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Spider-Man by J.K.N.-DRamas

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 04/26/00

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2: New Age of Heroes
FAQ Version 0.5 (Last updated 04.21.00)
FAQ © 2000 The Notorious J.K.N. (ranchanny@aol.com)
FAQ © 2000 The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)

SPIDER-MAN FAQ © 2000 The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)

Name: Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Original Series: The Amazing Spider-Man
Recent Appearances: MARVEL VS. CAPCOM, MARVEL VS. Street Fighter
Personal Nickname: Spidey

Version Updates:
0.5 - (04.21.00) - Further editing.
0.4 - (04.16.00) - Further editing. More strategy related information 
0.3 - (04.11.00) - Further editing. Changed format to Rich Text (.RTF).
0.2 - (04.08.00) - Finished editing.
0.1 - (04.07.00) - Sections 1 to 12 completed.




This FAQ assumes you are the first player with your 
character facing to the 

B - Back
F - Forward
U - Up
D - Down

U* - Up* (i.e. UB - Up and Back)
D* - Down* (i.e. DB - Down and Back)
T* - Tap* (i.e. TB - Tap Back)
H* - Hold* (i.e. HB - Hold Back)

WP - Weak Punch
WK - Weak Kick
FP - Fierce Punch
FK - Fierce Kick
AA - Assist A
AB - Assist B

* ; * - In Series (i.e. WP ; WK - Weak Punch, then Weak Kick)
* + * - Simultaneous (i.e. FP + FK - Fierce Punch and Fierce Kick)


Spider-Man, the flagship character of MARVEL Comics, is a small and fast 
character. Although he is quite tall, he has a very low (and, if you don't 
have the flexibility of a gymnast, hard to imitate) stance. Standing at about 
one third of the height of the screen, he stands very low, arches his back 
down, and extends one arm above himself. While standing, he quickly sways back 
and forth. When crouching, he reduces himself to a little under one fourth of 
the height of the screen and remains very still. As a small target, it makes 
him a little harder to hit and execute combos on. This also allows him to 
avoid certain special moves by simply ducking underneath them. 

In terms of speed, Spidey excels both on the ground and in the air. He has a 
fast walking speed, both backwards and forward. When walking, he pretty much 
maintains his low stance. His dash, a very quick hop backwards or forward, 
covers a little over half of the distance of the screen. However, the forward 
dash is best used at close range and is useful for catching opponents off-
guard. The initial sprint at the beginning of the dash is very fast and closes 
up short distances very quickly. When followed up by his very fast weak 
attacks (WP, WK, D + WP, or D + WK), it can open for a deadly combo.

Spidey's jumps are fast and cover good distances. While airborne, in which he 
is very manueverable, Spidey can dash forward and bounce from the edge of the 
screen. When dashing in the air, Spidey swings forward from a webline and 
covers the entire length of the screen. This is good for covering long 
distances, in case your opponent is playing keep-away, and for avoiding 
potentially dangerous landing conditions, like an opponent's hyper combo. It's 
not that fast. So, don't count on surprising anyone with it. To bounce from 
the edge of the screen, simply tap F when jumping back towards the edge. 
Spidey will cling to the edge for a split second and then hop off. It's very 
useful for escaping tight situations. If your opponent has you pinned in the 
corner, simply jump back and then bounce from the edge, hopefully going over 
the opponent. It's better than a forward jump because it still allows you to 
block just in case the opponent has something up his sleeve. You can also use 
it to turn the tides on an extremely offensive opponent that has put you on 
the defensive. While jumping back to avoid your opponent's onslaught, bounce 
from the edge if you can. This quick and surprising change in the direction of 
your jump can catch the opponent off-guard and will give you the chance to go 
on the offense.

Compared to the other characters in the game, Spidey is relatively weak, both 
in dishing out and in taking damage. This doesn't really make much sense 
considering that he has the proportionate strength of a spider. This means 
that, under normal conditions, he can lift up to ten tons! I don't know about 
you, but that's pretty damn strong to me. I would imagine that getting hit by 
him is like being nailed by a wrecking ball.Nevertheless, Spidey is one of the 
weaker characters in the game. What makes up for this are his extremely fast, 
high priority attacks, and his ability to chain long combos. This, coupled 
with his incredible speed, makes him a highly dangerous combo character who is 
especially devastating in the air.


