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Color/Assist Type Guide by Rikidozan

Version: 1.15 | Updated: 04/22/00

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes Character Select Guide
For: Japanese Dreamcast
Version 1.15 (April 22, 2000)
By: Rikidozan (rikidozan@hotmail.com)
Questions? Comments? Please e-mail me. Any changes made due to comments will
recieve full credit at end of document for support.

+ Changed from last version
+I.   Updates/Notes/Legend     Where I give you updates
II.   Characters               List of Characters' color and assist type
+III. Color/Theme Grouping     Groupings by color or something similar
+IV.  Favorite Teams           Sent by you, the readers...
V.    Coming Soon              Where to know what's coming next
VI.    Credit/Copyright Notice  Legal stuffs

I. Notes/Legend
(V 1.15 4/22/2000 Started grouping characters by color/common theme.
Finished Black/Dark Grey, and White/Light Grey.

Starting to take submissions for Favorite Teams. Send me which team you use,
(with color and assist type) and a breif statment as to why you use them.

(V 1.1 4/18/2000 Francis Yuen <liquidator25@hotmail.com> points out error with
Anakaris Gamma, Super is Pharaoh Coffin Drop. Change is made to Anakaris

Kao Megura Comments on how Assist type effects the Variable Counter. Added to
coming soon. Thanks Francis and Kao!

(V 1.00 First Version, compleated Colors, Assists, Super Assists)
My only pet peeve about this game is that when you select a character, one
doesn't get to see which color was choose. Hopefully this guide will help
people out to get their preferred color combo for their killer team.

Orginally this "FAQ" was a color guide, but because I've noticed that choosing
your Assist Type drastacly effects the double/triple supers, I included the
Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Supers for everyone.

(My Magneto(A/Beta)/Sabretooth(CR/Gamma)/Juggernaut(A/Alpha) team does about
80-85% damage with a triple super with the right attack types, but only 30%
with the wrong ones....)

Note: for all characters, hitting X will give you the colors you see at the
character select screen.

     Name (Alpha order by FIRST name)
Items of clothes the button choice effects seperated by a / and if more than
one article is effect the same way, it will be contained by ()
Abbrevations: Lt = Light, Dk = Dark, Br = Bright, Dl = Dull
Buttons (Default) (X, Y, ZL, A, B, CR): Colors
(ZL = Z for arcade stick or L for Pad)
(CR = C for Arcade Stick or R for Pad)
Assist Type (To avoid confusion, i have labeled them 1, 2, and 3. 1 is Alpha
2 os Beta, and 3 is Gamma): Partner attack / Super (Projectile, Rushing, or
Auto or some combo if them)


X: Blue               Y: Pink                  ZL: Lt. Blue 
A: Navy Blue          B: Purple                CR: Dk. Blue 
1: Roundhouse Psi Blade / Psi Maelstrom (Rushing, Vertical)
2: Y Psi Blast          / Kochou Gakure (Projectile, Close Range)
3: Y Psi Blast          / Psi Thrust (Rushing, can change direction)

II. Characters

Body[shade of green]/Hat/Dot/Belt/(Pants & trim+diamond on belt)
X: norm/Blue/Red/White/Yellow
Y: norm/Red/Yellow/White/Lt. Blue
ZL: olive/Dl.Orange/Red/Purple/Yellow
A: Br./Purple/Red/White/Lt. Brown
B: Dk./Blue/Yellow/White/Dk. Red
CR: Dk./Black/Purple/Br. Red/Dl. Yellow
1: Life Up!        / Taiyou no Megumi (Touch range)
2: Defence Up!     / Taiyou no Megumi (Touch range)
3: Midori no Kanki / Taiyou no Megumi (Touch range)

X: Yellow/Blue/White
Y: Lt. Green/Dk. Green/Dl. White
ZL: Lt. Yellow/Blue/Brown
A: Pink/Red/White
B: Yellow/Red/White
CR: (B&W, w/ Red Eyes)
1: Cobra Blow  / Pharaoh Cobra Blow (Projectile)
2: Mummy Drop  / Pharaoh Illusion (Special, Full Screen)
3: Coffin Fall / Pharaoh Super Coffin Drop (Projectile, Falling)

Whole Body
X: Blue               Y: Black                 ZL: Lt. Purple
A: Lt. Blue           B: Teal                  CR: Dk. Purple
1: Dark Thunder / Judgment Day (Projectile)
2: Inferno      / Heart of Darkness (Rising Projectile)
3: Medium Punch / Armageddon (Falling Projectile, Close Range)

