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Shuma-Gorath by TDChateau

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/18/01


Character FAQ

  Game: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - New Age of Heroes
   FAQ: Shuma-Gorath FAQ V1.0
    By: TDChateau
E-Mail: the_deserted_chateau@hotmail.com
  Date: 26th of September, 2001 ~ 19th of November, 2001


FAQ Details

The Shuma-Gorath FAQ V1.0 is © TDChateau, 2001. This FAQ is free for use
personally and privately, only. This FAQ isn't to be used or modified in
any way, without the expressed permission of the author.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is © Capcom. Marvel TM and the Marvel characters are
© Marvel. Capcom Co and Capcom characters are © Capcom. Strider Hiryu is
© Moto Kikaku. All rights reserved 2000 - onwards. 


Character Biography

Shuma-Gorath is the evil lord of chaos, once sorcerer supreme of its own
dimension. Shuma-Gorath hated the people of its dimension, so it crushed
them all with the unforgiving power of mystical energy and rage.

Arriving on Earth millions upon millions years ago, Shuma-Gorath was put
to sleep by the time-traveling god - Sise Neg. Shuma-Gorath was banished
back into its own dimension, only to awaken millions of years after. 

Shuma-Gorath used the Ancient One as a vehicle that would ultimately let
it reach Earth. Shuma-Gorath had several god-like servants assist it. In
the end, Doctor Strange murdered the Ancient One to stop Shuma-Gorath. 

This prevented Shuma-Gorath's existence on Earth, it left the dimension.
Shuma-Gorath was barred from entering the dimension [ many millenniums ]
and lurks in the chaos dimension - waiting.


FAQ Contents

| [ 1 ] - Character Properties     | [ 10 ] - Assist Types             |
| [ 2 ] - Standard Move-chart      | [ 11 ] - Structured Comboes       |
| [ 3 ] - Standard Strategies      | [ 12 ] - Character Strategies     |
| [ 4 ] - Character Dashes         | [ 13 ] - Character Damage-chart   |
| [ 5 ] - Standard Throws & Holds  | [ 14 ] - Team Building            |
| [ 6 ] - Character Move-list      | [ 15 ] - Arcade Advice            |
| [ 7 ] - Specialized Moves        | [ 16 ] - Abyss                    |
| [ 8 ] - Special Moves            | [ 17 ] - Legend & Colors          |
| [ 9 ] - Hyper Comboes            | [ 18 ] - Certificate of Credit    |


Character Properties

Speed - Shuma-Gorath is very slow and is a charge character. This causes
it to be at a severe loss against keep-away and rush-down. This can also
mean that Shuma-Gorath will have a poor, in-effective rush-down itself.

Strength - Shuma-Gorath isn't weak and can inflict decent damage. Shuma-
Gorath's special moves are some what under-powered, so you should use it
for chipping, the standard moves should be used for causing damage.

Stamina - Shuma-Gorath sustains above average damage, but not by much so
it shouldn't be much of a problem. Make sure that you are patient, block
and strike with caution to ensure that Shuma-Gorath lives for long.

Style - Shuma-Gorath has an original style of fighting techniques. Using
its tentacles for offense can build hyper meter fast. The tentacles have
great range, this makes Shuma-Gorath an accomplished poking character.


Standard Move-chart

| standing jab         | upper tentacle downward hit           |   [   ]
| air jab              | upward hitting, twisted tentacle pair |   [   ]
| crouching jab        | short ranged, poking tentacles        |   [   ]

| standing strong      | aggressive, straight forward chomp    |   [   ]
| air strong           | downward sweeping, triple tentacles   |   [   ]
| crouching strong     | double hitting, drilling tentacles    |   [ H ]

| standing fierce      | straight forward eye shot             |   [ f ]
| air fierce           | 45 degree angle down eye shot         |   [ f ]
| crouching fierce     | lower, straight forward eye shot      |   [ f ]

| standing short       | lower poking, sneaky tentacles        |   [   ]
| air short            | light hitting, parallel tentacle pair |   [   ]
| crouching short      | ground sweeping tentacles             |   [   ]

| standing forward     | twisted tentacle pair scoop-up move   |   [ l ]
| air forward          | the 'shuma-copter' stunt              |   [   ]
| crouching forward    | ground sweeping tentacles             |   [ f ]

| standing roundhouse  | consecutive whipping, whip tentacles  |   [ H ]
| air roundhouse       | 45 degree angle down squid smash      |   [   ]
| crouching roundhouse | defensive, simultaneous tentacles     |   [ f ]


