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Amingo by GRant

Version: 3.0- | Updated: 12/19/00

\ 										 / 
\                        MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2: The New Age Heroes                 / 
\                               -------------------------                        / 
\                      AAAAAA  MM   MM  II  NN   NN  GGGGGG  OOOOOO              / 
\                      AA  AA  MMM MMM  II  NNN  NN  GG      OO  OO		 /
\	       	       AAAAAA  MM M MM  II  NN N NN  GG GGG  OO  OO		 / 
\ 		       AA  AA  MM M MM  II  NN  NNN  GG  GG  OO  OO		 / 
\ 		       AA  AA  MM   MM  II  NN   NN  GGGGGG  OOOOOO              / 
\ 				-------------------------			 / 
\ 		                  Amingo FAQ by: Gophn                           / 
                                    Version 3.00

Updated: 12-19-2000

-new comments about a recent Marvel VS Capcom 2 tourney on 12-9-00.
-fixed some errors
-added some new combos 
-other Amingo people

=========================== ****** Special Events ***** ===============================
*                                                                                     *
*                                  >> 4-29-00 <<                                      *
*      I've juss came from a pretty big MvC2 tourney from Southern Hills Golfland     *
* and i've figured out some very interesting and annoying facts.                      *
* 1) Cable is the most cheapest character ever created, because of his Viper Beam and *
*   his Super Viper Beam, since it has been figuered out that he can pull off up to 5 *
*   consecutive supers juss by hopping back up after finishing one to do another.     *
* 2) Amingo has as much of a chance of getting through Cable as Jill ever linking her *
*   Tyran super move.                                                                 *
* 3) MOST people have to cheap to win by using zoners like Cable and Sentinel, but    *
* there are some out there that can also win with normal characters.  I say this      *
* because, during the Finals, the champion, the one and only Alex, figured out Cable  *
* and kicked his sorry cheap ass with juss Strider, Ryu, and Captain Commando. If I   *
* hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it.  Only Alex could have accomplished     *
* such a great task.                                                                  *
*      To conclude, I would like to say that Cable users should juss should "try and  *
* walk forward for once because no one has ever seen the animation of him actaully    *
* walking forward before!"  And if he does, he'll have is ass kicked without a doubt. *
* But he can be defeated with enough practice or figuring out a weakness.             *
*                                                                                     *
*      Well, i hope that this would help you, but if it doesn't, juss ridicule Cable  *
* people whenever they cheap.                                                         *
*                                                                                     *
*                                   >> 7-1-00 <<                                      *
*      After the previous MvC2 tournament, i thought that the playin it nemore versus *
* Cable would be useless, but new characters have shown whut they've truly got.       *
* -Magneto: showed his stuff by introducing a new infinite air combo that consists of *
*   LP, LK, MP, MK, Hypo-Grab, immediate Magnetic Tempest, then before the opponent   *
*   LP, LK, Flight, LP, LK, MP, MK, ..so on.  ITS CRAZIEE!!!!!                        *
* -Iron Man: showed his use by doin his exciting but cheap infinite, which is juss    *
*   mainly Jumping LP, MK, upward HP, repeat, repeat... Made a big commotion.         *
* -Doctor Doom: showed use usefulness as an ASSIST for Anti-Air Type, and and a nice  *
*   turtler by juss using his multiple Proton Shots in the air.                       *
* -Sentinel: DAMN!!! With triple the defense and the power, the "best" have shown that*
