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SonSon Part 1/2 by Vegita

Version: 5 | Updated: 07/15/03

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
  SonSon Character FAQ
    Version: 5

Game produced by Capcom
For the Sega Dreamcast, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft X-Box,
   and (of course) Arcades anywhere

Guide Written by:   Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson   (VegitaBOD@aol.com)

I      - Introduction
II     - Character Background
III    - Assists
       A   - Alpha
       B   - Beta
       C   - Gamma
       D   - AAA vs. Everyone Else
IV     - Normal Moves
V      - Special Moves
       A   - Shien-Bu
       B   - Fuusetzu Zan
       C   - Seiten Rengeki
       D   - Ground Crawl
       E   - Wall Climb
       F   - Kingin no Hisago
       G   - Air Dash
       H   - SonSon's Snapback
VI     - Hyper Moves
       A   - Tenchi Tsuukan
       B   - Hyper En'ou
       C   - POW!
VII    - Strategy and Combos
VIII   - Various
       A   - Junk That Don't Fit Nowhere Else, Yo
       B   - Revision History
       C   - Thanks
       D   - No Thanks

For those of you who wish to locate a particular section of this game, simply
search for the header you want (CTRL + F).  If you want to find the Walkthrough
section, then search for 'Walkthrough' until you find section IV.  Or, if you
wish, you can quickly scroll down until you locate it.  It's your call.

Also, if you are looking to write to me about this particular guide, put the
name of the game guide as the Subject of your E-mail; failure to do so will
result in my ignoring your mail (most likely).

Finally...if you are looking for the SonSon vs. [insert character] sections,
those are in separate guides now.  Feel free to check out my "SonSon Part 2"
and "SonSon Part 3" guides for those particular tidbits of information.  Thanks
in advance!

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     --------------------------I: Introduction----------------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

Welcome, folks!  My name is Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, and I'm here today
to give you the most pathetic help for any character in a fighting game since
my Super Butoden 2 FAQs!  I'd give you a background on myself, but that'd take
too long.  So here's my fighting game history!

I've been playing fighting games sparingly in my life.  I was always that poor
schmutz that played as Dhalsim in the old Street Fighter II (the original)
because I figured a guy with that kind of range couldn't possibly lose, right?
Well, after several Street Fighter incarnations, I realized that I had to play
as every character, even the ones that no one liked.  I became rather adept as
a Zangief player, and I could even take quite a few Shotokan players with my
Fei Long skills.  After the multitude of fighting games since, my ability to
master all the characters has dwindled.  I've had to pick my fights (and
fighting games) but even then, there's just too many people to go with.  Thus,
what I've done is I play games, but I randomly pick people, and do what I can
to win.  My view on the whole "Fighting Scene" was "Let 'em play as the same
tried and true characters.  I'll find the better ones."

....unfortunately, there is a very good reason why those "tried and true"
characters get picked so often - it's because they have the tools, the mind-
games, or the sheer damage-capacity that allow them to surpass other
characters.  Some characters are simply safer to use (i.e., Storm), some can
afford to take tons of hits while dealing out a lot by themselves (Sentinel),
some have the mind games working for them (Magneto), and some of 'em simply
have the damage (Cable).  SonSon may lack the sheer damage and can't take a hit
like Sentinel, but she is fairly safe and can work a few mind games.  She has
what it takes to be a really great character, she just lacks certain tools and
panache that makes characters the best.  I look at her as a lesser-calibur
Storm; well rounded in a lot of areas, but not quite dominating enough to be
any greater a character.

She doesn't stink, but she certainly isn't the best.  I'm not going to lie to
you, since that would only make you lose.  Oh well...fine, lose if you want.


First off, let's get one thing straight: Even though I am Vegita, I will try to
write from an un-biased point of view (although I still think I'm the best at
everything).  Second of all, if I catch anyone copying all or part of this FAQ,
ANY part of this FAQ (not counting little, inconsequential sentences like
"First off, let's get one thing straight), I will destroy you.  I will rip you
limb from limb like the excessively weak individual you are, and then I will
sue you for copyright infringement.  Well, ok, maybe I'll just sue you, but if
I got the chance I'd certainly go for the ripping of limbs from other limbs.

Third of all, I do not own the rights to this game, the names of the characters
in this game or FAQ, or have any ownership whatsoever of this game (except for
the disk sitting in my Dreamcast, that is).  Those are the property of their
respective owners.  If I find a website with this FAQ on it, and it has been
changed in any way, does not give me proper credit, or is selling it without my
knowledge and consent, then I WILL have my lawyers contact that site.  Are we
clear (this means YOU, Vertsk8!)?

Hey folks, if you're going to write me about this game, I must insist that you
put, in the subject header of the e-mail, the name of game that you are writing
about.  I am tired of having people write me, asking about games that I've
written for, but they never tell me WHAT game they need help with.  This will
help me in identifying what game you are talking about, and will also help me
weed your e-mails out from the Spam I constantly receive.  If you do not put
the name of the game in the Subject header, then I may not read your e-mail at
all; I get a lot of spam, and people like trying to send me viruses,* so if you
don't do something that will actually help me in determining whether or not
your e-mail is legitimate, you can only blame yourself.

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     ---------------------II:  Character Background-----------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

SonSon came from the somewhat popular arcade and Turbografix 16 games of the
same name from the mid 80s.  SonSon walked from left to right on a series of
platforms, jumping between the levels to avoid enemies and traps or to pick up
items.  It was a fairly menial game, but this was from the same time period
where "Galaga" was popular.  Good for a high-score or two, back when people
cared about points.

In the Ancient Chinese Folklore, there was a "Monkey God" named Son Gokuu (or
Son Okuung, or Son Wukong...I've seen several spellings/pronounciations).
Gokuu was a small monkey boy who, for unknown reasons, had ungodly strength and
speed (as well as a tail and the general look of a monkey).  These qualities,
however, were rivaled by his blatant stupidity and constant hunger.  Gokuu,
through his multiple journeys and adventures, gained several tools to aid him.
Such items were an extending Staff, which came from God himself (but God didn't
know it was taken!), and a flying cloud (Kintoun) that he could ride on.  This
created some odd adventures, up until he ate the giant peach of immortality
that belonged to the god of the underworld, which made this mischievous little
monkey-man quite the pest.  Heck, after that little stunt, it took Buddha
himself to capture him!

Gokuu had a few interesting traits about himself, too, that made him a truly
unique...um, person:
  ~He had the looks of a man, but quite a few features of a monkey, as well
   (for instance: the tail!).
  ~Gokuu's main weakness was his tail (if you grabbed it, he lost all his
   strength), and
  ~If he tried to remedy the situation by cutting it off, it'd only grow back!
  ~Gokuu could pluck hairs off of his head and blow on them, causing them to
   turn into a miniature version of himself (confusing, no?).
  ~Finally, Gokuu would turn into a giant, raging Oozaru (Giant Monkey-thing)
   if he sight the full moon.  Bad news for anyone around him at the time!

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, SonSon is based off of these same
legends.  I think it would have been neat for Capcom to have gotten Akira
Toriyama's permission to use HIS Gokuu, since that Gokuu had WAY better
abilities.  Albiet by doing so, this would easily ruin the concept of "Marvel
vs. Capcom", since there wasn't a Capcom game with Gokuu, nor was there an
appearance in a Marvel comic by Gokuu...  I just believe that if it came down
to the best "take" on the Monkey God legends, Gokuu would win out, THEN SonSon.
At any rate, we have SonSon, taken from the SonSon games, originally based off
of the "Travel to the West" Chinese Folk Tale.  Got it?

There, that's all I know.  I swear.

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     -----------------------III: SonSon's Assists-------------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

Welcome to the assist section, the 3rd thing you have to do in this game (first
you decide which characters you want, then you use whatever button to pick
their color).  The decision you make here can mean the difference between
winning and losing, so choose wisely.

....aw heck, let's be honest: if you pick anything other than SonSon's AAA, then
you're probably very new to the character.  Yeah, her Projectile assist has its
uses, but her AAA has even MORE uses.  BETTER uses.  You don't have to find a
way to use her AAA, while you often have to work her Projectile into the game.
Why work around an assist when you can work with it?


Before I get to each assist, lemme explain how it works - I give the assist
(Alpha, Beta, Gamma), then I go down the list of particulars.  These are:

   Assist Type      - What the game lists the assist as (projectile, anti-air,
                      balance, etc)
   Assist Move      - What the assist actually is.
   Variable Counter - When you use a counter-move, this is what SonSon will do
                      (depending on which assist you pick for her).
   Variable Hyper   - If you perform a THC ("Triple Hyper Combo" or "Team Hyper
                      Combo"), this is the Hyper Move SonSon will perform.

After these, I give a description of what SonSon's assist does, various
properties it might carry, and ways of using it.  Great, let's get to those

                              A   - Alpha Assist

Assist Type:       Heal Type
Assist Move:       Life-Up Peach (special)
Variable Counter:  LP Fuusetsu Zan
Variable Hyper:    Hyper En-ou (Hyper King Monkey)

Description:       As you (should) know, a certain amount of damage you take
                   can be regained by tagging out and waiting for the red
                   portion of your health bar to be replenished.  However,
                   there are other ways to regain life, one such way being
                   SonSon's "Heal" assist.  She hops out, holding a peach
                   for you to grab.  By simply coming in contact with the
                   peach, your character will grab it and restore some of
                   their red health.
Properties:        + (1) Heals Life
                   - (2) If the peach is not grabbed, SonSon is left standing
                         fora VERY long time
                   - (3) Cannot be comboed into (obviously)
                   - (4) Poor Counter
                 +/- (5) Appears directly next to the point character

1 = +              Although it regains a small portion of your red-bar health,
it just doesn't restore that much life.  Thus, if you plan on restoring a
significant amount of health, then you'll have to call SonSon out a LOT.  This
presents 2 problems:
  A)  You have to keep calling her out to regain life, putting her in danger
  B)  You have to protect her, which means you are putting yoruself in harms'

Not very effective, is it?  I'm sorry, but I consider this type of assist to be
the flat-out worst in the game.  If you desperately need life, then get that
character outta there and switch in someone who can give them the time to
regenerate.  Otherwise, don't bother at all.

2 = -              It's bad enough that the assist isn't that effective in what
it does, but if you don't grab the peach, SonSon will be left standing onscreen
for quite a bit of time.  She becomes an easy tagert for any number of attacks,
making whatever health you gained from the peach null and void by how much
she'll LOSE (provided she survives at all, which won't likely happen against
certain characters).

3 = -              Since you can't attack with this assist, you can't very well
combo into it.  However, you already knew that, didn't you?

4 = -              A good ability for a characters' assist is to be an
effective counter, and this one just isn't.  SonSon's Counter-Move, the
Fuusetsu Zan, can be easily countered if it is blocked, and in some
circumstances it can even be retaliated upon if it connects!  This is NOT a
good way to bring in SonSon.  Trust me.

5 = +/-            Probably the only good thing about this assist is the fact
that SonSon appears right next to your point character, meaning if you wait a
split second, you'll regain your health (the peach appears practically on top
of you) and SonSon will be able to exit in a hurry.  Unfortunately, even if
you're standing right on top of her, she can be still harmed by a number of
characters' attacks - Cable can AHVB, Sentinel can HP Mouthbeam xx HSF, Storm
can Typhoon xx Hailstorm, Blackheart can Inferno xx Heart of Darkness, etc.

Usage:             If you absolutely insist on using this assist, make sure
                   you are ready to nab the peach from SonSon's hand in a
                   hurry.  If you don't, then she'll be left waiting for your
                   opponent to dish out an unhealthy helping of pain onto her
                   wittle-bitty head.  Cover her and she shall reward you with
                   peachy goodness.