Standard Strategies

Use Shuma-Gorath's tentacles for poking. Keep in mind that the character
only needs to hit one of Shuma-Gorath's tentacles to cause damage to it.
This is especially true for the standing roundhouse.

The eye laser moves would hardly be used as it causes fly. It also has a
lag, though not significant. The only useful eye laser move is the jump-
in one as it is not too slow in firing and recovering.

The air short is a reliable jump-in move as it acquires sufficient range
and priority. A successful air short will usually lead into an air combo 
which is why it is very useful to have as a jump-in.

An alternative and more damaging jump-in move is the air roundhouse. The
tentacles have great range and priority, and can work into an air combo.
If it is safe and open, use this instead of the air short.

The move that builds the most hyper meter is the standing roundhouse. It
hits multiple times and acquires a great range. This move has severe lag
but this can be covered by hyper-canceling into hyper mystic smash.

Crouching strong hits twice and is hyper-cancelable - easily comboing in
to hyper mystic smash. Unfortunately, you can't combo off this move. The
best time to use this is after a successful jump-in.

The 'shuma-copter' is a very good combo move. Performing the air comboes
into health drain can't be more easier after doing this little move. The
'shuma-copter' also happens to be Shuma-Gorath's variable attack - cool.

The most significant move after a nailed chaos dimension is the standing
short. It will OTG the character into an air combo, with a health drain.
This move is also important when landing after jump-ins.

Shuma-Gorath's launcher is kind of a scoop and is quite slow to recover.
This means that you should not do this unless your jump-ins or moves are
successful or else feel it in your significantly decreased life.


Character Dashes

Forward Dash: f, f or pp [ ground ]
Shuma-Gorath changes form and stealthily crawls forward. It looks like a
deadly spider as it stays close to the ground, while its tentacles move.
This is one of the cool-looking dashes in the game in my opinion.

This dash is not very fast and clears a short distance. Despite enabling
Shuma-Gorath to move faster, this dash is so low that it will also clear
some projectiles by crawling under it, which can be useful at times.

Backward Dash: b, b or b + pp [ ground ]
Shuma-Gorath slightly teleports backwards as it disappears briefly, then
reappears to catch its eye ball that was left behind after the teleport.
A confusing and strange-looking backward dash, covering good distance.

This dash is fast at start-up and extremely slow to recover. It can be a
useful withdrawal stunt against the character's standard moves. Never do
this dash to try and escape a projectile, it will always never work.

Wash Dash: f, f or pp cancel into pp [ ground ]
Shuma-Gorath changes form into a crawling spider. Shuma-Gorath crawls up
to as many times as you want as long as you cancel the dashes well. It's
like one large spider-crawling stride, which is total ownage.

This dash is an extended dash and will also help Shuma-Gorath travel. It
works by utilizing the start-up speed of the dash and getting rid of the
slow finish where Shuma-Gorath resumes its true form - use it!


Standard Throws & Holds

Chaos Teeth: f or b + hp [ ground ]
Shuma-Gorath seizes the character with its wide, toothy mouth and throws
them to the other side of the screen. This throw is a standard throw, it
functions to get the character into or out of a corner.

Chaos teeth is useful if you're trapped in the corner, being rushed-down
as it will get that character into the corner and Shuma-Gorath out of it
which will allow for more space to move around in.

