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Chun-Li by Stuc2k

Updated: 04/17/01

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes

Chun Li FAQ

Written by: Stuc2k (Brilliance Straun)

I.     Author's notes (Introduction)
II.    Chun Li basics
III.   Chun Li specials
IV.    Chun Li Hyper Combos
V.     Noteworthy Chun Li attributes
VI.    Chun Li Combos
VII.   Chun Li assists
VIII.  Psycho chick syndrome
IX.    Team specific strats (coming soon)
X.     Misc. stuff
XI.    Credits


I.     Author's notes (Introduction)

Thanks for stopping in. This is my first attempt at a FAQ so please bear with
me throughout the course of it. I hope to generate an interest in Chun Li in
MvC2 (seeing as her popularity has plummeted due to severe changes made in her
fighting mechanics). I also hope to enlighten the reader to some of Chun Li's
good (though very limited) qualities. I'm not good with legal stuff, but of
course this FAQ shouldn't pop up in any magazines or other websites and such
without my permission. Contact me at Jcstucke@aol.com first and obtain written
consent. Well without any further hold ups, lets get to it.


II.    Chun Li basics

First things first, here's a key of abbreviations that will be used throughout
this FAQ: (All information will be given in the assumption that your character
is facing the right...duhh)

U      Up
D      Down
B      Back
F      Forward
DF     Down-Forward
DB     Down-Backward
C      Crouching
S      Standing
J      Jumping
SJ     Super-Jump
DJ     Double-Jump
TJ     Triple-Jump
OTG    Off-the-ground
AAA    Anti-Air Assist
QCF    Quarter circle forward
QCB    Quarter circle backward
HCF    Half circle forward
HCB    Half circle backward
DPM    Dragon Punch Motion (F,D,DF)
LK     Light Kick
MK     Medium Kick (obtained by hitting light kick twice)
HK     Heavy Kick
LP     Light Punch
MP     Medium Punch (obtained by hitting light punch twice)
HP     Heavy Punch
KK     Light & Heavy Kick buttons simultaneously
PP     Light & Heavy Punch buttons simultaneously
On with the basics:
LP     Chun Li gives the opponent a quick pimp slap in the face. This is one of
Basic combo starters. Though it has hardly any range, it is very quick and Most
of her heavy damage will come about from expounding on this move

MP     Chunny uses both of her palms to deliver a quick blow to the stomach.
Basically a combo filler that won't push the opponent too far away to tag On
some more hits.

HP     Whoa! Chun Li throws a quick, hard blow to the face. Good for ending
Quick little combos or knocking characters out of some supers. I'm not All to
partial to using this move because nothing can follow it. Even in Corners.
However, it is ideal for using in the duration of some assist Character
entrances the HP will act as a bridge with Chun Li's attacks And the assist
character's following attack. Better than nothing right? ^_^

HP(in close)    Chunny's throw. She performs a takedown move using her
shoulder. Suprisingly enough, this thing has some good priority and sets up
some damaging OTG combos. Use this excessively if at all possible. Throwin'
ain't cheap! Lol.

LK     A quick midlevel kick. Much like her LP, but has a bit more reach. I
prefer LP over LK because she recovers faster from the jab, but overall its not
a Very big difference.

MK     Identical to the LK, but this time she aims for the chest. I really
don't like This move as it pushes the opponent away (unless in a corner). You
wanna Only attempt this move in a corner. Other than that, its not at all

HK     Another big shot. Chun Li does somewhat of a vertical split and extends
Her leg high above her head to deliver a kick to the chin. This is Chun Li's
Launcher…and probably the reason she isn't heavily used. She's very
Underpriviledged in terms of setting up air combos in MvC2, This can be Set up
after an LP and LK. It can also follow MP and MK in a corner. Though this isn't
a very good move, I'll discuss some means to make it Reliable later in the FAQ.

