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Spider-Man by Nikojoke

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/18/00

                               Nikojokes Spiderman Combo FAQ V.1.6
                                     Best viewed with editor

                                        SPIDERMAN COMBOFAQ
                                       MARVEL  Vs.  CAPCOM 2
                                            DC  VERSION

5.Beat Abyss

_________  _____________________________________________________
17.4.2000  It´s not an update but it´s my first work on that Faq
---------  -----------------------------------------------------
18.4.2000  Added some combos
---------  -----------------------------------------------------
18.4.2000  (a few hours later) Ok I think that´s all for Spideys
           combos I tried out every combination.           
---------  -----------------------------------------------------
18.4.2000  (after school) I wrote how to beat Abyss
---------  -----------------------------------------------------


ub   u   uf    X=lp-mp  A=lk-mk ap=any punch  D=hold down
   \ I /       Y=hp     B=hk    ak=any kick   rd=release down
 b - N - f      
   / I \       J=jump or jump in for the combo  
db   d   df    G=Ground or after a jump-in-combo


Web Ball     : d,df,f+ap

Web Swing    : d,db,b+ak

Spider String: f,d,df+ap

Web Throw    : f,df,d,db,b+ap

Air Dash     : in mid-air pp or f,f


Maximum Spider    : d,df,f+pp

Crawler Assault   : d,df,f+kk

Ultimate Web Throw: d,db,b+pp


Alpha: Attack Assist    Web Ball / Crawler Assault
Beta:  Movement Attack  Web Swing / Crawler Assault
Gamma: Air Attack       Spider Sting / Crawler Assault


Ground Combos

Start             Continue                                                            Hit
===============   =================================================================== =====
x                 a,b                                                                   03
or                a,y                                                                   03
a                 a,d+b                                                                 03
                  a,d+y                                                                 03
                  a,Spider String                                                       03
                  a,Web Throw                                                           03
                  Spider String,y                                                       03
                  b,Web Swing                                                           03
                  D,x,b                                                                 03
                  D,x,rd,b                                                              03
                  D,x,y                                                                 03
                  D,x,y,Web Throw                                                       04
                  D,x,rd,y                                                              03
                  D,a,Web Swing                                                         03
                  D,y,Web Swing                                                         03
                  x,Spider String                                                       03
                  D,y,Web Throw                                                         03
                  D,x,y,Web Swing                                                       04
===============   =================================================================== ===== 

1=Jumping attack (after the Jumping attacks every ground combo works)
2=on ground      (just to hit up your oponnent)
3=Aerial combos  (push up to follow your oponnent after you launch him in air)

=--------=1=---------=   =-------2-------=  =----------3-----------=  =---------3---------=  
=--------------------=   =---------------=  =----------------------=  =-------------------=
 x,x,b                     x,x               x,x,y                     x,x,a,y     
 x,x,y                     D,x,rd,x          x,x,b                     x,x,a,b
 x,a,b                     a,x               a,a,y                     x,a,a,y
 x,a,y                     D,a,rd,x          a,a,y                     x,a,a,b
 a,a                       D,a,a,rd,b        x,a,y                     x,a,x,y
 a,x,a                     D,x,a,rd,b        x,a,b                     x,a,x,b
 a,b                       a,d+a,b           a,x,y                     a,x,a,y          
 a,x                       x,d+a,b           a,x,b                     a,x,a,b
=--------------------=   =---------------=  =----------------------=  =-------------------=

5. Beat Abyss

1st With Armor

To beat the firts Abyss you have to go before the fight beginn close to him and when the the 
FIGHT apears start with your combos. Block if he try to make a hit and make a combo again. And
if he start with the big moves, jump behind him and make a combo again. Belive it or not but..
that´s the best way to beat the first Abyss. :-)

2nd Abyss (The green one ;) )

Is just like the first Abyss all you have to do is to go near him and when the FIGHT apears
DUCk and make a combo and if he shot still duck. Or you can jump behind him before he shoots
so you´ll be able to hit him as long he makes the long shot. And if he starts with the reen "BALOONS" make a high jump and try to land behind him to make a combo again.

3th Abyss (The big red dog)

OK start with jumping combos and everytime he´s ner you jump and give him a combo. If he is 
going away jump and make the air dash to follow him. Just block and wait if he makes his moves
or use one of your other two fighters to beat him.

                          This document is copyrighted (c) 2000
                           Niko Komninos, all rights reserved.
                  Capcom characters are Copyright 2000 Capcom Co., LTD 
                Marvel Characters TM and Copyright 2000 Marvel Characters, Inc.
                                Niko Komninos (Nikojoke)
                            nikojoke@hotmail.com Icq:61923723

                            Never do a loose, all I do is win


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