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Jin by Mysterious M

Version: 0.1 | Updated: 01/07/01

The Might of Saotome!

By: Mysterious M

For more MvsC2 related articles, game stuff, anime stuff and more, visit my 
site at www.members.home.net/myst.mc

Or message me on ICQ # 21086683 with questions and comments.


Revision History

V.2 – Added Super armor to the Strategies section and a section on how to 
fight Jin effectively.

V.1- Uh, everything you see here.



Jin comes from Capcom's Cyberbots, a mecha fighting game featuring Street 
fighter mechanics.  In it, Jin pilots a red monstrosity known as the Blodia.  
I'm not quite sure about his past, but I think that his father was killed in 
a V.A (Variant Armor) battle and thus he fights to honor his fathers name and 
prevent his own future of horror from occurring.  In Marvel vs Capcom 2, Jin 
fights outside his mecha, and as such has rather odd moves.  Although Jin is 
not the easiest character to learn, his moves are damaging, unpredictable and 
highly useful.  

+  Jin deals above average damage especially for a character his size.
+  Jin takes less damage than most characters, which makes him very difficult 
to K.O
+  Jin has rather high priority, especially for the fact he is a Capcom 
+  BERSERKER mode….  'nuff said.

-  Jin's moves have LAG.  Although it's been shortened since MvsC, it's still 
a factor.
-  Jin has few air combos to speak of, limiting some of his offensive 
-  Some of Jin's moves are disturbing.  While this doesn't affect his playing 
style, it is certainly… disconcerting



1.1	– Abbreviations
1.2	– Movelist
1.3	– Special Movelist
1.4	– Super Movelist
1.5	– Assists
1.6	– Strategies
1.7	– Facing Jin
1.8	– Combos
1.9	– Cool animations / Quotes
2.0 – Thanks
2.1 – Legal stuff


1.1 - Abbreviations

WP = Weak punch
MP = Medium punch  (Press WP twice)
HP = Hard punch
WK = Weak kick
MK = Medium kick  (Press WK twice)
HK = Hard kick


1.2 – Normal Movelist
The way to play Jin is to remember that his special moves AGUMENT his normal 
moves, NOT the other way around.


Standing:  Not as fast as the other characters' jabs, but in most respects 
not bad.  A quick punch forward, its priority is pretty high, but chaining 
the weak punch into other stuff can be a little difficult.

Crouching:  Just a low version of his standing jab.  Extends forward but can 
be blocked high.  

Jumping:  A jab punch aimed downward.  Not exceedingly useful since it 
doesn't even come out that quickly, but then again Jin isn't about combos 


Standing:  His launcher, a flaming punch aimed upward sweeping from the area 
just above his feet to just over his head.  The range isn't that great, and 
he doesn't extend his arm very far up (which is strange for a launcher), but 
the flame increases this move's priority greatly.

Crouching:  A punch to the floor.  Again, Jin's hand is completely enflamed 
during this move, which increases its range and priority, although this time 
only slightly.  The punch is relatively fast (I think maybe even faster than 
his WP) and combos into almost anything, which makes this punch one of his 
greatest assets.

Jumping:  A flaming punch aimed towards and slightly upward.  Definitely air 
to air as the priority is hard to beat plus it comes out quite quickly.


Standing:  Jin extends his whole body forward (his back faces the player) and 
rushes the opponent with a flaming punch.  The flame on this baby is HUGE and 
puts at least another half arms length on the already lengthy move.  This is 
your all purpose counter attack due to that little dash he sticks in before.  
Wait for opponents to whiff a move and then punish them big by setting them 
afire.  The damage is quite pleasing as well.

Crouching:  Jin strikes a pose and sends his enflamed fist far ahead of him.  
Again, another counter attack which deals great damage.  Although you don't 
get the little dash, this move is good to mix up with the standing HP to 
avoid getting punished should you be blocked.  The fire that is ignited on 
the end of his fist actually protects you in a way as you recover.

Jumping:  A fiery fist aimed downward.  The range is not good at all, so this 
is not an air to air.  This is your basic combo starting jump-in since it is 
fast and has good priority.  Again, the power on this move is quite pleasing.


Standing:  An extended kick forward.  This move comes out so slowly its uses 
are limited.  Basically only used for a poking game due to its rather long 

Crouching:  Again, another rather long ranged slow kick.  This one is 
seemingly much less useful than his standing WK.

