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Cable by Matrix7

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/28/01

          Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (Arcade Version)
                               Cable FAQ
              By: Matrix7 (guardianmatrix7@hotmail.com)
                         Version 2.0  7-28-01
           Unpublished work copyright Wes "Matrix7" Smith 2001

Just so you know in advance, this FAQ is 27 pages long (on my printer anyhow) so
                   you may want to print in shifts.

You can use, print, and distribute this FAQ to anyone you wish as long as
1:   You leave my name on it.
2:   You don't try to take credit for it
3:   You don't add anything to it dubbing it "yours"
4:   You send me a large bag of money with my name on it.
5:   You  do not put this on any web site without emailing me first

I don't mind if you print this out and distribute the hard copy in arcades and
such (actually I encourage it).  If you find this FAQ helpful I would love to
hear from you.  I am always looking for new things to add (or correct).

FAQ Creation History:                                                       |
09-23-00                      | Concept originated of writing a FAQ         |
10-01-00                      | Began research at the local arcade          |
12-08-00                      | Finished research and started writing FAQ   |
12-09-00                      | Began writing FAQ                           |
12-10-00                      | Started Basic Moves List                    |
12-14-00                      | Finished Basic Moves List                   |
12-15-00                      | Started Special and Super Moves List        |
12-18-00                      | Finished Special and Super Moves List       |
12-22-0                       | Took rest of year off to spend holidays with|
                              | my and my wife's families.                  |
01-02-01                      | Back at it again, overhauled layout         |
01-05-01                      | Finished Intro, Information and Bio         |
01-07-01                      | Started Basic Moves Descriptions            |
01-11-01                      | Finished Basic Moves Descriptions           |
01-15-01                      | Started Special Moves Descriptions          |
01-16-01                      | Finished Special Moves Descriptions         |
01-18-01                      | Started Super Moves (Hyper Combos) Desc.    |
01-19-01                      | Finished Super Moves (Hyper Combos) Desc.   |
01-27-01                      | Added Specials At-A-Glance                  |
02-02-01                      | Tested all combos                           |
02-03-01                      | Added combos of any value                   |
02-10-01                      | FINALLY got Infinites and Glitches section  |
02-12-01                      | Started on Strategy Section                 |
02-22-01                      | Finished Strategy Section/vs. Abyss         |
02-23-01                      | Added Color Info and finished FAQ (whew)    |
07-28-01                      | Fixed margin errors and added AHVB combos   |

Introduction:                                                               |
	With so many FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) and character guides out
there many of you are probably wondering why people continue to write more.
I can't answer for them but as for me I want to share what little knowledge
I have gained (from getting my butt MAJORLY pounded might I add) over the
past few months of playing the game.  These are the strategies that I normally
use, but as in any good game they MUST (and I can't stress this enough) evolve
to adapt to your challenger be it computer opponent or human player. Don't stick
to these combos however, explore your own variations and additions to them.
And above all have fun.  Now onto the good stuff...

Table of Contents:                                                          |
I                             | Character Information
II                            | Move Legend
IIa.                          | Move Nomenclature
III                           | Regular Moves
IV                            | Special Moves
IVa.                          | Specials At-A-Glance
V                             | Super Moves (Hyper Combos)
VI                            | Regular Combos
VIa.                          | Air Combos
VII                           | Super Combos
VIIa.                         | Super Air Combos
VIII                          | Infinites and Glitches
IX                            | Strategy and Suggestions
IXa.                          | Vs. Abyss
X                             | Thank You's
XI                            | Legal Stuff...
I: Character Information:                                                   |
Team:                         | Marvel
Name:                         | Nathan "Cable" Summers
AKA:                          | Cable
Date of Birth:                | Unknown (to me anyhow)
Height:                       | 6' 8"
Weight:                       | 350 lbs.
Eye Color:                    | One is Blue, but the other is Red
Hair Color:                   | White
First Appearance:             | New Mutants #87 (comic book)
First Video Game appearance:  | Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Damage Setting:               | 100% (average character)
Best Known Attribute: 	      | Being hated for being "cheap" by people who
                              | can't get around him and taking out whole
                              | teams single-handedly.
Abbreviated History                                                         |
	Nathan "Cable" Summers is a current (as of this FAQ) member of the X-Men
and is the son of the X-Men's leader Cyclops "Scott Summers".  As an infant,
the future-villain Apocalypse infected Cable with a lethal techno-organic virus.
(This is the reason one of his arms and eyes is metallic looking).  Cyclops
sent his son into the future so he could survive the virus.  Cyclops and his
wife Jean Grey (AKA "Phoenix") were cloned so they could raise their son.
Time goes on and Nathan was soon able to take care of himself and he decided
to stay in the future.

	Nathan soon learns that his mutation is telekinetic in nature (much the
same as his mother) and uses them to counteract the virus that still plagued
him.  The virus had already spread to his left arm and eye.  A benefit of this
is that his left eye can see infrared light. (Boy try playing hide and seek
with this guy!) He became a mercenary for the future U.S. Government (hence
his weaponry and fighting skill).  After all this he returns to our present
to fight Apocalypse with his father Cyclops.  He is (at time of this FAQ) a
member of the X-Men.
(Major props go out to Dan Finch "PhatDan81" for the bio!)

Color Selection:                                                            |
LP - Blue Uniform, Yellow straps and Boots
HP - Light Green Uniform, Dark Yellow straps and Boots
LK - Purple Uniform, Yellow Straps and Boots
HK - Dull Teal, Yellow Straps and Boots
A1 - Dark Green Uniform, Yellow Straps and Boots
A2 - Dark Blue Uniform, Yellow Straps and Boots (My favorite, closest to black)
Assist Selection and Descriptions:                                         |
Each character in MVC2 has three different assist types.  Choosing the right
one can make or break your match (Guile is a good example.  His Anti-Air
(Flash Kick) assist is one of the best in  the game, but his Projectile
(Sonic Boom) assist is next to useless).  Now that we understand the importance of
picking a good assist type let's proceed:

Alpha Assist (Projectile)           |
Assist Move:                        | Viper Beam
Variable Counter:                   | Viper Beam
Triple Team Super Move:             | Hyper Viper Beam
Rating:                             | ****
Beta Assist (Anti-Air)              |
Assist Move:                        | Psimitar
Variable Counter:                   | Psimitar
Triple Team Super Move:             | Hyper Viper Beam
Rating:                             | ***** (preferred)
Gamma Assist (Capture)              |
Assist Move:                        | Electrap
Variable Counter:                   | Crackdown
Triple Team Super Move:             | Hyper Viper Beam
Rating:                             | **
Alpha:  This is the one I started out on because I always picked Projectile assists.
I only started picking other assists after about 4 months of learning the game.
The Viper beam is a good assist if you need a move that holds your opponent for a
few seconds (if you have a Super like Mega Man's where you have a few seconds
startup for example).  Call Cable in to assist and the second he connects do your
Super.  They should barely overlap, therefore covering Cable as he jumps out and
giving you enough time to pull off your Super.

*Beta:  Now here is the good stuff!  This assist drives so many people nuts it
isn't funny!  Fliers and Dashers have an especially hard time with it because his
spear (see Psimitar in Special Moves Section) goes all the way to the top of the
screen!  It also looks so freakin cool!  Definitely my Assist of choice.

Gamma:  Woo boy, you pick this and you must have a death wish the size of Texas.
The first bad thing about it is its startup (see Electrap in Special Moves section).
The second is the fact that since this is an assist you have no control over when
the grenade explodes.  This means it explodes at the same place every time.  AND
it does not even hit some of the shorter characters (Mega Man, Roll, Kobun (Servbot),
etc.)  I picked this one once by accident and have never picked it since.  The
Variable Counter is cool (Crackdown) but that is not enough to warrant extended
use of this move.

Warnings, Death Threats, Cheapness Waiver, blah blah yadda yadda               |
Before we even start this FAQ I only feel it fit to warn you that Cable is viewed
as the cheapest, cheesiest, and most annoying player in the game (his only rival
for this place, in my opinion is Iceman).  I am not responsible for any bodily
harm that may be as a result of using these techniques (such as getting beat up
in the parking lot for laughing at your opponent while using an infinite on them
and their assist character or answering stupid questions like "How did you beat
my Akuma (Gouki)that fast???").  The tactics listed in this guide are for the
intermediate or advanced player, but I do throw enough in here so the beginner
can get a solid grasp of the basics.  In case you weren't able to tell already,
this is my first FAQ so please be patient and bear with me.  If you have any
information  please email it to me and I will give you credit for all contributions
in the Credits section of this FAQ.

