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Magneto by Lemur-X

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/01/00

--------========Marvel Vs Capcom FAQ : Magneto v1.4=========-------
---------======== Compiled by Lemur-X, 6-1-2000 ========----------
--------=====Mail my happy-ass at lemurx@drunkenlemur.com=====-----

Index :   1:  Intro/disclaimer/other BS.
          2:  Legend of keys
          3:  Overview of character 
          4:  Normal attacks (standing & flying)
          5:  Special attacks 
          6:  Supers
          7:  Combos
          8:  Assist Types
          9:  Strategy

This faq was written for personal and private use. Feel free to 
distribute if desired, just make sure to give credit where credit is 
due.   You may not alter the following and claim it as your own, or 
your knees belong to Guido……

Revision history : 4-1 – FAQ created
                   4-5 - Added 2 new combos Assist Mode Types.
                   4-8 - Corrected some remnants of my template FAQ.   
                         God I'm dumb.
                   4-9 - Added Magneto's "80% Magnetic Wave Buttrape 
                   6-1 – Overhauled the * entire * shebang. Detailed 
                         both 'Normal' and 'Special' moves; improved 
                         the indexing; detailed the buffering needed 
                         in his 2 mass-damage combos, added the 
                         'Strategy' section. Added more combos.

This and other FAQS are hosted by the lost-gamers bestfriend, CJAYC at 
www.gamefaqs.com and www.drunkenlemur.com

---------================ 1: Introduction =================-----------
    I first started playing the VS series w/ the advent of "X-Men vs 
Street Fighter"'s release on the Sega Saturn.  Good Lord…….Now there 
was a game….And none of the followups have really shined as it did 
(IMO) up until "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2".
    The series of FAQs I'll be putting out will be related to all the 
funky, freakish, or 'Darkhorse' characters of the game. Characters 
people rarely use….and when they do use, use ineffectively at best.
     I'm doing this due to the fact that * every * single character in 
this game is very playable…..very…….And knowing this can give you quite 
an edge over people that would underestimate them….

---------=================== 2: Legend ===================------------

Here's the legend of keys and terms used in the following FAQ.

Attacks : Jab = Light Punch
          Fierce = Hard Punch
          Short = Light Kick
          Roundhouse = Hard Kick
          b = Back
          f = Forward
          d = Down 
          u = Up
          B = Charge back for 2 seconds
          D = Charge Down for 2 seconds
          P = Punch
          K = Kick
          PP = Both punches
          KK = Both kicks
          HCB = Half Circle Back (Roll controller from forward, to          
                down, to back.)
          HCF = Half Circle Forward (Roll controller from back, to                                        
                down, to forward)
          QCF = Quarter circle forward (Roll from down to forward)
          QCB = Quarter circle back (Roll from down to back )
          OTG = Off the ground. Getting your licks in whilest they be  
                Down for the count. 
          Launcher = Any move which sends your opponent to the heavens.

NOTE : All percentages given are from damage taken by Cable (a fairly 
balanced character). Your mileage may vary.

---------================3:  Magneto ====================-----------
	The arch-nemesis of the X-men may just turn out to be the 
Maverick Chun-Li/Wolvie/Cammy killer yet again. In X-men vs. Street 
Fighter, few could dominate these pests like Mag could in the hands of 
a competent player.  Too bad they were too far and few between….Magneto 
has been altered a bit. I don't want to say watered down, as he still 
kicks ass…..but if you're used to X-Men vs. Streetfighter…..Read on.

     Here are a few of his main strengths.

1 :   Flight - Magneto has the ability to fly. Many other characters do 
as well, but few have the variety of options that Mag does. He can 
either launch off a few 'Hyper Grav', 'EM Disruptor' or 'Overhead Wave' 
attacks in order to move in closer for the kill, or whittle away at an 
opponent's health. As well as being able to maneuver in closely to 
hopefully execute a "Magnetic Tempest" directly above an 
opponent…making blocking a nightmare.

2:    The 'EM Disruptor' - Mag's bread and butter.  It's fast. It's a 
knockdown. And it pushes back. As well as having the nifty ability to 
travel with Mag as he floats downward if done in mid-air. =)  Excellent 
pressure move.

3:    Launchers - For a character played mainly as a projectile 
chucking turtle, Mag has quite a few launchers.  All very capable of 
being combo'd into.

4:     Distancing - See 'EM Disruptor' notes. Mag can keep nearly 
anyone in the game at bay by mixing up his projectiles.

5:     Dash - Magneto has a very quick dash for a larger character. The 
perfect way to open up for launchers and really lay pressure on 
unsuspecting opponents. As an added bonus, in the air, it will allow 
you to outmaneuver the likes of most pixies and can be used to prolong 
aerial raves!

