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Short Move List by CWall / Nightcrawler86

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 11/08/05

                             MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2

                               for PlayStation2
                             by The Wall Brothers

                                 Version 1.1
                               November 8, 2005

                    Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Christian Wall
                   Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Christopher Wall

Unlike the other movelists at GameFAQs, this one is formatted for printing. 
It's very compact, only containing the movelists for all characters. We 
strongly recommend you to print this guide, which is only seven pages long. 
If you do, make sure that the font is set to Courier New and that the size 
of the text isn't larger than ten.


                              TABLE OF CONTENTS


                              1. INTRODUCTION
                              2. LEGEND
                              3. MOVELIST
                              4. VERSION, CREDITS, LEGAL


                                1. INTRODUCTION


So I was playing Marvel vs. Capcom 2 the other day, and was really only 
fooling around, experimenting with different character combinations. Then I 
noticed how irritating it was not having a proper in-game movelist to 
consult while playing. Printing the huge movelists at GameFAQs felt pretty
unnecessary so I came up with an idea and suggested it to my brother
Christopher, who is experienced in writing movelists for fighting games. 
That he and I would write a complete movelist for all characters in Marvel
vs. Capcom 2 for players to be able to consult whenever they need to know 
a character's complete move-set. 

So now we're finished. This is a movelist which only contains the necessary
information, formatted in a printer friendly document. Heed our warning, 
though. You need to have some basic knowledge of the game mechanics to fully
appreciate this FAQ. We advice you to seek this knowledge in either the 
manual or Kao Megura's marvellous FAQ at GameFAQs.com. Be sure to thoroughly
read the legend, comprehensively written by my brother, before using the 
movelist. It's best to have this legend at hand while reading the movelist. 
We hope that you will find our FAQ useful and we wish you happy reading.

-- Christian


                                  2. LEGEND


In each of the characters' movelists you'll find the same information. First
off we have the name and command of each Special Move and Hyper Combo of the
character. Nothing hard to understand, just look at the Command Shortenings
below and you'll be able to use them. 

Beside the name and command of the moves you'll see a lower-case letter 
written in brackets. This is a small explanation of the nature of the move 
in question. For example you'll see a (p) beside the classic Hado-Ken move.
This simply states that the move is a projectile one. But more about that 
in the Explanation Shortenings below. If there are two different letters
in the same brackets it means that the move fits into both groups of moves.

Furthermore you'll sometimes see another letter to the right of the move.
That one states in which Assist Type the move in question can be made as an 
Variable Assist or Variable Combination. The letter is an upper-case one and
it is either A, for the Alpha Assist Type (1st); B, for the Beta Assist Type
(2nd); or G, for the Gamma Assist Type (3rd). We won't state which moves 
become the Variable Counters for each assist type. If you need to find that 
information you can use my own Assist Types FAQ on GameFAQs.com.

"How will I know if a move is a Special Move or a Hyper Combo?" you might
ask yourself. Simple, the Special Moves are always the ones written first;
the Hyper Combos start off where you see three lines in a row. And do not 
fear if you see a regular move amongst the Special Moves for some 
characters, the reason for this is simply that the character who uses the 
regular attack has a Variable Assist in one or more of his/her Assist Types.

P: Any punch button (S or T in the default controller setting)  
PP: Both punch buttons (S+T or the R1 in the default controller setting)
LP: The light punch (S in the default controller setting)  
MP: The mid-damage punch (is performed as the second attack if you push S 
    twice in a row during a match)
HP: The heavy punch (T in the default controller setting) 
K: Any kick button (X or O in the default controller setting)  
KK: Both kick buttons (X+O or the R2 in the default controller setting)
LK: The light kick (X in the default controller setting)  
MK: The mid-damage kick (is performed as the second attack if you push X 
    twice in a row during a match)
HK: The heavy kick (O in the default controller setting) 
N/A: This means that the move only is available for usage in a Variable 
     Assist or Variable Counter, thus isn't available when you're using the
     character yourself 
c: Hold down the direction or button that is stated after the letter 
   for a short while, commonly known as a charge
r: Press the button rapidly
taunt: The taunt button (select in the default controller setting)

I'll write a comma (,) if you are to push the direction right after each-
I'll write a plus (+) if you shall push the two buttons together.
I'll write a slash (/) if you can use either one of the two buttons the
slash separates.
I'll write all direction in lower-case letters. For example: f=forward.

