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Akuma by NostalgicX

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 06/02/08

                                      ```````  `````                           
                            `        ````..``.......`                          
                           `````  ````...--.-------`                           
                    `` `..------::/oshdNMMNNMNdh+.--:::---...``                
              ```````     .oNMMMMNmmMMMMm+//+osdNMMMMMMMMm:.```                
              ```````    ```-ohhysyNMMMNhydmMMMMMMMNNmhyo:.```````             
           ````` ``.-/hMMNy+oo+//::-::/+oomMMMMMMh+:--......```                
        ````   ```````````....``````````      `/ydNMMMNdso+/::----...`         
               ```````````...`````````         `--::::::---.......`````        
              ````` ` ````````````  `           ``.........`````               
                      ````````````                 ```````                     



Marvel VS Capcom 2 : New Age of Heroes
  Playstation 1
  Akuma/Gouki Guide

Document Version: 1.00

By Topher Tweten [dragon_eye398@hotmail.com]
   NostalgicX, SuperNova, NOVA




· 04. LEGEND
     (05A. Conventions)
     (05B. Specials)
     (05C. Hyper Combos)
· 06. COMBOS

Note: If you want to get to a certain section very fast, copy the number
      and/or letter combination and hit Control+F then paste it. You'll
      be at the section you wanted in an instant.
-                           01. LEGAL AGREEMENTS                              -

This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.
Websites that are currently allowed to host this guide are:
· http://www.gamefaqs.com
· http://pwnguide.com/index.php
The only website I will regularly upload the newest versions of my guide to
is GameFAQs. If I decide that you are granted rights to use of this document,
it is in your sole responsibility to keep up to date.

-                           02. INTRODUCTION                                 -

"Armour of Erosion" ... It should have been no more than a fairy tale.
It should never have been awoken. However, the end has come.
Wheel of fortune has resurrected the legendary evil from limbo.
Hideous waves from the armour have turned fish into deformity, and
the accursed wind from the sea has brought death to the inland.

The fighters gather when the ominous shadow is about to cover the
light of hope. They head to the abyss to bring everything back into
the "Sea of Genesis."

Basically, this guide is just to show you what Akuma can do in MvC2 on a
competitive level, his strengths/weaknesses, and of course, his combos.

For all you noobs out there, I'll also teach you some 'basic' techniques,
which are just different methods of moving faster or efficiently or how
to do your Hyper Combos, etc. If you're an advanced player, skip the
section and head straight for the combos, but make sure you know what
all the abbreviations mean (obvious).

-                           03. HISTORY OF AKUMA                              -

Gouki was a student of Shotokan Karate under Goutetsu, along with his brother
Gouken. According to Shotokan teachings, a master can only take up two
students. The two brothers were chosen by Goutetsu for their strong spirits.
As the years went on, Goutetsu decided not to teach the dreaded Shun Goku Satsu
technique, for he had sealed that dreadful thing away. 

Gouki however, unlocked the technique on his own, by using it on Goutetsu. 
In doing so, he unlocked his full potential in a twisted, darkned form, 
empowering and changing his body. Gouki thus became Akuma. At this time, 
Gouken had begun training Ken and Ryu in a non-lethal form of Shotokan, 
for at the level he was at, any of the normal blows used in Shotokan could 
kill, and the special techniques were nothing less than devastating. 
Gouken wished not to ressurect the killing intent, and that was his reason
for doing this. But Akuma showed up and challenged his brother, and Gouken
too felt the power of the Shun Goku Satsu. Instant Hell Murder. 

Ken and Ryu have sought vengeance on Akuma ever since. Akuma now lives only 
for the fight. Against impossibility, Akuma has pushed the boundaries of his
full potential to new heights, by training without cease, until he collapses,
and by challenging powerful fighters all over the world. Akuma lives up to his
name. He is murderous, remorseless. He is a soul-less killer who has no time
for the weak and no mercy for those who fail to impress him in battle. He
intended to unlock Ryu's true power by having Ryu kill Ken with the Shun Goku
Satsu, but Masters beat Evil Ryu and brought him back to his senses, and Ryu
expelled his evil intent into Akuma as a huge burst of Ki, ending the battle
and removing Satsiu no Hado from his body. 

Akuma's continued existence depends upon him facing new foes and undergoing
new challenges. Akuma seemed close to immortality when he nearly birthed Evil
Ryu into this world. With the hopes of that great battle dashed, it seemed
as if Akuma would simply fade away, until.....One night, on Gokuentou, Akuma
hears the name of Orochi. He opens his eyes, awakening from a deep sleep,
and the world seems alive with new power, and new challenges. Just the
expectation of what is to come revitalizes the Raging Demon. Akuma once again
sets out into the night to stalk the halls of bared knuckles and pits of duel
and to travel the fighting streets. 

-                           04. LEGEND                                        -

ub   u    uf
db   d    df

^ Standard Joystick layout: Assuming that you're facing
  the opponent on the rightside of the screen

S.: Standing
J.: Jumping
C.: Crouching
D.: Dash in
DJ: Jumping deep
SJ: Superjump
QCF: Down, Down-Forward, Forward
QCB: Down, Down-Back, Back
HCF: Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward
HCB: Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back
DP: Forward, Down, Down-Forward
RDP: Back, Down, Back-Down
LP: Low Punch
HP: High Punch
LK: Low Kick
HK: High Kick
XX: Cancel
P: Punch
2P: 2 Punches
K: Kick
2K: 2 Kicks
A1: Assist 1
A2: Assist 2
DHC: Dual Hyper Combo
THC: Triple Hyper Combo

-                           05. MOVELIST                                      -

|  (05A) . Conventions  |

Hyper Combo Gauge
· It's basically just a bar that fills up as you land attacks. If you fill it
  up, you can perform a Hyper Combo or other 'Special Moves'. The maximum
  you can fill this thing up to is level 5.