     Bulleta (B.B. Hood)
X: Red/Yellow         Y: Purple/Dk. Yellow     ZL: Dk. Blue/Yellow
A: Blue/Yellow        B: Blue-White/Blue-White CR: Black/Dk. Orange
1: Smiling Missile / Cruel Hunting (Projectile)
2: Cheer of Fire   / Cruel Hunting (Projectile)
3: Shy Strike      / Cruel Hunting (Projectile)

Suit (All have Yellow Straps and boots, except Y
X: Blue               Y: Lt. Green(Dk. Yellow) ZL: Dk. Green
A: Purple             B: Dl. Teal              CR: Dk. Blue
1: Viper Beam   / Hyper Viper Beam (Projectile)
2: Psimitar     / Hyper Viper Beam (Projectile)
3: Electro Trap / Hyper Viper Beam (Projectile)

Outfit/Skin Tone/Hair
X: Lt. Blue/Lt./Yellow Y: Dk. Blue/Lt./Yellow  ZL: Purple/Lt./Orange
A: Green/Lt./Yellow    B: Pink/Lt./Yellow      CR: Black/Tan/Red 
1: Sonic Spike  / Spin Drive Smasher (Rushing)
2: Sonic Drill  / Spin Drive Smasher (Rushing)
3: Spin Knuckle / Killer Bee Assault [Maximum Cammy!] (Auto)

     Captain America
Suit/(Gloves, Boots)
X: Blue/Red           Y: Lt. Blue         ZL: Dl. Dk. Blue/Yellow
A: Green/Red          B: Lt.'er Blue      CR: Dk. Blue/Yellow
1: Low Shield Slash / Hyper Charging Star (Rushing)
2: Stars & Stripes  / Hyper Stars & Stripes (Rushing, Triple Rising) 
3: Charging Star    / Hyper Charging Star (Rushing)

     Captain Commando
Outfit (all have White shirt)
X: Blue               Y: Lt. Green             ZL: Black
A: Red                B: Orange                CR: Pink
1: Captain Fire     / Captain Sword (Projectile, Sweeping from Up to Front)
2: Captain Corridor / Captain Sword (Projectile, Sweeping from Up to Front)
3: Captain Kick     / Captain Sword (Projectile, Sweeping from Up to Front)

Whole Outfit
X: Blue               Y: Green                 ZL: Hot Pink
A: Pink               B: Red-Orange            CR: Black
1: Kikouken      / Kikoshou (Close Range Projectile)
2: Tenshou Kyaku / Hasan Tenshou Kyaku (Rushing)
3: Axe Kick      / Senretsu Kyaku (Rushing, Up-Forward)

Shirt/(Trunks, Forearm, Boots)/Armor Color
X: Red/Yellow/Silver
Y: Dk. Red/Yellow/Silver
ZL: Dl. Red/Dl. Yellow/Grey
A: Orange/Yellow/Lavender
B: Lt. Red/Dk. Yellow/Grey
CR: Faded Red, Yellow, & Grey
1: A Power Tackle     / Super Dive (Rushing, Rising, Diving, LONG range)
2: B Power Tackle     / Super Dive (Rushing, Rising, Diving, LONG range)
3: B                  / Super Dive (Rushing, Rising, Diving, LONG range)

Outfit/(Visor, Belts, Tights, Gloves, Boots)
X: Blue/Yellow        Y: Baby Blue/Lt. Yellow  ZL: White-Blue/Yellow
A: Dk. Grey/Yellow    B: Dk. Grey/Lt. Grey     CR: Black/Neon Green
1: X Optic Blast / Mega Optic Blast (Projectile)
2: Gene Splice   / Mega Optic Blast (Projectile)
3: Cyclone Kick  / Mega Optic Blast (Projectile)

X: Pink/Maroon           Y: Purple/Maroon      ZL: Lt. Yellow/Purple
A: Br. Orange/Dk. Purple B: Lt. Green/Orange   CR: Teal/Orange
1: Gadoken      / Shinkuu Gadoken (Projectile, VERY short range)
2: Koryuken     / Koryurekka (Vertical Uppercut)
3: Premium Sign / Hisshou Burai Ken (One step rush, Vertical Uppercut)