Jumping:  Another kick aimed downward.  Not very good, so don't ever use it.


Standing:  Jin jumps forward in the air and delivers two flaming kicks.  
There is little lag time initiating this move (making it another great 
counter) but there is quite a bit of lag on the end (don't miss).  Again, the 
move sets the opponent on fire, but TWICE!  Good to use as a standing 

Crouching:  Jin jumps straight up and delivers two flaming kicks.  Again, 
little lag at the beginning, especially since his feet light on fire just as 
he leaves the ground.  I primarily use this move for a stylish anti-air, but 
a Saotome Dynamite generally works better.

Jumping:  The same animation as his crouching one, only done in the air and 
you only get 1 hit.  It acts sort of like an air-to-air launcher, which makes 
the opponent go even higher.  Somewhat useful in air-to-air scenarios, but 
not much else.


Standing:  Jin jumps straight up and then spins forward creating a tornado of 
fire around his lower torso.  This move is MUCH improved over the MvsC1 
version and is great to piss opponents off when they pull ducking moves on 
you.  This also acts as his overhead as it must be blocked high.  I love 
watching Ryu sweep, and then Jin go right over him and hit him with a 
pyrotechnic counter.  

Crouching:  A sliding trip in which Jin's entire lower torso becomes engulfed 
in a fiery tornado.  This move should ALWAYS be followed up with a Saotome 
Dynamite for, in my experience, it seldom gets blocked!  The slide is really 
very useful (again, a great counter move) because it covers distance so 
quickly and has great priority (that fire really is helpful).  The recovery 
is pretty bad though, and you'll probably eat a counter should you be 

Jumping:  Jin twists his body towards the back of the screen and performs two 
mid-air flaming kicks.  This move has the ULTAMITE air-to-air priority as it 
extends very far forward, has the added aid of fire, and hits twice!  As 
such, punish jumpers with this every time you meet.  In the air-to-ground 
scenario, it works alright, and I've seen many people start their combos with 
this move and it seems to be okay.

They're pretty much normal moves… so I'll just stick them here.

Blodia Smash
Motion:  Forward + HP (when close)
Jin grabs the opponent and pushes him/her towards the edge of the screen, 
right into Blodia's waiting fist.

Saotome Pummel
Motion:  Forward + HK (when close)
Jin pushes the opponent to the ground, gets on top of them and then proceeds 
to give them a beating to the face.


1.3 - Special Movelist

Saotome Dynamite
Motion:  Charge down for 1.5 seconds, press up + punch

Jin spreads out his arms and legs and his clothes BLOW OFF (sans a dainty 
loin cloth) into fiery shards moving in every direction while he yells "Di-
no-mai-to!".  Although rather disturbing, this remains Jin's BEST move simply 
because of the area it covers.  The move starts instantly meaning you can 
catch opponents easily on the counter attack, however the lag afterward is 
dangerous (although much improved over MvsC1) so try not to miss.
The move's usefulness is 3 fold.  
First, the Dynamite combos nicely for about 3 to 4 hits after his crouching 
HK slide.  This should be your STAPLE combo because not only is it hugely 
damaging, but many opponents are fooled into believing it can't be countered.  
Second, the Dynamite makes a great anti-air attack.  Since it isn't a body 
attack, the move's priority is generally unbeatable (except of course by 
supers) and thus ends up knocking jumping opponents straight up into the air 
(What?  Saotome Cyclone time?).
Third, the Dynamite can snuff fireballs and even supers!  Again, since the 
shards are separate from the body, they act as quick traveling projectiles 
meaning that they're priority is pretty much unbeatable.
Note:  The Saotome Dynamite very rarely hits less than 3 times.  This means 
that even without a combo to buffer it in, the move does HUGE amounts of 
Second Note:  I've also heard that you can continue to perform the move over 
and over for more hits… I've yet to confirm this.

