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Poses FAQ by EFA682

Updated: 09/08/06

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Poses FAQ
Version 17.5
By EFA682@aol.com

Table of Contents
1. Revision History
2. Legalities
3. Introduction
4. Layout of FAQ
5. Characters and poses
6. Credits
7. Closing Notes
8. Copyright


1. Revision History

Version 1.0 (1/9/03)
-Finished first whole attempt at an FAQ.  I hope this goes well.

Version 2.0 (2/7/03)
-Finished my first FAQ revision. I added the meaning to Gambit's phrase, updated
 Sonson's section, and fixed some typos that I missed.

Version 3.0 (2/27/03)
-Fixed a minor typo.  I also made changes to some taunts of Captain America,
 M. Bison, Morrigan, Mega Man, Venom, Psylocke, and Dr. Doom.  Thanks again,
 Lord Wyndia!

Version 4.0 (3/10/03)
-Changed some of Cable's information.  It seems that he is infected by the
 Legacy Virus.  Also, I made a change to Captain America's taunts and victory
 poses, yet again (Thanks, Lord Wyndia).

Version 5.0 (4/22/03)
-Took a long hiatus from the world of gaming (religious reasons, mostly).  I
 have returned, however, with some changes.  I made some updates with
 translations concerning Akuma, Felicia, and Roll.  Also, I made a change to
 Magneto and his win poses.  See if you can catch it.  Yea, it's good to be

Version 6.0 (5/11/03)
-Happy Mother's day to all the mothers and mothers of gamers who read this FAQ.
 It's always good to give a nod to the women in our lives who bring us into this
 world. As far as changes go, I made a change to both Cammy and Guile's taunt
 descriptions.  It seems they say different things after all.  I also changed
 some stuff pertaining to Captain America, Psylocke, and Gambit to clear up any

Version 7.0 (6/4/03)
-Made some updates to Cyclops' taunt and Magneto's victory poses.  It turns out
 they say some different things.  You have to keep your eyes and ears open,

Version 8.0 (8/18/03)
-Yes, I'm a survivor of Blackout '03. I got my power back 4 hours after it went
 off. Pretty cool, eh? Anyway, you don't want to hear about that, you want an
 update. I made a minor change to Thanos' profile. I forgot the 6th gem on the
 Infinity Gauntlet. Not only that, I made some changes to one of Rogue's victory
 poses, Captain Commando's intro pose, Morrigan's intro pose and I made some
 grammatical changes to almost everything as well.

Version 9.0 (10/11/03)
-You won't believe this, but the disk I held this FAQ on became corrupted.  I
 lost the entire updated FAQ from August 18, 2003.  Luckily, I was able to make
 the necessary changes to keep up to speed.  Other than that, I added another
 victory pose to Magneto, as well as Jill Valentine, thanks to Lord Wyndia.

Version 10.0 (6/2/04)
-Wow!  It's been a while since I did this, so, let's see if I still have it.  I
 made a change to Cable's regular taunt, if you can catch it.  I also attempted
 some minor grammatical changes.  Thanks for all the input!

Version 11.0 (9/24/04)
-Back again, for the first time.  I made some changes to Jill's 3rd pose, thanks
 to erickaleongarcia and Lord Wyndia.  I also made some grammatical and minor
 changes to the FAQ, like in the Credits section.  Thanks for reading!

Version 12.0 (10/24/04)
-Yet another update is made to this FAQ.  This time, there are many grammatical
 and logical changes, so keep a sharp eye for them!

Version 13.0 (10/25/04)
-Finally! Thanks to Gambit, author of one of the Gambit FAQs for MVC2, I finally
 have an idea as to what he says during 2 of his victory poses.  Thanks a bunch,

Version 14.0 (12/29/05)
-I'm back!!  Thanks to the numerous videos I've seen on the internet from
 different games and from MVC2, I was able to make changes to almost everyone's
 profiles.  Since I made so many, I can't say where I made the changes, so
 you'll have to find them.  I can tell you who got updated:  Cammy, Charlie,
 Chun Li, Juggernaut, Dan, Shuma Gorath, Blackheart, Morrigan, Captain Commando,
 Strider Hiryu, Mega Man, Psylocke, Sentinel, Anakaris, B.B. Hood, and Felicia
 to name a few.  Enjoy!

Version 15.0 (1/4/06)
-Just a minor change to Cammy's poses.  She says what she says for another pose.
 I know the previous version was just posted.  However, this change was just
 discovered today.  Hope the Gamefaqs gurus aren't ticked at me.

Version 16.0 (1/16/06)
-Here's some more changes for you.  I have some changes for Ryu, Morrigan, B.B.
 Hood, Felicia, and Dr. Doom.  I can attribute this to an email and another FAQ.
 Thanks for the support everyone.  Now, if only I can get some translations……

Version 17.0 (8/14/06)
- It took close to 8 months, but I'm back.  Now that all the other stuff is out
  of the way, like school, I can update.  There's a lot of revisions here
 (for example, Ken, Cammy, Sakura, Zangief, Sakura, Thanos, etc).  They
  include translations, story changes, and even some undiscovered stuff.
  Thanks a lot, Tim.  If only I remembered your email…

Version 17.5 (8/16/06)
- Made some changes to Cable's and Psylocke's intro poses.  I also made a
  change to the revision history.  Hope you all enjoy.


2. Legalities

This is my first ever FAQ.  All sections, descriptions, etc. that come from
this FAQ are not to be copied, stolen, sold, rebroadcast, retransmitted, etc.
from this site without express written consent from me, myself, and I is
strictly prohibited.


3. Introduction

          It's a well-known fact that Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is one of the most
popular fighting games in the world today.  Mixing incredible speeds, hectic
gameplay, awesome graphics, an easy learning curve, every Capcom and Marvel
character ever involved in a fighting game, and some new characters to boot,
this game has a lot of gamers coming back for more.  I mean, who wouldn't want
to make their very own team of their favorite Capcom and Marvel characters and
tear every competitor limb from limb with it?  This game totally rocks!
          In my personal opinion, everything about this game is oozing with
greatness.  There isn't one FAQ that doesn't go into depth about the many
possibilities of any or every character.  However, as a fan of animation and an
avid artist, I feel there should be some recognition towards the different poses
and animations each character can do.  That is the one thing that always draws
me back to 2D fighters: how well the character animates on screen and how their
animations match their characters.  So, as a fan of animation, I'm going out of
my way to create an FAQ on some of the different poses done by the different
characters in MVC2.  You may think it's silly, but I'm betting there are at
least some people out there that appreciates this part of Capcom games.  So, for
those who do, enjoy this to your heart's content.


4. Layout of FAQ

Here's how it's going down:

Name of fighter

Some info on them (I apologize if it's too long)

-Intro Pose
This is what they do in the beginning of a match

This is what they do when you press the Start button on the arcade machine or
when you press the specified taunt button on any console version.

Note: some people have more than one taunt.  Either they come out randomly or by
      a specific motion with Start or with the specified taunt button

-Victory Pose
This is what they do when they win.  This can range from 2 to at least 7
different poses depending on whom you choose and if you like to beat up your
opponent.  You see, if you press Start after the match, you cancel your pose and
can continue moving, to do as you please.

*Note: when the "Peace" sign is made in Japanese anime, it usually means that
they accomplished something.  So, I guess in this FAQ, the "Peace" sign means
that the person was victorious.  Thanks again, Tim.


5.  Characters and Poses


Ryu is known for winning the very 1st Street Fighter tournament.  As a
testament to his determination, he searches intently for new opponents day
after day in order to fight them and perfect his ability.

-Intro Pose
Ryu reties his headband, adjusts the handguards on his gloves, and says,
"Ikuzo!" (Here I come!)

a. Ryu adjusts the handguards on his gloves
b. Ryu reties his headband, and says, "Koi!" (Come!)

-Victory Poses
a. Ryu turns his back on the screen, looks downward and away, and says
b. Ryu raises his arm in victory, and says, "Yoshi!" (Perfect!)
c. Ryu crosses his arms, with his eyes closed, opens his eyes, and looks away
   from his opponent while the wind blows in his hair.


He is Ryu's friend and rival.  Although Ken is rich, married, and has a son,
he refuses to settle down.  His drive: his urge to fight Ryu and to finally be
better than him, not to mention, to better his own ego!  Yea, he's brash, but,
hey, we're cool with it.

-Intro Pose
Ken throws two jabs, an uppercut (a close fierce punch), and says, "Ikuze"
(Let's go!), beckoning his opponent to fight.

Ken looks toward the screen, runs a hand through his hair, and says, "Yatta ze"
(I did it!), while giving the thumbs up.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt
b. Ken raises an arm in victory.
c. Ken looks toward the screen, throws a peace sign, and says, "Yatta ze!"
d. Ken looks at his opponent, lifts one leg up slightly, gives a two-fingered
   salute, and says, "Yamata ze!", which loosely means, "King of the Hill!"


The perfect Shadaloo soldier.  She was bio-genetically engineered in a Shadaloo
lab from Bison's DNA and "mentally programmed" to hunt down street fighters,
analyze their data and capture them for testing.  However, the control of her
mind began failing, and she began developing a will of her own.  With the info
she knows on Shadaloo, she has become "the hunted" as Shadaloo plans to
"terminate" her.

-Intro Pose
Cammy throws off her hooded, leather coat (a la Street Fighter 2: The animated
movie), and says "Come on".

Cammy smiles at her opponent, does the "You're dead" symbol (drags her thumb
across her throat, or throat slash. Thanks, Kao and Tim), and says, "Come on!"

-Victory Poses
a. Cammy looks at the screen, does a martial arts-like pose, says,
   "Too short!", and then she makes a peace sign below her waist.
b. Cammy turns her back to the screen, gives a "thumbs up", and then looks
   behind her.
c. Cammy turns her back to the screen, but this time, she gives the thumbs up
   while smiling, and says, "Too short!" (Not sure if she still says this)
d. Cammy sees M. Bison teleport in front of her, salutes him, and says, "Mission
   completed, sir" (It's actually him, people.  Don't know why it happens when
   you face Bison as an opponent, though).
e. Same as victory pose d, only this time, she stands at attention.

Charlie Nash

A U.S. Air Force Lieutenant.  His mission is to stamp out corruption in the
army.  His is also good friends with Guile.  Unfortunately, Charlie disappeared
after a mission to eliminate Shadaloo.  He was pronounced dead after the
mission; however, MVC2 is based on a dream-match situation.  It doesn't follow
the actual story.  If you're interested in the story, look up the Street
Fighter Plot Canon Guide by Tiamat for all info on Charlie on GameFAQS.com

-Intro Pose
Charlie removes his glasses (not shades), pockets them and turns to his
opponent, ready for combat.

Charlie adjusts his vest and says, turns his head to the screen, and says, "Too

-Victory Poses
a. Charlie turns his back on his opponent and puts his glasses back on.
b. Charlie does the same as his taunt, but instead he says, "Hmph!" as if he's
   been insulted.
c. Charlie takes out a book and starts writing in it (I think he's taking his
   defeated opponent off of his "People to beat" list).
d. Charlie turns away from the screen, touches his hair, and salutes, saying,
   "Too easy!"


