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Juggernaut by Schemes

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 09/24/01

"The Unstoppable One" - MvC2
Juggernaut FAQ v1.2
By: Schemes

Introduction: (About me an my style)
Call me Schemes. I've decided to write this FAQ when I saw there aren't alot of
Juggernaut FAQ's out there. You'll notice later on that I might call moves by
names I give them. Thats because this is my FAQ an if I wanna call a Double 
Fist Punch a "Wrigley's fist" I have the right to. I was too humble in the last
version. I'm good. I'm nice. I also wanted another Juggernaut FAQ up. He's
an excellent character. He deserves FAQs.

My team: Iron Man (Alpha), Juggernaut (Beta), and Amingo (Alpha)
        Iron Man selected with A2
        Juggernaut with A1
        Amingo with A1

My style is simple, catch you when you get your guard down.

First things first, Iron Man comes out.
Juggernaut comes out with assist and Punches
Now if it lands, I follow up with a Proton Cannon
Now if it doesn't land, I have five choices
1) See if they swing at Juggernaut, and Shoot Proton Cannon
2) If they swing at Juggernaut, Unibeam 'em
2) If they don't swing, Unibeam
3) If they unblock, but don't swing, give 'em a wake up call with Proton Cannon
4) If they unblock but don't swing, Unibeam

Normally I use Juggernaut for Assist, and then Unibeam.
This normally pisses people off, and they jump at me
Repulsor Blast into Proton Cannon or ground retaliation

I take Iron man out, and do the glitch manuever procedures.
Use Juggernaut to back up Amingo when going in for the 15 hit arial rave


I glitch up Juggernaut
and release his true potential.
Many jabs
Many head crushes
Many screams
Many numbers for the score
Many assist partners who were just in the wrong place...
Many quarters go in
Many quarters are lost
Many levels are charged
Many levels are used
and in the end, a big boot and the infamous "ARGH!!!"


Juggernaut is a character that normally gets overlooked or ridiculed. Because of
his slow vertical speed, and slow dash, not to mention a sad arial combo list,
he's normally underestimated. But the thing with juggernaut is linking his 
specials and using him correctly as an assist partner. He is a very strong 
ground player if used correctly, and if you know the glitch, then your a threat
to any opponent you might face.

+  He has superarmor, nuff said
+  His Headcrush stops the clock for a short period
+  Can link in super from almost any hit (especially jab)
+  Massive Damage (especially in "glitch mode")
+  His throws are better

-  Slow
-  Not an "arial combo" kinda guy
-  He doesn't come in blue



I.  Moves
- Abbreviations and History
- Movelist
- Special Movelist
- Super
- Combos
- Damage List

II. Strategy
- Assists and Colors
- The "GLITCH"
- Strategies
- Ending Poses
- Supers he can and can't CANCEL with his own

III. More stuff
- Thanks
- Behind the Schemes
- Whats been changed in this version
- Legal copyright stuff (G-14 classified)



|Abbreviations and History|


LP = Light punch
MP = Medium punch  (LP twice)
HP = Hard punch
LK = Light kick
MK = Medium kick  (LK twice)
HK = Hard kick
QCF = Quater Circle Forward
QCB = Quater Circle Back
HCB = Half Circle Back
HCF = Half Circle Forward
b = back
f = forward
d = down
u = up

DP = Dragon Punch Motion (Forward, Down, Down-Forward)
PP = Two Punch Buttons
KK = Two Kick Buttons
P = Punch
K = Kick


Name: Juggernaut
True Identity: Cain Marko
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 900 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Red

Juggernaut is a powerhouse. His incredible size and strength makes up for his lack 
of speed. He is the step brother of Professor Charles Xavier, leader of the X-Men. 
Although he has no weapons or projectiles, his strength and durability are the key. 
Able to take out more than half a characters lifebar in a single air combo, he is a 
dangerous foe. His disadvantages, no projectiles. Since he has none, you have to go 
in to fight your opponent, which means you have to play smart with him considering 
he's not fast enough to be comboing and cheesy enough to beam you to death



A straight solid jab. Does good damage for a jab. You'll have to use this alot
to play with him. This is the holy button, no matter how many arial combos you can
do with Juggernaut, the secret lies in his jab.