Saotome Typhoon
Motion:  Charge back for 1.5 seconds, press forward + punch

Jin rears back for half a second and then rushes forward, swirling in fire as 
he yells out "Typhoon!".  I've seen many arcade goers who try to use Jin just 
blatantly pulling out this move without any regard for its weaknesses.  First 
off, the typhoon covers the screen extremely quickly, rivaling the Hulk's 
Gamma Charge.  As such, if you need to cover distance quickly, this is the 
move to use.  The damage done is actually quite negligible and thus isn't too 
great as a power move.  Second to that, the move has terrible recovery time.  
Actually, I take that back, it used to have terrible recovery time (in 
MvsC1).  Now it simply has bad recovery time.  After performing the cyclone, 
Jin steadies himself in a pose for about ¾ of a second.  While this doesn't 
seem like a lot, its just enough that a close opponent can launch you and 
then go into an air combo.  In the end, the Saotome Typhoon's use is limited, 
but not useless.  First, use it as a quick getaway.  Often times super 
jumpers will bear down on you with a high priority move.  Instead of fighting 
back, typhoon out of there, and they'll land surprised to find you on the 
other side of the screen!  Second, the Saotome Typhoon actually counters 
jumpers rather well.  If you see someone landing from a jump which is just a 
little ways in front of you (enough that you can't reach with a dynamite), 
typhoon them.  They'll be surprised, I guarantee it.

Saotome Crush
Motion:  Forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back + kick

I absolutely LOVE watching this move come out.  Jin crouches, rushes forward 
about a step, and then grabs the opponents legs flipping them upside down.  
After this, he proceeds to PLOW the opponent across the floor, up the wall, 
across the ceiling, down the other wall and then back to where they were 
before!  The damage on this move is EASILY on par with Zangief's spinning 
pile driver, but with one fatal flaw.  It's fully blockable.  = (  
This isn't to say it's useless.  The lag time on it has been significantly 
shortened since MvsC1, but it's still there.  His recovery time from a 
blocked "Crush" isn't very good either (again, I smell launchers followed by 
air combos) so the use of this move should be limited.  However, when the 
opportunity presents itself, go for it, when you watch the opponent's life 
bar go down you'll be happy you did.

Cyclone Kick
Motion:  (while jumping) Down + HK 

Jin performs an animation similar to his crouching HK but goes down at a 45 
degree angle towards the ground.  I find this move extremely useful in that, 
it literally stops his jump dead in its tracks and then moves downward.  It's 
a great move to hop a fireball, counter and then combo.  In MvsC2 it hits 
about 3 times on average, and has decent recovery time should it get blocked.  
Generally, a pretty sneaky move and good to stick into battles due to its 
unexpected nature.

Saotome Fire
Motion:  Taunt (Press the punch buttons repeatedly)

Well, it's not a true special move, but it had to go somewhere right?  The 
Saotome Fire is absolute HILARITY.  Jin flips around, goes completely nude 
(except again for that loin cloth) and rubs a towel against his back.  
Pressing the punch buttons faster results in Jin rubbing the towel faster and 
faster.  Eventually he rubs it so fast his back catches on FIRE!  The best 
part about this is that the fire can hit people!  Although rating it as a 
special move would result in a score of zero (it takes way too long to get 
the fire to come out) I do remember using it against onslaught in the 
original (move under his head, catch on fire, and watch the combo counter 
rise to unbelievable numbers).  I don't know if this still works on Abyss 


1.4 – Super Movelist

Blodia Punch
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + 2 punches

Jin punches forward with his fist while yelling out "Yo!  Eh, Blodia!" and 
then a HUGE MECHANICAL ARM mimics that motion!  Anyone who says Jin doesn't 
have style have obviously not seen this move performed!  It's just so good!  
Jin's actual punch can set up the enemy for the rest of the super to connect 
and can basically be treated as his standing HP (without the little dash).  
Although many consider this move to be his version of the "Beam Super" there 
are a couple of notable differences, which need to be taken into account.  
First, the damage to hit ratio is different.  All of the hits before the last 
one make up about 10% of the supers total damage, while the last hit (the end 
of the fist) makes up a whopping 90% of the move's damage!  This means that 
you don't even have to get the entire super to connect for it to be amazingly 
Second, the fist doesn't go all the way to the end of the screen.  Blodia's 
fist stops just short of the screens edge, which means an opponent, can hide 
there without fear of being damaged (but you never just whiff it out anyway 
do you?
Overall, this is Jin's best super in that it is both the most useful and 
highly damaging!
Note:  The Blodia punch WILL combo, but it has become rather difficult in 

