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Jin by J2DK

Updated: 06/30/03


Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 FAQ
"Jin Needs to be in MvC3 if They Make Another One in the Next Decade"
First Version: 1/6/01
Last Revised: 6/30/2003
Authored by: J2DK

If this document or any part of it is copied or used without my consent, I 
will feel free to sue you for plagiarism or copyright infringement. If you 
would like to use any part of my FAQ, 
E-mail me what you want to do with it and I'll reply. Thank you for your 



I.    Introduction 
II.   Jin's Story
III.  Character History
IV.   Why Play Jin?
V.    Legend
VI.   Revision History
VII.  General Moves
VIII. Basic Attacks
IX.   Throws
X.    Special Attacks
XI.   Hyper Combos
XII.  Super Armor Jin
XIII. Assist Types
XIV.  Combos
XV.   Strategies
XVI.  Special Thanks



I am J2DK and this is my first FAQ, but I have received several E-mails 
telling me how helpful it was. If you were wondering, I am a teenager from 
Las Vegas. The arcade that I most frequently visit is the Time-out arcade at 
the Orleans Hotel/Casino. If you have any suggestions or comments pertaining 
to my writing, please e-mail me. I know I'm not the best FAQ writer on this 
site, but I've been playing fighting games since Street Fighter II and Mortal 
Kombat; I've gotten to like the madness that is the Crossover Series and I 
wanted to share some of my "wait for your opponent to stand in the corner" 
multi-super Jin combos. By the way, my crap poetry site is down 'cause it's 
been taken many times without my consent. Thank you.

I hope they do make an MvC3. I wonder how many characters would be in 
that...200? Haha! Give me Zero and Megaman X! Give me Havoc! GIVE ME 
NIGHTCRAWLER! Hehe, in fact...Give me Dante from Devil May Cry. And why not a 
REAL fighting game incarnation of the dreaded Carnage? Mwuahahaha! Capcom 
could seriously do some crazy stuff by adding the more original characters. 
(Yeah, Megaman X isn't original, but you have to admit it'd be nice seeing a 
Megaman Jin's height.) I mean, with that many characters, some would just be 
sheer novelties. (I don't care what anyone says, Kobun rocks!) Wouldn't it be 
cool to have Cable, Cyclops, and Havoc on one team? Those that follow the 
comic books know what I'm talking about. Imagine having Iceman, the Human 
Torch or Firestar (or even Pyro!), and Storm on one THC. It would be the 
ultimate elemental assault! ::Drool:: I can just imagine what kind of madness 
Capcom could cook up with another installment in Marvel vs. Capcom.



One day, Jin Saotome found a penny. He first thought this would bring upon 
good luck, but he was proved very wrong when he was hit in the back of the 
head with a baseball bat and was knocked unconscious. When he came to, he saw 
his "cousin" Shoma and asked, "Why did you do that?" Shoma replied, "I wanted 
to get your attention." Anyway, Shoma told Jin about this thing called Abyss 
that was causing a lot of trouble in the Capcom universe and told Jin to go 
and help out. Jin asked Shoma why he didn't go himself, and Shoma said he ahd 
to find Batsu and ask him why he's been attacking innocent girls like Momo. 
"Besides...you're a 2d sprite and I'm a 3d sprite, it would make for a very 
sloppy-looking game if I were to appear in my current state, and Capcom 
doesn't have enough time to translate my appearance to 2d. Well, that and the 
fact that all I have for weapons is a baseball and a bat. How am I supposed 
to face Hyper Viper Beams with that?" Jin thought about it. Shoma was making 
a lot of sense. Jin said, "Good point...Should I fight in my mech?" Being the 
difficult guy he is, Shoma said, "No way! That'd make things way too easy. Do 
it Jackie Chan-style and use your clothing as weapons!" Jin said "..." 

Later that day...

Ryu shows up at Jin's place. "Yo, Jin! You ready? Let's take this Abyss guy 
down like we took down Onslaught!" Jin gets up grumbling something about how 
other video game characters won't leave him alone. "Yeah, Jin! Come help us!" 
It was Chun-Li's voice. "Gosh she's annoying..." Jin put on his headband 
::cue dramatic music:: and said "Time to save the Universe again."  Jin 
picked up his sword saying to himself: "Just in case..." and went out the 
(No, all you fanboys, I'm not insulting Chun-Li. It's just a bad joke.) 



From what I can gather, Jin Saotome comes from the Capcom mech-fighting game, 
Cyber Bots. He was the pilot of the Blodia. In the Crossover Universe, Jin 
fights outside of the Blodia, but not without its aid. He has appeared in the 
first Marvel Vs. Capcom, where he was my favorite character. That's all I 
know of Jin.


Bored of those Shotokans and their clones? Looking for an original character 
bearing no resemblances to that of the attacks of any other character? Are 
you looking for a good laugh while you fight? Looking for unexpected, 
powerful combos? If you have answered, "yes," to any of these, you are 
looking for and have found Jin Saotome. Each and every character has their 
pros and cons (some more than others :P), so let's do a run-down on Jin, 
shall we? 


-He inflicts above average damage
-He has powerful supers that can be comboed
-He has short, powerful combos.
-Powerful without the risk of being a big target.
-Desperation mode increases power, vitality, and gives him super armor.
-Most of his basic attacks do chip damage.
-High priority thanks to those flames.
-Has a throw that can be mashed.
-Powerful OTG possibilities in the corner and out.
-People who can't use him tend to think he sucks, so your skill will be 
unexpected. (Against humans only.)
-Can cross up super jumpers two ways.
-Two good anti-air attacks.
-Can play offensive or defensive
-Can switch from offense to defense in the blink of an eye just like Guile.
-Crazy Expert Combos that do 80+ points of damage.