MP:  (LP Twice)
A straight solid jab with the other hand. Normally after this comes out, the follow
up can be his super in a combo I like to call "Two Jabs an a Head Crush". 

This punch is ridiculous. An uppercut with his body weight behind it. Imagine. This 
normally pops up your lightweights or stuns the heavyweights. Use this while 
crouching as a launcher into a rave. This is the only functioning launcher he has, 
and normally, it's not a good idea to use it, unless you have that golden 

A quick kick. It looks funny, but when ducking it can be used effectively.

MK:  (LK twice)
The stomp! I don't recommend this move unless you've already won your opponent.

This right here is a good manuever to kick that pesty War Machine who's just flying
in your face throwing smartbombs everywhere. It's also a good sweep when your 


|Special Movelist|

-Juggernaut Punch (QCF+P)
Juggernaut runs forward an swings with all his might. This swing goes from the
top of his head to the bottom of his Smith Boots, so he can hit someone while
on the ground. Kinda dirty huh? This move sends people flying away from him.
Even though the Fierce version has barely any recovery, I'd still recommend it
for it's damage.

-Earthquake (HCB+P)
Juggernaut covers one clenched fist with his hand and pounds down into the ground.
A shockwave comes out that normally does around 6 hits with fierce. It's an 
estimation, I don't have time to count the hits during a match. Again another
dirty move cuz it hits people while they're layed out.

He jumps at the person the way you would do a belly flop in a pool. It's not a 
recommended move cuz it has no recovery time and has to be used just right. In
other words, this move HAS to land, or you'll be up in the air for a while...

This will make Juggernaut power up and his next hit will do double the damage.
I don't recommend this unless your planning on taking him out after you do it.
In that case, I highly recommend it.

WRIGLEY'S PUNCH (Forward and Punch at same time)
Juggernaut swings both his fists in front of him. It's a Double the Flavor, Double
the Fun kinda move, so I call it the WRIGLEY'S PUNCH. This move is a wake up call.
It'll launch the lighter ones, and those it doesn't launch, it will stun.




The almighty head crush. Too bad this is his only super. This is normally 4 hits
but when the LP, HP, LK, and HK buttons are mashed instantaneously, it can go up
to 8. The highest I've gotten it was 8. you have to mash like crazy.

This super can be linked in from almost any standard hit, and does incredible damage. 
It pauses time, so if you caught someone swinging, then it's over. 



Here are the almight ARIAL RAVE combo's for Juggernaut starting with the most 

If opponent is in a corner, launch up, and hit...
LP -> LK -> MP -> HP -> HK
that only works when opponent is stuck in a corner. 6 hit rave

and the rest that don't have to be in a corner...
LP -> LK -> MP -> HP
LP -> LK -> MP -> HK
LP -> LK -> MP -> MK

enough of the arial's. It's time for the ground combos...

LP, MP, cancelled into Juggernaut Head Crush (Two Jabs and a Headcrush)
this combo is a total of 6 hits averagely

LP, MP, Earthquake, and after fist lands, cancel into Juggernaut Head crush
this combo ranges from 7 to 11 hits, depending on how accurately it was cancelled
(this can also be a 100% damage combo if the buttons are mashed and the head crush
does more than 4 hits, regardless if he's glitched or not)

ducking LK, ducking MK, Earthquake, and after fist lands, cancel into Juggernaut 
Head crush this combo is averagely 9 hits, but can be stopped when the other character
rolls out the other way.

ducking LK, ducking MK, Juggernaut Punch
3 hits, but has to be timed correctly to land

if you mix these up enough, it'll get dirty.


|Damage List|

(All testing done on Cable)

Some of this may not apply to larger characters with advanced armor, etc etc
And on another note, total life bar = 143

Damage on Two of Four Bars:

attack name                     Normal          Glitched
------------                    ------          --------
Standing LP                          7                10
Standing LK                          7                10
Standing MP                         10                15
Standing MK                         10                15
Standing HP                         17                25
Standing HK                         17                25
Crouching LP                         7                10
Crouching LK                         7                10
Crouching MP                        10                15
Crouching MK                        10                15
Crouching HP                        17                25
Crouching HK                        17                25
Jumping LP                           5                 7
Jumping LK                           5                 7
Jumping MP                           8                12
Jumping MK                           5                12
Jumping HP                          15                22
Jumping HK                          15                22

