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Sentinel by Lemur-X

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/09/00

--------========Marvel Vs Capcom FAQ : Sentinel v1.0=========------
---------======== Compiled by Lemur-X, 4-9-2000 ========-----------

Index :   1: Intro/disclaimer/other BS.
          2:  Legend of keys
          3:  Overview of character 
          4:  Normal attacks (standing & flying)
          5:  Special attacks & Supers
          6:  Introductory combos
This faq was written for personal and private use. Feel free to 
distribute if desired, just make sure to give credit where credit is 
due.   You may not alter the following and claim it as your own, or 
your knees belong to Guido……

Revision History : 4-9 Original FAQ completed 

---------================ 1: Introduction =================-----------
    I first started playing the VS series w/ the advent of "X-Men vs 
Street Fighter"'s release on the Sega Saturn.  Good Lord…….Now there 
was a game….And none of the followups have really shined as it did 
(IMO) up until "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2".
    The series of FAQs I'll be putting out will be related to all the 
funky, freakish, or 'Darkhorse' characters of the game. Characters 
people rarely use….and when they do use, use ineffectively at best.
     I'm doing this due to the fact that * every * single character in 
this game is very playable…..very…….And knowing this can give you quite 
an edge over people that would underestimate them….

---------=================== 2: Legend ===================------------

Here's the legend of keys and terms used in the following FAQ.

Attacks : Jab = Light Punch
          Fierce = Hard Punch
          Short = Light Kick
          Roundhouse = Hard Kick
          b = Back
          f = Forward
          d = Down 
          u = Up
          B = Charge back for 2 seconds
          D = Charge Down for 2 seconds
          P = Punch
          K = Kick
          HCB = Half Circle Back (Roll controller from forward, to          
                down, to back.)
          HCF = Half Circle Forward (Roll controller from back, to                                        
                down, to forward)
          QCF = Quarter circle forward (Roll from down to forward)
          QCB = Quarter circle back (Roll from down to back )
          OTG = Off the ground. Getting your licks in whilest they be  
                Down for the count. 
          Launcher = Any move which sends your opponent to the heavens.

NOTE : All percentages given are from damage taken by Cable (a fairly 
balanced character). Your mileage may vary.

---------================ Sentinel ====================-----------
	Holy crap. Sentinel is a zoning monster if I have ever seen one. 
I've never used him in any prior games (I skipped X-men:COTA), so I 
can't comment on any improvements that Capcom may have made to him. But 
he's a freaking beast.  With a directional projectile, 2 heat seeking 
specials, a 1 button projectile-beam, and super fast Supers, he's one 
character you'd best learn to fear if in the hands of a skilled player.

Good stuff……

1 :   Super armor :  Sentinel can takes 2 hits to stun and get trapped 
in a combo.  Learn to use this to your advantage. That means he takes 1 
extra hit to launch into the air if your opponent is going for a 
launcher from out of nowhere. That extra hit is usually MORE than 
enough time to bust out a nasty Super to interrupt your opponent's 
attacking spree.

2:    Reach : Sentinel has the reach of Mr. Fantastic on crack.  His 
Fierce punch alone does an instant cover of the length of the screen. 
And his 'Rocket Punch' was just MADE to keep annoying 
Wolverine/Cammy/Spider-Man players on the ground (like the bitches they 
are). Factor in the 'Drone' attacks, and he's got coverage to spare.

3:     Strength : Sentinel is one of those players that WILL take you 
down to nothing within seconds if you don't watch your life meter.  Not 
only do the greater majority of his attacks have reach, but they hit 
multiple times, and open up many opportunities for Super chains etc.

4:     Fast Supers: For a big guy, he busts out his Supers mighty 
quick…  His 'Plasma Ball' charges up in about 1 frame of animation, 
giving little time to block, and his 'Turbine' is just as quick in the 

But you can't be good at everything….

1:     Size :  Sentinel is, simply put, nearly the largest character in 
the game.  Make sure to cover his ass at all times. Beware Chun-Li and 
Guile players. With one opening, they will make mincemeat of you.  
Never jump over projectiles, as all it takes is a lucky kick to take 
you out of the air and out of the picture.

2:     Slow Jump : Sentinel doesn't jump, so much as hover.   Only jump 
when absolutely necessary, or if you're going for a block damage 
'Rocket Punch' or similar zoning move.  

