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Hayato by JFoodmaster

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/13/00

Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes!

Character Profile for Hayato Kanzaki

By: Johnny Foodmaster (legend@ici.net)

Ver 1.0 4/13/00

Table of Contents
I. Revision History
II. Personal Intro
III. Character Intro
VI. Conventions
V. Moves List
VI. Combos and Such
VII. Wrap Up
VIII. Credits
IX. End and Final Notes


I. Revision History

Ver 1.0: Initial Release. It's gonna be short and sweet


II. Personal Intro

 I've been a fan of the VS series by Capcom for quite a while now, but I've 
never been very good at them. I've practiced and I think I've gotten a little 
better. So, now I've decided to write a little faq on one of the new (and 
seriously cool) characters, Hayato!

III. Character Intro

 Hayato has only previously been in a 3D world. He is from the Star Gladiator 
series. He's been the poster boy for both games. I'm not sure of the story line 
of SG that much, but I know there are lots of big weapons and cool effects that 
go along with the weapons. I've played them both, but not at length. Oh well.
 Now that Hayato has come to the 2D realm, I think he has become alot of fun. 
The best part is that they added a Star Gladiator element to him. It's called 
the 'Plasma String', or at least, that's what I call it. I'll get into that 
later on!
 Anyways, on with the show...


VI. Conventions

 I'm going to stray from the norm of Street Fighter and the other VS games for 
my button conventions. I play alot of Tekken and I like the numbering system for 
the buttons instead of Short, Strong, Fierce cuz I can never remember what 
button is what that way. Heh. Maybe I just have a brain like cieve.
 As everyone knows, MVC2 has a new button configuration. I am going to put the 
official names of the buttons and next to them in parenthesis, I'm going to put 
the number that I'll refer to them by. Got it? Good. Here goes (pretend the 0's 
are the buttons :) )

     0                     0                 0
 Jab Punch (1)       Fierce Punch (3)    Assist 1 (5)
     0                     0                 0
 Short Kick (2)     Roundhouse Kick (4)  Assist 2 (6)

 I think labeling the buttons as numbers is easier. I hope you do too. Please 
continue reading :)

 Here are my controller conventions:
 D: Down
 U: Up
 F: Forward
 B: Back
 UF: Up/Forward
 DF: Down/Forward
 DB: Down/Back
 UB: Up/Back
 QCF: Quarter Circle Forward (Roll the joystick from Down to Forward)
 QCB: Quarter Circle Back    (Roll the joystick from Down to Back)
 HCF: Half Circle Forward    (Roll the joystick from Back to Forward)
 HCB: Half Circle Back       (Roll the joystick from Forward to Back)
 DP: Dragon Punch            (Forward to Down to DownForward)
 RDP: Reverse Dragon Punch   (Back to Down to DownBack)
 B->F: Back to Forward       (Charge Back then push the joystick Forward)
 D->U: Down to Up            (Charge Down then push the joystick Up)
 SJ: Super Jump              (Push Down then immediately push Up on the 
 DF: Dash Forward            (Push Forward, Forward quickly or push both 
 DB: Dash Backward           (Push Back, Back quickly or hold Back and push both 
 Tag1: Tag in 2nd partner    (Push both light attacks (1+2) )
 Tag2: Tag in 3rd partner    (Push both strong attacks (3+4 )
 PP: Both Punches together   (Push both Punches together)
 KK: Both Kicks together     (Push both Kicks together)
 JI: Jump in
 SJ: Super Jump
 S: Standing
 C: Crouching
 ,: Notation used between hits of a Plasma String
 ->: Combo the parts connected with the arrow together
 Also at the VS screen, you can change your opening fighter. Hold Assist 1 for 
the 2nd character down and hold Assist 2 for the 3rd character down.

V. Moves list

 The original name will be the first one given and the name as interpreted by me 
will be the one in parenthesis. Hehe.

 *- Shiden
 - (Dash 'n Slash)

 -- QCF + 1 or 2

 *- Guren
 - (Rising Sword Attack)

 -- DP + 1 or 3

 --- With 1, he dashes forward quickly and goes up a bit. With 3, he dashes 
further and goes up further as well.

 *- Shirotora Hou
 - (I don't know a cool name for this yet..)

 -- B, F + PP

 *- Plasma Strings
 - (Sword Swingin' Fun)

 -- There are many variations to this, just like there are in Star 
Gladiator/Star Gladiator 2. Here they are from shortest to longest:

 - B + 3, 3
 - B + 1, 1, 1, 1
 - B + 1, 1, 3, 4, 3
 - B + 3, 1, 3, 3, 3
 - B + 3, 1, 3, 2, 3
 - B + 3, 1, 1, 3, 3
 - B + 1, 1, 3, 4, 1, 1
 - B + 1, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1
 - B + 3, 1, 1, 1, 4, 1, 1
 - B + 3, 1, 1, 3, 4, 1, 1


 *- Rasetsu Zan
 - (Slash, slash, slash!)

 -- QCF + PP

 *- Engetsu
 - (Magnetic Shockwave knockoff ^_^ )

 -- QCF + KK

 *- Plasma Field
 - (Um...Plasma Field?)

 -- QCB + KK

 --- If this hits, you get unlimited supers for the whole time Hayato's 
flashing. There's a little timer over the super meter too.

 *- B.Hayato Attack (Lv. 3 super!)
 - ('I wanna be just like Gouki' attack)

 -- 1, 3, B, 2, 4 (rapidly!)