Besides ordinary directions there are special ones. The last direction
in such a series directions should be pressed simultaneously with a kick,
a punch or a taunt.
qf: Quarter-circle forward. Press the control pad down, down-forward and 
    forward. Ryu's hado-ken move is an example of this command where a 
    punch follows.
qb: Same as with quarter-circle forward but the move goes backwards instead.
sf: Forward, down, down-forward. The most famous move using this combination
    is probably Ryu's Shoryu-Ken (hence the name).
sb: Backward, down, down-backward.
hf: Half-circle forward. Backward, down-backward, down, down-forward, 
hb: Half-circle backward. Forward, down-forward, down, down-backward, 
360: Rotate the control pad.

(p): The move is a projectile one. It is long-ranged but your character 
     won't move during the execution of it. For example Ryu's Hado-Ken.
(a-a): The move works as an anti-air attack. The move will hurt opponents
       above the attacker.
(d): The move is a dashing move. The move is more or less long-ranged, but
     this time the attacker will move forward whilst performing it.
(t): The move works as a throw. Often you have to be close to the opponent
     to perform the move.
(c): The move is a capture type move.
(co): The move is a counter. Your opponent has to strike you for it to work.
(a): The move can ALSO be performed while jumping.
(ax): The move can ONLY be performed while jumping.
(f): The move makes the character fly. Perform it once more to ground the 
(tg): The move uses up three Hyper Combo gauges, when executed.
(vb): The move requires that you press various buttons to execute damage.
(n): The move is a normal move. The character won't move at all nor send any 
     flying objects of any kind whilst performing the move.
(h): The move heals another character, always a Variable Assist.
(pu): The move causes another character's power to increase, always a 
      Variable Assist.
(du): The move causes another character's defence to increase, always a 
      Variable Assist.
(w): The move teleports (warps) your character.
(s): The move doesn't fit into any of the other groups. Sometimes we'll 
     specify what happens.

-- Christopher


                                 3. MOVELIST


AKUMA:    qf+P (p,a) A    sf+P (a-a) B    qb+K (a-a,a) G    qf+K (ax)
sf+PP/KK (w)    sb+PP/KK (w)    hb+HK (t)    ---    qb+PP (p) A    
qf+PP (d,a-a) B    qf+KK (a-a) G    qf+PP (ax,p)    LP,LP,f,LK,HP (d,t,tg)

AMINGO:    N/A (h) A    N/A (du) B    qf+P (d,a) G    qb+K (c)    qf+LK (p)  
qf+HK (p)    qb+P (a-a,d)    ---    qf+KK (a-a) ABG    qb+PP (p,t) 

ANAKARIS:    b,f+P (p,a) A    qf+P (p,t,a) B    d,d+P/K (p,a) G   qf+K (ax,c)
---    b,f+PP (p,vb) A    LP,LP,f,LK,HP (vb) B   d,d+PP (p,a) G
HK,LP,d,LK,HP (p,a)

B.B HOOD:    cb,f+P (p) A    sf+P (p,a-a) B    qb+P (d) G    cd,u+P (p,a-a)
sf+K (p)    cb,f+K (p)    ---    qf+PP (p) ABG    hf+KK (d,t)    hb+KK (d,t)

BLACKHEART:   hf+LP (p) A    hb+P (a-a,p) B    df+HP (n) G    hf+HP (p,a-a) A    
---    qb+PP (p,a) A    qf+KK (p) B    qf+PP (p) G

