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Cable by The fireboy

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 03/04/04

Marvel Vs Capcom 2: Cable Faq
By Heat Clarense (iisolidsnakeil@aol.com)
Version 2.0 February 20th 2003

Alright, with MvC2 coming around again for PS2 and X-box
I thought I should make a Faq being I’ve been in a few local
Tournaments at my arcade so I guess I hold enough knowledge
To create a FAQ on Cable and a few other characters I play as.
Please feel free to distribute this, but please do not edit it in any
Way, thank you for reading this.

(What to mail me on)
I added this because I’ve been getting a swarm of emails as of late
“Ryu does not suck!” “<Character here> can beat <Character I’ve
written a FAQ for>” For those who email me over this, it will be
deleted, because in my opinion, Ryu DOES suck and is a huge waste.
Don’t like it? Too bad, don’t read what I write then, and yes, I’m
Aware that any character can beat another, but lets face it, sometimes
The odds aren’t in that character’s favor, some characters like Cable,
Storm, Magneto, Doom, Sentinel and all the other ‘Top tiers’ have
A higher win ratio over everyone else in the game, so they are more
Likely to win. And yes, I know everyone plays different in my strategies
Section, but this is how I see MOST players use these characters, so the
People who read this will probably have more of a chance of running
Into someone who plays like this. And to those who actually Email me
And try to find me to challenge me in this game, yes, I will face you if you
Live near by and would love to, I love competition. Saying this, please only
Email me if you’d like to try and face me, see I left something out, or left
Something out like a combo/infinite or if you have a tip to contribute.

Also, if you do email me, mention my faq in the subject line or else
it may be deleted thanks to the huge amount of spam I've been recieving.

And finally, Thank you!

June/6th/2003: Created a damage chart, assist list and outfit list.
June/4th/2003: Updated a few misspellings, and created a damage chart.
May/4th/2003: I just got this up here. Yay me! :D


1. 	Character information
2. 	Move legend
3. 	Move abbreviation
4. 	Normal moves
5. 	Special moves
6. 	Hyper combos
7. 	Ground combos
8. 	Air combos
9. 	Tips and tricks
10.	Strategy and Recommended teams
11.	Damage charts
12. 	Credits
13.	Contact
14. 	Legal stuff.

Character information

Team:			Marvel
Name:			Nathan Christopher Charles Summers
AKA:			Cable
Date of Birth:		In the future.
Height:			6'8
Weight:			355 pounds.
Eye Color:		Right eye is blue, Left is white/yellow due to a
			technological virus.
Hair Color:		White
First Appearance:		Uncanny X-men: New Mutants #87
Damage Setting:		100% (Average)

Reasons to play as Cable:

Cable is a Keep away king, almost every single one of his moves will keep your
opponent at the other side of the screen.
For a keep away character, Cable has a VERY nice up close game.
He can reward your opponent with a dead character in the blink of an eye at one
He has the fastest move in the game (That's right, faster then even a little
Cable can chip decently, and even better when paired with the right assist.
With the Tiger knee styled hyper viper, Cable can punish just about anything.
All of his moves are hyper cancelable.
His assists aren't too bad either.

Even though Cable may have a nice upclose game, he can't hold a candle to the
real melee fighters (Cammy, Strider, STORM and most of all, Magneto!)
Without proper assists, Cable can be wiped to the floor depending on the
Without a meter, Cable can't fight too well.
Cable uses a lot of a meter very quickly, He can use up three bars within one
Cable is not a good battery (Character to raise the hyper combo meter)
His dash sucks if you try to get in the offence, even if you wave dash it's not
too fast.

Cable's assists

Alpha Assist type (Projectile)
Assist move: Fierce Viper beam
Variable counter: Fierce viper beam
Triple team combo: Hyper Viper beam

Beta assist type (Anti air)
Assist move: Fierce Psimitar
Variable counter: Jab Psimitar
Triple team combo: Hyper Viper Beam

Gamma Assist type (Capture)
Assist move: Fierce Electrap
Variable counter: Fierce crackdown
Triple team combo: Hyper Viper beam

My opinion:

Alpha: Eh'..I like this one, this is a good choice for some.
Though I stopped using this when I found out a few tricks
with his Anti air assist. Good choice for beginners.

Beta:  Woo! I love this one, it's so useful, it might not have
any invincibility like Cyclops', Ken's, Cammy's or Psylocke's
But it stops up so fast it can stuff a lot of things anyway, I
personally use this as my assist of choice for Cable, why?
Variable counter xx AHVB, you can even kill Sentinel in the
middle of his HSF if you get timing down well enough (And
have a little luck too!)

Gamma: Yuck, don't use this, it doesn't work well like Mag's
capture, since you can alter explosion time, it explodes in the
same place and it's slow, sure Crackdown is a nice for a counter
But I'd rather Psimitar xx AHVB, look how much damage and how
much you can do with it. Enough said.

The best assists are, hands down his anti air, though some beginners
might rather use his Projectile assist to help them cover more ground
for a short time, it's your call, just don't use Capture, I'm warning you!

Cable's outfits
LP - Blue uniform, yellow straps and boots
HP - Sky blue/green uniform, dark yellow straps and boots
LK - Light purple uniform, Yellow straps and boots
HK - Light Teal, yellow straps and boots
A1 - Dark Green Uniform, yellow straps and boots
A2 - Dark Blue uniform, yellow straps and boots

Move Legend
In the arcade (And on your joystick if you own one), the entire layout is not
like it says.
In this game if you don't know already, there is no strong punch or forward
(Middle kick for newbies). To get a middle punch/kick you must throw a jab 
or L.kick and it must connect (Blocked or not) and hit it again to get the 
middle punch/kick. So on your joystick the M.kick and Forward are now your 
fierce punches and kicks, the actual fierce are your assists, and believe me
You'll be using them often against skilled played.

	 |         L punch       Fierce punch      Assist 1
	 |         L kick          Fierce kick        Assist 2

That's the actual layout, get used to it.

Move abbreviations
This is the part that most people who've played fighting games will know, so
you can skip this part

QCF = Quarter Circle forward, as in down, down/forward, forward.
QCF = Quarter Circle Backwards, as in down, down/back, backwards.
HCF = Half circle forward, as in back, back/down, down, down/forward, forward
HCB = Half circle backwards, Forward, Forward/down, down, down/back. Backwards
Dagon Punch motion = Forward, forward/down, down, down/forward
2P = both punches…as in… well you should know.
2K = Both kicks.
OTG = On the Ground, while you knock you opponent to the ground, if they don’t
safety roll, you will be able to use a move such as a ducking low kick to hit
them still and they will be unable to block and such (But as Cable, don’t worry
too much about OTG’ing.)

Normal moves
Standing Light punch:  (just…light punch.)
Cable just throws out a one-arms jab punch with his techno-infected arm. Will
miss just about all-crouching or short characters. I’d rather just light kick

Couching light punch (Down + L punch):
Pretty straight forward, another light jab punch, but this time it hits low (As
And it sort sucks as a punch…just use crouching L.kick.

Jumping light punch. (L punch in air.):
Cables air combo starter, but I warn you, his air combos are limited
And this move does NOT make for even a decent jump in.

Middle punch

Standing middle punch:
Cable’s launcher and it could use some work, it’s a small uppercut with little
But it’s decent none the less if you’re in the mood for an air combo.

Crouching middle punch:
Cable pistol-whips ‘em! Lol, not really, but he does whack them with the thing
But he doesn’t fire. Lol, but in any case, it’s decent, had decent range just
low priority.

Jumping middle punch:
The same as the crouching middle punch, yet done in air, not much to say, but
it does have decent speed, but nothing to really talk about.

Fierce punch:
Writer's note: This is the good stuff!!! Hell yeah!

Standing fierce (You can make him do this up to four times.)
Cable whips out his gun (Which can also hit as he swings it out if they’re
close enough.)
And fires his gun, the range on this thing is one of the many things that makes
Cable so cheap. Also, this move can be easily canceled into a ground Viper beam
or a Hyper Viper beam. Just make sure you don’t do this to a short opponent, it
has the habit to miss.

Crouching fierce punch: Cable will swing his pistol up (Which can hit and will
launch them in the air, but just for that hit, can’t air combo after it.) and
then Cable will fire at about a 45-degree angle. A decent move none the less,
not a great anti air, but it has some uses.

Jumping fierce punch:
Oh yeah, this is a good part of Cables stalling, and also Cable’s Guard Breaker
(More on that later.) Cable in air fires the gun like he would on the ground,
horizontally, good thing is that it moves all the way across the screen like on
the ground. Though it can be used against you in come cases such as against
another Cable it can be used as a guard break on yourself.


Light kick:
A small, low damaging, but extremely quick knee, not quick enough to beat out
Wolverine in a first attack contest, but very fast to say the least. Also very
decent for ground combos.

Crouching light kick:
Cable puts his foot quickly (Not as quick as standing though) and hits with the
instep of his foot, not too good if ya ask me, just go with his standing kick.
It’s much better in my opinion unless you’re looking to make them get a hit
off, but standing has a little more range I think. Unless of course you want to
OTG ‘em.

Jumping light kick:
Just a knee in air, just an air combo filler, don’t use this move by itself,

Middle kick (Forward)

Standing forward kick:
Cable will throw out a decently quick side kick to the characters midsection
(Or their head if it’s Megaman. ^^)

Crouching forward kick:
Cable leans back a bit and swings his leg up to kick his opponent in the torso,
decent, and can be used for Cable’s main combo (Well, my main Cable combo.) Not
much else to say being I only use this for one combo so I only know of it’s one

Jumping forward kick:
Cable kicks upward…. really high…extremely high actually above over his head
almost, but in any case this move is an air combo filler only, and being Cable
isn’t used for air combos, much can’t be said about this move.