-He has lag before and/or after some moves.
-His walking and dash speeds are a bit on the slow side.
-Lack in air combos affects his offensive game a _little_ bit.
-No real projectiles except Blodia Vulcan.
-He's a "charge" character.

Of course, since he's one of my favorite characters, I may be overlooking a 
few cons, but still, his pros outnumber his cons.



Lk-light kick
LP-light punch
Mk-medium kick
Mp-medium punch
Hk-hard kick
Hp-hard punch
A1-assist 1
A2-assist 2
Qcf-quarter circle forward
Qcb-quarter circle backward
Charge-hold for one and a half seconds
Sj-super jumping
XX-hyper cancel (special move into hyper combo)
OTG-off the ground (your opponent has been knocked down and you hit them 
while their lying there)



*1/6/01* Version 1.0: First release, everything is new.

*1/7/01* Version 1.1: Second release, added combos to Intermediate Combos and 
to Crazy Expert Combos, and fixed some damage readings. 

*1/8/01* Version 1.2: Fixed some typos and other errors. Added boss 
strategies, added even more combos.

*1/24/01* Version 1.3: Fixed typos, added to the "Strategies" section, and 
fixed some more mistakes.

*11/18/01* Version 1.4: I was browsing through GameFAQs.com today and 
stumbled upon my old FAQ. I remembered that I had forgotten to incorporate 
grabbing strategies and I also wanted to improve a few areas and add a 
strange explanation for why Jin is even in this game.

*6/3/03* Final Version: Almost forgot I wrote this thing. Wasted half an hour 
or so reading it to remember what I even said. Well, just decided to fix some 
typos, changed the strange explanation about Jin's appearance...made it even 
worse (didn't think that was possible, did ya? Haha!), revised the thanks 
section, made small changes to some sections because I sounded waaaaay too 
over confident (most of my stories are gone :P), and well...I fixed some 
grammatical errors, I left the fragments in the Attack Description section. 
Oh yeah, I messed with the Intro. 



Here I will explain moves that all characters share. Damage readings taken 
against Cable in training mode. He takes normal damage and 143 points of life 
equal a whole bar. Computer opponents take less damage than human opponents.

NOTE: In the arcade, the button labels are incorrect. The buttons that are 
labeled "jab" and "short" really are jab and short, but the buttons labeled 
"strong" and "forward" are really fierce and roundhouse. The buttons that 
read as "fierce" and "roundhouse" are really assist 1 and assist 2. While the 
medium buttons are not implemented, pressing one of the light attack buttons 
twice will result in a medium attack.

Switch Out (10): lp+lk for first partner; hp+hk for second partner

This is how to change your main character. When your character is weak or you 
just want to play as someone else, you push the command for the corresponding 
partner. Your current main character will taunt (invincible at this point) 
and your partner will jump in attacking at the same time, then taunt also. 
The second taunt leaves you open, but if the initial attack connects, you can 
proceed with an OTG combo, providing they don't roll.

Snapback (10): qcf+A1 or A2

This attack, when not blocked, will knock your opponent's current point man 
out of the match and bring in the partner of your choice. Pushing the A1 
button will result in the first assistant becoming point man and A2 will make 
the second assistant come in. This takes one hyper combo gauge, does chip 
damage, can be blocked anywhere, and Jin's snapback is his c. hp animation.

Dash (none): f, f for forward dash, b, b for backward dash

This can be a speedy advance or a hasty retreat.

Hyper Combos (varies): varies

A hyper combo, or super, takes one hyper combo gauge to initiate. Every 
character has at least one super and they are usually the most powerful 
attacks in their arsenal, or a power-up.

Delayed Hyper Combos (varies): varies

A DHC is when your current character performs a hyper combo, but in the 
middle of it, you enter the command for a super that your next character has. 
Example: Jin is performing a Blodia Vulcan, but during his firing, you enter 
the command qcf+two punches while Cyclops is your second character. Then the 
screen freezes, Cyclops jumps in, the screen unfreezes, and Cyclops does a 
Mega Optic Blast, while Jin and his mech retreat off screen. Sounds cool, 
doesn't it? This has replaced the Team Up Mode as the quickest way top 
inflict huge damage.

Team Hyper Combos (varies): A1+A2

THC's are when your character calls out his team and they all do supers 
corresponding to their assist types. If you have one character or one hyper 
combo gauge, then only one person will do a super. If you have two people 
left and/or two hyper combos charged, then only two supers will occur. But if 
you have all three people still able to fight and have at least three gauges 
charged, ALL THREE characters will perform a super.

Super Jump (none): d, u

This is a super jump. Your character will jump to almost to the highest point 
of the second screen.


Arcade taunt (no damage): Start
Dreamcast taunt (no damage): lk+start
When Jin taunts, his armor disappears in a flash of light and he's got a 
towel and he's rubbing his back. Whenever Jin's armor disappears, he's down 
to his drawers and Ryu-style bandana.



The numbers in parentheses are the amount of damage Jin inflicts. All damage 
readings were performed against Cable whom takes normal damage in training 
mode. The computer takes less damage than a human player. 143 damage points 
make up a full life bar. 


Standing (2): Jin sticks his fist out and attacks. It is slower and weaker 
than most jabs in the game, but faster than his short. Jin's standing jab is 
almost as weak as Servbot's weak attacks. If you're going to jab on the 
ground, use the crouching jab for more damage. Can be blocked high or low. 

Crouching (6): Just like the standing jab, but stronger and can hit crouching 
opponents, except Servbot. Does more damage than the standing jab and can be 
blocked high or low.

Jumping (4): A downward punch, not a good jump-in. Must be blocked high.


Standing (6): A slow, straight sidekick to the midsection of most characters 
in the game. Can combo into several highly damaging attacks (see "Combos" 
section). Can be used for poking, I guess. Can be blocked high or low.