Blodia Vulcan
Motion:  Down, down-back, back + 2 punches

Jin turns his back to the screen and snaps his fingers while yelling out "Yo, 
Eh Blodia!".  After that, Blodia's upper torso comes into view filling the 
entire screen with chain gun fire.  Jin jumps into the cockpit and, if the 
move connects, the view changes to an inside view of the cockpit where Jin is 
ramming the controls like mad!  The Blodia Vulcan is Jin's least damaging 
super (although that's not saying much = ) but that is made up for by the 
amount of times you will see it connect.  Personally, the Blodia Vulcan is 
the super with which I have the highest success rate hitting with.  It jut 
has so many uses!  First of all, it should be noted that Jin is INVINCIBLE 
for the entire duration of the super (he is in the background afterall) so no 
fear of beam supers and such.  Second, there is a little bit of lag at the 
end, and those with good reflexes (and by good, I mean really GOOD) have a 
slight chance in beam supering you after ward (it's not likely though).  As 
for the super's uses:
First, don't you hate Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Morrigan, etc?  They enjoy a good game 
of keep away that you just can't deal with?  Well then this is your super.  
Anticipate a fireball and pull it off just as they're throwing it.  Watch the 
fireball get snuffed and then the opponent squeals in anger as they're 
innocent fireball turns into a gatling punishment of pain.
Second, there seems to be some sort of frame of jumping animation where this 
move just cannot be blocked!  I cannot justify this in any way but generally 
it occurs as your opponent is returning to the bottom screen just after a 
super jump.  I've watched many wince in pain as they land in the Blodia 
Vulcan and find themselves unable to block!
Overall, Jin's primary weapon against fireballers, the Vulcan is a straight 
anticipation move (due to starting lag) but once it comes through, there's no 
stopping it and little chance of countering it.

Saotome Cyclone
Motion:  Down, down-forward, forward + 2 kicks

Jin's most tricky super, this is one I love playing around with.  Jin rears 
his body and then yells out "SAOTOME CY-CO-LONE".  He then makes his body a 
HUGE version of his Saotome Typhoon which generally catches most air 
opponents and hurtles them precariously straight up, to which they then fall 
down taking HUGE damage.  First, a couple of notes:
-	The Cyclone reaches all the way up to the top of the highest screen.  
This means it cannot be escaped by a super jump.
-	The Cyclone only moves a half step forward so don't expect it to cover 
distance.  Treat it like a "Shinyuuken" or "War Destroyer".
-	The Cyclone has a little lag at the end (about the same as his Saotome 
Typhoon) and should be treated as such.
-	The Cyclone does huge damage to not only the lifebar, but the RECOVERY 
bar as well making it highly useful
-	The Cyclone has a strange cross up hit property.
Well, about that last one.  Personal story here:  I was fighting a friend of 
mine (I won't mention her name… = ) and our battle was Jin vs Morrigan.  
After learning her playing style, I manage to Saotome Cyclone just as she's 
landing from the super jump.  Of course, she's a good player, so she blocked 
it.  However, upon hitting the bottom screen, she got THROWN UP AND INTO THE 
CYCLONE!  This was followed by the expected "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!"  = )  
True story.
For those of you who just don't care, = ( here's the run down.  If you manage 
to run directly under your opponent and use the Saotome Cyclone, it will 
always hit them for big damage.  However, sometimes even when you aren't 
directly underneath them (crossing them up) it will still hit a blocking 
opponent.  I don't know what the specifics are, but as far as I can tell, 
this happens 50% of the time.


1.5 – Assists

Assists are Marvel vs Capcom 2's new feature.  An assist temporarily brings 
in one of your partners to perform one of their moves.  I haven't used them 
extensively so I'm not sure as to how useful the assists are… but here's 
Jin's anyway.  
Alpha:  Saotome Typhoon
Beta:  Saotome Dynamite
Gamma:  Standing Strong (launcher)

The assist that you choose also determines which super that Jin will use with 
his double / triple teams.