Fierce kicks

Standing fierce kick:
Cable will throw out a high hitting side kick with his boot. This move is good
for two reasons, one, bread and butter Cable combo, two, this move has very
decent range, priority and speed. Recovery could be better, but for fierce
attacks, they always have from recovery time.

Hop kick. (Hold forward and press roundhouse.)
Cable hops forward and kicks the opponent in the shins…don’t ask me about this
move, I close to never use this unless I’m screwing around

Crouching fierce kick:
Cable swings around and swings his leg out, this move trips them and you can
OTG them with a Viper, or Hyper Viper beam, beware doing it to skilled players
though, they’ll just roll and you’ll be wide open for an attack.

Jumping fierce kick:
This attack is Cable’s main jump in. In air Cable will shove both legs out like
a drop kick in a somewhat downward angle, use it along for your jump ins, has
very good priority, and decent speed, But he has tons of range on this bad boy,
also works nice as an air combo finisher.


Forward or back + roundhouse (Can be done in air.)
Cable basically monkey flips them over him completely after rolling on his
back, move could be a little stronger but from what I’ve seen some people have
a little trouble teching this throw, but overall it has some nice priority I
think. (I’ve grabbed Ken out of the Shoryureepa before!) And this is Cable’s
only throw. It’s not too bad, but it only does have a few uses, don’t go trying
to grab him Ken out of the Shoryreepa, being I was in a life or death situation
(Chipping would have even killed me and I didn’t have time to super jump.)

Special moves

Universal moves

Snap back: QCF + assist 1 or 2
This move Cable will do his fierce kick, if it connects unblocked you will
force the active character out of battle and the backup (Assist character) into
the fray, is you use assist 1, you’ll knock the first assist into battle (The
one right under the active character) into battle, and the second being the
third character. Doing this move requires 1 level of the Super bar.

Variable counter: Back to down. (Back, back/down, down) + assist 1 or 2.
This is a little different; it will bring in a different character, or if Cable
isn’t in, he could come in as a variable counter, but I can’t exactly say much
since I don’t use this unless I really need to. But the attack all depends on
which assist you gave Cable (Or your other character.). This also takes 1 level
of the Super bar.

Push blocking or advanced guarding: 2p while still in block stun.
Push blocking has been in a few fighting games so far now, and if you don’t
know yet, while in block stun if you press both punches and the block will
become much thicker and push your opponent back, it can save your ass
sometimes, but can also be a problem, but then again, for some moves you’ll
have to use it to punish moves, with Guard canceling and just to punish other
moves like the Shoryureepa and Charlie’s Summersault justice hyper combo and a
few other rushing/raising supers (Supers that come to you, or slowly or
completely upward, or both.) Be careful though for beginners, push blocking too
many times at once will break your guard and you’ll be open to an attack unless
you guard cancel (Which I’m still learning somewhat.)

Cable only moves

Viper beam: QCF + any punch (Can be done in air.)
Cable whips out a pretty big gun and holds it out rather quickly and fires a
blue colored beam across the screen, and without mashing the buttons, it
travels in a straight line (Or almost one.) Now, if you mash the buttons, you
can make the beam go at wild arcs and go all over the place and cover about ¾
of the screen. Beware though, the fierce version has some decent recovery time
which will all be rated. Over all, I’d stick to the air version and jab version
if you’re going against a pixie (Character who mostly uses combos to do
damage.) Because a fierce will give them enough time for them to run up and
attack, they might not do much damage, but they will make quick a good amount
of Cable’s life gauge (Magneto and Storm being the best pixies in the game, you
will be destroyed by them, but mostly Magneto.)

Damage:		6 (Ground version)
Damage:		6 (Air version.)
Range:		8 (Ground version.)
Range:		 8 (Air version.)
Useful:		6 (Ground version)
Useful:		9 (Air version.)
Start up:		5 (Ground version.)
Start up:		7 (Air version.)
Recovery:	4 (Ground version.)
Recovery:	7 (Air version.)

Overall, just stick with the air version when you can, it makes life easier.

Good air-to-air and stalling move, big part of Cable’s keep away game.
Can connect off a tag in for an unblockable combo.
Very nice range and priority.
Nice for punishing assists (Though Hyper Viper’s better, go figure. xD)
Decently combo-able.

If blocked while on the ground or whiffed completely, you could be in for some
Recovery isn’t too great for fierce version.
Start up could be a tad better.
If they jump over it you’re in some trouble.

Electrap: QCB + any kick
Cable reaches for a canister grenade and pulls the pin out with his mouth and
grunts as he throws it out underhanded towards the opponent, the move it slow,
and has a bad recovery time, but never the less this move is actually useful,
because if it connects the opponent will be trapped for a bit in a blue globe
of energy, giving you time to Hyper Viper the crap outta him, or a regular
Viper beam, or run in for a combo, or whatever, only bad thing is, it can be
mashed to escape quicker. Also, hold down the kick button after it’s thrown to
alter the explosion time, if you don’t this move will be useless.

Rating: (The air version has same stats.)
Damage:		2
Range:		6
Useful:		6
Start up:		2
Recovery:	3

Very nice trap move. Holds them for a second or two.
Ability to control when it goes off.
Can zone off the opponents offence.
Great for mind games, tricks and traps
Arc of the throw can tag characters coming it, and also stop their super (Such
as Venoms Venom web super.)
One of Cable's only moves that chips Iceman.

Start up sucks, really.
Range can be a little hard to aim, takes some practice, but not too hard.
Can be blocked still.
If blocked the explosion dims out much faster.

Overall… use this move on occasion, don’t over use it unless you want to be
punished and learn the hard way.

Psy-charge HCB + any punch
Alright this move… This move…well this move sucks!!! I mean it, this move is
EXTREMELY useless, only use it has is for a super charge that can get almost
half a meter from it, but it’s so hard to connect, by the time you do, you
could already have all five levels of the meter, but in any case, Cable grabs
them and pumps them full of energy through his infected arm and then throws
them to the other side of the screen and then stands there in a special way
until you move or attack. (He looks cool how he just stands there, gotta admit
that.) but this move, do not use this move unless going against a REAL
beginner, or else you’ll just get punished for it.

Rating: (This is a ground only move.)
Damage:		2
Range:		0 (You gotta be standing on his toes to do this move!)
Useful:		0
Start up:		2
Recovery:	2

Charges the super meter like crazy!!!!!!
Flashy move (If you can get it to connect.)

You gotta be standing on their toes to be close enough.
At that close, it can still be blocked
Very low damage.
Charges your opponents meter too! (BOO!!!)

Overall… do not use this move…at all, it’s useless and I’ve only used it to
screw around. NEVER use it in tournament play.

Crackdown/Shockwave: (Ground only.) QCF + any kick

This move is nice, Cable grunts and leans back, and then dashing forward some
and punches with an overhand left from his infected arm, as his hand comes out
he makes a blue crescent slash that can hit the enemy and also stop all
fireball projectiles in their tracks, it’s decent, but very hard to combo since
this move is mostly used for OTG, ands against skilled played, they roll
whenever they hit the ground to stop that, but as a fireball stopper, this move
works nicely, it also comes out decently quickly. The jab version Cable goes
about half the screen length, fierce makes Cable go about 3/4’s of the screen.

Damage:		5
Range:		7
Useful:		6
Start up:		8
Recovery:	7

Can cancel out projectiles.
Comes out pretty quick.
Can add more damage on an OTG.

If they roll the OTG, you could be in trouble.
Won't stop beams (Like anything does anyway?)
Won't eat through beams either like Sakura's uppercut.

Overall, a good move, just don’t abuse it or try an OTG against a skilled
player, you might be in for a long, punishing combo if you do.

Psimitar: (Ground only too.)

This move is VERY nice, it could be better, but it’s probably Cable’s second
best special move in his arsenal (In my opinion it is.) Cable pulls out a
glowing golden spear and throws it up as an anti air, the angle of the spear
sort of sucks, but it goes ALL the way to the top of the screen! Also it’s
speed is just amazing, it’s almost instant! Only bad thing about this move is
the angle of the spear, and the fact that you can be knocked out of it easily
being that the spear is the attack, not Cable unlike Cammy and Ken’s anti-air
but this move is awesome, not to mention it looks flat out cool, the fierce
version has some recovery time, and also from what I know you can’t hyper
cancel off of that, so stick with the jab version, it’s quicker, safer and
hyper cancelable.

Damage:		7
Range:		6
Useful:		9
Start up:		9
Recovery:	7

Excellent anti air!
Good damage, can hit off a tag in for unblockable combos
Very nice start up and recovery time.
Very good priority.

If blocked close you could be in trouble.
Range is a little limited thanks to angle of the spear.
Won’t do a thing if your opponent is above you in air.
Cable can be knocked out of it pretty easily sometimes.

Overall… use this a lot in a match, just not too much, use it when you have to,
and NEVER whiff out a fierce version.

Hyper combos

These moves require 1 level of the super meter all the time. And also, Cable’s
specials are very deadly when you know how to use them.

