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Shuma-Gorath by SHINPHISH

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/06/00

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 New Age of Heroes

ISO-SHINPHISH-040700 FAQ VER 1.0 *updated 1.2* version

Featuring Shuma-Gorath "Waste of Flesh!"

Thank You IMPORT gOoOdniss....

Character Moves for Shuma-Gorath

-=- * July 5th - ISO - !UPDATE! * -=-
-=- * July 6th - ISO - !UPDATE AGAIN! * -=-

- Fresh Combos with SHUMA

- New insights into using Shuma in a TEAM environment.

- Great NEW helper/assisst tactics.

**NEW** Abyss Tactics How to use Shuma-Gorath to Kill the Final Pain the Ars

Lead In Track:

Well most of the VS fans should remember Shuma Gorath from Marvel Super
Heroes vs Street Fighter and Marvel Super Heroes even before that, whether
those are fond memories or not we'll save for another forum. Shuma has been 
fun charge based character and has a lot of interesting ways of attacking 
defending. Shuma is a great character to have along side the powerful
characters in the game. (Captain America, Wolverine, Cable) If the High 
Count on the movement isn't enough to grab you on being a Shuma fan,
hopefully this FAQ will.

Session 1 Track 1:

What the Hell is that thing? Its a crazy space creature bent on the
conquering of the pathetic people of Earth. Shuma's ending from MSH vs SF
would let you know that in full effect. Marvel introduced the Evil Eye in
Marvel Premiere #6 (THANK YOU http://WWW.DOCSTRANGE.COM, yeah I knew that

Why would they throw such an obscure character in a fighting game like 
Why not Doctor Strange, Or Jean Grey. I don't know Why in the world would
they put a Helper Bot or Norimoro from MVS vs SF.

Just the folks at CAPCOM getting there jollies I guess. I wanna be on the
negotiation table on the next VS game, I would campaign countless hours for 
GI JOE character.... Snake Eyes....make him like Jill and Captain Commando..
He could call in Quick Kick Lady J and the crew for some sweet helper style
move, and Calling in the Big Gun on the GI JOE home base.....Its been
totally under used!!!

Session 1 Track 2:

Actually learning the character and understanding what utilizes Shuma the

What's What:


Directional:    Button:
Up         - U  Weak Punch          - WP
Down       - D  Strong Punch        - SP
Left       - L  Weak Kick           - WK
Right      - R  Strong Kick         - SK
Up Left    - UL Assisst Alpha       - A1
Up Right   - UR Assisst Beta        - A2
Down Left  - DL Assisst Gamma       - A3
Down Right - DR Press & Hold Away   - CHARGE

WP - Standard Shuma Green, Red Eye
SP - Fire Like Orange, Blue Eye
A1 - Ash Grey, Purple Eye
WK - Hideous Shuma PINK, Green Eye
SK - Black Shuma, Green Eye(My Fav)
A2 - Light Blue, Light Red Eye

Standard Moves and Descriptions

WP - Limp Wristed Tentacle Tap (in close to lead into further pain)
SP - Eye Energy Burst (Strong medium range Burst)
WK - Low Tentacle Tap (Get to know this kick)
SK - Fierce Multi Tentacle Hit (Shuma's Best standard attack)

WP - Upper tentacle Tap
SP - Crouching Eye Energy Burst
WK - Lower Tentacle Tap
SK - Multi Strike (Shuma throws out all his tentacles at once)

WP - Tentacle Hit (Lame Weak Upper Hit Important for aerial combos however)
SP - Eye Energy Blast (Holding Up or Down Will Direct the Blast)
WK - Tentacle Hit (Good Range and Priority)
SK - Roundhouse Smash (Shuma does Focused tentacle hit at a Downward Angle)

VS Combo Stuff:
Air Launcher - DownForward & SK
SNAPBACK - Shuma's Standard Standing Eye Energy Blast
TAUNT - For those of you don't know Hold WK and Press Start....You "WASTE OF

CRYSTAL SMASH -=- [While in the Air Down + SK -=- (Shuma encases himself in
a protective shield and drops to the ground like a rock.)

DEVITALIZTION -=- Backwards Half Circle + K -=- (Shuma Picks up the Opponent
and Smashes them Down onto the Ground)

MYSTIC STARE -=- CHARGE then Forward + Any Punch -=- (Shuma shoots some Eyes
at the Opponent)

SPECIAL EFFECT - If the Mystic Stare Hits the Eyes Attach themselves
to the opponent.As long as Shuma remains untouched, the Eyes will detinate
and cause a fair amount of damage after a few seconds of being attached.