*   he can take out virtually any character.  He got the cheap HP, Rocket Punch(HP),  *
*   Super Rocket Fists, then repeat....repeat....                                     *
*      But Cable is still cheap, but can be taken down now.  And if any1 out there    *
* wants the most challenge in MvC2, there only one place in California and mostly in  *
* the country that would impress or would give fear, which is Southern Hills Golfland *
* in Stanton, California. (THe best time is on Saturday, when every1 is there)        *
*                                                                                     *
*                                   >> 12-9-00 <<                                     *
*                                                                                     *
*      Well, this tournament proved to be very interesting.  The most used characters *
* in this tournament were: Cable, Storm, Sentinel, Magneto, and Dr. Doom.             *
* -Cable: With any uppercut back-up (mainly cyclops), he just needs to jump and do    *
*   his Hyper Viper Beam, then hop back up to do it again.  CHEAP!!!!                 *
* -Iron Man: (fix) the real infinite for him is hop and LK, MP, upward HP.  Scott     *
*   (the E3 MvC2 Champ) gave every1 a show with his infinite.  He hopped a little,    *
*   dashed forward w/ LK, landed w/ LK, HK (launcher), LP, LK, MP, flight, grab &     *
*   throws the guy down (at the same time pushing his Cyclops assist), the opponent   *
*   gets juggled back up by Cyclops' Gene Splice (by now, the opponent is in the      *
*   corner), Iron Man disables his flight rite after doing one LK, MP, upward HP,     *
*   then he repeats by hopping and LK, MP, upward HP... repeat... then when we every1 *
*   thought that its was over, he lands a does a Repulsor Blast knocking the guy      *
*   behind Iron Man, and immediately does a Super Proton Cannon. DAMN! (130 Hit Combo)*
* -Storm: showed her stuff by showing her usefulness.  Her Typhoons, ability to       *
*   fly for a long time, crazy combos, and supers.  The one and only King of Capcom,  *
*   Alex, used her and once again one the tournament.  He did a really mind boggling  *
*   which was pushing his Cyclops assist while air dashing over the opponent, the     *
*   opponents gets juggled up by Cyclops and Storm super jumps up and catches the guy *
*   in LP, LK, MP, Lightning Attack, then immmediately uses Super Lightning Storm...  *
*   then he cancels into Magneto's Magnetic Tempest (can be cancelled into almost     *
*   any super).                                                                       *
* -Magneto: once again shows his skills.  A new innovative combo has been devised by  *
*   Alex.  If u do a ducking LK, HK (trip), then Hyper Grab, (can repeat this to do   *
*   infinite), or a launcher into his air combo into a Magnetic Tempest, or just into *
*   a Magnetic Tempest then into Cyclops' Super Optic Blast into Storm's Hail Storm.  *
*   this is an "over kill" 100% combo.                                                *
*                                                                                     *
*       Sentinel is still the same, but with a few added combos such as LP, LP,       *
* Rocket Punch, then Super Sentinel Force(fists).  All and all, the tournament was    *
* mainly for fun, because the a previous tournament was the last chance for some1 to  *
* recieve International Status.                                                       *
*       I don't really play MvC2 that much nemore, because i'm workin on Bemani games *
* (ie. Beatmania2 DX, DDR 4th Mix, Para Para Paradise)                                *
*       And i'm playing some SNK vs. Capcom, if u want to play the newest games, and  *
* against best players u should visit Southern California's Southern Hill Golfland    *
* and Arcade Infinity (AI).  These places are both internationally renowned because   *
* of the champions that hang around there and the champions that come out of them.    *
*                                                                                     *