F+HP	A very decent move in terms of range and damage. It's the only move In
Chun Li's arsenal that can follow a MP or an MK outside of a corner Chun Li
extends her arms and forms a quick swirl of blue energy from her Palms. This
move hits twice depending on your distance. Get well Acquainted with this move.

C.LP     Crouching moves are what Chun Li does best in MvC2. Her standing
attacks don't really get the job done and can't be taken very far in terms of
length On her crouching LP, she does a quick jab...not really anything special,
but very fast and she recovers rather quickly from it.

C.MP     Similar to the crouching LP. She uses the same arm and deliver a
stronger blow. Much like her oher Medium attacks, this one pushes the opponent
away unless in a corner. However, much like her FP this is also an ideal attack
to be followed by an assist.

C.HP     Refer back to c.MP

C.LK     Like most pixie style characters in this game, you want to reap the
full rewards of the crouching LK. This has more reach than her crouching LP and
is just as quick. Use it sparingly though...Chun Li is no Magneto lol.

C.MK     Chunny uses her opposite leg to do a crouching 360 of sorts. This
attack pushes the opponent out of reach and should only be used for a filler
during helper combos.

C.HK     Man oh man lol. Chun Li balances her whole body on one arm (amazing)
to deliver an extra hard kick which drops any opponent. I love the range on
this move and also the fact that it can be followed by her flashkick super. It
outprioritizes some ground supers and is the only move that can follow up her
Medium attacks. She recovers decently from it so don't be afraid to use it in
some pressure games.

DB.HK    Chun Li does a backward flip in an attempt to land on the opponent's
head. Be careful not to abuse this move. It catches some turtler's off guard if
use an assist to create a diversion, but if they catch on, you'll be in a world
of hurt.

J.LP     As far as jump ins, Chun Li has one that's particularly good, it's
definitely not this one. It has some guard breaking properties to a certain
extent, but don't get too hung up on    this one. Almost zippo range and the
same goes for the priority. It's a simple downward punch ideal for nothing than
starting your air combos.

J.MP     Identical to the jumping LP but it reachers further downward.
Obviously this for air combos, but can be used as a filler during jump in

J.HP     Refer to J.MP

J.LK     Probably Chun Li's best jump in, has the most distance and won't get
you brutally murdered...if you wanna jump in, jump in with this. Also a must
for Chun Li's rushdown. (explained later)

J.MK     Chunny raises her leg at head's length to deliver a boot to the face.
Same properties as the J.MP.

J.HK     Similar to the J.MK, but this one hits twice. This will be your basic
air combo finisher. Not ideal for jump-ins.

J.F+HK   A straight forward strong kick. She kicks kinda high on this one so I
don't recommend it on jump-ins either. Use it more or less when you're coming
out of an air dash and you're trying to snuff out an assist or something to
that effect.		

J.D+HK   The old school foot stomp move, use it to prolong your air evasion and
to from getting nailed by some supers. This one's very safe and I recommend
fitting it into your playing style in some form or fashion.

III.	Chun Li specials

Chun Li's specials are not all too rewarding for the most part either :( only a
select few of them should be used out in the open. Here they go:

Kikou Ken, HCF + Either punch button
Chun Li thrusts her upperbody forward palms first to release a ball of blue
energy (technical ain't it? lol) I like to use the LP version when I do decide
to do this one. Chun Li can actually cross up herself! You can release the
fireball, jump straight up and air dash rather close to the ground and you'll
be on the other side before your fireball reaches the character. It can be
useful at times on large characters (except Sentinel), but nothing to write
home about. It doesn't hurt to try this a few times as some people will fall
for it.

Sen'en Shuu, HCB + Either kick button
Comparable to Charlie's Moonsault Slash, this move certainly has a few uses.
Chun Li turns upside down, springs back off of her hands and delivers an
overhead kick. The LK version should be used mainly for counters on
projectiles, FPs and things of that nature. This one moves slower, but she
springs higher into the air lunging her over many projectiles and this WILL
catch anyone after a missed projectile if you're timing is good. The FK version
can be used for some mindgames. This one comes out rather quick and if you're
close to the character, she'll simply hop all the way over them landing right
next to them on the other side. Good for crossups, but you mostly only wanna
use the LK version offensively and the FK version defensively.

