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Thanos by RAW64life

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/06/00

Marvel vs Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
by: RAW64life@aol.com
Character FAQ/Move List for Thanos Version 1.3

I.     Introduction
II.    Version History
III.   Legend
IV.    Character Information
V.     Rating
VI.    Moves 
      -Special Moves
      -Hyper Combos / Supers
VII.   Coming Soon
VIII.  Credits
IX.    Legal Stuff

I. Introduction

  Well, this is my first FAQ and I really don't know how to begin it so Im 
going to begin by saying that I don't know how to begin it. Anyway, over the 
past couple of months I've become a complete Marvel vs Capcom 2 maniac. I've 
searched far and wide for any news what so ever on Marvel vs Capcom 2. I've 
seen a million screen shots, about 30 movies, a few wallpapers (I have an 
awesome one on my comp now) and have read as many previews and reviews and 
other stuff. I've even read all the other character FAQ's on this site before 
I even thought of making my own. But I just felt I needed to contribute to 
the greatness of M vs C 2. So I'm doing it through GameFAQ's with a character 
FAQ. Now the next thing I needed to decide is who? My favorite guys in the 
game are the mutated freaks so I looked down the list and Thanos was my pick, 
1, because he's never been mentioned in anything I've read on M vs C 2 and 2, 
because he's awesome. Anyway.....

II. Version History

4/20/00 - 1.0 - Everything is new
4/21/00 - 1.1 - Spell checked it
              - Updated Moves section  
              - Updated Credits section
4/22/00 - 1.2 - Fixed a few things here and there
5/5/00  - 1.3 - Added Rating Section
              - Updated Legal Stuff section
              - Updated Table of Contents     
              - Updated Character Information section

III. Legend

  My legend is a bit different from most other FAQ's but I find it a lot 
easier. Some other FAQ's that I read and printed out had the legend take up 
an entire page so I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. I don't use 
QCF, QCB, etc. for down forward moves. I doubt anyone is actually goona press 
down, take a 1 second pause and then press forward and a punch/kick. 

Up - Up
Down - Down
Forward - Forward
Backward - Backward
(air) - can be done in air
Punch - Any Punch
PP - Both Punches
LP - Low Punch
HP - High Punch
Kick - Any Kick
KK - Both Kicks
LK - Low Kick
HK - High Kick
A1 - Assist 1
A2 - Assist 2

On to the character info.............

IV. Character Information


Real Name - Thanos
Alias - None
Birthdate - ??/??/??
Height - 6 foot 7
Weight - 985 lbs.
Hair - None
Eyes - Red
Outfit - Titan Uniform
Fighting Style - Dragon Ball Z (It's the best way I could describe it)
Blood Type - ???
Strength - 9 (opinion)
Defense - 7.5 (opinion)
Power - 9 (opinion)
Speed - 7.5 (opinion)
Recovery - 7.5 (opinion)
Comboability - 8 (opinion)
Overall - 8.5 (opinion)
Known Allies: The Controller, the Super Skrull, The Blood Brothers, 
              Adam Warlock, Death, Terrax 
Known Major Enemies: Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, The Avengers,
                     Silver Surfer 
First Appearance - Iron Man #55 (Comic)
Previous vs Appearances - Marvel Super Heroes
   Brief History     - Thanos is an Eternal, a race of almost immortal 
                       beings who lived on the moon of Saturn called    
                       Titan. Thanos' father saw his evil intentions 
                       of taking over and exiled him from this planet. 
                       Years later Thanos came back with his henchmen 
                       and took over Titan which led to him attempting 
                       to take over the universe. Using his psionic 
                       and cosmic destructive abilities he almost did 
                       take over the universe which he captured all 
                       six Infinity Gems but was stopped (that's the 
                       storyline of Marvel Super Heroes). Thanos still 
                       remains a threat to many including Warlock and 
                       Silver Surfer but yet has he fulfilled his 


LP - Light Blue Costume / Orange Shoulder Pads, etc.
HP - Light Blue Costume / Peach Shoulder Pads, etc.
LK - Blue Costume / Yellow Shoulder Pads, etc.
HK - Blue Costume / Red Shoulder Pads, etc.
A1 - Purple Costume / Orange Shoulder Pads, etc.
A2 - Purple Costume / Red Shoulder Pads, etc.

V. Rating

  This is pretty much a review of Thanos. I will go through the six deciding 
factors that make up a character (offense, defense, power, speed, recovery 
and comboability) and give them each a score from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest 
and 10 being the highest) followed by an overall score.