                   Her Counter Move has her performing a LP Fuusetsu-Zan,
                   which is a fairly lackluster move unto itself.  If you
                   counter an attack, make surethey are in close or else
                   SonSon's gonna be left VERY wide open.  Since this is
                   not easily cancelled into anything beneficiary to a
                   counter situation, you might as well consider her dead
                   if the move is blocked.  Heck, you can even be punished
                   by certain characters if you connect with it!

                   Her THC Super (Hyper En-ou) simply has her growin' up to
                   giant monkey size, then breathing fire (uncontrollably)
                   up and down.  As neat as this looks, it is rather
                   frustrating since it bounces your opponent upwards and
                   can prevent them from taking the full brunt of the other
                   2 Hypers.  For example - War Machine might not hit with
                   as many many missiles from his Hyper Move because SonSon's
                   flame breath sent them too high.  Sucks to be this assist.

Remember to call the assist only when you're sure that you can safely protect
her.  I don't care if your entire bar is red, don't call her out when Cable has
a bar of meter and is close enough to the ground to blast her - the tradeoff is
NOT worth it.

                               B   - Beta Assist

Assist Type:       Projectile
Assist Move:       HP Shien-Bu
Variable Counter:  LP Shien-Bu
Variable Hyper:    Hyper En-ou

Description:       Shien Bu.  SonSon steps out and performs her Shien Bu
projectile.  She holds out her hand and blows three hairs off of it, which
immediately turn into 3 smaller monkeys.  these monkeys chitter annoyingly as
they fly across the screen in a slow, horizontal wave pattern.  For more
information on this assist move, check out the 'Special Move' section of this

Properties:        + (1) Somewhat-slow projectile, good for pressure
Usage:             + (2) Decen aerial coverage (once the monkeys splay out)
                   + (3) It can irritate your opponents with its sounds
                   + (4) Each monkey counts as 1 projectile (you need 3 to stop
                         all of them, in other words)
                   - (5) Too slow (in coming out) to combo into
                   - (6) Too much lag during and after the projectile starts
                   - (7) Low Damage
                   - (8) All 3 monkeys hit at once; thus, there is no pinning
                         or trapping time
                   - (9) Appears next to the point character, putting her in
                         direct danger
                   SonSon's projectile assist is a slow-travelling trio of
                   projectiles.  Let's hear it for this assist, eh?

1 = +             This move is actually fairly decent when it comes to a
pressure game, provided you can cover the little monkey while she's spittin'
out the projectiles.  When compared to other projectile attacks, you have a
slow-moving one that can (eventually) take up a good portion of the ground-
screen's area, pressuring your opponent while you set up another attack.

2 = +

Usage:            If you're facing someone who is running away, then the
pattern of travel will be able to prevent them from jumping quite as
effectively.  You can also use it in conjunction with combos so that it will
come out and act as a buffer, getting your opponents' face while you briefly
recover from larger hits and specials.  Aside from that...well, you're going to
be trying to use this more than you will be ACTUALLY using it.  Bleh.

                              C   - Gamma Assist

Gamma Assist Type:  Anti-Air
Gamma Assist Move:  HP Seiten Rengeki
Variable Counter:   HP Seiten Rengeki
Variable Hyper:     Tenchi Tsuukan

Description:        Seiten Rengeki.  SonSon jumps out and moves in an upward
                    motion with her "Uppercut" attack, the Seiten Rengeki.  She
                    Spins her Bo Staff wildly while chittering away, hitting 3
                    times and carrying her opponent(s) skyward.  What a crazy
                    monkey.  She has great range, priority, and speed.
                    Unfortunately, this does not do "deadweight" dmage, simply
                    allowing your opponent to recover (and block) after the hits.
Properties:         + (1) Very fast start-up
                    + (2) High Priority
                    + (3) Good distance (horizontal and vertical)
                    + (4) Great counter-move
                    + (5) Good range of attack (the bo itself)
                    + (6) Hits multiple opponents and carries them away
                    + (7) Not next to the point character long enough to be
                          in too much danger
                    + (8) Beats out or trades with other high-priority
                    + (9) Is a decent AHVB set-up (one time) and Hailstorms,
                          Armageddons, Hearts of Darkness...
                    + (10) Works as an Iron Man infinite set-up
                    + (11) Can OTG Opponents
                    - (12) Sends them too far/high to easily combo off of
                    - (13) Low Damage
                    - (14) No Invincibility
                    - (15) Vulnerable from below
                    - (16) Opponent recovers before they hit the ground (Unfly)
                    A quick-starting assist that works great as a "back off!"
                    style of assist.  Let's take a closer look at the

1 = +               This move has a VERY fast start-up.  Lemme give you an
example: Magneto rushes in and hits twice with his c.LK, c.LK, calling the
assist out on the first c.LK.  SonSon will successfully connect with her anti-
air immediately, meaning your 2nd c.LK will actually coincide with first hit of
the AAA.  It's quick enough to be chained into, meaning guys like Blackheart or
Storm can combo into Hyper easily by using her as a bridge between their own
combos and the start of their Hyper.  Sentinel can use flight-mode to tag them
with it while attack, adding more damage to a combo or simply enhancing his
stomping attacks by preventing your opponent from running away.  Heck, Cable
can use her to stop rushing opponents, then immediately Superjump and AHVB them
before they can recover (although the timing is a little more precise than,
say, Cyclops' AAA).  Rock on, Monkey-Girl.

2 = +               This attack is a very high-priority move.  Cable and
Cyclops may have a high priority d.HK when in the air, but either of them will
still be beat by SonSon's Anti-Air.  This means she works well against ground-
based opponents that have more priority per attack (Cyclops, Sentinel, etc), as
well as aerial opponents that are trying to jump-in on you.  However, don't
think she's immune to everything - there are moves that WILL stop her, such as
projectiles (smartbombs, photons, etc), certain normals (Blackhearts' HK
demons), and Hypers (Photons again, Demons again, Hailstorms, etc).  Heck,
SonSon's AAA can even pass right through Cable's Grenade (prior to explosion),
making her a somewhat viable way of removing them before they can detonate!

3 = +               SonSon's movement is actually quite effective when
performing her anti-air.  Hopping out, she covers roughly 1/2 the screen
horizontally and 3/5th of the screen vertically.  That's cutting a wide swatch,
allowing your point character some breathing room or the opportunity to stop
your opponent from running away and starting up another tactic (i.e., Storm and
Dhalsim's runaway).  She will usually land behind her opponent, provided they
are not clear at the other side of the screen, so she usually ends us safe from
most forms of retaliation; people like Silver Samurai, Sentinel, Magneto,
Storm, and Gambit can still get her, but they have to be quick and have meter
to do so.

4 = +               Counters can be extremely effecitve of a complete waste of
time in this game.  Thankfully, SonSon's counter is a definite plus.  By
countering her in, you have a high-priority, fast start-up move that can easily
halt whatever attack your opponent was performing (provided it wasn't a
projectile, since you probably won't hit your opponent from that).  What's
better is that if you have 2 bars of meter, you can counter in SonSon and -
provided it connects - chain into her Tenchi Tsuukan hyper, adding even more
damage to the combo.  On your average character (2-bar damage setting), that's
a good 1/3 of their life!  She may not be the greatest, but she's got it when
it counts.

5 = +               As if the range she covers isn't enough, the bo itself
(when being spun) has a good amount of range as well, giving her really good
physical protection and taking up a good portion of the space she flies
through.  This allows her to strike darn-near everything in her flight path,
stopping them with her assist (as long as they aren't using an attack that can
stop her).

6 = +               Have no fear, this move will hit more than just 1 opponent!
Suppose your adversary calls out an assist of their own, and is ill-equipped to
protect the assist (or themselves).  SonSon's assist WILL take both of them,
dealing damage to both and flinging them upward.  Isn't this fun, kiddies?  You
can take out the assist AND the point character with SonSon!

7 = +               Normally, the downfall of a character is their placement on
screen; for some assists, putting them next to the point character is a bad
thing (such as SonSon's projectile assist), while for others their placement on
the edge of the screen can ruin their attack (such as Jill's Dash assist).
SonSon's assist drops her next to the point charcter, which is perfectly fine
for her assist - it's quick enough to get out of danger, and high enough in
priority to halt rushes and in-close attacks.  She lands away from the point
character, which makes her safety even better - she is seperate from the main
character, so your opponent would have to attack one character or other other
rather than both (unless you're Cable, Storm, Juggernaut, or a few other
characters...and even they ahve to take risks just to get both of you).

8 = +               I use the term "high priority" a lot, and it might not mean
much to some of you.  However, when you have a move that is high-enough in
priority to halt other much more effective moves, then you have a winner.  For
example, SonSon's assist will beat Psylocke's Anti-Air assist.  As you may (or
may not) know, Psylocke's assist is extremely useful in the fact that it
carries a lot of priority and drops enemies a la "deadweight" damage.  SonSon's
assist can beat this assist, meaning if your opponent tries to stop you via
Psylocke, they'll find their own assist being carried away instead of their
attack succeeding.

9 = +               Some assists are considered "top tier" because they easily
set up other characters' biggest, best attacks.  SonSon's Anti-Air is no
exception to this rule, as a quick-minded Cable can Superjump after a connected
Assist and immediately HP xx AHVB his opponent(s).  More common uses of assists
include Storm comboing her opponent into her s.HK launcher, calling an assist
to juggle them higher while she flies into a Hailstorm.  Blackheart can call
her out while performing a c.LK, c.LK, then cancel into an Inferno and chain
that into an Armageddon or a Heart of Darkness (depending on your placement to
the corner).  There are other examples; these are just a few.

10 = +              Iron Man is known for 1 main thing - his easy-to-do
infinite that can take out most anyone by itself, and by comboing into his
Proton Cannon (and, if necessary, DHCing into another effective Hyper), you can
even drop Sentinel at full life.  However, the infinite itself isn't that easy
to set-up with just Iron Man, so the use of certain Assists (like Psylocke or
SonSon) is very handy.  If Iron Man manages to catch his opponent with SonSon's
assist and is fairly close to 'em, he can jump after them and perform a j.LK,
j.MP, j.LK, up j.HP to catch them and start up the infinite.  Tsk tsk tsk, you
made one mistake and lost a character from it!  You'd better hope that he isn't
good enough with Iron Man to 100% consistently guardbreak your next characters,
or else that 1 mistake could cost you the match!

11 = +              Something that I've always liked about this assist is its
OTG (off the ground) uses.  Characters that normally have no feasible way of
performing OTGs can how do so with the use of SonSon's AAA, and it only makes
them that much more potent.  As discussed earlier, the assist is a great set-up
for IM's infinite - and you can OTG your opponent for an easy set up by doing
c.LK, c.LK, assist OTGs them, j.LK, LP, LK, u.UP, etc.  Juggernaut can c.LK,
c.LK trip you, have SonSon OTG them, and headcrush most of their life away.
It's a VERY potent tool for characters who otherwise lack the ability, and one
that should be heavily experimented with.

12 = -              Unfortunately for you, SonSon's assist - due to its high
vertical range - will usually send opponents too far for you to easily combo
off of.  There are characters that can still add SonSon's AAA to a combo and
make it work (i.e., Blackheart, Storm, and Cable, among others), but most
people will find themselves unable to capitalize on SonSon's attack.  For
example, if Magneto wants to combo his opponent with SonSon and continue
the combo in the air, he will have to superjump and then immediately
airdash up after them just to hit them before they can recover.  Sorry!

13 = -              I hope you're not planning on using this assist to do
damage, since it really doesn't inflict that much.  Throw it out there to stop
enemies, not to kill them.  It only does 3 points of block/chip damage, so
you're not going to win any battles via blockstun tricks either.