CABLE    qf+P (p,a) A    sf+P (a-a) B    qb+K (p,a-a,c,a) G    qf+K (d)
hb+P (t)    ---    qf+PP (p) ABG    qf+KK (vb)

CAMMY    sf+K (a-a) A    qf+K (d,a) B    qf+P (d) G    qb+K (ax)   hb+P (co)
qb+K (vb)    ---    qf+KK (d,a-a) AB   qb+PP (d,t,a) G    qb+KK (a)

CAPTAIN AMERICA    qf+LP (p,a) A    sf+P (a-a) B    qf+K (d) G
qf+HP (p,a-a,a)    hb+P (s)    ---    qf+KK (d) AG    sf+PP (d,a-a) B
qf+PP (d,t)

CAPTAIN COMMANDO    qf+P (p,a) A    qb+P (a-a) B    qb+K (d) G    qf+LK (p)
qf+HK (p,a-a)    qf+LK+HP (p)    ---    qf+PP (p,a-a) ABG    qf+KK (d,a-a,t)

CHARLIE    cb,f+P (p) AG    cd,u+K (a-a,p) B    u,uf,f+K (ax)    ---
qf+PP (p) AG    qb+KK (d,a-a) B    qf+KK (d,t)

CHUN-LI    hf+P (p) A    sf+K (a-a) B    hb+K (d) G    rK (n,a)    ---
qf+PP (p) A    sf+KK (a-a) B    qf+KK (d) G

COLOSSUS    qf+LK (d,a) A    qf+HK (d,a-a,a) B    HK (n) G    qf+P (d,t,a)*
---    qf+PP (d,a) ABG    qb+PP (s)**
*rotate control pad for extra damage    **won't be affected by attacks

CYCLOPS    qf+LP (p,a) A    sf+P (a-a) B    qb+K (d) G    qf+HP (p,a-a,a)
f,df,d+P (p)    hb+P (t)    cb,f+P (d)*    cb,f+K (d,t)    ---
qf+PP (p,a) ABG    qf+KK (p,a)    *press P or K rapidly for more damage

DAN    qf+P (p) A    sf+P (a-a) B    qf+K (p) G    qb+K (d)    ---   
qf+PP (p) A    qf+KK (a-a) B    qb+KK (d,a-a) G    qf,qf+taunt (s)
HP,LK,b,LP,LP (d,t,tg)

DHALSIM    qf+P (p,a) A    hb+P (p) B    hb+K (p,a-a) G    sf+PP/KK (w,a)
sb+PP/KK (w,a)     qb+KK (s,a)    hb+HP (t)    ---    qf+PP (p) ABG
qf+KK (a-a,t)

DOCTOR DOOM    hb+P (p,a-a,a) A    hb+K (p,a) B    qf+P (p,a) G
qb+KK (f,a)    ---    hb+PP (p,a-a,a) A    qf+KK (a-a) B    qf+PP (p) G

FELICIA    sf+K (d,a) A    qf+K (p) B    sf+P (d) G    qf+P (s)*    hb+K (t)
---    qf+KK (p) ABG    qf+PP (d,t)    qb+KK (p,t)
*press P or K after the command for different effects

GAMBIT    qf+P (p,a) A    sf+P (d) B    d+HP (n) G    qb+P (p,a-a)
cd,u+P/K (s)*    ---    qf+PP (p) ABG    qf+KK (d,p)    qb+KK (d,p)
*press P or K after the command for different effects

GUILE    cd,u+K (a-a) A    cb,f+P (p) BG    d,u+k (ax)    ---
qb+KK (d,a-a) A    qf+PP (p) BG    qf+KK (ax,d,t)

HAYATO    qf+P (d) AG    sf+P (a-a,a) B    b,f+PP (t)    ---    qf+PP (d) A
qf+KK (p,a-a) BG    qb+KK (s,a)*    LP,HP,b,LK,HK (d,t,tg)
*infinte Hyper Combo Gauge

