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Blackheart by Lemur-X

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/01/00

--------========Marvel Vs Capcom FAQ : Blackheart v1.2=========-------
---------======== Compiled by Lemur-X, 6-1-2000 ========----------
--------=====Mail my happy-ass at lemurx@drunkenlemur.com=====-----

Index :   1:  Intro/disclaimer/other BS.
          2:  Legend of keys
          3:  Overview of character 
          4:  Normal attacks (standing & flying)
          5:  Special attacks 
          6:  Supers
          7:  Combos
          8:  Assist Types
          9:  Strategy
This faq was written for personal and private use. Feel free to 
distribute if desired, just make sure to give credit where credit is 
due.   You may not alter the following and claim it as your own, or 
your knees belong to Guido……

Revision History  4-4 - Original FAQ completed 
                  4-5 - Corrected some Specials' names; added Assist 
                        Mode Type information.
                  6-1 – Overhauled the * entire * shebang. Detailed 
                         both 'Normal' and 'Special' moves; improved 
       the indexing; 

This and other FAQS are hosted by the lost-gamers bestfriend, CJAYC at 
www.gamefaqs.com and www.drunkenlemur.com

---------================ 1: Introduction =================-----------
    I first started playing the VS series w/ the advent of "X-Men vs 
Street Fighter"'s release on the Sega Saturn.  Good Lord…….Now there 
was a game….And none of the followups have really shined as it did 
(IMO) up until "Marvel Vs. Capcom 2".
    The series of FAQs I'll be putting out will be related to all the 
funky, freakish, or 'Darkhorse' characters of the game. Characters 
people rarely use….and when they do use, use ineffectively at best.
     I'm doing this due to the fact that * every * single character in 
this game is very playable…..very…….And knowing this can give you quite 
an edge over people that would underestimate them….

---------=================== 2: Legend ===================------------

Here's the legend of keys and terms used in the following FAQ.

Attacks : Jab = Light Punch
          Fierce = Hard Punch
          Short = Light Kick
          Roundhouse = Hard Kick
          b = Back
          f = Forward
          d = Down 
          u = Up
          B = Charge back for 2 seconds
          D = Charge Down for 2 seconds
          P = Punch
          K = Kick
          PP = Both punches
          KK = Both kicks
          HCB = Half Circle Back (Roll controller from forward, to          
                down, to back.)
          HCF = Half Circle Forward (Roll controller from back, to                                        
                down, to forward)
          QCF = Quarter circle forward (Roll from down to forward)
          QCB = Quarter circle back (Roll from down to back )
          OTG = Off the ground. Getting your licks in whilest they be  
                Down for the count. 
          Launcher = Any move which sends your opponent to the heavens.

NOTE : All percentages given are from damage taken by Cable (a fairly 
balanced character). Your mileage may vary.

---------================3: Blackheart ====================-----------
	Blackheart is one of those characters that many have a hard time 
coming to grips with.  He's a large character, but relies mainly on 
attacks that are projectile based, or shove an opponent away when they 
connect……but on the other hand, he has a freaking incredible corner 
game.  He's someone where a good defense can be the best offense for……

     Here are a few of his main strengths.

1 :   Powerful Supers : Out of his 4 supers, 2 take off 50% health, and 
the other 2 take off 40% if used properly. Not too shabby when you 
consider that he has THE best ground-based Super Combo openers out of 
nearly any character in the game.

2:    Fast Supers :  They be fast!

3:    Projectile Strikes : Blackheart has the unique ability to create 
a projectile with any Fierce or Roundhouse strike. Since they require 
no joystick input they are great for using as buffers into other 
projectiles, combo openers, projectile nullifiers, or Super Combos.

4:     Distancing : The man (?) has the uncanny ability to keep nearly 
any opponent clear across the screen if needed. With a projectile for 
any occasion, he has come prepared……

5:     His corner game : Seeing as Blackheart has some of the nastiest 
combo openers, and more powerful combos in the game, he's a very real 
threat to anyone caught off guard near a corner.  1 super bar and 4 
normal strikes are enough to drain ANYONE of 80% of their health.