14 = -              The one main thing that sets this assist lower than other
assists (although not many assists, and not by much) is that it lacks an
invincible start-up.  Certain assists have varying amounts of Invincibility to
them, like Cammy's, Ken's, Cyclops, or Akuma's, which allow them to beat out
other attacks and/or assists.  This is not the case with SonSon's AAA, which
(unfortunately) can be beaten by a variety of normals and such.  Yes, it's a
high-priority move an' all, but that doesn't mean it can pass through
projectiles unharmed.

15 = -              Ah, another problem that the little monkey faces - she is
open to attacks from behind and below during her assist.  That is to say, if
you miss with the assist, she is fair game to whatever her opponent wants to do
to her (from below).  Doom could use his Vertical Flame, Blackheart could
punish her with a variety of attacks (Inferno xx any super), and so on.

16 = -              Quite possibly the final nail in the coffin is the lack of
deadweight damage.  When SonSon connects, she carries her opponent upwards, but
they recover once she's finished hitting them (i.e., Unfly Mode)   This means
that they can block any follow-up attacks that aren't quick enough to hit.
Heck, they're free to retaliate once the attacks stop, and if you're the right
person (cough Dr. Doom cough) then you can actually capitalize on this attack.
This can be twice as bad whencharacters like Sentinel, Doom, or Iron Man get
hit by this, since they can then cancel into Flight Mode and then have the
advantage of being able to attack again when cancelling out of Flying.

Usage:              Using this assist is quite simple, really - if you feel
pressured by an enemy's attack or are being rushed too much, throw this out
there to stop them.  If you need a quick attack to stop your opponent from
running away, this could very well do the trick.  Use her assist to counter
moves and halt attacks, but don't think of it as a primary source for offense.
You can combo into her and possibly combo off of her, but you have to know what
to do and when.  Learn to use it effectively and you shall be rewarded for your

   1)  Sentinel, while flying and stomping on his opponent, wants to make sure
       they don't try to run beneath him or jump in front of him.  As such, he
       repeatedly stomps on them while calling SonSon's assist to give a
       diagonal line of offensive-defense, preventing them from moving much
       further in either direction.
   2)  Blackheart lands a lucky c.LK, c.LK.  Reflexively, he calls out SonSon's
       AAA, continuing the combo.  Blackheart then performs a HP Inferno
       cancelled into his Heart of Darkness Hyper, tacking on even MORE damage
       to the unlucky bloke.  This was covered above, however, so I suppose I
       should come up with another example...
   3)  Magneto keeps rushing down Cable, using Psylocke for added hits and
       such.  Cable calls out SonSon, whom outprioritizes Psylocke AND takes
       out Magneto's rushing.  Cable then Superjumps and AHVB's the two,
       followed by a DHC into Storm's Hailstorm.
   4)  Anticipating Storm's Runaway, Silver Samurai calls out SonSon to try and
       stop her from flying upwards.  Sure enough, she tries to make the jump,
       but is forced to block SonSon.  Attempting to use her Lightning Attack
       to continue upwards, Storm is caught off-guard as SilSam uses a Hyper
       Lightning to shock her into submission.
   5)  Juggernaut badly wants to land his headcrush.  He has a bar of meter,
       and is glitched and ready to go.  Therefore, he manages to land a c.LK,
       c.LK while calling out SonSon, OTGs them, and Headcrushes the remainder
       of their life off.  Sweetness!
   6)  3 words - Iron Man's Infinite.  He can set it up with SonSon's AAA
       by following a connected hit, he can perform a c.LK, c.LP while calling
       her out and then perform it, and he can even c.LK, c.LK trip them, OTG
       with SonSon, and THEN start the infinite.  I don't care what anyone says
       about Psylocke or Cable, I think SonSon is his best bet for setting up
       his most potent ways of damaging foes.

                         D   - AAA Versus Everyone Else

Now, just for the sake of completion and to let you know how nice an assist
this is, I'll give you a list of every assist in the game and which ones
SonSon's Anti-Air Assist (AAA) beats.  Hey, it could be helpful.  Oh yeah, and
it's alphabetical (non-specific to Marvel or CapCom), so if you need the list
of people then here it is:

Amingo                   Iceman                  Sentinel
Anakaris                 Iron Man                Shuma-Gorath
Blackheart               Jill Valentine          Silver Samurai
Bulleta (aka B.B. Hood)  Jin Saotome             SonSon
Cable                    Juggernaut              Spiderman
Cammy                    Ken Masters             Spiral
Captain America          Kobun (aka Servbot)     Storm
Captain Commando         Magneto                 Strider Hiryuu
Chun-Li                  Marrow                  Thanos
Colossus                 Morrigan Aensland       Tron Bonne
Cyclops                  Nash (aka Charlie)      Vega (M. Bison)
Dan "The Man" Hibiki     Omega Red               Vemon
Dhalsim                  Psylocke                War Machine
Dr. Doom                 Rockman (aka Mega Man)  Wolverine (Adamantium)
Felicia                  Rogue                   Wolverine (Bone-Claw)
Gambit                   Roll                    Zangief
Gouki (aka Akuma)        Ruby Heart              Mecha Zangief
Guile                    Ryu
Hayato                   Sabertooth
Hulk                     Sakura

And here we go!


Alpha - (Heal):     This assist doesn't attack at all.  Thus, SonSon owns it.
Beta - (Enhance):   Same as Heal.  SonSon eats this assist up.
Gamma - (Balance):  SonSon will destroy the Onion Roll assist about 99% of the
                    time.  If you get the timing down absolutely right,
                    however, Amingo can barely catch SonSon's legs and hit
                    her instead.  Therefore, I say she wins 99% of the time.

Verdict - SonSon's AAA owns Amingo for free.


Alpha - (Ground):   Anakaris' Cobra Blow will get owned by SonSon about 99% of
                    the time.  On very, very rare occasions, the cobra head
                    will trade hits with SonSon - however, the clear majority
                    of the time SonSon will cleanly take him out.  At best, it
                    TRADES hits, which is still bad.
Beta - (Throw):     SonSon, as an assist, cannot be caught in the Miira Drop
                    command throw; as such, she will always beat this assist
                    (unless your point character is caught, in which then
                    SonSon won't attack).
Gamma - (Variety):  If SonSon hits the coffin from beneath as it drops to the
                    ground (and ONLY when it's dropping to the ground), she is
                    stopped cold.  Keeping this in mind, SonSon will usually
                    beat out her rival assist - you has to time it so that she
                    appears far enough away to not hit Anakaris (the coffin
                    stops dropping the moment he is hit), and the coffin has to
                    be on its way down to connect.  SonSon will pass through it
                    if it is on its way up or through its side, leaving her
                    unscathed.  If both characters are at full-screen and they
                    call their assists at exactly the same time, SonSon will
                    still successfully make past the coffin unscathed; however,
                    if Anakaris is the slightest bit earlier, he will stop
                    SonSon.  This won't matter if either player is a few steps
                    closer, however, as SonSon will knock Anakaris out of his
                    coffin-dropping before it has a chance to hit her.

Verdict - Anakaris has to get very lucky to stop SonSon, or be very precise.
Other than those rare, rare instances, SonSon kicks Mummy-boy all the way back
to the Pyramids.


Alpha - (Ground):    SonSon doesn't touch the ground when initially coming out,
                     so you can call her out at full-screen and she won't touch
                     the Dark Thunder on the ground.  In fact, the only times
                     she will touch it are if Blackheart is called out as she
                     is landing, or if Blackheart is already performing his
                     assist and SonSon is called out directly into the electric
                     flow.  If you are just barely out of range, SonSon will
                     tear him up.
Beta - (Anti-Air):   Once again, SonSon seems to be rampantly vicious here.
                     Her AAA is within the Inferno column so shortly that she
                     practically never gets hurt; you have to time it so that
                     she ends up passing through the column as one of the 2
                     waves hits (which is tough timing indeed).
Gamma - (Launcher):  Blackheart can only hit SonSon with this as she is
                     landing.  Heck, she even hits him at full-screen 'cause
                     he sticks his big arms out!

Verdict - Blackheart can sometimes beat SonSon with Ground, but AAA and
Launcher lose through and through.  SonSon wins again.

---Bulleta (aka B.B. Hood)---

Alpha - (Projectile):  If SonSon is close enough to catch Bulleta as she starts
                       the move, then she will hit her; otherwise, the missile
                       will win out.
Beta - (Anti-Air):     If SonSon is hit by the fire, she'll lose out.  Aside
                       from that, she will always win.  If she's close enough
                       to hit Bulleta, then she will hit her without touching
                       the flame.
Gamma - (Variety):     Bulleta's handbag will trade hits with SonSon 50% of the
                       time...but if SonSon is close enough to hit her, then
                       SonSon will win every time.

Verdict - It takes rather particular timing to hit SonSon with Bulleta's
attacks, or stupidity on your part (calling her out so she can fly into a
projectile or flame? WHY?).  I say SonSon wins.


Alpha - (Projectile):  Projectiles are always a little iffy.  If SonSon is not
                       close enough to hit Cable when he is performing his
                       assist, then Cable will hit her; otherwise, it's SonSon
                       all the way.
Beta - (Anti-Air):     This is the assist that most anyone picks when they
                       have Cable on their team, and with good reason.  If at
                       full screen, SonSon will only lose if she is directly in
                       the path of the Psimitar.  When in close, the two are
                       locked 50/50 in winning (they usually trade).  As long
                       as SonSon doesn't touch the Psimitar, she'll win...but
                       Cable's awfully good at getting that thing out there.
Gamma - (Variety):     Ok, now this assist is downright funny.  Cable's Grenade
                       will only catch SonSon if it explodes and SonSon is then
                       called out directly into it; otherwise, she'll hit Cable
                       when he comes out, or even destroy the grenade itself
                       (prior to explosion) with her AAA!

Verdict - As long as you're not calling SonSon out with the intent of getting
hit by Cable's AAA, then she should usually win out here.


Alpha - (Anti-Air):    Pfft...the only way SonSon can hope to hit Cammy's AAA
                       is if she connects while Cammy is falling from the
                       attack, or afterwards when she's standing on the ground.
                       If Cammy still has the blue flame on her leg, she is
                       100% invincible, and cannot be harmed.  Thus, SonSon
                       cannot hope to beat her.
Beta - (Dash):         Here's an interesting little one...as long as SonSon
                       manages to hit Cammy with her staff and only her staff,
                       then she will win.  If she doesn, then Cammy's Cannon
                       Drill will tear through her easily.  It seems to be a
                       50/50 win rate on this one, so I label it a draw.
Gamma - (Expansion):   Another oddity of an assist, yet the favor is still with
                       SonSon.  Provided that Cammy hasn't completed her spin
                       and doesn't have her fist out, then SonSon will always
                       beat her; even then, Cammy has to hit SonSon with the
                       blue flame on her arm, or else she will lose.  That's
                       not exactly the greatest window of opportunity, so this
                       one will almost always end up with SonSon winning.  Just
                       make sure she doesn't get punched and you'll do fine.

Verdict - That's right, SonSon loses, wins, and ties with Cammy, giving her a
50/50 win/loss ratio all around.  Great!  That SUCKS!