II: Move Legend
Okay, here is the confusing part.  Just in case you haven't noticed yet kiddies
the arcade cabinet's labels are WRONG with a capital R.  For some reason when
Capcom took out the Strong and Forward buttons (Medium Punch and Kick to you
Capcom newbies) they failed to change the labels on the cabinets (anyone know
the reason for this besides they had cabinets in stock already??).  The buttons
are actually laid out like this:

     O                       (Start Button)
     |       LP     FP     A1
     |       LK     FK     A2

with the buttons as follows:

(* denotes a move that is only available in a combo)
  *MP-Strong (tap LP twice while close to your opponent)
  A1- Assist 1 (Not the Steak Sauce)
  *MK-Forward Kick (tap LK twice while close to your opponent)
  A2-Assist 2
  P=Any Punch Button
  K=Any Kick Button
  2P= Both Punch buttons Simultaneously
  2K= Both Kick Buttons Simultaneously

IIa: Move Nomenclature:                                                    |
Since this wasn't really a separate section by itself I decided to tack it
on here.  This explains what I mean by QCBx2 + LP  and such.

Note to Newbies: All joystick motions are in relation to you opponent!  If
it says forward, that means toward your OPPONENT not your character.  When
you jump over their head and turn around the motions are reversed as well
so keep that in mind.

DB-Diagonally Down-Back
DF-Diagonally Down-Forward
F-Forward (on joystick)
UF-Diagonally Up-Forward
UB-Diagonally Up-Back
QCB-Quarter Circle Back (Down, Down-Back, Back)
QCF-Quarter Circle Forward (Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
HCB-Half Circle Back (Forward, Down-Forward, Down, Down-Back, Back)
HCF-Half Circle Forward (Back, Down-Back, Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
360-Rotate the joystick 360 degrees (all the way around once)
720-Rotate the joystick 720 degrees (all the way around twice *duh)
OTG=Off The Ground (Hitting the opponent while they are laying on the ground)
d.* = Must be ducking when performing this move.  d.FP means ducking FP
j.* = Move must be done in mid-air (or while jumping)
sj.* = this move must be done while Super Jumping
(LP) 2= Hold the button inside the parenthesis for the number of seconds shown.
        Here it would be hold LP for 2 seconds and release.
+ = press the indicated buttons simultaneously
> = 2-in-1 move.  For those of you unfamiliar to this it means canceling a move
    into a Special Move or Super Move.  For example FK > QCB+FK means you press
    the FK button.  Then while your character is doing their animation do the
    QCB+FK motion.  Some moves can be cancelled and others cannot.  That is part
    of the experimenting process :)
/ = you can substitute either move at this point in a combo.

III: Regular Moves                                                          |
1: Standing:
Your standard one-armed jab here.  Misses most crouching (or short) opponents
(Mega Man! Grrrrrrrrr).  I usually use LK instead because it hits low.

2: Crouching (D+LP)
Another one-armed light punch.  This one hits low (obviously) but is not good
for much (not even a combo-starter in my opinion)

3.	Jumping (U+LP)
This is Cable's Air Combo starter (even though his AC's are VERY limited).
Since I usually don't use light attacks in the air I can't really tell you
any practical use for it.


1: Standing
Cable's only launcher and let me tell you, it sucks.  He does a one-armed
uppercut that launches your opponent, but it is difficult to follow up for
some reason.  (Remember, you must tap LP twice while in close to get a MP

2: Crouching
Cable backhands his opponent with his pistol (but doesn't fire it?).  Range
is all right, but I prefer his crouching MK.

3: Jumping
Again, Cable backhands his opponent with his pistol.  Decent range and priority,
low damage. Air Combo filler basically.

Oh yeah, this is the good stuff.  A big part of his keep-away game all three
versions makes Cable fire his pistol, but each one has its own unique uses.

1: Standing (press FP repeatedly to make him fire up to 4 times)
Cable extends his arm and fires his pistol straight ahead about chest level.
This move has incredible range as it goes all the way across the screen instantly
but has an annoying habit of missing short/crouching opponents (Mega Man, Omega Red,
Servbot).  This move can be cancelled into the ground versions of his Viper Beam
or Hyper Viper Beam.  Use only at long range due to the slight recovery time.  Mix
up the number of shots to mess with their head.  Great anti-dash (great for Storm
and Wolverine players).

2: Crouching (D+FP)
Cable swings his arm up and fires his gun about a 30 degree angle.  This move
(unfortunately) is not as good at Anti-Air as one might first think.  The opponent
can be hit by him swinging his arm up, however and also by the bullet.  While
swinging his gun he has great priority.  Learn this move and use it with caution.
Use on annoying flyers, heh.

3: Jumping (U+FP)
Again Cable fires his pistol horizontally, but this time he only fires once.
Insane range (full screen), I use this one as a pressure tactic to keep opponents
on the ground.  Since it has less startup than a air Viper Beam I usually use this
one in long-range air-to-air conflicts (Never against a beamer though!  Dr. Doom,
Magneto, etc).  This works good for big guys like Juggernaught and such to keep
them far away from you.

I think Cable's kicks are better than his punches for two simple reasons:
1: They hit crouching/short opponents.
2: You can use his LK, MK, FK for a great many things.  Try chaining that with
the punch buttons and the MP launches them out of the way of the FP.

1: Standing (LK)
A basic knee attack.  Decent priority but WICKED FAST!  I have beat out Psylocke
and Storm with this move!
Tip:  If they have a fast character (Never Wolverine or Stryder.  Not THAT fast!)
walk toward them and if they start the old "Let's see who's faster routine of
jamming on their LP, start hitting your LK (just don't look like an idiot doing
it okay?).  90% of the time your LK will beat them out!  If you connect quickly
LK, MK, HK > Hyper Viper Beam (the timing on the Viper Beam is tricky).  This
is my favorite starting combo and it takes about 50% of their life right off
within 5 seconds of the match starting!

2: Crouching (D+LK)
Standard LK here.  Not much to write about.  Short range and decent priority.

3: Jumping (U+LK)
Air combo filler is the only thing I use this for, and I seldom use Cable's Air
Combos so I rarely use this move.  *See the updated AHVB combos for more*


1: Standing
Decent range, normal priority.  This is the move that connects his fast LK
with his powerful FK, and it does a spanking good job of it!  Use this often
in ground and Air Combos.

2: Crouching
Now here's an odd one.  This kick hits HIGH due to the fact that Cable kicks
at a slight angle up.  I definitely don't use this one that much...

3: Jumping
Cable kicks in an upward arc.  Lousy range and priority, this is an AC (Air Combo)
move only.

FK (Roundhouse)
All variations of Cable's Roundhouse kicks are very good and I use then a lot in
a match.  Each one has great damage, range, and reasonable recovery.  Learn them,
use them, abuse them.

1: Standing  (Can be cancelled into HVB)
A wide head kick where Cable leans back and swings his leg almost horizontal to
the ground and kicks his opponent about chest height.  Great damage, a little
startup, but hey it's a roundhouse kick for pete's sake!  Play Juggernaught then
cry about startup on moves why dontcha??  The great thing about this move is it
can be cancelled into his Hyper Viper Beam no problem!

2: Hop Kick (F+FK)
Cable looks like he turns his back to the camera, hops forward and kicks down
at his opponent's shins (?????).  The man has a gun and he is kicking people in
the shin?!?!  Sheesh...  Not all that useful if you ask me unless as a surprise move.

3: Crouching
A sweep move with good range and a bit of power behind it.  Cable swings his mighty
hams out and sweeps the opponent's legs out from under them.  All those years of
military training to learn to trip people.  Cable is definitely an odd character,
that is for sure...  On the up side this move cancels into his Hyper Viper Beam
super (just make sure they don't roll behind you)

4: Jumping
A great jump in move (too bad I don't use them in this game much).  Cable jumps
in with both feet (literally) at a downward angle.  This move has tons of range
for a jump in and is a great Air Combo finisher.

THROWS                                                                         |
F or B+FK when close to your opponent.
*Can be done in mid-air

Cable's only throw.  This is a bit like a typical shoulder throw, but it looks
odd for some reason (don't know how to explain it and I don't throw much soooooooo).
He grabs his opponent, rolls backward onto his shoulders, and kick-flips them
across the screen.  This move can also be done in mid-air, and I have even seen
this used as an Air Combo finisher.  Odd, but effective.