Revitalization: f or b + hk [ ground or air ]
Shuma-Gorath grabs the character with all of its tentacles and begins to
drain them of precious life. This is the Shuma-Gorath move. This move is
ground-breaking, restoring some of Shuma-Gorath's health [ mash it ].

Revitalization must be abused at all times. If there is a chance to pull
this hold off, then take it. Revitalization is effective and easy to use
as an air combo finisher, inflict damage and gain life - hello heaven.

Blob Drop: f or b + hp [ air ]
Shuma-Gorath changes form to resemble a squid with many short tentacles.
It seizes the character with these tentacles and throws them down. While
very cool-looking, this throw works to finish air comboes.

Blob drop can only be used in the air. It has decent throwing range, but
you should not really be using this when your life can be recovered. The
blob drop must be used only if you have no life to recover.


Character Move-list

| crystal smash      | d + hk             | air only           |   [   ]
| upward eye shot    | u + hp             | air only           |   [ f ]

| mystic stare       | charge b, f + p    | ground only        |   [ H ]
| mystic smash       | charge b, f + k    | ground or air      |   [   ]
| devitalization     | hcb + k            | ground only        |   [   ]

| chaos dimension    | d, df, f + pp - h  | ground - or air    |   [ 3 ]
| hyper mystic smash | d, df, f + kk      | ground only        |   [ 1 ]

| mystic stare       | mystic stare       | hyper mystic smash |   [ a ]
| mystic smash       | mystic smash       | hyper mystic smash |   [ B ]
| mystic stare       | mystic smash       | hyper mystic smash |   [ y ]


Specialized Moves

Crystal Smash: d + hk [ air ]
Shuma-Gorath petrifies itself into crystal, resembling a rock chandelier
and comes plummeting down. This move must be used selectively as it does
leave Shuma-Gorath open as it frees itself from the crystal.

Crystal smash should not be used often because of the recovery. Use this
move when you're directly above a recovering character, when you want to
reach the ground faster or when completing an air combo.

Upward Eye Shot: u + hp [ air ]
Shuma-Gorath positions itself at about 45 degrees up in the air. The eye
shoots out an energy blast, causing the character to fly cross stage. It
is best to use this move when Shuma-Gorath is completing an air combo.

Upward eye shot can be used to hit characters higher than you in the air
and it causes decent damage. If done at the correct location, upward eye
shot can collapse the clock tower with the character it hits. 


Special Moves

Mystic Stare: charge b, f + p [ ground ]
Shuma-Gorath fires a ring of 6 eyes. It fails to cross the entire screen 
but if it hits, the eyes will stick to the character before flashing and
exploding. Shuma-Gorath must not get hit, if the eyes are to detonate.

Mystic stare causes damage when the eyes impact on to the character. The
explosions will add more damage. Shuma-Gorath can not fire another round
of mystic stare until the eyes detonate or disappear [ hit or throw ].

Mystic stare has a charge up time and has long recovery, so Shuma-Gorath
should be covered when performing it. Mystic stare is a move that should
be abused because of its high chipping power and un-blockable effects.

Mystic Smash: charge b, f + k [ ground & air ]
Shuma-Gorath curls up into a ball and leaps in an arc like trend. During
this move, Shuma-Gorath has around 4 images of itself following it. When
it hits, spikes shoot up and the character is flung to the other side.

Mystic smash covers a good range, able to go over beams and projectiles.
If this move is blocked Shuma-Gorath bounces off [ which takes forever ]
and causes excellent chipping damage, which makes it worth using.

Mystic smash inflicts decent damage and chip. The strength input decides
the distance covered. See to it that Shuma-Gorath is well protected when
in this move. Mystic smash is far more useful and safer in the air.

Devitalization: f, df, d, db, b + k [ ground ]
Shuma-Gorath changes into a strange suction cup - grasping the character
with its tentacles. The character is then taken up as Shuma-Gorath rises
by extending its body, then taken down and smashed on to the ground.

Devitalization does not work if your assist is on-screen, helping you in
any way. If you get them with this throw, Shuma-Gorath does a crazy pose 
to show that it enjoyed smashing the character on to the ground.

