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Hulk Double Gamma Crush FAQ by Racewing

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 10/22/02

Hulk Double Gamma Crush FAQ, v. 0.5.

Copyright Geson "Racewing" Hatchett.

Not to be read by idiots.

Can only appear at:

Gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)

and at my site, Racewing Productions (http://welcome.to/racewing)


As we've seen in the two-plus years since this game has been released,

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 increases the comboability of several returning

characters, often to a fault.  It's now easier than ever to cancel into a

Hyper Combo from a normal, special or even super move after just one or two

simple button-pushes.  My friends and I have often joked about how this

game has degraded into nothing but "tap- tap-super"... it's funny, it holds

true for a HELL of a lot of situations in that game, but I'm always

inclined to believe that it still requires a sort of skill, albeit weird

and warped in nature.

However, who says you can't take the easy way out once in a while? :)

We know what you want.  Screw the flashy multi-hit combos... these days,

you want to be standing at the end, and the other guy not, as quickly as


And once again, I'm here to tell you how to do this with none other than

the Incredible Hulk.  Why the Hulk?  Because, play-wise, he's an

interesting "lower-tier" character and has lots of strange little quirks

about him that are as of yet untapped.

So, again, I say: THIS IS NOT A TRADITIONAL COMBO GUIDE.  It is simply here

to serve as a stepping stone for other combos which you are free to devise

yourself.  Mix and match these things, and come up with your own playing


It also assumes that you're somewhat familiar with MvC2, and conventional

button notation.  However, for simplicity's sake, here's a small key:

QCF = quarter-circle forward

QCB = quarter-circle back

c. = crouching

s. = standing

jab, short, fierce, roundhouse, Assist 1 and Assist 2 are used as buttons.

+ = do the two moves at the same time. (i.e. c.short+assist means press

	short and the assist at the same time.)

Most other things are explained beforehand.

(Some of this stuff is copied straight from my Delayed Hyper Combo Guide,

because I'm lazy. I'd say "sorry", except I'm really not.)


So. Let's get started with an in-depth analysis of Hulk's most power super

Technique: The Gamma Crush.

Gamma Crush: QCB+both punch buttons.

Hulk leaps up into the air (which sometimes sets up for the rest of this

super), and comes down with a big moon rock.  TONS of damage.  This super

and Hulk's Gamma Wave are his two most damaging moves, bar none.  Much like

the Juggernaut Headcrush or Hyper Viper Beam, this move is quite capable of

ending a fight much more quickly than anticipated.  However, if it misses

or it's blocked, Hulk is in a heapload of trouble.  This is where the

"skill" factor comes in.


Now, I was going to go into depth and explain the ins and outs of the Gamma

Crush super, what it does, known strength/weaknesses, etc.  But there are

three other FAQs at http://www.gamefaqs.com that do it better than I ever

could. So read them.  This guide also assumes that you know the ins and

outs of your Gamma Crush, including the fact that it hurts like hell, has

tremendous lag, and it can be mashed out of when used the tradional way


There is, however, a way that has been found to

a) Make sure that the Crush will always connect and be unmashable;

while at the same time,

b) do almost double damage and nearly wipe out normal-stamina characters

completely with just one level of super meter.

...*I* didn't find it.  I just said it's been found. *Quiet* already. :)

This is called the Double Crush (If it's not conventionally called that,

then I'm calling it that now.  Hush.), and it is your key to pushing Hulk

up just a few rungs on the old tier-list.  Probably not enough to hang with

the big boys of zoning (I.E. Sentinel, Cyke, Spiral, STORMaieeeeeeee), but

still a contender in his own right.

The Double Crush works like this:

- You call an assist which puts the opponent in the air and keeps him

there, setting them up.

- Hulk does a Gamma Crush, and on the way DOWN (not up, if it hits up, Ye

Olde Vertical Flying Screen will activate, they will fall to the ground,

and they can mash out), hits the opponent with his big rock for a bunch of


- After a set number of hits, the opponent falls back down to the ground

(it seems to be impossible to roll out of this.  Flying Screen in action

again, perhaps?) with Hulk pretty much right on top of them.