Crouching (6): A slower, lower, more awkward looking kick to the legs. Jin 
supports himself on one hand and his feet then kicks forward. This could also 
probably be used for poking and can combo into the same things that the 
standing one can; must be blocked low.

Jumping (4): This is a stereotypical flying sidekick where one leg is bent 
under him while the other kicks forward. It is, again, not a good jump in. 
Must be blocked high.


Standing (9): This is Jin's launcher. Everyone in the game has a launcher and 
they all can be followed by aerial raves. Jin does a little uppercut with his 
fist enveloped in flames and sends his opponent high into the sky. This can 
be used as an unreliable anti-air attack and misses some crouching characters 
and Servbot. Does chip damage. Can also be performed outside of combos with 
d-f+hp. Can be blocked high or low.*

Crouching (9): This is Jin's all-purpose combo filler. Combos into more than 
the standing short, but both are equally useful in combo starting. This is a 
flaming punch; Jin smacks the ground with his fist as if he were angry at it. 
It does chip damage. Can be blocked high or low.*

Jumping (7): A flaming punch on the same horizontal line his face is on. I 
used to use this punch as an air-to-air attack because it's quick and does 
pretty good damage for a medium attack, but the medium buttons aren't 
implemented. This is basically just used as an air combo filler or in a two-
hit jump-in. It does chip damage. Must be blocked high.*


Standing (6, first hit, 3, second hit, and 9 combined): This is a flaming 
two-kick attack. It can only be used as a combo ender because he leaps into 
the air when he performs this kick. It does chip damage. Can be blocked high 
or low.*

Crouching (6, first hit, 3, second hit, and 9 combined): This is a flaming 
two-kick attack. It can only be used as a combo ender because he leaps into 
the air when he performs this kick. Can only be comboed from either of the 
two ground punches because the kicks push the opponent too far away. I used 
to use this as a fancy anti-air attack, but... It does chip damage. Can be 
blocked high or low.*

Jumping (7): This kick can be used in a two-hit jump-in and as an air combo 
filler, but sometimes misses in air combos. It does chip damage and has to be 
blocked high.*


Standing (16): Wow! Do Jin's hard attacks do a lot of damage, or what? Well, 
Jin gives a mighty swing of his fist and dashes forward at the same time 
(without moving his feet?) to give this punch great range and priority. This 
makes a great counter and combos off of a standing or crouching kick, but it 
has some lag. Be careful when it's blocked. This breaks through super armor. 
Does chip damage. Can be blocked high or low.*

Crouching (16): This punch is also a great counter, combos from the same 
attacks as the standing version, but has less range. Be careful when it's 
blocked because Jin will be sitting there with his arm and body shaking, 
Bruce Lee style. This breaks through super armor and is his snapback 
animation. Can be blocked low or high and does chip damage.*

Jumping (15): Jin takes that mighty flaming hand of his (is it just me, or 
does Jin cover his hands in flame more than Ken?) and slams it downward. This 
is his best jump-in, in my opinion, and is a good air combo finisher. This 
breaks through super armor. You know the drill, chip damage, blocked high 


Standing (16): Jin jumps straight into the air like a normal jump, but then 
his legs become a cyclone and he dives forward at a downward angle reaching 
from one end of the screen to the other. Unlike in the previous game, this 
can be comboed from a ground-based short kick. This has some lag at the end 
and beginning. Careful when trying to nail someone from across the screen, 
though I don't recommend it. This breaks through super armor. Chip damage, 
blocked high or low.*

Crouching (16): Jin will slide across the floor in the same animation that is 
used during the attack frames and uses the same skidding animation. Be 
careful when it's blocked, it has some lag at the end. This is an even better 
counter than the fierce punches because you can link attacks after this one. 
This sweep comes out pretty quickly. This breaks through super armor, does 
chip damage, and must be blocked low.*

Jumping (8, first hit, 6, second hit, 14 combined): I only use this or the 
Diving Cyclone as jump-ins when I want the combo counter to go a little 
higher. This two-hit kick is a little weaker than the jumping fierce, and 
it's an okay air combo finisher even though it doesn't create the flying 
screen effect. This breaks through super armor. It causes chip damage and 
must be blocked high.*

Jumping d+hk (5 for each hit, 15 all together): This move makes Jin stops in 
mid-air, does the same animation for his two ground-based roundhouses, and 
dives down at a 45o angle in a three hit drilling attack. This move serves as 
an average jump-in and a dangerous air combo finisher because after the three 
hits connect, Jin will keep descending at his slow steady pace, not able to 
attack while the opponent lands and recovers before Jin's feet touch the 
ground. This breaks through super armor. It can easily be countered after 
ending an air combo with it, it does chip damage, and it must be blocked 

*All of Jin Saotome's flaming basic attacks do chip damage, even on Iceman.



All damage readings were performed against Cable whom takes normal damage in 
training mode. The computer takes less damage than a human player. 143 points 
of damage make up a full life bar.

Hp throw (16): Jin grabs the opposition and slams them into Blodia's oncoming 
fist from the side of the screen to which Jin has his back. 

Hk throw (16+): Jin trips the opponent onto his/her back and then gets on top 
grappling, then proceeds pound his/her face. This can be mashed for extra 
hits and damage.

Air throw-The same as the hp throw, but in the air.



This is a list of Jin's special attacks. I will provide a description and 
some uses. Again, all damage readings were performed against Cable whom takes 
normal damage in training mode. The computer takes less damage than a human 
143 points make up a full life bar.