IV: Special Moves                                                              |
Cable has a well-balanced bag of tricks when it comes to special moves.  Because
of the range and unpredictability of most of his moves most human opponents seem
to get caught in the same traps and head games time and time again.  Each move
displays the rankings I have assigned to them for attributes such as Range,
Usefulness, etc., and Damage (on average.  Some moves damage varies due to button
mashing or rotating the joystick) on a scale from 1-10 with one being the absolute
worst and ten being the best (obviously, whoever heard of someone failing at
something with a perfect 10???)

IVa: Specials At-A-Glance:
Snapback                      | QCF+A1/A2
Viper Beam (Ground)           | QCF+P
Viper Beam (Air)              | Jump, QCF+P
Psimitar                      | F,D,DF+P
Crackdown                     | QCF+K
Sightage (Elec Grab)          | QCB+P
Elec Trap (Ground)            | QCB+K (Hold kick to alter explosion time)
Elec Trap (Air)               | Jump, QCB+K (Hold kick to alter explosion time)

Snapback: QCF+A1/A2 (Roundhouse Kick animation)|
Technically not a true Special Move, every character has a SnapBack in this game.
If you connect this move causes the current opponent to be ejected from the battle
(rather violently might I add) and rendered "unusable" for a space of a few seconds
(I think it is 5, but I am not sure).  After they get bumped out the next opponent
on their team jumps in (much like a tag-in initiated by your team instead of the
other guy.  Every character has a Snapback and each one uses one Super Meter per
use.  Cable's snapback animation is his Roundhouse (FK) kick except it knocks your
opponent off screen as the next partner jumps in.  Great to use when the next guys
is really low on energy and they are trying to heal them up.  Can't say I use this
much though (on purpose anyhow, I used to waste TONS of Super Meters because I was
trying to do Supers with the "Firece Punch" and would do a Snapback instead.  Rob
got a kick out of this though, so it was worth it).

Viper Beam:   QCF+P|
(Hold the joystick up or down and rapidly press punch to change arc of beam)
*Can also be done in mid-air
Since the air version of this move is very different than the ground version
(although they LOOK almost identical) I have put two sets of properties in here.
The first is for the ground version and the second is for the air.  Okay?  Okay.
Type                          | Beam Attack
Range                         | 8
Range       (Air Version)     | 8
Usefulness                    | 8
Usefulness  (Air Version)     | 10
Damage                        | 7
Damage      (Air Version)     | 7
Startup                       | 4
Startup     (Air Version)     | 8
Recovery                      | 4
Recovery    (Air Version)     | 9

Cable says "Viper Beam" as he whips out a gun (I don't even want to guess
where he hides that thing during a match...) and shoots a solid beam across
the screen.  One of the interesting attributes of this weapon is that Cable
can change the beam's "arc".  What I mean by this is that when you shoot
a regular Viper Beam it shoots a fairly decent beam in a nearly straight
line across the screen, but when you commence with the button mashing (and
what fighting game would be complete without a little button mashing?) it
will make the beam cover nearly 3/4 of the screen (if done correctly) and
slightly increase the damage (not enough to really mention it though IMHO).

Good Attributes:
1: Good air-to air move.
2: Good damage.
3: Can connect off tag-in for unblockable combo.
4: Good priority
5: Covers good portion of screen.
6: Great for killing assist characters.
7: Fairly combo-able.

Bad Attributes:
1: Startup time is not that good.
2: If blocked close you could be in trouble.
3: Recovery time is fairly horrible.
4: Leaves you open to if someone jumps it.

Tips and Warnings:
* Chaining this off Cable's FPx4 will do a decent amount of damage, and
is a great way to take out assist characters from all the way across the
screen while forcing their primary character to block and watch as their
partner is blasted.  Be warned though if you abuse this move people will
get extremely ticked off and do great bodily harm to you (or pull out a
supremely cheap team and beat you).
* Always, always, always use the LP version of this unless you are absolutely
sure it will either force them to block the attack or hit them and do some
damage.  The reason for this is the HP version has horrendous recovery time.
Even from across the screen I have been punished for missing this one (can you
say Proton Cannon??).  Be careful...
* Be extremely careful of using this attack at close range because as Cable holds
the business end of the gun at arm's length there is just enough room for someone
to stand reeeeeal close to you and bust you in the chops. Be very careful of
"Dashers" (ala Cammy, Wolverine, Strider) when using this move.  They can block
it, dash in, and have you in an air combo faster than you can slap your opponent
upside the head (trust me, I've tried :)).
* I have found it better to do a close to the ground mid-air VB while angling
the beam down (you will get the distancing down with practice) than to do the
ground version for reasons such as it makes it harder for your enemy to jump over
you and back-hit you, it has less recovery time, and it has WAY less startup time.
If you use the motion QCF, UF+P where you roll the stick from the down position
to the UF position.  If done fast enough this will cause Cable to jump into the
air (about a foot or two off the ground) and fire his beam.
* When you are tagging Cable in and he hits the opponent, if you time it right
you can hit them AS THEY FALL with this (actually, they should hit the ground
right about the same time your beam hits them).  It is a bit risky, but once
you get the timing down it is well worth it.

Psimitar:   F, D, DF+P
Type                | Anti-Air/Projectile
Range               | 6
Usefulness          | 9
Damage              | 7
Startup             | 10 (Almost Instantaneous!)
Recovery            | 9

This is a "ground-only" move and is quite possible one of the best anti-airs in
the game (when used properly).  With the LP version Cable does a short hop into
the air while heaving a glowing spear at about a 65 degree angle.  If this hits
the opponent they will be carried up to the top of the screen while engulfed in
blue electricity and fall back down unable to block (albeit a little too fast to
do an air combo).  The HP version is the same except Cable throws the spear with
more force and jumps farther into the air before he releases it.  The only bad
thing is it is pretty darn useless if they are in the aiur oper top of you because
Cable throws it at such an odd angle.  Now if they had one that went straight up...

Good Attributes:
1: Excellent anti-air.
2: Good damage.
3: Can connect off tag-in for unblockable combo.
4: Good priority
5: Excellent startup/recovery time!

Bad Attributes:
1: Range is somewhat limited due to angle of spear.
2: If blocked close you could be in trouble.
3: Cannot block on way down after throwing spear.
4: Can be hit out of this since the contact point is the spear and not Cable
5: Will not do jack crap if opponent is over you in the air.

Tips and Warnings:
* Thanks to the odd angle at which the spear is hurled this is a great keep-away
tactic.  If they just block a long-range attack throw out a LP version of this
bad boy.  If they jump they must block the spear and if they don't the fast
recovery time will leave you more than enough time to cover your tail (a favorite
tactic of mine is to LP Psimitar, then FPx4 to catch them as they are dashing in.)
If you miss this at close range expect an air combo or Super right down the throat.
Even though it's recovery is fast, there is still a fraction of a second time frame
where a good player could make you choke on half your life bar.

* Just like the Viper Beam, you can nail opponents with this when you get tagged
in if your timing is right.  This is my favorite move to use for this  because
when you tag in and they are spiraling toward the ground they will catch the WHOLE
thing before they hit the ground.  And seeing as they are unable to block after
being tag-hitted (is that a word?  Is now I guess...) this is a great little trick.
The only way they can reverse this tactic is by anticipating your tag in and
blocking (which is REALLY aggravating, let me tell you).

* Although I seem to have trouble pulling this off I will put it in here.  When
you release the spear Cable is technically able to do his mid-air Super Move: The
Hyper Viper Beam as they are still caught in the spear!!  It is hard to explain
but here goes.  You land a small combo on your opponent and end it with a LP
Psimitar (not sure if it works with the HP version.  Could someone email me on
that one?).  As you are jumping in the air do the motion for the super and then
hold up on the joystick and mash the buttons as fast as you can (Eh, not sure but
I think you get a few more hits and look like a moron to boot!  It does change the
arc though so it is worth it.).  Still testing this one...

* Unlike some Anti-Airs this one DOES NOT make you pass through fireballs or nullify
them.  Be careful of the Projectile Warriors when using this move from far away too
(Magneto, Dr. Doom, and Cable).