LP Juggernaut Punch                 20                30
HP Juggernaut Punch                 28                42
LP Earthquake                       19 total          29
HP Earthquake                       25 total          34
Wrigleys Punch                      20                30
LK Lateral Press                    18                27
HK Lateral Press                    22                33

Snapback                            10                15
HP Throw                            16 total          23 total
HK Throw                            16                24
Tag In                              10                15

Assist A                            19 (4 hits)       29 (4 hits)
Assist B                            24                42
Assist C                            22                33

Head Crush                          58 (4 hits)       87 (4 hits)
                                    85 (7 hits)       128 (7 hits)

LP -> LK -> MP -> HP -> HK          59                87
LP -> LK -> MP -> HP                47                69
LP -> LK -> MP -> HK                47                69
LP -> LK -> MP -> MK                41                60

Damage on Four of Four Bars:

attack name                        Normal            Glitched
------------                       ------            --------
Standing LP                        14                21
Standing LK                        14                21
Standing MP                        20                30
Standing MK                        20                30
Standing HP                        34                51
Standing HK                        34                51
Crouching LP                       14                21
Crouching LK                       14                21
Crouching MP                       20                30
Crouching MK                       20                30
Crouching HP                       34                51
Crouching HK                       34                51
Jumping LP                         10                15
Jumping LK                         10                15
Jumping MP                         16                24
Jumping MK                         16                24
Jumping HP                         30                45
Jumping HK                         30                45

LP Juggernaut Punch                40                60
HP Juggernaut Punch                56                84
LP Earthquake                      39 total          59 total
HP Earthquake                      52 total          78 total
Wrigleys Punch                     40                60
LK Lateral Press                   36                54
HK Lateral Press                   44                66

Snapback                           20                30
HP Throw                           32                48
HK Throw                           32                48
Tag In                             23                30

Assist A                           39 (4 hits)       59 (4 hits)
Assist B                           66                84
Assist C                           44                66

Head Crush                         116 (4 hits)     143+ (4 hits)
                                   143+ (7 hits)    143+ (7 hits)

LP -> LK -> MP -> HP -> HK        119               143
LP -> LK -> MP -> HP               95               142
LP -> LK -> MP -> HK               95               142
LP -> LK -> MP -> MK               83               124


II. Strategy

|Assists and Colors|

Juggernaut's Moves under certain assist types

Alpha:  Earthquake
Beta:  Juggernaut Punch (Recommended)
Gamma:  Body Splash (leave it alone)

Armor Colors:

LP: Brown and Red (standard)
LK: Dark Grey and Brown (Loc, a good selection)
HP: Rose and Light Brown (weak)
HK: Light Green and Brown (alright)
A1: Orange and Light Orange (Los Hombres 'Orange', a good selection)
A2: Red and Light Orange (Danu, a good selection)



The Almighty Glitch. In order to get the full effect of this glitch, you must do
the following....

Bring Juggernaut in to start off the match
Do his Power Up special
Switch him with any other character on your team
Bring him for an assist when needed
after he leaves, choose a safe time to switch him with primary character
After he's switched in, he hits do anywhere from 30% to 50% more damage

+His headcrush normally kills characters with full life bars
+His juggernaut punch takes half a health bar

the only negative of having him glitched is:

-When he steps in for assist while glitched, and is hit, he is injured more
That is my theory, but he seems to get hurt more while glitched in.

When he is glitched, please note that if you Power Up again, he will LOSE
his glitch mode, and will return BACK to his normal strength.



Juggernaut Himself
Try to combo alot on the ground, and don't play arial games. Your not built for it. 
Link in a super whenever you can! Linking in his super is the key. Headcrush 'em all.

Juggernaut as an assist
The best thing to do is have him Beta assist, where he comes out with the Juggernaut
Punch. Try to cover him with a beam character. I find Ironman a good choice, as well
as my personal choice. Normally after he's swung at his opponent, they see it as a 
time for revenge. Remind them that Iron Man is your primary character with a proton
cannon. This works alot of the time because for some unknown reason, people are
attracted to hitting juggernaut when he's vunerable, because why? It's rare to 
see him vunerable. Cable also works, but Cable is also a severe cheese. Every
cable player I ever went up against shot 4 times, viper beamed, and continued.

