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Charlie by Nyu-bomber

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/13/01

Charlie FAQ
Version 1.0
Written by Nyu-bomber E-mail: lanoom@aol.com

1) Abbreviations
2) Move List
   IV.Supers (Hyper Combo)
4) Strategies
   II.Reccomended Partners
5) Combos
   I.Ground Combos
   II.Air Combos
6) Misc. Stuff
    IV.Charlie vs. Guile
7) Version History

This is a FAQ for the game Marvel vs. Capcom 2. One of the fighters on 
MvC2 is named CHARLIE. He is my fave character so I decided to write a 
FAQ for him. This is that FAQ. Enjoy!

These are the abbreviations I will be using so YOU can understand what 
I am saying.

P- any punch
K-any kick
PP- both punches at same time
KK- both kicks at same time
LP-Light Punch
LK-Light Kick
MP- Medium Punch
MK- Medium Kick
HP-High Punch
HK-High Kick
VC- Variable Counter
A1-Assist One
A2-Assist Two
AAA-Anti Air Assist
THC- Team Hyper Combo
DHC- Delayed Hyper Combo
OTG-Off The Ground
XX- Cancel out of/ in to
, -Seperates action
c. -Crouching
j. -Jumping
s. -Standing
sj.-Super Jump
AC- Air Combo
(***) -Can be substituted for...

All of Charlie's Moves are useful, unlike other 
characters...*cough*Cable*cough* =)

s. LP- A quick, standing jab. Light damage. Will be used to start 

c. LP- A quick, crouching jab. Light damage. Will be used to start 

j. LP- A quick, downward angled jab. Light damage. Can be used to jump-
in and start combos.

s. LK- A quick kick to the ankles (or in Servbot's case, the head). 
Light damage. Will be used to start combos.

c. LK- A quick crouching kick. Light damage. Can OTG. Will be used to 
start combos and OTG to lengthen combos.

j. LK- Quick kick, angled upward. Light damage. Not to good for jump-
ins, cause of the angle. Will be used to start combos.

Note: Pressing LP or LK twice accesses Mediums.
s. MP- Charlie performs an upward elbow. Light damage Used to fill-in 

c. MP- Charlie performs a second punch with his other hand. Light 
damage. Used to fill-in combos.

j. MP- Charlie performs a quick, downward chop. Light damage. Used to 
fill-in combos.

s. MK- A quick kick to the chin. Light damage. Used to fill-in combos.

c. MK- A second, quick low kick. Light damage. Used to fill-in combos.

j. MK- A quick, straight kick. Light damage. Used to fill-in combos.

s. HP- A straight punch to the jaw. Light damage. Used to end or fill-
in combos.

c. HP- An uppercut to the jaw. Light damage. Charlie's Launcher. Used 
to start Air Combos. 

j. HP- A harder chop downward. Light damage. Used to end AC's and to 
jump-in. Light damage.

Forward + HP- Charlie spins and does a backhand version of his HP.

s. HK- A strong kick to the jaw. Light damage. Used to end or fill-in 

c. HK- A spinning kick that trips the opponent. Light damage. Used to 
end or fill-in combos.

j. HK- A kick downward. Light damage. Used to jump-in. 

Forward + HK- Charlie moves forward while sticking his leg out to kick. 
I think it hits overhead...I'll have to check. Light damage. Used to end 
ground combos.

Back + HK- Charlie hops while spinning to kick the opponent. Avoids 
some low attacks. Light damage. 

Charlie's throws have good priority. Use them when you can but try not 
to get predictable.

Forward + HP- Charlie performs a German Suplex. Good damage.

Forward + HK- Charlie knees them four times. On the fourth knee, the 
opponent flys up. You can OTG by dashing in and performing a c. LK. 
Good damage.

(Air) Forward + HP- Charlie does a backbreaker. You can OTG by 
performing a c. LK. Good damage.

A good character has good specials. Charlie has good specials. Think 
about it...

Sonic Boom- Charge Back (2 seconds), Forward + P
Charlie swings out one arm (stylish as usual) and produces a spinning 
disc of energy.
LP produces a slower Sonic Boom; HP produces a faster Sonic Boom. It 
has a little start- up and a little lag. Does about as much damage as 
his HP. Hits once.