X: Brown/Yellow       Y: Brown-Orange/Teal      A1: Dk. Brown/Teal
A: Grey/Purple        B: Purple-Blue/Lt. Orange A2: Grey/Pink
1: Yoga Fire  / Yoga Inferno (Projectile, Almost Full Screen)
2: Yoga Flame / Yoga Inferno (Projectile, Almost Full Screen)
3: Yoga Blast / Yoga Inferno (Projectile, Almost Full Screen)

     Dr. Doom
(Cape, Garb)/Armor
X: Green/Gray         Y: Dk. Green/Green-Gray  ZL: Dk. Blue/Gray
A: Lt. Green/Lt. Grey B: Lt. Brown/Gray        CR: Br. Green/Gray
1: Photon Shot      / Photon Array (Projectile, Front, Back, Angled)
2: Molecular Shield / Sphere Flame (Projectile, Verticle)
3: Plasma Beam      / Electric Cage (Projectile, Close Range)

X: White/Blue         Y: Orange/Black          ZL: White/Grey
A: White/Red          B: Pink/White            CR: Black/Red w/ Tan Skin
1: Delta Kick  / Hyper Sand Splash (Projectile)
2: Sand Splash / Hyper Sand Splash (Projectile)
3: Cat Spike   / Hyper Sand Splash (Projectile)

X: Tan/Blue/Red       Y: Lt. Grey/Blue/Magenta ZL: Purple-Blue/Blue/Orange
A: Black/Grey/Red     B: Brown/Lt. Green/Red   CR: Cyan/Blue/Red
1: Kinetic Card  / Royal Flush (Projectile, + 1 Vertical)
2: X Cajun Slash / Royal Flush (Projectile, + 1 Vertical)
3: Launcher D+Y  / Royal Flush (Projectile, + 1 Vertical)

     Gouki (Akuma [Akuma mean Satan, according to my Japanese mother])
X: Black/Red           Y: White/Red            ZL: Purple/Yellow
A: Dk. Dl. Green/White B: Red/Br. Orange       CR: Dl. Cyan/White
1: Gou Hadouken           / Messatsu Gou Hado (Projectile)
2: Gou Shouryuken         / Messatsu Shouryuu (Rushing, Rising)
3: Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku / Messatsu Gou Rasen (Rushing, Close Range)

X: Green              Y: Grey                  ZL: Olive Green w/tan
A: Purple             B: Brown                 CR: Purple w/tan
1: Somersault Kick / Somersault Strike (Rushing, Rising)
2: Sonic Boom      / Sonic Hurricane (Projectile, Close Range)
3: Sonic Boom      / Sonic Hurricane (Projectile, Close Range)

Shirt/(Boots, sword handle)/Rest of clothes
X: White/Red/Blue-Grey Y: Pink-White/Maroon/Maroon ZL: Br.Red/Red/Red
A: White/Blue/Blue     B: White/Green/Brown        CR: Black/Black/Black
1: Siden / Crescent Moon (Rushing)
2: Guren / Rasetsu Slash (Rising Projectile, Like Magneto-Magnetic S.wave)
3: Siden / Rasetsu Slash (Rising Projectile, Like Magneto-Magnetic S.wave)

X: Green/Maroon       Y: Green/Dk. Blue        ZL: Grey/Dk. Blue
A: Grey/Blue          B: Teal/Lt. Orange       CR: Green-Yellow/Purple
1: X Gamma Slam       / Gamma Wave (Projectile)
2: Gamma Charge (F)   / Gamma Crush (Rushing, Rising, Falling)
3: Gamma Charge (U+F) / Gamma Quake (Projectile, Falling)

Whole Body
X: Blue-White         Y: Teal-White            ZL: Lt. Green-White
A: White              B: Pink-White            CR: Dk. Green-White
1: Ice Beam X      / Artic Attack (Projectile)
2: Ice Avalanche A / Artic Attack (Projectile)
3: Ice Beam X      / Artic Attack (Projectile)

     Iron Man
X: Red/Yellow         Y: Red/Orange-Yellow     ZL: Red/Silver
A: Blue/Yellow        B: Red/Lavender          CR: Orange/Mustard Yellow
1: Unibeam        / Proton Cannon (Projectile, Cannon can hit)
2: Repulsor Blast / Proton Cannon (Projectile, Cannon can hit)
3: Launcher (B)   / Proton Cannon (Projectile, Cannon can hit)