WP - red and blue, Spidey's original colors
WK - red and black
FP - 'Dark Spidey' (dark red and dark blue)
FK - orange and black
AA - light purple and dark blue (light purple!? ick!)
AB - red and dark blue


Entrance - Spidey starts off a match in one of two different ways. For one 
way, he slowly lowers himself into the screen with a webline. Hanging upside 
down, hesays, "Showtime!" He then jumps to the ground and goes into his 
stance. For the other way, he is already on the ground, standing straight up. 
As the animation for his spider-sense (the radar-of-sorts that warns him of 
danger) plays around his head, he quickly looks around, lowers his stance, and 
points at his opponent, saying, "Spider-sense tingling." He then goes into his 

Win - Spidey also has two different sequences for his win pose. For one, he 
stands upright and, with his hands on his hips, nods. For the other one, he 
hangs a camera on a webline and jumps back. As the camera snaps a picture, he 
gives a thumbs-up and says, "This one's for J.J.." In case you were wondering, 
J.J. (or J. Jonah Jameson) is the chief editor of the newspaper that Spidey 
takes pictures for in his secret identity.

Win (time) - Spidey stands upright, facing the players. He places one hand on 
his hip and scratches the back of his head with the other.

Loss or Tie (time) - Spidey stands upright, once again facing the players. He 
lifts his hands, palm side up, and shrugs his shoulders, asking, "What 


Spidey straightens his back, but still remains in his low stance, and points 
at his opponent, saying either "Hey," "C'mon," or "Do your job." The comical 
part of his taunt is that a word balloon, containing the corresponding words, 
appears as he speaks.


WP - A very quick, short range jab. It has high priority and is good for 
opening up for combos.

WK - Spidey quickly extends his foot for a short range kick. Like WP, it has 
high priority and is useful for starting combos.

FP - A fairly quick punch considering it's a fierce. Spidey swings his fist 
downward, reaching one-fourth of the distance of the screen. It knocks the 
opponent away. So, use it if you need some breathing room.

FK - Spidey flips backwards and hits with both feet as they swing up. This 
attack reaches a little under half of the length of the screen. If the 
opponent is off the ground, this will pop him up, setting up one of Spidey's 
customary aerial raves. You can set up perfectly for this with a second 
crouching WK (i.e. - D + WK ; D + WK). This will activate his old crouching 
medium kick animation, knocking the opponent a little off the ground. You can 
also use this if you hit the opponent when switching to Spidey. The opponent 
will be knocked into the air. Simply walk forward a little, and before the 
opponent hitsthe ground, press FK to launch him up and set up for an aerial 
rave. Finally, feel free to use this on an opponent jumping in at you. Because 
he is already in the air, this will automatically pop him up. At the very 
least, even if you get hit in the process, it will knock the opponent away, 
stopping the flow of his offense.

WP (in air) - A very quick punch diagonally downwards. It doesn't have much 
range but is an essential part of his jump-ins and aerial raves.

WK (in air) - An extension of Spidey's foot for a quick kick. It has just a 
little bit more range than WP.

FP (in air) - Spidey quickly swings his fist in a wide, downward arc, knocking 
the opponent down to the ground.

FK (in air) - Spidey kicks with both feet diagonally downwards. This attack 
has decent reach and knocks the opponent to the ground.

D + WP - A fast and short range low jab. This will hit the opponent if he is 
not blocking low, setting up nicely for a combo. This is highly suggested 
after a jump-in or a dash. Its speed, high priority, and ability to hit low 
often catches opponents off-guard, allowing you to punish them as you see fit. 

D + WK - A fast, short range kick. This will also hit if the opponent is not 
blocking low. It has the same use as a crouching WP.

D + FP - Spidey pivots on one foot, extends his body forward, and attacks with 
his elbow. This low attack reaches a little under half of the length of the 

D + FK - A good, fast sweep attack that hits if the opponent is not blocking 
low. It reaches about half of the length of the screen and knocks the opponent 
to the ground. It's good for taking opponents by surprise because of its range 
(which is not typical for Spidey) or for ending a ground combo.