- Hulk does a SECOND crush on them, breaking the rock, for just one giant

damaging hit, as if the opponent had been hit with a Crush setup on the way


In essence, you are getting two Gamma Crushes for the price of one.  It

takes advantage of both of the Gamma Crush's ways of figuring damage:

- First, MvC2 compensates for the opponent being in the air and doles out

several small Crush hits which in total add up to 1 Gamma Crush's usual

damage.  However, since Hulk is still in the air, THE ROCK DOES NOT BREAK

and is still in use.  In fact, the rock never breaks until it reaches the


- Second, the game gives you one big Crush damage dealing when it knows the

rock is going to break.  Again, standard GC damage, only it doesn't know

that it ALREADY dealt that same damage out when Hulk's rock was smacking

the other dude around in the air.

Incredibly cool, yes.

The only catch is, Hulk always needs an assist to pull it off.  So the

Double Crush is less of a "come-from-behind" technique than it is a "strike

fast and destroy all in the first thirty seconds" tecnhique. However,

comebacks can be achieved provided you still have a Double-Crush compatible


"Compatible", you say?  Well, yes, Hulk can't use just any assist.  It has

to be one that keeps your opponent stuck in the air long enough for Hulk to

land directly on them.

Some are obviously just for show, however some of them can be useful in a

match, especially since they can be connected off of a simple crouching

weak attack.  Hulk's C. Short isn't the fastest thing in the world, but it

gets the job done.

The following is the result of many long hard hours of experimentation work

I did... over a year ago.  All 56 characters are covered.  I'd have

released this stuff then, but this was around when my lemonwriting bug hit,

and I forgot all about this file. Ahem.

All of this was tested on the US Dreamcast version.  The arcade shouldn't

really be any different.



       Double Gamma Crush: Compatible Assists and Techniques List




Ken-A: Shoryuken Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) C. Short+Call Ken, C. Fierce, cancel into Gamma Crush.

(A good way to pull this off for full damage is to watch the combometer.

As SOON as it reaches "4", pull off the Crush.)

(NOTE: This applies to lots of anti-air assists, which makes them valuable

if you have a good pressure game and can get people into the corner

quickly.  Technically, the low short isn't realy needed... as long as

you're close to the corner with the opponent backed up to it (try not to be

pressed together directly against the edge of the screen for best results--

maybe take one step back before you let the super loose.  Because even if

you just get a lucky assist connected, boom. You've got DGC right there.

For assists from here on out which say "See Ken-A", the above is the

procedure to follow.)

Ken-B: Hadoken Assist


Ken-Y: Hurricane Kick Assist

Connect with the Assist, and Crush so that Hulk will land directly on top

of them.  The kick is wonky, so that's all I can say about it at this time.

Use trial and error here.



Blackheart-A: Dark Thunder Assist


Blackheart-B: Inferno Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) C. Fierce + Call BH, cancel into Gamma Crush. (Damage is less

than usual, but at least it's still unmashable.)

Blackheart-Y: Launcher Assist

1) Stand far away enough so that you do not hit with the Crush's setup.

Call BH.  As son as you do, Gamma Crush.  Corner only.  See Sentinel-B.

(NOTE: The above procedure should be referred to for all "Usual/Standard

Launcher Procedure" notations from here on in.)


3-Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom-A: Photon Charge Assist


Dr. Doom-B: Molecular Shield Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) C. short+Call Doom, C. Fierce, cancel into Gamma Crush. Damage

increases the closer you get to the corner, it seems.

2) Call Doom, Gamma Crush as rocks hit.   (Less reliable than method #1 in

terms of connecting.)

Dr. Doom-Y: Big Yellow Beam Assist

1) Call Doom, Gamma Crush directly after.

(This is a weird one.  The opponent must be in the coner, and you must be

far away enough for the Crush's setup not to hit... preferably in the

middle of the screen (not the arena, the *screen*.)  Doom will juggle long

enough for the Crush to hit in miidair.  All in all, this is pretty useless

in an actual match...)