This attack can be used as a one-hit shield for Charlie's rushdown 
game. Throw a LP version and start moving in. It can also be used a 
confusion tactic, since the LP version's slow speed is slower than most 

Flash Kick- Charge Down (2 seconds), Up + K
Charlie performs a cool looking somersault and produces a slash of 
energy and shoots out projectile at an upward angle. LK hits twice and 
doesn't go too far off the ground; HK hits three times and goes higher 
off the ground. Has quick start-up, but really bad lag time. Both do 
good damage, HK does a little more than LK.

I like to use this move as a counter and in combos, never wide open. I 
use the LK version as the counter because if I mess-up I have a better 
chance of not getting countered myself than if I use the HK version. I 
use the HK version in combos because it does more damage, duh! It might 
be useful to knock people out the air, but I don't think so.

(Air Only) Moonsault Slash- Up, Up-Forward, Forward + K
Charlie performs a splits in mid-air, producing a slash of energy. This 
moves Charlie forward a little. LK is weaker and not as far traveling 
as the HK version. A little start- up, but no lag. It hits once. Can be 
done on the ground because the up motion causes Charlie to jump a 

This is Charlie's most abusable move. It has no lag time and little 
start- up.  It leaves the opponent in block-stun. So if it's blocked he 
is safe anyway. Can end ACs. It can be used to travel a little also. 
Great priority.

Supers (Hyper Combos)
Charlie's supers are all useful and damaging.

Sonic Blade- Down, Down-Forward, Forward + PP
Charlie winds up his arm as if he is about to do a Sonic Boom, but 
instead starts throwing out a lot of Sonic Booms. About medium start- 
up and Charlie recovers before the Sonic Booms go off screen. Can be 
mashed for more hits and damage. It does 9 hits when not mashed. It 
does 15 hits when mashed to the max. Excellent damage. 

This may be slow but it has its uses. It is good for switching-in/out 
and for DHCing in/out. It can be comboed into and out of.

Somersault Justice-Down, Down- Back, Back + KK
Charlie moves along the ground while performing 2 mini- Flash Kicks 
(each one shoots one projectile), then finishes it with a big one that 
leaves the ground, shooting out two projectiles. Super fast start-up 
(think Juggy Head Crush start-up), but HORRIBLE lag. Does a maximum of 
13 hits (depending on where you are). Excellent damage. 

This is great for punishing mistakes. It is also easily comboed into. 
But, you have to make sure it hits or you'll be in BIG trouble.

Crossfire Blitz- Down, Down-Forward, Forward + KK
Charlie winds-up and then dashes at the opponent. If he gets the 
opponent caught, he will proceed to initiate an Auto-Combo ending in 
his Back + HK. The Back + HK sends them flying across the screen. 
Medium start-up, the dash is wicked fast (one of the fastest Auto-
Combos actually) and it has a little lag if blocked. Does 10 hits. 
Excellent damage.

Just like any other Auto-Combo (or super for that matter) DON'T THROW 
THIS OUT AT RANDOM! It is easily seen and punished. It is easily 
comboed off of a s. HP or s. HK. A good mistake punisher cause of its 

1. Alpha- Projectile Type- HP Sonic Boom- VC: HP Sonic Boom- THC: Sonic 
Charlie jumps out and throws a HP Sonic Boom. He then does his taunt 
and jumps back off screen. A Sonic Boom on screen is always a good 
thing, since it helps certain character's rushdown and can help keep-
away (but not much). IMO is 2nd best assist.

2. Beta- Anti-air type- HK Flash Kick- VC: HK Flash Kick THC: 
Somersault Justice
Charlie jumps out, performs a HK Flash Kick, taunts then leaves. IMO 
this is his best assist type. It covers area good, does good damage, 
and shoots a projectile upward, having the potential to knock down some 
flyers. But, if your team has a better AAA, such as Blackheart, then go 
with the Alpha assist.  

3. Gamma (Y)- Balance type- HP Sonic Boom- VC: HK Flash Kick- THC: 
Sonic Blade
I don't like this assist. It is useless since VCs aren't really a big 
part of the game.