Juggernaut Vs Combo Character
With Combo characters it's always good to block low when they're standing. When 
they jump remember to block high, then low. Remember that your special stops the
clock, so if Psylocke tries to Uppercut you and misses, headcrush her. Done quickly,
your special will land and prove to a combo player that he's not easy. Also, on the
offensive look, try ducking LK your opponent into a earthquake. Combo characters are
often aggresive towards larger characters, seeing that they have to get in to keep you
trapped. Prove 'em wrong. Do 'em dirty.

Juggernaut Vs KeepAway Characters
Iron Man, Cable, Ice Man, and Megaman are examples of some keepaway characters. In the
hands of a noble person, these characters can become dangerous on a combo front, but
most people who play with them in the arcade either know UNIBEAM, VIPERBEAM, ICEBEAM, 
or "A!". Not everyone who plays with these characters will just cheese you, because
I use Iron Man and mix it up with him. Use him specifically for his ability of good
combo's plus a good keep away game. So watch out when you play one of these characters.
If it does lead to a cheesy keep away, in which nothing else is being done but what
keeps you away, then jump in at them. Watch it specifically with characters like Ice Man
who can Icebeam you out the sky, cheap... Land in on them with either the "two jabs an a 
head crush" or a LK -> MK -> Earthquake -> Head Crush Super. 


and taunts too

pose 1 (taunt): He stands proudly, crosses his hands and proclaims "I'm JUGGERNAUT"
pose 2: He lifts his hands in the air and says "I'm Unstoppable"
pose 3: He walks over to his fallen enemy, and stomps down wit a MK. He also does
his infamous grunt. (my favorite)
pose 4: He raises both his hands in the air and goes ARGH!



Not all specials are mentioned and this is without him in glitch mode
although I don't think it matters

These are the specials that he can cancel out when the character does it
towards him and he delivers the headcrush special right after it's been