** MYSTIC SMASH -=- CHARGE then Forward + Any Kick  -=- (Shuma changes into
Spike Ball charges the opponent in an arch at the opponent. Much like Venom

** Mystic Smash can preformed while in the air.

Punch Throw - Shuma Grows some Jagged Toothed Jaw and Snags and Tosses the

Kick Throw - Shuma Breaks out the "Old One" act and Leeches Life Energy

Hyper Combos:
CHAOS DIMENSION: Level 3 Hyper Bar Required - Quarter Circle Motion D-F and 
Punches (Shuma's Color Tints White and Hitting any Strong button will cause
Chaos Dimension to start. To hit with the Chaos Dimension just get with in
throwing Distance and hit SP or SK and watch the pain)

HYPER MYSTIC SMASH: Level 1 Hyper Bar Required - Quarter Circle Motion D-F
and 2 Kicks. (The suped up version of Mystic Smash, Multiple Shuma Balls
barrage the opponent)

Mechanics and Combos:
Like most Charge Based Characters Defense is the best type of Offense. Keep
away with the Mystic Stare and Super Jumps into the Crystal Smash, Shuma
tends to have a high hang time while in the air. Making him an easy target
(Maximum Spider, Gamma Quake, Captain Sword, War Destroyer) and the Crystal
Smash gets Shuma back to the ground in a hurry.

Shuma does great with Following a Successful Mystic Stare Explosion into a
Mystic Smash or Hyper Mystic Smash.

9 HIT Aerial Rave - Cross Up (If you dont know what a cross-up is,play some 
Weak kick and hit weak kick again before landing on the ground for the 2 hit 
cross-up starter
into a crouching Weak Kick into the Launcher (Standing Weak) to get them 
into the air,
Super Jump up into 2 Weak Kicks then imediately hit Weak Punch,Weak Kick and 
(While holding up to direct the Blast) Fierce Upward Eye Blast. If we Tally 
that up
4 hits for the Cross Up and the Air Launcher (WK,WK,WK,WK) and 5 Hits in the 

****In the Corner Special add-ons to this combo,Now when you Eye Blast for 
the 9th and final
hit it should direct the opponent to the wall(Corner) as the character falls 
you can Juggle
for two more hits with another WP,Eye Blast 2-in-1 or instead of the 2-in-1 
and if you got
the Super meters to do it Initiate the Start of Chaos Dimension which will 
juggle for 1 Hit
when Shuma actually Goes Glow then jump into a WP,SP 2-in-1 to connect for 
Chaos Dimension.

Big Special Thanks to ShoRyuKen.com and their MPGs of this devistating 
which actually has a little more to the Over-All monster combo. I recommend 
it out if you are a Shuma Fan or Juggernaut Fan such as I.Big Painful Combos 

Session 1 Track 3:
Assists and Multi Hyper Combo Linking

A1 - Shuma Steps out and Lets Loose a Mystic Stare (minus the Special
A2 - Shuma Comes Flying onto the screen Mystic Smash style (Love following
this with Captain Storm or Gamma Wave)
A3 - Shuma Steps out and Lets loose a Mystic Stare (again, Thanks for the

What are these assists Good for you ask? Well it has a couple of really
good uses. I'll address the Mystic Stare assist first.

Mystic Stare Assist
Pros - You don't Have a character in your team with a Fireball/Projectal
attack (Zangief Juggernaut) Shuma will work wonders on your distance game.
Especially when you're playing against the Beam Bitches 
Block Damage chipping away, A quick assist Eye Balls Blazing and Jumping in
behind it will let you get in close to start Bashing/Throwing the dirty 
whores into oblivion.The Danger Element for Shuma for this assisst is very
low,He stays close to the edge of the screen and is in and out fast.

Cons - It doesn't Cover the Full Screen, The Mystic Stare Stops short
if you are a full screen distance so Make sure you are 3/4 screen distance
at a minimum.

Mystic Smash Assist
Pros - This is a great Combo Linking tool.Shuma will arc in and land on
the opponent or the After Images of Shuma will hit the opponent and get him
in the air for some type of Linking Combo (Gamma Wave, Gamma Crush,
Juggernaut Head Crush, Saotome Whirlwind, Bloodia Punch) It does a fair
amount of damage and has a good range for a physical attack.

Cons - BIG BIG DANGER ELEMENT If you miss or are blocked Shuma Stands
WIDE OPEN for a big combo or Hyper Combo.Be Careful when using this
assist because It can cause you to Lose Shuma REALLY quick. User BEWARE.