Hyper Viper Beam: QCF + 2P(Can be done in air, and should be.)
Cable whips out a HUGE gun, I mean REALLY huge, and then aims it and fires it
like he would a normal Viper beam, only the beam is red and this move is
deadly, the ground version sucks in tournament play, but the air version…. that
move is literally instant! He whips it out, aims and fires all in a single
frame I believe, he can’t block until he hits the ground, but if you remember
Sagat from the old Street Fighter games, his Tiger knee, down, down/forward,
forward, up/forward… you can do that with Cable called a Tiger Knee Hyper Viper
beam and he’ll hop just an inch (Or even less as you get better) and fire, once
you master doing that, you’re Cable is something to fear because you can punish
just about anyone (Except someone who DHC’s into a safe Super, and since guard
canceling is around now, only person who can do that is Storm’s Hail Storm
Hyper combo.) This will make people hate you for playing as Cable, because it’s
so cheap, and since this move is so fast, you can actually link THREE of them
together, or more if playing against a big character such as Sentinel or
Juggernaut, but more on this later, anyway, use this move over his other hyper
combo, since this one you can punish just about anyone for one careless

Damage:		8
Damage:		 8 (Air version.)
Range:		8
Range:		8 (Air version.)
Useful:		5
Useful:		10+ (Air version.)
Start up:		4
Start up:		100 (Air version, this move is instant!)
Recovery:	3
Recovery:	9 (Air version, can’t block until you hit the ground.)

Pros: (Ground version.)
Very damaging move, can take out almost half of your opponents life bar
Quick move too, even ground version it pretty quick under some conditions.
Can connect of a tag in.
VERY good at killing sloppy assists calls.

Start up is sort of slow so it can be jumped over easily.
If they do jump this, you’re in trouble. (Unless you DHC into something safe.)
Recovery is HORRIBLE!!! If this move is even blocked against the like of
Magneto you’re finished.

Pros: (Air version.)
You can link three together without much trouble it’s so fast.
You can punish anything if you anticipate it. (Except another air hyper viper.)
Hella’ lot of damage.
VERY good priority.
The best for punishing sloppy assist calls.

If they jump this, you’re in trouble.
Can’t block until you’re back on the ground.
Have to learn to control the arc decently before you can do real damage.

Overall: Use this move a lot; it can punish just about any move in the entire

Time Flip: QCF + 2K (Ground only.)

Cable leans back and poses for a split second before saying “Time flip!” and
then a transparent version of himself comes out and goes across the screen at
about Cable’s normal dash speed, if it connects you got a 13 hit auto combo,
and the good thing, as this is happening you are still free to attack, just
make sure you don’t push the opponent OUT of the combo from the comboing Cable.
And there’s one bad thing if you can actually get this move to hit, you can’t
Hyper Viper beam during this and not until a second and a half after.

Damage:		4
Range:		7
Useful:		3
Start up:		2
Recovery:	6

Extremely cool looking Super, one of my personal favorites to LOOK at.
An extremely nice way to embarrass you opponent since it’s so hard to connect.

Pain to connect, from what I know it’s impossible without an assist call or
Can’t Hyper Viper during the move or until a second or two after.
With how hard it is to connect... it does close to nothing for damage and all
the trouble its worth.

Overall:  Don’t use this unless your opponent whiffs a hyper combo and you land
behind him, then feel free if you want to embarrass him, I’d rather just use
air hyper vipers three times so I can rub it in his face quicker. But whatever
floats your boat right?

Ground combos

Ah’, ground combos, here’s where Cable has is good, being his combos are very
decent for a keep away character, nothing like Cyclops or Captain Commandos
ground game, but they don’t have the keep away game like Cable does, so it’s
evened out. Here I’ll list some combos for you to learn, first let’s start with
how to understand combos.

S. L.kick, S. M.kick, S. Fierce kick xx Hyper Viper beam

That is just one of Cable’s combos, its short, sweet and damaging, here’s how
it works;
First you do a standing light kick, or weak kick as some say, then hit the
button for another light kick in order to get a forward or middle kick, and
then a fierce kick, and half way through the animation for that kick you do the
motion for Cable’s Hyper Viper beam, which cancels off the rest of the kick’s
animation and Cable going right into his Hyper Viper beam, so the ‘xx’ in
combos means you cancel into this before the actual animation for the previous
move ends. Got it? Lets move on.

S. L.punch, S. M.punch /\, SJ. L.punch, SJ. L.kick, SJ. M.punch, SJ F.kick

This is an air combo, Cable’s easiest to learn also, first you do a light
punch, then a middle, this launches them into the air, then press up, that’s
what the /\ is for, which makes you super jump after them, and then hit them
with a light punch, light kick, middle punch, middle kick and then a fierce
kick as the air combo finisher. Got that? Oh yeah, and from now on I’ll just
label fierce attacks with an ‘F’

Standing F.Punch, F.Punch, F.punch, F.punch = 4-5 hits depending on how close
they are.  This combos pretty simple, even the scrub Cable uses understand
this, being it’s probably Cable’s most abuseable normal move

Standing F.punch, F.punch, F.punch, F.punch xx Viper beam = 10-15 hits, this
move is good for normal and oversized characters, but not against anyone like
Megaman, and surely not Kobun because the F.punches won’t hit, so just do a
Viper beam.

Standing L.kick, M.kick xx Psimitar = 4-10 hits depending on what Psimitar you
used, jab gets 4 from what I know, fierce gives you ten.

L.kick, M.kick, F.kick xx Crackdown = 4 hits, this is a pain to get to go
unless you’re in the corner, so don’t use it too often.

Standing L.kick, M.kick, F.punch, F.punch, F.punch, F.punch xx Viper beam = 14
hits a nice combo, not too many people actually do this combo I’ve found, but I
like it.

Standing F.punch, F.punch, F.punch, F.punch xx Hyper Viper beam = 25-45 hits
(Most I’ve done I think.) This move is the typical Scrub combo for Cable, you
probably see kids doing this combo every day at your arcade, don’t get too used
to this, since it is punishable easily if you repeat it a lot, and it only
makes you look like a beginner.

S. L.kick, S. M.kick, S. F.kick xx Hyper Viper Beam = 30-50 hits, this is a
decent move, more damaging then the one above thanks to Capcoms new damage
reduce system, though the bread ands butter AHVB is much better.

Air combos
Alright, here’s some of the good stuff, mainly to two single combos
(Experienced Cable players know what I’m talking about, and yes, it is and air
combo, since you and your opponent are in air. XD)

But lets start with the simple and work our way up.

S. L.punch, S. M.punch /\, SJ. L.punch, SJ. L.kick, SJ. M.punch, SJ F.kick = 6
hits, you can add on a SJ. M.kick but it’s not recommended since it’s harder to
connect the F.kick after that.

S. L.punch, S. M.punch /\, SJ. L.punch, SJ. L.kick, SJ. M.punch, SJ. M.kick,
Air throw = 5 hits, good thing about this, if they tech it, you can tech guard
break them. (More on this later too.) But for this make sure one thing, that
you stall for about half a second after that fifth hit so they fall right in
front of you before you throw, or else you’ll miss it, also you have to be
pretty close to them.

S. L.punch, S. M.punch /\, SJ. L.punch, SJ. L.kick, SJ. M.punch xx Hyper Viper
beam = 20-21 hits, this combo is decent damaging, but you have to jump straight
up, can not be backwards or forwards at all, if you do, you’ll be too close for
the hyper viper to hit, too far and you won’t be able to hit them.

Air Hyper Viper beam, Air Hyper Viper beam, air Hyper Viper beam =…. this hits
are random; highest I’ve gotten was over 120 on a single character. To do this
move you have to remember Sagat from the old Street Fighter says, remember his
Tiger Uppercut and Tiger Knee moves? Same motion, so it’d be down,
down/forward, forward, up/forward and then both punches, you’ll see Cable hop
up from the ground less then an inch if done correctly and do the air version
of the Hyper Viper Beam, if you master doing that, you’re Cable is now
something to fear, because you can punish almost anything. Well, first to do
this, do a single Tiger Knee Hyper Viper, get used to it, and then do it, and
just as it ends since he’s so close to the ground. Do it again as fast as you
can (We’re talking less then a second timing here.) You should see Cable do it
again and then the third time, this time just do a normal jump and half to full
way up, it depends on character really, but do it again, but thing is, you have
to arc the beam each time, so first time you do it, arc it downward some until
it’s over the character as much as it can without letting him out of the beam,
then do it again, and this time upwards, third time, if you only do it half way
up on the jump you’ll usually have to arc it upwards, but if you can make it a
full jump and do it, simply mash on all the buttons to wave the beam around,
but be sure to mash like there’s no tomorrow because they can fly out of the
beam singe it wiggles in every direction.

Jump in round-house, \/, C. L.kick, C. M.kick, S. F.kick xx SJ. Cancel Tiger
knee Air Hyper Viper beam, \/, Tiger knee air hyper Viper beam, \/, Air hyper
Viper beam = 80-?? Hits, this move is Cable’s bread and butter for me (Not sure
if it actually if, I think it is since I use it more then any other combo
really.) and let me tell you, this combo is DAMAGING! This combo takes out
enough to kill them in one shot depending on damage level, and yes, it can kill
them in arcades being most of the ones I know have damage setting on 2-3
(Though I play it at home against people at 1, but in any case.) This is why
people hate Cable, because you can destroy a point character (Active character)
like nothing if you land this, so they know any single jump in that connects
could lead to extreme damage that can kill their character, or at least bring
his life from 100% down to under 20% that quick, this also works on assist
character, but I wouldn’t recommend it, just do three Tiger knee’s by
themselves, since assist character take more damage, can’t block, and they
can’t leave until they touch the ground, so you can just repeat Tiger Knee
Hyper Vipers until you’re out of the meter, they die, feel like showing mercy
(Never do that!), or your hands give out. Oh yes! And you can change the
M.kick to M.punch if you're better at button pushing, since M.punch has more

Alright, this is it for combos, if you have any to contribute, please let me

Tips and tricks

Semi-infinite Hyper Viper beams:
As some of you may know, you can link 3 air hyper viper beams, but one some
characters, such as Sentinel and Juggernaut (And maybe blackheart, not sure
yet.) you can do more since larger characters fall faster, I’ve linked all five
on Sentinel before, and 4 on Juggy, but it doesn’t stop there, since assist
characters can’t block no matter what, and can’t leave the screen until they
touch the ground, you can do as many Air Hyper Vipers as you like, Hell, if
they do a triple team super, do a Hyper Viper beam! It’s faster then any ground
super in the game, well, if they’re using Sentinel you might have some trouble
since HSF (Hyper Sentinel Force) comes out top quick for some people's reaction
speed, but there’s one thing I found (On dumb luck actually.) Cable’s Hyper
Viper beam has a few invincible frames, so the first set of HSF can pass right
by Cable and leave him untouched and you can still attack, though since the HSF
comes so bunched together, the second set might hit you, but I’ve broken
through it a few times, other times our supers just canceled out so they wasted
3 levels and you only wasted 1! Which is still good. (Even though a skilled
Sent user can still play even without a meter.)