6:     His Dash :  Blackheart's dash is unique.  In the air it's a 
simple hop forward. It can even be executed while falling backwards 
from a jump.  On the ground, he dissolves into the ground and lunges 
forward. EXCELLENT for going THROUGH projectiles and getting out of 
corners (it travels through nearly anything. Including people!)

7:     Super Meter : His Super Meter fills incredibly quickly just from 
                     his Fierce and Roundhouse.  

8:     Assist : His 'Inferno' Assist is one of the best in the game. 
       Consider it along the same lines as the 'Captain Corridor', only 
       it lands directly at an opponent's feet.

9:     Throws : His throws have freaking incredible priority!  They 
       rival Zangief's on the ground, and he can toss nearly anyone out 
       of any missed attack with no problem in the air.
Of course you must take the good with the bad. =(

1:    Defense (Lack thereof) : His defense sucks. Not as bad as Magneto 
      or Akuma's, but he can easily be overwhelmed if enough pressure 
      is put on him. Beware Chun Li and Sakura players.

2:    He's a big target : He stands tall. Takes hits at an incredible 
      pace.  Blackheart will become a combo magnet if he stands in one    
      place long enough….

3:    Reliance :  Nearly all of Blackheart's combos are opened with a 
      Fierce or Roundhouse, so it won't be long before a smart opponent 
      learns to telegraph these like there's no tomorrow.  Be 
      exceptionally wary of falling into patterns with him.  Which 
      brings us to….

4:    Recovery :  Blackheart has a recovery time rivaled only by 
      Anakaris.  In other words it's freaking slow. Never use a special 
      attack at close range unless it's a guaranteed hit!

5:    His Dash :   When dashing on the ground, he is unable to attack.    
      =(  Plan your trip well and have coverage from assistants.

6:    His Jump : His Super-Jump is incredibly quick and has an awkward 
      arc, making some juggles difficult to pull off on anyone smaller 
      than Colossus.

---------================4:  Normal Attacks ================-----------

Standing - Long range. 1/5th the screen.  Low damage. If pressed                  
           again after a clean hit, it executes his launcher, 
           which is seriously lacking in the range department and 
           strikes very high.

Ducking - Short range, light damage.  Second hit tends to miss unless 
          in a corner or assist-held.

Jumping – Good priority. Same range as standing Jab, but hit comes 
          from overhead. Easily ducked.

Standing - Unbelievable range.  Second hit is a mid range shove. 
           Great distancing move.  

Ducking - Decent range. Second hit is same shove as standing 

Jumping - Use only in air juggles. Short range, and it's an 
          overhead hit.


Standing – Blackheart unleashes 6 demons from his chest that 
           float towards any opponent, semi-track/shield 
           Blackheart as he moves about after the launch.  Slow 
           windup, but INCREDIBLE damage for a normal attack. 
           Each demon also cancels out 1 projectile that may be 
           heading your way.  Nasty to pull off on wussy 
           Shotokans and Guile players. Did I mention it fills 
           your Super-Bar so quickly it'll make you puke? 

Ducking  – Blackheart digs around, yanking demons out of the 
           ground, and releases them at a fairly low level.Very 
           slow windup. If first frame of animation hits, it 
           becomes a low launcher.  Good in corners.

Jumping - Low damage, but the launched demons cling around 
          Blackheart making for a fairly safe jump-in opener if 
          time is allowed.  Fills your meter as well. =)

Standing - GREAT MOVE.Blackheart stomps the ground, summoning little      
           demons to cling to his enemies' body. 7 hits at close range. 
           Last 6 hits stun, leaving them WIDE open. Travels nearly all 
           the way across the screen, but is fairly easy to jump over. 
           Good for wake-up games at a distance, or raping in a corner. 
           Fills about 15% of your Super Meter. Use often!

Ducking - Damage is non-existant. But it freezes enemy for 
          a few seconds. Good for a mixup game on the ground. Avoid  
          otherwise due to it's INCREDIBLY LONG windup.