Devitalization acquires excellent range, making it a very useful command
throw. The damage caused isn't very high, but it's still a good move. It
should be used as a surprise attack for those who are under pressure.


Hyper Comboes

Chaos Dimension: d, df, f + pp - h [ ground ] [ 3 ]
Shuma-Gorath snaps as it begins flashing. The flashing stops after a few
seconds or when Shuma-Gorath grabs the character with its tentacle. When
the grab occurs, the character is completely engulfed by Shuma-Gorath.

Chaos dimension takes the character to Shuma-Gorath's dimension. The big
bubble of Shuma-Gorath breaks apart into a spin cycle, spinning the poor
character in a flurry of chaos. Shuma-Gorath then re-enters the screen.

Chaos dimension is un-blockable and hits while your assist is on screen.
It causes okay damage as a level 3 super and provides an opportunity for
an OTG [ lk ]. This is the Shuma-Gorath move [ the other one ], use it!

Hyper Mystic Smash: d, df, f + kk [ ground ] [ 1 ]
Shuma-Gorath rapidly and repeatedly splits apart and comes back together
while volleying many mystic smash balls produced by itself. These mystic
balls erect their spikes and bounce at many heights while moving across.

Hyper mystic smash has a slight start up and damage problem. It's a very
weak hyper in the damage department, but it is a very reliable hyper. It
causes an impressive amount of chip damage and is also quite versatile.

Hyper mystic smash is a series of projectiles, so look out for beams and
beam hypers. The recovery on this move is okay. Use this move many times
especially when the character is almost dead, chip them to a knock out.


Assist Types

Alpha: Mystic Stare [ projectile type ]
Shuma-Gorath steps in and fires a round of mystic stare. This variety of
mystic stare instantly explodes as soon as it hits a character, or their
assist. It is a very good assist because of its high chip property.

Beta: Mystic Smash [ expansion type ]
Shuma-Gorath jumps in and performs a mystic smash [ hk ]. This assist is
quite useful as it covers a good range and causes great chip. It is good
for disrupting the character and most of their non-invincible assists.

Gamma: Mystic Stare & Mystic Smash [ balance type ]
Shuma-Gorath steps in and fires a round of mystic stare to aid the point
character. For a variable counter [ 1 ] Shuma-Gorath jumps in and does a
mystic smash, which is an excellent move for variable counters.


Structured Comboes

| [ corner ] C [ hk > hyper mystic smash ]                             |
| [ corner ] S [ hp > hyper mystic smash ]                             |

| J [ lp, lp ] - L - C [ lp, lp > mystic stare ]                       |

| J [ lp, lp ] - L - C [ lp, lp > hyper mystic smash ]                 |
| J [ lk, lk ] - L - C [ lk, lk > hyper mystic smash ]                 |

| J [ hk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, f + hk ]               |
| J [ hk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, f + hp ]               |

| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, hk ]               |
| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, hp ]               |

| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, d + hk ]           |
| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, u + hp ]           |

| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp, lk, d + hk ]   |
| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp, lk, u + hp ]   |

| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp, lk, f + hk ]   |
| J [ lk, lk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp, lk, f + hp ]   |

| N [ chaos dimension ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, hk ]      |
| N [ chaos dimension ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, hp ]      |

| J [ lp, lp ] - L - C [ lp, lp > mystic stare > hyper mystic smash ]  |

| N [ chaos dimension ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, d + hk ]  |
| N [ chaos dimension ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, u + hp ]  |

| N [ chaos dimension ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, f + hk ]  |
| N [ chaos dimension ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lk, lk, f + hp ]  |

| S [ activate chaos dimension ] - J [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp,  |
| lk, hk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp, lk, f + hk ]       |

| S [ activate chaos dimension ] - J [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp,  |
| lk, hk ] - L - S [ lk, lk ] - U - A [ lp, lk, lp, lk, f + hp ]       |


Character Strategies

Shuma-Gorath is a charge-based character so the first thing to note when
using it is that you must hold back most of the time, if you want to use
mystic stare and mystic smash consistently.