6:     OTG moves - Both of Magneto's Supers are killer OTG moves. They 
pick up a downed opponent, and throttle them beyond belief. While hard 
to set up for with anything but a knockdown from an assistant,they are 
well worth it.

7.	Priority - Magneto has some very high priority attacks.  
Basically this means, that with the proper timing, he can bitch 
slap characters out of attacks and beat them to his whim. The 
Standing/Ducking Fierce as well as his Sliding/Jumping/Standing 
Roundhouse immediately come to mind.

8:	 Hit-Box - Magneto's 'Hit Box' (the area vulnerable to attacks 
from enemies) is an odd creature. It changes size drastically from move 
to move. Some of his normal moves aren't even attached to Magneto 
(Standing Fierce, Ducking second Jab) and are comprised of energy. 
Waffling anyone that tries to physically retaliate to the point of 
9:	 Air-Superiority – Magneto has the unique ability to juggle 
enemies for seemingly an eternity.  You can easily launch an enemy with 
one character, tag in Magneto, have him juggle their body for 7 hits, 
sweep off the ground, and juggle into a Super. Deadly stuff.  On top of 
that, a good deal of his regular moves over-ride enemies that may be 
coming from below, and his 'EM Distruptor' will neutralize nearly 
anything within his line of sight.

And then there's the bad side of things…... 

1:    Defense (Lack thereof) - Magneto is a pussy. Keep a keen eye on 
his health meter. Learn to keep your opponent in slow/chipping 
patterns.  A little of Chun Li's lovin will do him in.

2:    He's a big target - Magneto is by no means small height-wise. And 
he soaks up damage. Don't expect to go toe to toe with any of the 
faster characters until you have a good mastery of him……

3:    His Supers - They leave very little room for error. The Magnetic 
Tempest just doesn't do the block damage it used to. And is slow to 
start. The Magnetic Shockwave is fairly versatile when used out of 
combos, but if Guard Pushed, is avoided in full, leaving you wide open! 

4:      Flight -  He has the ability of flight. The command is damn 
close to both his "Magnetic Temptest" and "Hyper Grav" moves. Beware.

---------================4: Normal Attacks ================------------


Standing -  Fast. Weak. Average range. Nothing special…except for 
the second hit which launches at close range. Be aware that  
this move hits fairly high, and some characters don't even 
have to duck in order to avoid it completely.

Ducking -   First hit is short range, second hit is a nearly   
            guaranteed knockdown sweep which gives you room to advance 
            if cornered, and can be OTG'd with an assistant as well. 

Jumping -   Weak move. Range of a pubic hair. Ok to add a few extra   
            hits into an aerial rave. That's about it….


Standing -   Medium range. Weak damage. Hits very low. Second hit 
             is mid section height.   Very good move for going into his  
             Ducking-second-Jab variation for breathing room. Abuse  
             liberally against Spider-Man and the ilk.              

Ducking -  Short range. Minimal damage. Shoves opponent out of 
           range for most combo possibilities aside from an assist 

Jumping -  Midheight kick. Second hit is same as standing Short's 
           second hit.  Very nice for opening jump-in combos.  
           Hold Down and Short for a lower version with a tad higher 


Standing -  Extremely fast. Ok damage. Hits very high, but blows 
            opponent clear across the screen. Excellent priority, 
            as it will knock damn near anyone out of whatever 
            they may be doing at the time with little 
            risk of damage to yourself. Slightly delayed 
            recovery. Your best friend in the corner. =). 

Ducking -  SUPER FAST LAUNCHER. Opponent goes completely 
           vertical. INSANE priority! Repeat for opponents that fail 
           to duck in the air for a  second hit. They deserve it…. 
           Great for baiting pixies and jumpers for aerial goodness.

Jumping -  Good damage. Crazy range. Attacks downwards. Learn to 
           like it.


Standing - Good range. And it hits for 2 as well as launches 
           at a decent range (4 steps back). Use often as a 
           combo ender in the air. The standing version can 
           not be effectively used as a combo opener, so 

Ducking -  Good range. Single hit knockdown. Great out of a 
           dash. Use after a ducking short to send the opponent 
           up and over you.

Jumping -  Deep downward kick. It lasts until he has all but 
           landed, therefore it's great for surprise jump-in 
           combos.  AMAZING priority! I've cancelled Juggernaut's 
           "Headcrush" Super with it!