P.S. By cancel, I mean go thru the special and hit the character doing it

Cable - QCF+PP
       If he does it before the beam comes out, yes, otherwise no
Cable - QCF+KK
Marrow - QCF+PP
       No. No no no
Marrow - QCB+PP
Cyclops - QCF+PP
Cyclops - QCF+KK
Metal Wolverine - QCF+PP
       YES, Whoa Yes
Metal Wolverine - DP+PP
       YES. Remember, this all has to be done as soon as his special is done
Metal Wolverine - DP+KK
       No. Can't cancel the fatal claw
Captain America - QCF+PP
       Yes, although only one hit from his headcrush will most likely connect, 
       it will still cancel out his special.
Captain America - QCF+KK
       And you thought nothing stopped the Charging Star. Bwahaha!
Captain America - DP+PP
       Umm. Stars and Stripes is what the Cap would be seeing if he pulls this 
       on Juggernaut. Juggernaut can cancel this special.
Doctor Doom - QCF+PP
       No. Don't try to.
Doctor Doom - QCF+KK
       Ground to Ground, if that special is done while your on the ground, and
       you were too far and it misses, bye bye Doom.
Rogue - Assist A+B Super (Hyper Punches)
       Can be cancelled.
Rogue - QCF+PP
       Whoa. Rogue, Where'd ya go? Ohh... Over the head.. This special can be
       cancelled out when done correctly
Psylocke - QCF+PP
       Yes. Cancelled out.
Psylocke - QCB+KK
Psylocke - QCF+KK
       If your on the ground and it's done, no need to do yours, because it's too
Guile - QCF+PP
Guile - QCB+KK
       Depends. If it's timed right, yes, otherwise no
Jill - QCF+PP
       Battle of the Dash. Juggernaut wins.
Jill - QCF+KK
Jill - QCB+KK
       If this misses or you can special yours fast enough, it is over! 
       Juggernaut will cancel this out.
Ryu - QCF+PP
Ryu - DP+PP
       Yes if you can catch him either before he jumps, or before he lands
Ryu - QCB+KK
       Yes, but it has to be timed correctly, otherwise no, and you can't get 
       caught in it. It has to miss in order for you to have a CHANCE to cancel.
Megaman - QCF+PP
       Yes, oh yes. If you do it before he finishes growing, while he's still
       metamophosizing an what not, he's done.
Megaman - QCF+KK
       No. He's protected in there. No need because the most he'll do is drill
       your ass.
Megaman - QCB+KK
       Yes. Oh Yes. Beat plane this little man.
Magneto - QCF+PP
       No oh no. Don't do it
Magneto - QCF+KK
       Depends on distance, you might make it from close, but from far no. I'd
       try it from close if i was about one juggernaut body away from him. Use 
       juggernaut's body to determine that distance there.
Cammy - QCF+KK
       Although it will only hit about one or twice, it does cancel the super
       so, yes.
Cammy - QCB+PP
       No. Her version of the Maximum spider is too quick and plus he jumps out of reach.
Juggernaut - QCF+PP
       Yes. If you do yours after he does his, you will overcome the other head crush
Iron Man - QCF+PP
       No. Not worth an attempt, just jump and block
Amingo - QCF+KK
       Yes, if this misses and your not caught in it blocking.
Amingo - QCB+PP
       No. Oh my god no. How? I don't know. the little plant snatches you out your head
       crush and does La Bamba with you.
Iceman - QCF+PP
Gambit - QCF+PP
       Don't do it unless your really close, cuz as soon as them cards leave his hand, they
       snatch you right out your head crush
Gambit - QCB+KK and QCF+KK
       You can hit him off the wall, just make sure those cards don't leave his hand, as 
       before try to do it close, or don't do it at all
Blackheart - QCF+PP
       The rock rain stops Juggernaut, so no
Blackheart - QCF+KK
       Yes. If you do it right after he does this super, you can stop him and take him out
       of the air.
Blackheart - QCB+PP
Sentinel - QCF+KK
       Yes. the Missles even miss Juggernaut.
Sentinel - QCF+PP
       Yes and no. It will cancel it, but sentinels super will also cancel juggernaut.
       Better to wait it out. Sometimes it won't even cancel at all. You'll just be
Sentinel - in air QCF+PP
       Yes this can be cancelled. Headcrush eats right thru this air dash thing Sentinel
       tries to pull
War Machine - QCF+PP
       Yes and no. Close enough cancels this evilily, otherwise you'll just be eatin
War Machine - QCF+KK
       Oh I love this one. War Machine is completely vunerable to Juggernaut's special.
       Even though War Machine is my favorite character, this is a very open move.
Kobun - QCF+PP (assist A)
       The lego man is at it again. This super really gets you done unless you throw
       yours in at close range.
Kobun - QCF+PP (assist B)
       No! Stop these guys! They're raining on Juggernauts HEAD. Don't try it.
Kobun - QCF+PP (assist C)
       Oh god. Looks like none of the QCF can be cancelled well enough.
Kobun - QCF+KK
       The King Kobun Special. You will probably land your head crush, BUT it will NOT
       cancel the ongoing special, you'll just get slinky hammered.
Kobun - Assist A+B Super (assist B)
       Ohh hell no. Unless you want to be viciously beaten to death.
Hayato - QCF+PP
       Yes. Definitely. Plasma vs Cyttorak? Come on now.
Hayato - QCB+PP
       Yes. If you don't get caught, this is just a begging to be head crushed.
Hayato - LP -> HP -> Back -> LK -> HK
       Hayato's raging demon look alike, can be blocked, but can also be head crushed
Captain Commando - QCF+PP
Captain Commando - QCF+KK
       Yes, do it right and captain commando will catch a migraine.
Akuma - QCF+PP
       If the first swing is nowhere near you, you had the chance to destroy him with
       a headcrush. 
Akuma - QCF+KK
       No need to do it if it misses, wait till he's near landing to super back.
Akuma - QCB+PP
       Don't do it. He'll destroy you.