---Captain America---

Alpha - (Projectile):  The only way SonSon loses to Cap'Am and his Shield
                       Toss is if she is called out right when the shield would
                       hit her.  She plows throw the Captain (who appears at
                       the edge of the screen, giving him a little safety),
                       and can even hit the shield with her staff itself and
                       knock it away harmlessly.
Beta - (Anti-Air):     The Captain wins if - and only if - he appears close
                       enough to hit SonSon herself, and comes out quick enough
                       to hit her right as she appears.  For some odd reason,
                       he can follow her up (i.e., come out after she does) and
                       STILL get damaged by the staff.  That's right, SonSon
                       hits him from above with the attack!  The best he can
                       hope for is a trading of hits, which just isn't that
Gamma - (Dash):        Actually, Cap'Am will often beat out SonSon's AAA with
                       his Shield Dash attack.  SonSon has to appear at just
                       the right placement so that her staff hits the Captain
                       while remaining out of range from being hit herself.
                       Funny thing is, as often as the Captain trades, you can
                       reflex-call SonSon and she will usually start up just
                       right to connect on the Captain, not just trading but
                       BEATING him.  SonSon wins up close and on the reflex,
                       but the Captain wins everywhere else.  I'd call it a

Verdict - SonSon holds the edge on the first two, and ties against his Dash.
Considering his Dash is far more useful as an anti-rushdown assist (that, and
it's easier to work with than his AAA, despite his requirement of added
protection), that's not too good for SonSon.  She wins...mostly.

---Captain Commando---

Alpha - (Ground):      CapCom's Captain Fire has decent range, and appears
                       behind the point character; however, SonSon is fast
                       enough that she will usually either avoid getting hit
                       by the flame, hit CapCom before he can hit her, or even
                       hit the point character and completely miss the assist
                       entirely!  So while the assist might hit your point
                       character, SonSon is going to win against SOMEONE.
                       Heck, you have to time the attack just to make sure
                       SonSon gets hit by it, meaning that SonSon is going to
                       be safe the vast majority of the time, while CapCom's
                       Ground (shouldn't it be projectile?) loses all over the
Beta - (Anti-Air):     I swear, you're going to love this...SonSon, when close
                       enough to CapCom, actually beats him.  Not trades, not
                       loses...BEATS him.  There is a tiny fraction of time
                       where - if CapCom is called just SLIGHTLY before SonSon
                       - then his Captain Corridor will beat her.  Also, if
                       CapCom is far enough away for SonSon to be unable to
                       hit him, than the Corrodor will usually take her out.
                       However, SonSon actually beats him 9 times out of 10
                       when within striking range.  Don't believe me?  Get a
                       friend and go into training mode and check it out your-
                       selves.  Since SonSon has to be that close, though,
                       and that probably isn't going to happen TOO much, I
                       might as well give the benefit of the doubt and say this
                       is an even trade.
Gamma - (Expansion):   Now here's an oddity - CapCom's Captain Kick beats
                       SonSon's AAA, nearly every time they meet.  The thing
                       is, his flaming foot carries tons of priority, and has
                       enough reach to kick through SonSon's staff so that you
                       have to time it just right so that she AVOIDS his foot
                       just to beat him.  Granted, that's all fine and good if
                       you try to call your assist on reflex, but if you're
                       both just mindlessly calling them out at the same time,
                       expect to see SonSon get the boot.  Literally.

Verdict - SonSon wins over Ground, (roughly) ties with his AAA, and loses to
the Expansion.  Blast it, there's another Draw!


Alpha - (Projectile):  As with any other projectile, SonSon will lose only if
                       she's placed in such a place where she will be hit with
                       the projectile.  Since Chun-Li appears behind the point
                       player, this is rather troublesome for her...but SonSon
                       is fast enough to beat her.  It all comes down to just
                       how close you are to the assist when they start their
                       attack.  If you're point-blank, then SonSon will usually
                       take the cake.  I'd call this a win.
Beta - (Anti-Air):     Another interesting one to rate, with rather surprising
                       results.  If called out at the same time, Chunners will
                       beat SonSon.  If SonSon is there a tad before Chunners,
                       then they will usually trade (although SonSon in the few
                       times someone one, it was always Chun-Li).  If Chun is
                       out before SonSon, then SonSon will mop the floor with
                       her.  Heck, as long as they aren't coming off the ground
                       at the exact same time (or near to it), then SonSon
                       seems to always beat Chun-Li at the AAA game.  Chun-Li
                       seems to carry some sort of freaky SUPER-high priority
                       when she first starts off, but then loses to any AAA
                       that wants to hit her.  Don't ask me; I'll just call it
                       a draw, thank you very much.
Gamma - (Expansion):   Hmm...wellsir, if Chun-Li is in the process of bringing
                       her Leg down, then SonSon will lose to her handily.
                       However, if SonSon can hit her prior to this from ANY
                       angle, she'll beat her...however, timing is a tad stick
                       on this; furthermore, Chunners' expansion assist is an
                       overhead hit, which means you'll have to be careful
                       dealing with her entirely...and SonSon's AAA won't
                       always take her out for you.  Bah...ANOTHER draw!

Verdict - That's right, 2 draws and a win.  One is difficult to hit, but she'll
win (so long as the projectile doesn't get her first), and the other two are a
trade (at BEST) and a strict timing issue.  That's almost 3 draws, man!


Alpha - (Dash):        Colossus not care about little Monkey Girl!  Colossus
                       Dash assist trample her almost always!  She have to hope
                       to hit me in just the right place, at just the right
                       time, or she no win!
Beta - (Anti-Air):     Odd...SonSon beats Colossus' Anti-Air almost as if he
                       wasn't attacking at all!  She beats him on the start-up,
                       she beats him in the air, she beats him at a distance...
                       she even beats him if he follows her up into the air,
                       getting hit from above by the BOTTOM of her staff!  I
                       really didn't expect to see this, but that's what I saw
                       when I did it.  Go try it for yourself.
Gamma - (Launcher):    If the timing and distance are JUST right, then Colossus
                       will trade with SonSon...otherwise, the only way he can
                       possibly beat her is after she's finished her attack
                       arc.  She beats this one handily.

Verdict - Loss, loss, win...man, I never thought I'd see Colossus' Dash Assist
as a more viable assist than his AAA!  Oh well...it's a 2/3 majority win for
SonSon on this one.


Alpha - (Projectile):  The only times loses to Cyclops' Optic Blast assist are
                       when she is called out specifically to be IN the beam
                       when she appears.  Heck, I've seen moments where SonSon
                       jumps out, flies THROUGH the beam, and STILL hits the
                       point character and/or assist.  Now THAT's funny.  Win!
Beta - (Anti-Air):     Blast...ok, at full screen and slight-closer, SonSon
                       will beat Cyclops no matter when they're called (unless
                       Cycs is called out to hit her with the optic bullet).
                       Getting close, SonSon can only trade hits with Cyclops.
                       Anything closer than mid-screen and you're askin' to be
                       punished, as Cyclops' few startup frames of animation
                       are invincible.  Thus, he will ALWAYS beat SonSon at
                       this range.  Bah!
Gamma - (Expansion):   The only time I have EVER seen this assist beat SonSon
                       is when Cyclops somehow came out before she did, landing
                       the 2nd kick of the Cyclone Kickright as she arrived and
                       hitting her low with it.  Aside from that, SonSon will
                       always drop his Expansion Assist like a bad habit.  In
                       fact, if you see someone using this assist, you should
                       correct them of that habit by beating them down.

Verdict - 2 wins and a loss...of course, for anyone well-versed in this game
then the 1 loss doesn't come as a surprise.  Oh well...

---Dan "The Man" Hibiki---

Alpha - (Projectile):  SonSon has to be called out JUST right to be hit by
                       Dan's Gadouken.  As such, he loses up close, he loses at
                       a distance, he losesif he's out there first (usually),
                       he loses if he's NOT out there first...heck, I've seen
                       SonSon appear with the Gadouken right above her head,
                       and she STILL shredded Dan like nobody's business.
Beta - (Anti-Air):     It's all a matter of who gets there first.  If SonSon
                       is out and about by the time Dan arrives, then she'll
                       beat him.  If Dan appears first, then SonSon's going to
                       be punched out, regardless of range.  Normally, I'd rate
                       this as a draw, but Dan - every 4 times he uses a
                       Gouryuken - will flash white, and his assist will be
                       invincible.  As such, it's a draw until the 4th time...
                       and that's when Dan wins.
Gamma - (Variety):     Honestly?  I tried a bunch of times, and I simply could
                       not seem to get Dan to beat SonSon with his autograph
                       assist.  I had to time it just right for him to HIT her
                       with it, and that was only with the throwing part, after
                       SonSon had finished her sweep.  Does she beat him?  Oh
                       most definitely.

Verdict - Blasted Dan...he had to keep SonSon from sweeping him.  Shoot.  Oh
well...2 out of 3 isn't bad, eh?


Alpha - (Projectile):  Good ol' stretchy arms certainly does have one of them
                       thar projectiles for an assist!  It's slow, it has a bit
                       of startup to it...and best of all, SonSon can easily
                       avoid hitting the flame and sock Dhalsim before he can
                       suck the chucker out (sic).  Much like Chun-Li, however,
                       he appears behind the point-man, meaning SonSon has to
                       go a little further to hit him.  However, Dhalsim seems
                       to have a little more start-up to his projectile than
                       Chunners, which means SonSon has a little more time to
                       get 'em.  I'd say SonSon wins this one.
Beta - (Ground):       Ah yes, the Yoga Flame.  Honestly, I don't see much use
                       for this attack when you're playing as Dhalsim, and that
                       isn't even getting to it as an assist!  It has a bit of
                       a start-up to it, which gives SonSon time to come out
                       and blast him away before he can perform the Flame.
                       What's better, however, is that it's a one-hit attack...
                       this means that your point character can block the flame
                       (or even take the hit), and SonSon will be able to plow
                       throw the remaining animation of the Flame and hit Ol'
                       Stretch while he's incapacitated.  I'd say this is a
Gamma - (Anti-Air):    Since Dhalsim's Yoga Blast is aimed upwards, that means
                       you can casually walk up and call in SonSon to sock him.
                       Essentially, the only way SonSon is going to get
                       enscorled is if you intentionally call her out to get
                       hit by the fire.  As long as she isn't hitting flame -
                       which shouldn't be difficult, since it's aimed upwards -
                       then she'll win out.  Just like his Ground Assist, if
                       you jump and block the hit while calling out SonSon,
                       you don't even have to worry about the flames anymore.

Verdict - Win, win, win.  Man...Dhalsim doesn't like SonSon.

---Dr. Doom---

Alpha - (Variety):     What, his grounded Photons?  There's start-up on it,
                       giving SonSon some time to pop out and hit him...and
                       there's quite a bit of lag, allowing her to appear past
                       the Photons and still hit him.  Really, like a lot of
                       Projectiles, you have to put SonSon in a position where
                       she will intentionally get hit by the Photons for her
                       to lose.
Beta - (Anti-Air):     Yeah, right...essentially, each of Dr. Doom's rocks
                       counts as a projectile when they circle him (9 rocks),
                       and as another 9 when they fly out.  Thus, SonSon would
                       have to be able to take out that many projectiles to hit
                       him.  Since she can't really take out 1 projectile
                       (barring special circumstances), that means she loses
                       out here.  Heck, I have trouble just getting her to him
                       him at all!
Gamma - (Projectile):  Ah yes, Doom's Projectile.  As with any other projectile
                       I've listed thus far, you should know the answer - if
                       you want SonSon to lose here, then you have to
                       practically set it up so that she gets hit by the beam.
                       Otherwise, she'll beat him six ways from Sunday.

Verdict - Win, Massive Loss, Win.  Well...problem with this is that you don't
see Dr. Doom using anything BUT his Anti-Air Assist, so it's a bad day for
SonSon.  Don't send her out against someone who has Doom AAA on their team;
you're just askin' for a headache.