3:     Recover/Vulnerability :  Both of his 'Drone' attacks have quite 
a recovery time, and his hand during the 'Rocket Punch' is vulnerable 
to attack. Use caution when laying it on thick.

---------================  Normal Attacks ================-------------
Standing Jab : Very good range.  Hits 2 times/low on a full second-
               connection hit. =)

Standing Short: Incredibly weak range.  Second hit is a nice push-away 
                move with good range.

Standing Fierce : It's an instant beam projectile. Needless to say, 
                  incredible range, but the width is lacking. Sometimes 
                  connects for 2. It has absolutely shitty recovery 
                  time…..BUT you can cancel out of it into a 'Rocket 
                  Punch' or 'Drone' attack.

Standing Roundhouse : 2-frame startup. Incredible range, and it 
                      launches….(it's his only normal launcher =/). Use 

Ducking Jab :   Nice range. It's a clone of his standing Jab.  

Ducking Short : Short range. Fairly quick. Second hit is a shoving 
                sweep with NICE range.

Ducking Fierce : Same as standing Fierce. Only…umm….ducking.

Ducking Roundhouse :  Good range, but in order to get any noticeable 
                     damage, it must be started close since it connects  
                     3 times.

Jumping Jab : Travels nearly straight down. Nice range. Good move to 
              use in order to surprise opponents as you travel directly 
              above them.

Jumping short : LONG range. Travels at a 45 degree angle downwards 
                across about 50% of the screen. Great poke move!

Jumping Fierce : Good range. Very quick startup. Swats enemy away in 

Jumping Roundhouse : Consider it a jumping Short with a much more 
                     inclined angle and more damage.

---------================== Special Moves ====================---------

Rocket Punch: QCF, P (in air) :    Great damage for such a fast move.  
                          Jab makes it travel downwards at a 45 degree 
                          angle (croucher killer) and the Fierce lets 
                          loose a horizontal blow. Excellent move and 
                          decent combo ender.

Upwards Rocket Punch  :  F, D, DF, P (in air) : Rocket Punch that 
                         travels 45 degrees upwards. Nuff said.

Drone Swarm: HCF, Short : Same damage as a 'Rocket Punch' if all 3 hits 
                          connect. VERY slow recover/setup time. Use 
                          only on jumpers.

Drone Bomb: HCF Roundhouse : Extremely slow recover/setup time.  I have 
                             found little use for this except for 
                             pressuring idiots in corners.

Flight : HCB, KK : Fly fat-ass! FLY!

---------================ Super Attacks ==================---------

Plama Ball :  HCF, PP : Super-fast startup. The perfect Combo ender. 
                        About 30% damage. Deceivingly short range.

Drone Fleet :  HCF, KK : Fairly fast charge-up. Does about 30% damage. 
                         Can combo out of if it connects at short 
Turbine Charge : HCF, PP (in air) : Must be done in the air. Very fast 
                           startup. Only 25% damage. Great combo ender.

--------================Elementary Combos================-----------
    I've decided to not put a slew of "True" combos in this section due 
to the fact that there's so damn many……Instead here are some of the 
more reliable/simple combos and pressure tactics…

40% 11-hitter : (close) Standing Jab, Standing Jab, 'Plasma Ball'.

50% 5 hitter : Standing Roundhouse, Jumping Jab, Jab, Short, Upwards 
               Rocket Punch (distances nicely.) Does the same damage as 
               a 'Turbine Charge' would as a finsher, and less risk of 
               missing! =)

60% 15-hitter : (very close) Ducking Roundhouse buffered into 'Drone 
Fleet' upon first hit. 'Plasma Ball'. Laugh. 

--------==================== Assist Modes=================-------------

Assist Type A : Sentinel jumps in with a downwards 'Rocket Punch'.

Assist Type B : Sentinel jumps in with a Standing Roundhouse launcher.

Assist Type Y : 'Drone Swarm' flies in. Nice.

----------===================== Thanks ==================--------------

Special thanks to :  Derrick and Chris for playing such a whorish keep 
away game with Morrigan and Sakura. Without you I would not have to 
resort to using people you don't know how to anticipate. >=D

                      Mtn Dew : For filling my veins with enough 
                                caffeine to kill a small elephant.

                      Capcom : For advancing the Vs series yet again! 

Submissions? Mail em to lemurx@drunkenlemur.com

This and other FAQs are up for grabs at http://www.drunkenlemur.com

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