(Pants & Hat)/Shirt
X: Blue/Lt. Blue      Y: Orange/Yellow           ZL: Brown/White
A: Pink/Lt. Pink      B: Blue-Green/Teal         CR: Grey/Lt. Grey
1: Life Up!           / Rocket Launcher (Projectile)
2: Close Combat A     / Close Combat A+ (Rushing)
3: Grenade Launcher   / Rocket Launcher (Projectile)

     Jin Saotome
X: White/White        Y: Red/Dk. Blue          ZL: Pink/White
A: Navy Blue/Gold     B: Green/White           CR: Blue/Gold
1: Saotome Typhoon  / Saotome Cyclone (Rushing)
2: Saotome Dynamite / Blodia Punch (Projectile)
3: Launcher Y       / Blodia Punch (Projectile)

Armor/(Midrift & Boots)
X: Brown/Red          Y: Rose/Lt. Brown        ZL: Orange/Lt. Orange
A: Dk. Grey/Brown     B: Dull Green/Brown      CR: Red/Lt. Orange
1: Juggernaut Punch      / Juggernaught Headcrush (Rushing)
2: Juggernaut Body Press / Juggernaught Headcrush (Rushing)   
3: Earthquaqe            / Juggernaught Headcrush (Rushing)

X: Red                Y: White                 ZL: Purple w/ Tan skin
A: Yellow             B: Maroon                CR: Green
1: Shouryuuken            / Shinryuken (Vertical Rising Uppercut)
2: Hadoken                / Shoryuu Reppa (Rushing, Repeating, Rising)
3: Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku / Shoryuu Reppa (Rushing, Repeating, Rising)

     Kobun (LEGO MAN!!!)
X: Blue/Yellow        Y: Pink/Yellow           ZL: Red/White
A: Black/Yellow       B: Blue-green/Yellow     CR: Purple/White
1: Call For Help (Rush!) / Lunch Rush, Multi (Projectile, Full Screen)
2: Kobun Fire (up)       / King Kobun (Rushing)
3: Kobun Fire (forward)  / Lunch Rush, Line (Projectile, Bottom Screen)

Suit/(Trunks, Boots, & Cape)
X: Red/Lt. Purple     Y: Dk. Red/Dull Green    ZL: Br. Red/Purple
A: Blue/Dk. Purple    B: Dk. Purple/Dl. Green  CR: Red/Black
1: E.M. Disruptor    / Magnetic Shockwave (Rushing Projectile)
2: Hyper Gravitation / Magnetic Tempest (Projectile)
3: Launcher (D+Y)    / Magnetic Tempest (Projectile)

X: Green              Y: Lavender              ZL: Grey
A: Lt. Blue-Green     B: Lt. Green             CR: Purple
1: Boneerang      / Bone Buster (Projectile, Homing)
2: Towering Spine / Bone Buster (Projectile, Homing)
3: Ricochet Slash / Stinger Bones (Projectile)

X: Black/Green        Y: Dk. Purple-Red/Lt. Pink ZL: Red/Pink
A: Red/Yellow         B: Dk. Purple/Yellow       CR: Red/Blonde
1: Shadow Blade / Silhouette Blade (Projectile [Lilith], Rising)
2: Soul Fist    / Soul Eraser (Projectile)
3: Shadow Blade / Silhouette Blade (Projectile [Lilith], Rising)

     Nash (Charlie)
X: Yellow/Green       Y: White/Blue            ZL: Green/Dk. Tan w/ Tan Skin
A: Red/Dl. Green      B: Yellow/Black          CR: Red/Red
1: Sonic Boom       / Sonic Break (Projectile)
2: Somersault Shell / Somersault Justice (Rushing)
3: Sonic Boom       / Sonic Break (Projectile)

     Omega Red
X: Red/Grey/Yellow
Y: Br. Red/Grey/Lt. Yellow
ZL: Dk.Red/Lt. Blue/Br. Yellow
A: Maroon/Yellow/White
B: Lt. Red/Grey/White
CR: Faded Red, Grey, Yellow
1: X Coil Throw   / Omega Destroyer (Projectile, Coils)
2: B Omega Strike / Omega Destroyer (Projectile, Coils)
3: DB+B           / Omega Destroyer (Projectile, Coils)

X: Blue               Y: Pink                  ZL: Lt. Blue 
A: Navy Blue          B: Purple                CR: Dk. Blue 
1: Roundhouse Psi Blade / Psi Maelstrom (Rushing, Vertical)
2: Y Psi Blast          / Kochou Gakure (Projectile, Close Range)
3: Y Psi Blast          / Psi Thrust (Rushing, can change direction)