Tenshou Kyaku, DPM + Either kick button
This move actually has nice properties. Nicer than some give it credit for.
Chun Li turns her body at an angle and does a series of upward kicks. It's very
fast and has decent priority. It's also comboable off of a mere jab which can
save you the trouble of some of her harder combos when you need quick damage.
The FK version comes out quicker and sorta has weird properties, I wouldn't say
its invincible, but there are very few attacks that can knock her out of the
starting animation...use this to your advantage.

Hyakuretsu Kyaku, press either kick button rapidly
An old favorite. Balancing herself on one leg, Chun Li delivers an inhuman
flurry of kicks. Sadly, it doesn't have a lot of uses outside of finishing air
combos. A partial reason of this is that it's been made so much harder to do.
She moves those legs much faster than she used to ^_^ along with that comes
more effort on your part. All I can say to this one is practice it. Seeing it
in an air combo is always refreshing.


IV. Chun Li Hyper Combos

Yup, you guessed it. Her supers hinder her abilities as well :( However, if one
knows a few safety tips for these, they can do a fair amount of chip damage.
Here they go:

Kikou Shou, QCF + PP
Chunny draws back, thrusts her palms forward and creates a large blue ball of
energy that surrounds her for approximately 2 seconds (if you mash like heck,
you can usually get another second out of it), damaging anything that touches
it (duhh). This super is actually pretty good. It comes out fast, provides a
safe haven around Chunny and although it has lag afterward, only super quick
characters can get a free shot off of her.
When you're locked down and getting chipped to death, or you see a THC
coming...if you can't escape it by jumping, throw this move out there. It
outlasts many of the supers (or they'll end at almost the same time). Sometimes
this will be more beneficial than blocking because Chun Li will be caught in
the supers and such for a very short period of time. 3 seconds is a long time
in the world of MvC2 ^_^

Senretsu Kyaku, QCF + KK
Ahh...those who've seen the Street Fighter 2 Anime remember this one (*sigh*
poor Vega). She lifts a leg, pauses breifly, then dashes forward with thousands
of kicks, ending with somewhat of a jumpkick. This move is decent in that its
pretty fast, chips good, and is actually pretty damaging on assist characters.
It's also mashable for around 2 or 3 extra hits. If you're gonna use this move
for chipping, I suggest the proper backup (which will be explained later).

Hazan Tenshou Kyaku, DPM + KK
An extended version of Tenshou Kyaku. Nothing really special about it. If you
got swift hands, it's quite possible to guard break with this. Air dash low to
the ground, throw a jab, when their guard lets up, bust this out soon as you
hit the ground. Also, it can nail tag ins if you anticipate it. Other than
that, you can use it in a few combos. Never do this out in the open for obvious
reasons (you'll get thrashed when you land lol).

-Now that you know what these moves are and how to do them, its time to put
them into a playing medium ^_^ which is actually the fun part.


V. Noteworthy Chun Li Attributes
This is sort of a pros and cons section, however i'm going take a different
route and 1) tell you what's good about her 2) list some important DOs and

Chun Li in MvC2 in my opinion, is the essence of a team player. Everything Chun
Li does screams "Can I get a little help here?" or "Let me lend you a hand".
The Chun Li we all once knew, loved, and played to no end is gone. Why? I
believe Capcom wanted this game to strongly emphasize teammwork. With Chun Li
being one of their flagstaff carriers, they wanted her to be able to
demonstrate it in the best means possible. A lot of people dog Chun Li out
1) She doesn't do big damage
2) She lost that air super