1.  Introduction
2.  Overview on Amingo
3.  Standard Attacks
4.  Specials and Supers
5.  Combos and Assists
6.  Fellow Amingo Players

This faq was written by Gophn, me, and was made possible from playing at Southern 
Hills Golfland in sunny So. CaLi, the one of the arcades that recieved the first 
"Marvel VS Capcom 2" machines. You can do what ever you want with this faq, but just
remember to give credit to where its due.
So Enjoy!!!!

======================= ***** 1. Introduction ***** ========================

	I'd never thought that i'd be making a faq ever, but after playing this game 
it got me to think different because since this was a new game, and i was one of the 
first to play this game and this was good knowing that everyone else would be a 
beginner as well.  I say this because since all of the buttons and the combos and 
the assists have change, this had put everyone on the same playing field, which is a 
very good chance to try out and to experiment with characters.  Well I began to test 
Amingo and found that he was a funny character, but no one know that anyone could 
kick serious butt with him until I have figured out strategies with him.

======================***** 2. Overview on Amingo ***** ====================

	Amingo is a funny looking cactus that wheres a sombrero (hat) and is fat.  He 
is a funny character to watch fight, but when someone sees what's he's really got, 
all they can say is...... DANG.....
	I'm probably not the master of Amingo, but I am known as being the "Amingo" 
guy in Golfland.  I can haul some serious a$$ with him.  Here are some of his 

1)	Powerful and Funny Supers:   With just 2 supers he may not seem to be an ideal 
character to use, but thats wrong.  His supers are very quick but seem hard to 
execute, but when done correctly, they can help to either do some pretty good 
damage, help link-up to another character's super, or just to get some laughs.

2)	Quick and Sudden Combos:   He is one of the most quick combo makers in game.  
With his easy launchers and quick hits, many combos can be figured out.  His moves 
are so sudden that they can catch an opponent off gaurd 90% of the time.

3) 	Regular Strikes:   Amingo has probably the best jumping Roundhouse because 
when it hits a opponent blocking/non-blocking it renders them paralyzed until the 5-
6 hits from the kick stops, which can give you the time to plan a combo or another 

With such great things, there has to be some flaws as well....


2)	Over Use of Moves:   With the great moves and startegies, one can use them too 
much and can get figured out and get their butts kicked, trust me I know.  So try to 
be more varied with combos and attacks.

====================== ***** 3. Standard Moves ***** =========================

Standing Jab)    Okay range. Hits fairly fast. Pushing it twice would make a short 
                 ranged strong punch.

Standing Short)   Shortrange hit that is pretty fast downward, could cancel any 
                  other short kicks.  Second connection makes a "snapping" kick to the 

Standing Fierce)   Longrange. Makes a whirling vine that gets 3-4 hits and can stun 
                   a character for a combo or a link-up.

Standing Roundhouse)  Turns into a ball with spikes and attacks high. Very quick. Good 
                      damage.  Useful against air attacks.

Ducking Jab)   Shorter range than his standing Jab, but faster 
               recovery. Second hit creates an uppercut launcher.

Ducking Short)   Nice range for a Short, quick. Second hit creates a short but 
                 affective kick launcher.

Ducking Fierce)   Makes a vine that goes through the ground. INCREDIBLE range. Decent 

Ducking Roundhouse)   Passable range. Very quick. Single hit knockdown. Sets up for 
                      dash special.

Jumping Jab)      Fair range. Another quick attack.  Second attack would cause them 
                  to be lauched a little higher, good for combos.

Jumping short)   Good range. Good speed. Second hit is a short range spin kick.

Jumping Fierce)   A GIANT cactus fist that can knock an opponent out downward 

Jumping Roundhouse)  Quite literally, the best standard attack in the game.  
                     Whirling his leg into a drill the has great range and can 
                     paralyze an opponent thats in the air or not, and/or blocking 
                     or not leaving him vulnerable for attacks or combos.  
                     Pretty good damage.

================= ***** 4. Special and Super Moves ***** ==================

1)  Daiti no Kodomo (little cactus grab): QCB + K
           -Sends out a little cactus minion that hops towards the opponent and 
            grabs him/her for a short moment of time, which can lead to combos or 
            supers.  Can also help to be used as a decoy, while you move forward to 

2)  Daiti no Kodomo (little cactus punch): QCF + Short
           -Sends out a little cactus minion that hops towards the opponent and 
            punches him/her, which can also lead to combos or supers.  Can also help 
            to be used as a decoy, while you move forward to attack.

3)  Daiti no Kodomo (little cactus kick): QCF + Roundhouse
           -Sends out a little cactus minion that hops towards the opponent and 
            kicks him/her, which can also lead to combos or supers.  Can also help 
            to be used as a decoy, while you move forward to attack.

4)  Midori no Kanki (flying spiked cactus ball): QCB + P
           -Amingo turns into a Spiked Ball of Cactus that hops forward.  Good damge 
            and good finish for fast ground combos.

5)  Kaze no Sakeb (rushing ball): QCF + P (air)
	   -Great speed and range, good for finishers in ground/air combos.  Great 

1)  Shokubutsu no Okite (Law of Vegetation): QCB + PP
           -One of the FUNNIEST supers there are.  He sends a little plant sliding 
            on the ground to the enemy and if the get caught, it throws them into 
            Amingo's body and then he shakes his body with maracas in his hands.  Not 
            much damage, very slow.  Great for canceling into another super move.  
            Hard to link-up, but I figured it out.. just keep on reading.