Hyper Combo Linking -
Shuma Tends to be the best at Starting out a Hyper Combo Barrage.
Hyper Mystic smash will get opponent in the air so you are limited
to what can follow up his Hyper Combo.Generally Beam supers will
always get a good amount of Hits/Damage (Hyper Viper Beam,Hyper Rockman
Proton Cannon,Magnetic Tempest) when Following Hyper Mystic Smash.
Shuma Really is best starting off because of the way HMS hits.
The Juggle Shuma Spheres bounce at an odd angle and tend launch
the oppenent too high to effectively use Automated supers (Such
as Final Justice,Shun Goku Satsu) so Hyper Combo Linking is
of limited Effectiveness with Shuma.But Shuma has Chaos Dimension
so He has three supers in one.

An Example of a great Hyper Combo Linking Team is Captain America,Cable and 

Final Justice/Hyper Charging Star (Both tend to keep the opponent
in place to ready for the Second Hyper Combo) into Hyper Viper Beam
(Once again the opponent is stuck in place when The Beam Hits in Close)
into Gamma Crush/Gamma Wave (The timing for a successful meteor hit
with the Gamma Crush is tricky but is do-able/or the more damaging
and visually pleasing Gamma Wave) Imagine this sequence of moves
when you are caught in the corner,Captain America Starts things off
with Final Justice and as he lands for the Final hit and Cable
Pops in and begins to juggle the Opponent with the Viper Beam
Varying on HOW close to the Tip of the Beam the opponent is
will determine how Hulk is gonna step in (Cable Hella Close,
Gamma Crush/ Cable at a distance Gamma Wave) and watch as
the opponent disolves into goo...

KILLING ABYSS With Shuma and when not to use him.

- 1st Form - Death Knight -
  The Death Knight form is pretty basic lots of blocking here.Shuma Performs
very well against this first form.Use your Mystic Smash to fullest.The SK
version is best used.When Death Knight is getting ready for either the
Block Damage Dash or the Hyper Block Damage Beam use the Mystic Smash to
score 8-10 quick hits and get on the other side of him to avoide any
major Life Leeching. The Mystic Smash is great to just hit and pop on
the other side of DKnight form and Shuma will come away with about
50% of his life and probably a Level 3 or more Super Combo Meter
with 2 Characters at full Life for the Next Form.

- 2nd Form - Beam Freak -
  The Beam Freak form is probably the *worst* form for Shuma to preform 
Shuma has a very limited range game.The Mystic Bash Will usually land you on
top of his Flame Gun and Knocked back in a big hurry.The Mystic Stare does
not cover the Full Screen So trying to Match fire with fire will leave Shuma
dead and covered in the green ooze.Tag off and get someone with some range
in there cause Shuma is not your man in this fight.I have defeated this
form with No assists on the lower Difficulty Levels but Max Difficulty
is a BIG no way.The best Tactics to bring to this form is a Jumping
Mystic Smash. Super Jump and While Charging back on the way down and
pulling of the Mystic smash to clear his Flame Beam and Land Behind him.
Always try and tag off to someone with more of a range game for this
form cause Shuma is not going to be around for the Final Form if you
think you can take them.

- 3rd Form - Flaming Hound of Doom (And his little Black Ball Chew Toy)
  The Hound is Relatively easy to defeat with Shuma and some limited hit run
tactics work very well.If you have an open shot on the Hound Aerial Rave
(WK,WK,WP,WP,SP) for a 5 hit jolt and then Back on the ground to await
your next opening.The Mystic Smash does a fair amount of Hits/Damage
but it tends to leave Shuma open To the Rising Flame or The Gaping
Maw Charge Attack.Stick and Move Hit here or there and when you
have the Super Meter and the Opening Let loose a Hyper Mystic Smash on
the Hound to Bring him down.(If it were me Id be using Hulk or Magneto
or something that will wipe him out in 3 or 4 seconds.)

Lead Out Track:
Well I think we have Covered Shuma-Gorath Extensively, and just Maybe you
have got enough Cookies to take on King Shuma and His Capcom/Marvel chums.
I'm sure you would like to play Shuma-Gorath now, almost POSITIVE.


Please Feel free to Distribute this FAQ anyway you like, or To take this
information to apply it to Your FAQ. In doing either of these actions
you Must give the Proper Credit to the Involved author/host.
Please give thanks to the following person(s):

GAMEFAQS, SHINPHISH(Author), CAPCOM, and the little guy in the "Don't Walk"

All Character and Game Name references are property of their respective
Copyright Holders.

This FAQ is the intellectual property of SHINPHISH and any reproduction
of the information within without the proper acknowledgement of the a fore
mentioned person(s) entity(ies) will result in terminal cancer and Electro
Shock therapy to the genitals among other legal type recourse. c. 2000 by

Special Thanks to CJayC for the VMU save for us stupid Americans.....
and for the extensive faq for the Rest of the MvsC2 characters...

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