Alpha - (Expansion):   Felicia's Expansion is her Delta Kick...and just like
                       Chun-Li, her start-up has a freakish amount of priority
                       to it.  Unlike Chunners, though, SonSon will beat her at
                       any point of the attack as long as it's not the very
                       beginning.  I've seen the occasional trading of hits,
                       but the majority of the time SonSon won out.
Beta - (Ground):       This one seems to be entirely steeped in the range of
                       the assists from each other to determine who will win.
                       If SonSon is at point-blank, then she'll win over (or at
                       least trade with) Felicia's Sandkick, regardless of when
                       she comes out.  Branching a little further out, you'll
                       find that SonSon tends to win only if she's there before
                       Felicia jumps out.  Any further and SonSon might as well
                       forget hitting her, since she's too far to attack while
                       Felicia nearly covers the entire bottom of the screen.
                       This is a tie, most definitely.
Gamma - (Variety):     First off, SonSon can duck this attack entirely, and it
                       doesn't do too much damage on its own.  Furthermore, I
                       couldn't get Felicia's Cat Spike to even hit SonSon...
                       short of waiting until SonSon was done flying, then
                       calling out Felicia to attack.  This is a win, most

Verdict - Win, loss, win. Wellsir, it figures how her best assist (or, more
specifically, the one that is used the most) is the one that beats SonSon.  At
least she nicks the other two!


Alpha - (Projectile):  This is a troublesome assist, and lemme tell ya why:
                       first off, Gambit's HP Kinetic Card has a bit of startup
                       to it.  You'd think that this would allow you to stop
                       him when he's attacking...and you WOULD be right, except
                       for the fact that he appears on the far edge of the
                       screen behind his respective point character. This means
                       that he has some distance between you and himself, so
                       that his startup is actually a bit of a moot point.  So
                       barring that, what do we have?  Well, if Gambit is far
                       enough along in his animation, then it doesn't matter if
                       you hit him or not - his cards will still get you.  This
                       ain't too good for SonSon...sure, she beats him, but you
                       have to get near him, and there's the chance he'll still
                       hit you.  I call it a draw.
Beta - (Expansion):    Gambit's LP Cajun Slash is very, very fast...so fast, in
                       fact, that you might often miss with it when trying to
                       hit SonSon's AAA.  This isn't too good for him...in fact
                       the only times he effectively wins here are when SonSon
                       is placed right where his staff will swing, and appears
                       at the (very minute) moment that he lunges with it.  If
                       he is anywhere else, at any other time, he'll eat an
                       Anti-Air Attack, SonSon-style.
Gamma - (Launcher):    Now this just isn't fair...Gambit's Launcher (c.HP) is
                       fast, yes, but it has pathetic range to it!  What is
                       even worse for the Ragin' Cajun is that his staff seems
                       to carry NO priority here like it does when he's out in
                       front, 'cause SonSon can literally hit his Bo (from full
                       screen) and STILL carry him upwards.  No trading, it's
                       100% SonSon here.

Verdict - The Cajun's best bet is a draw, and even THAT is a little iffy.

---Gouki (aka Akuma)---

Alpha - (Projectile):  Projectiles are funny.  Sure, Gouki is behind whoever is
                       out in front (literally), but his projectile...well, it
                       IS rather slow.  SonSon can't plow through this one, so
                       she has to be close enough to hit 'em.  Thankfully, she
                       is quite good at socking him before the assist comes
                       out.  Chalk up another win!
Beta - (Anti-Air):     Once again, we encounter one of those blasted invincible
                       assists...and SonSon has no way of effectively stopping
                       them.  This is a rather obvious win for Gouki, eh?
Gamma - (Expansion):   Gouki's Expansion (HK Tatsumaki) just doesn't have the
                       priority to overcome SonSon's staff.  Since he's above
                       the ground, that means SonSon has enough time to leave
                       the floor and get her staff a-swingin'.  That's all she
                       needs to halt him, and halt him she does.

Verdict - Win, lose, and win.  Not too shabby, eh?  Problem is...most people
pick Gouki's AAA, due to its invincibility.  I've seen Expansion uses, but not
nearly as much as his Anti-Air.


Alpha - (Anti-Air):    Up close, Guile wins if he's called out first or at the
                       same time as SonSon.  If SonSon is out there first, then
                       her quicker startup allows her to beat him.  Strangely
                       enough, however, is that the further away you get, the
                       better SonSon's chances of beating him.  In fact, at
                       full screen SonSon will ALWAYS beat him (unless you time
                       it just right so that SonSon is no longer attacking when
                       Guile kicks out).  He has the higher-priority startup,
                       but SonSon has the better priority throughout the rest
                       of her move.  Go figure.  I'd say it's a draw.
Beta - (Projectile):   ANOTHER projectile, eh?  Wow...wellsir, the funny thing
                       about Guile's projectile is that - unlike other Street
                       Fighters - his projectile doesn't seem to be as "meaty"
                       as it could be.  That is to say, SonSon's staff may
                       collide with Ryu's or Akuma's Hadoukens and halt her,
                       but she can wave her Bo right through the Sonic Boom and
                       not have any worries about hitting.  The Boom has to hit
                       SonSon directly, which means that SonSon has that much
                       more leeway towards stomping Guile flat.
Gamma - (Variety):     Uh...I don't know why they didn't come up with something
                       better for Guile to work with, since his Variety Assist
                       is another Sonic Boom.  Granted, the counter attack off
                       of this assist is different...but if you want to counter
                       Guile in and have him to a Flash Kick, then pick his AAA
                       and don't bother with this waste of time!

Verdict - 2 wins and a draw.  All right-o, looks like another one chalked up
for our little monkey heroine.


Alpha - (Expansion):   Hayato's Shiden is fast, covers the bottom of the screen
                       in 2 swipes, and...lacks the priority to do much at all.
                       SonSon drops him handily, whether he's already out there
                       or coming out as she is flying up.  Boo-yaka!
Beta - (Anti-Air):     The Guren certainly is...uh...interesting.  He runs out,
                       simply ASKING to be beaten...and then he rises upward,
                       magically gaining the powers of priority to become
                       "He(yato)-Man, Master of the Universe!"  ...ok, maybe
                       not, but he does tend to beat (or trade) with SonSon
                       once he's done a-runnin'.
Gamma - (Balance):     Odd...this is simply his Expansion Assist, yet it's been
                       given a different name.  Gosh, CapCom, let's be lazy!

Verdict - Win, draw, and win.  Oddly redundant, eh?


Alpha - (Ground):      If Hulk can manage to get a rock off of the ground, and
                       SonSon ISN'T close enough to hit him, then Hulk will
                       win.  Barring that, however, she doesn't lose to 'em.
Beta - (Dash):         If SonSon is able to get off of the ground, then it
                       doesn't matter where Hulk is or how far along he is on
                       his Gamma Charge.  However, if he beats her to the punch
                       (ha ha) then he'll take her down.  When they're both
                       called out at the same time, SonSon tends to win, so I
                       give her the call on this one.
Gamma - (Anti-Air):    Once again, Hulk's gotta get his fist into SonSon (i.e.,
                       past her staff) in order to hit her.  Since SonSon is
                       going to be off the ground by the time he's punching,
                       he's not going to be able to get to her, no question
                       about it.

Verdict - Uh huh...that's a 3-and-0 win for the Monkey Gal.


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Iron Man---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Jill Valentine---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Jin Saotome---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Ken Masters---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Kobun (aka Servbot)---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Morrigan Aensland---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Nash (aka Charlie)---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Omega Red---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Rockman (aka Mega Man)---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Ruby Heart---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Hiyakeshita (Dark) Sakura---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Silver Samurai---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Strider Hiryuu---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Tron Bonne---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Vega (M. Bison)---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---War Machine---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Wolverine ("Bonerine" Bone Claw)---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():


Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

---Mecha Zangief---

Alpha - ():
Beta - ():
Gamma - ():

Whew!  Ok, so here's the count total:

SonSon Wins:    13
SonSon Loses:   2
SonSon Trades:  1  (so far)

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     -------------------------IV:  Normal Moves---------------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has a rather simplified style of gameplay.  You have 2
punch buttons and 2 kick buttons, 2 weak attacks and 2 strong attacks.  These
attacks vary in range, speed, priority, damage, and cancelability, which is why
it is very important that you learn what works where and when (and how).  The
simplification comes into play when you take into account previous SF games,
where you had 3 Punch/Kick buttons; to make the game more "user friendly", you
now perform your "MP/MK" attack by hitting LP or LK twice.  Thus, you can only
really use MP/MK in combos.  From a logical standpoint, this would make the
game seem like it has less depth than previous fighting games.  I tend to

....but that is a moot point.  I'm here to talk about SonSon's normal attacks,
those attacks designated by her 2 punches and kicks.  For future reference, you
will see what each button is shortened as (such as "LP", "LK", etc), as well as
any designations as to the move itself =  "c." for crouching, "j." for jumping,
"s." for standing, and so on.

~~~Low/Light Punch (LP)~~~

Standing:   SonSon quickly swings the fore-end of her staff up to about head
            height (her head, silly).  Low damage, low range, quick attack.
            In general, LP/LK moves are used to set opponents up for combos or
            to link into them, not to do damage themselves.
Crouching:  She shoves her staff towards her opponent, practically sliding it
            across the ground.  Quick attack, low range, low damage, good for
            linking into larger attacks.  Does not hit low, sadly, despite its
Jumping:    SonSon swings her staff upward slightly.  Once again, it's a a
            quick move with OK range, low damage, and high speed.  It's what
            you use to link into bigger attacks, folks, that's all.  When used
            in combos where you have to place your opponent at a certain
            height, the j.LP will bounce your enemy slightly higher than a LK.
            Good to keep in mind when placing your opponent, eh?