Hyper Combo
· An attack that uses up a full Hyper Combo gauge. It is performed by
  pressing the correct directional command + PP or KK

Delayed Hyper Combo
· It is possible to perform multiple Hyper Combos in succession to a maximum
  of 3 Hyper Combos. It is performed by inputting your second/third
  character's Hyper Combo during the animation for the current one. This, of
  course, uses up more Hyper Combo gauges, still at 1 each.

Snap Back
· A technique that uses a single Hyper Combo gauge that forces your opponent
  to switch characters. It is performed in two ways:
     · QCF + Partner A Button
     · QCF + Partner B Button

Variable Assist
· Uses up a single gauge and allows a partner character to come out and
  counter your opponent's attack while you are blocking.
     · Partner A Button
     · Partner B Button

|  (05B) . Specials  |

Asura Warp > Forward
DP + KK or PP

Asura Warp > Back
RDP + KK or PP

Gou Hadouken
This is your basic projectile (fireball) attack. It's a great way to approach
your opponent while dash jumping. You can fire one of these things, then
rush at them, using the Hadouken as a shield of some sort. Basically, if they
try to block your aerial standard attack, you can use the Hadouken as a combo
starter. I strongly recommend you to avoid using this against characters who
use beam attacks, since it gets canceled out. (Ice Man, Cable, etc) The only
time you should be using it is if you sj at them and you use it midair.

Gou Shouryuken
Use this against people who jump or sj in at you as a counter-attack.

Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku

Tenma Kuujin Kyaku
(Mid-Air) QCF + K
Most use this every now and then as a surprise for enemies, but I usually
open up with this as a way of approaching due to its high priority.

Zankuu Hadouken
(Mid-Air) QCF + P   
Similarly to Gou Hadouken, don't even try to use this on the ground against
someone who can use beams. The only perk here is that it comes out at a decent
speed and like all Akuma's attacks, does a lot of damage.

|  (05C) . Hyper Combos  |

Messatsu Gou Hadou
Akuma fires hiz lazerz in beam-fashion, completely horizontal.
Watch out for sj dodges, you're pretty screwed if they do so.

Messatsu Gou Shouryuu
An attack comprised of 3 Shoryukens, it is an attack best used
when chained into with standard attacks since if you miss, you
become completely vulnerable.

Messatsu Gou Rasen
Akuma performs a powerful hurricane kick that travels upward,
then slams down like a professional POG player with a kick.

Tenma Zankuu Hadou
(Mid-Air) QCF + PP
Akuma fires a barrage of Hadoukens at a 45 degree angle downwards
at the enemy. It cancelled from Tatsumaki Zankuu Kyaku. Very
easy to land this on your way down from an sj.

Shun Goku Satsu (Tian)
- LP -> LP -> F -> LK -> HK
Akuma's ultimate attack that drains your Hyper Combo bar 3 levels.

-                           06. COMBOS                                        -

L.LP > J.HP > (QCB + K)

J.LK > HK > C.LP > C.LP > Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku (HK)

LP > LP > Gou Hadouken

DJ.HK > S.HP > Gou-Hadouken (HP)

DJ.LP > S.LP > Zankuu Hadouken

DJ.HK > C.HP > SJ > LP > LP > LK > Tatsumaki Zankuukayaku

DJ.HK > C.HP > SJ > LP > LP > LK > Tenma-Kuujin Kyaku

DJ.HK > C.HP > SJ > LP > LP > LK > Zankuu Hadouken

DJ.HK > C.HP > SJ > LP > LP > LK > Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku > Tenma-Gou Zankuu

Zankuu Hadouken > Tenma-Gou Zankuu

DJ.HK > S.HP, Gou Hadouken > Messatsu Gou-Shoryu

DJ.LK > S.HK > C.LP > C.LP > Tatsumaki Zankuukyaku > Tenma-Gou Zankuu

DJ.LP > DJ.LP > Tenma Gou-Zankuu

Hadouken > Messatsu Gou-Hadou

-                           07. GENERAL STRATEGY                              -

Akuma's one major flaw is his stamina. He takes damage very easily and this
can obviously lead to your downfall. Back in the SF days, this was not the
case and Capcom changed Akuma so he wouldn't be so unbalanced. Say goodbye
to top tier, Akuma!

The big thing that keeps Akuma from being a weak fighter because of the low
stamina is the power behind his attacks and ability to dodge attacks at ease.
You'll find that many of his attacks are so strong that the knockback makes
yourself unable to combo out of them. The gap around this is that you open
up with a Hadouken, chase it, and jump into the enemy. From here, you should
memorize certain standard attack combos to get in those necessary easy hits
before your stronger moves. I find that the best approach is jumping deep
with a hard kick, oftentimes with the Hadouken to boot.

Aside from these offensive strategies, you'll often have a hard time fighting
certain players. The most obvious of which: Ice Man & Cable. Your Hadouken 
approach is broken completely due to the fact that their beam attacks take
priority of it and come out just a bit quicker. You'll want to master the
Asura Warp, blocking, and techrolling in order to take the advantage over
these types of characters. Teleporting has saved my ass numerous times
dodging Hyper Combos, so you'll want to practice it a few times and hope
you've got decent muscle memory.

-                           08. VERSION HISTORY                               -
                               - Version 1.00 -

Version Updates:
  Version 1.00 - March 15, 2008
     First Draft

-                            09. CREDITS                                      -

Dream Cast Instruction Manual
  Storyline Description (Introduction)

  History of Akuma (Bio)

Justony Rebal
  Contribution to Combos Section
  Teaching Me Notation of Attacks

  ASCII Conversion

|                         (c) Christopher Tweten 2008                         |

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