F + Fierce – Magneto encases his victim in a cocoon of metal shards and 
             casts them to the other side of the screen. Excellent for         
             dashing in and starting up an aerial rave, and has good 
             priority in the air (I have caught Cammy in the middle of 
             one of her barrages with this throw)

F + Roundhouse – Magneto grabs his opponent by the chest, charges them 
                 with a magnetic pulse, and shoves them clear to the 
                 other side of the screen.  Can be followed up OTG by 
                 certain assists, and is best followed up by a dashing-
                 Ducking Short/Roundhouse combo.

--------==================5: Special Moves ====================--------

EM Disruptor - HCF, P – 
    A wide-swath beam that hits once, or nullifies one projectile. It 
has great coverage, and is fast upon release. Fantastic for halting 
advancing characters that are quick on their feet since it is a single 
hit knockback move. Nice recovery in the air, aside from that, rely on 
assistant's projectiles if you must get in a firefight. Fills your 
Super gauge quite nicely.

Hyper-Grav - HCB, K –
    Ranged by the Kick button used. Slow and semi-tracking, they stun 
and pull in upon a clean hit. The only true opening for his  "Magnetic 
Tempest" Super aside from an assist attack or crossup. Short releases a 
slower moving short-ranged version, Roundhouse Quick and long-range. I 
can only recommend using this on jumpers that have a bad habit of 
attacking early, therefore leaving themselves open, or halting charges 
and assist abusers.

Flight - HCB, KK –
    Mag flies around the screen. Repeat to end his flight.  Good for 
getting out of a corner after opponent is stunned, or teasing ranged 
characters. There is the matter of not being able to block in flight, 
so a quick air-dash is usually a more feasible alternative than 
becoming a large airborne target.

Overhead Wave – Up to Forward (air only) –
    A downward projectile with a quick startup, but slow travel speed. 
Can only be done in the air. Good for keeping would be flight-
cancellers on the ground. Ok damage at best.

Force Field - HCF K –
     Whilst Mag is in the force field he creates, anyone attempting a 
physical attack will be tossed across the screen and receive moderate 
damage. Short and Roundhouse determine the windup time/duration of the 
field. Good rush ender. Use after a dash and watch your panicky 
opponent fly! =)

Aerial Dash - Any direction + PP –
     Can use only in flight. 8 way dash. Very quick and should be used 
quite often. Most people expect Magneto to turtle, but that is where he 
is actually at his most vulnerable. Charge them and make em blubber 
like the bitches they are!

---------================6:  Super Attacks ==================---------

Magnetic Wave - HCF, PP –
    Slow startup. Unless done at point blank range,your opponent has 
all the time in the world to 'guard push' the first hit, and attack you 
as it travels across the screen. Use in open areas as it carries your 
opponent for up to 14 or so hits. Never use in corners since it will 
be a waste and the only window a quick enemy needs to strike Magneto as 
he is hunched over 'assuming the position'.

Magnetic Tempest - HCF, PP (in air ) –
   Big startup delay, but few opponents will dick with you as you 
charge up, risking a possible 30 hit 50% payment…Use only after a 
successful "Hyper Grav", when  floating above somebody directly, or as 
a block-damage finish (cheezy bastard) Insane damage if clean and can 
be worked into juggles by following the instructions given in the 
'Combos' section exactly.

-----------=================7: Combos ================--------------
    I've decided to put up a few 'choice' combos in this section due to 
the fact that there's so damn many. But what's here does work, so put 
them to good use. ;)

* NOTE * I lost all email for 2 weeks about 3 weeks ago.  Some of them 
were regarding combos for Magneto. If you can, please resubmit them so 
you can get credit! (Especially whoever sent me that * NASTY * air-dash 

40% 8-hit Aerial Rave - Late Jump-In Roundhouse, Standing Roundhouse, 
                        Jumping Jab, Short, Jab, Short, EM Disruptor

45% 8-hitter - (close) Standing Jab, Standing Jab, Magnetic Wave Super.

50% 11-hitter - Ducking Fierce, Magnetic Wave Super.

50% 10-hit Aerial Rave – Ducking Fierce, Jumping Jab, Short, Jab, Short 
                         Up/Forward Air-Dash buffered into Jab, Short, 
                         Jab, Short, 'EM Disruptor'. 
                         * Thanks to piccolo_jp@hotmail.com *

60% 29-hit Tempest combo - Ducking Fierce, Hyper Grav, Magnetic 
                           Tempest. (See Buffer-Note below)

80% 35-hit Tempest Wave - (very close) Ducking Jab,  Ducking Fierce  
                           Hyper Grav, Magnetic Tempest, Magnetic 
                           Shockwave (See Buffer-Note below)

90% 64-hit OneManGangRape – Ducking Fierce, Hyper Grav, Magnetic 
                            Tempest, Ducking Short, Ducking Roundhouse, 
                            HyperGrav, Magnetic Tempest, Magnetic 
                            Shockwave (See Buffer note below)

