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Felicia by SBAllen

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/12/00

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Felicia FAQ
v.1.2 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
12 May 2000



Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do
with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
MY work, not yours. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright
2000 by Capcom and I do not in any way claim rights to any of the
characters contained within the game. This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Allen
"Sailor Bacon" Tyner.

The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:

Revision History

v.1.2 Added Snapback info
v.1.15 Killed the typo demon...
v.1.1  Fixed Colors section
v.1.05 Added throw data, reworded some things, etc.
v.1.0  Um... everything.

Table of Contents

-Character History
-Opening Animation
-Winning Poses
-Assist Types
-Normal Moves
-Moves Legend
-Special Moves
-Super Moves
-Abyss Strategy
-Final Words

Felicia Character History

Felicia made her first appearance in the Darkstalkers series. She always
seemed to be one of the fan favorites in this game. She appeared in all
three Darkstalkers games and also makes an appearance other games
including Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Pocket Fighter, and SNK vs

Felicia is a cat-girl whose origin is a mystery. It is known, however,
that she grew up in an orphanage for "special" children run by nuns.

Felicia Colors

To get Felicia's different colors, select her with the following

A Button: Red hair, white fur, dark red claws, tan body.
B Button: Gray hair, light pink fur, blue claws, light tan body.
X Button: Blue hair, white fur, red claws, light tan body.
Y Button: Black hair, orange fur, gray claws, light tan body.
L Button: Gray hair, light purple fur, ice blue claws, tan body.
R Button: Red hair, dark purple fur, red claws, dark tan body

Felicia Opening Animation

Felicia stands in nun attire while watering a pot of flowers. She
then throws off the garb and prepares for battle.

Felicia Winning Poses

-Does a cute little pose with her paws in the air and "nyaos".

-Felicia sits down to scratch behind her ear with her foot and one of
her neko buddies jumps down to pose.

-Felicia does a dramatic pose, then falls to her knees and "nyaos".

Felicia Assist Types

Alpha: Assist Move: Delta Kick
       Tag Team Super: Super Litterbox Kick

This assist type appeals most to the combo lovers out there (and if
you're picking Felicia you're probably a combo lover ^_^). Felicia
jumps out in front of you and does her Delta Kick. If you're close, you
can hit them multiple times, but even from far away if you activate
this right as you leap towards your enemy for a combo, Felicia can get
in some hits too. This is my favorite type to use.

Beta:  Assist Move: Litterbox Kick
       Tag Team Super: Super Litterbox Kick

Your standard assist type, hits from almost full screen away. It
gets predictable quickly and there's little you can do to throw in
any variety with it.

Gamma: Assist Move: Cat Spike
       Tag Team Super: Super Litterbox Kick

There's just no reason to pick this assist type at all...

Felicia Normal Moves

(Note: To do the medium power attacks, hit the weak button equivalent for
the second hit in a combo)

Standing Jab Punch: Felicia flicks her tail at the opponent. Cute, but not
that great other than for combo starting.

Standing Strong Punch: A quick slash to the face (except to the bigger guys)
seen briefly in combos.

Standing Fierce Punch: A three-hit slash from the opponent's head to their
feet. This is a pretty useful move that can easily be cancelled out of into
any Super. Use this bad boy often for positive results.

Standing Short Kick: A low kick. Good for comboing only.

Standing Forward Kick: A kick to the gut (or... elsewhere for the larger
guys) seen briefly in combos.

Standing Roundhouse Kick: Your launcher. It's also good for picking off
opponents who jump towards you a lot. Just don't use it when you're both on
the ground unless you're going for a launch...

Ducking Jab Punch: Felicia claws the opponent's foot. You know the drill...
combo with this thing.

Ducking Strong Punch: A quick slash seen briefly in combos.

Ducking Fierce Punch: Felicia spins around and slashes at the air. As
amusing as this move may be to watch, it's rather useless. You can't combo
with it all or cancel it into Supers or anything. Pass on this..

Ducking Short Kick: A kick to the feet. It's definitely a combo only move..

Ducking Forward Kick: A quick kick seen briefly in combos.

Ducking Roundhouse Kick: A nice sweep kick with decent range. Use it like
you'd normally use a nice sweep kick with decent range.

Jumping Jab Punch: A quick slash which should immediately be followed by...

Jumping Strong Punch: Another quick slash...

Jumping Fierce Punch: A pretty good jump-in move, Felicia slashes as far
as she can reach. You're probably better off jumping in with JP, SP.

Jumping Short Kick: A quick kick which should immediately be followed by...

Jumping Forward Kick: Another quick kick...

Jumping Roundhouse Kick: A kick with good range. However, you can't follow
it up with as long of a combo string as with SK, FK or JP, SP.

B + Roundhouse Kick: A special two-hit kick attack with great range that
can be followed by all of her Supers. One of your better standard moves.

(F or B) + FP: Felicia hops onto the opponent and claws away at their face.
(F or B) + RK: Felicia grabs the opponent and rolls around on the ground a 
        times then throws them into the air.
F, DF, D, DB, B + K: Scratching Post Throw. See moves list below.

Snapback: D, DF, F + (Assist 1 or Assist 2)
Felicia's Snapback is similar to the kick of her Litterbox Kick.

