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Tron Bonne by SBAllen

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/12/00

Marvel vs Capcom 2: Tron Bonne FAQ
v.1.3 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
12 May 2000



Warning: Please do not post this FAQ without my permission. Please do not
email me asking me to send you updates because I've got better things to do
with my life. Do NOT use this FAQ for any profit making use at all, this is
MY work, not yours. Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is copyright
2000 by Capcom and I do not in any way claim rights to any of the
characters contained within the game. This FAQ is copyright 2000 by Allen
"Sailor Bacon" Tyner.

The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at:

Revision History

v.1.35 Added Snapback info.
v.1.3  Fixed Colors section.
v.1.25 Added throw data and fixed a crediting error. Sorry Justumaru!
v.1.2  More fomatting... fixed history error, added more info on the
       assist types, changed wording here and there.
v.1.1  Fixed formatting, added Abyss strategy, reworded a few things,
       added section for opening animation and winning poses.
v.1.0  Um... everything.

Table of Contents

-Character History
-Opening Animation
-Winning Poses
-Assist Types
-Normal Moves
-Moves Legend
-Special Moves
-Super Moves
-Abyss Strategy
-Final Words

Tron Bonne Character History

Tron Bonne first makes an appearance in the game Mega Man Legends where she
is Mega Man's ultra-cute rival. She is a mechanical genius who creates many
devices along with Kobun (server robots) to work for her. She is the middle
offspring of the Bonne family, an evil family which likes to cause general
havoc to others. She has an older brother named Teisel and a younger
brother named Bon.

I haven't been able to play Misadventures of Tron Bonne yet, but I know it's
supposed to explain more about why she's evil and you get to be the bad guy.
I suppose after I get that game I'll be able to add more to this section.

Tron Bonne Colors

To get Tron Bonne's different colors, select her with the following buttons:

A Button: Red Mech with Gray Hands, Red and Gray Shirt, Black and Gray Kobun
B Button: Olive Green Mech with Brown Hands, Olive Green Shirt, Light Blue
X Button: Green Mech and Red Hands, Red and Gray Shirt, Blue Kobun
Y Button: Blue Mech with Orange Hands, Orange and Blue Shirt, Red and Pink
L Button: Black Mech with Orange Hands, Red and Black Shirt,
          Red and Orange Kobun
R Button: Pink Mech with Gray Hands, Pink and Gray Shirt, Purple Kobun

Tron Bonne Opening Animation

Tron Bonne slides out on her mech, points at the enemy and taunts,then
gets the mech into fighting position and prepares for combat.

Tron Bonne Winning Poses

-A Kobun serves up dinner, announcing "Gohan desu yo!" (meal is ready!)
and all the other Kobuns run to get it, knocking down Tron Bonne in the

-Tron stands up in her mech and does a mini-pose.

Tron Bonne Assist Types

Alpha: Assist Move: Throw
       Tag Team Super: Chuushoku Rush

You've got to be right next to the opponent for the throw to connect.
Don't try this more than once or twice a match or else it's not
going to work anymore... only use Alpha assist type if you plan to
try double or triple tag supers and make sure your partners' supers
keep the opponent on the ground.

Beta:  Assist Move: Flamethrower
       Tag Team Super: King Kobun

Tron jumps out right in front of you and shoots her flamethrower.
This is good to use when opponents jump at you to keep them on their
toes. King Kobun combos well with almost every super.

Gamma: Assist Move: Radar
       Tag Team Super: King Kobun

This is my preferred assist type. Tron jumps out and shoots a three
hit radar attack on the opponent. This is easy to combo out of and
does a nice bit of damage. Again, King Kobun is easy to tag combo
with so feel free to.

Tron Bonne Normal Moves

(Note: To do the medium power attacks, hit the weak button equivalent for
the second hit in a combo e.g. to do the Radar attack, duck then push JP,
JP by the opponent.)

Standing Jab Punch: A very generic punch. Not too useful other than in

Standing Strong Punch: A 4-hit dashing punch. It can only be used in combos.