Akuma - LP -> LP -> Forward -> LK -> HP
       Raging demon can be cancelled.
Ken - QCF+PP
       Same as Akuma's QCF+PP. If he misses the first loop, destroy him
Ken - QCF+KK
       No need to attempt, wait till he's near landing.
Ken - QCB+KK
       If he's at a distance, destroy him. You can cancel him.
Dan - QCF+PP
       CANCEL THIS NOW. An embarrassment to the Gadoken.
Dan - QCB+KK
       Cancel this badly if it misses. You'll go right thru him.
Dan - HP -> LK -> Back -> LP -> LP
       Dan's reverse raging demon. Although it does leave him with one hit left
       you don't want to get caught in this. Especially is Juggernaut is your 
       last character. Eat right thru this with a head crush.
Spiderman - QCF+PP
       Don't do it, it'll either be a waste of a level, or an injury to Juggernaut.
Spiderman - QCF+KK
       Yes. Show him a real assault.
Spiderman - QCB+PP
       No. He'll web you out the headcrush and you'll be injured.
Venom - QCF+PP
       Yes as long as you catch him before he shoots the web.
Venom - QCF+KK
Colossus - QCF+PP
       No, he'll just fly over your head. Waste of a level.
Colossus - QCB+KK
       Catch him while he's powering up, and damage him.
Zangeif - 360 rotation + KK
       If this misses, your allowed a small window of opportunity.
Sonson - QCF+PP
       Whoa. Head Crush time. This leaves her wide open when she throws the staff up.
Sonson - QCB+PP
       After he she finishes transforming, a headcrush can land, but before she transforms
       you'll just get popped out your super.
Sonson - QCF+KK
       no. you'll be eaten alive.
Charlie - QCF+PP
       There's a delay in this super, so if you can throw a headcrush before the super takes
       place, then it will land, but when he throws those sonic discs at you, your caught.
Charlie - QCB+KK
       Same as Guiles, Must be timed correctly, or don't do it
Morrigan - QCF+PP
       You can get her while the bats are around her, but as soon as the gun comes out
       your erased.
Morrigan - DP+PP
Morrigan - QCF+KK
Ruby Heart - QCF+PP
       Yes. Show her a real dash.
Ruby Heart - QCF+KK
       My opinion, don't do unless real close.
Ruby Heart - QCB+KK
       Do before Ghosts come out or else
Thanos - QCF+PP
Thanos - QCF+KK
Thanos - QCB+PP
Thanos - QCB+KK
Felicia - QCF+PP
Felicia - QCF+KK
       yes most of the time
Felicia - QCB+KK
Dhalsim - QCF+PP
Dhalsim - QCF+KK
       Yes if it's done on the ground by accident, catch him before he lands.
Bison - QCF+PP
       They cancel each other out
Bison - QCF+KK
Shuma-Gorath - QCF+KK
       They will either cancel each other out, or juggernaut will cancel him out
Shuma-Gorath - QCF+PP
       Yes if you do it at near same time that it's done. But watch it for him grabbing you.
Sakura - QCF+PP
Sakura - QCF+KK
       Might as well wait for her to come down like Ken and Akuma
Sakura - QCB+PP
       Depends how close. You can either cancel her out all the way, or get caught.
Sakura - LP -> LP -> Forward -> LK -> HP
       Her raging demon can be cancelled.
Tron Bonne - QCF+PP
       yes as long as she don't catch you first
Tron Boone - QCB+PP
Silver Samurai - Assist A+B (Hyper Hundred Slashes)
       Yes. Can be cancelled.
Silver Samurai - QCF+PP
       Yes if your close enough, otherwise no
Silver Samurai - QCB+LP
       Yes, catch him when he becomes Electric
Silver Samurai - QCB+LK
       Catch him Iced
Silver Samurai - QCB+HK
       Catch Him Flame-on
Silver Samurai - QCF+KK while normal or in Electric Mode
Silver Samurai - QCF+KK while Iced
       Not a good idea, you will land, but you will also be frozen
Silver Samurai - QCF+KK while Flame-on
       If he misses, eat him, but wait for the flames to decend upwards a bit.
Sabretooth - QCF+PP
       Timed correctly, this can be cancelled out with a head crush
Sabretooth - DP+PP
       Don't. He jumps to do this Weapon X lookalike. And he'll snatch you out your 
       head crush with it.
Sabretooth - HCB+KK
       Oh my god, don't try. You'll get LIT UP!
Spiral - QCF+PP
       Don't. You'll both cancel each other or depending on the timing and distance, 
       one will cancel another. 
Spiral - QCF+KK
       Catch her when she powers up
Spiral - QCB+PP
       Watch this now. Don't even try to cancel it. Just wait it out, and be sure to
       stay away
Spiral - QCB+KK
       Cancel this.
Hulk - QCF+PP
Hulk - QCF+KK
       no, but wait for the last rock to drop, window of opportunity opens.
Hulk - QCB+PP
       if you do it when he's up in the air, you'll either just go to the other side
       or get caught. Best thing to do it wait for him to hit you while you block then
       before he lands headcrush.
Omega Red - QCB+PP
Jin - QCF+PP
       Yes. Blodia is no match for Juggernaut.
Jin - QCF+KK
       no. you'll just be spinnin'
Jin - QCB+PP
       no. You'll be gatted.
Roll - QCF+PP
       before the transformation, hit her.
Roll - QCB+KK
Roll - QCF+KK
       no. Just like Megaman
Strider - QCF+PP
       you'll land the head crush for a couple hits, and then be cancelled out by the orbs
Strider - QCF+KK
Storm - QCB+PP
       you can knock her out the air, but best if blocked.
Anakaris - B, F, PP
Anakaris - D, D, PP
       Wait for the 3rd coffin to hit the floor, then stop blocking and head crush.
Anakaris - HK, LP, d, LK, HP
       No, or you'll just be a grease spot under a giant coffin.
Anakaris - LP, LP, f, LK, HP
       The answer to this. Don't do it when he goes straight up. Wait for an opening
       if you can. He can be cancelled out of this, but it's dangerous with his hands
       swinging around.
Zangief - Assist A+B Super
       Can be cancelled out
Zangief - 360 degree rotation + PP
       No, he grabs you out your head crush and busters yo ass