Alpha:  Saotome Cyclone
Beta:  Blodia Punch
Gamma:  Blodia Punch


1.6 – Strategies

General Strategy
Jin actually plays far differently from the majority of the cast in MvsC2.  
The first thing to remember is that HE IS NOT A DIALER CHARACTER by any 
means.  His launcher is slow, his normal moves can't combo together well and 
his speed is (for performing moves, not walking speed) is laughably slow.  
However, when this realized, playing Jin becomes far more fun that using most 
other characters (trust me, I've played everyone and I know).  Jin's strategy 
is very different from the simply "Jump in, combo, air combo, repeat" which 
is seen all too often in MvsC2 (Cough, cough, Strider, Wolverine, etc…).  
Here are Jin's general strategies…

Haha, without a guard bar Jin can turtle all day.  To tell you the truth, Jin 
is strongest when defensive because he is a counter character.  Wait for your 
opponent to attempt to combo you… as soon as you see that launcher animation 
whiff, HP!  Of course this can be mixed up with other counters.  If your 
opponent jumps at you, get ready to whip out a Saotome Cyclone or Dynamite.  
If they decide to try a high low, go for a Blodia Punch (you'd be surprised 
how many frames of invincibility there are).  If they go for poking, you 
don't really have to be scared because, again, his HP really does make an 
excellent counter move.

Mid Range
Mid range combat also works quite well in Jin's favor, though not as much as 
his defensive game.  Be ready with those crouching HK followed by Saotome 
Dynamites, they are massively damaging.  Again, his HP should be the poke of 
choice since the fire lasts longer than the actual punching animation.  His 
WP, WK and crouching HP also make great pokes.  Jin's high low game is hard 
to perform, but infinitely worth the effort.  This should consist of jumping 
Cyclone Kicks, crouching HK followed by Saotome Dynamites and a super once 
and a while to surprise your opponent.

Jin's offensive attacking is augmented by his considerable strength and the 
ability to take a great amount of punishment.  Your main offense move is, 
again, the crouching HK into a Saotome Dynamite, crouching MP into a Blodia 
Punch super and your ever handy Cyclone Kick.  Jin is actually a good 
pressure character because opponents are fooled into thinking that he is 
excessively slow, when in reality he is not.  Be smart about your attacking, 
if you find them blocking often, don't be afraid to throw (his throwing range 
is a tad farther than most other characters) to wake them up.  If they are 
playing well defensively, try to get them to whiff and then hit'em with a 
Blodia Punch or Blodia Vulcan.  If all else fails, go defensive again, its 
really Jin's strength.

Misc. Strategies
Now that I've given you the basics of how to use Jin, allow me to comment on 
some of his finer points.

Using the Crouching HK and Saotome Dynamite
This simple little combo is your best friend in the arena.  Upon seeing it, 
you may laugh and wonder why.  After all, the lag after the crouching HK 
slide is punishable, the lag after the Saotome Dynamite is enough to get you 
punished too.  However, there is one thing that you must take into account 
before you judge the combo based on these.  Your opponent.  Against the 
computer, your little combo will probably get snuffed almost every time, but 
against a human…  
Let me digress here since I am getting a tad ahead of myself.  Many, many, 
MANY players consider Jin the new Dan.  They see his moves and they 
immediately think "Slow, long lag, haha time to hit'im hard!".  However, much 
like the Hulk, you cannot treat Jin as if he has the speed of a snail, 
because its only an illusion.  
Now that that's cleared up, let me tell you now that Jin's crouching HK is 
fast enough to catch almost EVERY opponent off guard (scrub and expert 
alike).  With such a fast nature and the fact that it must be blocked low, 
the crouching HK becomes a ferociously effective attack because of the amount 
of times it is not blocked.  Naturally, adding the Dynamite at the end adds 
insult to injury, but it is even more than that.
Expert players will soon grow accustomed to the crouching HK and, even when 
hit, roll out to avoid the Dynamite.  This is the point at which you DELAY 
your Up + Punch for about half a second.  You see, a player cannot block 
while coming out of a roll animation, 'nuff said.

Setting up the Crouching HK and Saotome Dynamite
With MvsC2's tweaks, Jin becomes far more dangerous than he was in MvsC1.  
First off, his Cyclone kick hits 3 times now, instead of just once.  What 
does this do?  It allows the cyclone kick to reach a point so close to the 
ground, and still hitting the opponent, that it can be canceled into a 
crouching HK and Saotome Dynamite.  Needless to say the implications of this 
are endless.  Hop a fireball?  Cyclone kick -> Crouching HK -> Dynamite.  A 
warning though, a few times of this and your opponent may throw the 
controller away in disgust (and DC controllers aren't cheap.).  Again, this 
isn't really cheap since it can easily be blocked and countered. It's simply 
the fact that opponents are sure that Jin is a joke character that they don't 
take him seriously.  Of course this isn't the only way to set up the 
Crouching HK -> Dynamite pattern, but most of the time you won't need to set 
it up at all.