HULK    qf+P (p) A    cb,f+K (d) BG    hb+P (t)*    cd,u+K (a-a)    ---
qf+PP (p) A   qb+PP (d) B   qf+KK (p) G  *rotate control pad = greater effect

ICEMAN    qf+LP (p,a) AG    qf+K (p,a) B    qf+HP (p,a-a,a)    sb+P (s)
---    qf+PP (p,a) ABG

IRON MAN    qf+P (p,a) A    hb+P (p,a-a) B    HK (n) G    HP+LK (p,a)
qb+KK (f,a)    ---    qf+PP (p) ABG

JILL    N/A (h) A    qf+P (d,a) B    sf+P (p,a-a) G    qb+K (p)    qf+LK (p)
qf+HK (p,a-a)    hb+P (co)    ---    qf+KK (p) AG    qf+PP (d) B    
qb+KK (p,t)    qf+K (s)*    *performed during qb+KK while Tyrant is laughing

JIN    cb,f+P (d) A    cd,u+P (p,a-a) B    df+HP (n) G    hb+K (d,t)    ---
qf+KK (d) A    qf+PP (p) BG    qb+PP (p)

JUGGERNAUT    f,df,d+P (p) A    hf+P (d) B    hf+K (d,a-a,a) G    sf+PP (s)*
---    qf+PP (d) ABG    *power-up

KEN    sf+P (a-a,a) A    qf+P (p,a) B    qb+K (d,a-a,a) G    qb+P (s)    ---
qf+KK (a-a) A    qf+PP (d,a-a) BG    qb+KK (d,a-a)

MAGNETO    hf+P (p,a) A    hb+K (p,c,a) B    d+HP (n) G    u,uf,f+P (ax,p)
hf+K (co)    qb+KK (f,a)  ---    qf+PP (p,a-a) A    qf+KK (p,a-a) BG

MARROW    qf+P (p,a) A    sf+P (a-a) B    qb+K (d) G    hb+P (d,t,a)    ---
qb+PP (p,a) AB    qf+PP (p) G

M.BISON    hf+P (p) A    hb+P (p,c) B    hf+K (d,a) G    sf+P/K (w,a)*
cd,u+K**    cd,u+P    qb+KK (s,a)    ---    qf+PP (d,a) AB    qf+KK (d) G
hb+PP (p)   *the destination of the warp depends on which button you've used
**press P during the move for an additional hit

MEGA MAN    cHP (p) AG    sf+P (a-a,a) B    qf+P (s)    qf+K (s)    sf+K (s)
qb+K (s)    ---    qf+PP (p,a) ABG    qf+KK (vb)    qb+KK (vb)

MORRIGAN    sf+P (a-a,a) A    qf+P (p,a) BG    hb+P (t)    qb+K (ax)    ---
sf+PP (p,a-a) AG    qf+PP (p) B    qf+KK (d,t)

OMEGA RED    qf+LP (p,c,a)* A    qf+HK (a-a) B    d+HK (n) G
qf+HP (p,a-a,c,a)*    qf+PP (p,a-a,c,a)*    qf+LK (d)    qf+KK (a-a)
qf+K (ax)    ---    qb+PP (p,a-a) ABG    qb+PP (d,t,a)
*press any button after the command for additional damage

PSYLOCKE    qf+K (d,a-a,a) A    qf+P (p,a) BG    hb+P/K (w,a)*    ---
qf+KK (a-a) A    qb+KK (p,a-a,a) B    qf+PP (d,a) G**
*the destination of the warp depends on which button you've pressed
**for additional damage press direction + P in the end

ROGUE    sf+P (a-a) A    qf+P (d,a) B    qb+K (d,t,a)* G    sf+K (d)
---    qf+PP (d,t)*    N/A (d) ABG
*gains power-ups depending on which character performed against