Fortunately, this also means that you will be blocking or defending when
you want to use Shuma-Gorath's charge-based moves. The only problem that
you will find with this are the rush-down characters [ have an AAA ].

When doing your jump-in to ground comboes hold back to charge the mystic
stare [ lp ] and fire it at the concluding stages of that combo. This is
a way of nailing a mystic stare - quick characters may hit you back.

Shuma-Gorath acquires great range and priority with its tentacle attacks
and moves. Take advantage of this and poke the character with it. Shuma-
Gorath can sustain a hit if its tentacles are damaged.

Mystic stare holds many properties when it comes to its detonation. When
the eyes latch on, you can wait until it explodes or you can force it to
explode. The eyes detonate in response to certain situations.

The best thing is that Shuma-Gorath controls these situations, using the
un-blockable property of mystic stare to an advantage. When Shuma-Gorath
switches out as normal or by delay hyper comboing, the eyes go boom.

When tagging out with Shuma-Gorath occurs, the eyes explode and there is
nothing that the character can do about it. The result is a free or safe
tag in and the more eyes stuck on the character, the better.

Shuma-Gorath can also delay hyper combo [ it tags out ] causing the eyes
to explode. The following hyper must be an instant one, so that when the
eyes explode it won't give the character a chance to block it.

When the mystic stare eyes are latched on to a character, note that they
will disappear when you sustain a hit, throw the character, activate the
chaos dimension or when the character escapes by switching out.
Mystic stare and mystic smash are Shuma-Gorath's main weapons, they chip
well and have some useful properties. To nail a character with these can
be a risky stunt because they both have a long delay in recovery.

This is why selecting your assists is very important. Select one that is
reliable and suits your style of play. Call out that assist and fire the
round of mystic stare or mystic smash, the assist covers Shuma-Gorath.

If you have done it correctly, Shuma-Gorath should have recovered safely
while the assist is leaving and the character is in block stun. The good
thing about it is that the character sustains good chip, if blocked.

Do not pull this strategy off when you are not close to the character as
it'll render you open any way [ AHVB any-one? ]. The best assist is beta
Doctor Doom, it lasts long and does a boat load of chip damage - nasty.

Shuma-Gorath can also hyper-cancel out of mystic stare to protect itself 
from the lag. This isn't a problem since Shuma-Gorath builds meter quite
quickly. If it hits, you can delay hyper combo into a safer hyper combo.

With mystic smash, try using it in the air against a character that's in
mid air as well. This gives them less chance of capitalizing on your lag
time, plus you get good chip from it.

Always load mystic smash, especially in the air as it can be used for an
un-expected counter move. When Shuma-Gorath is air blocking a move or an
air combo, do a mystic smash once that character is done attacking.
Shuma-Gorath has an excellent throwing or holding range. The first thing
to know about Shuma-Gorath is that you must abuse revitalization. It has
proven to be extremely important to Shuma-Gorath, in any match it's in.

The best time to use revitalization is in an air combo, replacing an air
combo finisher. This can be mashed for additional damage and life. While
mashing, you should see Shuma-Gorath's red life bar being re-filled.

This prolongs Shuma-Gorath's life in the match and makes switching not a
necessary thing [ if you want to recover the red life bar ]. This should
give Shuma-Gorath an edge over the character - abuse it, abuse it!.

Devitalization is a command throw that is un-blockable and has excellent
range. If you see the character turtling or in the 'pressure cooker', do
this move. The mystic stare eyes rarely disappear with this throw.

Did you just blow 3 hyper meters on an un-successful chaos dimension? It
is relatively easy to nail a character with a chaos dimension. The basic
rule is to not activate it when far away from a run-away character.

The best assist is one that pins the character down, long enough for the
activation and triggering of chaos dimension. This is due to the fact it
works even when your assist is on screen and is actively helping out.