A Russian professional wrestler, nicknamed the "Russian Czar of Wrestling".  He
gets his immense strength from wrestling bears.  He competes in street fighting
to make his home country of Russia, proud of him.  Why the nickname?  Ask him
after he clotheslines you or gives you a spinning pile driver.

-Intro Pose
Zangief opens his cape and throws it off, preparing for battle (SF2: The
Animated Movie, anyone?).

Zangief growls at his opponent with his arms down in front of him (as if he's
going to power-lift a barbell).

-Victory Poses
a. Zangief points and looks upward, saying "Da!" (Yes, in Russian).
b. Zangief flexes his muscles twice and says "Bolshoi Pavieda!" (Big Victory,
   in Russian).

Chun Li

A young Chinese Interpol officer.  Her mission is to put an end to the drug
trafficking and smuggling rings headed by the Shadaloo organization.  On a more
personal note, Chun Li would like to settle an old score with M. Bison,
Shadaloo's leader.  The reason: the death of her father at Bison's hands.

-Intro Pose
Chun Li bows to her opponent in a traditional Wushu manner, and says, "Ikimasu!"
(I don't know what it means)

Chun Li says "Gomen ne!" (I'm sorry!), while waving at her opponent.
(Note: this taunt actually hurts the opponent, but not much, even though it
 sends you flying to the other side of the screen)

-Victory Poses
a. Chun Li looks at her opponent, turns to the screen, crosses her arms and
b. Chun Li jumps up and down, laughing.  She then shakes her head in disbelief,
   smiles, and says "Yatta" (I did it!), while throwing a peace sign.
c. Chun Li looks at her opponent, throws three kicks, and draws her leg back.
d. Chun Li looks at her opponent, and then does her taunt.


A well-studied master of the arts of Yoga.  He fights to maintain a deeper sense
of understanding of the mysteries of Yoga, as well as reach a new level of
enlightenment in his meditations by testing the limits of his inner strength.

-Intro Pose
Dhalsim stands with his hands folded in meditation, takes off his turban, and
says, "Yoga".

Dhalsim stands with his hands folded in meditation and says "Yoga".

-Victory Poses
a. Dhalsim dances by swaying back and forth and waving his arms in the air
   (if you played Street Fighter 2, then you know what I'm talking about).
b. Dhalsim floats over the floor with his hands folded in meditation.
c. Dhalsim floats over the floor in a meditative stance, and yells "Yoga!"
d. Same as taunt.

M. Bison

The leader of the infamous Shadaloo organization, known for its drug and weapon
smuggling.  A mysterious force known as "Psycho Power" powers Bison.  It feeds
on the anger and hate of his opponents and empowers him, allowing him to perform
dangerous maneuvers, like the Psycho Crusher.  Pound for pound, he is the most
evil character Capcom could ever think of.

-Intro Pose
Bison floats down to the floor and says, "Koko ga Haka bada!" (This place will
be your grave!)

Bison crosses his arms and says, "Nurui wa!" (You suck!), with an evil grin on
his face.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt.
b. Bison looks to the screen, drags his thumb across his throat (the "You're
   dead" sign), and says, "Nurui wa!"
c. Bison teleports, then reappears on the screen, floating above the ground,
   doing his taunt pose, and saying something in Japanese.


"The Raging Demon".  He is the brother to Ryu and Ken's master.  Like both of
them, he fought with hopes to win matches.  However, as he continued to master
his fighting style, he developed a need to keep fighting in order to become
stronger.  That was when the "Satsu no Hadou" invaded his heart.  His power
level increased dramatically, but so did his need to annihilate his opponents,
and a feeling of demonic rage.  This is the essence of the "Satsu no Hadou", and
what caused him to kill his brother.  Day by day, he searches for one who can
stand against him and kills anyone who doesn't.

-Intro Pose
Akuma stands with his back to the screen, turns his head around, goes into a
horse stance, which shakes the screen, and says "Messastu!" (Destruction).  On
an eerie note, when he shakes the screen, an aura glows around him and forms the
Japanese symbol for "Ten" in the air.

Akuma does his intro pose, only without the "back-turning" part.

-Victory Poses
a. He does the horse stance, starts trembling, and grunts.
b. He turns his back to the screen, turns his head around and says, "Shoushi!"


The leader of the X-men.  He was Professor Charles Xavier's first pupil in his
school for gifted mutants.  Cyclops' mutant ability is to emit powerful beams of
solar radiation with concussive force from his eyes.  Although this ability cost
him his eyesight, he is able to see with the help of a ruby quartz visor.  Not
only that, but the visor also allows him to control the actual size of his beams
in combat.

-Intro Pose
While looking at the screen, Cyclops throws his jacket off and into the air.
Then, his visor shines, and he says "Come and get me!"

Cyclops says, "Come on!" and makes a two-fingered salute near his face.  As this
happens, his visor shines.

-Victory Poses
a. Cyclops yells and shoots a giant beam into the sky as if he can't control his
b. Cyclops sticks his arm out and gives a thumbs-up.
c. Same as V. Pose b, only Cyclops takes off his visor afterward, and says,
   "I did it!"

Wolverine (with and without metal claws)

The infamous loner of the X-men.  He spent the latter part of his life being
used as an agent for the Canadian government and as a test subject for research.
One of these experiments gave Wolverine a skeleton made of an unbreakable metal
alloy known as "adamantium".  With this skeleton, he was able to unsheathe
adamantium claws from his hands.  Unfortunately, at the hands of Magneto,
Wolverine lost his adamantium skeleton and now uses claws made of bone.
However, just recently, it has been said that he regained the adamantium in his
bones and claws.  Regardless, he still remains one of the most dangerous mutants
in the Marvel universe.  Maybe it's his mutant ability to heal instantly that
makes him so.

-Intro Pose
Wolverine jumps into action and says, "Let's go, bub", while unsheathing his

Wolverine clashes his claws together and grins viciously at his opponent.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as his taunt.
b. Wolverine steps back, takes his mask off and says, "Rookie!"

He is the proverbial "Wild Card" of the X-men, to pardon the pun.  With his
shady and unforgiving past, Gambit is not one to be trusted so easily.  However,
his courage on the frontlines and willingness to assist the cause of the X-men
has earned him a spot on the clandestine mutant team.  Be careful to not get on
his bad side.  He can charge any item he holds so full of kinetic energy that it
becomes explosive.  It would be best to play your cards right with this one,
especially if you're a lady.  Unbeknownst to Gambit, he has the mutant ability
to charm any lady he meets.

-Intro Pose
Four cards are thrown to the ground and stick there.  Gambit flips onto the
screen, and the cards explode as he lands.  He then says, "Come on, Mon ami!" as
he beckons his opponent to attack.

Gambit holds his stick over his shoulder, and says, "Come on, Mon ami!", as he
beckons his opponent to attack.  He does this quickly in his intro pose.

Victory Poses
a. Gambit holds his stick over his shoulder and says, "Don't mess with a Cajun!"
b. Gambit turns to the background, holds his stick at his side, charges a
   card in his left hand, which disappears afterward, and says, "See you, Mon
c. Gambit holds his stick at his side, charges a card in front of his face, and,
   as it disappears, he says, "Le tournament c'est finit!" (The tournament is
   over, in French).


A mutant of magnificent beauty and a mysterious past.  No one knows Rogue's true
name or family, for she never lets anyone close enough to understand.  This is
mostly due to the numerous painful memories flooding through her head that
belong to other people.  The reason is due to her mutant ability to suck the
life out anyone she comes in physical contact.  If it is a mutant, she obtains
their abilities for a short period of time.  However, her permanent ability to
fly and her superhuman strength come from Ms. Marvel, a super hero Rogue put in
a coma for holding her too long.

-Intro Pose
Rogue dives onto her side of the screen, dusts herself off, and says, "Get

Rogue blows a kiss to her opponent and says, "Bye-bye, darlin'".
(Note: this taunt hits and knocks opponents to the other side of the screen)

-Victory Poses
a. Rogue turns her back on her opponent very seductively and says, "Tada!"
b. Same as her taunt.
c. Rogue raises her arm in victory and says, "I did it!"
d. Rogue flips backward, changes clothes, and says, "Easy win!"
   (Note: she flips into one of three sets of clothes:
   -a white, sleeveless top, Daisy Dukes, and sneakers
   -a leather jacket, gloves, skirt and boots
   -a leather jacket, gloves, jeans, and boots.


The X-men's second-in-command leader.  Hailing from Kenya, Storm has the innate
ability to control the weather around her.  From drizzles to downpours, Storm is
a walking weather advisory.  However, this mutant has to be careful to keep her
emotions in check, for if she doesn't, Mother Nature, as we know it, may never
be the same.

-Intro Pose
Storm flies onto the screen and into action as if she were a plane making a

Storm twirls really fast, raises her arm, creates a ball of electricity, and

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt, only the pose is slower and she continues moving.


A feral, animalistic, and wild mutant.  Like Wolverine, Sabretooth has a healing
factor, as well as hyper senses (ex. an acute sense of smell).  However, his
other abilities include enhanced strength, speed, and agility.  His wanton
disregard for the safety of anyone who gets in his way earns him the moniker
Sabretooth.  Along with his wife and assistant, Birdie, Sabretooth looks to get
even with Wolverine and the X-men for the fights they have had in the past, as
well as take out innocent people only because it compensates for the "thrill of
the hunt".

-Intro Pose
a. Sabretooth hands his leather trench coat to Birdie, and says, "Keep this!"
   Birdie then walks off the screen (this only happens when he's against Capcom
b. Sabretooth rears back, screams, and rips his coat to shreds (this only
   happens against Marvel characters).

Same as intro pose b, only without the trench coat.

-Victory Poses
a. Sabretooth looks down at his fallen opponent.
b. Same as pose a, only Birdie drives in with a large car, and Sabretooth says,
   "Let's get out of here!"
c. Sabretooth stands still with a smirk on his face.  Birdie comes in and places
   Sabretooth's trench coat on him.  Sabretooth then says, "Thanks, Birdie."


His name is Cain Marko, the jealous half-brother of Professor X.  His hate for
mutants stems straight from his hate for his half brother.  One day, he stumbled
upon an ancient artifact known as the "Crimson Ruby of Cyttorak".  As he read
the incantation inscribed, he transformed into the fabled "Juggernaut".  He was
gifted with incredible strength, invulnerability, and limitless power.  To put
it simply, Juggernaut's capabilities make him an unstoppable force.  If you see
him coming, the smart thing would be to step aside.

-Intro Pose
a. Juggernaut raises arms and yells.
b. Juggernaut takes a bar, bends it into a loop, and throws it aside.