Standing Fierce Punch: The upper body of Tron's mech spins around (dizzying
the heck out of her in the process ^_^) with its arms extended. A good move
to nail opponents trying to cross you up, but leaves you quite vulnerable if
you whiff with it.

Standing Short Kick: The mech's arms turn into a shovel and lift up in front
of her. This is a good anti-air move and with little delay time. Should be
used often.

Standing Forward Kick: A 3-hit flamethrower attack. Can only be used in
combos. It's also the Assist Move that Tron does in Beta Type.

Standing Roundhouse Kick: Rock throw. This is her "fireball" type move. You
can delay throwing the rock for a bit by holding down the RK button. This
move is useful and is hard to counter (unless you hold the button down all
day...) You can cancel this move by taunting but I'm not really sure why
you'd want to.

Ducking Jab Punch: A very generic ducking punch. Still not useful other than
in combos.

Ducking Strong Punch: A 3-hit radar attack. Can only be used in combos. This
is also the Assist Move that Tron does in Gamma Type.

Ducking Fierce Punch: A huge firewall appears in front of Tron. This is also
her launcher. Should be used often. Also good for knocking opponents out of
the air.

Ducking Short Kick: Multihit sweeping attack. Pretty useful.

Ducking Forward Kick: The mech's arms turn into wheels of doom. Not too
terribly useful. Can only be used in combos.

Ducking Roundhouse Kick: The mech's legs spin around on the ground. You can
also control her movement during this move. This is a good surprise move if
not abused.

Jumping Jab Punch: A very generic jumping punch. STILL not useful other than
in combos.

Jumping Strong Punch: An electrical attack. Can only be used in combos.

Jumping Fierce Punch: A MUCH safer version of her standing Fierce Punch.
This is a great jump-in move and an excellent combo starter.

Jumping Short Kick: A jumping version of her ducking Short Kick. Not that
great or useful...

Jumping Forward Kick: A jumping version of her standing Short Kick. Can only
be used in combos.

Jumping Roundhouse Kick: An awesome drill-like attack. Quite similar to the
jumping Roundhouse attacks of bigger characters like Juggernaut and 'Gief.
Use this move a lot.

Throw: (F or B) + FP: Grab the opponent and launch them across the screen.

Snapback: D, DF, F + (Assist 1 or Assist 2)
Tron Bonne's Snapback is the same as her Fierce Punch.

Moves Legend

D = Down
DF = Down-Forward
F = Forward
DB = Down-Back
B = Back
P = Any Punch
JP = Jab (weak) Punch
FP = Fierce (strong) Punch
PP = Both Punches
K = Any Kick
SK = Short (weak) Kick
RK = Roundhouse (strong) Kick
KK = Both Kicks

Tron Bonne Special Moves

Shikidan: D, DF, F + P
This move shoots a beam which, if it connects, traps the enemies for a few
seconds, leaving them at your whim. It's also the easiest way to pull off
the Chuushoku Rush super. JP shoots the beam forward and FP shoots the
beam into the air. You can usually hit the FP Shikidan after launching the
opponent into the air.

Kobun Launch: F, D, DF + P
Not the most useful move in the world, but a FP Kobun Launch done every now
and then is good to vary your attack without leaving yourself open. FP
throws the Kobun further than JP does.

Bonne Strike: D, DF, F + K
This is the best move Tron has, able to soar across the screen almost
immediately and doing decent damage in the process. This move should be the
basis of your attack strategy and used often. RK goes further and does more
hits than SK. This move can be done in the air. Just be careful if it's
blocked and be prepared to eat some damage...

Air Dash: F, F in the air
This is good for playing tricks on the opponent. Jump backwards then Air
Dash back at them for a good combo. You can only dash forwards in the air,
not backwards.

Taunt: SK + Start
Tron laughs an evil laugh while Kobun jumps around cheering. Not really a
special move but had to go somewhere. ^_^

Launcher: D + FP

Tron Bonne Super Moves

King Kobun: D, DB, B + PP
Kobun Grows to mammoth size and pummels the opponent with his squeaky hammer
of doom! Traverses the screen quickly, does good damage, and has good
height, making it her more useful super. Try using it when the opponent is
jumping towards you for good results.