But I choose to stand next to the fact that she doesn't have these moves for a
reason. I think Capcom intended to make her one of the best characters in this
game all over again. Somewhere along the line all these tiers came up and along
with that came all this keep away, traps, etc. So Chunny's out in the cold. I
believe Chun Li is among the top 10 characters that are to be played in terms
of other characters (meaning characters that need assists). She can set up so
many helper combos its unbelievable, coupled with the fact that their fairly
easy to do. When you think Chun Li, think TEAM TEAM TEAM. Lol...here are the
DOs and DON'Ts for Chun Li:

-DO abuse your assists
-DO be very aggressive (think of her as Wolverine with no claws)
-DO learn to cross up/rushdown as best you can
-DO be generous with your supers (if you play hard and aggressive, she'll build
sufficient meter for you)

-DON'T play faster than you can handle
-DON'T go head up with super armor characters
-DON'T "overstay your welcome" meaning don't stay in one place throwing attacks
for too long. Example: An agitated Magneto isn't a happy one. Agitated Magneto
= Chun Li in a body bag.
-DON'T get scared and tag her out when her energy is low...if its really low,
let her die. You can't afford to have your assists put in dangerous
predicaments. Which brings me to the last don't.
-DON'T get your assists killed. Solo Chunny = Dead Chunny.

VI. Chun Li combos

If you skipped to this section, shame on you! Lol...anyway lets get into some
basic solo Chun Li combos ^_^

Ground combos

1. LP Kikou Ken xx Sen Retsu Kyaku
This one does about 17 or so hits and racks up about 33 points of damage on
high defense characters like Sentinel. This is definitely worth the bar. This
is one of the few instances where you'd keep your attack length short and
sweet. This one is an asset. And don't forget to mash more hits out of it.

2. In a corner, LP Kikou Ken xx Kikou shou (OTG c.LK xx Tenshou Kyaku or Sen
Retsu Kyaku)
A 16 hitter...does around 37 points of damage on highest defense characters. Of
course your opponent will be able to roll out, but to be sure go for the
crouching lk. Don't concern yourself too much with this one as the Sen Retsu
Kyaku ender is always a better alternative.

3. LP LK c.MK c.HK xx Sen Retsu Kyaku (OTG) (can be started by a jump-in LK)
A decent combo, but lets face it.....people roll lol. If you're feeling
confident that you'll land this (meaning you're in a seriously heated battle
and you think it could slip your opponent's mind), then go for it. Don't get
too cocky with this one though, as your opponent will catch on and massacre
poor Chunny.

4. LK HK xx Hazan Tenshou Kyaku

Air combos

1. c.LK s.HK sj.LP LK MP MK HP/HK/or Hyaku Retsu Kyaku
Chun Li's basic magic series AC clocking in at 27 points of damage on highest
defense characters. I always opt to go for Hyaku Retsu Kyaku. The worst that
can happen is you'll just nail the opponent with the HK.

2. c.LK s.HK sj.LP LK breif pause LP LK dj.LP LK breif pause LP LK tj.LP LK MP
MK HP/HK/or Hyaku Retsu Kyaku
Use this only for flash factor it actually does less damage than her basic AC!
Only doing 25 points of damage. When doing this one, press the LP and LKs
quickly as possible and be sure to take a very breif pause between them or a MP
will come out instead of an LP. A nice looking combo, but in a heated fight you
wanna stick to the one listed above.

3. In a corner, c.LK s.HK sj.LP LK MP MK HP xx d.HK
The same as number one, but you can throw the foot stomp in at the end for 5
(FIVE!!) whole extra points of damage if you're doing this one in corners
(making it 32 points). Always take advantage of this. Chun Li needs all the
added help she can get. After doing this one, I like to tag on a double jump or
a triangle jump so I can sort of pick my opening as I descend. You might just
open the opponent up to another combo. More on this air tactic later...

4. In a corner, HP throw, c.LK (OTG) s.HK (follow with AC #1,2,or 3)
Chun Li's throw, as I said before has a lot of priority. So if you're dumping
out some
pressure on the opposition in a corner, dash up and knock em on their backs. A
lot of the time your opponent won't see this coming and you can get the OTG
c.LK. This combo is a very safe manuever so always be willing to go for it in
pressure games.