Juggernaut crosses his arms and says, "I'm Juggernaut", with a twinkle in his

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Intro pose a, but Juggernaut says, "I'm unstoppable!"
b. Juggernaut walks over to his opponent, stomps on him or her (his medium Kick
   animation), and grunts.  Afterwards, he's breathing hard with his back
   turned to the screen.
c. Same as Intro pose a, but Juggernaut gives a different yell.
d. Same as taunt.
e. Same as V. Pose b, only instead of stomping on his opponent, he picks him or
   her up, holds them in the air, glares at him or her, and says, "I'm
   unstoppable!", while shaking.
f. Same as V. Pose e, only instead of talking, he glares at his opponent and


He is known as the "Master of Magnetism."  When he was young, he saw his own
parents killed in front of him, as a result of being born Polish during the
Holocaust.  Since then, Magneto could no longer trust the heart of a human to
accept what is different from them.  Therefore, using his immense mutant ability
to control magnetism, Magneto moves to ignite a seemingly inevitable war
between humans and mutants.  Magneto remains one of the most powerful and
dangerous mutants alive.

-Intro Pose
Magneto, arms up and outward, powers down his magnetic shield, and says,
"Playtime has ended!"

Magneto crosses his arms and says, "Be gone!" while laughing.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt.
b. Magneto's helmet disappears and he holds his hand in front of him, as it
   glows with magnetic energy.  He then says, "I am supreme!"
c. Magneto's eyes glow for a second, and then he takes his helmet off and holds
   it in his hand.

Sakura Kasugano

A high school girl with a deep interest in the world of street fighting.  She
first got a taste of the action when she saw Ryu take part in a street fight.
His speed, strength, skill, and his very person were enough to impress her.
Currently, she fights to be as good as Ryu, so when they meet again, she'll be
able to beat him.  However, she struggles to fit her training into her busy
school schedule.

-Intro Pose
Sakura runs from the other side of the screen to her side, says something in
Japanese pertaining to being late, and slides to a stop.

Sakura looks away from her opponent with her hand on her mouth.  She points at
her opponent mockingly with her other hand and says something in Japanese (don't
know what it is).  It looks as if she is whispering about her opponent to her
friend from far away.
(Note: this taunt knocks opponents to the other side of the screen).

-Victory Poses
a. Sakura raises her arm in victory, laughing, while the wind blows her skirt.
b. Same as V. Pose a, only cherry blossoms fall down.
c. Sakura sways back and forth cheerfully (To you older gamers, it's the "Candy
   Love" dance, made by the R&B group, Soul 4 Real).
d. Same as V. Pose c, only her friend, Kei, runs out first to join her
   (Note: this only works if you do a hyper or variable combo during the match,
    or if Sakura hits her opponent with her taunt).
e. Sakura does two kicks, stands in a stance and yells.
f. Same as V. Pose e, only her shoe flies off and hits her on the head.
g. Sakura's friend, Kei, runs out holding Sakura's schoolbag.  She trips, falls
   and Sakura has a shocked look on her face.
   (Note: this happens also at V. Pose d, if you don't meet requirements).
h. Sakura rubs her nose, waves her hand and says, "Konna toko da ne!" (That's
   the way it goes!)
*On a side note, you can choose these poses at will, by pressing their
designated buttons:
-LP: V. Pose b
-LK: V. Pose c
-HP: V. Pose f
-HK: V. Pose h
-Both punches: V. Pose e
-Both Kicks: V. Pose g, V. Pose d (if you meet the requirements).

Dan Hibiki

The ultimate parody fighter.  Dan started off as a funny, yet humiliating parody
of Robert Garcia, playboy millionaire from the game "Art of Fighting" which was
an early street fighting game that rivaled Street Fighter 2 at its arrival.
Since his inception, Dan has earned quite a following, being the only street
fighter to master the art of "taunting".  His goofy antics and brash nature has
garnished a wide fan base.  I guess it's due to his life story.  Dan was yet
another student at the same school Ken and Ryu trained at.  As time progressed,
Dan's proficiency did not.  So, he left the school to form a new type of martial
art known as "Saikyo-ryuu" (Strongest style).  Currently, Dan fights to show the
world the power of this new style and to gain students.  That is, if his
opponents can take him seriously.

-Intro Pose
a. Dan rolls onto the screen, flexes his arm while crouching, and says,
   "Tadaima, sanjo!" (Here I am, ugly!).
b. Dan falls to the ground and his sandals fly off
   (Note: to do this, hold LP before the match starts.  If Dan isn't your first
    guy, hold LP and whichever assist will bring him out first).

a. Dan flexes his arm at you, and says, "Ikozura!" (Let's go!)
b. Dan rolls forward, flexes his arm while crouching, and says, "Namen ja ne
   zo!" (Don't think I'm lower than you are!)
   (Note: to do this, do a quarter-circle forward motion with the control pad
    or joystick and press the start button (Arcade) or the specified taunt
    button on consoles)
c. Dan rolls backward, flexes his arm while crouching, and says, "Ousha!" (All
   (Note: to do this, do a quarter-circle backward motion with the control pad
    or joystick and press the start button (Arcade) or the specified taunt
    button on consoles)
d. Dan flexes his arm, while in mid-air, and says, "YAHOO!"
   (Note: to do this, jump into the air, and press the start button (Arcade) or
    or the specified taunt button on consoles)
e. Dan does Taunt a, does Taunt b, rolls and does Chun Li's taunt, rolls,
   signs his autograph on a picture of himself, shows it to his opponent, does
   Taunt d, and then does Win Pose b.  During this, he says, "Ikozura!, Doushita
   Doushita! (What's wrong?!), Gomen ne!, Doongda! (don't know), YAHOO!,
   Yoyutchi (Piece of cake!).
   (Note: this is Dan's Super Taunt, which constitutes as a super move.  To do
    this, do two quarter-circle forward motions and press the start button
    (Arcade) or the specified taunt button on consoles)

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Taunt a, but he says, "Ousha!" (All right!)
b. Dan looks at the screen and gives a thumbs-up with his legs together, saying,
c. Dan frees his arm from his gi, flexes his arm, and says, "Rakusho!"
   (Easy win!)
d. Same as V. Pose a, but Dan is crying and saying, "Yatta ze………OYAJI!" (I did


He's everyone's favorite neighborhood superhero.  Bitten by a radioactive
spider, Peter Parker inherited certain qualities that a spider has, including
the ability to stick to walls, the power to lift ten times his proportional
weight, and the ability to sense danger in the immediate area (he calls it
"Spider-Sense").  When his uncle was killed by an armed robber who, earlier that
day, robbed the wrestling company Peter was working for, Peter Parker vowed to
fight crime using his newly found powers.  So, armed with his trusty "web
shooters" (a creation of his own that projects a sticky web-like substance) and
a very unique spider suit, Spider-Man takes on evil in all its forms.  If ever
he loses his way, he remembers the last bit of advice his uncle gave him: "With
great power, comes even greater responsibility."

-Intro Pose
a. A spotlight shines down on the floor with Spider-Man's face on it.
   Spider-Man then lowers while upside-down from the top of the screen on a web-
   line.  He then says, "ShowTime!" and flips onto the ground.
b. Spider-Man's back is to his opponent.  Then, his spider-sense goes off (the
   yellow lines around his head), and he turns around, saying, "Spider-sense is

Spider Man points to his opponent and says, "C'mon, pal", "Do your job", or,
"Hey!"  When he does this, a word balloon saying whatever he says appears on the
screen.  Pretty funny, huh?

-Victory Poses
a. Spider-Man sets up a camera on a web-line, jumps in front of his fallen
   opponent, gives a thumbs-up to the camera, and says, "One for J.J!" while the
   camera automatically flashes.
   (Note: J.J. stands for Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker's boss at the Daily Bugle,
    a local newspaper corporation, in which Peter works at as a photographer)
b. Spider-Man turns his back on his opponents, puts his hands on his hips, nods,
   and says, "So close!"
c. Spider-Man looks toward the screen and rubs his head.

Omega Red

A walking weapon of destruction.  Born as Arkady Rossovich, this person was a
Russian "super-soldier" as the Soviet's answer to Captain America during the
Cold War era.  The Russian government experimented on Arkady, and they grafted
carbonadium tendrils into his wrists.  Carbonadium is much like Wolverine's
adamantium, only more flexible.  With ease, Arkady can project his tendrils and
snare his victims, projecting pheromones (a side effect of the experiement) into
them, stealing their life away.  He considers this his "Death Factor".  However,
Arkady must rely on the pheromones to keep him alive, as a side effect.  He was
chosen by Russia to be their weapon to crush any resistance to the government,
and was given the code name, "Omega Red".  The only problem is that the Russian
government that once controlled him is long dead.  So, Omega Red now kills for
his own survival and enjoyment.  What can be done to stop this living weapon
from wiping off every living thing in existence?

-Intro Pose
Omega Red lies facedown, darkened and motionless on the floor.  Suddenly, what
appears to be ice and cryogenic chemical materials swirl slowly around him.
Then, Omega Red starts to brighten and the chemicals start to rise. Omega Red
stands up, and growls with his arms outward, as the ice and cryogenic material
fully rise violently to the top of the screen.  He is now fully awakened and
powered up for combat.

Omega Red rears back with his arms outward, yells, and shakes.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt, but Omega Red continues shaking.
b. Omega Red flinches quickly (it looks like he does the second part of his
   intro pose, but very fast), and then stands back with his arms at his sides,
   grinning maniacally.
c. Omega Red projects his tendrils, grabs them with each opposite hand (like he
   was holding a staff), growls and shakes, while looking at the screen.
d. Omega Red faces the screen and moves his arms outward while twirling his

Shuma Gorath

An inter-dimensional menace to the Marvel Universe.  First appearing in a Doctor
Strange comic, Shuma came to the Earth with only one purpose: complete and total
world domination.  And when you're a one-eyed, six tentacled creature that can
multiply, turn into stone, steal energy from your enemies, and take the form of
any object you desire, that's not a difficult task.  So, beware and take care,
because your world is coming to an end!

-Intro Pose
A black hole forms in the air on Shuma's side of the screen.  Then, Shuma Gorath
crawls out of it.

Shuma Gorath crosses his front tentacles (like he's crossing his arms) and
closes his eye.  He then opens it, looks at his opponent with disdain and says,
"Waste of flesh!"

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Taunt.
b. Shuma Gorath looks at the screen, his pupil glows red, and he says, "Waste of


The son of the demon, Mephisto.  Blackheart hails from the very bowels of the
underworld.  He debuted in a Silver Surfer comic and is a regular enemy in the
Ghost Rider comics.  His ultimate goal: the capture and sacrifice of the
numerous souls from those on the living plane.  This way, he can appease his
father and rule along side of him, causing chaos all over the land.

-Intro Pose
Blackheart emerges from a red circle on the floor with his arms crossed.  As
this happens, numerous demons rise from the same circle.  Very haunting!

Blackheart stands glaring at his opponent with his arms crossed.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt.
b. Blackheart looks toward the screen with his head down, raises his arms, looks
   upward, and says, "Blackheart rises!", while shaking.
c. Blackheart extends his hand forward, as it burns with blue flame.  A face is
   wailing and screaming within the flame.  Then, Blackheart lowers his hand and
   clenches his fist, extinguishing the fire, laughing demonically.