Spiral-A: Horizontal Sword Cluster Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) C. Short+Call Spiral, C. Fierce, Gamma Crush. (Outside of

corner.  For smaller characters, directing the crush *down* can help.)

Spiral-B: Vertical Sword Cluster Assist


Spiral-Y: Fierce Punch Assist



5-Tron Bonne

Tron Bonne-A: Throw Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) Call Tron.  As *soon* you press that Assist button, Gamma

Crush. (Stand just a little ways from the opponent so that the initial hit

doesn't get them too soon.  Corner only, but *horrendously* useful. ^^

Also, the heavier the character is, the faster you'll have to be with the

crush or they'll fall too soon.)

Tron Bonne-B: Anti-Air assist


Tron Bonne-Y: Projectile Assist




Cable-A: Viper Beam Assist


Cable-B: Psimitar Assist

(corner only.) c. short, c.forward, call Cable, Gamma Crush.

Cable-Y: Electrap Aasist

1) Stand next to opponent.  Call Cable.  As soon as the grenade leaves his

hand, Gamma Crush.  The timing on this is tricky, but if done right, they

should sail right into the grenade and get smacked.


7-War Machine

War Machine-A: Shoulder Cannon Assist


War Machine-B: Repulsor Blast Assist

1) Call War Machine.  As soon as you press the Assist button, Gamma Crush.

(Timing is tricky, but easier than Iron Man's.  Depending on how close you

are to the opponent, you may have to direct the crush downward.)

War Machine-Y: Smart Bomb Assist



8-Iron Man

Iron Man-A: Unibeam Assist


Iron Man-B: Repulsor Blast Assist

1) Call Iron Man.  AS soon as you hear IM say the word "Repulsor", let

loose with the Crush.  (The reason for this is that IM's Blast come out

slower but lasts longer than WM's.  Timing is also extremely tricky.)

Iron Man-Y: Launcher Assist




Sentinel-A: Rocket Punch Assist


Sentinel-B: Launcher Assist

1) Call Sentinel, Gamma Crush after he hits opponent.  Corner only.  Setup

must not hit.


No reliable ones to speak of.  You can juggle, but the opponent can usually

block after the first hit of he Crush.



Storm-A: Horizontal Typhoon Assist

1) (UNRELIABLE) C. Fierce+Call Storm, Gamma Crush  (character size

influences greatly your chances of connecting with it.)

Storm-B: Lightning Attack Assist

1) Call Storm, Gamma Crush after she hits opponent.  Corner only.  Setup

must not hiit.


1) C.Short+Call Storm, C. Fierce, Gamma Crush.  Try directing the Crush

downward if you miss with neutral.



Amingo-A: Heal Asssist


Amingo-B: Defense Assist


Amingo-Y: Onion Dash Assist


(Man, is *he* useless. :))


12-Sakura Kasugano                 (...I love you)

Sakura Kasugano-A: Shou-ouken assist

1) Call Sakura.  As soon as she makes contact, c. Frierce, cancel into

Gamma Crush.  (Corner Only.  Does more damage the larger the character is.)

Sakura Kasugano-B: Hadoken assist

1) c. fierce, Call Sakura, Gamma Crush (Can only be done with the opponent

standing about an inch away from the corner.  If they're hugging it, it

won't work.)

Sakura Kasugano-Y: Shunpuukyaku assist




Guile-A: Flash Kick Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) C. Short+Call Guile, C. Fierce, Gamma Crush.  (Corner only.)

Guile-B: Sonic Boom Assist


Guile-Y: Sonic Boom Assist




Charlie-A: Sonic Boom Assist


Charlie-B: Flash Kick Assist

See Guile-A.

Charlie-Y: Sonic Boom Assist


(You're useless too! Get outta here. :))


15-Strider Hiryu

Strider Hiryu-A: Slash assist


Strider Hiryu-B: Teleport Kick assist

1) Call Strider, Gamma Crush (USEFUL!) 2)  c. Fierce, Call Strider, Gamma

Crush (The setup hit makes sure your opponent stays in one place, and

Strider hits them about a half second later.  Unless your opponent breaks

the machine, he ain't mashing out of it.)