Wait for the character to land from a jump or wash-dash over to it, then
call out your assist and activate chaos dimension. The character is in a
block stun - grab them with Shuma-Gorath's tentacle [ hp or hk ].

You can grab them in the air or on the ground, there is nothing that the
character can do about it [ if they are being pinned ]. Do this when the
next character is about to come in and land - 'chaos dimension'.

There are certain situations where chaos dimension shouldn't be used, it
does crap damage against Sentinel [ and similar ] and won't grab a hyper
armored character. Now, use it against Strider Hiryu - complete ownage!


Character Damage-chart

| standing jab        | 4      | standing short       | 4      |   [   ]
| air jab             | 4      | air short            | 4      |   [   ]
| crouching jab       | 4      | crouching short      | 4      |   [   ]

| standing strong     | 7      | standing forward     | 7      |   [   ]
| air strong          | 7      | air forward          | 7      |   [   ]
| crouching strong    | 3 + 4  | crouching forward    | 7      |   [   ]

| standing fierce     | 13     | standing roundhouse  | 4 ~ 21 |   [   ]
| air fierce          | 13     | air roundhouse       | 13     |   [   ]
| crouching fierce    | 13     | crouching roundhouse | 13     |   [   ]

| chaos teeth         | 16     | blob drop            | 16     |   [   ]
| revitalization      | 12 +   | devitalization       | 12 + 8 |   [   ]

| crystal smash       | 7      | upward eye shot      | 13     |   [   ]

| mystic stare        | 2 ~ 27 | hyper mystic smash   | 5 ~ 57 |   [   ]
| mystic smash        | 18     | chaos dimension      | 65     |   [   ]


Team Building  

Doctor Doom: [ anti-air type ]
The molecular shield assist will protect Shuma-Gorath while doing mystic
stare or mystic smash resulting in - boat loads of chip. This assist can
also pin a character down long enough for chaos dimension to hit.

Blackheart: [ anti-air type ]
The inferno assist can keep characters away or pin them down so that the
mystic stare or mystic smash moves chip safely. It will also help in the
take down of run-away characters and flying characters - yeah.

Cable: [ projectile type ]
The viper beam assist can stop Blackheart assists that give Shuma-Gorath
so much problems. Shuma-Gorath also builds hyper meter quickly, so Cable
can use that once he's on point - air hyper viper beam times three!

Captain Commando: [ anti-air type ]
The captain corridor assist will help keep rush-down characters, such as
Magneto from attacking Shuma-Gorath. This will also take down flyers and
run-away characters that screw Shuma-Gorath over, once they start.

Sentinel: [ ground type ]
The sentinel force assist can enhance Shuma-Gorath's rush-down, protects
it while going on the offense and does nice chip damage. Having Sentinel
on the team makes up for Shuma-Gorath's lack of damage toleration.


Arcade Advice

Now that we have covered Shuma-Gorath well, it is time to own with it. I
believe that Shuma-Gorath is not as hopeless as many people would think.
Just keep in mind and consider that it does have significant draw backs.

Shuma-Gorath should be the first character into the battle field, unless
circumstances suggest it shouldn't be. It enters the screen by ripping a
portal from the chaos dimension and carefully falling out of it.

In the match, you should be holding back to load mystic stare and mystic
smash. Make use of your assists and expect to be kept back by keep-away.
Patience is important as Shuma-Gorath is slow and has poor defense.

Chip away by calling your assist, firing a round of mystic stare, hyper-
cancel in to hyper mystic smash. Come to think of it, chipping is Shuma- 
Gorath's main strategy as the pressure will create [ hope ] an opening.

Taunting is great for throwing your opponent's concentration off. Ensure
that you taunt when it is safe - 'waste of flesh'. Shuma-Gorath also has
a bad-ass voice and pose which is cool.

If you win with Shuma-Gorath, it should do a taunt for a victory pose or
it should do a strange pose, with its iris reflecting light and changing
into a different color - 'waste of flesh'.