The lean, green, fighting machine.  Bruce Banner became the Hulk after an
experiment involving nuclear weapons went horribly wrong.  The side effects
would change Banner's life forever.  Whenever angered or when his adrenaline
pumps, he turns into a hulking, green, muscular brute with incredible strength
and unlimited invulnerability.  As an added side effect, he gets stronger and
stronger every time he gets angrier.  After a period of time, Banner returns to
normal.  However, he and his enemies are unsure as to when his powerful alter
ego will surface.  Unfortunately for the characters in this game, the Hulk has
appeared and seemingly, he has Banner's mindset.  With this in mind, he is more
dangerous than ever, mixing brains with brawn.  Hulk Smash! (Sorry, I had to
say it).

-Intro Pose
Hulk jumps down from the sky into his spot, breaking off parts of the floor.  He
then roars.

Hulk raises his arm in victory and says, "Let's rock!"

-Victory Poses
a. Same as taunt.
b. Hulk clenches his fist, looks down, looks to the screen, grinning, and says,
   "Who's next?"  (What is he, Goldberg?)

Captain America

The U.S. super soldier.  Steve Rogers, a rejected Army recruit, volunteered for
a specific project during World War II.  The project allowed scientists to test
a "Super Soldier" serum on the subject as an experiment.  The serum contained
chemicals, which would enhance the subject's attributes (strength, speed,
agility, etc.) in order for the subject to assist the Allied powers in Europe.
As an added bonus, the serum kept the subject from aging.  The project was a
success and Steve Rogers' life would be changed forever.  From then on, he would
be known as Captain America, and he would forever dedicate his life to fighting
all forms of evil and injustice against America and its government.  Under his
watch, freedom would always prevail.

-Intro Poses
a. With his shield, Captain America slides down a rope that is already onscreen.
   He jumps off, and the rope burns to dust.
b. Captain America massages his wrist.  His trademark shield flies in his
   direction and he catches it.  He then says, "Hold it!"

a. Captain America turns to the screen, salutes to it, and says, "Freedom
b. Same as taunt a, only he says, "Thumbs up, soldier!"
   (Note: these taunts work the way they do depending on what side of the screen
    you are on).

-Victory Poses
a. Captain America grins at his opponent, gives a thumbs-up, and says, "Thumbs
   up, soldier!"
b. Captain America looks to the sky for something.  He then extends his arm,
   allowing a bald eagle to land on it.  He then say, "Good work, soldier!"
c. Captain America turns his back to the screen, while looking at the screen.
   Then, a flock of doves fly by him.
d. Same as Taunt a.
e. Cap faces the screen, raises his shield arm (the arm with the shield in his
   hand) and says, "Victory!"

Morrigan Aensland

A very powerful creature known as a succubus.  Hailing from the Capcom fighting
game known as "Darkstalkers", Morrigan invades the dreams of her prey (obviously
male prey) and performs sexual intercourse with them.  As she does this, she
steals their souls. When she was born, her father cut her power in half and hid
it away from her.  As she grew, the other half of her power escaped and found
Morrigan.  Evidently, the power took a form of a succubus looking younger yet
identical to Morrigan; the power's name was Lilith.  Now, Morrigan and Lilith
can combine to release the full potential of Morrigan's power.  Not to mention,
she can raise her power through metamorphic bats (some of which form the bat
wing structures on her head and body).  These bats are the souls of men that she
has taken.  Lamentably, at least for male characters, her lust for souls, as
well as her boredom, brought her to MVC2.

-Intro Pose
Morrigan rises from a small carpet of bats on her side of the screen with her
arms crossed. At the same time, she says, "Lilith", and Lilith lowers from the
top of the screen and lands.  The bats fly apart, in separate groups, and form
Morrigan's bat wing structures.  Once this is finished, Morrigan says,
"Ikuwayo!" (Let's begin) and they both raise one hand to the sky and leave the
other on their faces.  They both become flashing silhouettes and merge with each
other.  When they come together, the light fades to reveal only Morrigan.

Morrigan sits on a seat made of her own bats, dressed in a dominatrix outfit
(tight leather dress, tight gloves, and thigh high boots), and crosses
her legs.  As she floats, she says, "Matachi hinono anaha" (don't know what it
means), and Lilith comes out and stands next to her with her back turned to

-Victory Poses
a. Morrigan raises her arms and her bats fly loose.  Then, she laughs, while
   jumping back and forth and smiling.
b. Morrigan raises her arms and her bats fly loose.  Then, she sits on a seat,
   made of her own bats, dressed in her regular attire, and crosses her legs.
   She says, "Mata aton ya yi ge ku" (My legs/thighs are burning/hurting).
c. Morrigan backflips, changes clothes, and says something, in Japanese.
   (Note: she flips into one of three sets of clothing:
   -A long-sleeve blouse, leather pants, and boots.  The wind is
    blowing, and her hair is down.  She says, "Dean rode." (don't know what it
   -A satin dress with a different colored lining, two slits, high-heeled mules,
    and a black fan.  The wind is blowing, and her hair is in two buns, like
    Chun Li.  She says, "Mou, kigeru." (don't know what it means)
   -A short, black, leather top, leather short skirt, and boots.  The wind is
    blowing, and her hair is down.  She says, "Mikop oshidun." (don't know what
    it means)
d. Morrigan puts her hands on the back of her head, smiles at the screen, and
   lets her bats fly free.
e. Morrigan crosses her arms and closes her eyes.  Then, the bats on her head
   slowly fly away from her.
f. Morrigan changes into a dominatrix outfit with a whip and turns her back to
   the screen.  Then, Lilith lowers from the top of the screen, gagged, and is
   tied by her hands from the ceiling.

Captain Commando

An intergalactic superhero from the future.  Captain Commando and his team make
it their duty to fight crimes and stop evil in the universe.  He was the first
major Capcom star to appear in arcades in the first Capcom side-scrolling beat-
em-up in history.  As a matter of fact, if you notice, the first three letter of
his first and last name spell out "Capcom" if you put them together.  So, it is
safe to say that he is the supreme hero of Capcom.  However, he was not the
inspiration for the company's name.  Bummer…

-Intro Pose
a. While wearing a cowboy suit, red glasses, strumming his guitar and looking at
   his opponent, Captain Commando puts on his trademark ruby shades and turns
   into a dark silhouette.  With his arms outward, his armor, shoes, and gloves
   fly onto him while flashing.  Finally, Captain Commando shines bright and
   reveals himself in his true outfit, in a very funky pose.  While this is
   happening, I believe he is saying, "Change……to Commando!"
b. Same as Intro Pose a, only he's wearing a business suit, glasses, and
   has brown hair.

Captain Commando changes into his cowboy outfit and strums his guitar.

-Victory Poses
a. Captain Commando looks at the screen, swipes his arm downward very quickly
   and says, "Iwa ta kame ni, maka suma Capcom!" (I think).  While he does
   this, electricity travels around his body.
b. Captain Commando turns to the screen with one arm on his hip, and says
   something (same thing as in V. Pose a), while electricity flows around him.
   Then, his other commando partners, Ginsu, Mack, and Baby Head, fall from the
   top of the screen and stand around him in this way:
    -Ginsu, the ninja, is crouching on his left, looking at the screen.
    -Mack, the mummy with knives, is standing on his right, turned to the
     right, while looking at the screen.
    -Baby Head, the baby in the robot, is standing behind all of them, giving
     a thumbs up.
c. Captain Commando does a weird pose, holding his fist toward the screen and
   saying something (same thing as in V. Pose a).  Then, his other commando
   partners, fall from the top of the screen in the same areas as explained in
   V. Pose b, but doing weird poses.

Strider Hiryu

A ninja specialist with state-of-the-art weaponry.  Strider is part of a class
of government super ninjas.  Their mission: to eradicate evil and corruption in
the world.  Strider's clan, the Ouroboros, has created all of the weaponry that
he possesses.  With his powerful sword that cuts off darkness, known as a
Cipher, Strider Hiryu is, by far, the strongest of all Striders.  He travels the
universe to fulfill his mission to stop evil wherever it lurks.  His first
Capcom appearance was in the game named "Strider", a platform, side scrolling
adventure game.

-Intro Pose
a. Strider Hiryu rides on his panther from the opposite side of the screen.
   When he gets to his spot, he teleports and then reappears on his spot, while
   the panther continues moving until it is off-screen.
b. On his trusty bird glider, Strider glides to his side of the screen, and
   jumps off when he gets to his spot.  The glider continues gliding until it is
c. While crouching, Strider slashes open one of those "Item Capsules" from his
   original game.  One of his satellites comes out of the capsule and walks
   off-screen, and Strider stands up, ready for combat.

Strider turns his back on his opponent and closes his eyes, saying, "Kisamara ni
sonna gangu wa hitsuyou nai" (I don't need such a toy against the likes of you).
The wind is blowing his scarf, as this happens.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Taunt, only Strider says nothing.
b. Strider draws his Cipher blade and holds it in front of him, with his right
   arm.  He says, "Hmm…", and then, his robotic panther leaps out in front of
   him and growls.
c. Strider draws his Cipher blade, quickly slashes downward, leaving his arms at
   his sides, and he says what he says during his taunt.
d. Strider jumps, turns upside down, assumes his taunt pose, floats to the
   ceiling and sticks to it.  While he's upside down on the ceiling, his bird
   flies by.

Mega Man

A young male android chosen to save his futuristic home.  Dr. Light and Dr. Wily
created Mega Man, Roll, his sister, Rush, Mega Man's dog, and six other robots
to culminate what was considered some of their greatest creations.  However, Dr.
Wily turned on Dr. Light and took control of other six robots.  He used them to
attempt to take over the world.  Now, originally, Mega Man was created as a
janitorial robot.  Seeing this threat, Dr. Light reprogrammed Mega Man to stop
Dr. Wily and his evil robots.  Time after time, when the world was in danger,
Mega Man would be there to make the save.  Some of his unique abilities include
his "Mega Buster" hand, which can be charged to shoot large blasts, and his
ability to acquire the weapon abilities of his robotic adversaries, when they
are defeated.  He first appeared in his own self-titled, platform game in 1987.

-Intro Pose
A red light and a blue light come down from the sky and hit the floor.
Suddenly, the red light forms into Rush, and the blue light forms into Mega Man,
who is kneeling on one knee.  Mega Man then stands up and says, "Ikuzo!" (Let's

Mega Man sticks his tongue out at you, making the "nya, nya, nya" symbol (he
makes mouse ears on his head with his hands, opening and closing them).  If it
still sounds confusing, just remember what kids used to do way back in the day
when they wanted to get someone to chase them.