Moves Legend

D = Down
DF = Down-Forward
F = Forward
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
P = Any Punch
JP = Jab (weak) Punch
FP = Fierce (strong) Punch
PP = Both Punches
K = Any Kick
SK = Short (weak) Kick
RK = Roundhouse (strong) Kick
KK = Both Kicks

Felicia Special Moves

Rolling Spin Attack: D, DF, F + P (then JP, FP or any K)
Like all of Felicia's moves, it's easy to work this into a combo.
Additionally, since the roll is pretty fast, you can use it from across the
screen for good results. The roll can be cancelled at any time by pushing..

+JP - Neko Punch! This is good to catch people off guard expecting either
the FP finish. Felicia punches quickly in front of her.

+FP - Felicia launches into the air, doing a three hit rising slash. If you
use the roll from across the screen and the opponent tries to jump over
you, use this move to catch them. Also, whenever the roll connects you
should always hit FP for the extra hits.

+K - A sliding kick with decent range, again this is good to catch people
expecting the FP finisher. You can hit from pretty far away so use that
to your advantage.

Neko Spike: F, D, DF + P
This move used to be useful until they killed the range. She hardly gets
any distance on this move at all! It's still cute though, so use it
occasionally just to watch the animation. ^_^

Litterbox Kick: D, DF, F + K
This move has damn near full screen reach and is great for combos and
just to generally annoy the opponent. Just generously.

Delta Kick: F, D, DF + K
The surprise move of choice. Most people are not expecting this ultra
useful move. It's great to use up close, from a distance, in combos,
and for doing the laundry. Master using it and you're unstoppable. Well,
maybe not but you'll definitely be much better. This move can be done in
the air.

Scratching Post Throw: F, DF, D, DB, B + K
It's hard to pull off (you've gotta be right next to the opponent to the
point of overlapping sprites) but it's certainly cool looking. The lack
of combobility (is that a word...?) and poor damage makes this move
pretty worthless though..

Wall Grab: press towards the wall when at the edge of the screen.
This really doesn't do much but perhaps you can find a use for it if you
try really hard. She slides down after a few seconds so don't try to use
it to dodge beam Supers or else you're going to eat damage.

Taunt: SK + Start
Felicia sniffs the ground and makes a cute noise. Not really a special
move but had to go somewhere. ^_^

Launcher: RK or DF + RK

Felicia Super Moves

Rolling Fury: D, DF, F + PP
Felicia rolls at the opponent very quickly and if she hits them she launches
into a big combo of scratching and kicking. Does a good amount of damage and
should be used like a much better version of the Rolling Spin Attack.

Hyper Litterbox Kick: D, DF, F + KK
Felicia sends a huge wave of.. stuff at the opponent. This attack goes full
screen incredibly fast so it can sometimes catch the opponent off guard.
You'll mainly finding yourself working it into combos though like all of
Felicia's other moves.

Onegai, Tasukete! (Please, help me!): D, DB, B + KK
A fellow catwoman of Felicia's leaps at the opponent. If it connects then
several cats comd out to gang bang the opponent. You may not think it would
be possible, but this move can be worked into Felicia's combos, especially
when the opponent is cornered. It's still a better bet to use either of the
other two though just in case.

Felicia Combos

(Note: To make things easier, I only use the weak punch and kick buttons
even when the actual attack is medium strength....)

Aerial Rave Combos:

JP, SK, JP, SK, Delta Kick
These are the most useful, though you can do some variations...

Crazy Fun Combos:

JP, SK, Delta Kick
JP, SK, FP (wait for the three hits), Litterbox Kick
JP, FK, U, JP, SK, JP, SK, Delta Kick
JP, SK, JP, SK, D + RK, Litterbox Kick
JP, SK, JP, SK, FP, B + HK, Hyper Litterbox Kick
JP, SK, JP, SK, FP, B + HK, Rolling Fury
(opponent in corner) JP, SK, JP, SK, FP, B + HK, Onegai, Tasukete!

Felicia Strategy

-Combo like crazy! If you've got combo skills, you might as well use them!

-Use your screen reach to your advantage. You've got several moves
(Litterbox Kick, Delta Kick, Roll Spin Attack, Hyper Litterbox Kick, etc)
that can clock the opponent from far away.

-Felicia's a fun character to use, so HAVE FUN!! ^_^

Abyss Strategies

Form One: The typical strategy applies here, block and after his moves
make him eat a decent sized combo. The preferred Super of choice is the
Hyper Litterbox kick since it pushes him away ever so slightly and
generally keeps you safe unless he goes for a Super. As always, when
cornered wait till right before he does a move then super jump over
him and kick some ass.

Form Two: Stand just outside the range of his normal attack and pummel
him with litterbox kicks. When the bubbles come up, do jumping attacks
to attempt to get rid of them. If you get caught, pray he doesn't do
his Super. Use your Hyper Litterbox Kicks freely.

Form Three: Do jumping combos to punish the core when possible. You'll
be mainly blocking of course... punish his solid form with a Hyper
Litterbox Kick as soon as it appears to do his nice damage. As usual
with this form, be patient and wait for the proper openings.

Final Words

First, I'd like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for not only hosting all of
my FAQs, but also for hacking the game and getting out all the hidden
characters. You rule! I'd also like to thank myself for spending the
time it took to write this FAQ. ^_^ I'd like to thank J-Boogie for
pointing out an error in the Colors section to me. I'd also like to
thank Capcom for making such an awesome game and Marvel for allowing
their characters to be in the game. Any comments, suggestions, flames,
cheeseburgers, etc can be emailed to me at sailor_bacon@hotmail.com.

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