5. In a corner, Jab Kikou Ken xx Kikou Shou, c.LK (OTG) s.HK (follow with AC
#1,2,or 3)
As I said earlier, people roll, but if they don't, use this by all means. This
one is the most damaging yet clocking in around 40 points on highest defense

More coming soon....

VII. Chun Li assists
Here we'll discuss what Chunny can do from the sidelines. She's actually a very
decent helper. The assists are as follows:

Alpha-Projectile assist
Here, Chun Li steps in, tosses out a Kikou Ken, flashes a smile, then departs.
In Triple or Team Hyper Combo, Chunny lends a hand with a Kikou Shou. This one
is her worst assist. It isn't quick, doesn't chip big, and doesn't help cross
ups well. You can do without this one.

Beta-Anti Air assist
The ol AAA is very good. She hops in, quickly goes into Tenshou Kyaku, flashes
that cute smile, then leaves. In Triple Hyper Combos, she does Hazan Tenshou
Kyaku. This one will be an asset to a number of characters paired up with
Chunny (which will be explained later) it's not as good as Cyclops' in terms of
range and combo set ups, but much like it in every other way. It isn't
invincible, but the only thing that can knock her out of this, is big supers
such as Proton Cannon, Mega Optic Blast, and the Storm supers. Arguably
Chunny's best assist.

Gamma-Expansion assist
Chun Li enters, does the Sen'en Shuu, flashes the pearly whites (again), and
departs.This assist incorporates the best of her Triple Hyper Combo variations
which is the Senretsu Kyaku. This one is to be used when you're playing with
teams in which you want to establish range and play semi-aggressive keep away.
A very good assist, but only in few situations.

VIII. Psycho Chick Syndrome
Before I go into the specific Chun Li fighting styles/strategies. I'd like to
introduce her to the "Psycho Chick" group of MvC2. Remember those days when you
first started playing and you'd face either the CPU Rogue or Storm? Do you
remember how they went all out with crazy speed and killer combo linking? Well,
its by no means humanly impossible. Better yet, Chun Li can do it too ^_^. Yup,
thats right, Chun Li can do that insane crap even though you never seen the CPU
do it. It's basically a form of rushdown in which you super jump and cancel it
with a dash while still low to the ground, and upon approaching the opponent,
throw a quick LK MP HP and repeat. If you're familiar with the way Rogue does
this, its almost the exact same method. The key to doing this 100%, is knowing
how to air dash when you're feet are just barely off the ground and being able
to repeat this as many times as possible. The reason behind super jumping
instead of regular jumping is that it quickens the whole process dash and all.
This by far, is the most difficult thing Chun Li has to offer, but I assure you
it works like a charm. Practice this a LOT. I'm the first to admit Chun Li
isn't a top notch character, but being well acquainted with Chun Li's "Psycho
Chick Syndrome" will make people see Chun Li in a new light.

IX. Team specific strats (using)
The following two sections of this FAQ are probably THE MOST important. Playing
a good Chun Li requires knowing how she relates to the characters she's gonna
be playing with. I will list only one helper combo per character to keep the
FAQ from being too long. If you need any others e mail me at Jcstucke@aol.com
and i'll see what I can do. Read through this section thoroughly...this is what
Chunny does best ^_^

(Listed in alphabetical order)