Cable, to my knowledge only has one infinite, and I haven’t even done it, or
even seen it, if someone can verify it, thank you, but it can ONLY be done on
Sentinel I hear, first you trap him in the corner (Which will be hard to do on
a skilled player who knows flight canceling.) But you get him with a Electrap
and then do a standing round house and cancel out of it into another Electrap,
I’m not sure if it works, but it does seem possible.

Guard breaking:
Alright, I redid this section because I noticed it was a little complicated.
(Thanks StraydoG on Gamefaqs board) But guard breaking is some what
cheap, but then again, a lot of people say Cable is too, so why not go the
full nine, eh'? Anyway, lets get down to me explaining WHY it works....
During a NORMAL (Not super) jump you have one action, this can be
anything from; A chain combo, jump in attack, going into block stun
doing a special, hyper combo. You catch the drift, anyway, you can only
do that ONE action, and then you can't do anything, you're helpless until
you touch the ground, and if you stop attacking someone who is in block
stun, what happens? They naturally come out of block stun, like any
fighting game.  This includes in a normal jump, so you have a few split
seconds and they're helpless because you stopped attacking, meaning
they've gone out of block stun, they used their one action blocking your
attack, so now you can capitalize, Cable can do this best and easiest
in my opinion, now, lets teach you HOW it's done....Lets start like this.
Go into training mode if you have MvC2 with you, pick any team with Cable
as your team, and any team with..just about anyone (For newbies, I'd pick
Anakaris, he falls much slower then anyone else and is a decently big
target.) So, now you're in training mode, put Anakaris in "Guard all" and
in "jump" NOT super jump, he should jump over and over, and over. Now
Jump up WITH him, firing with your fierce punch (The gunshot) and hit him
He should block, now wait a few split seconds, waiting for him to come out
of block stun, then simply AHVB him and he's helpless to it. Understand?

Tech guard breaking:
Tech guard breaking happens every once and a while against either a skilled
player, or a masher, when you throw someone in the air, or sometimes on the
ground if they pop into the air, you have the chance to hit them, teching a
throw puts you in NORMAL jump mode, so even if you threw him during a super
jump, you can still do this, that’s why the air throw combo with Cable is one I
use a lot, because after they tech it, do a gunshot in air, they should block
it, and then you just guard break like any other time.

The typical Cable trap:
This is one of the most used traps in the game, though it's quite easy to break
out of, but never the less, some characters such as Sentinel, and other large
characters may have some trouble getting out, depending on who else is helping
to hold them there, he's what you do, ground them down at the other side of the
screen with Cable's shot pistol (standing fierce punch x 4) and during an
attack you can still call an assist, so call out one on the third or forth
shot, then cancel into a grenade, your assist (Assuming it is a projectile
assist) should hold them down causing chip damage, holding them there to
repeat, and raising the meter, and if any time should this hit, you can just
hyper viper, or Tiger knee air hyper viper beam, which assist works best for
this trap? I find Sentinel (Ground) to be the absolute best because three
drones hit, keeping them there, but if you're looking for chipping, go with
Spiral projectile or Doom anti air, but remember to call Doom on the second
shot since it has a lot of start up time. Another thing, thanks to guard
canceling, don't do this on Cable, because he'll just guard cancel from the
shot pistol x 4 and Air hyper viper you (I know because I do this to people who
try this trap on my Cable)

Variable counter:
Don't forget this move, this move is very, important, it may take a bar of the
meter, but if it can pull one of your characters out of the firey pit of death,
by all means, do it, plus doing this is very useful, have Cable on anti air and
counter Cable into the fight, he'll do the psimitar, which can STILL be
canceled into the Air Hyper Viper! Meaning doing this can save a character, and
reward your opponent with a dead character for trying to kill him!

Use Cable as a battery (Only when needed):
This, most people don't do, and I don't either, except when needed, remember,
you can still do a middle punch by pressing down/forward fierce punch, and this
is a quick upper cut, so do this to build your meter when someone is running
away (Like Storm) Because usually following them is a VERY bad idea, so build
your meter and wait it out, if they're running away, they're usually trying to
stay away from you because they are losing, or they're winning and hoping to
win by a time over, and if that happens, do what it takes, if you're going to
lose anyway, go out fighting.

Play mind games:
In the words of Sun Tzu; All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to
attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when
we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we
must make him believe we are near.  This is a very true thing for this game,
believe it or not, if you can trick your opponent to make him think he has you
in his pocket, he's less likely to be caring, paying attention, playing hard,
whatever you want to call it. Always play with their head best you can, if you
can trick them, you can make them go into a fatal mistake that can cost them
their quarter, spot in the tournament, take some of their pride (If they kept
saying they'd destroy you before the match), ect, ect.

Use Grenades:
I know, I said they don't trap well, but try it in reverse Tiger knee action, why?
Because this puts you in Super jump mode, meaning you can cancel from a special to
Hyper combo, so if they try to rush you down as you throw the grenade, you'll be
able to cancel into the air hyper viper, But I'm warning you, I would NOT do this
on your own, always call an assist and then TK the 'nade, it helps to zone that way.
Try not to use this too much, and I personally wouldn't use it at all on another
Cable, unless of course he doesn't have a meter, but..who puts Cable in when he
hasn't got at least one bar?

Mix it up!:
A lot of people look at the tip above and think that the same thing might work,
over and over, but remember, that better players adapt much faster then the
newbies, so if one thing works once, don't automaticly assume it'll work again,
You can try it, but remember the risk involved, always think of this game (And
anything else in life) as a chess game. Think to yourself "Is this a fatal move
if I screw up?" But if you don't care, by all means go for it, also...Try and
change your assists every once and a while, because if you keep the same
assists over and over, smart players will only find a way around it quicker and
easier then the fight before if they try to.

Run away when needed: Okay, maybe Cable can't run away like Storm can or
anything, but never the less, it's the same thing, do this a lot from Magneto,
call assists to cover you while you move about, always stay mobile, that's the
meaning of run away, wavedash, jump, super jump, use grenades to try and zone
when you can and think it's safe, everything to get away and make space.

And here is the largest tip I can give you, and probably the most important...
USE YOUR ASSISTS!!! ALWAYS have Assist to cover your weak spots, if not, you're
team will lose to characters that are strong on the side that your character is
weak to, remember, almost ALWAYS pack an anti air assist with you, for Cable
it's damn near second nature to have one, and Cable can be destroyed under most
conditions without a firm anti air.

This is it for this, I’ll add more as I figure it out.

Strategy and Recommended teams

Alright, this will be the meat of the FAQ, since this is something Cable users
need most, now, I’m not Duc Do (Winner of B4) but I know plenty about Cable,
and what Cable’s hardest fights are so we’ll start with standard strategy, Most
Cable users are pretty stereotypical, they call assist, jump back, do his
jumping F.punch and cancel into a Viper Beam, Jab or Fierce, it all depends who
you’re going against, the key here to play as Cable effectively is to know your
opponent, or at least his characters, know how fast his dash is, attack speed
and everything you can, don’t worry about his combos, just remember with Cable
you can’t take unnecessary risks, they can get you killed easily against the
top tiers (Top tiers are considered the best characters in the game, and yes,
Cable is one of them, in fact, he’s one of the top 4.) One thing that Cable
cannot take well is rush down (Characters to dash or jump in and do a barrage
of attacks for a combo and can continue to under most circumstances.) But
luckily, Cable has something for that…the proper assists, which I will get into
in this part, but not now, first I’ll begin with the Vs chart of characters and
then onto his main partners. (Just hold down ctrl and hit F and type in the
character you’re having a hard time with, and if you put Ryu in there, I pity

------Vs characters-----

Magneto - Oh boy…if you’ve seen his air combos multiple Magnetic Tempests, his
dash and air dash, there is no reason he shouldn’t be someone you fear, Magneto
is best pixie in the game, hands down, and easily the most dangerous one too,
All Cable users should fear and be aware of Magneto for fights against these
guys, I recommend an extremely good Anti Air assist and use it every time he
comes to you, personally I’d recommend Cyclops, Captain Commando or Black
Heart, maybe even Psylocke, though above all I’d go with Cyclops, he has one of
the best Anti Air assists for Cable in the entire game in my opinion, but other
then that A lot of Magneto users Tri-jump (Where you do a super jump but before
you can actually bring both active character out of screen cancel it with a air
dash down/forward towards the opponent.) So I usually try and play a act/react
game, if he tri-jumps over and over, it can get predictable, so just jump
backwards, but do NOT let yourself get cornered, but if he does it, most
Magneto’s use their Roundhouse in the Tri-jump attack, so either jump back,
wait for him to do it and BLAST him away with a Hyper Viper beam, or Push block
to knock him back and get some space, or call an assist like Cyclops. And hope
he screws up bad enough you can nail him with a Hyper Viper Beam x3.