~~~Medium/Mid Punch (MP, or LP x2)~~~

Standing:   SonSon's MP is actually 2 hits twice, which often throws people
            off.  She swings her bo staff swung horizontally, slashing with the
            fore-end before bring the rear half back in front of her for
            another swipe.  This attack hits twice, does decent damage, has
            slightly better priority than the LK, and roughly the same speed.
            You can cancel off of just the first hit of the MP (LP x2),
            allowing you to either go right into a special move, a MK/HP/HK, or
            a hyper move.  Rock on.
Crouching:  SonSon leans over her staff and claws at her opponent, swiping her
            hand down towards the ground.  this has slightly better range than
            her c.LK, but (unlike her standing version) only hits once.  Better
            damage, as well, with no noticable change in attack speed.
Jumping:    SonSon swings the rear end of her staff around at her opponent,
            clubbing them downward from an ovehead arch.  Better range and
            damage than the j.LP, same speed.  That's about all.

~~~Hard/Heavy/High Punch (HP)~~~

Standing:   SonSon spins, bringing her staff overhead and slamming it into the
            ground in front of her.  As the staff travels, it extends slightly,
            growing longer and widening at the end for enhanced damage.
            SonSon's s.HP lacks the speed of her LP moves, but it makes up for
            it in damage and range.  This move will hit from roughly 1/3 a
            screen away, and outprioritizes many other moves due to the nature
            of the attack (it is SonSon's staff, rather than SonSon herself,
            that is doing the hitting).  Plus, it is highly cancellable (it
            will cancel into any of SonSon's specials and supers, although they
            might not come out fast enough to connect nor have enough range on
            their own), making a worthwhile attack.  Finally, since SonSon is
            bashing the ground (as well as her opponent), this attack can also
            OTG opponents.  Granted, it doesn't have the range or priority of
            her f.HP, but it's quicker and thusly can be easily comboed into
            (and off of).
Crouching:  SonSon takes her staff and quickly arcs it across the ground,
            sweeping her opponent(s) off of their feet.  While a nice knockdown
            move, with decent range and speed to it, the move has just enough
            lag to prevent SonSon from performing her own OTG combos (unlike
            Storm, Magneto, Dhalsim, and Bulleta, among others).  However, you
            CAN give the slightest pause, then cancel into a Seiten Rengeki to
            OTG them, making this move worthwhile after all.  Failing that, you
            can always cancel into a LP Shien-Bu to get some projectiles on-
Jumping:    SonSon has one of the highest-priority j.HP's in the game, there's
            no doubt about it.  While in air, she puts her body completely
            horizontal and holds her staff out in front of her, twirling it
            from the center (thus making it appear as a large circle).  Since
            SonSon is distancing herself from the staff itself, she is rather
            safe from attacks in front of her; however, she is vulnerable from
            below, behind, or above.  This j.HP hits 3 times, actually, and
            despite its tendancy to reduce damage in combos by adding extra
            hits, it DOES eat through Super Armor.  1 j.HP will cleanly stop
            Sentinel, Juggernaut, Silver Samurai (powered up), or Zangief as
            if they didn't have any armor to begin with.  As long as SonSon is
            not in danger of getting hit, then her j.HP will win, always.
            ...ok, it won't beat, like, a Projectile (some she does, some she
            does not), but when it comes to normals and some specials, she's
            quite good at dropping them.
Variation:  Towards + HP = Pole Smash.  SonSon flings one end of the staff at
            her opponent, briefly making the staff extend, for a quick smash.
            This attack has loads of priority, decent range (you can hit from
            1/2 a screen away!), and is even cancellable.  If you hit close
            enough to cancel into a Seiten Rengeki, do so; if too far, then go
            for a Shien-Bu for pressure.  Heck, as if this wasn't bad enough,
            you can the move can even OTG (although, oddly enough, it doesn't
            hit low and thus can be blocked high).  Due to the very short lag
            on the move, SonSon is relatively safe from punishment when using
            this attack; thus, you have a very fast, very poweful poke that can
            very well lead into more damage via a Special xx Hyper xx DHC into
            something else painful.  It is, in my opinion, her #1 move for its
            usefulness and near-unpunishable nature.
Variation:  Down-Forward + HP = Pole Launcher.  SonSon has 2 launchers in this
            game, her d.HK and her Down-Towards + HP launcher.  This Launcher
            comes out a tad quicker than her HK one, and has less lag to it;
            for this, it's usually what you want to use when you rush your
            opponent with the intent of trying to simply launch them.  Its
            range is better than SonSon's c.LK or c.LP, so you wouldn't want
            to have to go that much further just to link into a launcher; thus,
            this move has its uses.  However, if your opponent has Super Armor,
            you have to combo into the launcher, and in those situations this
            is not the launcher of choice.  You'll notice that this is the
            last animation of SonSon's MK (LK x2), where she swings her pole
            upwards in front of her.  One final note about this launcher - you
            can NOT combo into it.  If you are the the throes of attacking and
            hold df.HP, SonSon will either sweep her opponent or perform a Pole
            Smash, rather than the launcher itself.  Certain characters have
            variation launchers like this, such as those that require 2 hits
            to launch (Cable, Spiderman, Cyclops, Jin, etc), and the same holds
            true for SonSon.  If you want to launch in a combo, go for her c.HK

Special Note:
   I don't know about you, but sometimes I'll find myself wanting to dash in
and launch my opponent, perform a Pole Smash, or maybe do something more
mundane like a trip attack.  Since all three of these attacks (save the launch)
revolve around SonSon's HP, you should learn to distinguish one another when
dashing.  If you dash and continue to hold Forward, you'll perform a Pole
Smash; however, if you are wavedashing (dashing, cancelling the dash by
pressing down, then dashing again), you could end up in a sticky spot by not
tripping when you want to.  The combination of Forward and Down movements can
sometimes accidentally yield a Shien-Bu or Seiten Rengeki, or simply a launch
when you want to trip and vice versa.  My suggestion - if you want to wavedash
into a launcher, use the Punch buttons to dash and Down-Towards + HP to launch
(so you don't have any mistakes over the controls), and if you want to trip
then hold Down-Away + HP.  A Pole Smash should just have you holding Towards
and hitting HP when you're ready to attack.  This way, there shouldn't be TOO
such confusion.

~~~Low/Light Kick (LK)~~~

Standing:   SonSon jabs the front end of her staff at a downward angle, making
            an apparent thrust at her opponent's knees (assuming her opponent
            is the same size as her).  Quick, low range, low damage...
            Generally, it's best used in combos, nothing more.
Crouching:  Instead of kicking, clawing, swinging her staff, or anything you
            might consider an ordinary, viable attack, SonSon sticks her tail
            out.  That's right, the monkey's tail is the weapon her.  It comes
            out fast and hits low, but has poor range.  Still, if you want to
            combo your opponent and start the combo hitting low, this is the
            way to go.
Jumping:    SonSon sticks out her fore foot, basically make it rise to her
            approximate head-height (she contorts in air to get her appendage
            up, thus the approximation).  Low damage, low range, but fast and
            pops her opponent up a little bit more forward than the j.LP.  If
            you're trying to juggle someone to a specific height (i.e., in an
            Aerial Rave), then it's good to know which moves put your opponent

~~~Medium/Mid Kick (MK, or LK x2)~~~

Standing:   SonSon, much like her s.MP (LP x2), swings her staff twice in front
            of her.  It is swung vertically, swinging the rear end downward
            followed by an uppercut-style foresmash.  This attack hits twice,
            just like the MP (LP x2) and does the same damage, with slightly
            better priority than the LK and roughly the same speed.  Also,
            you'll note that her df.HP Launcher is the 2nd hit of this
            movement; sadly, though, this doesn't act as a launcher on its own,
            but it - like any of SonSon's other normals - can be cancelled into
            any special or super.  You can cancel off of just the first hit, if
            you wish, allowing for less hits (and more damage) per combo.
Crouching:  Going with the same premise of her c.LK, SonSon's c.MK (LK x2) is
            another kicking attack; this time, SonSon scoots forward a bit and
            kicks higher than before, actually popping her opponent upwards
            slightly.  With the slight pop, you can use it to link into
            SonSon's launcher, a snapback, or whatever you end up following it
            with.  Although it doesn't have much damage behind it, it's useful
            when applied in certain combos.
Jumping:    SonSon swings her rear foot foward, stretching a bit to deliver a
            kick slightly below her midsection (average area when jumping; she
            contorts slightly in air, so it's hard to make the distinction).
            As with her j.LK, her j.MK (LK x2) has a lower hit-box, meaning you
            will hit enemies further beneath you with this than if you used LK
            or MP.  This attack is really only useful in combos, although it is
            crucial to SonSon's Sentinel-only Infinite due to its lower-hitting

~~~Hard/Heavy/High Kick(HK)~~~

Standing:   SonSon plants her staff vertically on the ground, then swings out
            and around it as she kicks her opponent.  Out of all of her
            normals, this has the greatest start-up and lag, and also has a
            deceptively short range to it.  Thus, this is probably not an
            attack you'll want to use in many situations, since SonSon's s.HP
            and f.HP tend to work in the same situations as her s.HK could (and
            in some cases even be more useful than the s.HK).  It has decent
            damage, and CAN be comboed into...however, you'll oft find yourself
            blowing the combo because SonSon didn't swing fast enough to
            connect before they could block.  Avoiding this move is usually the
            best thing you can do.
Crouching:  SonSon's regular ol' launcher, she plants her Bo Staff (much like
            the s.HK), this time swinging herself in front of it to deliver a
            kick upward.  Decent-enough damage and speed, if a little slower to
            start than her df.HP launcher (not by much, but barely); however,
            it also has a little lag to it, enough for SonSon to be pushblocked
            and AHVB'ed before she can protect herself.  This is best preceeded
            by SonSon's c.MK, since it pops them up slightly and turns them
            into an ideal launching target.
Jumping:    SonSon's j.HK is a short-range attack, lacking the priority or
            distance of her aerial HP.  She turns completely in air, spinning
            to bring both legs around and down in front of her.  While a decent
            kick in terms of damage, you'll oft find that its range makes it
            quite useless in real fights; it may yield more damage in combos
            due to damage scaling (HP hits 3 times, adding more hits to the
            count, while HK does the same damage with only 1 hit), but you are
            far more likely to connect with a j.HP than with the j.HK.  Sure,
            it has its uses - you can follow a j.HP with a j.HK, if the timing
            is right - but it's not what you want to use when STARTING a combo.


The main problem with SonSon's throws is that they don't yield situations where
you can use an assist in conjunction to combo your opponent, nor can you follow
them with OTGs or any other subesquent attacks.  Once you've thrown your
opponent, tha really is the end of the damage you're going to do.

HP:         SonSon leaps upon her opponents' head, scratching them twice before
            swatting them to the ground.  It does decent-enough damage, average
            for a throw, but your opponent can only be thrown the same
            direction that you are facing.  That is to say, if your opponent is
            on your left and you are facing right, then the HP throw will only
            "throw" them to the right (they are actually dropped in front of
            you, but not quickly enough for you to OTG them).  With the right
            assist, you can OTG them...but isn't that a little bit much just
            to combo your opponent?
HK:         SonSon's HK throw is slightly more useful in clearing the air and
            distancing your opponent, despite its inability to be followed with
            any attacks (without the use of Assists, that is).  SonSon places
            her opponent on the end of her staff, then causes it to quickly
            lengthen, sending her opponent sprawling over her head to the other
            side of the screen.  Unlike her HP Throw, this is a directable
            attack; in other words, you can throw your opponent left or right
            by holding the appropriate direction and pressing HK.  You can use
            certain assists (i.e., Thanos' Capture) to combo off of this throw,
            allowing a tight situation to turn into some free damage.  However,
            if you blow the throw, that means SonSon AND your assist (Thanos)
            will be in hot water...so it's a risk.  If it works, the rewards
            are great; failure is equally painful.
Air Throw:  SonSon's Air Throw (performed by a f.HP when close in air) is a
            more basic version of her ground HP throw; the difference is that
            SonSon doesn't claw her opponent's head before swatting them down
            to the ground, she simply hops onto their head and socks 'em.  That
            is really it; SonSon doesn't recover quickly enough to OTG after
            the throw (unless an assist is involved), so you're probably only
            going to want to use this to break the flow of a match or to tack
            onto the end of an Aerial Rave to do a little more damage.

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     -------------------------V:  Special Moves---------------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

SonSon's special moves are certainly odd...they mimic other characters' special
moves (Hadoken, Shoryuken, etc), but they certainly don't ACT like those moves.
Anywho, here are the basic analysis' of each move, copied directly from my
previous guide.  Once I have the time to flesh these out even more, I will do
so.  Yay!

                                 A   - Shien Bu

Movement:  DOWN, TOWARDS + Any PUNCH Button.

   All right, let's talk about SonSon's annoying, chittering little monkeys.
In the original story "Journey to the West", Son Gokuu had the ability to pluck
hairs from his own head and blow on them, turning them into duplicates of
himself.  These duplicates were mainly used as decoys, as Gokuu was a
mischevous lout instead of an aggressive one.  In Dragon Ball, Gokuu learned
the ability to move fast enough to leave after images ('One-Pattern'),
illusions that distracted his opponent from his true placement; in Monkey
Magic, there was a more direct lifting (hairs turning into clones).  True-to-
form, SonSon has an attack reflecting this same mystical ability, and it comes
in the form of the Shien-Bu.

   Shien Bu displays SonSon holding her hand forward, blowing 3 hairs off of it
and creating 3 smaller monkeys.  Unlike other interpretations, however, these
simians do not act as illusions or decoys; instead, this trio becomes three
slow-moving projectiles, slowly wavering their way across the screen as they
chirp.  Of the 3 monkeys', one of the flies straight ahead while the other two
curve upward and downward before reversing their courses and travel diagonally
up/down.  Since they all move horizontally at the same speed, this means that
you will eventually have 3 projectiles that gradually cover more and more
vertical distance.  Good for pressure and a little work in keeping your
opponent grounded, although the monkeys are rather small (and, thus, they can
be easily avoided).