ROLL    qf+P (p,a) A    sf+P (p,a-a,a) BG    qb+P (s)    qf+K (s)   sf+K (s)
qb+K (s)    ---    qf+PP (p,a) ABG    qf+KK (vb)    qb+KK (vb)

RUBY HEART    qf+K (p,a-a) A    hb+LP (p,t) B    N/A (pu) G  
hb+HP (p,a-a,t)    qf+LP (d,a)    qf+HP (a-a,a)    qb+K (p)*    ---
qf+KK (p) A    qb+KK (p) B    qf+PP (d)G    HK,LP,d,LK,HP (p,t,vb)
*opponent can't use moves and their Hyper Combo gauge decreases

RYU    sf+P (a-a) A    qf+P (p,a) B    qb+K (d,a) G    ---    qf+PP (p,a) AB
qb+KK (a-a) G    sf+PP (a-a,tg)

SABRETOOTH    qf+P (d) A    hb+LK (p) B    HP (n) G    hb+HK (p,a-a)
hb+P (d,a-a,t)    ---    qf+PP (d) A    hb+KK (p) BG    sf+PP (d,a-a,t)

SAKURA    qf+P (d,a-a,a) A    qb+P (p,a-a,a) B    qb+K (d,a-a,a) G    ---
qb+KK (a-a) A    qb+PP (p,a-a) B    qf+P (d,t) G    sb+LK (s,tg)*
*turn into Dark Sakura, look below

(DARK SAKURA)    qf+P (p,a)    sf+P (d,a-a,a)    qb+K (d,a-a,a)    
sf+PP/KK (w)    sb+PP/KK (w)    ---    qf+PP (p)    qb+KK (a-a)    
qf+KK (d,t)   LP,LP,f,LK,HP (d,t,tg)   sb+LK (s,tg)*   *turn back into Sakura

SENTINEL    qf+LP (p,a) A    HK (n) B    qf+K (p) G    qf+HP (p,a)
sf+P (p,a-a,a)    qb+KK (f)    ---    qf+KK (p) ABG    qf+PP (p)    
qf+PP (ax,d)

SERVBOT    qb+LP (p) A    qf+HP (p,a) B    qf+LP (p,a) G    qb+HP (p,c)
qf+K (d)    qb+K (p,a-a)    ---    qf+PP (p) AG*    qf+KK (s,vb) B
*differs depending on assist type

SHUMA-GORATH    cb,f+P (p) AG    cb,f+K (d,a) B    hb+K (t)    ---
qf+KK (p) ABG    qf+PP (s)*
*press either HK or HP to perform a throw during the move

SILVER SAMURAI    rP or sf+P (n)* A    qf+P (p,a) B    d+HP (n) G    ---
N/A (d) A    qf+PP (p) B    qf+KK (a-a,p) G    qf+KK (p,c) G**
qf+KK (a-a) G***    qb+P (s)    qb+LK (s)    qb+HK (s)    *press f,f to run
**you have to have performed qb+LK before being able to do the move
***you have to have performed qb+HK before being able to do the move

SONSON    N/A (h) A    qf+P (p,a) B    sf+P (a-a,a) G    rP (n,a)    
qb+K (s)    hb+P (t)    hf+K (s)    ---    qb+PP (s,vb) AB
qf+PP (p,a-a,a) G    qf+KK (p,t)

SPIDER-MAN    qf+P (p,c,a) A    qb+K (d,a) B    sf+P (a-a) G    hb+LP (p,t)
hb+HP (p,a-a,t)    qb+PP (ax,s)    ---    qf+KK (d) ABG    qf+PP (d,t,a)
qb+PP (p,t)

SPIRAL    qf+LP (p,a)* A    qf+HP (p,a-a,a)* B    HP (n) G    hb+P (s,a)
qf+LK (p,a-a,a)*    qf+HK (p,a-a,a)*    qb+LK (s,a)    sf+P (a-a,t)    ---
qf+PP (p) AB    qb+PP (s)** G    qb+KK (s)***    qf+KK (s)****
*performed after hb+P    **press P during the move for a throw
***speed up    ****power up