Chuushoku Rush: D, DF, F + PP
Tron shoots a beam while a Kobun yells "Gohan desu yo!" (Meal is ready!). If
it connects, it launches the opponent into the air where 40 Kobun await
his/her decent to serve him dinner. A very humorous attack which does nice
damage but is quite hard to pull off since it's so easy to block. Plus, you
have to be pretty close to connect. If you whiff, expect serious payback...

Tron Bonne Combos

Aerial Rave Combos:

JP, SK, JP, SK, Bonne Strike
These are the most useful, though you can do some variations...

Ground Combos:
(Note: you can do any of these by starting with a jump in such as JP, FP)

JP, JP, Bonne Strike
SK, SK, Bonne Strike
D + JP, D + JP, Bonne Strike
D + JP, D + FP, Aerial Rave

Put it all together....

Jump-in, SK (in air), FP (in air), SK, SK, Bonne Strike

Jump-in, SK (in air), RK (in air), D+JP, D+JP, Bonne Strike

Jump-in, JP (in air), FP (in air), D+JP, D+FP, U, JP, SK, JP, SK,
  Bonne Strike

You get the idea, right?

Tron Bonne Strategy

-Use your little combos often. Tron's got so many odd 2 button combos that
it's not even funny. Keep up the variety to keep the opponent guessing.

-Use your screen reach to your advantage. Whenever there's distance between
you and the opponent, either throw a rock at them or blaze towards them with
the Bonne Strike. Tron's great at long range fighting so use that to your

-Thou shalt use thine Air Dash. Air Dashing is fun and profitable as long as
it isn't abused. Try using it at key moments during the fight to get in a
good combo and turn the tables on the opponent.

-You're unpredictable, stay that way! Tron Bonne is great because her moves
are all so unique that it's hard to tell what she's going to do. Don't let
yourself fall into predictable patterns or else she loses a major

Abyss Strategies

Form One: You should be able to follow up every single thing he does with a
RK Bonne Strike. Hold B the entire time so you'll immediately block
afterwards. When you get backed into a corner, jump and Air Dash over him
right before he does a move then punish him again with a FK Bonne Strike.
Then haul butt away from him and give him as many King Kobuns as you can.
You should be able to take him out without losing too much life. In fact,
you'll probably lose the most life to this form if you're careful on the
last two.

Form Two: This form is actually pretty easy to beat if you're lucky. Just
get on the opposite side of the screen and throw rocks at it (don't forget
to hold down the button to time the rocks to actually hit him). Whenever
you get a bar level, punish him with King Kobun. When the annoying bubbles
come out, do jumping SKs to shred them. Even if you miss you'll get caught
in the air where you'll most likely be safe. You should take this form out
with minimal damage.

Form Three: The key to destroying this form is the generous use of the
jumping RK Bonne Strike. You want to block 90% of the time then nail him
when the core is available with the jumping Bonne Strike. If timed right,
you should be able to nail him and then be completely out of harm's way
from his dashing attack or his rising flames attack. When you see him
pause, try to sneak in a King Kobun if you're close enough to seriously
punish him. Patience is the key to taking out Abyss with Tron Bonne.

Final Words

First, I'd like to thank CJayC from GameFAQs for not only hosting all of
my FAQs, but also for hacking the game and getting out all the hidden
characters. You rule! I'd also like to thank myself for spending the
time it took to write this FAQ. ^_^ Also, thanks to Justumaru for
correcting some erroneous information in the character history section.
I'd like to thank J-Boogie for pointing out an error in the Colors
section. I'd also like to thank Capcom for making such an awesome game
and Marvel for allowing its characters to be included in the game. Any
comments, suggestions, flames, etc can be emailed to me at
sailor_bacon@hotmail.com. I've already got a hamster so I don't need
one anymore. ^_^

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