   Now, what ends up working for and against you with this projectile?  First
up is its speed, or lack thereof...that is to say, it has a considerable amount
of start-up to it - in the scheme of things of course; this game is notorious
for having very, VERY fast attacks and manuevers, something that makes moves
with this much start-up almost a folly to use.  However, when compared to the
general speed of the game, you'll notice just how slow it is.  Thus, you will
have to find creative ways of getting this attack out in the open when you're
up against characters that can quickly halt slow mistakes (i.e., the God and
Top Tier characters).  it's not too bad a problem if you're playing against Joe
Scrub or characters like most of the SF Cast (save Ken, Ryu, Akuma, Dhalsim,
and Vega), so learn when you can and can NOT use it.

   Another negative to the attack is its low damage; let's face it, this isn't
something you should be using with the intent of damaging your opponent.  It's
slow-moving and covers decent ground, so logically it should be used as a means
for pressuring your opponent.  However, even this can present itself as a
problem, due to the nature of the Monkey's flight itself - if your opponent
gets hit by the group (or halts all 3 with a projectile) at a certain time
during their flight path, he will effectively knock all three down.  Sometimes,
you can use 1 projectile to stop all 3, and sometimes you can't; it's a gamble,
which is never good if you want a consistent special attack to work off of.
One thing to ensure the gamble works more often is that you stick to using her
LP version; there is no damage difference, and the monkey's fly slower across
this screen.  This guarantees you that they'll be there longer, an obstacle
that continues to permeat the screen.

   ...unfortunately, you can only have 1 of these onscreen (3 monkeys, that is)
at any time, so you have to make do with just 1 set of 'em.  If only these had
less lag to 'em, or if you could throw out more than 1 group, it would totally
be worth it.  However, it is what it is and nothing more, so make use of what
you're given.  It's a slow, low-damage attack that can cover some ground and
pressure your opponent.  It has its applications, as I shall now give a few
examples of:

~~SonSon performs a Tiger-Knee motion (Down, Down-Towards, Towards, Up-Towards)
  + LP, performing a LP Shien-Bu just a hair off of the ground.  This allows
  her to throw the attack out barely off of the ground, and - since it was the
  Tiger Knee motion, actually making SonSon superjump immediately performing
  the move - she is then free to airdash backwards, forwards, or attack in some
  other fashion.  This allows her to attack and then still defend herself.
  Combine this with a good projectile assist (like Iron Man, Magneto, Iceman,
  Spiral, or Sentinel Ground) and you can cover yourself, protect the assist
  (to a certain degree), and still get that projectile out for pressure.

~~Superjump high and throw out a LP Shien Bu (preferably when they don't have
  an AAA to stop you, or are currently occupied).  What happens?  Your opponent
  will have to contend with the attack that is above them, meaning they'll have
  to go around it or block it.  In a lot cases, you'll see them simply try to
  dash underneath it; when this happens, be ready for a Pole Smash to stop them

~~Although you're never likely to land it in battle, you can perform a LP Shien
  Bu xx POW!, and the whole thing counts as a 4-hit combo.  Also, for a little
  more safety involved, you can cancel into a Hyper En'ou off of a LP Shien Bu
  for a little more ground coverage.  It's not terribly helpful, but it is

~~Need more ground coverage?  LP Shien-Bu xx Hyper En'ou to prevent rushing, or
  throw a higher-one and then Hyper En'ou to prevent them from jumping over
  you.  Granted, it's hardly foolproof, but it's better than nothin'...

                               B   - Fuusetzu Zan

Movement:  Press any PUNCH Button repeatedly.

                              C   - Seiten Rengeki

Movement:  TOWARDS, DOWN, DOWN-TOWARDS + any PUNCH Button.

-When performed, SonSon rises upwards at an angle, spinning her Nyoi-Bo for
multiple hits.  This is her equivalent to the always wonderful anti-air
Shoryuken, as it has the same movement and same effect.  Hers, however,
generally does not cause as much damage, but certainly jacks up the combo meter
a notch.  This really is SonSon's combo attack.  You can rush in with a quick
punching combo, then lead into this to end it.  The nice thing about this
attack is the fact that it propells your enemy skyward with you, hitting a
multitude of times for some decent damage.  Again, don't overuse this, though,
as this attack will probably be a common threat...if your opponent learns to
avoid it, then you're going to have a few more problems when you land from a
missed attack.

                               D   - Ground Crawl

Movement:  AWAY, DOWN, TOWARDS + Any KICK Button

-When you do this, SonSon will crawl across the ground quickly.  This is good
for dodging projectiles, and it's even better than you might think, since it's
easily cancellable into other, more powerful attacks.  When used, she is
invincible, giving her the ability to avoid certain attacks simply by crawling
through them.  However, she is vulnerable when rising, so it's not foolproof.
Also, the KICK button that you use will dictate how far she crawls, with LK
moving a short distance and HK moving a better distance (around 1/3 of a
screen's distance).

Unfortunately, the move isn't fast enough to be applied in the same manner as
Ken's ground roll...see, Ken can combo his opponent, then quickly roll behind
them and "reset" the combo from the other side.  SonSon moves too slowly for
this style of attack, so you're best just using it for avoiding tactics.

~This attack can NOT be used in the air (obviously).
~This attack CAN be cancelled into.
~This attack CAN cancel into one of SonSon's Supers.  Weird, eh?

                                E   - Wall Climb

Movement:  DOWN, AWAY + Any KICK Button.

-This is a very odd move as well.  SonSon turns and runs in the opposite
direction, then makes a 90 degree turn and runs straight up the wall, then
makes another 90 degree turn and walks across the top of the screen, then makes
ANOTHER 90 degree turn and walks down the other wall, then...ok, she walks back
to her original spot.  While this is entertaining to watch, its usefulness lies
in the fact that if you're fighting one of those irritating beamers or hyper
beamers, this attack will get you out of there in a fix, and place you right
behind them.

The other part of this "attack" is what you do during your walk.  Once you've
reached the top part of the screen, SonSon can do 3 things:
-Continue her walk around the screen,
-Drop and kick at the same time (by pressing a Kick button), or
-Jump down in the direction you hold (by pressing a Punch button).

This attack really messes with your opponent because they don't know what
you're going to do!  Unfortunately, you're VERY open to abuse when you do this,
so don't mess with people TOO much, or else they will just get tired of you and
blast you into space with whatever projectile they might have.

Want to mess your opponent up?  Use this when they superjump away (I'm
thinkin' Storm or Cable, since they are more likely to do that).  Why?  When
you perform the Wall Climb, the screen stays focused on SonSon, regardless of
where her opponent is; thus, when they jump away, they lose track of their own
character, which can fudge their own movements if they aren't prepared for it.

~This attack can NOT be used in the air (it requires walking).
~This attack can NOT be cancelled into.
~This attack CAN be cancelled into a Hyper Move.

                             F   - Kingin no Hisago

Movement:  TOWARDS, DOWN, AWAY + Any PUNCH Button.

-This is a VERY weird "throw".  SonSon opens a bag, and if it connects, the
enemy is sucked into the bag.  SonSon the brings out a giant kettle and roasts
the enemy in the bag!  I don't know if you can qualify this as a throw or just
a special attack, but it's pretty darn funny to watch!  Connecting with it,
though, it difficult, as while it has a fairly good range, this attack - get
this - CAN be blocked.  If you are pulling off a massive combo and your
opponent blocks all of it, then when you use this attack they will also block
IT.  Don't be stupid and use this attack if the other guy blocks it all.

If you want to use this move, then there are two ways you should go about it:

   1)  Combo into it (LP, LK, HP, Kingin no Hisago)
   2)  Use it as an anti-air (i.e., Magneto tries to jump in and ends up
       getting sucked in)

If you manage to catch the Main character with this move, then SonSon is
invincible to any other attacks going on; for example, if you catch Sentinel
while his Dr. Doom AAA assist is called out, Doom's rocks will pass harmlessly
through SonSon.  Rock on!

~This attack can NOT be used in the air.
~This attack CAN be cancelled into.
~This attack can NOT cancel into one of SonSon's Supers.
~This attack can serve as a high-priority Anti-Air.
~This attack ignores Super Armor, sucking in Juggernaut, Zangief, and Sentinel
(among others) without requiring any previous hits.

                                 G   - Air Dash

Movement:  While in the Air, tap TOWARDS or AWAY x 2

-The Usefulness of this move lies in its speed and confusion, by far.  Her air
dash can move her from 1 side of the screen to the other fairly quickly, so you
have extra mobility while airborne.  Also, since the Cloud has its own
independent sprite, you can use the air dash to send the cloud across the
screen, faking your opponent into thinking a projectile is coming at them.
It's harmless, but you can still catch 'em offguard with this little trick.

~This attack can ONLY be used in the air (Duh; it's called the "Air Dash" for a
~This attack can NOT be cancelled into.
~This Air Dash cannot be used in the middle of a combo (much like Magneto or
Blackheart's Dashes)

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     -------------------------VII:  Hyper Moves---------------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

SonSon has 3 Super Moves, which I will go into detail with right now.  I know,
this section is rather sparse, but I plan on going into more detail later on.

                              A   - Tenchi Tsuukan

Movement:  DOWN, TOWARDS + 2 (both) PUNCHES

Coming Soon!

                               B   - Hyper En'ou

Movement:  	DOWN, AWAY + 2 (Both) PUNCHES

Coming Soon!

                                   C   - POW!

Movement:  DOWN, TOWARDS + 2 (Both) KICKS

Coming Soon!

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     ---------------------VIII: Strategy and Combos----------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

Combos are the bread and butter of this game...ok, maybe a characters' ability
to play off of their assists is, but combos are definite key to winning.  The
more damage you can inflict with a character, the better you can take advantage
of each situation that arises.  The trick is to finding what's most effective
with each character towards making those opportunities come up, as well as
knowing what to do when they happen (and, more importantly, how to react when
they don't).  I'll get to the strategies in the next section, but for now,
let's talk about SonSon's ability to combo.

The game itself goes off of a very simplified attacking style - everyone in the
game has set strings of attacks they can use that allow them to inflict
multiple hits without their opponent being able to block (i.e., combinations of
attacks, or "combos").  The majority of characters in MvC2 can perform LP, LP,
HP and have a nice 3-hit combo; likewise, LK, LK, HK works for quite a few, and
varying combinations of crounching and standing are available as well.  Unlike
previous fighting games, where you had to worry about the exact timing and
distance of moves (i.e., learn when to stop tapping c.LK and switch to c.MP),
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 has your regular moves cancelling right into the next move.
This presents a greater ease in combos, although it can present a small problem
when it comes to damage...the more hits you put into a combo, the less damage
each hit does, eventually resulting in every hit doing 1 point of damage, even
high-damage attacks like Sentinel's Rocket Punch.

Here's the Table of Contents for this chapter:

A   - Cancelling
B   - Launchers
C   - Basic Combos
D   - More Advanced
E   - Assisted Combos

                                A   - Cancelling

   Cancelling, for those of you who don't know, is the act of performing the
motion of a move (usually a special move) as your current move is being
performed, thus "halting" the animation of the present move and chaining into
the move you are initiating.  It cancels the animation of the move you are in
and performs the next move with very little delay, giving you a short combo.
MvC2 allows a very high degree of cancelling, so much so that even normal moves
cancel into normal moves without delay.  SonSon can perform a LP, LK, LP, LK,
HP, HK string and have all 6 hits connect faithfully, although the same does
not hold true for others.