Rushdown- this is where Charlie exceeds at. His combos are short but, 
effective. Throw when you can. Have him covered by someone like Doom 
AAA. I like to use his j. HK for jump-ins. His dash might not be the 
best but, at least it isn't the worst. Moonsault Slash is probably the 
best special he has. It is safe to abuse and can be OTG after (I still 
haven't figured out how to do it though. LP Sonic Booms keep the 
opponent from dashing-in on you and help Charlie get in close. Combo 
into Somersault Justice and Crossfire Blitz for god damage. He doesn't 
have any really impressive ACs aside from his Semi-infinite (explained 
in the combo section).

Keep-away- Don't think about it...don't even think about it. The only 
projectile he has is Sonic Boom (and technically Flash Kick). Those are 
not enough.

Turtling- Charlie might be good at this since his moves are charges and 
he has good mistake punishing supers. I've never tried it though 
because Charlie is best on offense, not waiting for an opening.

Partner Recommendations
I'm going to try to put all the characters that pair good with Charlie, 
not just the "top tier".

Dr. Doom- I like the pair of Charlie/Doom. Doom's AAA gives Charlie 
extra coverage on rushdown and Moonsault Slash can keep the opponent 
pinned down while Doom chips away. Charlie's AAA can keep opponent's 
from jumping-in on Doom. It can provide coverage while Doom plays keep-
away. Excellent.  

Mega Man- Charlie's AAA can help in the Rockball Trap. And Mega Man's 
Proj. Assist can cover Charlie while he rushes-in. Good.

More to come!

Like I said Charlie's combos may not be as flashy as some but they are 
effective! LKs can replace most LPs. When I say LK or LP twice, the 2nd 
LP or LK is a medium. Also, all of these combos can be started with a 
dash-in or a jump-in.

Ground Combos
1)	LP, LP, HP

2)	c. LP, c. LP, Flash Kick

3)	LP, LP, HP (Forward + HP, HK) XX Crossfire Blitz

4)	c. HK XX Sonic Blade

5)	c. HK XX Somersault Justice

6)	LP, LP, HK(HP, Forward + HP) XX Somersault Justice

Air Combos
1)	c. HP (launcher), sj., LP, LK, LP, LK, AC Finisher
AC Finishers are: sj. HP, sj. HK, Forward + HP Throw, Moonsault Slash

You can start this by OTGing a Forward + HK Throw with c. LK, c. HP. 
This can be Tech Hitted and Rolled out of, and you can only do two 
throws before you can't do any more...but the damage is worth it! It took 
off about 2/3 of Cable's life in Training on Dreamcast.

c. HP, sj., LP, LK, LP,(optional LK), Forward + HP Throw, c. LK (OTG), 
c. HP, continue...

If you want to take off 90 percent (!!) after the second throw...

c. LK, Somersault Justice


LP- Fair/Green/Yellow/Green/Normal
LK- Fair/Blue/Red/Blue/Normal
HP- Fair/Blue/White/Blue/Normal
HK- Fair/Black/Yellow/Black/Normal
A1- Tanned/Dark Yellow/Lime Green/Dark Yellow/Darker
A2- Fair/Red/Red/Red/Normal

I'll post the story as soon as I get it.........


Taunt-Dreamcast = Start + LK
      Arcade = Start

Charlie turns his back to the opponent, grabs his jacket, and exclaims 
"Too easy!"

Start Fight Pose:

Charlie starts with his back to the opponent, glasses on.  He then 
exclaims "Humph!", puts his glasses in his pocket and gets into his 
fighting stance, ready to kick booty!

Win Poses:
1)Charlie starts filing his finger nails and goes "Humph!"

2)Charlie turns his back to the screen and gives his 
teammates(opponents?) a hand symbol suggesting "Good fight".

3)Charlie turns his back to the opponent and puts his glasses back on.

4)Charlie turns his back to the opponent, adjusts his vest, and 
exclaims "Humph!"

Switch Out Pose:
Same as #2 except he says "Humph!"

Switch In Pose:
Same as #4 except he doesn't turn his face toward the opponent, doesn't 
adjust his vest, and doesn't open his eyes.

Charlie VS. Guile

Never since Ryu VS. Ken has there been such a great debate......

I'll put some things here soon...

Coming next update!

Stuff for Charlie VS. Guile!
More combos!
Time Out Win/Lose Poses!
Maybe a new section......!!


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