Offense - 9 - Definitely an offense based character. With an arsenal of
              heavy duty power and super moves and the fact that he's a 
              boss of a previous Capcom versus game makes him almost all
              offense. His Titan Crush could use some work, his Death
              Sphere is good and pretty much all his supers are packed
              with pain for the opposition. But don't get power hungry
              because sometimes defense makes the man and if your all
              offense and no defense, your most likely to lose.

Defense - 7.5 - Average. The reason I gave him such a high score (for 
                him, it's a high score) is because although his blocking 
                ability alone is bad he still naturally takes less damage 
                than most fighters. Sometimes when Thanos is being comboed 
                to death you can actually notice that he's not taking as
                much damage as you can expect. With guys like Kobun, one 
                punch kills him almost automatically. His moves also have
                decent recovery time, but people usually cant take full
                advantage and do an 848 hit combo. 

Power - 9 -  Just in case there's any confusion over power and offense, 
             power is the strength and damage done by the moves and offense 
             is the arsenal of moves you have (Ex: Spider-Man and Wolverine
             have good offense but not so great power). Anyway, the reason 
             I typed that last sentence is because Thanos' offense is mainly 
             due to his power moves which cancel out the first sentence. So 
             if you want a detailed explanation, read the offense part, and
             if you don't want to read the offense part, exactly (I know it's 
             not funny but I wanted to make this part 9 lines long).

Speed - 7.5 - Although Thanos is a huge force to be reckoned with in terms
              of power and offense, Thanos' speed is surprisingly good 
              considering he's mainly an offense based character. A great
              advantage in his speed is that he has an infinite dash. Tap
              Forward once and than quickly tap and hold forward again and
              he will run as long as you want him to which is a huge plus.
              In conclusion, although left in the dust by the likes of 
              Spider-Man and Wolverine, Thanos is pretty much the fastest
              power-house in the game.

Recovery - 7.5 - For the most part average. His special moves have almost
                 no recovery time but his hyper combos are a different
                 story. His Gauntlet Space and Gauntlet Power has an 
                 average recovery time by his Gauntlet Soul and Gauntlet
                 Reality have a pretty big recovery and if evaded can lead
                 to something not good. In conclusion, Thanos has average
                 recovery and gets a 7.5.

Comboability - 8 - Pretty combo friendly in my opinion. Pretty much all
                   of his supers are great combo finishers and all of
                   his regular moves are great assists if you're trying
                   link your own supers. Even though all his supers are
                   great combo finishers, some of them are great for just
                   linking combos in general like his Gauntlet Power and
                   his Gauntlet Soul. In conclusion, Thanos is a great
                   combo ender and an average combo linker and takes home 
                   an 8. Not really a combo person.

Overall - 8.5 - In a final conclusion, Thanos is for the most part above
                average. His power and offense obviously doesn't need
                any work due to his powerful moves and previously being
                a game end-boss, his defense is average, his speed is
                average but good in a sense that his supposed to be offense 
                based and his recovery and comboability is average. Thanos
                gets an 8.5. (If you got an 85 on a test, wouldn't you be

VI. Moves

Special Moves     

    Titan Crush       - Down, Forward, Punch (air)
                      - Thanos simply raises his hand up follow by a 
                        quick three punches. Can't really get a 10 line 
                        explanation out of this one. Nothing fancy at 
                        all really.

    Death Sphere       - Down, Forward, Kick
                       - Ok so it doesn't cause that much death but 
                         it's still a cool name and an effective way to    
                         start a real mean combo. Thanos winds up for a 
                         punch but instead traps the opponent in sort of 
                         a bubble things rendering him helpless for 
                         the next 3 seconds or so. Great for combo    

Hyper Combos / Supers

   Gauntlet Power        - Down, Forward, PP
                         - Thanos raises his fist up high as he charges 
                           up. The four little orbs circle around his 
                           fist signaling for a Dragon Ball Z-like move.    
                           He then, in a punching motion, throws a huge 
                           fireball taking up three quarters of the 
                           screen at the opponent. Unblockable if in the 
                           middle of a combo otherwise pretty easy to 
                           block. Takes a good 25% percent off your 
                           average opponent. 

   Gauntlet Soul        - Down, Back, KK
                        - Like his other super setups, he raises his 
                          fist up high with 4 tiny orbs surrounding his 
                          fist. Then the screen flashes and a picture 
                          of his mug pops up taking up half the screen. 
                          Then a lighting like beam shoots out of his 
                          fist and chases the opponent. If he misses, 
                          the beam will try to hit the opponent for a 
                          couple of seconds and then stop but if it 
                          connects it zaps the opponent and takes a 
                          good 20% off the average fighter.