   Some characters have to learn how to combine their attacks in unique ways,
however, to ensure the combo works - Sentinel, for example, is too slow to have
LP, LP connect on an opponent, likewise with LP, HP or LK, HK.  Therefore, you
are forced to use a little intuition and find what does work - in his case, LK,
LP works fine, as the LP comes quick-enough after the LK to successfully
connect.  From here, you can cancel into his Rocket Punch and tack on even more
damage, thus making a brutal 3-hit combo that can take off anywhere from 1/5 to
1/3 of their life.  Given the fact that the game isn't relegated to just
cancelling normal moves into normal moves and you have a potent combofest at
your fingertips.

MvC2 has all kinds of cancels and cancellable moves, each vital to each
characters' success:
  ~Normals      (regular attacks)
  ~Specials     (moves that require command movements to perform)
  ~Hypers       (Specials that require at least 1 stock of meter to perform)
  ~Dashes       (Both PUNCHES, or double-tapping forward)
  ~Superjumps   (can be cancelled off of normals)

   In addition, each cancellable action has its own properties and how/when
they can be cancelled.  Normals can cancel into other normals, specials,
Hypers, or Superjumps (although not all normals cancel into each, eventhough
these usually end up being the exceptions to the rules).  Most every special
can cancel into Hypers, but not into other specials or normals; thus, you will
find that most combos will do more damage if you work off of Normals cancelled
into a special (and, in some cases, into a Hyper).  Hypers cannot cancel into
one another, nor can they cancel into Normals, Specials, etc.  They usually end
up being the end of the combo, and are also usually the real damage-givers or
high hit-count providers.

   Dashes and Superjumps are interesting enough, since they can be cancelled
into and off of, although the timing on such moves is often more strict and
their applications not as readily apparant as one would wish.  When a character
dashes, they move a certain distance at a certain speed (most always faster
than normal walking); however, dashes can be cancelled by normals, specials,
hypers, superjumps, and even the simple act as pressing down on the directional
pad.  By halting your movement via this last action (pressing down), you
immediately stop all forward motion and remain where you are, bypassing the
usual lag that accompanies the end of your dashing animation.  Thus, if you
were to dash, tap downward halfway, then dash again, your character could
"Wavedash" their way across the screen; a faster mode of transportation than
walking or jumping, yes?

~~~Superjump Cancels; Friend or Foe?~~~
   Ok, so certain moves automatically cancel into Superjumps (i.e., launchers),
but did you know that - if you have the right timing - you can cancel any
normal into a special move?  It can be rather difficult to do or even find a
use for, but it can be effective enough to...

The shorthand for saying something cancels into another move is the double-x
("xx").  In other words, the statement "HP cancelled into HP Seiten Rengeki"
would be written as HP xx HP Seiten Rengeki.  Got it?  Great.

                                 B   - Launchers

One of the most potent ways of dealing out more damage is via the aerial rave.
An Aerial Rave is a series of attacks that launches your opponent into the air
mid-combo, then continued in the air as you pummel them even more.  In order to
perform an Aerial Rave, you do not even need to combo your opponent (unless
they have super armor, that is), you simply need to perform that characters'
launcher and then jump up after them to attack before they can recover.

Launching your opponent may or may not be a tricky endeavor, depending on your
character.  The launcher itself differs from character to character, although
it can always be accessed by pressing Down-Towards and either HP or HK
(depending one if it is a kick or punch).  Heck, launching your opponent might
not even be the best bet for damage, although it'll still do something.  For
some characters, launching their opponent isn't their primary way of attacking,
but it opens the door to a lot of new attacks and strategies for them to
employ.  Launching your opponent is some guaranteed damage with everyone you
use, even if it isn't the best way to hurt.

Launching with SonSon is, unfortunately, both a blessing and a curse.  She can
do her fair share of damage via an aerial rave, although her most damage stuff
is not through a launched-combo.

~~~Standard Ground Combos (not character-specific)~~~

SonSon has the full 6-string combo, should you choose to use it (or shorten it,
depending on character size, weight, distance from your location, etc):


She can shorten this, if she wants, to quite a few variations, including
crouching positions as well.  However, it is imperitive that you realize the
distance each attack has and how far each hit will push your opponent
backwards.  The reason this is so important is that SonSon's primary launcher -
her crouching HK - has very low range, and therefore cannot be thrown into the
full 6 (if you want it to connect, that is).  That is to say, this does not

LP, LK, LP, LK, HP, c.HK

The only enemy I know of that this will connect on is Abyss, solely because he
is not pushed backwards by your hits.  Everyone else is moved just far enough
that you cannot successfully hit them.  Therefore, you have to find new ways to
launch your opponent.

.....the rest is coming, I swear!

============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================
     ---------------------------VIII: Various-----------------------------
============================== MvC2 - SonSon 1 ================================

If it don't fit anywhere else, this is where you'll find it!  Some of it is
about the game, some of it is about the FAQ itself...and some of it I made up
on the spot.  Go figure, eh?

                          A   - Misc. Junk about SonSon

Ok, here's a mish-mash of information surrounding SonSon, in no particular
order.  If you're looking for the controls for the game, you're not going to
find it here (check another FAQ for that, spud).  However, if there is some
terminology that I use you're not familiar with or shorthand you don't
understand, by all means please e-mail me (VegitaBOD@aol.com, and put the
subject as "MvC2 Help") and I'll do what I can to aid you.

Opening Pose:
  SonSon flies across the screen on her cloud, then back again, where she jumps
off and lands in a fighting pose.  She gives a howl as she flies...I don't
really know why, she just does.

Win Poses:
  #1 - SonSon starts juggling several peaches and a monkey.  The monkey eats
       all the peaches, while being juggled.  The Monkey then lands on SonSon's
       head, knocking her silly.
  #2 - SonSon juggles several peaches, then tosses them all up in the air and
       has them fall into her mouth.
  #3 - SonSon pumps her arms while making funny sounds, then stops and makes a
       funny face.  She does this three times, with 3 different faces.  I guess
       this is a sort of taunt as well, since her taunt is just her pumping
       her arms and making weird (annoying) noises.
  #4 - SonSon puts her Staff on her shoulder, grabs her tail, and grins at
       the camera while saying something in Japanese.  I can't seem to make out
       what the devil she says, though...and frankly, I don't think it matters.

Loss -  She leans back on her staff and tail, scratching her head.

Taunt - SonSon pumps her arms, saying "Yeah Yeah Yeah!"


LP -
LK -
HP -
HK -
Assist 1 -
Assist 2 -

                             B   - Revision History

7-1-00:    FAQ created.
7-3-00:    Updated the Character Background (I HAD my facts straight, I just
           didn't word them correctly).  Also changed the "Giant Peach" hyper
           to "Giant Lunch" (I didn't know it turned them into more than just a
7-12-00:   Updated the "General Notes" section.  Added another combo.
12-8-00:   Reworked some sections of the FAQ, adding side notes and such.
           Added the Combo explanations.  Final version!
12-04-02:  Bahahaha, "Final Version"...that's funny.  2 years later, I finally
           figured out how much this guide sucks and how badly it needs to be
           updated.  Go me.
03-10-03:  Ok, 6 God/Top/Near Tier characters have their strategies done
           (Storm, Cable, Sentinel, Magneto, Spiral, Blackheart), and I've
           started work on Dhalsim and Iron Man's sections.  I've done most
           of the assist section, only having to finish out the "AAA vs..."
           portion and the remainder of the Projectile's Pros/Cons.  Also, I
           still have yet to do the meat-and-potatoes of the guide -- the
           specials, supers, and combos.  Oh well...hey, it's comin' along,
           you HAVE to admit that...
07-14-03:  Ok, so I've been splitting this guide up from my other "strategy-
           only" guides.  I mean...sure, it would be great to have the largest
           single-character FAQ on the web, but it was really, really starting
           to bother me.  This way, you have 3 guides of equal importance - the
           basics (this one), the Top Character strategy (SonSon 2), and SonSon
           versus everyone else (SonSon 3).  All told, it will easily eclipse
           the likes of those SFA3 Dhalsim and Rose guides...but who needs it
           all together, making it more difficult to sort through, when I can
           split up the info into 3 guides and make it much easier to work
                    ...besides, we all know that if I kept 'em together, I'd
                    handily destroy those other guides.  No need to hamper the
                    reader for the sake of holding a record, eh?  Put those you
                    are trying to help first, and those you are trying to
                    impress second!  That is what I believe...for now.

                                 C   - Thanks

~CJayC (CJayC@gamefaqs.com, www.gamefaqs.com) for putting this FAQ up.
~Al Amaloo (www.gamewinners.com) for being such a cool guy, and having a great
~Vertsk8pro@hotmail.com for giving me a heart attack with your childish "I
 stole your FAQ and sold it with my name on it" antics.  Because of that, I now
 do dozens of things to make sure people don't steal my work.  If they do, I
 know exactly what to look for to see if they took MY work or not.
~Uh...I can't exactly thank God for the role he's taken in my life, because
 that would seem like I'm trying to force my religious opinions on someone else
 (which I'm not).  Therefore, I'd like to thank "Murray" for the role he's
 taken in my life (Murray, you know who you are).
~Ben Folds Five.  Why?  'cause when I first wrote this guide, guess what band
 was really big in my life.  Guess whom I listened to during the entire
 duration of writing this guide?  Guess who accompanied me on my trips to and
 from the arcade?  That's right, Ben Folds Five.  I thank them because if they
 hadn't been there, it's doubtful I would have finished this guide.  I should
 also givea mention to Ben Folds, specifically, for his two albums "Rockin' the
 Suburbs" and "Ben Folds Live", since they too kept me company during my
 writing periods.

                                D   - No Thanks

If you write me asking for help with the game, I'll send you a link to my FAQ.
If you ask for specific help, I'll try to aid you.  However, if you ask me
about something that is already covered in the FAQ, I will simply refer you to
the FAQ again.  I wrote the FAQ so that your questions would be answered here,
not so I could repeat that FAQ bit by bit through e-mail for the next few
years.  If you need clarification about something in the FAQ, ask about it -
but don't ask me to repeat anything.

                                    End FAQ

The following are sites that can NOT use my work.  If you see these sites using
ANY of my FAQs, please e-mail me ASAP.  Each of these websites are sites that
have plagiarised myself or others in the past, or simply taken our work(s)
without our prior permission.  Since they do not have enough respect for the
authors (or an ignorance of the law), I am expressly forbidding them from using
my work.  I will not promote such sites that partake in these actions.

   911 Codes                     http://911codes.com
   9 Lives                       http://www.9lives.ru/eng/
   Bean's PlayStation Dimension  http://www.bean.dk/psx/index.htm
   Cheat Code Central            http://www.cheatcc.com
   Cheat Index                   http://cheatindex.com
   Cheat Matrix                  http://cheatmatrix.com
   Cheat Search                  http://cheatsearch.com
   Cheatstop                     http://www.panstudio.com/cheatstop/
   CNET Gamecenter               http://games.netscape.com/Faqs/
   Console Domain                http://www.consoledomain.co.uk
   Dirty Little Helper           http://dlh.net
   Dark Station                  http://www.darkstation.com/
   Dreamland                     http://kirby.pokep.net
   Games Domain                  http://www.gamesdomain.com
   Game Express                  http://www.gameexpress.com
   Games Over                    http://www.gamesover.com/
   Mega Games                    http://www.megagames.com
   Square Haven                  http://www.square-haven.net
   Ultimate System               http://www.flatbedexpress.com
   VideoGaming.net               http://www.videogaming.net/
   Cheats.de                     http://www.cheats.de

(Taken from Jim "Red Phoenix" Chamberlin's FAQ Theft Guide, as well as added

As I stated above, if you want to use one of my guides, I ask that you e-mail
me to gain my permission first.  I like to keep track of which sites use my
work, so I know where to send the updates, and it's a little difficult to keep
you updated if you don't e-mail me.

This Document Copyright Reverend Eric "Vegita" Johnson, 2003

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