    Rockman (Megaman)
(Boots, gloves, trunks)/Shirt
X: Blue/Baby Blue     Y: Green/Lt. Green       ZL: Black/White
A: Red/Pink           B: Orange/Lt. Orange     CR: Red/Yellow
1: Mega Buster / Hyper Megaman (Projectile)
2: Mega Upper  / Hyper Megaman (Projectile)
3: Mega Buster / Hyper Megaman (Projectile)

X: Green/Baby Blue    Y: Black/Grey            ZL: Blue/Yellow
A: Green/Yellow       B: Black/Yellow          CR: Lt. Green/Yellow
1: Rising Repeating Punch / Super Rushing Punches (Rushing)
2: Repeating Punch        / Super Rushing Punches (Rushing)
3: Power Drain            / Super Rushing Punches (Rushing)

(Dress, Shoes)/Sleeves
X: Red/Grey           Y: Lt. Pink/Pink         ZL: Blue/Lt. Blue
A: Grey/Grey          B: White/Blue            CR: Teal/Purple w/ pink hair
1: Mega Buster / Hyper Roll (Projectile)
2: Flower Bomb / Hyper Roll (Projectile)
3: Flower Bomb / Hyper Roll (Projectile)

     Ruby Heart
X: Blue/White/Yellow  Y: Brown/White/Pink      ZL: Green/White/Grey
A: Blue/Cyan/White    B: Olive/White/White     CR: Dk. Purple/Lavender/Red
1: Sublimation   / Power Knell (Auto)
2: Y Anchor      / Mili Phantom (Projectile)
3: Power Up      / Hyper Shovel Shell (Rushing)

Whole Outfit (w/ Red Gloves)
X: White              Y: Off White                   ZL: Lt. Grey
A: Maroon             B: Blue-Green w/ Yellow Gloves CR: Dk. Grey
1: Shouryuuken            / Shinkuu Hadoken
2: Hadoken                / Shinkuu Hadoken
3: Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku / Shinkuu Tatsumaki Sempuu

(Gloves, Middle Strip, Tiger Stripes)/(Rest of suit & Hair)
X: Brown/Yellow       Y: Black/Yellow          ZL: Lt. Brown/Lt. Yellow
A: Dl. Pink/Off White B: Green/Br. Orange      CR: Black/Dk. Orange
1: Berserker Claw                  / Berserker Claw X (Rushing [1 HIT!]
2: Armed Birdie                    / Hyper Armed Birdie (Projectile)
3: Launcher (2nd hit of the (D+Y)  / Hyper Armed Birdie (Projectile)

(Gloves & Shoes)/Skirt/Tie | (Dark Colors have Tan Skin)
X: Red/Blue/Yellow         | Black/Navy Blue/Red
Y: White/Dk. Green/Yellow  | Black/Dk.Green/Red
ZL: Yellow/Blue/Pink       | Black/Blue/Red
A: Purple/Black/Pink       | Black/Black/Blood Red
B: White/Red/Lemon         | Black/Red/Blood Red
CR: Tan/Tan/Lemon          | Black/Dk. Grey/Red
1: Sho-oh-ken     / Haru Ichiban (Rushing, Vertical)
2: Hadoken        / Shinkuu Hadoken (Projectile Up-Forward or Forward for Dark)
3: Hurricane kick / Midare Zakura (Auto)
She can turn into Dark Sakura and Back by B+D+DB+A (3 Levels)  

(Arms, Legs)/(Chest, Face, Hands, Boots)
X: Blue/Lt. Purple    Y: Purple/Blue           A1: Br. Red/Dk. Purple
A: Blue/Grey          B: Black/Black           A2: Dk. Blue/Grey
1: Rocket Punch   / Hyper Sentinel Force (Projectile)
2: B              / Hyper Sentinel Force (Projectile)
3: Sentinel Force / Hyper Sentinel Force (Projectile)

     Shuma Gorath
X: Green/Magenta      Y: Orange/Blue           ZL: Grey/Purple
A: Magenta/Green      B: Black/Green           CR: Lt. Lime Green/Pink
1: Mystic Stare / Hyper Mystic Smash (Projectile)
2: Mystic Smash / Hyper Mystic Smash (Projectile)
3: Mystic Stare / Hyper Mystic Smash (Projectile)