Saotome Typhoon (6-31): charge back, forward+any punch

The lp version goes about 1/3 of the screens distance and the hp version goes 
the whole screens length. This attack inflicts 1-5 hits and automatically 
goes into the recovery frames when he runs into a corner in the middle of the 
attack. I find this move less useful than the Saotome Dynamite because it has 
more lag. When you connect with at least three hits of the typhoon, you can 
tack on a Blodia Punch via hyper cancellation. Has a lot of lag after he 
stops spinning, but has almost no lag in the beginning, so you can use this 
when you're to far away to connect with a fierce or don't have a hyper combo 
gauge charged up. Can be comboed fairly easily.  This move does about 8 
points of damage for each hit with hp and about 6 points of damage for each 
hit with lp. (See "Combos" section.) NOTE: When you use this move, yell out 
"Typhoon!" along with Jin...just to annoy your opponent and to make your 
opponent think you are mentally unstable.

Saotome Dynamite (5-23): charge d, u+any punch

Jin stands up, puts his arms out (one to each side), his armor blows up to 
create shrapnel, and then puts one hand on the ground as his armor reforms. 
Sounds long, but it's pretty quick except the recovery time. Both versions 
do the same amount of hits/damage. The amount of hits varies (1-5) from 
distance and the situations circumstances (Is the opponent on the floor, is 
he standing, crouching, or in the air?). Tack this move on after crouching 
rk, no matter what to ward off any retaliation your opponent attempts. This 
is a great move to end combos with, and those combos can be extended with 
supers. (See "Combos" section.) Also, this move can nullify normal 
projectiles because his armor is not connected to his body when he creates 
the shrapnel. This is generally weaker than the Typhoon, but still 
powerful. NOTE: only single hitting projectiles, not beams, and not super 

Saotome Crush (24): hcb+any kick

Jin ducks, leans forward, grabs his opponent, rockets himself around the 
perimeter of the whole screen using flames from his posterior, lets go of the 
opponent, and then the opponent slams into the wall opposite Jin. Both 
versions are exactly the same. This can be comboed from a standing or 
crouching lk, other than that it has no real uses. It is a block-able special 
throw, but the damage is pretty good. It has lag before the lunge forward, 
and Jin does not go very far. There is also lag after it misses or is 
blocked. No chip damage to my notice. Not too useful, but amusing to watch.

Saotome Fire (unknown I can't get the opponent hit with this in training 
mode): (Arcade) Start, then mash, (Dreamcast) lk+start, and then mash.

With this move, it starts out like his normal taunt: He gets semi-naked, and 
rubs his back slowly. When you start mashing, he rubs faster and faster until 
finally his body turns red. Jin start's screaming in agony as his back 
becomes aflame. If the opponent jumps on you or hits you with a direct 
contact move (non-projectile), you will hit them a couple of times, and if 
they attacked, you'll probably get hit, too. It probably would do chip damage 
if someone jumped in and blocked it because it's flame, but I've never seen 
it, it's not often an opponent gives one time to mash up the flame. This 
is...completely useless, but very entertaining. Haha!

Diving Cyclone (15, 5 per hit): d+hk in mid-air

This is in the basic and special attacks because I didn't know whether to put 
it in the "Basic Moves" section or this one. Not many uses, most of the time, 
treat it like a normal jumping hard attack. Never end an air combo with it, 
doing so is VERY dangerous. 



Here are Jin's super combos and their damage readings. Jin's hyper combos 
seem impossible to combo afterwards but this is not true. I know several ways 
to combo two hyper combos in one combo relatively short combo. Oh yeah, the 
damage readings were taken from training mode against Cable whom takes normal 
damage and one full life bar equals 143 points of damage. The computer takes 
less damage than a human.

Blodia Punch (30-55): qcf+both punches

This attack is the reason why I started using Jin back in the days of the 
classic Marvel Vs. Capcom. Jin rears back as if he is going to perform a 
standing fierce while the screen pauses for a second. Then, he finishes the 
punch animation without the dash, but the gigantic fist of the noble Blodia 
mimics Jin's motions and does colossal damage. The closer Jin's back is to 
the wall of the screen, the more damage it does. When it's done from across 
the screen and actually connects with the last hit, it does 30 points of 
damage, while if done while the opponent is landing from a Dragon Punch or an 
attack with a similarly long lag and ends up right in front of Jin with his 
back completely in the corner, it will inflict 55 points of damage. This is 
Jin's most combo-able Hyper Combo because of its quick start up. (See "Combos 
Section") After the super gets blocked, Jin is safe except for people with 
fast reflexes and characters with extremely fast dashes (Cammy, Servbot, the 
Wolverines, Magneto, etc), quick rushing supers (Juggernaut, the Wolverines, 
Hayato, etc.), and quick beam supers (Ryu, Cyclops, Ryu, Cable, Ryu, etc.) 
This super has quite a few invincibility frames during the start-up, but also 
has that second or two of lag after the move. Try not to whiff this. NOTE: 
Remember to yell out "Blodia!" and try to impersonate Jin's voice as best you 
can for more of those annoyance points =D. 

Blodia Vulcan (47-58): qcb+both punches

Super jumpers beware! This move can really mess up your life bar if you're 
not careful. When someone attempts to super jump over you, initiate the super 
so that the bullets start to fly as they pass over you. When you do it this 
way, it's almost impossible to block. This is one of the best cross-up 
techniques in the game. I remember one time I really ticked this guy off, did 
it 3 times in one match: once against each character. If you are facing Jin, 
never, ever, EVER, push block the Blodia Vulcan during a normal jump because 
it will end up making a guard break and you WILL take full damage from the 
following bullets. This can no longer be comboed from a crouching fierce 
punch because the opponent doesn't stay in the air long enough for the Vulcan 
to start up and fire. No combos for this super, though it is pretty useful. 
(See strategies section.) Number of hits varies between 18 and 24. The closer 
the enemy is to the mech, the more damage each bullet does. This is Jin's 
infinite range super. It can connect on anyone; from anywhere; to anywhere. 
Useful as an anti-air if you know you're opponent is going to jump in and 
attack, makes a great counter (stronger than the Blodia Punch, in most 
cases), and is his most powerful super half of the time. Since the bullets do 
more damage when the opponent is closer to the Vulcan, it does about 58 
damage close up, but if it connects from across the screen or connects on a 
super jumping opponent, it only does around 47 damage. NOTE: Don't yell with 
Jin on this one because it's more of a grunt than a word...I think it would 
just be odd. I still miss the MvC voice clip for this move. ::reminisces:: 