BUFFER NOTE – In order for you to connect with the 'Hyper Grav' into 
'Magnetic Tempest' in any of the above combos, you absolutely MUST 
execute the 'HyperGrav'command at the moment your launcher connects, 
and finish your 'Magnetic Tempest' command BEFORE the 'Hyper Grav' even 
materializes! This is all important since if the 'Hyper Grav' does 
appear, it is very blockable, but registers as part of a combo if the 
'Tempest' is started up at the same time the 'Hyper Grav' materializes.  
Fairly difficult for most players to pull off on the first time, but 
definitely worth the effort. And for the 'Shockwave' to OTG, you have 
about 2-frames of animation that you can hit them during. Before or 
after that time it will pass through them harmlessly!

---------==================8: Assist Modes ================------------

Assist A - Magneto jumps in with an EM Disruptor. Pretty nice due to 
           it's knock-down/back and speed factor when you are using a 
           non-projectile character. 

Assist B - Magneto jumps in with a short-range'Hyper Grav'. Pretty 
           useful during a hectic period. The 'Hyper Grav' tends to get 
           lost in clutter and snaring people.

Assist Y - Magneto jumps in with a Ducking Fierce.  Did somebody say 

---------==================9: Strategies ================------------

-When fighting Pixies-( Chun-Li, Strider, Wolverine, etc. )— When 
fighting Pixies, try your damndest to beat them to the punch. Turtle 
back with erratic 'EM Distruptors' and 'Hyper Grav's until they attempt 
to jump in. Once they do, either catch them with a well-time Ducking-
Fierce or Air-Dash and intercept them with anything you can link an 
aerial rave into.  Remember that just because you can beat them all 
around the screen and take nearly their entire health-bar away with a 
single aerial-rave, doesn't mean that they can't and won't overwhelm 
you with cross-ups and the like. Magneto is the perfect size for cross-
ups, and this is why the 'Pixie' characters pose a real threat… and can 
cause even the best Mag player to go into full-defense mode.

-When fighting Beamers (IceMan, Cable, Iron Man etc.) - Beamers 
shouldn't pose too much of a threat to anyone with any level of 
competence in the air.  Simply wait for them to open fire and be ready 
with a vertical air dash, or 45 degree air-dash right over their 
beam/head. This tactic works very well until IceMan comes into the 
equation. With his ability to fire the 'IceBeam' upwards you must be 
wary of charging headlong into a stray shot of his since it remains on 
the screen for quite a bit.  Canceling into Magneto's flight during a 
dash works wonders one slutty IceMan players. Stop in mid-air, drop 
down. Launch. Aerial Rave. Repeat. =)  Don't get into a fire-fight with 
these guys. They will most likely win with their quick wind-up and 
multiple hitting beams.

-When fighting Big Guys (Hulk Juggernaut, Zangief etc) - These guys 
should be a snap. Simply tick them from a distance with projectiles if 
needed (best against Juggernaut. That 'Headcrush' has amazing coverage) 
and drop to the ground only to call assists in order to confuse and/or 
initiate high-damage combos. You can basically tap-dance all over these 
guys when in the hands of most players. The majority of guys out there 
simply aren't prepared to take a guy like Mag on when played well. ^_^

- When fighting 'Guiles and Shotos' (Guile, Nash, Ryu, Akuma etc.) - 
The major point to keep in mind with these gomers is that they cover 
both the distance and close game fairly well if played properly.  Their 
single-hit projectiles may be nullified by your 'EM Disruptor', but 
their recovery is sure as shit faster than yours. If you cancel their 
projectiles out often enough, start expecting jump-ins like no 
tomorrow. Use your 'Overhead Wave' liberally in order to cancel out any 
missed 'Dragon Punches' and to stop Guile and Nash players from 
charging 'Flash Kicks' properly. This can quickly become an assistant 
determined fight if both players know each others' styles…

--------===================== Thanks ==================--------------

Special thanks to :  Derrick and Chris for playing such a whorish keep 
away game with Morrigan and Sakura. Without you I would not have to 
resort to using people you don't know how to anticipate. >=D

                      Mtn Dew : For filling my veins with enough 
                                caffeine to kill a small elephant.
			    SuperMonkeyNippleSmasher-X : Rogue good! Fire 
                      Capcom : For advancing the Vs series yet again! 

                      ASCII : For producing this kick ass 'Saturn 
                              Style' control pad. My thumbs hate you.

			    GameFAQS : For hosting all this stuff! =)

Submissions? Mail em to lemurx@drunkenlemur.com

This and other FAQs are up for grabs at http://www.drunkenlemur.com

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