Jin's walking speed and dashing speed are really quite slow.  Due to this, it 
is advised that you should use a Saotome Typhoon to cover distance quickly.  
Secondly, his jumping speed is also rather slow.  There isn't much you can do 
about this (although air blocking really does help the situation) but I can 
pretty much guarantee that you should pick super jumping over normal jumping.

Golden Armour
This is why I've called Jin the "Comeback" king.  After losing both partners 
and coming to about 1/3 of an energy bar, Jin poses for a second and turns 
golden (sometimes a metallic blue).  At this time, Jin easily deals 2x the 
damage on all his attacks, takes ½ the damage from other attacks, but most 
importantly gains super armor.  What is super armor?  Super armor means that 
Jin cannot be launched by single hits.  While this is an obvious advantage, 
it is pressed further by the fact that Jin is not a big character and thus, 
is hard to combo into a launcher.  At this point, you should go offensive 
since you cannot recover from block damage (after all, your partners are 
gone).  If you've been fighting well, you can easily take out 3 characters 
with 1/3 energy bar each with Super Powered Jin.  
Character specific
No I'm not going to list a character strategy for every single opponent in 
the game (that's 56 YOU FOOL!) but I will write strategies here for fighting 
the hardest / most common opponents.

Ryu / Ken / Gouki
I find it sad but true that Capcom has spent WAY too much effort powering up 
the Shotos.  Easily the CHEAPEST characters in the game (or in any SF game 
for that matter), fighting the monstrously powerful Ryu / Gouki is something 
that everyone must do sooner or later.  However, dealing with the shotos with 
an experienced Jin player is actually not as difficult as with certain other 
characters.  It's not hard to punish fireballs, especially with the Cyclone 
Kick and Blodia Vulcan at your side.  That goes for beam supers too.  The 
dragon punch is fully blockable now, and thus its use diminishes 
substantially.  The hurricane kick opens itself up, sometimes I can almost 
PUNISHMENT!"  = )  Dealing with someone who isn't a scrub can be much more 
difficult because all three shotos have good priority.  Your best bet is to 
play a mix of defense and offense, nix the mid-range.  Shotos have an 
inability to defend (well, in my experience) well, so you have to go all out 
sometimes…  Hey, playing dirty is necessary from time to time.  = )

I've faced Hulk enough times to know what to expect from him (Hey Red 
Sheep!).  First of all, whiff anything and expect to be eating a standing HP.  
With that in mind, DON'T whiff anything.  Hulk players are often offense 
crazy, they go all out, especially with HP and HK.  This is where the 
downfall lies as both of these moves have BIG LAG before and after the move 
is committed to.  If you can anticipate, crouching HK into Dynamite before 
his does anything, otherwise just wait till afterward.  The Standing HP works 
wonders as well.  Don't, by any means, use the Saotome Typoon.  Even when you 
hit with it… it becomes an invitation to pain.  Jin's supers work very well 
on the Hulk due to his large size (the Blodia Vulcan hits almost immediately 
after it comes on screen.), but be careful with the Saotome Cyclone…

Captain Commando
I hate this guy… I mean, I really, really, REALLY hate this guy.  Captain 
Commando has one of the CHEEZIEST keep away games in the entire history of 
Capcom games.  His Captain Fire and Captain Corridor make it near impossible 
to get near him.  From my experience, your only chance is to block a Captain 
fire, and try to dash then block a Captain Corridor (it always comes out) 
then counter IMMEDIATELY afterward with anything you can manage.  
Alternately, you can anticipate a Captain Fire / Corridor and hit'em hard 
with the Blodia Vulcan.  If you manage to get up close, you can rip him to 
shreds (CapCom takes damage like a wuss), but getting in there is the hard 

Spiderman can be difficult if you don't know what your doing.  His usual 
pattern is that he tends to jump-in, attack, then launch you and go into that 
air combo.  When I say jump in though, he jumps in with a myriad of attacks 
(not just one).  It is important not to jump the gun here, because if you try 
to fit an attack in between the time he's in the air and the time he lands, 
you'll lose everytime.  Instead, wait for him to play out his combo right to 
the launcher (the back flip).  This is when to hit him hard with whatever you 
feel is necessary.  Remember this, Spiderman plays exactly as he is.  Weak, 
but annoying.  If you can block his big combos, getting hit once and a while 
is nothing.  His Maximum Spider super is easy to see coming, but be careful 
because he'll fool you sometimes.  As for his Crawler Assault, just be sure 
to roll often.  I won't say anything about that super Web Throw… it's not 
worth writing about.