   Gauntlet Reality     - Down, Back, PP
                        - Thanos as usual raises his clutched fist high 
                          in the air cleverly hiding his super charge. 
                          Then the orbs float around and Thanos' freakish
                          face pops up. Then two huge slabs of rock 
                          surround the opponent and smash against each
                          other, crushing the opponent. Pretty easy to
                          dodge but does about 30% damage on the average 
                          fighter. All power moves for this guy.

   Gauntlet Space       - Down, Forward, KK
                        - You have a pretty good idea by now of what
                          happens at the beginning of the super. Anyway,
                          after the starting sequence two meteor showers
                          fall out of a huge portal opened up by Thanos 
                          on the top of the screen. The first one falls 
                          by him (no it doesn't hurt him) and the second 
                          one falls over the enemy. Can do anywhere from 
                          1 to 20% damage.


Alpha - Death Sphere / Gauntlet Power (see above)

Beta - Titan Crush / Gauntlet Reality (see above)
Gamma - ?/Nothing / Gauntlet Space (see above)


   Infinite Combo       - HK, Death Sphere, HK, Death Sphere, HK, 
                          Death Sphere, HK, Death Sphere, HK, Death 
                          Sphere, HK, Death Sphere, HK, Death 
                        - You get the point. You can do some serious   
                          damage to your opponent and your hand if you   
                          can pull this one off. It really gets 
                          annoying because the damage you do to your 
                          opponent decreases as you juggle him/her and 
                          is a real thumb killer but it's a cheap way 
                          to beat your opponents best guy when your in 
                          a real jam. As for how the combo looks it's 
                          simply a kick to the face followed by the 
                          Death Sphere followed by a kick to the face 
                          followed by the Death Sphere followed by a 
                          kick to the face followed by the Death 
                          Sphere followed by...... 

   Wine Killer        - HK, Death Sphere, repeat until tired or 
                        opponent says "stop being cheap", Titan Crush, 
                        Gauntlet Power
                      - Ok, the name is cheezy as hell but it lives up 
                        to it's name. 90% of the time you do the 
                        infinite \ combo you either get a "cheapo" from 
                        your fellow humanoid or a soar thumb. So if you 
                        have this situation, don't just stop, give 'em 
                        a few shots before you go. Simply give him the 
                        'ol Titan Crush and a Gauntlet Power to go. As 
                        for how it looks, multiple kick to the face 
                        Death Sphere combinations followed by a few 
                        quick punches to the face and a huge fireball.

    Triple Super       - Jump Forward, LK, HK, LP, Ducking LK, Gauntlet 
                         Power, Gauntlet Power, Gauntlet Soul
                       - Thanos leaps into action with a series of 
                         kicks and punches followed by two devastating 
                         Gauntlet Powers and a Gauntlet Soul to go. 
                         Takes a good 75% health off of the average Joe 
                         and will usually result in your opponent being 
                         stupified by an awesome combo that's not 
                         totally cheap. In the combo above, if you were 
                         playing against another person and tried to do 
                         it, he would eventually punch you in the face 
                         or swat your controller / joystick away and 
                         take full advantage of your broken hands. As 
                         for how it looks, a usual punch-kick combo 
                         with two huge balls and a lighting bolt coming 
                         out of Thanos' clutched fist.

    Anything Combo        - Jump Forward, LK, HK, LP, LP + LK (air combo
                            start), anything
                          - The reason I put anything is there is about 
                            20 combinations of combos you can use 
                            beginning with everything before "anything". 
                            Try to create your own devastating combos or 
                            add this to the start of your combo to make 
                            it even more effective. Mix and match, slab 
                            and slurp, grab and glurp (sorry I had to 
                            say that) do anything, but my advice is not 
                            to try stuff on the taller guys because it 
                            most likely wont work on smaller guys. As 
                            for how it looks it's all up to you.

VII. Coming Soon

 - More combos (if necessary. If you have a combo send it in 
                and I will give you full credit)

 - Vs. Computer FAQ 

 - More Character FAQs/Move lists

VIII. Credits

 - MadManCafe, IGNDC, Segadojo, GamingAge, Fighters.net and 
   Shoryuken.com for providing me with the most up to date 
   Marvel Vs Capcom 2 news, reviews, combo movies, previews, 
   FAQ's, move lists and codes

 - GameFAQs for making one hell of a site

 - Capcom for making one hell of a game 

 - Mike Z for the combos

 - Silver Surfer Website  
   (http://marvelite.prohosting.com/surfer) for the character 

 - Me for writing this character FAQ

XI. Legal Stuff

- This document Copyright John Pantozzi (RAW64life) 2000

- If you don't find this FAQ on one of the following sites, it's illegal:

- http://www.gamefaqs.com
- http://www.fighters.net
- http;//www.gamewinners.com


Questions, comments, submissions, hate mail, anything? Send it in. I 
love getting mail. Send to RAW64life@aol.com

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