     Silver Samurai
All Armor
X: Silver             Y: Grey                  ZL: Black
A: Dl. Grey           B: Off White             CR: Lt. Grey
1: Repeating Slash / Hyper Repeating Slash (Rushing)
2: Shuriken        / Triple Shuriken (Projectile)
3: D+Y             / RaiMeiKen (Projectile)

Shirt, Pants, Boots, Rod
X: Red                Y: Green                 ZL: Pink
A: Yellow             B: Blue                  CR: Dk. Purple
1: Life Up!       / Saruou (Auto)
2: Shienbu        / Saruou (Auto)
3: Seiten Rengeki / Tenchi Tsuukan (Rising, Falling Projectile)

Outfit (Primary/Secondary colors)
X: Red/Blue           Y: Dk. Red/Dk. Blue      ZL: Br. Red/Dk Blue
A: Red/Black          B: Lt. Red-Orange/Black  CR: Orange-Red/Dk. Blue
1: Web Ball     / Crawler Assault (Rushing)
2: Web Swing    / Crawler Assault (Rushing)
3: Spider Sting / Crawler Assault (Rushing)

Outfit/Fur on Boot
X: Lt. Blue/Lt. Green Y: Lt. Green/Green-Yellow ZL: Grey/Lt. Grey
A: Blue/Yellow        B: Purple/Lt. Purple      CR: Dk. Blue/Lt. Grey
1: X Sword Toss / Stampede Swords (Projectile)
2: Y Sword Toss / Stampede Swords (Projectile)
3: Y attack     / Metamorphosis (Rushing Auto)

X: Grey               Y: Rose                  ZL: Dl. Purple
A: Gold-Orange        B: Cyan                  CR: Br. Purple-Fusha(sp?)
1: Whirlwind        / Lightning Storm (Projectile)
2: Lightning Attack / Lightning Storm (Projectile)
3: Double Typhoon   / Hail Storm (Projectile)

     Strider Hiryu
X: Lavender/Red       Y: Olive Green/Orange    ZL: Dk. Grey/White
A: Tan/Red            B: Lt. Brown/Orange      CR: Red/White
1: Rainbow Slash / Legion (Projectile)
2: Vajra         / Legion (Projectile)
3: Bird Attack   / Legion (Projectile)

X: Blue/Orange        Y: Lt. Blue/Peach        ZL: Purple/Orange
A: Blue/Lt.Orange     B: Blue/Br. Orange       CR: Purple/Br. Orange
1: Death Sphere    / Gauntlet Power (Projectile)
2: Titan Crush     / Gauntlet Reality (Closing Projectiles)
3: Launcher (DF+Y) / Gauntlet Space (Projectiles, Rising, Falling)

     Tron Bonne
Armor/Armor's Fists (Kobon Color: look at Kobon entry above)
X: Green/Red          Y: Blue/Orange           ZL: Black/Orange
A: Pink/Black         B: Drab Green/Dk. Brown  CR: Pink/Lt. Grey
1: Throw with Y             / Lunch Rush (Kobon Rushes, Low)
2: Second hit of (A, A)     / King Kobun (Kobon Rushes)
3: Second hit of (D+X, D+X) / King Kobun (Kobon Rushes)

     Vega (M.Bison)
Outfit, Hat (All have white trim, except CR)
X: Red                Y: Maroon                ZL: Black
A: Blue               B: White                 CR: Black/Gold
1: Psycho Shot  / Psycho Crusher (Rushing, Flying Projectile)
2: Psycho Field / Psycho Crusher (Rushing, Flying Projectile)
3: Scissor Kick / Knee Press Nightmare (Rushing)

X: Blue               Y: Orange                ZL: Purple
A: Dk. Blue           B: Green                 CR: Lt. Grey
1: Venom Fang    / Death Bite
2: Venom Rush    / Death Bite
3: Launcher DF+Y / Death Bite

     War Machine
Armor (Primary/Secondary color)
X: Black/White        Y: Green/Green-White     ZL: Blue/Peach (Like Skin)
A: Blue/White         B: Dk. Blue/Blue-White   CR: Matte Black/Lt. Grey
1: Shoulder Cannon / Proton Cannon (Projectile, Cannon can hit)
2: Repulsor Blast  / War Destroyer (Projectile, Cannon can hit)
3: Smart Bombs     / War Destroyer (Projectile, Cannon can hit)