DF + FP - This triggers Spidey's old standing medium punch animation. He 
straightens out all the way, unleashing a quick uppercut. It does half of the 
damage of a fierce punch and pops up the opponent. It doesn't pop him up too 
high, so you need to be very fast to chain a five hit aerial rave after this. 
Otherwise, you will only be able to chain three hits 
comfortably ( I suggest - WK ; WK ; FK ).

DF + FK - This activates Spidey's old ducking medium kick. While ducking, he 
extends his foot diagonally upwards. It now acts as a pop-up and does half of 
the damage of a fierce kick. Like DF + FP, it doesn't pop the opponent up too 
high. Again, you may only be able to chain three hits comfortably.

B or F + FP (while near opponent) - Spidey's throw move. Spidey grabs the 
opponent's feet, hops up while swinging him around, and slams him on the 
ground. Spidey slams the opponent down in the direction that was indicated, 
back or forward. This doesn't set up for much since Spidey is still in the air 
when the opponent hits the ground. This throw can be executed in the air.

B or F + FK (while near opponent) - Spidey's other throw move. Spidey picks 
the opponent up and tosses him overhead, throwing him across the entire 
distance of the screen. Spidey throws in the direction that was indicated, 
back or forward. Use this if you need more breathing room because it puts a 
lot of distance between you and your opponent.


Web Ball - D ; DF ; F + Any P
Spidey straightens his back and shoots two balls of webbing forward, one from 
each web-shooter on his wrists. Not only does this projectile damage the 
opponent upon hitting, it also encases him in a cocoon of webbing for some 
time, leaving him vulnerable for whatever you have in store. FP traps the 
opponent for almost a second, which is more than enough time for you to start 
punishing him, while WP traps him for about half of a second. This move can be 
performed in the air.  When done so, Spidey shoots balls of webbing diagonally 
downwards. If the opponent is hit in the air, he is encased in webbing and 
drops down to the ground. This is an excellent move to use because its 
benefits are twofold. As a projectile, it damages the opponent upon hitting 
and can be used to counter an opponent's projectiles. Once it hits and traps 
the opponent, it allows you to do as you please. Use it against a highly 
offensive opponent or an opponent dashing in at you to change the tide of the 
battle. It will literally stop him in his tracks and give you the chance to 
unleash your onslaught.

Spider Sting - F ; D ; DF + Any P
Spidey jumps up as he unleashes a fast, high priority uppercut attack. This 
attack has a reach of about one third of the distance of the screen. FP makes 
him jump higher and does a little more damage than WP. If the attack hits, 
pressing FP at the peak of the uppercut makes Spidey swing his fist downward, 
knocking the opponent down to the ground with the extra hit. This is a good, 
powerful move to use to end a short ground combo. However, be careful if you 
miss or are blocked. As with all uppercut attacks, Spidey will be very 
vulnerable on his way back to the ground. The recovery time is not that much, 
but it is highly dangerous if you are right next to the opponent. Use this 
move only at the end of ground combos.

Web Swing - D ; DB ; B + Any K
Spidey shoots a webline diagonally upwards. Using the webline, he swings 
forward and kicks with both feet. FK reaches farther, almost the entire length 
of the screen, and does more damage than WK. This can be performed in the air 
and can be chained to a combo. Rather than using a basic move, you can use 
this move to end a combo, especially an aerial rave, to do more damage. Be 
careful, though, if this attack is blocked because it has an ample amount of 
recovery time. Spidey releases the webline and drops down to the ground. If 
blocked, he will be right next to the opponent and will be vulnerable to 

Web Throw - F ; DF ; D ; DB ; B + Any P
Spidey shoots a webline, straight ahead for WP and diagonally upwards for FP. 
If the opponent is too far away, it will hit and then dissipate, doing a 
minimal amountof damage. If the opponent is three fourths of the distance of 
the screen away or less, the webline will latch onto him. Spidey then swings 
him around overhead and tosses him across the screen towards the other side. 
Use this against opponents dashing in or jumping in at you if you need 
breathing room. The animation of Spidey swinging the opponent around takes a 
while, and the move puts good distance between them. This is very useful if 
you need the time and space.