Since there are many Blackhearts in the arcade, Shuma-Gorath will have a
hard time. Selecting useful assists [ such as beaming assists ] can have
Blackheart's assist stopped many times which is always a help.

I feel that Shuma-Gorath should not have a very hard time in the arcades
unless facing the top-tier characters. Characters that lack a Blackheart
assist will be easier to get at and jump towards - good thing.

Shuma-Gorath has a poor tournament status, never expect it to be used as
a business character. It's up to you to put Shuma-Gorath in a tournament
and show others how good it really is - this may take a few tournaments.

Abyss Strategy 

Abyss' first form is the armored knight [ damn big too ]. Basically, you
just fire a round of mystic stare. While you are waiting for it to blow,
do a series of mystic smashes to stay clear of its high chipping dash.

Abyss' second form is a green slime with a laser and flame throwing gun.
This one is a tough one [ honest ] for Shuma-Gorath. Simply fire a round
of mystic stare and call out your assist to deal with it.

Abyss' last form is a red beast that breathes fire and does under-ground
attacks. Just wait for it to surface and attack it with Shuma-Gorath and
the available assist, try firing a bunch of hyper mystic smashes.


Legend & Colors

| [ H ] - hyper cancelable         | [ l ] - launching move            |
| [ 1 ] - hyper meter level        | [ f ] - flying effect             |
| [ - ] - then                     | [ ~ ] - represents a range        |

| f - forward                      | d - down [ crouch ]               |
| b - back [ block ]               | hcb - half circle back            |
| u - up [ jump ]                  | charge b - hold back              |

| p - any punch button             | pp - both punch buttons           |
| k - any kick button              | kk - both kick buttons            |
| h - any heavy button             | P - any assist button             |

| S - standing                     | N - ground or air                 |
| L - land                         | U - up                            |
| C - crouching                    | > - cancel into                   |

| lp - jab                         | hp - fierce                       |
| lk - short                       | hk - roundhouse                   |
| lp, lp - strong                  | lk, lk - forward                  |

| [ lp ] - green with red iris     | [ hk ] - purple with green iris   |
| [ lk ] - pink with green iris    | [ PA ] - grey with purple iris    |
| [ hp ] - orange with blue iris   | [ PB ] - cyan with light red iris |


Certificate of Credit

I would like to thank CJayC [ Jeff Veasey ] for a creating and keeping a
great web site. I have also used his General FAQ V1.00 as a reference. I
would also like to thank Capcom for Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

Credits go to LordWyndia and SHINPHISH for their Shuma-Gorath FAQs where
I got the name for 'Crystal Smash'. These FAQs have also been used, as a
reference and have influenced this FAQ.

The information on Shuma-Gorath's biography was adapted from the website
http://www.sigma.net/marvelhandbook/s/shuma.htm - Thanks, that stuff was
extremely useful - did I mention that I found it extremely useful?

I would also like to thank Shoryuken, the forums there have been a large
influence to this FAQ. Finally, I would like to thank you for reading my
FAQ - I hope that I have helped you in some way.


Contact Info

If you would like to contact me: the_deserted_chateau@hotmail.com is the
e-mail address to send any of your comments or questions. I can be found
at Shoryuken [ gaming and strategy forums mostly ].

I will also accept contributions from any-one, like comboes or strategy.
Just e-mail me with your suggestions and contributions and I will put it
the latest revision of this FAQ, you will be credited.

I would also ask that if you do find an error in the FAQ such as a spell
or move error, please let me know. I will do my best to provide revision
FAQ issues with new and useful things on Shuma-Gorath. 


FAQ Details Reminder

The Shuma-Gorath FAQ V1.0 is © TDChateau, 2001. This FAQ is free for use
personally and privately, only. This FAQ isn't to be used or modified in
any way, without the expressed permission of the author.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is © Capcom. Marvel TM and the Marvel characters are
© Marvel. Capcom Co and Capcom characters are © Capcom. Strider Hiryu is
© Moto Kikaku. All rights reserved 2000 - onwards. 


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