2)  Taiyou no Megumi (Sun's Blessing): QCF + KK
	   -Similiar to "Ken's Super Vertical Dragon Punch" but is a little better 
            since the opponent won't really see it coming because he doesn't really get 
            into any position when executing it, and he is literally planted to the 
            ground (can't be moved).  Good damage.  Can be linked-up... just keep on 

======================= ***** 5. Combos and Assists***** ===================

10-15% Combo) 3-6 hits:  Standing Jab, Standing Fierce, Midori no Kanki (flying 
     spiked cactus ball).

15-20% Combo) 5-8 hits:  Ducking Short, Ducking Roundhouse (getting them tripped), 
     Kaze no Sakeb (rushing ball) with Fierce.

25-30% Combo) 10-13 hits:  Ducking Short twice into launcher (or Ducking Jab twice 
     into launcher), while catching him/her in the air: Jab, Short, Strong, 
     Forward, and Roundhouse.

35-40% Combo) 12-16 hits:  Jumping Roundhouse (or Jumping Short twice), Ducking 
     Short twice into launcher (or Ducking Jab twice into launcher), while 
     catching him/her in the air: Jab, Short, Strong, Forward, and Kaze no Sakeb 
     (rushing ball) with Fierce.

     ===> If in the corner, end this combo with a Rushing Ball (LP),  then HK while
     falling. (an added 3-4 hits)

Same, but an added Short, Short before the rushing ball can add some more damage.

100% Combo) Infinite hits: in the corner do trip, then Rushing Ball (LP) followed by
     standing light kick, then Rushing Ball (LP), repeat....

100% Combo) Infinite hits: in the corner, hop and do Rushing Ball (LP) before landing, 
     then before landing LK, LP, (landed) hold up to hop then press LK, Rushing Ball (LP),
     then repeat....

Sun's Blessing Combo)25-35% and 30-40 hits:  Just get the opponent into a 
     launcher and do it in a corner. 

     ===> In the corner, ducking LK, then to Rushing Ball(any), then the super WORKS!

     ===> Another fun way is to just do it when they are jumping in with an attack 

     You can cancel it to do another characters supermove that goes vertical 
     (ie. Doom, Ken, Akuma, Psylocke, Cap. Commando).

Law of Vegetation Combo) 15-20% and 3-6 hits:  The most widely thought about super 
     move that is useless.  BUT my firend Mike (A.K.A. CrackPr0n) and I FIGURED IT 

     ===> A Standing Jab to a Standing Fierce then to the super WORKS!!! but 
     timing is crucial.

     ===> A ducking Short, to a standing Short (making a forward kick), then the super 
     would also work as well. A lot more useful than the first link-up.

     When the super is successful it can be cancelled and be 
     linked to ANY super from other characters.

Heal Type:		Jumps in and heals.  Okay.

Enhance Type:		Jumps in and plants a flower with a fruit that can give a 
                        character DEFENSE UP.  Useful.

Balance Type: 		Amingo executes a Fierce Kaze no Sakeb (rushing ball).  Does 
			multiple hits, good damage, very useful.

======================= ***** 6. Known Amingo Players***** ===================
-(MYSELF) "Gophn Rant" <gophn@asianavenue.com>
-"james jang" <daillest_j@hotmail.com>
-"Shawn" <djoddball@yahoo.com>
-"Nassim Ketita" <arcticninja@hotmail.com>


-Capcom for continuing the VS. series, but with more options and a 
 change in button configurations!

-Southern Hills Golfland for having the best players and competitors 
 there to help me figure out the moves and combos while getting my butt 
 kicked over and over and over...

-Mark, Mike (CrackPr0n), Gabe (God), Alex, Dan (Scan), SpiderDan, and 
 other players from Southern Hills Golfland for teaching, learning, and 
 screwing around with new characters (like Jill, Tron, Servbot).

-"james jang" <daillest_j@hotmail.com> giving me some combos to add.

-"Shawn" <djoddball@yahoo.com> adding another infinite combo.

-"Nassim Ketita" <arcticninja@hotmail.com>  link up suggestions.

      Any submissions or suggestions?  

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