Jumping – This is your air-to-ground game right here.  Fair windup 
          time, but once Blackheart release the demons, they fly at a 
          45 degree angle towards the ground at a very fast clip.  Stun 
          upon a clean hit, good Super-Meter charge, and a nice Pixie-
          zoning tool.


F + FIERCE – Blackheart grabs his opponent by the chest and pumps them 
             full of evil spirits before shoving them clear to the 
             other side of the screen with authority. Very nice 
             priority, and can be accomplished in the air.

F + ROUNDHOUSE – Blackheart grabs his opponent by the chest, and blasts 
                 them to the other side of the screen with a bolt of 
                 lightning. Great priority on both land and air.

Diagonal Down/Forward + FIERCE – Blackheart simply launches his enemy      
                                 with a quick uppercut orginating from 
                                 his elbow. Good priority, but it hits 
                                 extremely high. Use on jumpers. It's 
                                 height will catch many off guard 
                                 (typically before they even attack 
                                 coming in).

--------==================5: Special Moves ====================--------

Dark Thunder - QCF, P –
    Blackheart announces 'Dark Thunder' in that warbled voice of his(?) 
and shoots a bolt of lightning across the screen instantaniously.  
Single his knockdown/shove combo. Decent distancing move, and great 
assist smacker. The lightning stays active on-screen for a while even 
though it is a single-hit beam…tends to catch turtles off guard.Jab to 
shoot across the ground. Fierce for an upward beam at a 60 degree 
angle. The Jab tends to take a second to hit an opponent. The Fierce is 
instant.  Beware of the time Blckheart takes to recoup after this move. 
It's pretty damn high.  Sadly Capcom saw fit to remove his mid-level 
'Dark Thunder', therefore severely hampering his keep away game with 
it. =(

Inferno - HCB, P –
     Blackheart reaches above his head and casts a fireball at the 
ground, causing the Icy(?!) fury of Hell to be unleashed. Travels 
vertically (to the top of the screen no less!) and lasts actively quite 
a while on-screen.  Jab casts the 'Inferno' at Blackhearts feet, Fierce 
casts it directly at his opponent's position.  Great anti-air/assist 
killing move, and can beat MANY Supers out on the draw. If you see 
someone rearing up for a Super, chuck one of these suckers at them. You 
may be surprised at it's usefulness.

---------================6: Super Attacks ==================---------

Armageddon - HCF, PP –
    Fast startup, and absolutely CRAZY damage if you catch your 
opponent in the air with it. Good block damage. Use in corners or 
immediately after his launching uppercut.

Judgement Day - HCB, PP (in air ) –
    Slight delay at startup. Good juggling super due to the fact it 
spreads upwards to an extent. The air version travels downwards 
nicely, but is hard to combo into due to his odd jumping habits. I 
recommend it's use against projectiles, but not beams. Good punishing 

Heart of Darkness - HCF, KK - 
    Blackheart levitates for one moment, before unleashing a slew of 
demon's from beneath his enemy. Quick start. Originates from opponent. 
GREAT in conjunction with a stunning Roundhouse or vertical-juggle 
assistant.  EXCELLENT recovery time on a clean hit, but if your 
opponent somehow waltzes past it, you are as good as dead.

--------================7: Combos================-----------
    Blackheart is not exactly a combo-laden fool. What is here does 
work though. Make good use of them.

Way Too Easy 8 Hit Stun - (very close) Standing Short, Standing 
                           Roundhouse. Combo away…..

50% 16 hitter - (very close) Standing Roundhouse, Heart of Darkness. 
                (Let the Roundhouse Demons stun them completely for max 

Armageddon – Jump-in Short, Uppercut, Armageddon. I have gotten up to 
             60% off with this little ditty.