Saotome Cyclone (50): qcf+both kicks

This is the hardest Hyper Combo to connect with as Jin Saotome. It connects 
for only one hit, but you have more than one chance to catch your opponent 
(i.e. if your opponent blocks the first "hit," push blocks, then dashes in 
while Jin's still spinning, they will be sucked into the storm). The amount 
of distance that Jin moves forward while performing this attack has been cut 
down from Marvel Vs. Capcom, making it even more difficult. The Saotome 
Cyclone does not reach the top of the second screen, instead, it only goes 
about half way up the second screen. It can be avoided at the peak of most 
characters super jumps if they are lucky, a double/triple jump, and also by 
anyone with an eight-way air dash...In other words, if they super jump right 
next to Jin, then they may dodge the Cyclone. Unless you're going for a 
cross-up, don't throw this out at random because of the small horizontal 
range and dreadful recovery time after a whiffed Cyclone. NOTE: Yell with Jin 
when he says "Saotome...cy-CLONE!" but don't spin...I tried it once. Not a 
good idea.



Want to know what happens when a mech pilot gets ticked off? Well, knock out 
his two partners and whittle his life down to about 1/3 and find out! When 
the previous scenario is set, the first chance he gets to stand on the 
ground, he will power up and glow a certain color, depending on the costume 
you chose. When Jin enters his desperation mode, his attacks do more damage, 
he takes less damage, he gains super armor, he gets an increase in priority, 
and he loses nothing in his other stats. If you have the skill, Jin can take 
out whatever opposition remains. When you enter this mode, go into complete 
offense mode. Keep pounding your enemy with jumping fierce punches and 
attempting combos. You have super armor and can interrupt your enemy's combo 
with the correct timing. Just remember to block and make sure you know what 
you're doing, instead of mashing. Many people like to try and chip Jin to 
death, instead of going toe-to-toe with Super Armor Jin, so watch for the 
"Icebeam" principle.



Type Alpha:
Using this assist type, Jin will perform a Saotome Typhoon when called out to 
aid his partner, a very useful assist. It can be used to set up an off the 
ground combo, a beam super, a rushing super, a vertical super, used as bait 
or cover, an anti-air, and other things I haven't listed. 
When you have a really good assist, you have to sacrifice something, right? 
Well, in Jin's case, it's a good Team Hyper Combo because when you push A1+A2 
while Jin is using this type, he will perform a Saotome Cyclone. Either the 
Saotome Cyclone will pick up the enemy and nothing else will connect, or the 
Cyclone will completely miss while the rest of the Team Hyper Combo connects 
or gets blocked. 
It's a good assist, but the THC sucks. I like this type since I don't use 
THC's very much.

Type Beta:
When Jin is using this type, he will jump in and do Saotome Dynamite. It's an 
extremely effective anti-air assist, but won't lead to much else unless you 
are using Captain Commando and whip out a Captain Sword as it connects. 
The THC on this type is much better. Instead of performing the Saotome 
Cyclone, Jin does Blodia Punch. 
A more effective THC for a less combo-able assist, you make the choice 
between Alpha and Beta types. I usually alternate the two depending on my 
partners, their anti-air attacks, and their hyper combos during THC's. Either 
one will aid you well, but since I don't often use THCs, I usually use alpha.

Type Gamma:
Jin will perform his standard launcher after jumping on screen. Use this only 
if your character's launcher is not very good. 
The THC hyper combo in this type is also Blodia Punch. 
I don't like this assist type. I find Jin's launcher is usually less useful 
than those of his teammates, but if you use it, remember to tap down before 
up after it connects. Umm...that means you have to manually super jump. That 
sometimes takes a bit of getting used to.



Finally, the main course has arrived. I know this is what you wanted to see 
the whole time. Believe me, it's really not that impressive. This is a Jin 
FAQ, not Magneto. I will start with the basic stuff until I get down to the 
most difficult combos. Jin's combo series on the ground and in a normal jump 
is a 2-hit series. During a super jump, his series is a hunter series. A 
combo series is one character's ability to chain normal attacks together. 
Stronger is the shortest series. A character with a 2-hit series may perform 
two normal attacks consecutively, a weak attack and then either a medium or 
hard attack. The hunter a.k.a. magic a.k.a. zigzag series allows a character 
to perform any combination of attacks starting from wp ending at hk, without 
going backwards. Some characters can connect the whole six-button chain, 
though most can only connect with one of the hard attacks. I will not list 
every variation, in other words, I'm not going to list a combo, where both 
attacks are standing, and then list the same exact combo, except the first 
hit was crouching, though I will list the combos that are completely 
different when one is crouching instead of standing. Here goes.

Jin's basic air combo is s.j. lp, s.j. lk, s.j. mp, s.j. mk, air combo 
finisher. His finishers are hp, hk, and Diving Cyclone.

A jump-in may be added to these combos, though you may need to dash once you 
land to get the whole combo to connect. Jump-ins: hp, hk, Diving Cyclone, and 
light attack, medium attack.

All s. lk's may be replaced by c. lk's, and all s. lp's may be replaced by c. 