Storm - Now this girl is ranked best character in the entire game thanks to all
she can do, so be afraid of them because they can rush you down too, and they
can run away, so make sure that you do not allow her to get the upper hand or
else she can just run away, being she can ‘float’ to the ground slowly and air
dash back up, float down, then Lightning attack back up even above higher then
the screen, so that means if she’s that high, even Anti airs like Black Heart
and Captain commando can’t reach her! This is a hard fight for Cable, without a
doubt, you’re best chance of winning will be an anti air to take out her Rush
down, and if she’s a battery storm (One that just earns a meter for the
character second in line, and I’ll tell you now, you won’t see too many
nowadays with Storms ultimate rush down.) But in any case, Storm CAN get a
meter going high (She can do at least 14 fierce punches each time she super
jumps, Air dashes up and then lightning attacks up.)  So make sure that you
come prepared, because two of her lightning storm combos usually can kill you,
good thing is, paired with the right assist, she’ll have a hard time getting
close to you in order to get those lightning storm combos off, and like
Magneto, she too has a tri-jump (She’s second fastest character in the game, I
believe.) So treat her like a little less dangerous, but much more versatile
Magneto and try to keep her pinned down with assist calls and Viper beams, and
when you can, zap her with a Hyper Viper. The good thing about pixies, they
never take damage well, so a few Hyper Vipers will kill them easily, but
believe me, they’re still something to fear.

Sentinel - Sentinel, in my opinion is tied with Storm for first place in the
game after I saw what his Flight canceling allows him to do. In flight you can
call assist in air, Sentinel also has fastest flight in the game (It’s a little
bit, if not, as fast as his dash, and his dash is not slow for a big guy.) Not
only that but he takes 75% damage, meaning he can eat a few Hyper Viper beams
and still be okay, but there’s one thing I found about him…He needs assists,
always, so just bait his assists out as much as you can and blast them away, if
you take away his assists, fighting a skilled Cable user while he is using
assists properly will make it EXTREMELY hard to win, but beware, even without
assists Sentinel can still put up a decent fight, now…if you have Storm or
Magneto on your team, just take Cable out and them in, since without assists,
Sentinel gets raped by those two every time from what I’ve seen.

Cable - This is by far the worst match I’ve ever played, because it’s so slow,
because you’re both doing the same thing, I can’t say much since you’re playing
yourself, it depends how they play, but overall, I’d recommend getting a good
chipping assist, and be afraid, do not throw assists out at random, because
they’ll only get picked off by Cable’s Air Hyper Viper beam, unless of course,
you’re going against a scrub Cable, then bait him to doing F.punch x4 xx Hyper
Viper beam, and after you hear him say “Hyper!” Do an Air Hyper Viper beam!!

Strider Hiryuu - Oh man...Strider is a top tier for one reason, and one reason
only, his Ouroboros, when paired with Doom, I personally rank him as best
character in the game, because the trap he has with Dr. Doom takes out about
20% life in just chipping, here’s how it works, Strider will call Doom and
Teleport to the other side of you, he may or may not already have activated the
Ouroboros, but in any case, he will, but after the teleport he’ll come from
above since most people block low after that so he’ll land a hit and the rocks
will hit you, giving him enough time to activate the Ouroboros if he hasn’t
already, meaning then you’ve got a 30+ hit combo coming your way if he did and
landed a hit, but if he blocked, it’s alright for him too, since he can just
keep attacking and the orbs of the Ouroboros will hit still, and shoot
projectiles with each attack to add chip damage, and just before the end of the
Ouroboros, he’ll call doom once more to pin you down and then teleport to the
other side, do a small chain combo or throw out a panther at you and cancel
right back into Ouroboros, this is the most deadly trap in the game, good thing
is, that there are so many loop holes in the trap, that if he screws up once,
you can jump out and save yourself, and don’t try push blocking, you’ll only
push Strider away, and Doom into you, So watch out for this trap, to stop
it…well, don’t try to Hyper Viper your say to victory blindly from his
teleports, if you catch him it’s blind luck because I personally don’t think
you can pull it off fast enough just off seeing him teleport, I’d just call out
a good anti air, not like Cyclops but like….JIN! Jin’s Seotome Dynamite works
well to break up this trap, since it offers cross-up protection being it hits
in every angle around Jin, so it can save you somewhat, so I usually wait for a
teleport, call Jin and then jump backwards as Strider comes out of the teleport
and then hyper Viper, because I’ll still be hitting Doom, and take Doom away
from Strider and Strider’s game is weakened severely.

Dr. Doom - Doom can give you some problems, he can cover more ground then you,
has an extremely nice chipping move, can pixie some, basically he’s like a
Storm with much more of a keep away game, not runaway, keep away, and he can do
it better then you usually, since all he has to do is jump up, throw off a pair
of Photon Shots (The pink colors lasers from his hand) and then come down
safely only to repeat it again, and when he feels like cashing in he can do the
photon array super, with can take out anywhere from 5% to 25% in chip damage,
easiest way to take him out would probably be to super jump up with him, if he
tries to do a photon shot…Hyper Viper beam him and teach him a lesson, just
follow him in every move because if you let him get the upper hand, he can find
a way to keep it the entire match and chip you to death, another easy way is
while he jumps up, dash forward to get under him, since the photons won’t hit
you if you’re directly under him.

Spiral - Alright, this girl, is probably Cable’s hardest fight when she’s
played properly, she’s the chip damage nightmare! She can use her swords to
keep you pinned down so easily, and even if you do manage to get a Hyper Viper
beam off, she can teleport, he teleport is INSTANT just like your Hyper Viper,
so if she does it off instinct, you’ll miss, easiest way to beat her here is to
Guard Cancel, Guard canceling is pushing blocking at just the right time so
you’re block will end perfectly and you can punish the normally unpunishable,
that’s the easiest way to break out of her sword trap, but also if she has
sentinel to back up her trap, you’re gonna have a harder time, and only way out
will Super jump and guard canceling, to become great with Cable, I’d strongly
suggest you learn guard canceling, it’s a little tough to learn, but it’s well
worth it when you come against this trap.

Black Heart - This guy can turtle better then you thanks to his roundhouse
demons, but he can get extremely predictable, expect him to abuse the hell out
of those roundhouse demons on Super Jumps, and every time you jump and he’s on
the ground, expect an inferno, and when he decides to do inferno xx Heart of
Darkness, you can block, push block in order to cancel the guard real quick and
Hyper Viper him to hell, so don’t worry, and those demons don’t do chip damage,
but all together, just anticipate your opponent once again and victory is good
as yours.

Cyclops - Ah… good old pops, Cable’s father for those that don’t know. (Cable
is from the future you know.) But old Daddy might have some good things going
for him, but not as much as his son, Expect him to try and chip a lot with the
Mega Optic blast, lucky thing, as usual if you anticipate it, you can take him
out, and even after the move while he’s in recovery you can hit him with an air
hyper viper, but if it’s the scrub Cyclops that abuses the hell out of those
optic bullets (Cyclops’ one button projectile.) He’ll probably keep doing it
over and over in a row, so just do a normal just and do a hyper viper, 9 times
out of 10 he won’t be expecting it and accidentally be in the middle of firing
of a optic bullet and you got him, then just do your typical two extra air
hyper vipers, and then just shake your head and grin at him while he either
walks away, calls you cheap, or whatever, but also beware this, Cyclops DOES
have a better ground game then you, so try not to do hand to hand combat unless
you have to (If you still have a meter, you do not have to do hand to hand,
hell even without a meter you don’t have to.)

Cammy - All right, she’s got the speed, special, combos, look and the anti air,
overall, a good Cammy is hard to find, but once you do, they give you hell, her
Cammy combo is flat out deadly and if she hits you with it, you can basically
kiss Cable good night and tuck him into bed, because he probably won’t be
getting up after that combo, but there’s one thing about Cammy users I’ve
found, they usually ONLY go for that combo, so every time they dash in, push
block, it simply resets their brain to dash or jump in to try and land the
combo, and also, Cammy does little to no chipping so if you can keep her far
away (Which is easier said then done usually.) she’s useless, she has no
projectiles, most she’ll have is an assist, also, don’t treat her like
Wolverine, she’s not as fast, but much more deadly overall thanks to that Cammy
combo of hers. You’re best bet is you try and keep her grounded and at the
other side of the screen.

Guile - Guile is probably one of the best characters despite what people say,
he has a no recovery projectile, tons of priority, a good damage-to-hit ratio,
and an excellent anti air. Not to mention he has some hard hitting, easy to
learn combos, but he’s a charge character, so he has to wait, not to mention he
can’t exactly run with Cable’s keep away game thanks to he has to charge to do
a Sonic boom, though if you do get launched into an air combo, expect one of
two things: The cross-fire assault on the end of it or a backbreaker, but no
matter what, just keep hitting the buttons to tech a throw, since you can’t
break up his super, but you can stop the throw, also, if you block a Sonic
Hurricane, PUSH BLOCK!!! It’ll push him away and you can just Hyper Viper him
and call it a day.

Charlie - Charlie’s simple, treat him like you would Guile, he’s just like him,
only slower with I believe somewhat more priority, also, if he does a Sonic
break and you have Doom on Anti Air (Which you should always have Doom on if
you have him on your team.) because Doom’s rocks will nullify all the Sonic
booms he throws out, as for the Summersault justice, just block and push block
on the second hit so he’ll miss the third and you can Hyper Viper him three
times easier, and since it’ll be easier, you can get more hits, and more hits =
more damage.