Distancing : Standing Short, Standing Jab, Fierce Dark Thunder. 
             (not registered as a combo, but I have yet to see anyone 
              successfully block it at all times )

---------=================8: Assist Modes ==================-----------

Assist Mode A : Blackheart executes a Jab "Dark Thunder". Ok to use in 
                retaliation to other assistants, as your enemy will 
                most likely avoid it, but the assistant will stay there 
                and take it.  Be sure to cover Blackheart at all times 
                during this assist. He is at full height, and a huge 

Assist Mode B : Jumps in with a Fierce "Inferno".  Extremely useful if 
                your character is ill-equipped against jumpers, and 
                will routinely push enemies into the proper zone for 
                MANY follow-up games if you're quick on your feet.  
                Abuse this sucker! For with this assist, ANYONE can 
                have a keep-away/zoning game of the Gods!

Assist Mode C : Jumps in with an Uppercut Launcher. Useful in corners 
                for continuing juggles or intercepting jumpers if you 
                are playing as a shorter character.

---------==================9: Strategies ================------------

-When fighting Pixies-( Chun-Li, Strider, Wolverine, etc. )— I can not 
emphasize just how much your 'Inferno' had better come into play here. 
It makes or breaks your Blackheart against these guys. Keep them at a 
good distance with Fierce 'Inferno's and have Fierce-Punch demons on-
screen whenever possible. If they attempt a jump-in, dash under them 
(he is invulnerable), Jab Inferno, and juggle away!  If they catch onto 
that little game, take to the skies. Jump forward to bait them, then 
dash backwards and abuse the Roundhouse button in the air. Many will 
jump directly into his stunning-demons and eat a 'Heart of Darkness' 
before they learn their lesson. >=D

-When fighting Beamers (IceMan, Cable, Iron Man etc.)- These bastards 
pose an all too real threat for Blackheart.  Try your best to stay at 
mid-range in these fights and utilize your dash whenever you think they 
may toss a beam.  If done properly you will pass directly through them 
and have a serious leg-up on them (Ever see Blackheart perform an 
'Armageddon' from behind a 'Photon Cannon' abusing Iron-Man? ).  If you 
do end up at far to close range, do everything in your power to get 
back or forward a few paces so your dash can be used effectively yet 
again.  Their beam WILL beat out all of your projectiles to the draw, 
so distancing is something I cannot stress enough!

-When fighting Big Guys (Hulk Juggernaut, Zangief etc) – Thunder, 
Inferno, Dash, Throw.  With his high throwing priority, this should be 
a cake walk. Knock the big guys back with a Jab into Fierce 'Black 
Thunder. Then 'Inferno' your brains out. Mix it up with a dash into a 
standing (or air) throw.  Toss out Roundhouse kicks if they attempt to 
trade blows. The Hulk and Juggernaut have a Hell of a time recovering 
after most moves in order to block Roundhouse demons, Zangief is a bit 
quicker and more of a problem.  

- When fighting 'Guiles and Shotos' (Guile, Nash, Ryu, Akuma etc.) – 
Problem cases. Your best chance of survival comes from hopping in, 
retreat with a mid-air dash, and hope they go for a 
Flashkick/Dragonpunch that can be countered with an 'Inferno' or 
Uppercut launcher.  Never initiate firefights, you will lose. It's as 
simple as that. Play retaliatory.  Let them come to you, and be exact 
in every one of your actions.  These characters, moreso than anyone 
else, are best equipped to take a Blackheart out in the blink of an 

--------===================== Thanks ==================--------------

Special thanks to :  Derrick and Chris for playing such a whorish keep 
away game with Morrigan and Sakura. Without you I would not have to 
resort to using people you don't know how to anticipate. >=D

                      Mtn Dew : For filling my veins with enough 
                                caffeine to kill a small elephant.
			    SuperMonkeyNippleSmasher-X : Rogue good! Fire 
                      Capcom : For advancing the Vs series yet again! 

                      ASCII : For producing this kick ass 'Saturn 
                              Style' control pad. My thumbs hate you.

			    GameFAQS : For hosting all this stuff! =)

Submissions? Mail em to lemurx@drunkenlemur.com

This and other FAQs are up for grabs at http://www.drunkenlemur.com

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