Maximum Spider - D ; DF ; F + 2 Punches
Spidey quickly jumps back towards the edge of the screen. He clings to the 
edge for a moment and quickly launches himself across the screen. The default 
direction of his attack sends him diagonally downwards. Holding F while he is 
clinging on the edge will send him straight across, and holding U will send 
him diagonally upwards. This ability to control the direction of his first 
strike is very useful because the opponent will not always be on the ground. 
The location of your opponent while Spidey is on the edge should determine the 
direction of your first strike. If the first attack hits, Spidey ricochets 
around the screen, juggling the opponent for up to 5 hits. This move can be 
executed in the air, which is useful for catching opponents off guard. Be 
careful if the attack is blocked because it has a slow recovery time. Spidey 
bounces back from the opponent and, as he lands on the ground, is wide open to 
a counter-attack.

Crawler Assault - D ; DF ; F + 2 Kicks
Spidey winds up and unleashes a barrage of attacks as he moves across the 
screen. Although Spidey eventually does reach all the way across the screen, 
this should be executed at close range for maximum damage. This hyper combo 
also connects if the opponent has been knocked to the ground. A good way to 
open up for this is to use D + FK to sweep the opponent to the ground and 
immediately executing Crawler Assault.

Ultimate Web Throw - D ; DB ; B + 2 Punches
Spidey jumps back and, while in mid-air, releases a web net. This has a very 
limited range. It reaches down to the ground and about half way across the 
screen. If it misses or is blocked, the net dissipates and Spidey drops to the 
ground. If it hits, the webbing latches onto the opponent and becomes a 
webline. Spidey spins around, swinging the opponent around three times and 
slamming him on the ground on the final spin.


Alpha - Web Ball
Dual/Triple Hyper Combo - Crawler Assault
Spidey steps in, standing a little behind his ally, and shoots a Web Ball. 
This is a very good offensive assist move. Not only does it act as a 
projectile, it also traps the opponent in webbing if it hits. It traps the 
opponent for almost a second, leaving you free to do with him as you 
please.Use this if you are under pressure from an offensive opponent. It will 
stop his attacks and give you the chance to unleash your own assault. It is 
also very useful as a set-up for almost anything you want to do.

Beta - Web Swing
Dual/Triple Hyper Combo - Crawler Assault
Spidey jumps in to where his ally is standing and executes a Web Swing. This 
move does a good amount of damage and has good reach, almost the entire length 
of the screen. However, if blocked, it leaves Spidey wide open and vulnerable 
to a counter-attack.

Gamma - Spider Sting
Dual/Triple Hyper Combo - Crawler Assault
Spidey steps in, directly in front of his ally, and executes a Spider Sting. 
it reaches a little under half of the length of the screen and is a good 
close-range attack. However, if blocked, it leaves Spidey vulnerable.


Spidey is still the aerial rave king that he has always been. Only able to 
combo 3 basic move hits on the ground, he isn't very effective when grounded. 
However, a quick, 3 hit ground combo that ends with a pop-up can set up for a 
devastating aerial rave. Because his crouching weak attacks are so fast and 
hit low, this isn't hard to pull off. Spidey can chain up to 5 basic move hits 
in the air. With four different pop-up sequences (DF + FP, DF + FK, WP ; WP, 
and D + WP ; D + WK ; FK ), he now has more options to start off an aerial 
rave. Keep in mind, though, that when not using D + WP ; D + WK ; FK as your 
pop-up, you may only be able to chain 3 hits in the air ( WK ; WK ; FK ) 
comfortably. When your opponent is already in the air, feel free to intercept 
him and execute a 3 to 5 hit combo. After all, he pretty much set himself up 
for an aerial rave already. You didn't even have to pop him up. Just jump, or 
super jump if you have to, up to him, execute a combo, and thank him for 
setting you up on his way down. Even if he blocks, he won't be able to do much 
until he gets back on the ground. This intercept combo is a good way of 
letting your opponent know who rules in the air.