 *- Upwards slice

 -- D + 3 OR DF + 3 


 *- Spinning Slice

 - F + 3

 *- Dashing Strike

 - While dashing, 3, 3

 *- Downward Thrust

 - In the air, D + 4




Assist Actions!

 *- Assist Alpha
 - Movement Attack

 -- Shiden (Dash 'n Slash)

 --- If you use this, he'll do his Rasetsu Zan (Slash, Slash, Slash!) as his 
Trio attack.

 *- Assist Beta
 - Air Attack

 -- Guren (Rising Sword Attack)

 --- If you use this, he'll do his Engetsu (Magnetic Shockwave Knockoff) as his 
Trio attack.

 *- Assist Gamma
 - Balance Assist
 -- Shiden (Dash 'n Slash)

 --- If you use this, he'll do his Engetsu (Magnetic Shockwave Knockoff) as his 
Trio attack.


VI. Combos and Such!

 I've experimented a bit with Hayato's Combos, but there's always more to learn 
and mix it up with, so I'll add more when I get/find more ^_^

 Ok! First, I'll describe the combos he can use.

 *- On the ground, he uses a 'Light to Strong Combo' series. 
 --- Basically, this means he can string together ANY 3 hits on the ground that 
go from light to medium to hard. 
 **Note: Hayato's standing roundhouse attack (4) does two slashes.

 --- Here are examples
 - 1 -> 1 -> 3
 - 2 -> 1 -> 3
 - 2 -> 2 -> 4

 *- In the air, he can use the 'Zig Zag Combo' series.

 --- Basically, this means that he can go from light punch (1) to hard kick (4) 
in ANY order as long as you don't go back. 

 --- Here is an example:
 - 1 -> 2 -> 2 -> 4

 --- Of course, the most popular is:
 - 1 -> 2 -> 1 -> 2 -> Combo Finisher
 - That's the most popular because it does a full 4 hits in the air AND you can 
end it one of four ways. 
   *- Hayato can end his combos one of three ways:
    -- 3 (hard punch)
    -- 4 (hard kick)
    -- DP + 1 or 3 (Rising Sword Attack)
    -- QCB + KK (Plasma Field)
     - This is a nice way to finish cuz it's a super. Supers always get you 
style points. BUT, you can do the Rising Sword Attack and then cancel into the 
Plasma Field for BIG style points. Hehe. You'll see a good use for this below!

 *- So, without further ado, here are some cool combos to use and amaze your 
firends (well...they probably won't be amazed...they'll just use them against 
you later ^_^).

 -- 1 -> 2 -> QCF + 2 (after 1 hit cancel into) -> QCF + PP

 -- (Plasma String) B + 1, 1, 1, 4, 1 -> D + 3 -> SJ1 -> 2 -> 1 -> DP + 2

 -- I saw the following combo in a movie at Shoryuken.com. It's nuts, but I can 
do it! Yay for me! :)
 -- (Plasma String) B + 1, 1, 1, 4, 1 -> D + 3 -> SJ1 -> 2 -> 1 -> DP + 2 
(cancel) -> QCB + KK -> You will hit the ground first, and you can then do -> D 
+ 2 -> 1, 3, B, 2, 4 (B.Hayato Super). It's nice and does LOTS of damage. This 
is one to amaze your buddies with. ^_^

 -- There are more, but I don't know them right now. I'll add them on my next 
revision. I have some more at home written out, and I'll add those too. :)

 *- As always, you can mix up the combos with high or low attacks and jump in 
attack. Happy comboing! ^_^


VII. Wrap up!

 Well, that's about if for my FAQ. I hope you like it and that it's not too 
confusing. I think it might be. If you have suggestions, please feel free to 
email me at legend@ici.net. I like getting email!
 Oh yeah, this is for either version of the game (DC or Arcade). I'm sure they 
both play the same!
 If you find any spelling errors, please let me know...I don't have a spell 
checker. This is a raw text doc, baby! ^_^


VIII. Credits!

 I'd like to thank the following people/groups of people:

 - Me (aka Johnny Foodmaster, aka Sean) - For making the money to buy this game 
and making the time to play it all the time. ^_^

 - My friend Dave - For kicking my @$$ ALL the time at EVERY game and making me 
better at the same time. I think I'm getting better though cuz I did beat him 
every once in a while now.

 - The cool people at the fighters.net message board - For letting me know that 
there are more people who like games as much as me! Yay! I'd like to play 
against some of them, but I think they all live in California. Oh well! (I'm 
JohnnyFoodmaster on the board, so check me out, yo! ^_^ )

 - CJayC at Gamefaqs.com - I borrowed the move names from his MVC2 faq.

 - Shoryuken.com - For putting up the sick movie with the cool Hayato combo.

 - MAS Systems (www.massystems.com) - For making the way bitchin' joystick that 
I play MVC2 with!

 - Capcom - For yet another installment of the crazy VS series. This time it's 
MUCH crazier than it's ever been before. Yes!


IX. End and all that Good Stuff!

 Well, that's it. I don't know what else to say. Oh yeah, blah, blah, don't use 
for faq for making money or anything like that. I wrote it. I want credit. 
That's it. It's not too much to ask.
 Thanks for reading this! I hope you like it! I'm thinking about doing the same 
for some other characters (maybe SonSon and Tron Bonne). So, if I get some 
encouragement, I'll probably do it...or if I just get bored...I'll probably do 
it. ^_^
 Thanks again for reading! 

 Email me if you want! legend@ici.net 





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