Strider Hiryu-Y: Bird assist

1) C. short+Call Strider, c. Fierce, cancel into Gamma Crush (only works

near corner)



Akuma-A: Hadoken Assist


Akuma-B: Shoryuken Assist

See Ken-A.

Akuma-Y: Hurricane Kick Assist

See Ken-Y.



Servbot-A: Servbot Rush Assist

1) Stand next to opponent, call Servbot, Gamma Crush.

Servbot-B: Flame Assist


Servbot-Y: Long Flame Assist




Roll-A: Roll Buster Assist

1) See Servbot-A.

Roll-B: Flowerbomb Assist


Roll-Y: Flowerbomb Assist




Spider-Man-A: Web Swing Assist


Spider-Man-B: Web Swing Assist


Spider-Man-Y: Spider-Sting Assist

1) See Venom-A.



Venom-A: Venom Fang Assist

1) Stand half-screen away from opponent.  Call Venom.  Gamma Crush after

opponent is launched.  (Corner only.)

Venom-B: Venom Rush Assist

1) Call Venom.  Once he appears from the side, Gamma Crush. (This one is

odd.  When Venom appears, Hulk will *not* hit with the setup shot, allowing

Venom to juggle.  Also, the joystick must be held in the direction *toward*

you opponent, or this will not work.)

Venom-Y: Launcher Assist




Hayato-A: Slash Assist

1) Stand a little aways from opponent. Call Hayato, and Crush.  Hulk should

land on them After Hayato does his second slash. (outside of corner only.)

Hayato-B: Uppercut Slash Assist

1) (USEFUL!) (more reliable) c. short+call Hayato, c. fierce, Gamma Crush

2) (more damage) c.fierce+call Hayato, Gamma Crush.  (hold the stick toward

the opponent to make sure Hulk goes that extra inch.)

Hayato-Y: Slash Assist




Jin-A: Jin Tornado Assist

1) Stand next to opponent, call Jin, Gamma Crush (only works outside of


Jin-B: Saotome Dynamite Assist

1) (USEFUL!) (corner only) c. short+call Jin, c. fierce, Gamma Crush

Jin-Y: Launcher Assist

1) See other Launcher Assist procedures.



Cammy-A: Cannon Spike Assist

1) (USEFUL!) (corner only) c. short, c. forward+call Cammy, Gamma Crush.

Cammy-B: Cannon Drill Assist

1) See Cammy-A, only do it faster.


(USEFUL!) 1) c. short, c. fierce+call Cammy, Gamma Crush. (Hulk will only

crush them once if done outside of the corner, but it's still unmashable.

If the opponent is in the corner, Hulk will crush them twice.)



Anakaris-A: Snake Assist


Anakaris-B: Throw Assist

1) (USEFUL!) Call Anakaris.  As *soon* as you see the hands catch the

opponent, Gamma Crush.  It will automatically home in where Anak throws

them out.  Works anywhere on the screen, which is a plus.

Anakaris-Y: Coffin Drop Assist




1) (USEFUL!) (DHC) Perform Rogue's super while the opponent is in the

corner, and DHC to the Gamma Crush at the end of the move.  The opponent

will be Double Crushed.

Rogue-A: Upward Punches Assist


Rogue-B: Rushing Punches Assist


Rogue-Y: Power Drain Assist

None.  It's *possible*, as this is a throw assist, but it's TOO unreliable

to risk it.



Gambit-A: Kinetic Card Assist


Gambit-B: Jab Cajun Slash Assist


Gambit-Y: Launcher Assist

Follow previous Launcher procedures.



Zangief-A: Lariat Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) c. short+Call Zangief, c. fierce, Gamma Crush.  Hold Down on

the stick or the opponent will be crushed only once.  Can be done anywhere

on screen.

Zangief-B: Bear Grab Assist

1) Call Zangief.  Once he grabs(listen for the "clamp" sound), Crush.

Corner Only.




28-Captain Commando

Captain Commando-A: Captain Fire Assist


Captain Commando-B: Cap. Corridor Assist

1) (corner only) c. short, c. forward+call Capcom, Gamma Crush.