Electrap: QCB+K  |
(Hold Kick button to delay explosion)
*Can be done in midair (The air version of this has the same stats as the ground.)
Type                | Projectile/Trap Move
Range               | 6
Usefulness          | 10
Damage              | 2
Startup             | 2 (A little over a second...............Yikes!)
Recovery            | 4

Note: Despite a few low scores, this is a move I use A LOT during a match.  The
bad startup and recovery are not an issue if used correctly, and the move can be
used to keep tremendous pressure on your opponents!  Great for traps and pressure

Cable grunts as he draws back and chucks some sort of grenade at his opponent (the
strength of the kick decides the distance)  If it hits them it explodes with a
weird sound effect and they are frozen in a flash of blue electricity for about  2
to 3 seconds (depending on whether they try to break out or not).

Good Attributes:
1: Good trap move.  Holds them for a few seconds.
2: Ability to control explosion by holding kick.
3: Great for mind games.
4: Good priority.
5: Arc can tag opponents when they don't expect it.

Bad Attributes:
1: Startup sucks.
2: Somewhat limited range.  Takes some practice.
3: Can be blocked (booooo!!)

Tips and Warnings:
* Needless to say the startup time severely limits your options with this move,
but if used correctly it can be a very frustrating move indeed.  I rarely use the
ground version for the simple fact that it is way too easy to jump over and back
hit you while you are recovering.

* HOLD THAT KICK BUTTON!!  If you just throw out this regularly it will go about 3/4
of the way across the screen and explode about head level.  Not bad except the fact
that it takes about a second and a half to get there and your opponent knows EXACTLY
where it is going to hit.  If you hold the kick button though the grenade will fly
through the air and actually bounce along the ground until you release the button!!
I have had opponents already blocking this and when they saw it bounce they thought
it was a "dud" grenade move or something and actually quit blocking!  Release the kick
and they are set up to eat half a power meter with the old FPx4 > Hyper Viper Beam
combo while you still remain all the way across the screen (No wonder people hate
Cable so much, hahahaha).

* Use the air version whenever possible to keep your opponent pinned down.  Cable's
main game is keep away (although he also a wicked up close game) so you have to keep
them pinned down at all cost!  If you do a defensive super jump backwards make sure
to lob out one of these bad boys when you're still out of view of your ground opponent
and hold the kick button.  They expect the grenade to explode above their head, try
to dash in before you land, and get caught as the bouncing grenade freezes them in
their tracks because the camera is focused on you (due to the Super Jump) and they
can't see that the grenade is happily bouncing toward them.

* The arc of the grenade is great for tagging opponents while they are starting their
Super Animation (BB Hood, Iron Man, War Machine, etc.)  If it hits them right this
will grab them out of their Super, therefore wasting one of their bars and saving your
butt from eating a Super.

Sightage (?? not sure about name):   HCB+P
Type                    | Grab/Super Meter Charge
Range                   | 0 (Yes, I meant zeroooo)
Usefulness              | 2
Damage                  | 3
Startup                 | 4
Recovery                | 4
To put it quite frankly, this move sucks with a capital "ucks".  Cable charges his
hand with aelectricity as he attempts (key word here) to grab them in the stomach.
If he connects he charges his opponent with electricity (hmm...yet another electricity
move for Cable) for about 2 or 3 seconds while your Super Bar (and your opponent's
unfortunately) get charged up like crazy!  When he is done he shoves his opponent
away with a small explosion of electricity.  The main reason this move gets such
low marks is because of its range.  You have to be practically standing on your
opponent's toes for it to connect, and they can block it!!  Whoever heard of being
able to block a throw attack, especially a throw special???  The startup is not
terribly bad (not as bad as some moves that is) but combine that with the fact that
you have to be extremely close for it to work and opponents see it coming from a mile

Personally, I think they should have made this move one of his regular throws instead
of a command throw (After all Storm's regular throw is very similar to this move as
far as charging up your meter and damage goes).  The only time I use this move is
as a finishing move against medium to low skilled opponents (never, never, never
against an advanced player!!) who cannot really predict my patterns.

Good Attributes:
1: Charges up Power Meter(s) like crazy
2: Cool finisher (if you can connect it)

Bad Attributes:
1: Horrible range
2: Can be blocked
3: Slow start/recovery time
4: Low damage

Tips and Warnings:
* In case you didn't get it last time I said it, I will say it again for you, "The
range on this move makes it completely useless unless you are wanting to show off or
have a death wish."  Plain and simple.
* The damage is relatively low for a move that is so hard to connect.
* Surprising an opponent with this move is really the only way to get any use of it.
Be extremely careful when using this.
* If you hold the Punch Cable holds his hand out until he connects with the move or
it is blocked (or you eat a Super for standing there with your hand out like an idiot).
* This move is NOT combo-able, just in case you try it.  I will save you the time in

Crackdown:   QCF+K  |
Type                | Dash/Fireball Nullify Move
Range               | 7 (1/2 to 3/4 Screen)
Usefulness          | 7
Damage              | 5
Startup             | 8
Recovery            | 8
Cable dashes at his opponent and punches at them (I am talking a BIG honkin punch
here) at a downward angle (he nearly touches his toes if you can imagine that.)
and creates a blue "shockwave" (...oh heck just do the move and you'll see what
I mean).  This move will knock them away from you, and the blue part will nullify
normal fireballs (Not Supers or beams).  Another little bonus is most people have
never seen this move (or the Sightage move listed above) because nobody ever uses
them.  A lot of times when I use this move my opponent will say something to the
effect of "What the heck was that?!?" because, even though they were fairly skilled
at the game they had just never seen anyone use this move before.  It also OTG's
quite nicely if timed right (Watch that rolling!!)

Good Attributes:
1: Very fast move, good for surprising opponents.
2: Shockwave part nullifies fireballs
3: Good range
4: Decent power
6: Good push away move
7: Decent recovery time if they block.

Bad Attributes:|
1: If you miss you are open to a Super Move.
2: Hard to combo into reliably
3: Shockwave won't nullify beams (Like anything does??)

Tips and Warnings:
* The best way to use this move is as a surprise move since most people
underestimate how fast this thing actually comes out.  It can also be used to
nullify part of the standard "trap" of fireball, jump in, combo, fireball...
because Cable punches in an arc that goes over his head, therefore this move has
a bit of anti-air priority (not enough to throw it out all the time mind you) so
you nullify their fireball and nail them as they come down.  If they air-block the
move pushes them back, they take block damage and you still remain in control of
the momentum of the round.  I also use this move when my opponent is just far enough
away that my Roundhouse won't hit them and they aren't expecting an in close move.

* Whilst you can pretty much use this at your leisure against large characters
(watch those Supers though, i.e. Head Crush (Juggernaught), Plasma Storm (Sentinel),
Power Ball (Thanos), etc.) you will get EATEN if you whiff this against the likes
of Psylocke, Wolverine, Cammy and the like.   No, they don't do a lot of damage, but
once they get you in an air combo they can make quite a dent in Cable's life gauge.

V: Super Moves                                                              |
Hyper Viper Beam:   QCF+PP|

Type                      | Beam Attack
Range                     | 8
Range       (Air Version) | 8
Usefulness                | 8
Usefulness  (Air Version) | 10
Damage                    | 9 (nearly half a health bar!!)
Damage      (Air Version) | 9 (nearly half a health bar!!)
Startup                   | 2
Startup     (Air Version) | 10++ (This move is literally instantaneous)
Recovery                  | 3
Recovery    (Air Version) | 9 (Cannot block while falling to ground)

*NOTE: Since the ground version sucks this description is about the air version.
Try this stuff with the ground version and you WILL be punished by a good player.
You have been warned.

Cable whips out a BIG honkin gun (I really don't know where he hides that thing.
He wears spandex for crying out loud!) and says "Hyper Viper Beam" and commences
to shoot the living crap out of anything on the screen.  Just like the regular
Viper beam pressing Punch rapidly and holding the joystick up or down will change
the "arc" of the beam. This move is a severely jacked up version of the regular
Viper Beam.  This is the move that will make you hated for playing Cable because it is
sooooooooooooo cheap.  With this one Super you can absolutely wreak havoc on any
assist character, punish fireball attempts, and punish people who hit your assist
characters (Like Juggernaught's Juggernaught Punch assist.  Leaves him wide open if
he misses and they just can't stand to let old Juggy get that close and not take a
poke at him).  Not only does this move have instantaneous startup, but it goes all
the way across the screen in one frame!!!!  This means this Super is faster than
any LP's (Jab) in the game!!  I have sent Juggernaught in, hopped into the air and
pulled an AHVB on Psylocke as she JABBED him!  Now that is speed folks!  The
possibilities are endless for this one!  If you see someone rearing back with a
Super as you are in the air (never never never on the ground).  See Tips and Warnings
for this move for more strategies with the AHVB (Air Hyper Viper Beam).