-Victory Poses
a. Rush runs next to Mega Man, and Mega Man pets him.  While this happens, Rush
   licks Mega Man's face.
b. Roll runs out with a bouquet of flowers for Mega Man.
c. Mega man throws a punch, raises his fist, then throws a peace sign, as a
   projection of Dr. Light appears (I believe from Rush or from Eddie) to tell
   Mega Man something.
d. Mega Man's holds his Mega Buster arm while raising it, and his helmet
   disappears.  Then, Mega Man says something (I don't know what), as a
   projection of Dr. Light appears (I believe from Rush or from Eddie) to tell
   Mega Man something.
e. Mega man throws a peace sign, and his robot friend, Eddie, comes out, opens
   up his top, and out comes a birthday cake, which remains on Eddie's head.


Mega Man's little sister.  She also first appeared in Mega Man's first game.
She was created to be Mega Man's sister and Dr. Light's housekeeper. Her only
qualm are that she never gets to take part in any of Mega Man's adventures.  For
once in her life, she would like to save the world and prove herself to Dr.
Light.  Yet, she keeps getting left behind.  Someday, her time will come, and
that time is now!  Armed with an old Mega buster, an Eddie, and Beat, a
mechanical bird, Roll is ready to do some serious damage!

-Intro Pose
a. Roll rides on Rush from the opposite side of the screen.  As she gets to her
   spot, she jumps off and lands into her own spot, while Rush continues running
   until he is off-screen.  It's a Strider parody.
b. Roll flies from the opposite side of the screen on the Beat, in plane form.
   She then jumps off when she gets to her spot.  Beat continues flying until it
   is off-screen.  It's yet another Strider parody.
c. Roll kicks Eddie open, ties her ribbon, and says, "Yatane!" (I beat you! or
   I'm going to beat you!), while Eddie walks off-screen.  Yet another Strider
   parody.  I'm beginning to see a pattern here…

Roll tightens her hair ribbons, and says, "Yatane!"

-Victory Poses
a. Roll flashes white and changes into a schoolgirl uniform, complete with
   backpack.  She says, "Gomen ne" and makes a cute pose.
b. Mega Man walks up to Roll, gives her his Taunt, and she falls down and starts
c. Eddie walks up to Roll, opens his top, and offers her flowers.  Roll smiles
   and takes them.
d. Roll flexes her muscle and holds it with her other hand.  She says, "Makenai
   wa!" (Sorry, I don't know its meaning)
e. Rush runs in, sits next to Roll, and a projection of Dr. Light comes up from
   Rush, telling Roll something.  As this happens, she does V. Pose d.
f. Mega Man comes down on the Beat Plane, kicking wind up Roll's skirt, and he
   smiles, while Roll tries to hold her skirt down.

Jin Saotome

A Cyberbot pilot out for revenge.  Jin comes from the game, "Cyberbots", in
which Jin fights in a large mechanized robot known as a Cyberbot, with a street
fighting mentality.  He is out to find the man named Shade, the man who killed
Jin's father in a Variant Armor battle, in order to exact some revenge.  His
only lead was the Cyberbot tournament in which different fighters from all over
the universe operated these Cyberbots in order to win the tournament.  Jin's
Cyberbot is a big, red, mechanized robot, known as "Blodia".  With Blodia at his
command, Jin hopes to prove to everyone that if the world becomes too
mechanical, more may die.  So, what better way to do it than to use a machine to
prove your point?

-Intro Pose
Jin appears standing on his Blodia's hand, looking down to his opponent while
the wind blows.  He then jumps down and says, "Ikuze!" (Let's go!)

Jin flashes and appears with nothing but his underwear and his headband,
scrubbing his back with a towel.
(Note: if you press certain buttons repeatedly, he'll scrub faster and faster
 until he turns red, screams something, and catches fire.  Also, if he is hit
 when this happens, I do believe his opponent will catch fire and be damaged).

-Victory Poses
a. Jin walks over to his opponent, places his foot on him or her, crosses his
   arms and looks forward, as the wind blows.
b. Jin looks skyward, make a peace sign, and says something, as the wind blows.
c. Jin looks at his opponent with disdain and draws his katana.  Then, he looks
   at his katana and makes a sadistic grin.  Lastly, he jumps into the air and
   over his opponent, with a crazy look on his face, and holds his katana over
   his head, as if he's about to deliver a deathblow to his opponent.


One of Spider-Man's most hated enemies.  He was once Eddie Brock, reporter for
the Daily Bugle.  J. Jonah Jameson wanted all the inside information on Spider-
Man for the Daily Bugle.  Brock took advantage of this and went out of his way
to try and get the story on him.  However, his attempts to do so have failed,
causing Jameson and his paper to look bad.  So, Brock was fired.  Soon, he lost
everything in his life.  During this time, Spider-Man had come in contact with
an alien symbiote with a mind of its own.  This symbiote came in contact with
Spider-Man and enhanced some of his spider powers.  However, this would come
with a price as the symbiote began to take control of Spider-Man's life.
Spider-Man had no choice but to get rid of the symbiote.  Since its weakness was
amplified sound waves, Spider-Man used a giant bell to knock the suit free of
him.  Unfortunately for Spider-Man, he had no idea the symbiote would try to
find a new host.  Before this occurrence, Spider-Man trapped Brock in webbing
because Brock followed him yet again, but for revenge for his lost job.  As
Brock was trapped, the symbiote oozed onto him and took him as his host body.
Hence, Venom was born.  What makes this new partnership so dangerous was their
equal hatred for Spider-Man.  Venom has Spider-Man's powers of enhanced strength
and spider-like agility.  However, Venom's web shooting is an ability of his; he
can also cloak himself in plain sight like a chameleon.  Lastly, Venom can block
himself from Spider-Man's spider-sense, thanks to the symbiote, and Venom has
been considered completely schizophrenic, treating his symbiote like another
part of him.  In short, he's Spider-Man's worst nightmare!

-Intro Pose
Eddie Brock stands glaring at his opponent with a fist clenched in regular
clothes.  Suddenly, his symbiote covers his body, forming his suit.  Then, the
symbiote covers his face, forming his mask with a sadistic grin on his face.
During this process, he says, "We are Venom!"

Venom crosses his arms, sadistically grinning.  Then, his mask peels off his
head and Eddie Brock's head is revealed.  He then says "Villain", or "Come and
get us!" When he does this, a word balloon saying whatever he says appears on
the screen.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Taunt, only he says, "Give up, spoilsport!"  Also, there is no word
   balloon when he says it.
b. The symbiote comes off of the head and shoulders of Eddie Brock and lurches
   over Eddie's head.  Using Venom's face, the symbiote hungrily glares at his
   opponent, shaking constantly.  While this happens, Eddie Brock, head and
   shoulders exposed and still connected to the symbiote, grins sadistically and
   says, "We're going to eat your brains!"

War Machine

A soldier for the future.  James Rhodes, former soldier in the Vietnam War, met
up with and became good friends with Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man during
the Vietnam War.  Overwhelmed with duties pertaining to business and superhero
work, Stark turned to Rhodes to play as Iron Man for a while.  Afterward, Tony
Stark would become an alcoholic, causing Rhodes to be Iron Man permanently.
Thankfully, Stark overcame his problems and resumed the role of Iron Man.
However, Rhodes was not left out in the cold.  Stark created a suit of hi-tech
armor for Rhodes, and dubbed him the name, "War Machine".  Since then, War
Machine and Iron Man remained good partners in and out of their armor. Armed
with repuslor missiles and a wide range of battle experience from his days in
combat, War Machine is his own person and a force to be reckoned with, despite
some similarities to Iron Man.

-Intro Pose
War Machine lowers down in his jetpack, jumps out, and assumes his fighting

War Machine holds his right arm down with this left hand as it flashes with
energy.  He then raises his right arm slightly, while still holding it with his
left hand and flashing with energy.

-Victory Poses
a. War Machine raises his fist in victory.  After this happens, his fist starts
   shining with energy and he says, "Piece of cake!"
b. Same as V. Pose a, only his fist doesn't glow, and his jetpack forms behind


A Russian mutant superpower.  Piotr Rasputin grew up on a Siberian collective
farm.  As a young boy, he possessed incredible strength, which he put to use on
the farm.  As he grew into a teenager, he discovered that he had the mutant
ability to form an indestructible metallic skin over his body.  He used it
secretly to help his family, until he was forced to use his ability to save his
sister from a runaway tractor.  As a result, he was exiled from his home, never
to return.  This, in turn, would lead Piotr to Xavier's institute for learning.
He later became a member of the X-men and given the name, "Colossus".  Although
he had doubts in life pertaining to the true path to take, Colossus still
returned to the X-men for guidance and to give his assistance.  Even with a
metallic skin, he contained a heart of gold.  But, be wary not to mistake his
kindness for weakness, or you may be on the receiving end of this fury of this

-Intro Pose
Colossus drops from the sky, throws his head back with his arms outward, and

Colossus thumbs his nose and grunts.  It looks like he is wiping sweat from it.

Victory Poses
a. Colossus turns his back to the screen, flexes both muscles and says, "Das
   Vedanya!" (Goodbye, in Russian)
b. Colossus throws his head back with his arms outward and starts laughing.


Literally, the coolest mutant around!  Bobby Drake was invited to Xavier's
institute for higher learning.  Later, he became one of the first members of the
X-men and given the code name, "Iceman".  At the time, he was also the youngest
member of the X-men.  His mutant ability is the power to form ice from the
moisture in the air.  At will, Iceman can freeze any object with mere ease.
Also, he can create sculptures of ice with mere thought.  Two of Iceman's
biggest accolades include his pursuit and achievement of his college degree in
accounting, and his ability to cover his body in a skin of ice.  Lastly, with
lots of practice, his suit went from an icy encasing into a smoothed out, well
chiseled body of ice.  Although his demeanor is as cool as his body temperature,
Iceman still remains an adversary as solid as the cubes he creates.

-Intro Pose
A giant block of ice, spelling the word "Iceman", begins to spin.  As it spins,
it chisels down into Iceman's body, spinning in place of the ice block.  When
finished, Iceman assumes his battle stance.

Iceman changes back to his regular skin, showing himself in his X-men uniform.
He smiles and says, "Yea!"

-Victory Poses
a. Iceman changes back to his regular skin, throws a peace sign, and says,
b. Iceman creates an ice statue of himself giving the thumbs up and smiling.
   Iceman then changes back to his regular form and puts his hand on the
   sculpture's shoulder, smiling.
c. Iceman creates the giant ice block from his intro, and leans on it, crossing
   his arms and smirking.


Mutant master of the "Psychic Knife".  Her name is Elizabeth Braddock, and she
comes from a rich English family.  Originally, she was born with the mutant
ability of telepathy.  When she joined the X-men, she gained better control of
her power. However, an accident in Japan left her near death, and an ancient
ritual was used to place her mind in the body of Kwannon, a skilled ninja with
limited psionic abilities.  Braddock had no choice but to get used to her new
body.  With luck, her new skills went well with her psionics.  As her skills
improved, she created what was known as the "Psychic Knife".  This was a skill
that could neutralize opponents without causing any physical damage.  With well-
trained psionic abilities and her high-level ninja skill, Psylocke is a mutant
double threat.  Just don't make the mistake of being blinded by her beauty.

