'd like to
thank Goumodi for the additional info to the Secret Taunt. Any comments,
suggestions, flames, razorbacks, etc can be emailed to me at
sailor_bacon@hotmail.com. Oh, and thanks to Justin for pointing out my
dumb typos.

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