Ground Version

Good Attributes:
1: Does a ton of damage if you can connect it.
2: Can connect off tag-in for unblockable combo.
3: Covers good portion of screen.
4: Great for killing assist characters.

Bad Attributes: (Where to start?)
1: Startup is horrendous!!!
2: Recovery is worse!!!
3: Hard to combo due to startup
4: Will not hit opponents very close to you.
5: Startup is horrendous!!!
6: Startup is horrendous!!!

Air Version

Good Attributes:
1: Instant Startup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2: Does so much damage it will make you puke.
3: One word......infinite!!! (See infinite section)
4: Good priority
5: Covers good portion of screen.
6: Great for killing assist characters.

Bad Attributes:
1: If they jump this you are dead meat!!
2: Cannot air combo into it (infinite is an exception)
3: Can't block until you hit the ground.
4: You MUST learn to arc the beam correctly!

Tips and Warnings:
* I stand corrected!  In the last version I said that this move could not be
  air combo'd into but I have received a great response in pointing out my
  error.  Thanks!
* Use this move as much as possible to take out assist characters with this
  from full screen distance.
* Learn to chain this off a LP Scimitar for an absolutely wicked looking combo
  that will leave your opponent with his mouth hanging open as he watches his
  health fall.
* If you shoot this off and they manage to Super Jump over it chain this into
  your partner's

Time Flip:   QCF+PP                                                            |
Type                | Auto Combo attack
Range               | 8
Usefulness          | 3
Damage              | 5
Startup             | 0 (Notorious for being hard to connect)
Recovery            | 6 (He just stands there for a second)


Cable says "Time Flip" in that super calm voice of his as a semi-transparent version
of himself appears (I guess from the future) and dashes about 3/4 of the way across
the screen at your opponent.  If this image of you connects he does an automated 15
hit combo while you are still free to move.  You can rush in and add damage but it
seems this will knock them away from your counterpart and he will disappear.  While
he is doing this Super Cable cannot do a HVB or AHVB (at least not immediately, see
Advanced Combos).

Good Attributes:
1: Extremely cool looking Super.
2: This will up the respect level of your opponent if you actually connect this on
   them more than once.
3: A really good way to embarrass your opponent.

Bad Attributes: (Oh boy)
1: Startup is horrendous!!!
2: Can't do a HVB while the other Cable is on screen and for a second after.
3: Impossible to combo (not counting assists)
4: Considering how hard it is to get to connect it does not do much damage.
5: Startup is horrendous!!!
6: Startup is horrendous!!!

Tips and Warnings:
* It is impossible to combo into this move.  Period.
* Make sure you are in a position to cover your rear before trying this move because
  a good opponent (cough cough Omega Red) will have you sorry you even tried faster
  than you can say "What the heck?!"
* I hate this move so that's all I got to say about it.

VI: Regular Combos (*Coming Soon - number of hits and usefulness ratings)   |
This list is in no way meant to be a complete listing of combos here, I am
not going to list lame combos such as LP, LP but I will try to give you a few
good combos that can be used and chained.  Each of these have been tested so
I know they work.

1: FP, FP, FP, FP
   4 Hits
   Usefulness: *****
2: FP, FP, FP > QCF+P (Viper Beam)
   ? Hits
   Usefulness: *****
3: LP, FP > F, D, DF+P (Psimitar) (any more gun shots will knock them too far)
   11 Hits
   Usefulness: ***
4: LK, LK, HK > QCF+K (Crackdown)
   4 Hits
   Usefulness: ***
   Hard to get Crackdown to connect sometimes
5: LK, LK, HK > QCF+P (Viper Beam)
   ? Hits
   Usefulness: *****
6: LK, LK > F, D, DF+P (Psimitar)
   11 Hits
   Usefulness: *****

Those are basically the main ones I use.  Experiment and I am sure you will
find many, many more that are useful as well.  If you have a sweet combo email
it to me (guradianmatrix7@hotmail.com) and I will put it in here and give you credit!

VIa: Air Combos |
All of these combos have been submitted by you the readers so major props to you all!

1: LP, MP, ^, j.LP, j.LK, Fierce kick throw
   The positioning of Cable's jump is absolutely essential to his air combos.
   Too close and he misses his hits and too far away the and the throw doesn't connect.

2: LP, MP, ^, j.LP, j.LK, j.LP, j.HK

I will add more here as I find them.  I have gotten more email over this section than
any other in my FAQ so please email me if you have any more!

VII: Super Combos                                                           |
This is the part where Cable really shines since most of his moves (Even his
Psimitar!!) can be cancelled into his Super Moves!  I have yet to find a way to
consecutively combo into Cable's "Time Flip" Super.  If you know a way please let
me know!  Besides capture moves that is..

Basic Combos:

1: FP, FP, FP > QCF+PP (Hyper Viper Beam Ground)
   ? Hits
   Usefulness: *****
   *Note: Due to some character's weight and the startup on the ground Viper
    Beam some of the larger characters (Juggernaught and Sentinel to name two
    May be able to land and block before the HVB can hit them.

2: LK, LK, FK > QCF+PP (Hyper Viper Beam)
   ? Hits
   Usefulness: *****+
   *Note: This is the move you use when playing "who's jab is faster" at the
   pre-fight screen (when both players walk toward each other and start mashing
   the LP button so as to get in that all important first hit.  Cable's LK is
   faster than most other moves in the game so this goes from way fast to way
   dangerous in a very short amount of time.

Advanced Combos:
*Note: I put all the combos involving Cable's Time Flip in here because you almost
have to be a freaking pro to get your opponent to walk into it!  The added difficulty
of getting it to connect does pose a problem though, so I just stuck em here.

1: LK, LK > F, D, DF+P (Psimitar) > QCF+PP (Air Hyper Viper Beam)
   ? Hits
   Usefulness: ****
   *Note: This is one hard combo to do because of the fast that you have to
    do the Air HVB motion      immediately after the Psimitar for it to connect.
    I have a hard time getting this to connect, and admittedly don't use it much
    but it does set up his infinite nicely...

2: This one involves two separate Supers so it is a multi-step combo, got it?
   *QCF+KK (Time Flip) 15 Hits.
   *Jump-in FK, LK, LK, HK > QCF+PP (Hyper Viper Beam Ground)
   ? Hits
   Usefulness: ***
   *Note: This combo is cool looking, but hard to pull off.  The real trick to
   this one is the timing of the jump in.  You must do it right as the Time Flip
   move is ending (about hit #12), but not too soon or you will be unable to do
   your HVB.

3: This one involves two separate Supers so it is a multi-step combo, got it?
   *QCF+KK (Time Flip) 15 Hits.
   *Jump-in FK, LK, LK > F, D, DF+P (Psimitar) > QCF+PP (Hyper Viper Beam Air)
   *Land, Tiger Knee+PP (D, DF, F, UF+PP)
   *Land, Tiger Knee+PP (D, DF, F, UF+PP)
   *Taunt (Start)  Of course this part is completely voluntary.
   ?? Hits
   Usefulness: *****
   *Note: If you can do this combo (in the arcade against a human, not the stupid
   computer) you deserve some sort of medal.  The Time Flip start is hard, the
   jump-in is harder, the semi-infinite tacked onto the end is absolute murder!
   Expect some looks of awe and a serious boost in your reputation at the local
   arcade after you pull this one off!  Oh, but looky at the damage!

I could go on here, but I have to save something for the next update don't I??
Another side note is in any of the Time Flip combos you can add more hits (and
damage) by attacking your opponent while your "future self" is doing so as well.
This throws my timing off for the rest of the combo though so I usually get in
one FP, FP, FP, FP and then prepare to jump-in FK.

VIIa: Super Air Combos |
All of these combos have been submitted by you the readers so major props to you all!

1: LP, MP, ^, j.LP, j.LK, Fierce kick throw, AHVB (Mash buttons an press up)
   The positioning of Cable's jump is absolutely essential to his air combos.
   Too close and he misses his hits and too far away the and the throw doesn't connect.
   The hard part of this combo is the timing on the AHVB.  If you do not aim the
   beam up then they will be able to block it (they may be able to anyhow).  I have
   noticed that heavy enemies with Super Armor are able to block this more often
   (Juggernaught, Sentinel, Blackheart, etc.).  It's pretty to be sure, but be careful.