-Intro Pose
a. Psylocke jumps out, makes a psychic dagger on her fist, and says, "Come on!".
b. Psylocke floats out in a full ninja outfit, representing Kwannon.  Then, a
   psychic butterfly flashes on her face, two balls of light swirl around, and
   they converge on her.  She then flashes, changes into her X-men uniform, and
   floats with a psychic butterfly on her face and her eyes closed.  She flashes
   a bit, then drops and assumes her fighting stance.

Psylocke puts her hands on her hips, and beckons her opponent, smiles and
says, "Come on!".
(Note: this taunt hits opponents, but not far)

-Victory poses
a. Psylocke jumps, spins, and lands with her back to the screen, looking at her
b. Psylocke puts her hands on her hips, flips her hair back, and smiles.
c. Same as taunt, only she beckons continuously, and says nothing.
d. Psylocke turns her back to the screen, looks at her opponent, raises a fist,
   forms a psychic dagger on it, and slashes downward with her hand.  The dagger
   still glows on her hand.

Silver Samurai

The first and only mutant samurai.  Kenichiro Harada was born with the amazing
mutant ability to generate elemental energy into his samurai sword.  Throughout
his life, he trained himself in the art of the samurai.  He leads the Yashida
clan of warriors in his native Japan as the Silver Samurai. However, his
operations and dealings have been rather underhanded.  This has come to the
attention of Wolverine and the X-men, causing them to clash on numerous
occasions.  With the very elements of nature channeling through his blade, it is
obvious that he is a handful in combat.

-Intro Pose
Two sword slashes come lightning fast on one side of the screen.  Then, an X
appears on that side of the screen, as if the screen was cloth just slashed by a
sword.  The cloth peels off into four parts, and Silver Samurai is behind it,
posing in a traditional samurai pose.  He then goes into his fighting stance.

Silver Samurai taps his sword against his shoulder.

-Victory Poses
a. Silver Samurai removes his mask and rests his sword on his shoulder.  The
   wind is blowing in his hair.
b. Silver Samurai crouches on one knee with his other leg outward.  He
   holds his sword over his head with the tip of the sword pointing at his
   opponent.  He then says something in Japanese (I don't know what).


The most dangerous weapon in mutant law enforcement.  Created by Bolivar Trask,
Sentinels are immense robots created with mutant capturing weaponry.  They use
flight, laser beams, capture cables, and even primitive weapons made of metal
for law enforcement. In truth, no mutant has ever had an easy task against a
Sentinel.  For even if you can stop one, they travel in multitudes. They are
only created for one purpose: seek and destroy mutant criminals.

-Intro Pose
Sentinel flies down from the sky and lands in his part of the screen.

Sentinel turns to the screen, charges his fists with energy and spreads them

-Victory Poses
a. Sentinel turns to the screen, charges his fists with energy, spreads them
   outward, and then opens various parts of his body to let out steam.  He then
   says, "Mission completed!"

A six-armed warrior from another dimension.  Her boss, Mojo, created Spiral, as
an actress in one of his movies.  Currently, she works on Mojoworld, as Mojo's
bodyguard.  Mojoworld depends mostly on television.  When ratings slump or when
publicity is possible, Spiral is sent to Earth to increase the possible
audience.  This is all done by her ability to cleave dimensions through special
dimensional dance techniques.

-Intro Pose
A flashing hole opens in the floor.  Spiral floats out of that hole with her two
front arms crossed.  When she reaches near the top of the screen, she rears her
head and arms back, grunts, and lands on the floor as the hole disappears.

Spiral spins and stands on one leg, with her arms outward.

-Victory Poses
a. Spiral stands there thinking about something, with a hand on her chin, and
   her other hands on her head and hips, as the wind blows.
b. Spiral smiles and does a strange dance where her arms sway from side to side,
   as does her body.

Iron Man

Marvel's version of the "man of iron".  Tony Stark, industrialist and
millionaire playboy, was wounded by a piece of shrapnel to his heart while
managing Stark Industries, the company he inherited from his father.  While
injured, he was kidnapped by evil forces, and forced to create a powerful weapon
in exchange for his life-saving operation.  Instead, he created a small
laboratory and made an electrically-powered, transistorized suit of iron armor
equipped with state-of-the-art weaponry.  From then on, he would be known as
Iron Man, and he destroyed his captors and fled for his life.  Under the guise
of Iron Man, he would take on all threats to the security of the U.S.  Also, he
would be instrumental in the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., a hi-tech defense
organization also responsible for protecting the security of the U.S., and the
Avengers, one of the largest super-groups in the history of the universe.  One
would think twice about messing with this "knight in shining armor", for their
life may be dramatically shortened!

-Intro Pose
Iron Man lowers down in his jetpack, says, "Your move!"  and jumps out, assuming
his stance for battle.

Iron Man holds his right arm down with this left hand as it flashes with energy.
He then raises his right arm slightly, while still holding it with his left hand
and flashing with energy.  While this happens, he says, "Superior Tech!"

-Victory Poses
a. Same as his taunt.
b. Iron Man raises his fist in victory.  After this happens, his fist starts
   shining with energy and he says, "Superior Tech!"

Dr. Doom

The Latverian monarch in an iron mask.  Victor Von Doom was born in the country
of Latveria to a peasant father and gypsy mother.  Victor had a vast intellect
and was accepted to Empire State University with a full scholarship.  There, he
met Reed Richards, soon-to-be leader of the Fantastic Four and Doom's
intellectual equal.  Doom was always trying to outdo Richards.  One day, he
would go too far.  Doom secretly tried experimenting black magic with science.
In an attempt to fuse the two, an explosion occurred, scarring Doom's face.
Doom was later expelled from the university and sent home to Latveria.   He then
traveled the world for new and different experiences, until he came across a
cult of Tibetan monks.  The monks trained him, taught him different arts in
magic and sorcery, and created a metallic suit for him, along with a metallic
mask.  Doom did not wait for the mask to cool down after its forgery, so when it
was placed onto his face, it burned him greatly.  Doom would then be known as,
"Dr. Doom".  With numerous armaments and weapons at his disposal, Doom overthrew
the government of Latveria as king.  To this day, he uses his position as king
to scour Latveria for its numerous resources and plant the seeds for world

-Intro Pose
Dr. Doom sits on his floating throne, pondering something.  Then, the throne
disappears, and Dr. Doom takes his battle stance.

Dr. Doom keeps his arms crossed and chuckles.
(Note: his stance has him crossing his arms, only this taunt has him smiling)

-Victory Poses
a. Dr. Doom crosses his arms and laughs.  This time, he's turned in the
   direction of his opponent.
b. Dr. Doom moves toward his opponent, looms over his opponent, and does V. Pose
   A, while a set of Dr. Doom clones appear, forming a circle around the
   opponent.  Then, they all start laughing.
c. Dr. Doom's throne appears and he sits down.  He is then holding a champagne
   glass, and his butler appears next to him, pouring champagne in his glass.
   As that happens, four metal followers, two on each side, appear bowing on one
   knee to Doom, with two hooded guards behind Dr. Doom's throne.  While this
   happens, Dr. Doom says, "Another victory…"


A galactic being of immense power.  Born on Saturn's moon, Titan, Thanos lived
among a very advanced offspring of humanity.  While on the planet, Mistress
Death gave Thanos the power to destroy half of the universe's population.  This
seemed like a great task to Thanos, so he asked Death's Infinity Well for
assistance.  From there, he learned of the fabled Infinity gems.  Using his
intelligence and his strength, Thanos did away with the holder of the Infinity
gems and combined them onto one glove.  So, now the Infinity Gems of Soul, Time,
Space, Mind, Reality, and Power were at the very control of Thanos.  The
universe would soon fall into chaos as planets were destroyed and species were
killed.  It was up to a group of super-heroes and super-villains from Earth to
put a stop to Thanos' madness.  One by one, each fighter fell at the hands of
Thanos and even to Terraxia, the woman Thanos created to love him.  However,
Thanos was coming close to defeat, so he faked his death. Adam Warlock, a
mystical being who desired to restore order and peace to the universe, took the
Infinity Gauntlet and did just that.  Unluckily for the fighters in MVC2, he is
back with full strength and with the gauntlet.

-Intro Pose
Thanos raises his Infinity gauntlet arm, grinning, and says, "Reign!"

Thanos turns his back on his opponent, raises his gauntlet arm, and says,
"Thanos reigns!"

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Intro Pose, only Terraxia appears, clutching to Thanos, while Thanos
   says, "Thanos reigns!"
b. Same as V. Pose a, only Thanos says, "It's not over!"
c. Same as V. Pose a, only Thanos says, "Destiny awaits!"
d. Same as Taunt, only Terraxia appears, clutching to Thanos, while Thanos says,
   "It's not over!"


A U.S. Air Force Captain.  During his tenure, Guile met up with Lt. Charlie
Nash.  They became such good friends that it is said that Charlie taught Guile
the "Sonic Boom" technique.  Charlie wanted to get Guile to assist him in his
mission to eliminate corruption in the Armed Forces, but Guile refused to join
him as he refused to believe such an instance.  Eventually, Guile joined Charlie
on an elite Special Forces team.  Together, they went on a mission to Thailand
to eliminate the evil syndicate of Shadaloo and its corrupt actions.  However,
during the mission, they were captured.  With luck, they escaped and were
separated.  When Captain Guile returned, he was unable to learn of Charlie's
whereabouts and was lead to believe he died.  Since then, Guile has been
consumed with revenge and vowed to avenge Charlie by taking down Shadaloo.
Watch out for this soldier if you get in his way, and don't rag on his hair,

-Intro Pose
Guile looks at his opponent while grinning, rotates his shoulder twice, and
says, "I'm Impressed!"

Same as Intro Pose, only Guile rotates his shoulder once and says, "Too easy!"

-Victory Poses
a. Guile turns and faces the screen, hands on his hips, and grins.  Then, his
   dog tags shine.
b. Guile turns and faces the screen, and then combs his hair.
c. Guile raises his arm, flexing his biceps and smiles.
d. Guile turns toward the screen, touches his hair, and salutes, saying,
   "Too easy!"


A bounty hunter from the future.  Hayato comes from the year 2348.  His
milestones include fighting against Dr. Bilstein, an evil scientist who lead the
Fourth Empire in a coup to conquer Earth.  The reason is because Bilstein was
arrested and humiliated by the Earth Federation after they discovered he was
sacrificing human beings to create Plasma weapons (like Hayato's sword).  So,
Bilstein escaped and Hayato was one of the few Plasma weapon wielders sent to
stop him.  Hayato is part of the Earth Federation Army's project code-named
"Star Gladiator".  Since then, Bilstein succeeded in planting an "Evil Factor"
in Hayato after the project.  As a result, Hayato becomes a being of pure evil,
known as "Black Hayato", under some circumstances.  Ironically enough, Hayato
debuted in the game, "Star Gladiator" which was the same name of the project he
was in.