STORM    qf+K (p,a) A    HP+LK (d,a) B    hb+K (p,a-a,a) G    qb+P (ax,p)
qb+KK (f)    ---    hf+PP (p,a-a,a) AB    qb+PP (p) G

STRIDER HIRYU    qf+P (d) A    qb+K (d) B    qf+HK (p,a-a) G
qf+P/K (ax,d)*    sf+P/K (n,a)    qf+LK (p)    qb+P (s)    sb+K (w)
cb,f+P (s)**    cb,f+K (p)    ---    qf+KK (p,a-a) ABG    sf+PP (d,t)
qf+PP (s)***    *differs depending on which button pressed
**press cb,f+P again to shoot the thing    ***creates a "shield"

T.BONNE   b/f+HP (t) A    MK (n) B    d+MP (n) G    qf+K (d,a)    qf+LP (p,c)
qf+HP (p,a-a,c)    sf+P (p,a-a)    ---    qf+PP (p) A    qb+PP (p) BG

THANOS    qf+P (d,a) A    qf+K (p,c) B    df+HP (n) G    ---    qf+PP (p) A
qb+PP (p) B    qf+KK (p) G    qb+KK (p,t)

VENOM    qf+P (d,a-a,a) A    qf+K (p) B    df+HP (n) G    hb+LP (p,c)
hb+HP (p,a-a,c)    ---    qf+KK (p) ABG    qf+PP (t)

WAR MACHINE    qf+P/K (p,a) A    hb+P (a-a) B    HP+LK (p,a) G    qb+KK (f)
---    qf+PP (p) A    qf+KK (p,a-a) BG

WOLVERINE (ORIGINAL)    HP (n) A    HK (n) B    df+HP (n) G    qf+P (d)
sf+P (a-a,a)    HP+LK (d,a)    ---    qf+PP (d) ABG    sf+PP (d,t)

WOLVERINE (ADAMANTIUM)    qf+P (d) A    sf+P (a-a,a) B    HP+LK (d,a) G
qb+P (d)    ---    qf+PP (d) A    sf+KK (a-a,a) BG   sf+PP (d,t)   qf+KK (s)*

ZANGIEF    PP (n,a) A    hf+K (d,t) B    sf+K (a-a,t) G    KK (n,a) 
sf+P (d)    360+P (t,a)    ---    N/A (d) ABG    360+PP (d,t)   360+KK (t,tg)
sb+LK (s)*    *turns into Mecha Zangief, look below

(MECHA ZANGIEF)    PP (n,a)    KK (n,a)    sf+K (a-a,t)    360+P (t,a)
hf+K (d,t)    qf+P (p)    ---    360+PP (d,t)    360+KK (a-a)   sb+LK (s)*
*turns back into Zangief


                          4. VERSION, CREDITS, LEGAL


1.0 (Dec 30, 2003): Initial version    1.1 (Jan 1, 2004): Several corrections
1.2 (Nov 8, 2005): New homepage URL

We would like to thank Kao Megura for a very complete FAQ. We used his FAQ
for the commands we couldn't find ourselves. 

This document is protected by international copyright law. You may download 
this document for personal use and/or put it on your homepage. However, this 
document may not be altered or divided into different parts, and no parts may 
be removed. You are not allowed to gain any financial profit on it and all 
credit must always be given to its proper owners. You don't have to e-mail us 
about permission, because if you follow the demands above, permission is 
automatically granted. Only the sites below receive our updates, though.

http://home.swipnet.se/cpg                            http://www.gamefaqs.com

Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Christian Wall                cwall_85(at)hotmail.com
Copyright (c) 2003-2005 Christopher Wall       christopher.wall(at)swipnet.se
    E-mail us if you want to correct us or have anything else on your mind.

                              - End of Document -

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