Akuma/Chun Li
With: You're gonna want Akuma's Expansion assist. An Akuma/Chun Li duo is
played best with cross ups and/or very aggressive pressure. You'll want to be
well aware of what kind of damage Akuma might take while coming in to help and
don't get him killed, but abuse him heavily to some extent. The fact that his
assist is multi hitting will award Chun Li with some big damage plugged in the
middle of some of her combos. I personally like to cross up with Akuma and
either launch into an air combo, or Hazan Tenshou Kyaku. Due to the rate of
speed at which he comes out, start all your Chun Li helper combos after having
called him out first meaning don't start the combo and call him out in the
middle of it. Akuma won't make it in time to prolong it in most cases so either
combo off of cross ups, or call him out before you take initiative. The meter
building factor for this duo is pretty good considering you're able to be very
aggressive on the offense. Akuma's supers are very damaging so if Chunny needs
to take a breather, don't hesitate to DHC with one of Akuma's hypers. THCs are
a no-no with this team unless A) you have someone with a beam super or Storm as
your third member or B) if you're ready to commit suicide lol. Of course you
know Akuma's Expansion THC is a vertical super.

Helper combo with Akuma Chun Li
Call Akuma, dash in or cross up with LP LK MP F+HP, after Akuma's final kick HK
(follow with Air combo #1, #2, or #3 listed in section VI)
50 points of damage here. You'll get more use out of this one if you cross up
with it because people normally won't let you accomplish this after dashing in,
unless you're punishing lag (in this case its a great idea). You can substitute
the air combo for either:
Hazan Tenshou Kyaku (57 pts. damage) or Kikou Shou (corner only, 50 pts.
damage) I recommend saving the meter for Akuma and simply busting out the air
combo (go for the triple jumper if you're low on meter).

Against: Watch those feet, his Hurricane Kick outprioritizes a lot of her
ground based attacks. Also you wanna watch how you use your supers. He can pop
you after ANY missed super in a variety of ways and all of them are extremely
painful. Keep that in mind in your pressure/air games and the rest is trial and
error. Psycho chick his butt! Lol...

Amingo/Chun Li
With: Chun Li gets sort of the short end of the stick on this one. Chunny helps
Amingo out tremendously but gets near nothing in return. His balance assist can
be used for cross up tactics to an extent, but its near impossible to combo off
of it. You can cross up and upon connecting with his assist, you can bust out
Kikou Shou. When I play Amingo/Chun Li (which should only be if you've really
picked up on playing Chunny exceptionally well), I use Amingo's Enhance assist
to give me a boost of defense when i'm trying to get into the "Psycho Chick
Syndrome" previously discussed. Fortunately, both of Amingo's supers DHC from
Chun Li's supers so I guess that counts for something. Amingo is one of Chun
Li's worst partners.

Against: Amingo has one of the fastest launchers in the game by far. And a good
Amingo will keep at you with this. Again, you must be careful with missed
supers because you'll catch an air combo after any of them. As for those
helpers, you don't want any part of those so try to be very mobile. Instead of
dashing in at him, try to cancel your super jumps into air dashes to get in
close and ALWAYS cover this with assists. Chun Li should come out on top of
this one.

-I'm still experimenting with a helper combo for this team, i'll have one up
here as soon as I can for all you Amingo fans.

Anakaris/Chun Li
With: Having Anakaris around increases your chances for successful guard
breaks, although Chun Li's guard breaks aren't rewarding in themselves, they
will keep your opponent grounded to a degree which will help the ol "Psycho
Chick Syndrome" and your pressure game. When someone's jumping in at you, Call
Anakaris then do the DB.HK move. Anakaris should nail their defense and Chun Li
will most often land on them nabbing a few extra points of damage. Of course
this isn't damaging, but it defends rushdown so I'd definitely try this out on
characters played with jump ins. Also you can sj and cancel into an air dash
while calling out Anakaris. He'll hit their defense and you can catch them off
the ground for a free air combo. DHCs are pretty rewarding with this duo as the
Senretsu Kyaku DHC'ed into the Cobra Blow super (not sure about the name of it)
does quite a bit of damage. Another useful thing about Anakaris/Chun Li is the
way they establish range. Establishing range basically keeps the opponent at a
distance without the intent of doing damage. It sort of controls the way your
opponent moves allowing you chances to counter virtually anything they come at
you with. Do this by using Anakaris in excess. Call him in and while he attacks
high, you dash in and attack low. This will make them start jumping. Use the
previously explained guard break method for this. They'll basically keep
switching attack patterns and you'll be in full control of it ^_^ I know it
sounds kinda deep, but you'll see what I mean if you ever decide to use this