     Wolverine (With Adamantium, short, smooth, silver claws)
Outfit/(Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Boots)
X: Yellow/Blue        Y: Yellow/Purple         ZL: Yellow/Green
A: Yellow/Dk. Grey    B: Yellow/Teal           CR: Yellow/Dk. Purple
1: Berserker Barrage / Berserker Barrage X (Rushing)
2: Tornado Claw      / Fatal Claw (Jumps in air, short range)
3: Drill Claw        / Fatal Claw (Jumps in air, short range)

     Wolverine (With OUT Adamantium, long, rough tan bone claws)
Outfit/(Shoulder Pads, Gloves, Boots)
X: Yellow/Blue        Y: Yellow/Brown         ZL: Yellow/Dk. Purple
A: Yellow/Dk. Grey    B: Yellow/Black         CR: Yellow/Dk. Brown
1: Y            / Berserker Barrage X (Rushing)
2: Launcher D+B / Berserker Barrage X (Rushing)
3: DF+Y (Slide) / Berserker Barrage X (Rushing)

Trunks & Boots / Skin | Dark Zangief colors / Skin
X: Red/White          | Red/Grey
Y: Lt. Red/Pink       | Dk. Red/Red
ZL: White/Black       | Red/Green
A: Blue/White         | Dk. Red/Blue
B: Black/Tan          | Dk. Red/Olive Green
CR: Yellow/Black      | Dk. Red/Dk. Blue
1: Lariat              / Hyper Lariat (Rushing)
2: Running Bear Grab   / Hyper Lariat (Rushing)
3: Aerial Russian Slam / Hyper Lariat (Rushing)
He can turn into Dark Zangief and Back by B+D+DB+A (1 Level)  

III. Color/Theme Grouping

Character Name, Button(s) for Outfit [X, Y, ZL, A, B, OR CR]
Some characters may appear more than once...this is just a guide for
selecting characters with similar colors in their outfits

Black/Dk. Grey
Anakaris(CR)              Blackheart(Y)             Bulleta(CR)
Cammy(CR)                 Captin Commando(ZL)       Chun-Li(CR)
Cyclops(B, CR)            Felicia(CR)               Gambit(A)
Gouki(X)                  Hayato(CR)                Jill(CR)
Juggernaut(A)             Kobun(A)                  Magneto(CR)
Marrow(ZL)                Morrigan(X)               Psylocke(A)
Rockman(ZL)               Rogue(Y, B)               Roll(A)
Ryu(CR)                   Sabretooth(T, CR)         Sentinel(B)
Shuma-Gorath(B)           Silver Samurai(ZL)        Spiral(ZL)
Tron(ZL)                  Vega(ZL, CR)              Venom(A)
War Machine(X, CR)        Zangief(B, ZL, CR)

White/Lt. Grey
Felicia(X, A, ZL)          Gouki(Y)                  Guile(Y)
Iceman(A)                 Jill(ZL)                  Jin(X)
Ken(Y)                    Nash(Y)                   Roll(B)
Ryu(X, Y, ZL)             Shuma-Gorath(ZL)          Silver Samurai(X,Y,A,B,CR)
Storm(X)                  Vega(B)                   Venom(CR)

IV. Favorite Teams

Magneto can chip away with beams, Sabretooth is a fighter, and Juggernaut
provides all the power. Assist-wise, Magneto jumps in with his Hyper-Grav.
which is useful and the triple super of a Magnetic Tempest, Hyper Birdie, and
Headcrush will do insane damage if caught up close. From a distance it can do
ok chipping damage

V. Coming Soon

Add Variable Counter for EVERYONE.

Groupings by color and/or common theme
Finished hues. Starting of colors.

Taking submissions for favorite teams

VI. Credit/Copyright
Names of Moves in Assit types are taken from FAQ's written by CJayC and RIu. 
The name may be removed if said authors request it. Their FAQ's are found at
http://www.gamefaqs.com run by CJayC himself. My Faq can also be found at

Special thanks to Kathy (Birdie) Elgin for all her help and support...
And all the people who used to hear me scream 'NEEEYYYYRRRAAAAAAAA' and NOT
leave when I beat them with Sabretooth.....

Thanks to comments/help from Francis Yuen & The Legendary Kao Megura.
This document Copyright 2000 by Rikidozan (Michael Moore).
Do not publish for profit with out expressed consent, none is given nor
implied at this time.

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