-Intro Pose
a. Hayato, dressed in normal clothes, is engulfed in flames.  When the fire dies
   down, Hayato appears in his regular Star Gladiator clothes, growls, and
   extends his sword.
b. Hayato rides in a futuristic motorcycle to his side of the screen, jumps off,
   growls, and extends his sword.  Yes, it's another Strider parody.

Hayato extends his saber and says, "Katsu ya!" (To victory!)

-Victory Poses
a. Hayato raises his arms over his head, smirks, and seals his sword.
b. Same as V. Pose a, only Saturn, the green, cone-headed, smiling alien from
   Star Gladiator, appears.
c. Same as V. Pose a, only Jun, the brown-haired girl with a pink outfit and
   white stockings from Star Gladiator, appears.
d. Same as V. Pose a, only Ele, the dark-haired girl with white braids and a
   pink, white, and blue outfit from Star Gladiator, appears.

Jill Valentine

A member of the Raccoon City Police Dept. S.T.A.R.S. team.  S.T.A.R.S. is a
special tactical police unit that takes part in special cases too complex for
regular officers to take care of.  As a member of S.T.A.R.S., Jill is skilled in
many different abilities that set her apart from other officers.  She has
advanced skills with weapons, picking locks, and hand-to-hand combat.
Unfortunately for Jill, her first major test of these skills involved her
mission to a mansion filled with zombies and mutated creatures.  Luckily, Jill
and her partner, Chris, survived the nightmare.  Let's see if she can survive
the numerous characters in both the Marvel and Capcom universes.  Her debut game
was called "Resident Evil" which covered Jill's mission to the mansion.

-Intro Pose
a. Jill is throwing a key into the air, continuously.  After a while, she says,
   "C'mon" and throws it aside.
b. Same as Intro Pose a, only Jill is throwing an ink ribbon.

Jill takes out her walkie-talkie, and says, "Yes" into it.

-Victory Poses
a. Jill takes off her beret, revealing her golden brown hair, and says, "I'm a
   member of S.T.A.R.S.!"
b. Jill crouches down, sets off a signal flare (a la Resident Evil), then jumps
   up and down, waving her arms and smiling.  As she jumps, she says, "C'mon"
c. Jill aims her gun at her opponent with both hands (as if she is doing her
   Beretta Counter move), pulls her gun back to eye level, and winks.

Tron Bonne

The only female of the infamous Bonne pirate siblings.  Her first appearance was
in a game called "Mega Man Legends", where she plays as a rival to Mega Man.  As
a middle child, she's a bit precocious and vain.  Along with her brothers,
Teisel and Bom, she wreaks havoc among others for their money.  On a more
personal note, she's a mechanical genius.  Her greatest creation is the
"Servbot", a small mechanical robot who serve as butlers to Tron Bonne.  Tron
also has a slight crush on Mega Man.  Technically, she is the "brains" in her
family, but that doesn't mean she hasn't the brawn to back it up.  In order to
battle in this fighting game, she rides in a mechanical suit, known as a
Gustaff.  Her other appearances include the sequel to Mega Man Legends and her
own game called "The Misadventures of Tron Bonne".

-Intro Pose
Tron Bonne and her Gustaff walk on-screen while the Gustaff holds a Servbot in
one hand.  Tron says, "Odakara wa itadaki yo!" (The treasure is mine!)  Then,
she climbs into her Gustaff, taking control of it as the Servbot jumps down to
the floor and stands beside her.

Tron Bonne steps out of her Gustaff, puts one hand on her cheek and the other on
her hip, and laughs.  The Servbot hops up and down beside her, smiling.

-Victory Poses
a. Tron Bonne stands up in her Gustaff, poses, and says, "Katta wa!" (I won!).
   The Servbot jumps for joy.
b. Tron Bonne walks a few steps and looks behind her.  A Servbot chef appears
   and says, "Gohan desu yo!" (Mealtime!).  Then, a slew of Servbots comes
   running out to be fed, knocking over Tron Bonne and her Gustaff.  Afterward,
   Tron gives an angry glare while on the floor.


Tron Bonne's greatest creation, at least in her eyes.  The Servbot's key duties
are to serve Tron Bonne's every whim.  If she's hungry, they bring her food.  If
she needs to relax, they play as footstools.  Only one thing remains clear:
Servbots are for service to Tron Bonne and only Tron Bonne.  However, it seems
that one Servbot is taking it upon itself to fight the different characters in
the Marvel and Capcom universes.  You'd think that since it's such a small
character, this Servbot doesn't stand a chance.  That is very far from the
truth, for it's lack of stature only makes it one of the most difficult
characters to beat.

-Intro Pose
a. Servbot flies down and lands on his butt.  He stands, rubs his butt, and then
   quickly bows to his opponent.
b. Another Servbot is seen talking to Servbot, giving him some sort of strategy
   for the match.  Servbot then bows as the other Servbot runs off-screen.

a. Servbot extends his arms outward and yawns.
b. Servbot throws a small paper airplane, which explodes.
   (Note: to do this, do a quarter-circle forward motion with the control pad
    or joystick and press and hold the start button (Arcade) or the specified
    taunt button on certain console versions.  The plane can be controlled with
    the control stick or control pad.  It explodes if you release the button or
    buttons, if it hits someone, or if it travels its full distance of one
    screen length.  You can use the plane strategically in combat, but it's a
    risky move.

-Victory Poses
a. Servbot makes a paper airplane that is bigger than his Taunt plane, and
   chases it off-screen.  Then, the airplane comes back and chases him
b. Servbot sits down, eats some food, rubs his stomach, and then falls asleep.


A happy-go-lucky monkey girl.  Sonson debuted in her own self-titled game in the
1980's.  Originally, her character is based on Chinese mythology.  The story is
entitled "The Legend of the Monkey King".  The myth states that there was a boy
who lived in China who had a monkey tail, an extending pole, and a cloud he
could ride on, because he was pure of heart.  This boy had numerous adventures
in his life.  His one unique attribute was the ability to turn into a giant
monkey with flaming breath and incredible power.  Of course, this myth has been
used commercially by Japanese people (i.e. Dragon Ball Z) in forms of movies and
animation.  Therefore, it's safe to say that Sonson is Capcom's version of the
mythical creature.  I guess that's why I must find her so funny, sometimes.  I
mean, come on, she's a female Goku, from Dragon Ball Z!  FEMALE, PEOPLE!  What's
the world coming to?

-Intro Pose
Sonson flies across the screen on her flying cloud, with a hand on her
forehead as if she's blocking out the sun from her eyes. Then, she flies back
across the screen, jumps off her cloud, howls, and lands, assuming her fighting

Sonson smiles and shakes her arms up and down as if she's playing the drums.  In
layman's terms, she is doing the "Monkee" dance.  She also says, "Go! Go!"
(Note: The "Monkee" dance was a popular dance craze back in the 1960s.  It was
 popularized by the rock group known as "The Monkees" who sold numerous records
 and had many hit songs, including "I'm a believer")

-Victory Poses
a. Sonson does the Monkee dance three times.  After each time, she makes a funny
   face toward the screen.  After the third time, she keeps the last funny face
   she makes.  She also says something while doing this entire pose
   (I just don't know what it is).
b. Sonson juggles three peaches, throws them up, and swallows them up in
   succession as they come down.
c. Same as V. Pose b, only she juggles a monkey along with the peaches.  After
   she eats the peaches, the monkey lands on her head, knocking her dizzy.
d. Sonson rests her staff on her shoulder, looks to the screen and grins, while
   saying something (I don't know what).

Ruby Heart

A female pirate in search of adventure and treasure.  She's a newbie to the
crossover games, so this would be her very first game, although there was rumor
that she was in a very early Capcom game.  She is the female captain of the crew
on her ship.  Strangely enough, the ship has the ability to fly through the air.
She searches for the armor that Abyss (the final boss of MVC2) possesses.  Don't
let the name fool you; with the abilities she has, she can be one cutthroat of a

-Intro Pose
While sitting on a treasure chest, Ruby Heart adjusts her boot, stands up, kicks
the chest off-screen and says, "Chanto mite okudayo…" (Take a good look at it…).

Ruby Heart looks at her opponent through her telescope, then laughs to herself.

-Victory Poses
a. Ruby Heart takes her hat off, showing her special eye-patch, and lowers her
   head, as the wind blows her hair.  She then says, "Unga waru katta wa ne…"
   (What terrible luck you had…).
b. Ruby Heart places her foot on a treasure chest that comes out on-screen, and
   she raises her anchor into the air.  Then, her crew comes onto the screen,
   and she says, "Tsugi ikuyo!" (Let's move on!)


A living, breathing, cactus creature.  Amingo's debut game was…Marvel Vs.
Capcom 2.  He's a whole new character.  Actually, there are rumors that this
character has been spotted in the Capcom shooting-puzzle game, "Super Buster
Bros."  Other rumors claim that he first appeared in the Capcom fighting game,
"JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".  One would think he appeared in one of those games
first, seeing as how he's a giant cactus with a sombrero.  He has the ability to
create small cactus children that can grab or attack you at will.  A strange
character, indeed.  Regardless, he fits in well with MVC2's motley crew of

-Intro pose
A giant bulb-like plant with teeth is on the screen.  It starts to shake a bit,
opens up, and Amingo pops out.  Amingo dusts himself off with his sombrero and
says, "Amingo", stating his name to his opponent.

Amingo tilts his hat upward, beckons his opponent to come forward, and says,

-Victory Poses
a. Amingo raises his arm in victory, and a desert flower sprouts out from it.
   He then says, "El Nino!"
b. Amingo grabs a guitar out from under his sombrero and starts playing it,
   while squinting his eyes and humming along.


A former Egyptian pharaoh, spending the rest of his afterlife as a mummy.
Anakaris was the leader of a proud Egyptian people about 5000 years ago.  Under
his rule, an Egyptian dynasty was formed.  Until, however, neighboring invaders
came and defeated this dynasty.  Before dying, Anakaris vowed to always defend
his people and that he would return to save his people.  5000 years later,
Anakaris awakens in his tomb, mummified.  Anakaris then left his tomb into
battle, in order to defend his nation and prove his absolute and eternal rule
over this nation as well as others he planned to conquer.  Anakaris debuted in
the Capcom fighting game, "Darkstalkers".

-Intro Pose
a. A large sarcophagus lowers from the top of the screen.  As soon as it hits
   the ground, Anakaris pops out and assumes his fighting stance.  Anakaris is
   saying something while this is all happening.
b. Anakaris jumps out of a large sarcophagus lying on the floor.

Anakaris faces the screen with his arms stretched out and his mouth open.

-Victory Poses
a. Same as Taunt, only he says, "Fa go ya yo shine", I think. (Something about
b. Anakaris faces the screen with his arms crossed.
c. Anakaris raises his arms into the air, as if he's scaring someone off.