All damage readings have been performed against Cable whom takes normal 
damage. A computer opponent takes less damage than a human opponent. 143 
points of damage are a whole life bar. All of these combos have been tested 
and figured out by me, J to the K and they all work, including my crazy 
expert combos.


s. lp, c. mp (2 hits) (11-15).

s. lp, s. mp, followed by air combo, followed by a.c. finisher 
(7-9 hits) (40-48)

s. lp, c. mk (3 hits) (11-15)

s. lk, c. mp (2 hits) (15)

s. lk, s. mp, followed by air combo, followed by a.c. finisher (7-9 hits) 

s. lk, s. mk (3 hits) (15)

s. lk, s. hp or c. hp (2 hits) (22)

s. lk, s. hk (2 hits) (22)

s. lk, c. hk (2 hits) (22)


(From about half the screen away from the opponent) s. hk, OTG Saotome 
Dynamite (2-6 hits) (21-38)

s. lk, Saotome Crush (2 hits) (30)

c. hk, OTG Saotome Dynamite (2-6 hits) (21-38)

c. hk, OTG Blodia Punch (5-9 hits) (53-63)

s. lk, Blodia Punch (4-10 hits) (45-56)

s. lp, c. mp, Blodia Punch (5-11 hits) (48-58)

s. lk, c. hk, OTG Saotome Dynamite (3-7 hits) (27-44)

s. lk, c. hk, OTG Blodia Punch (5-10 hits) (56-66)

c. lp, c. mp, Saotome Dynamite (5-6 hits) (28-32)

c. lp, c. mp, hp Saotome Typhoon (4-5 hits) (30-37)

s. lp, c. mp, Saotome Typhoon (at least 3 hits)XX Blodia Punch (12-15 hits) 

s. lp, s. mp, Saotome Cyclone (3 hits) (61-65)

c. lk, s. mp, Saotome Cyclone (3 hits) (65)

Saotome Typhoon (4 hits) XX Saotome Cyclone (5 hits) (73)


NOTE: These make you look really good. A few aren't that useful or practical, 
but they are as flashy as Jin gets. Yes, you do have to find a way to get 
your opponent into the corner for most of these.

(From about half the screen away from the opponent whom is in the corner) s. 
hk, OTG Saotome dynamite (1-4 hits) XX Saotome Cyclone (3-6 hits) (71-81)

(Opponent in corner) c. hk, OTG Saotome dynamite (1-4 hits) XX 
Saotome Cyclone (3-6 hits) (71-81)

(Opponent in corner) s. lk, c. hk, OTG Saotome Dynamite (1-4 hits) XX Saotome 
Cyclone (4-7 hits) (75-85)

s. lp, s. mp, Saotome Cyclone, OTG Saotome Dynamite (8 hits) (80-84)

s. lp, s. mp, Saotome Cyclone, OTG Saotome Dynamite (one hit) XX Blodia Punch 
(9-13 hits) (105-112)

(Opponent in corner) s. lp, s. mp, Saotome Cyclone, OTG Saotome Dynamite (1-4 
hits) XX Saotome Cyclone (5-8 hits) (117-126)

(Opponent in corner) s. lk, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Blodia Punch (10 hits) 

(Opponent in corner) s. lp, c. mp, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Blodia Punch (11 
hits) (95-99)

(Opponent in corner) s. lp, c. mp, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Saotome Cyclone 
(7 hits) (105-109)

(Opponent in corner) s. lk, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Saotome Cyclone (6 hits) 

(Opponent in corner) s. lk, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Saotome Dynamite (7-9 
hits) (66-70)

(Opponent in corner) s. lp, c. mp, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Saotome Dynamite 
(8-10 hits) (66-73)

(Opponent in corner) s. lk, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Typhoon (7-8 hits) (67-

(Opponent in corner) s. lp, c. mp, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, Typhoon (8-9 
hits) (68-75)

(Opponent in corner) s. lk, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, lp Typhoon (3 hits) XX 
Saotome Cyclone (9 hits) (114)

(Opponent in corner) s. lp, c. mp, Blodia Punch, OTG c. hk, lp Typhoon (3 
hits) XX Saotome Cyclone (10 hits) (111-115)

(Opponent in corner) c. lp, c. mp, lp Saotome Typhoon (4 hits) XX Saotome 
Cyclone (7 hits) (82)

NOTE: If you find yourself connecting with a Blodia Punch in a corner, no 
matter how you did, you can continue into the c. hk and then another super. 
The same goes for the Saotome Cyclone, except you can connect another super 
to it outside of the corner. 

Those are all my insane and not-so-insane combos. Now, on to the next 



Here's a tip for when you attempt an air combo with the mech pilot. The four 
commands before the finisher should all be done in the same rhythm. Make sure 
that when you push the lp button the first time, you don't go too far up 
before you begin the air comb. If you reach the peak of your jump before you 
begin, you will surely miss after the s.j. mp. If you begin just before the 
peak of your super jump, you will miss with the s.j. mk, if the button 
presses are done too fast, it will go right over your opponents head. Also, 
don't air combo with Jin too much, they aren't worth the trouble. It's a bit 
difficult to learn the timing of the s.j. mk, so I usually only air combo 
with Jin once or twice in one battle.