2: LP, MP, ^ jump straight up, LP, LK, MP, MK, AHVB
   This one is fairly straight forward and nice looking to boot!

3: LP, MP, ^ jump straight up, j.LP, j.MP > AHVB (Mash Buttons)
   Similar to the last one, this uses the basic Air Combo filler to add some flash
   the the AHVB.

 I you know of any more email me!

VIII: Infinites and Glitches
1: Semi-infinite Air Hyper Viper Beams
Due to the fact that Cable's Air Hyper Viper Beam has basically no startup time you
are able to chain it together for as long as your Super Bars (or hands) hold out.
The most basic way of doing this is this:

1: Instead of doing a regular QCF motion and then press Punch, what you do is the
old Tiger Knee motion (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward+PP).  This causes
Cable to Superjump less than a half an inch off the ground and do his AHVB move
if timed correctly.  Jam on the buttons and hold down on the joystick to arc the
beam down.

2:As soon as you end your move (we are talking fractions of a  second here)  repeat
the motion (Down, Down-Forward, Forward, Up-Forward+PP) except when you jam the buttons
aim the stick UP.  Repeat steps one and two until opponent is dead (I have never needed
more than three bars and that was for  a full-power Juggernaught.  Spiderman, Wolverine,
Akuma, etc. only need two bars to kill).

NOTE: Some people use the LP Psimitar to start this combo, but I find the timing a
bit difficult for it to be practical in a real fight.

IX: Strategy and Suggestions                                                |
Most people (including me) see Cable's main strength in his ability to keep an
opponent on the opposite side of the screen for the entire match, but some believe this
"dishonorable" and feel a more hand to hand method is to used for a true win.  I am
going to look at a few different playing methods here and you can pick which one suits
your style best.  Here are sopme strategies I have found to work best against the three
types of characters: Close/Dashers, Mid Range and Keep Away.

1: Close Characters/Dashers (Cammy, Wolverine \both of them/, Spider Man, Marrow,
Psylocke, etc.)  These are the types of characters I used to have the most trouble
with until I started to get Cable's combos down (and fine tune my assist selection
to match).  Now they are annoying, but they can be dealt with fairly quickly (except
Phoenix's Wolverine squad it seems... still haven't beat them.  Hmm...).  Basically
try to take them out via AHVBwhen they are called in to assist if possible.  They
take damage like babies (usually) so it should only take a couple shots to render
them basically useless.

-Assist often.  You need assist characters to cover your butt against these guys.  Most
people play a balance of speed, power, up close fighting and keep away (at least I do)
so if you take out their up close fighters all you have to deal with is the slow (yet
powerful) dudes and the other keep away(s).
-Pick good teammates/assists.  I find that Cable plays the best in a balanced team.
Juggernaught (Power, Fast Super, bait hehe) and Guile (great assist, up close wonder,
good damage to hit ratio on combos) make great teammates for him.  I play other characters
of course, but I usually go that route because of their assists (at least partially).
Think before you pick wee hopper.

2: Mid Range characters (Omega Red, Blackheart, Amingo, etc.)  These characters can fight
up close or far away, but have long-reaching moves that suite playing about a character
length out of sweep range.  These guys will give you fits, I will just tell you right now.
The only really good mid-range move Cable has is his Crackdown (QCF+K).  The rest are
either close up moves (Sightage, Psimitar) or long distance moves (Viper Beam, Air Viper
Beam, Electrap).  Too far for a combo, not far enough to be truly effective.  Play
conservatively and carefully.
-Use your standing FK's reach to your advantage, as well as your full screen FP (be careful of
short characters though, they dash under your gun and combo you fast!) to keep opponents from
dashing in.
-Use the Crackdown move frequently.  It has good range, power, and pushes them back far
enough if they block to assure your safety.
-Pick a good assist that covers your mid-range area because Cable is a bit weak here.
Guile's Anti-Air (Flash Kick) assist, Thanos' Dash Assist (Titan Crush), and Colossus
Dash Assist (Shoulder Tackle) all do very nice.  Beams also cover your butt well as they
go all the way across the screen.

3: Keep Away Characters (another Cable, Dr. Doom, Baby Bonnie Hood, Iron Man, War Machine,
Spiral, Blackheart, Iceman (grrrr), etc.) can be a bit of a problem in the right hands.
While Cable excels at Keep away some of his moves have just enough lag to be punished by
a quick beam or such.  Keep the same basic game down of killing the assists whenever they
send them in and keeping them pinned down with assists, Electraps, and Viper Beams.  Every
now and then dash in for a quick combo (make sure to do some damage though) then Super
Jump back out (while blocking.  Always block against a quick keep away).
Now that we've went over your opponent types, let's look at a few of the ways you can play
Cable yourself.  The styles I am going to list are as follows:
"Keep Away", "Chip em' Again Sam", "Up Close and Personal", "Death From Above", "Assistance

Keep Away
Ah, my favorite.  Basically the object of playing a keep-away round is to keep your opponent
as far away from you as you can.  Most Keep Away players use Projectile assists (both his
other ones only hit fairly close) and team mates such as BB Hood (Bulletta), Iron Man,
Iceman, Dr. Doom, etc.  All these characters can rely on projectiles and projectile assists
to keep the opponent at bay.  There are good and bad points with each observation though:

Good Points:
1: You keep more of your health than in up close combat.
2: Cable is well suited for this style with multiple projectiles, a trap move,  a fireball
nullify move, and an assist killing super (AHVB) if there ever was one.

Bad Points:
1:  You will be called everything from "cheap *insert profanity here*", chicken, scrub
(I hate that one), and basically be accused that you have no skills whatsoever.  Get used to it.
2:  If you get accustomed to this style and end up playing someone who is better than you at
keep-away you have a serious problem because your main game is severely limited.  Beware
Dr. Doom and BB. Hood players and be scared TO DEATH of anyone who uses Omega Red (correctly
anyhow)!  Used correctly he can rival Cable quite nicely.  Learn to use each of the methods I
mention here to round out your game a little.

Some opponents have no projectiles and must be played up close (Juggernaught,
Zangief, Colossus, etc.)  These are usually your "powerhouse" characters.  They
are big, slow and DANGEROUS up close.

-Use all versions of your FP to keep them at bay and blocking if possible.  Call assists,
toss mid-air Electraps, but never, never, never allow them to get close to you.  If they do,
roll away as soon as possible and run away again.

-Bombard them with Viper Beams and other projectiles.  If they call in an assist hop in
the air and Air Hyper Viper Beam them into oblivion.  If you take out their assist characters,
they are stuck using the player they started with who by now is chipped to death and not much
good.  Which brings me to the next point..

Chipping is what happens when your opponent blocks an attack such as your Viper Beam
or such.  Even though they are blocking they take a fraction of the normal damage done
by the move (I would guess it around 5% or 10%.  This is called "chip damage".  Nearly every
character (except Iceman grrrrr) takes chip damage.  Basically this style goes like this:
You pick two teammates (such as Dr. Doom and Spiral) and use their moves to keep the opponent
blocking (therefore not a threat to you) and gradually taking damage.  Dr. Doom's "Molecular
Shield" assist, Spiral's Dancing Swords, and (above all) Iceman's Ice Beam are renowned
for their chip damage.  I have actually been beat before by chip damage! This is viewed
as even cheaper than Keep Away (if that is possible).

Good Points:
1:  Your opponent is basically blocking all the time, and while they are doing this they
are no threat to you because they cannot attack.
2:  Cable's Viper Beams do pretty good chip damage, and keep you at a distance pretty good.

Bad Points:
1:  (Again) You will be called everything from "cheap", chicken, scrub (I really hate
that one), and basically be accused that you have no skills whatsoever.  Get used to it.
2: Since chipping does such little damage matches against powerhouse characters may take
quite a while if you do not get any solid hits in.
3: It may take a while to get a good team put together that suits this style.  I find
that Dr. Doom, Cable, and Sentinel work well for me though many people use Iceman, Spiral,
Blackheart, and many more characters to play the chipping game.

While you have to (by nature) use a lot of moves with this style, do not throw out moves
at random.  Each move should have a certain amount of calculated risk to it.  Make sure
you do more damage to them than they do to you.  Also use your assist characters, but do not put
them in any danger just to get that last little bit of damage.