B.B. Hood

She's the dark-side of Little Red Riding Hood.  Sure, she looks sweet and
innocent on her way to deliver a basket of goodies for her grandmother, but
looks can be deceiving.  She's not as defenseless as you think!  In truth, she's
actually a secret agent disguised as an innocent little girl.  One day, she was
mysteriously transported to the realm of Majigen, created by Jedah, the vampire
reborn.  It was the fact that her mindset was common to those called
"Darkstalkers" that she was brought to this realm.  B.B. Hood did not know this.
So rather than remain disoriented in a strange, new place, she decided to go
hunting for demons and see how much she could capture with one swing of her
basket.  You may still think she's foolish, but her weapons include an Uzi,
missile launchers, and even a Molotov cocktail.  So, it's safe to say that she
stands a fighting chance.  B.B. Hood first appeared in "Darkstalkers 3: Vampire

-Intro Pose
B.B. Hood skips on-screen and says, "La, La, La".

B.B. Hood crouches down and pets her dog.  I also think she says something.

-Victory Poses
a. B.B. Hood spins, throws a punch toward the screen, and says, "Dote!"
   ("Bank!", possibly b/c of the money she'll get), while her dog shudders in
b. Same as V. Pose a, only B.B. Hood does the pose three times in a row, and
   says, "Dote, dote, date, oni!" ("Big Bank!"
c. B.B. Hood snaps her fingers, and holds her hand out to receive something.
   Then, a man (probably her boss) peeks out from behind an invisible curtain,
   steps out, and gives B.B. Hood a wad of money, bows, and says, "Haiji ware
   ojo-sama" ("I resign, Miss Hood").  B.B. Hood then sticks a cigarette in
   her mouth and proceeds to count the money, saying, "Oru ga ke, shizeru wa
   ne". (don't know the meaning)


The feel-good feline-female mascot for Capcom. Felicia was born part-cat and
woman.  She did not realize her plight until she was six years old.  No one
would approach her due to her nature.  Depressed, Felicia would watch television
and see the many different musicians that would perform.  One day, she realized
that this was the way people would love her.  She was a great dancer, even.
From that day forward, Felicia would go on to try and become a musical star.
She was satisfied with her life, since she was able to sing, dance, and even
perform in front of an audience.  Then, it occurred to her that there may be
people that are alone in life, like she was.  As she pondered how to make
everyone happy, she was transported to Majigen, the Devil dimension.  She then
remembered what her mother told her about finding a way of happiness on her own
and she set out to do just that. Felicia debuted in the game, "Darkstalkers".

-Intro Pose
Felicia is in a nun's outfit, watering flowers.  She then grabs her veil,
tosses it and her entire outfit off, then assumes her battle stance.

Felicia crouches down, sniffs the ground and makes a noise.

-Victory Poses
a. Felicia smiles with her paws in the air, and says, "Nyaos!" (Meow, in
   Japanese), posing very cutely.
b. Felicia sits down, scratches her ear with her foot, and one of her neko
   friends come out and pose next to her.
c. Felicia does some dramatic pose, falls to her knees, and says, "Nyaos!"


The mysterious mutant from the future. Cable was born Nathan Summers, son of
Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of the original Jean Grey. When he was
young, Cable was infected with what was called the "Legacy Virus". This virus
would spread throughout the body, eating away at the insides, and render the
victim's body parts into machinery. Lacking a cure, Cable was sent into the
future with hope that a cure would be found. The virus would affect Cable's eye,
which now works as a computer, and his arm, rendering it invulnerable and
metallic. These infections would then be utilized as a positive skill later in
Cable's life as he was trained to be a deadly mercenary with advanced combat
skills. Cable returned to the present to assist the X-men in not making the
mistakes that create the future problems. However, his role as ally and enemy to
the X-men has been documented in the many battles he has had. With numerous guns
and other weapons at his disposal, Cable is a one-mutant army!

-Intro Pose
a. Cable loads his gun, turns his head, says, "Time to get rough", and turns to
   his opponent.
b. An blue sphere appears in the air and starts growing and flashing.  Then,
   Cable comes out of the sphere, floats in mid-air flashes, and falls to the
   ground. It's the "Body-Slide" ability he uses from the computer he keeps with
   him.  It allows him to travel from one point in the present time that he is
   in, to another.

Cable rears back, twirls his gun, and says, "I'm ready!"
(Note:  if you press the Start button repeatedly on the arcade version, Cable
 continues to twirl his gun, until you stop.  On certain home versions, you'd
 have to press the specified taunt button repeatedly.  Otherwise, press the
 necessary button repeatedly for the effect)

-Victory Poses
a. Cable rears back, twirls his gun, and looks behind him, saying, "You went too
b. Cable's metallic arm starts to grow abnormally because of the "Legacy Virus"
   in him, and he starts to breathe heavily.  He then says, "That's enough for
   now!" as it stops growing.


A renegade mutant searching to live in peace.  Marrow was a member of the
Morlocks, a band of mutants who fled from society into the sewers of New York.
One reason is that some of these mutants were badly disfigured.  While in the
company of the Morlocks, Marrow was called by the name Sarah.  While living
underground, the Morlocks grew to hate humans, and went on to become a terrorist
group of mutants.  However, one day, the Morlocks were brutally murdered by an
evil group of mutants, causing some survivors, including Sarah, to flee for
their lives.  Sarah took up the role of leadership of the remaining Morlocks
after that incident.  In her tenure as leader, Sarah took on the X-men and
almost lost her life.  Callisto, the former Morlock leader, urged Sarah to join
the X-men.  There was some tension at first, but both the X-men and Sarah gained
each other's trust.  She was given the name, "Marrow", for her unique mutant
ability.  Marrow was born with mutant genes that triggered an uncontrolled bone
growth in her body.  These bones continue to grow within her until they protrude
out of her skin.  She can, however, use these bones as sharp objects for combat.
For example, Marrow's main bone protrusions are on her back; she can pull these
bones out and use them as knives, if need be.  She can even create bony pins to
shoot at her opponent.  With proper training and healing techniques from the
Skrulls, Marrow's face is looking better, and her skills are razor sharp.  Thank
goodness she's on the side of good.

-Intro Pose
Marrow peeks out from under a manhole cover, and then jumps out.  The manhole
cover flips out of the way and lands on the manhole, bouncing to a stop, as
Marrow lands and assumes her fighting stance.

Marrow turns away from the screen, throws her bone knife into the air, and says,
"Show me your guts!"

-Victory Poses
a. Marrow turns away from the screen, with one hand on her hip and the other
   holding her bone knife, and her eye twinkles as she turns her head a little.
b. Marrow turns to the screen and throws her bone knife at it.  The knife then
   cracks the "screen" upon impact.


6. Credits

I'd like to thank the following people for their in-depth FAQs on the fighters
of this game.  Without these people, I'd be in the dark on most of the
characters' poses.  So, here's thanks to:

khaotika@earthlink.net (Khaotika)
Mysterious M
Sailor Bacon (sailor_bacon@hotmail.com)
Nyu-bomber  (lanoom@aol.com)
Just One Fix (milleret@flash.net)
Matt DelGiudice (noamattd@aol.com)
The Notorious J.K.N. (ranchanny@aol.com)
The Dali Ramas (nemesisx@att.net)
Eric Miller (twoginfaz@sega.net)
Phillip Mouliatis (phillipm80@hotmail.com)
Stuc2k (Brilliance Straun)
Adrian Au (cerebrate@spacewar.com)
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Anthony Nickerson, a.k.a. Ug the caveman
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taijiooo1@aol.com (Sinawe)
Rei "Rhea" Lewis (cyberninja25@hotmail.com)
Poli Manka
Vegita, Guardian Of Destiny (VegitaBOD@aol.com)
Cardinal (cardinal@mindspring.com)
Triple X@box.ms
Gambit (thanks a whole bunch, my friend)
Martin Hoang (slapmeorelse@yahoo.com) (thanks for the Ryu stuff)
ByWay's (ByWay2@hotmail.com)
Tim (sorry, I forgot your email, but I appreciate the contributions)

I also want to give a special thanks to these people:

Kao Megura: Thanks for any translations I missed from his FAQs and any
            animations I needed further description on.  My condolences
 		to any friends and relatives of Kao.  May his legacy live on
		for years to come.

Jonathan Blenman: Thanks for being an MVC2 whiz and all-around fighting game
                  Player, not to mention the contributions you made to this

Lord Wyndia: The only standout fighting game lover who has the guts to write
             an entire FAQ on Shuma Gorath.  You're the epitome of a true

Fighter's Generation: Thanks for all those cool GIFS and further inspiration for
                      me to write this FAQ.  Thanks a lot, guys.  Much respect
			    to webmaster Frankie for keeping the site prim and proper.
			    We all hope to see it in its full luster in the future.

The SGA Club: Thanks for being a stand-up bunch of guys who stand by their
              gaming principles.


GAMEFAQS:  Thanks for being the #1 source of info on how to solve any and all
           games in the world today.  You rule!


7. Closing Notes

		Ok, this FAQ took me a long time to finish.  I hope this generates
enough of a following for others to consider a pose FAQ, as well as some respect
because, frankly, the poses in fighting games give the fighter some depth as a
character.  I mean, come on, if Ken didn't start doing more "peace signs" or
victory symbols, we wouldn't see him as nothing more than a Ryu "clone" with no
depth.  Believe me when I say this, a character's mannerisms in a fighting game
help personify who they are as characters.  If we just slapped any old fighter
in a game without thinking what kind of poses they should make, then fighting
games would come out as bland as World Heroes or Fighter's History.
	Now that that's off my chest, here's some more stuff I'd like to add.  I
only covered the introduction poses, taunts, and victory poses because those are
the bread-and-butter poses of a character.  The fighting game engine moves too
fast for me to see everyone's poses when they switch in and out of the game.
Most of what they do in those poses are the same as what they do in the
beginning or end anyway.  I didn't do poses when you lose if time runs out
because I don't think anyone sees enough time-over losses to know what happens.
Also, it's the same idea: you lose because of time, so you're mad or
disappointed.  So, if you're looking for me to cover those poses, then forget
it, unless I change my mind…
	Lastly, I believe this is the first pose FAQ for Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.  I
personally went out of my way to describe these poses as best as I can from
memory and other descriptions from other people (yes, even from Fighter's
Generation, which has the best descriptions because they are animating in front
of you).  If you want to use my info, please credit me in your work.  If you do
take my info and fail to credit me, I'll get you faster than you can say
"Carbonadium Smasher!"  Also, if anyone who sees this has any contributions to
make, pertaining to poses that I missed, better descriptions, comments, etc.,
feel free to contact me as my email is on the top of this FAQ.  I will accredit
your say in future updates.

Thanks for reading my FAQ, I hope you enjoyed it.  Now, for some words of wisdom
that I picked up over time:

"Life or death awaits.  A Strider is never certain!"
-Strider Hiryu, Marvel Vs. Capcom

"Graphics aren't everything.  Gameplay is the key!"
-Captain Commando, Marvel Vs. Capcom

That's all from me!  See ya!


8. Copyright

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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