Iron man - This guy…can be a REAL pain if you get caught in his extremely easy
to do, easy to hit infinite, so be careful of jumping because you might get hit
with it, but other then that, Iron man shouldn’t be too much of a problem, he
does rank as a semi-top-tier, but never the less shouldn’t be hard to beat,
Unibeams are easily jumped over and countered with a Hyper Viper, or normal
Viper beam, Photon Cannon has a slow start up and a lot of recovery, so feel
free to Hyper Viper him in between either start up or recovery. Smart bombs can
be a problem how ever if used correctly since if he calls an assist and drops
them out, they’ll hit above Cable where the beam can not reach to nullify them,
so make sure you don’t let that happen, you could waste a Hyper combo on this

BB Hood - Hah, BB Hood is cool as hell, but overall, she can’t touch Cable that
well, being the second you see the start up screen to her Super you can just
Air Hyper Viper, though she can confuse you a little with her double jump in a
super jump, so beware of that and don’t do any fierce punch Psimitars or you
could be in trouble.  But other then that, BB Hood can’t exactly play too well
since they both can do nice Keep away, make sure of this, her Cruel hunting
Super is almost unrivaled in Chipping damage, so make sure that you don’t get
hit but it if Cable just so happens to be close to death.

Omega Red - THIS GUY can rival Cable in keep away when played correctly, thanks
to his coils and his under ground attack that he can make hit all the way to
the other side of the screen (I think it only hits low too!) but his Super
combos, if it’s a beginner you have nothing to worry about, he can’t do
anything to you, but just like Cable, if he whiffs out an Omega destroyer, he
has a lot of start up time, so feel free to go blastin’ with the 1980---wait
wrong song, but anyway, feel free to blast him away with a Hyper Viper beam,
even the ground version will beat him out I believe.

Wolverine (Adamantium) - Wolvie was my second favorite X-men character (Gambit
being my first, gotta love the Ragin’ Cajun.) but lets see here, Wolverine is
viewed as a ‘scrub pixie’ meaning a lot of beginners play as him because of how
combo-friendly he is, he’s like Eddy of off Tekken he has so many combos, and
one hit, even a beginner can usually find a way to hit you with a Berserker
Barrage X or even Fatal claw, good thing is, no projectiles, no air dash and he
takes damage so bad, it’s among the worst of the game he takes 128 I believe,
meaning usually 2 Air Hyper Viper beams will usually render him useless.

Wolverine (Bone claws) - This’ll be short and sweet, treat him like the above
Wolvie, just this one’s just a little faster and has a little more range
because his claws are longer, and he’s also even more button masher friendly,
but he’s missing two supers so that can cut down on some of his game, but
beware, he still has Berserker Barrage X.

Sakura - Sakura did give me some trouble when I was learning Cable, but now
she’s nothing to me, some people complain about her uppercut going through
beams and such, but I don’t find it anything anymore, because we usually to the
beams quick enough it slows her down so much she ends the move before she even
gets to me now and the beam just knocks her right back on her, though I’ve yet
to play a truly good Sakura player, my guess is just treat her like a move
comboable Ryu, and also, Ryu flat out sucks so don’t worry, this fight won’t be
hard unless you’re new with Cable.

Sabretooth - This guy was good back in X-men Vs Street fighter, but now he’s
been down sized a lot, but never the less, when played correctly, he can do a
good job at beating Cable down, He has tons of priority and strength, and also,
for all that strength he has, he’s pretty damn quick too, also takes damage
pretty nicely too, but over all, he can’t get close to a good Cable, just Viper
beam to keep him down with assists, if he does jump do a Psimitar to bring him
back to earth, and if you miss, just dash forward a few times to get out of his
range and go back to keep away, but in an up close game, I believe he has Cable
in his pocket, not sure being I’ve yet to see a truly good Sabretooth in Marvel
Vs Capcom 2.

Shuma-Gorath - This green multi-armed freak can be a little of a problem, SOME
TIMES, if he can get you pinned with an assist and manage to catch you in Chaos
dimension, it’ll take out plenty of your life, but after it mash the buttons,
it will make Cable get up quicker so you’ll avoid an OTG from him after the
move, but other then that, treat him like you would…I don’t know, treat him
like you would a lower level ranking tier that has no projectiles!! Yeah!

Spider-man - Spidey has you in combos, hands down, he is probably the air combo
king (While excluding Magneto and Storm.) Good thing, he takes damage like a
baby as expected, and his hyper combos actually suck and leave him open,
whenever he clings to a wall, block, he’s probably doing a Maximum Spider, and
if he jumps back and the screen doesn’t go with him, block, it’s the Ultimate
Web throw, and as for the Crawler Assault, it’s really somewhat hard to see
coming, most I can say is push block the second to last hit and then Hyper
Viper him.

Venom - This guy can be cheap, expect a lot of Venom fangs, a lot of them, also
if he does it to you in the corner you’ll probably have to either push block or
block high-to-low since it hits high and low (It did in the first one, so I
should think it still does.) and to beat him, it’s not too hard, but to screw
him up, throw out electraps every once and a while for if he tries a Venom web,
but overall, this fight’s in your favor unless you happen to screw up real bad.

Ryu - Ryu…. is a complete waste of a character, in all video games in my
opinion, in this game he’s the worst, I don’t even know why Ryu players exist
anymore, all he has is a fireball for Christ’s sake! But in any case, just
Viper beam him, Psimitar when he jumps, and if he does the Shinkuu Hadoken,
just Hyper Viper beam him to hell, Ryu has and always will suck, also, I’ve
seen some Ryu players try and do long nasty combos, He’s not Magneto, and if
you can zone him down, he’s useless because he can not beat Cable is a keep
away contest under any conditions, And certainly not if you have Dr. Doom’s
Anti Air assist or some other high priority assist with you that does chipping
damage, though make sure you don’t corner him and get close, Ryu has one very
nasty combo that almost rivals Magneto’s tempest combos, but then again, going
up close with Cable usually is unnecessary anyway, also one last thing, he can
probably beat you in air unless you jump before him and can nail him with a
jumping roundhouse.

Ken - Ahhh, now here’s a man who knows what he’s doing, unlike Ryu, this guy
has the Upper cut, which probably the best Anti air in the game, if give Ken
invincibility to everything on the way up, and his Hurricane kick is deadly,
his speed makes him very formidable, so watch out and don’t under estimate him,
not to mention, Ken as an assist has a glitch for his Hurricane kick, and
believe me it hurts if you know what I’m talking about. And also, Ken can beat
you in air no matter what usually thanks to his invincible Shoryuken, and he’s
twice as fast as you, but his speed can be a weakness, and also I’ve found most
people don’t really know how to use him effectively since most people simply
use him for his anti air or hurricane glitch assists.

Akuma - Akuma’s pretty good as a character, has the same glitch as Ken’s
Hurricane kick and also has an invincible Anti air, thing that separates him,
how bad Akuma takes damage, treat him like Ryu, only with a mixture to Ken to
him and make sure you watch out for his level 3 super it’s hard to connect, but
can if you underestimate him.

Warmachine - Plain and simple, handle him like you would Iron man, just don’t
get caught in his infinite.

Morrigan - Sorry Morrigan players but, Morrigan is sexy and all but she just
doesn’t have what it takes to top Cable, everyone, just use Cable, and abuse
Morrigan with Viper beams, Hyper Viper beams and alike, treat her like a Ryu
with a little more speed and a bit more combo ability, and also much, much,
much more sex appeal. =)

Tron Bonne - Tron is no joke, and is actually a very good character, a little
wacky, but that’s a good thing, with wacky you get unpredictability, she’s good
none the less, be careful for some of her moves, I haven’t gone against a good
Tron yet, so I can’t say too much, but as playing her I can tell you this, her
specials are easy to see coming, meaning they’re easy to counter, jump over,
whatever fits, just make sure you don’t get caught in her lunch rush, even
blocking that move does a lot of chipping, so when she does it, super jump and
do a fierce viper beam to make yourself hand in the air, or jump high enough to
jump out of it, because even after you hit Tron out of the Lunch rush, the
little Kobun’s keep running until the actual end.

Silver Samurai - This guy uses more of the meter then Cable does! But don’t
worry too much, with each power up, his damage increases, if he uses his fire
power up, HYPER VIPER BEAM HIM, he takes the most damage in the game after that
first time, I think it’s over 140% Meaning you hit him with a Hyper Viper,
you’ll kill him without a doubt. And watch out for his shiriken super, it does
a lot of chipping.

Iceman - Oh boy, this fight will be tough if you dunno what your doing, since
Cable can NOT chip Iceman with any of his moves and his Icebeam is literally,
unrivaled in chip damage, meaning you hit him with a Hyper Viper beam and he
blocks it, you just wasted because he didn’t take a point of damage, to take
out a blocking Iceman you need one of three things; Master the Tiger knee air
hyper viper, brought along Doom on Anti air assist, or third, brought Spiral on
projectile assist. This things can kill Iceman, no problem and no questions ask
since those two assists are best chipping assists in the game next to Iceman’s
Icebeam, and they also chip Iceman, the Tiger knee here’s how it works…let
Iceman do and Icebeam, and since the TK AHVB is so fast, he’ll whip out the
Viper beam before old Bobby Drake can block.

M.Bison/Vega - This guy is underestimated, he has a decent teleport that can
get a little annoying if used over and over, if they do they’re either trying
to wait for you to make a mistake, or help kill time and turtle to win by time
over, what I do I just get to where two of the bodies are, if they’re the real
him or not and do a jab Psimitar, chances are you’ll get him, or jump up half
way in front of every single one and do a Fierce Viper beam and wave the beam
around, not up or down, just mash so it goes all over, you will hit him without
a doubt if you mash fast enough, I’ve also caught him with Electraps since the
arc can actually hit three of them.