Hand to Hand
This section deals with those of you who like to stay as close to the opponent as
possible and combo them to death (meaning you have a deletion wish, ha I love that quote).
Cable does okay with this method (thanks mostly to his fast kicks) but I prefer to play
Keep Away with him.  Anyhoo, here ya go:

Good Points:
1: If played correctly you can take down your opponent really fast.
2: Most of Cable's moves are combo friendly, meaning if you can get the first hot to
connect you usually get 10+ hits and decent damage.

Bad Points:
1: Since Cable's FP acts as a mini-projectile it has enough lag time so that you don't
want to use this move up close very much (unless combo'd into).
2: People tend to fall into a pattern when playing up close, mix things up a little.
3: If you are playing a powerhouse character you will get beat nearly every time (assuming
your opponent is of equal skill to yourself) because that is what their moves are designed
to do.  Their job is to get in, do damage, tag out.

Beware of powerhouse characters (Juggernaught, Thanos, Sentinel, Colossus, Hulk, etc.)
Block and use their severe lag time to pull off a quick combo into a Super Move.

-Calculate each move, but don't take forever to do it.  To become a great MVC2 player
you MUST (and I cant stress this enough) learn to make split second decisions that have
been thought out seconds before hand.

-Learn to anticipate your opponent.  Try to learn a little about each character in the
game (this takes a long time but is worth it).  This way you won't get caught off guard
by a move you didn't know existed because you will have done your homework.

-Never Viper Beam or Electrap up close.  Both have enough lag time to choke a mule and
will get you dead fast.

Death From Above
Many consider this section similar to Keep Away (and in some ways it is) but there is a

slight difference.  This style requires you to almost constantly jump backwards or Super
Jump and rain moves down on your opponent (Akuma's Air Fireball and Diving kick are a good
example).  While Cable can't play up in the air as well as Storm or Sentinel, he can hold
his own in most matches just because of his awesome diversity of moves.

Good Points:
1: Powerhouse characters usually have little or no defense against this strategy besides
dashing in, blocking, dashing in, blocking and slowly advancing on you then jumping up
and swatting you down.  To keep this from happening when they dash in and get a little
too close Super Jump to the other side of the screen.  Now they have to start all over
(boo hoo).

2: Since most of Cable's moves are long-range and can be angled down (or go that way
anyhow) a short hop backward, delayed Electrap, Viper Beam angled down will work wonders
in pressuring your opponent to stay on the ground while you stay up in the air whilst
raining down damage from above.  And don't forget Cable's Air Hyper Viper Beam will go
all the way across the screen in one animation frame!

Bad Points:
1: You are dependant on your opponent making a major mistake to do serious damage.
Otherwise you will end up chipping them instead.

2: Again, people tend to fall into a pattern when playing this method, mix things up
a little.  Or if you find a pattern (aka trap) that works use it!  People will scream
but that's the breaks.

Watch out for other keep away characters (Cable, Iceman, Dr. Doom) and Especially Iron Man,
Sentinel and Storm!  These three rule in the air (at least at my arcade).  Be careful when
you toss out which move and don't forget your moves CAN and will be interrupted if not used

-Make sure you do not whiff an Air Viper Beam (Super or otherwise).  The lag time while
you are airborne gives powerhouse characters more than enough time to dash in and take
a bite out of your life bar faster than you think possible for a guy who takes up half
the screen.

-Again, learn to anticipate your opponent.  Try to learn a little about each character
in the game (this takes a long time but is worth it).  This way you won't get caught
off guard by a move you didn't know existed because you will have done your homework.

-Stay as far away from your opponent as possible.  This method only works when you are
far away because most players play better in the air and up close than Cable.

Assistance Please?
Playing this method requires you to pick characters that have assists so overpowered that
it is not funny (Captain Commando's "Captain Corridor" assist, Blackheart's "Inferno"
assist, Ken's "Hurricane Kick" assist).

Good Points:
1: By bombarding your opponent with other targets you take the focus off you (at least
somewhat) and makes them rethink their strategy.
2: Picking the correct assist can make it next to impossible for your opponent to move
without getting nailed.  I have played a round where my opponent used assists so well that
I let go of the joystick and I stayed in the block position for the rest of the round
(Spiral, Dr. Doom, Cable just in case you were wondering) because he was constantly
bombarding me with "Dancing Swords" and "Molecular Shields")
3: Instead of having one opponent to deal with now your opponent has three, and they can
only keep an eye on one at any given time.  Be unpredictable and bust out your assists
when they least expect it.

Bad Points:
1: If you start throwing out assists without thinking you will end up getting them
and you killed.  Nothing stings more than not even getting a character in the match
because he got killed while trying to assist.
2: This leaves two members of your team vulnerable instead of one.
3: If your teammates have crappy assists then both of you will be dead before you know it.

Pick characters than cover your weak spots.  If your character has no power moves
pick a big boy to help you out (just learn how to use them as well), if you have no
anti-air moves to speak of pick one that has a killer anti-air (Captain Commando,

IXa: Vs. Abyss (the end boss)
First of all Abyss is the easiest fighting game boss I have ever played (and I have
been playing over 10 years).  None of his forms can block, all take damage like a baby,
and each can be taken down without getting your assists killed.  Abyss has three forms
you have to deal with.  The first is a armor-clad warrior, the second a puddle of
slime with an attitude, and the third is a hulking red beast (albeit a little pixilated)
that takes up 3/4 of the screen.  Now that we know what they look like let's move onto
how to beat him (like you need it):

1st Form
-Permanent Super Armor, can't block, can't jump, can't be tripped, can't be thrown,
 reeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy slow (except for his dash move).
-He is bigger than Juggernaught or Sentinel and has Super Armor all the time (Think

Colossus' Super Armor move only worse).  He cannot be thrown or tripped and if you try
for a long combo you will be beat down (consider yourself warned).  This guy will
cheese you with big beams, heat seeking energy balls, and horns thrown at your ankles (ow).
Once you get his patterns down he is simple, but make sure you pay attention to the
warnings in this FAQ, I am not just spending months typing this to give myself
blisters here.

-Although he is incredibly slow, can't block, and telegraphs most of his moves at least
5 seconds in advance you do need to use at least a bit of strategy with him.  Here are
a few scenarios that WILL present themselves, guaranteed:

1: When he rips his horn off the side of his head and throws it at you Super Jump over
him and start attacking him from behind or far off (remember your FP has a bit of lag
so don't use it much).
2: When he raises his hand and pauses for a second BLOCK IMMEDIATELY!!  In a second
the entire screen will be filled with glowing spears rained down from the sky.  This
move packs a punch and since Abyss has infinite Supers (look at his bar) he can pop
this out whenever he wants.
3: If he doubles over holding his stomach as an energy ball forms there (that's not
gas pain people!)  He is getting ready to shoot a beam at you (similar to Cyclops's
Optic Blast Super (size and damage wise anyhow).  Super Jump over his head and Viper
Beam him (I don't use Supers much on this form, he is too easy to waste them on).  Do

not hit him in the back from close up!  For some odd reason the beam will still hit
you and may even "suck" you in from behind him!
4: If he does an overhand slap at you three balls of energy will start tracking you.
Block them and commence to destroying this guy.  Probably the hardest of his moves to
avoid since he is close when he does it.
5: Abyss will raise his arms above his head, lean back and dash at you with an energy
shield surrounding him.  This move is very annoying because it comes out faster than
the rest so you usually end up blocking it and taking damage (unless you are brave
and Push Block it B+PP.  However, be warned that if you push him back too far you will
do a FP move and be hit with the rest of the move!  Just regular blocking will work
or *sigh* Super Jump over his head and back hit him.  This move seems to go on forever,
but it has quite a bit of lag afterward so take advantage of it.
6: Due to the fact that my assists usually get rammed by "Ol' Hornhead"  I usually
don't use them against this form (especially no throw assists!  Abyss cannot be thrown
in any of his forms).

Learn that and you have him down.  On to the next form:

2nd Form
Once you beat Abyss's first form he drops to his knees and melts into a green puddle
of goo.  This form uses a flame-thrower to give you grief and laughs at you constantly!
This form I would use a couple Hyper Viper Beams on (you should have a full meter
after the last battle).

-Permanent Super Armor, can't trip him, can't throw him, Projectile Weapons,
Super Fast Super, Multiple Trap Moves.  Basically a big pain in the butt.