You can treat her like a shoto and spiderman put together.  Her special moves 
are pure shoto, but her normal moves are similar to spiderman (fast but not 
damaging).  The biggest thing to watch about Morrigan players is her infamous 
Vania Dashes.  She has 3 in the air, but you know what?  You don't have to 
worry about any of them!  You know why?  Ah… the Saotome Cyclone…, and in 
failing that… A Saotome Dynamite works wonders too…


1.7- Facing Jin

Alright, I'll probably regret writing this section but I've decided to give 
some strategies on the do's and don'ts of fighting Jin.

-	No matter what, block that crouching HK.  It leads into either his 
Dynamite or Super Blodia Punch… neither of which is very beneficial to 
-	Try not to be too offensive on him, defensive fighting is his 
specialty.  If you need to, pressure him in short bursts, not for 
extended amounts of time.
-	Remember that although Jin has a slow ground speed, he makes up for it 
with quick moving, highly punishing moves (mainly his standing HP and 
crouching HK)
-	Remember that Jin has 2 tricky supers, his Blodia Vulcan and Saotome 
Cyclone.  Either one can catch you out of the air rather easily, so try 
to keep your game primarily on the ground.
-	When Jin gets his super armor, air combos are NOT a good idea.  His 
super armor is eons beyond anything that Zangief or even the Hulk has 
(mainly because he's smaller so it's harder to get a hit and then 
launch him).
-	Underestimate him based on what other people say.  Jin is far better 
than people give him credit for, even more so in MvsC2
-	Be suckered into thinking his simple MP -> MP-> Blodia Punch combo, 
which only hits 4 times, is laughable.  It actually takes a good 1/3 of 
the energy bar away.
-	Play a fireball war with him… his Blodia Vulcan wins almost every time.


1.8 – Combos
To tell you the truth… this is going to be a very short section… = )

Jump in – Cyclone Kick -> Crouching HK -> Saotome Dynamite
-	Your basic combo, good for jumping fireballs or countering high lag 
moves.  Alternately, the Jump in move doesn't have to be the Cyclone 
Kick.  You can mix it up with the normal HK or HP

Jump in – HP -> Crouching LP -> Crouching MP -> Blodia Punch
-	His basic combo + super.  Despite the fact that it only hits about 6-7 
times if your lucky, it does HUGE damage and can easily fool opponents 
who don't look at their energy bar often.

Jump in – HK -> Crouching LP -> MP (launcher) -> Jump -> LP -> LK -> MP -> HK
-	Not a very useful combo because its so hard to combo the LP into the MP 
launcher, and again hard to combo the MP into the HK at the end.  
However, when you do get it, it's a little piece of sweetness that 
everyone will be awed by…

Jump in – HK -> Crouching LP -> MP (launcher) -> Saotome Cyclone -> Blodia 
-	Near impossible to do.  The LP into the MP, then the MP into the 
Cyclone and the the Cyclone into the Vulcan… They're all hard… this 
combo is nothing but show, but still a nice piece of work when you 
actually get it…


1.9 – Cool animations and Quotes
Opening animation – Jin is riding on the hand of his mecha, Blodia, with his 
scarf flailing behind him in the air.  He then yells "Ikuze!" ("Let's Go") 
and jumps off, ready for battle.

Ending animations – 
1.)	Jin poses for the camera holding up two fingers.
2.)	Jin stands over his opponent's fallen body, crosses his arms and looks 
forward as his scarf blows in the wind.


2.0	– Thanks 

Morrigan – For giving me the opportunity to play the game and thus kick 
everyone's… er, never mind… oh, and your Psyclocke gave me good practice.

Red Sheep – Your Hulk is BRUTAL!  Good match ups…

Teo – Um… well, your learning

Kabo – Um… you too.

Strider Masaki – For showing me that there are ppl out there who actually 
care… = )


2.1 – Legal Stuff

Feel free to distribute this FAQ so long as MY NAME IS ATTACHED TO IT!  (EGM< 
This means YOU!)… Yes, we do have a copyright thing here in Canada…


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