Although Jin isn't really a crazy 20+ hits combo freak, he has a mean 
offense. He can easily pin a person in the corner by repeatedly pressuring 
them by pounding them with a jumping fierce, and if it's blocked, jump up and 
do it again. Okay, I know I said to use the fierce a lot, but mix up Jin's 
jump ins. Don't jump in with his weak attacks, but mix it up with his three 
fierce/roundhouse attacks (don't forget about the Diving Cyclone!). He does 
chip damage with his flaming attacks. If you keep pressuring your opponent in 
this way, your opponent will take chip damage, sometimes, without them 
Jin's most useful pressure technique which I forgot to mention until the 
final version of this FAQ would be the sweep. Why? Because if you see your 
opponent let his/her guard down, cancel into the Dynamite. This works so well 
because of the long drill animation. If Jin performs the sweep right in front 
of someone, Jin's sweep animation goes for about 2 or 3 seconds WHILE HE'S 
NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Eventually, you'll develop a sort of sixth sense with 
this technique. You KNOW when the opponent is going to try to attack. Of 
course, once they catch on. Don't do the dynamite until he or she let's 
his/her guard down. If you do, Jin's recovery on the Saotome Dynamite leaves 
you very open. In fact, if your opponent just blocks the entire animation, 
then don't even bother DOING the Dynamite. (Note: leaving the Saotome 
Dynamite off completely only works on human opponents that have fallen for 
this several times.) The sweep is like bait. If they take the bait, blow them 
sky high (if you're in the corner, cancel and tack on a cyclone :)). If they 
don't take the bait, then don't do Saotome Dynamite. Get it? Another reason 
this is so useful is because Jin can cancel into the Dynamite at any point in 
the animation of the sweep. Many players that haven't been the victim of this 
technique will attack once Jin's flames disperse and Jin is in his "finished" 
recovery frames. That can be canceled out of, too! Haha! Some people wait 
till his sweep is completely over. I have no idea why, but some people walk 
forward or dash to start a combo only after Jin stands up again. I just 
Dynamite my opponent then if he/she does that. The computer for some reason 
is guilty of doing this often.  
Jin's combos are short and sweet; take advantage of that. Just because he is 
a smaller Hulk doesn't mean that he can't keep the pressure on just as well 
as Strider and Captain Commando, because he can. So when your on the 
offensive, keep up that pressure with jumping fierce punches and throw in a 
few c.hk, Saotome Dynamite against turtles, because they want to counter it. 
If you get this combo blocked against a non-turtle, and they pull something, 
perform the Punch super and the invincibility frames will take good care of 
you, but will treat your opponent horribly. Remember to be polite and 
apologize about the damage :). Also remember to continue into one of the 
Crazy Expert Combos if they don't roll, you can perform them without too much 
trouble, and if they are in the corner at the time. Initiate Jin's sweep 
right after the recovery frames finish then perform either another Blodia 
Punch or a Saotome Cyclone.


Jin's defensive game is very good; he can knock out his opponent by just 
waiting for an opening, or for a projectile, or other things that leave the 
opposition open. The fierces make great counters for any lagging attack and 
the Blodia Vulcan is perfect for dodging projectiles, beams, super versions 
of them, and rushing attacks while inflicting pretty good damage. Once Jin 
snaps his fingers, or the screen pauses, he is invincible, so that means 
anything coming your way will miss and the Blodia will bust a proverbial cap 
in the enemy. Also, do this when your opponent is super jumping over you and 
it is almost guaranteed to hit.

The Saotome Cyclone is also a pretty good defensive tool. It's a powerful 
anti-air, and can cross up enemies like the Blodia Vulcan, but they have to 
be a little lower due to its vertical range. A great thing about catching 
someone with a Saotome Cyclone while they are jumping in at or jumping over 
you, is that when the Cyclone drops them, you can continue to pummel them 
(provided they don't roll) with a Saotome Dynamite which can stretch to a 
Blodia Punch or Saotome Cyclone. It's beautiful, really.

For his anti-airs, you may use a Saotome Typhoon (not recommended), a Saotome 
Cyclone (not bad), or Saotome Dynamite (now that's what I'm talking about!). 
Jin can stop any jump-in, anytime, anywhere, with his Dynamite attack. If 
your opponent blocks it and tries to dash in on you to retaliate, pull out 
the Blodia Punch and take advantage of those invincibility frames. Remember 
to continue into one of the Crazy Expert Combos if they don't roll, you can 
perform them without too much trouble, and if they are in the corner at the 
time. Initiate Jin's sweep right after the recovery frames finish then 
perform either another Blodia Punch or a Saotome Cyclone.


These are good for counters, tacking on at the end of a combo, or for chip 
damage. Use these punches freely, but use common sense. Don't do a standing 
fierce against a blocking opponent when you can use the safer jumping fierce.


Jin's sweep moves him about half way across the screen. This is very useful. 
It's a better counter than the fierces because it has just as much range as 
the standing fierce, comes out quickly, and can link into a Saotome Dynamite 
or Blodia Punch. When you see anyone doing a Hurricane Kick out in the open 
without comboing, punish him dearly.


This is all-around Jin's best special. It's good for offense, defense, and 
anything in between. Leads to difficult and damaging combos, and it's pretty 
damaging all by itself because it hits more than one time.

Yes, I know that many people call grabbing cheap, but hey, the way I see it, 
if you can grab your opponent out of practically anything, why not use it? 
I'm not saying abuse your skill, timing, and mastery of grabbing, but use it 
when you need to. I like to grab people after a missed air combo with Jin 
just because his retaliation air combo would be hard to pull off. Many a time 
have I picked someone out of the air trying to jump in at me.

Cable ::jumps::
Jin ::jumps::
Cable ::kicks::
Jin ::grabs Cable and smashes him into Blodia's fist::

If you really have good timing, you can even grab characters out of rushing 
supers like Captain Storm. If someone is really turtling to the extent where 
you can't connect with anything, then inturrupt your jump-in pattern after a 
few blocked attempts and jump into the air, land, and then grab your opponent 
(I recommend the kick grab when you're on the ground because it can be 
mashed). It is possible to grab characters out of many supers, depending on 
your position of course. 


Jamesbot5001@aol.com suggested using Rogue's throw assist (type Gamma) to 
easily connect one of Jin's supers. After Rogue's assist connects, initiate 
one of his supers, any one will do. I found that this is very useful if you 
can use Rogue decently because it gives you a lot of easy damage and, like 
Jamesbot5001 said, it will probably piss off your human opponent. Rogue throw 
assist, Blodia Punch does about 57 points of damage because the enemy if 
flung into the metallic fist; Rogue throw assist, Saotome Cyclone does 62 
points of damage; and Rogue throw assist, Blodia Vulcan does around 67 damage 
because the enemy is flung right next to the Vulcan.