-This form is probably the hardest of the three forms.  His "legs" are always fixed
to the ground and he will glide across the screen at you.  He has a few surprising
moves that you do need to watch out for, however:

-1: His flame-thrower. He holds out the muzzle and blasts a blue flame about 3/4 of
the way across the screen while laughing at you (hee huh huh huh huh huh, hee huh huh
huh huh huh, repeat on and on and on).  He does this move CONSTANTLY and it will annoy
the crap out of you guarantees.  If you have a big guy (Juggernaught, Zangief) I
suggest you tag out BEFORE he gets to this form because they stand little to no chance
of beating this guy (unless you are very very  good, then ignore everything I just
said).  Stand full screen away from him and FPx4 Viper Beam over and over.  An AHVB
in the face from full screen doesn't do him much good either.
-2: After he does his flame-thrower a LOT he will hold the end of his gun out and fire
a laser across the screen for a few seconds.  The interesting thing about this move is
that the longer the match lasts the bigger the laser gets and the longer it lasts!
This is just added incentive to take him out ASAP. Block low or try to Super Jump
behind him and hit him.
-3: Right when he is getting ready to do his (only) Super he will twist up and hold
his gun up at chin level, the screen will flash, then he will commence to spin and
shoot small (yet painful) energy pulses over the entire screen.  Block when you see him
do anything out of the ordinary because it will usually be this move.
-4:  He will sink into the floor and three large green bubbles (Gas Bubbles of Doom
I call em) float up from the ground.  If they hit you they will hold you (a la Thanos
Bubble move) for about 4 seconds (even mashing out of it).  After this he will usually
do his Super if you are stuck.  If you mash out though he will sometimes sink into
the ground again (I have had him do this up to 4 times!).  A hop back and a Viper
beam takes care of the bubbles and nail him when he comes up because he stands there
like an idiot for about 2 seconds.

Now, onto the last (and final) form:

3rd Form
After you beat the green fart beast he melts into the ground (again) and the ground
turns red, a warping effect appears in the background, and a huge red drooling monster
comes up out of the ground (he takes up about 3/4 of the screen standing still).  As
fierce as this guy looks he is the easiest of the forms if you are fast enough.  First
let's go through his strengths, then his attacks:

-Permanent Super Armor, Moves do KILLER damage, can't throw him (can you imagine
pile driving THAT??), can't trip him, interrupts most of your moves, takes damage
like a baby!

-1: Right off the bat the first thing he will do is melt into the ground, almost
guaranteed.  You will notice a black ball where the "heart" should be.  That is your
target.  Once he sinks you will have to watch the ball to see which direction he moves.
When it stops he will resurface, attack, then sink again.  Be warned that he also can
attack while underground (see #2).
-2: Once he sinks into the ground flames will start shooting out of the ground.  The
best thing to do is Super Jump back and BLOCK!  There is no way to reverse this move
so just block and prepare to hit him with a Super (if you have one).
-3: Every once in a while he will swing his "arm" around and smash the ground.  This move
is incredibly powerful and pretty darn fast so watch out for it.  Fortunately, he doesn't
use this much.
-4: If you see the screen flash that means he is going to do his Super on you (duh).
For this he leans forward and flames shoot out of his shoulders.  This move is very fast
and you should block when you see the Super Flash (And no that is not B. Orchid's Finisher
off Killer Instinct 1 ya bunch of perverts).
-5: Another attack I forgot until I recently made a trip to the local Putt Putt to test
my FAQ on the general populous is Abyss' lunge attack.  Kind of like the Venom Fang only
worse (if that is possible) because he takes up nearly all the screen.  When he is flying
toward you he kind of looks like a large red lump of Jello (with big teeth and LOTS of
pixilated green drool).  Simply block the attack and prepare to retaliate.  He will sink
into the floor and resurface (come on, you're used to it by now aren't you?).  You know
the drill, jump and hit the ball, block, jump and hit the ball, block, repeat as many
times as needed.

I think that is it.  I don't really know all this guy's moves because I know how to beat
him fast and he doesn't get to use em much, heh..

As soon as the round starts wait for him to sink into the floor and dash over to where
he will surface.  When he FULLY materializes jump in the air and make him eat a AHVB
(remember to aim at the black orb).  As soon as you land jump up and do another one,
mashing all the way.  This loser only takes 2 Supers and he is done.  No biggie.
If he gets into his pattern though you may have a little trouble, just practice and
stay at it.

X: Thank You's
Dave at Putt Putt Golf and Games on Refugee Road in Columbus Ohio:  For having one
of the best gaming environments around (The surround sound and big screen were a nice
touch).  The "Double your token" card was also much appreciated.  80 tokens for $10!!!

Tony at Namco Arcade in Eastland Mall:  Ah, the place where I first started playing MVC2.
Thanks for letting me stay late a few times man, I appreciate it!

Aaron (I don't know your last name): For getting me to actually start playing Cable.
When I first started I hated him with a passion because all people would do is
FPx4 > HVB, FPx4 > HVB.  You showed me that Cable could do much much more than that
and for that I am eternally grateful.

Rob: My gosh, your Sentinel, Cammy, and Storm team caused more frustration than any
other character I know!  Thanks for never playing the same way twice and forcing me
to find new strategies (and characters! I never would have started playing Ken or
"Doctah Doooooom" without you man!

"Cable does have kicks you know..."
"So THAT is what those bottom buttons do.."

Jakki: For all those late-night sparring matches in the arcade and for showing me
how to do those killer Guile combos.  Your blocking Iceman was a constant pain in
my butt for quite a while until I found a way around him.  Thanks for stretching
me and believing in me man.

Mark: The man who go me started on Guile, I owe you a lot dude.  Thanks for all
the input, tips, and butt whoopins via the world's biggest dog BB Hood.  I learned
a lot from you man. "Daddy's Home..."

Me:   "RYU?!  You beat me 9 freakin times in a row with RYU?!?"
Mark: "I'm like Juggernaught, I'm unstoppable...(repeat) Hahaha"

Rodney: Master of the annoying air combo (haha).  Your Morrigan, Psylocke and Akuma
squad were a constant thorn in my side back when I was learning the game.  You are one
of the best at the game man, keep playing!  (That air combo with Psylocke you managed
to pull off on me that took 3/4 of my energy was pretty sweet, I don't care what I
called you at the time :))

Quinton: Between you and Rodney I think I got beat by more female characters and
odd-ball guys than anybody I know!
"Hurt like a big dog", haha.  I still love that man.

Jason: Your little "Victory Dances" on top of the counters provided much entertainment
during those long days when a bunch of us would spend 5-6 hours huddled around the
game at a time.  You are the only person to consistently pull off Akuma's Level 3
Raging Super on me (now Add Mark to that list).  One of the toughest dogs in the biz,
to be sure.

Phoenix: You taught me a lot with Juggy man, and for that I am grateful.  Thanks for
the input on this FAQ and for telling me about http://www.gamefaqs.com (shameless
plugs abound eh?).  Psylocke, Strider, Juggernaught, nice, very nice.  I still can't
believe you took out my Cable with WOLVERINE!!!  TWICE!!!  Sheesh that stung...haha

Sit, T, and V:  You guys were great sparring partners!  You taught me not to
underestimate someone because they are younger than me. By the way, what is up with
all the "Vote for Ralph Nader" during a match man??

**Air HVB Contributors**
Chuck Pierce

Thanks guys!  Keep them combos coming!

Everyone who has ever written a FAQ.  I had no idea that this much work goes into
these things.  Everyone who actually writes more than one of these things
voluntarily deserves a medal or something.

XI: Legal Stuff...
All characters pertaining to the Capcom company and series' are (c) Capcom Co., Ltd.
Strider is (c) Moto Kikaku
All Marvel Characters are (c) Marvel Characters, Inc. and Marvel Comics
All characters copyrights and such are completely respected in this FAQ and I make no
claims on any of them so don't email me about it k?

This FAQ was written, researched, distributed, and (c) by Wes Smith (AKA Matrix7,
"The Cable Guy" and Havok.)
If you wish to use this FAQ on your web site that is fine, I just ask that you email
me so I know where it is and am able to keep you up to date with the updates and such.
I also ask that you do not make ANY changes to this FAQ in any way.  If you notice
something that is not correct or have feedback please email me at
guardianmatrix7@hotmail.com will promptly correct the problem.
Thanx peoples!

Up and coming FAQs: Juggernaught, Guile, Thanos, Ken, Sentinel, Spiral, Rogue (for starters)

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