Captain Commando-Y




Thanos-A: Bubble Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) c. short, c.fierce+call Thanos, Gamma Crush.  (The bubble

traps them on the ground, so it's not a double Crush.  Also, it may be

possible to mash out of the bubble--can anyone verify this?)

Thanos-B: Charge Assist

(USEFUL!) 1) c. short, c.forward+call Thanos, Gamma Crush.  (corner only)

Thanos-Y: Launcher Assist

Follow usual Launcher procedure.


30-Silver Samurai

Silver Samurai-A: Multi-Slash Assist


Silver Samurai-B: Shuriken Assist


Silver Samurai-Y: Launcher Assist

Follow usual Launcher procedure.


31-Ruby Heart

Ruby Heart-A: Anti-Air Assist

1) c. jab, c. strong+call Ruby, Gamma Crush.  Can be done anywhere on


Ruby Heart-B: Capture Assist


Ruby Heart-Y: Power-Up Assist




SonSon-A: Heal Assist


SonSon-B: Projectile Assist


SonSon-Y: Anti-Air Assist

1) (corner only) c. short, c.fierce+call SonSon, Gamma Crush.



Sabretooth-A: Berserker Claw Assist

1) c. jab|call Sabretooth, c. strong, Gamma Crush.

Sabretooth-B: Projectile Assist

1) (100% combo) c. short, c.forward+call Sabretooth, Gamma Charge, cancel

into Gamma Crush.  (Much like the Spiral version in the video that started

it all...)


Standard launcher procedure.


34-Omega Red

Omega Red-A: Throw Assist

1) Call Omega Red, Gamma Crush.  However, unless the opponent is thrown

into the corner, Hulk will only smash them once.

Omega Red-B: Omega Slice Assist

1) (corner only) c.short+call Omega Red, c. forward, Gamma Crush.

Omega Red-Y: Ground Assist




Chun-Li-A: Kikoken Assist


Chun-Li-B: Anti-Air Assist

1) c.short+call Chun, c. forward, Gamma Crush

Chun-Li-Y: Flipkick Assist



36-Jill Valentine

Jill-A: Heal Assist


Jill-A: Dash Assist


Jill-A: Rocket assist

1) c.short+call Jill, c. Fierce, Gamma Crush (only crushes once)



Colossus-A: Shoulder Slam Assist


Colossus-B: Air Shoulder Slam Aasist

1) (Corner only) c.short+call Colossus, c.forward, Gamma Crush

Colossus-Y: Launcher Assist

Standard Launcher procedure.



Magneto-A: EM Disruptor Assist


Magneto-B: Hyper Grav Assist

1) Any weak move+call Magneto, c.fierce, Gamma Crush (only crushes once)


Standard Launcher procedure.



Morrigan-A: Anti-Air Assist

1) (corner only) c.short, c.forward+call Morrigan, Gamma Crush.

Morrigan-B: Soul Fist Assist

1) c.fierce+call Morrigan, Gamma Crush

Morrigan-Y: Soul Fist Assist

1) See Morrigan-B.



Bison-A: Projectile Assist


Bison-B: Psycho Fiend Assist

1) Call Bison.  When the ball touches the opponent, c.short, launcher,

Gamma Crush.  The explosion wil juggle them.

Bison-Y: Scissor Knee Assist



41-Captain America

Captain America-A: Shield Throw Assist


Captain America-B: Stars & Stripes Assist


Captain America-Y: Charging Star Assist

1) See Cammy-A/B.



Dhalsim-A: Yoga Fire Assist


Dhalsim-B: Yoga Flame Assist

1) (USEFUL!) C. fierce+call Dhalsim, Gamma crush.  (You can tack on a weak

hit to combo before doing this if you wish.)

Dhalsim-Y: Upward Yoga Flame Assist

1) Same as Dhalsim-B, except you have to hold down on the stick to get the

second Crush.