Helper combo with Anakaris/Chun Li
In a corner, Dash in c.LP c.MP xx Anakaris assist c.HP , Anakaris hits bouncing
them into the air, nail them with s.HK then air combo #1,2, or 3 from the combo

Against: Don't be afraid to play the air against Anakaris. Be wary of the
coffin drops that will ensue, but don't fear them because Chunny's fast enough
to dodge them. Throw Anakaris whenever possible and don't let him catch you on
your lag (his super is fast enough to link THCs off of Chun Li's missed
supers). Try to stay as close as you can so you don't get snatched up in the
Idle hands. This is one of the few opponents you wanna use Hyakuretsu Kyaku
(the air version) on.

BB Hood/Chun Li
With: This is one of my favorite characters for Chun Li. BB's AAA will improve
Chun Li's air dash game and her Projectile assist is great for cross ups (stand
in close, call BB's missle, do the HK version of Sen'en Shuu which puts you
directly on the other side of the opponent, if they attack you, they'll take
the missle. If they don't attack, the missle tends to make people block high so
come out of Sen'en Shuu with a quick c.LK and you just might have a free air
combo). Also BB's Variety assist (shyness strike assist) comes out very quick
and covers Chunny's missed supers. Any of BB's 3 assists are good enough for
Chunny so choose BB's assist according to the third character you use. A very
fun pair by the way ^_^

Helper Combo
In a corner, LP + call out BB Hood's AAA, MP xx LP Kikou Ken xx Kikou Shou (OTG
c.LK s.HK sj.Air combo #1,2,or 3 from section VI)
Let me reiterate the fact that people roll. Without the OTG you get 48 points
of damage so it isn't very bad considering it's Chun Li. With the OTG it's 57
points so if the opportunity presents itself, realize it and take it!

Against: Take advantage of BB's short limbs by playing semi-agressive keep
away. Do NOT do any supers out in the open. Cool Hunting is almost always sure
to follow. Chun Li is faster than BB Hood, but if you dash in at her from the
air too wrecklessly, the cheer and fire will win everytime. It's perfectly ok
to play scared against BB Hood lol. Meaning if you think a super is coming,
whether it is or not, hit the high road. Because of BB's lack of reach, she can
sometimes be prone to the head stomp move. Always be willing to try this and
when you do, be sure to pause in the air and try to get her to do the Cool
Hunting, then quickly double jump back over her head and nail her with a THC or
whatever you want. I repeat, be safe rather than sorry and don't shy away from
bein a punk lol...

Blackheart/Chun Li
With: You have a safe haven in the skies with Blackheart's AAA on your side.
You can use this to set up some guard breaks that will actually accumulate some
damage by tapping them in the air with a jab, and calling Blackheart after a
double jump. After this, triple jump and dash toward them on their way down and
you can get a few extra shots. Other than guard breaks, Blackheart is basically
just used to help the damage on combos with good DHC possibilities and to keep
runners in check. A great teammate overall as he helps Chun Li to play better,
but doing most of the work on her own.

Helper Combo
Coming soon....

Against: Here's a match where learning how to air dash as close to the ground
as you can is almost essential. If someone has Blackheart, they probably have
Sentinel so you don't wanna stand in one spot. Not to mention, if you hang out
in the air too long, you'll catch an inferno. So whenever you approach
Blackheart, cancel a sj. into a forward air dash and nail him. Her speed can
beat him out a lot of the time, but putting up with Sentinel simulataneously is
about the only thing that makes this difficult. Also watch out for corners,
some people are cruel enough to pull the Blackheart infinite on Chunny lol.

Due to disk space, I have to send the rest of the characters and the other
sections in as an update, stay tuned...i'll have them for you very soon.

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