As with any character without a projectile against a beamer/keep-awayer, 
never let them get too far away from you. If they play keep-away, they will 
most likely be turtles, so treat them as such. They will easily back into a 
corner without you even having to lay a finger on them as they try to keep 
away. If when they are in the corner and they try to escape by _super 
jumping_, you know what to do: Blodia Vulcan and teach them a lesson about 
fighting a Jin expert!


By crazy dialers, I mean Strider, the Wolverines, Captain Commando, Storm, 
Psylocke, Cyclops, Gambit, and anyone that can keep pressure on you the whole 
match if they felt like it. What you have to do to defeat them is turn that 
pressure turn against them. You've got an insane Spider-man or Strider 
jumping-in every few seconds? Blow him sky high with Saotome brand Dynamite. 
Or maybe you'd like to trap them in the middle of a Cyclone, and then blow 
them up with some Dynamite. Then, maybe you feel like Punching your enemy, 
hmm? What if you have a Wolverine or Cammy Dashing in with no remorse? Do you 
remember the invincibility frames on the Blodia Punch? You better remember. 
How about after they back off, you put pressure on them? It should be safe.


They're just like you except slower, a little stronger, and they're MUCH 
BIGGER TARGETS. Since all you hard attacks break through super armor, you can 
keep pressure on them and chip them with your normal attacks just as well as 
they would you. Jump in with fierce a lot because it breaks their super armor 
(if they have it) while allowing you to continue a combo.


I hate these guys. Mecha-Zangief isn't really too difficult, but Hyper Armor 
Colossus is too good. Colossus can have hyper armor and will still be able to 
BLOCK which makes it easy for his to block in the middle of most hyper combos 
or Power Tackle or Power Spin you in the middle of a combo. Neither can be 
launched, but that's not big deal for Jin. Against Mecha-Zangief, I usually 
jump over him and do a fierce in the air and when he turns around, jump over 
him again and hit him. Also, you can Blodia Punch from far away or Blodia 
Vulcan for about half the damage. Just remember that he has an anti-air super 
in this form. When Colossus activates his hyper armor, (I'll be the first to 
admit it) I run like a coward and try to turtle. I block an attack; push 
block, and super jump. When he's standing there roaring like an animal, I put 
in a fierce, Blodia Punch, or preferably a mashed F. kick grab, then run like 
hell. Sometimes as I jump, he will Power Tackle so I air grab him on the way 
down or land and then jump up and grab him. Hyper Colossus is very tough if 
you go on a full offense. You can lose A LOT of life VERY QUICKLY, so please 
remember, GRAB, GRAB, RUN, then GRAB again! Oh, one more thing: while 
blocking against Hyper Armor Colossus, don't get caught in a grab yourself. 
It does the same damage as your grabs, but it's just a bit embarrassing after 
all that running.


The computer isn't too much trouble. There are some patterns though. Some 
computer characters will keep-away and try to chip you to death (Iceman, Iron 
Man, War Machine, Ryu, etc.), some will dash and jump-in like crazy (Strider, 
Spider-Man, etc.), others will do something insane like super jump, but 
before they get to the second screen, they'll air dash down at you, or do a 
downward attack (Rouge, Storm, Magneto) and it is extremely cheap and 
frustrating. Some computers don't have an apparent pattern and play *almost* 
like humans.



This form is a pushover. He's bigger than Sentinel, he can't block, and he 
takes three hours to get ready for one attack or turn around. For his horn 
attack, he actually has to reach up and pull the horn out of his head before 
he throws it at you, and by that time, you should already be on the other 
side of the huge armored freak. Since Jin doesn't jump high enough to leap 
over the Abyss, so you will have to super jump and hit the fierce button 
almost simultaneously to get to the other side, do damage, and decrease the 
height of the jump at the same time. When he rears back to do that rushing 
attack, either super jump over him or block the attack. When he puts his 
arm in the sky, get ready to block because the attack will track you and 
rain down on your position. If he does that beam super and you jump over 
him, pummel him with crouching hk's to Saotome Dynamite. Don't waste any 
supers on him.


This form is just funny to fight. Jump over him and hit him with an hp at 
the same time. When you land and he starts to turn around, do it again. 
The only things you should look out for are the bubbles and his spray super. 
 Against the bubbles, you can call in an assist, do Saotome Dynamite, or 
use the Blodia Vulcan. Use a Blodia Punch to make things speed up a bit. Beam 
and projectile assists are very helpful here. 


If he disappears from the screen, block. When he reappears after the fire 
columns thing, hit him with a jumping fierce, and then block. A Blodia 
Punch after he does his Venom Bite imitation is good. In this match you'll 
have to block a lot. The boss is so easy in this game that it's funny. You 
should be able to take out all three forms without losing Jin or switching 
out, unless you got caught with a super.



Thanks to JChristopher for posting my suggestion in his Crowd Pleasers Guide, 
it made me feel like writing this FAQ. I had a lot of time on my hands 
one weekend...

Thanks to anyone I've ever beaten or lost to on the console, in the Orleans 
Hotel/Casino's Time-Out Arcade, or anywhere else.

Thanks to GameFAQS.com if they post my FAQ.

Thank you to everyone who has E-mailed me. Sorry if I ignored your e-mail or 
didn't mention your suggestion here. I probably forgot about it. Hey, it's 
blunt, but at least I didn't lie!

That's all, so thank you to anyone who read my "Jin Needs to be in MvC3 if 
They Make Another One in the Next Decade" FAQ



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