An effective way to start off combos with Spidey is to attack as you land near 
a grounded opponent. Because of his speed, Spidey can generally land 3 hits 
(or if your fingers are fast enough and the opponent is big enough, 4 to 5 
hits) before landing on the ground. A good jump-in to use is WP ; WK ; FP. 
This will generally work on medium-sized characters. Alter it as you see fit 
when fighting a small or large opponent. Follow this up with D + WP or D + WK 
for an effective way of catching opponents off guard. They have to block high 
for the jump-in attack and then block low for the low weak attack. If they 
begin to block low too early, they will be nailed by the rest of the jump-in 
combo. If they fail to block low, they will be hit by the weak ground attack. 
Either way sets up for an eventual pop-up and aerial rave.

Because of his speed and disposition, Spidey is an excellent character to use 
to play mind games on your opponent. His battle strategy relies on unnerving 
opponents and taking advantage of their mistakes. You can capitalize on this 
by staying in constant motion, dashing and jumping around the screen, to 
boggle your opponent. However, make sure that YOU know what you are doing. 
There's no use in moving around blindly only to land into an opponent's hyper 
combo. Another good thing to do is to momentarily lure a highly offensive 
opponent into a false sense of security by going on the defensive. This will 
make him think that he is in control of the match. Then, once an opening 
presents itself, use one of the many tools in Spidey's arsenal (his fast 
forward dash or a Web Ball, for example) to quickly turn things around. Yet 
another strategy to use with Spidey is to use Web Ball to frustrate an 
opponent. Rather than unleashing a punishing combo after trapping an opponent 
with Web Ball, simply stand still or taunt to let your opponent know that, 
even though you could have done something, you just chose not to. There's 
nothing better at frustrating opponents than a taunt. Once your opponent's 
mind is clouded with his frustrations, do with him as you please.

Spidey's hyper combos are decent, at best. They each do fair amounts of 
damage, anywhere from one fourth to one half of the life bar depending on the 
opponent, but leave Spidey vulnerable before and after. Each involves a set-up 
time in which Spidey is very vulnerable. He can be stopped by one hit or 
nailed by something worse before even reaching his opponent. Also, if he 
misses or is blocked, the recovery time leaves him quite open. Therefore, 
never use his hyper combos as purely offensive moves. Use them as counter-
attacks only when you see the proper opening or if you can read your opponent 
and expect an opening.

Besides his weakness and his lack of excellent hyper combos, there is one 
other drawback to Spidey. He is a very close range fighter. In this new game 
engine, he can sometimes be overwhelmed by characters who saturate the screen 
with helper sprites, bombard opponents from far away with long range attacks, 
or constantly call for assist from their allies. However, Spidey's speed and 
high priority attacks more than make up for this. When playing as Spidey, be 
sure to keep things up close and personal. Always maintain pressure on your 
opponents. Use his speed and devastating aerial raves to your advantage, and 
never become predictable. Mix things up, surprise opponents, and punish them 
with a variety of approaches and attacks.


Against Abyss, the game's boss character, Spidey is most effective against the 
third form. However, he can still be used against the other forms. For the 
first form, you must be on the defensive. After blocking Abyss' attacks, 
unleash a 3 hit ground combo and follow up with a Spider Swing. This often 
places you behind Abyss, leaving you free to do some extra damage before he 
turns around. You will take a lot of chip damage before defeating Abyss. 

Against the second form, stay as far away as you can. Jump in the air and 
shoot a Web Ball, making sure that it bypasses Abyss' flamethrower. Be careful 
if Abyss shoots a beam of energy because it will hit you as you return to the 
ground. Keep bombarding Abyss with Web Balls. 

Against the third form, stand directly underneath Abyss' midsection. Jump in 
the air and execute a 5 hit aerial rave. When Abyss disappears into the 
ground, be on the defensive. If the orb appears near you, quickly dash to the 
other side of it. Hopefully, the flames will start rising on the other side, 
leaving you free to execute up to three 5 hit aerial raves. As Abyss 
resurfaces, quickly dash or jump towards his midsection if you are within 
range. Continue to punish him with aerial raves.



FAQ © 2000 The Notorious J.K.N. (ranchanny@aol.com)
FAQ © 2000 The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)

No portion of this FAQ can be replicated or reproduced without our consent. 
Thank you for not resorting to cowardly tactics. If you need to use something, 
simply ask or give us due credit.

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