III. More Stuff


-Rus, who taught me the meaning of block
-Nado, who taught me the meaning of blocking low, and also got me into the game
-Vito, who taught me you can't block throws and grabs
-Jack9, author of the Juggernaut v2.2 FAQ
-Ben wit the tattoos that first informed me of the "glitch"
-Will who played at the tournaments and now plays me every sunday at 2:30pm
-Murda, big shouts to my boy. You gave me that push to go up a level, an thats
why I'm writin this now. One.
-Quinn, for annoying me with his Psylocke and Jill. Improved my skills.
-Shouts to the Spoon War Family. Playing for the gold spoon every sunday improved
what skill I had. I may not have infinites but I got 100% damage combo's... Is
it still good enough?


|Behind the Schemes|

Juggernaut is a good player, but not for everyone. If you prefer to air combo 
into supers, dash in, and not jump, he pretty much ain't for you. If you prefer
to push your weight around, run on pure strength, and bully smaller characters,
he is YOUR GUY! Playing with him, you have to play smart. Don't just think because
he's large, he can take hits. His armor takes one hit, and after that, if it's 
combo'd, Juggernaut is vunerable. Play it safe with him, but most of all play it 
smart. Play the offense on smaller characters, let Psylocke, Jill, an even Guile
know that even though you can't play their arial games, you got games of your own.
I'm a real good Juggernaut player, probably play to his best potential considering 
he has no cheesy infinite. I've beaten many people, sometimes so bad they either...

A: Punched the machine and left
B: Bitched about it like "I DIDN'T DO THAT, AHH MAN! HOW DID THAT GO THRU THAT?!"
C: Wanted to fight over it
D: They selected Juggernaut and tried my own tactics against me.

Come on people. Take a loss or take a beating. It's your choice. Good sportsmanship
earns my respect, which is why I play against who I do. We're all one big MVC2 family
who gets down, shows each other the ropes, learns new tricks, combo's, glitches, etc..
And a friendly tip. Once you've lost over 5 dollars to one person, stop playing against
him. There's no point to lose money. Understand that there are people you can whip out
and people that can whip you out.

|Whats been changed in this verion|

-Fixed up the combo's section. I had forgotten to put ducking this and ducking that...
-Added more supers into the SUPERS TO CANCEL section
-Added a WHATS BEEN CHANGED IN THIS VERION section. bwahahaha
-Edited various sections


|Legal stuff|

What else can I say?

WRIGLEY's is a copyright of WRIGLEY's Doublemint Gum
MVC2 is a copyright of their respective owners (haha. Like that one, don't ya?)
"TWO JABS AN A HEAD CRUSH" is a copyright of me, Schemes

And I don't care what you do wit this FAQ. If you distribute this without my name 
an I find out an know where you live, and pass by, I'll challenge you to a match, and 
also if I lose, I'll challenge you to a real match. If you use information in this FAQ, 
an write another FAQ, good for you. It's not like I can stop you. No one ever enforces 
this because no one ever can. But remember kids... ARGH!

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