Psylocke-A: Anti-Air Assist


Psylocke-B: Projectile Assist


Psylocke-Y: "Balance" Projectile Aasist


(Cute, but still useless. :\)



Iceman-A: Icebeam Assist


Iceman-B: Avalanche Assist

1) c. fierce+call Iceman, Gamma Crush

Iceman-Y: "Balance" Icebeam Assist




Marrow-A: Bonemerang Assist

1) (USEFUL!) C. Fierce+call Marrow, Gamma Crush.  (weak punch can be tacked

on before this with little trouble, but weak kick may present problems with

some smaller characters.)

Marrow-B: Anti-Air Assist

1) C.jab+call Marrow, c. strong, Gamma Crush.  (Usually only crushes once.

(*Can* crush twice, but requires lightning fast reflexes in pulling off the


Marrow-Y: Expansion Assist




Ryu-A: Shoryuken Assist

See Ken-A.

Ryu-B: Hadoken Assist


Ryu-Y: Hurricane Kick Assist

See Ken-Y.


47-Baby Bonnie Hood

BB Hood-A: Projectile Assist

1) c. fierce+call BB, Gamma Crush.  A weak attack can be tacked on

beforehand.  (Crushes only once unless opponent lands in corner.)

BB Hood-B: Upward Flame Assist


BB Hood-Y: Basket Swing Assist




Cyclops-A: Optic Blast Assist


Cyclops-B: Anti Air Assist

1) (corner only) c. jab, c. strong+call cyclops, Gamma Crush.  This can be

done outside the corner too, but the damage is piddly and useless.

Cyclops-Y: Cyclone Kick Assist



49-Bone Wolverine

Bone Wolverine-A: Slash Assist


Bone Wolverine-B: Launcher Assist


Bone Wolverine-Y: Slide Assist



50-Adamantium Wolverine

Adamantium Wolverine-A: Berserker Barrrage Assist

1) (corner only) c.short, c.forward+call Wolverine, Gamma Crush.

Adamantium Wolverine-B: Tornado Claw Assist


Adamantium Wolverine-Y: Drill Claw Assist




Juggernaut-A: Earthquake Assist


Juggernaut-B: Juggernaut Punch Assist


Juggernaut-Y: Splash Assist




Dan-A: Gadoken Assist


Dan-B: Koryuken Assist

See Ken-A.

Dan-Y: Autograph Assist

... (cries)


53-Shuma Gorath

Shuma Gorath-A: Mystic Stare Assist


Shuma Gorath-B: Mystic Smash Assist

1) (USEFUL!) c. short, c.forward+call Shuma, Gamma Crush.  (The punch

        versions can be used as well.  Works best outside of corner.)

Shuma Gorath-Y: Mystic Stare Assist




Megaman-A: Projectile Assist


Megaman-B: Mega Upper Assist

See Ken-A.

Megaman-Y: "Expansion" Projectile Assist




Felicia-A: "Expansion" Assist

1) Same as Cyclops-B, (with same out-of-corner rules), but kicks can be

used as well.

Felicia-B: Scratch Assist


Felicia-Y: (whatever that thing is.)




And there you have it.

This concluedes the guide for now. I've heard of Delayed Hyper Combos that

give Hulk the Double Crush property as well, so I'll look into these next.

Got something not featured here?  Hit me up at (ghatch@panix.com) and be

civil about it.  New tricks will be credited to their contributors.

Special Thanks:

- My Dreamcast for keeping me sane.

- Capcom for creating both this game, Roll, and Sakura Kasugano.

- Whoever did that video of Hulk doing the Double Crush with the Spiral

knives assist.  Without that vid and the inspiration it gave, this FAQ

wouldn't exist.

Shameless Plug: Some of the best videogame fanfiction around can be found

at Racewing Productions (http://welcome.to/racewing). Really.  I wouldn't

kid you about this.

Legal Stuff:

All characters featured in this guide are copyrighted by their respective

companies--in this case, Marvel Comics Co. and Capcom Co. Ltd.

This guide is copyright Racewing (Geson Hatchett), 2002.  This may be

distributed in any form you wish, but never sold.  The material herein may

not be used for any profit-gaining resource (i.e. a magazine), and my only

be featured on the sites listed at the top of this document.  Ignorance is

not an excuse. Or something.

Bye bye, everybody!


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