Megaman - Ah, little blue boy, the Blue bomber seems to be somewhat a problem
for Cable under some conditions, being your standing F.punch will go right over
his head, that that’s okay, because most Megaman played have an obsession with
the Mega Buster and try to fill the screen with buster caps, counter this by
just blocking, most of them will try and stay grounded in fear of you guard
breaking them, so just let them keep firing away, those things do no chipping
damage, so this is what you do, let him get used to throwing them out and do
what you would to an optic bullet abusing Cyclops, do a quick hop and about
half way up do a Hyper Viper, 9 times outta ten here too you’ll catch him with
in the middle of firing a buster cap, some Megaman players do other things,
such as jumping and firing the mega buster as they come down so the cap fires
off just an inch from the ground so they literally recover as fast as a Tiger
knee Hyper Viper. Those ones can be somewhat a problem, that’s why if I know
I’m fighting one, I pack Black heart’s anti air, because it hits twice when
they’re in air, so they’ll probably hit the ground before they can fire it off
and you can chip away with a viper beam.

Anakaris - This old mummy takes damage badly, has a slow jump, an arsenal of
extremely wacky moves, and one of the worst supers in the entire game, so what
should you do when coming against him? Fear for your very life! Because with
all those wacky moves, he gains a hell of a lot of unpredictability, and with
how confusing even his regular moves are, and not to mention with how bad his
jumping speed and damage setting is, you’ll only see experts playing as him
against a Top Tier such as Cable, also when he jumps, block low until he gets
close enough to try and jump in, since his roundhouse actually makes his feet
come OUT of the ground to hit you, but overall, make sure that you keep him
from a far and stay at the OTHER side of the screen thanks to his mummy wrap
grab move can get you from afar, and make sure you don’t fall to his little
voodoo worship move, but other then that, whenever you get the chance, just try
and Hyper Viper beam him, it also helps to pack a high priority assist like a
good Anti air or Sentinel’s ground assist.

Gambit - One thing to learn here, Roll ALL the time from this guy, he is the
OTG KING, not to mention if he connects with a F.punch throw he can connect a
Royal Flush if you don’t roll, beware of Gambit, his game is weakened from the
first installment of Marvel Vs Capcom, but he still has all these deadly
OTG’ers, not to mention Gambit is one of the best defensive players in the
game, and the Cajun slash is a hard move to counter sometimes, even with the
air hyper viper unless he does the fierce one, just push block the second and
third hits, you should get more then enough space to connect with your tiger
knee hyper viper.

Captain Commando - A character with a nice ground game, and very decent keep
away game also, but never the less, he does have a decent keep away game, so
don’t rush him down, a good Commando will just knock you back with his array of
helpers, but good thing, he can’t fight you from afar that well, don’t think of
Commando’s keep away as the likes of Doom’s and Cable’s “Don’t get near me!”
Think of it like Sentinel’s “Get close and I’ll knock you back out!” So don’t
worry about it, just make sure you don’t jump, you’ll ear a corridor or a
Captain sword.

Captain America - This guy is very versatile, he can run with the big guys
thanks to his hard hitting attacks, easy to do combos, double jump, also watch
out, when he loses his shield he gains a decent amount of extra speed, but
loses some priority, so watch out, even a Captain America who has no shield can
still fight effectively thanks to that speed increase. But overall, you’ll be
able to win easily if you keep him on the other side of the screen, and as for
the Super Charging Star Hyper combo, don’t try and knock him out of it, you’ll
only slow him down, instead block and wait until close to the end and push
block and do it, it’ll shock some people but I’ve caught him with this and they
expected it to just keep him in there, but you have to know how long the Super
charging star lasts, but other then that, Just treat him like any up close
fighter, keep him pinned with Viper beams and assists and look for openings for
hyper Viper beams, he only has one projectile, and it’s slow so nothing to

Hayato - Hayato, he’s got the look, and a decent anti air, actually it’s above
decent, and a ‘hyper combo-less’ hyper combo move, meaning if he gets that
super off he can use as many supers as he wants during that time, good thing
Hayato isn’t the best defensive character in the game, in fact he sucks
defensively, so if you can keep him pinned, like most other characters, he’s in
your pocket, beware though, if he does get his hyper combo-less hyper combo on
you, most Hayato players put on as much pressure as possible, so I’d recommend
pulling out all the stops, even hyper viper beam him, even if he blocks it so
his meter time will go out.

Jill Valentine - Jill can be played two ways I’ve seen, the in your face style,
using her speed a very easily combos and easy to connect hyper elbow hyper
combo, or played at a somewhat keep away character, using her zombies, dogs and
ravens to come after you, I’ve seen both work nicely, just keep away version
doesn’t on Cable, if it is keep away version of Jill, wait for her to summon a
helper and zap her while she looks behind herself, if it’s a zombie, it’ll be
quicker so you have to recover for her, if she summons an animals like crow or
dog, she’ll actually hop or duck over it, giving you plenty of time to blast
her to hell, the in your face version how ever can be a problem thanks to Cable
not being prone to rush down, so most I can say it pack a good anti air like
Cyclops being Jill has no air dash, that one will work, hell even Wolverine’s
Tornado claw assist will save you against Jill. (Writer note: Jill’s cool and
hot, but she just can’t hang with Cable.)

Servbot/Kobun - This little robot can actually cause you some trouble, being
he’s so short most of your normal moves can’t hit him unless attacking low of
course, can duck under your Viper beam if you don’t arch it down, plus he’s so
little don’t even try hitting him with a Psimitar if he jumps, But he has more
cons then pros, takes damage badly and it left open by most of his moves, if he
does any hyper combo, Hyper Viper, just arch it downward to ht him of course
and occasionally during the Hyper Viper, let go of down so he’ll come off the
ground and you’ll wipe away from of those annoying other Servbots trying to hit

Dan - This guy I didn’t pair with the Shotos, he’s above them in my opinion, he
has a nice anti air, and can earn tons of the meter for the team, but he can’t
run with Cable sadly. (I love Dan, he’s cool and all, but it’s sadly true.)
this guy has a FUNNY projection, the Goudo-ken, if he launches one from afar,
just smile and laugh, it’s what you’re opponent is trying to make you do
anyway, I always take it easy on Dan because he’s so funny, I even tell my
opponent half the time “Hey, gimme an autograph” and take my hands away from
the controller stick and buttons and wait for him to do it, and no, I don’t
blast him when he does it because I enjoy Dan so much, but over all, just relax
and have fun, you’ll usually win under most conditions against Dan, and if he
does his Super taunt hyper combo, LET HIM DO IT! I order you to!

Jin - He’s not really a problem at all, though I’d beware of Super or normal
jumping on this guy as he can do either a Bloodia Vulcan or Seotome Cyclone,
Vulcan can guard break sometimes for some reason, if he does it while you Super
jump, he’ll hit usually no matter what from what I found, and the Cyclone, I’ve
had a hard come blocking that since most do it right above so you don’t know
exactly which way to block and both Hyper combos hurt, he can knock you out of
any jump or dash in with Seotome Dynamite, Seotome Typhoon it a great dash in
stopper, but he can get predictable once again, his moves have a lot of
recovery, so you can push block and punish him, or just block and punish him,
but I’ve found push blocking and doing it grants more hits (If your opponent is
RIGHT in front of the beam it’ll do less hits, and less hits mean less damage)
And if he does a Bloodia punch on you, BLAST his ass before hand, the fist will
still come out, but stop JUST in front of you thanks to it being stuffed by
Cable’s Air Hyper Viper.

Felicia - Ooo, sexy kitty girl, she might have more sex appeal then Morrigan
(She does, anyone says she doesn’t hasn’t seen her then.) and more combos, but
can’t deal too much damage, she does have a nice Sand Splash Hyper combo
however that can cut a few things short, has quick start up, and decent
recovery, but not enough recovery to protect her from a Hyper Viper, plus you
can jump the start up and do a Hyper Viper still, she has no projectiles so
keep her at bay and you got her in your pocket (I’d love to have her in my
pocket for real though…)

Thanos - This guy has a bubble infinite, so I’d suggest learning to mash out of
combos (If you can mash fast enough to can escape Magneto’s Tempests combos!!)
for a big guy this guy has nice speed too. Some VERY powerful Hyper Combos, if
he does a Gauntlet Power Globe Hyper Combo and you have Doom’s anti air with
you, use it and jump back and Hyper Viper, Doom’s rocks will stop the ball from
going forward and so will your beam, plus the beam’ll go through the globe to
Thanos, and if you don’t do this, Doom will get hit, and you won’t hurt Thanos,
and who wants that?

Amingo - This little Mexican jumping bean…cactus thing…whatever! Is no problem,
can be a good assist for you, or your opponents team because he has a defense
up assist like Rouge’s kiss, also a life up move to recover red health, (Though
if you want to recover even more, don’t use Amingo, use Jill.) But on point,
Amingo isn’t a problem at all, just Hyper Viper and chip away, from what I
know, ALL his moves leave him open, his Hyper combos suck, and takes damage a
little above 100% Like always, just Hyper Viper beam him, and if he does his
Hyper combo where the little tulip comes out, jump over it and hit him with the
Time Flip just to embarrass him.

Sonson - Little monkey girl is NO problem, just have Doom with you and I’ve
found there’s NOTHING she can do. Just stay by Doom so if she tried to jump in
(Remember, Dooms anti air isn’t actually an anti air really since he can be hit
out of it.) and so a jab Psimitar if it hits, repeat, if it doesn’t she’ll end
up chipped by the rocks, if she does a Hyper combo, Super jump over her or to
the back of the screen depending if she used the Monkey one or her staff one,
Monkey over her, staff, backwards, Hyper Viper her to hell either way and it’ll
be a VERY short fight.

Zangief - Hm, this guy was a problem in the original MvC, but as most
characters, he was downsized, he has nice stamina, a Hyper combo that can’t be
blocked, but can be seen coming, be careful against him in the corner since he
can hit you with I believe two of his Final Atomic busters, so don’t get
corners, but that won’t be hard, don’t dash in blindly either, you might run
into a spinning lariat canceled into a Hyper lariat, and if he does his hyper
armor move, forget it, just tell him to walk away because he can’t block, so
feel free to just Hyper Viper him to hell because there’s nothing he can do.

Hulk - Another character who was good, now he’s pitiful, Playing against Hulk
is like this, Super jump, since he’ll think that the Gamma Crush is like in the
original MvC, hard to block, but it isn’t anymore, plus it doesn’t do as much
chipping as it once did, so just let yourself fall and the rock Hulk’s holding
onto you as you block, then just wait for him to stop the move as he’s coming
back to the ground and Hyper Viper him three times, as for the Gamma Wave,
Super jump over it, it can not be nullified so don’t try, Gamma crush has nice
comboability, that’s about the only real combo Hulk has is comboing that.

------Recommended teams-----

There I’ll list the teams with Cable I see as the best because Cable NEEDS
proper assists and other characters to help him to victory.  Without assists,
Cable till usually get wiped out without much effort.

Spiral (Projectile), Cable (Anti air), Sentinel (Ground) = A decent team,
Spiral isn’t exactly what she used to be, but a VERY good team against people
that don’t know how to guard cancel, but if you do go against someone who does,
expect them to guard cancel to escape the Sword/drone trap, and for the
newbies, what is that trap? First learn this, Spiral is the CHIPPING queen,
here’s what to do, call sentinel’s drones, Super jump, call her dancing swords
and throw three down, and then jump again, throw the last three, call the
swords, three on the way down and call Sentinel, this should do MAD chipping
and keep them in block stun (Unless they know guard canceling) It even chips
Iceman, and another reason this team is so good is because Spiral is probably
the BEST battery (Character that can get the Hyper Combo meter up quickly, and
she can do this VERY quickly.) Sentinel is only there as an assist really, but
if you can actually play as Sentinel effectively (Though not as effectively
without Captain Commando or Black Heart there.) But there is one bad thing
about this team, you don’t have a strong anti air (Cable’s is decent, but never
the less…)

Spiral (Projectile), Cable (Projectile), Cyclops (Anti air) = This is one of my
favorites, because as I said before, Spiral is probably the games best battery,
and here’s something I’m not sure if you know, you can actually SAFE TAG with
her, This is done by calling the Dancing Swords and shooting out about 3-4
swords (Though I can do all six most of the time because I can mash the punch
button like that. =) But in any case, then tag in Cable, he’d go in faster then
the swords going across the screen, meaning he’ll hit the opponent, and the
swords will come by and keep him in block stun, giving Cable enough time to
come in with 100% life and a level 3-5 hyper combo bar. Another good reason is
Cyclops, Cyclops has…probably one of the BEST Anti Airs in the game, The Gene
Splice goes almost half way across the screen, and has invincibility on the way
out (I’ve knocked Captain America out of charging star, Guile out of
Summersault justice, and Ken out of the Shoryureppa ALL at the same time.) And
every time Cyclops hits you can do 3 air hyper Vipers, or at least one
depending on your timing, if you get it on the first to second hit, you can do
three, if you can’t do that timing, just do a normal jump as the last hit of
the Gene Splice goes off and you got one free Air Hyper Viper.

Storm (Projectile), Cable (Projectile), Psylocke (Anti Air) = This team’s rated
above teams with Spiral, because one reason, Storm is ranked best character in
the game, she can rush down, and with Psylocke there, Storm can land her
Lightning Storm combos much easier, and Psylocke is invincible as well with her
anti air, and also, Storm is a GREAT battery, not Spiral, but good, to be a
good battery, Super jump, hold up to make her hover down and keep hitting
fierce punch, then air dash back up, repeat, then lightning attack upwards,
repeat, I’ve done over 14 fierce punches this way, Not to mention Storm’s Hail
Storm can be DHC’ed during the third Air Hyper Viper with Cable and almost
guarantee death! (Unless you’re playing with the damage setting on one, but
then you just need to hit him one time usually.), Psylocke is there as assist,
plus she can reward Cable with three Air Hyper Vipers, but timing it is harder
then with good ol’ pops (Cyclops)

Magneto (Projectile or Capture), Cable (Projectile), Psylocke (Anti air) =
Another good team, but a weird team, I’m the only one to use this team to my
knowledge, Being most Cable players can’t do Magnus’ long combos, Magneto is
also a good battery, but his tempest combos can take out 40-100% life, but this
team operates just like the above team, only with this team, Magneto isn’t as
good a battery as Storm, so you should rather to rush down, and that’s what
Psylocke’s for!

Sentinel (Ground), Cable (Projectile), Captain Commando or Black Heart (Anti
Air) = Sentinel has an interesting rush down, also interesting keep away, I
don’t use this team well, I do but it’s only in experimental stages, meaning
I’m still learning team dynamics and Sentinel’s combos, so I can’t speak on his
too much, but I will say this, this team is VERY deadly if played right, the
team involves flight canceling, here’s what you do from what I know, do a
crouching roundhouse, if it hit, cancel into rocket punch and then cancel into
HSF (Hyper Sentinel force) And do his semi-infinite, if he blocked it, cancel
into flight, and depending who you’re going against, either cancel flight
quickly, or tap forward and then do a short, roundhouse + Your Anti Air, then
tap forward again, repeat to chip because ALL of Sentinel’s moves to chipping
damage, even his jabs

Strider (Ground I think), Cable (Anti air), Dr Doom (Anti air of course) = An
EXTREMELY deadly team, because with this team, guard canceling isn’t an option
even, because of the Strider/Doom trap, because Doom will be behind him, so
Strider starts off on point, beginning the Strider/Doom trap, Strider can make
about half a meter with each time you do the trap, so if you have five meters,
you got eight traps, and eight is MORE then enough to take out one character
unless you screw up, but this team can be screwed up on one thing, because
Strider needs meter for Ouroborus, and Cable needs a meter too, so just be sure
you don’t get too greedy with Strider, because Strider might die and Cable
might be left without a meter for himself.

Black Heart (Anti Air), Cable (Projectile), Iceman (Projectile) = This is one
team people get mad at me for using, because you can call Iceman while doing
your fierce punchx4, so you can do a lot of chipping on people, plus if they
jump you can call Blackheart or if Iceman’s already out, cancel from the
gunshots into psimitar quickly and it can sometimes stop them, plus Black Heart
is one of the best batteries in the game thanks to his Super Jump demons, and
Iceman takes no chipping, and can deal MAD chipping! So a lot of people can get
mad at you for that team.

This is it for my teams, there’s no doubt much more teams Cable is deadly on,
but these are the ones I, and many others tend to use.

Damage charts

All of these charts are done on Cable, who is a 100% damage taker. There is 143
points within one life bar.

Standing jab    -    4 points

crouching jab    -    4 points

jumping jab    -    4 points

Standing strong (Middle punch)    -    7 points

Crouching strong (Middle punch)    -    7 points

Jumping strong (Middle punch)    -    7 points

Standing fierce    -    12-34 points (If linked for all five hits)

Crouching fierce    -    6-18 points (If hits twice)

Jumping fierce    -    6 points

standing short kick (Light kick)    -    4 points

Crouching short kick (Light kick)    -    4 points

Jumping short kick (Light kick)    -    4 points

Standing forward kick (Middle kick)    -    7 points

Crouching forward kick (Middle kick)    -    7 points

Jumping forward kick (Middle kick)    -    7 points

Standing roundhouse kick    -    13 points

Crouching roundhouse kick    -    13 points

Jumping roundhouse kick    -    13 points

Hop kick    -    13 points

Roundhouse throw    -    16 points

Viper beam    -    15-18 points

Psimitar - 21-24 points

Electrap (Lockdown)    -    12 points

Crackdown    -    4-20 points

Sightage    -    24 points

Hyper Viper beam    -    56 points (Unmashed)

Time Flip    -    30 points

Snapback    -    10 points


Myself - For making this!

Antrez - My friend, and probably second best (Now you are. Haha!) MvC player
that I hang out with normally, you’re great to spar against man.

Mechie - Mech’ You put up a nice challenge sometimes, so you’re good for my
experimental teams, plus you’re also nice human target to get down a lot of my
main combos.

William - You, you are the sorriest Marvel Vs Capcom player I’ve EVER seen!!
But you were around to get beaten and allow me to use my combos against you and
just flat out destroy you and learn some of my mistakes, because if you can
punish me for some moves, then I KNOW it’s a mistake.

Josh - Josh, you go against me the most, well, I make you do it, but it’s fun
to go against you, because you have such a hard time getting around just ONE of
my characters most of the time, you were another great sparring partner.

StraydoG - On gamefaqs board for making me realize my Guard breaking section
was a tad too complicated.

Capcom - For making such a great fighting game that attracts so many players.


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Before anyone emails me again, IM me on one of my AIM SNs and tell me.
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Legal Stuff

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to uhm…that guy who he’s licensed to (I forgot his name, terrible sorry) but
this guide I guess is copyrighted to me I guess...but in any case, you know
what I mean, all characters copy righted to me, but I wrote this…yeah, and if
you actually read this…something’s wrong…

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