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Jill by xjoker

Version: 2.02 | Updated: 10/30/03

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes
Jill FAQ v2.01
Written by: Phillip "xjoker" M.
Last Updated: 12:50 PM 10/30/2003

=               D i s t r u b i t i n g   t h i s   G u i d e                 =

Feel free to put this FAQ on your site. Only thing I ask from you before doing
so is to contact me some way (check section 11 of this FAQ) so that I know
where my FAQ is being posted. And please give credit where it is due. Thanks.
The latest version of this FAQ can be found at GameFAQS.

This FAQ can be found at:


=Table of Contents=

1. Jill's Pros/Cons
2. Legend
3. Normal Moves
4. Special Moves
5. Hyper Combos
6. Throws
7. Tips and Tricks
8. Throws
9. Recommended Partners
10. Credits
11. Contact Information

=1. Jill's Pros/Cons=


-Easy to start a combo with her
-High priority sweep
-Smaller character, meaning harder to hit
-Has both up close and keep away games
-Hyper Fiery Dash super has alot of priority


-Only one projectile move and its useless
-Assists aren't that great

=2. Legend=

f - forward
b - backwards
u - up
d - down
uf - upforward
ub - upbackwards
df - downforward
db - downbackwards
qcf - quarter circle forward (d,df,f)
qcb - quarter circle back (d,db,b)
hcf - half circle forward (b,db,d,df,f)
hcb - half circle back (f,df,d,db,b)
p - any punch
k - any kick 
lp - light punch
lk - light kick
fp - fierce punch
rk - roundhouse kick
2p - both punch buttons
2k - both kick buttons
a1 - assist 1 button
a2 - assist 2 button
xx - cancel into...
dhc - delayed hyper combo
thc - team hyper combo
> - continue to this move...
/\ - jump up
\/ - land on ground
d. - dashing
s. - standing
c. - crouching
j.- jumping
sj - superjump
otg - off the ground
( ) - parenthesis, other things i think are worth mentioning

=3. Normal Moves=

-- Punches --

- Jab Punch -

-Standing: Jill punches like a little girl
-Crouching: Jill crouches and punches the opponent on the legs
-Jumping: Jill is in the air and punches downward and diagonal at opponent

- Strong Punch -

-Standing: same as standing jab
-Crouching: same as crouching but her arm kinda curves a bit more
-Jumping: just a follow up of the jumping jab, high priority

- Fierce Punch -

-Standing: Jill yells "hah!" and swings at the opponent's face. you can combo
           her hyper fiery dash super if done quickly enough
-Crouching: this is Jill's one and only launcher. Jill crouches down and 
            uppercuts the opponent into the air. high priority. a little time
            delay if it is blocked
-Jumping: Jill aims at a downward and diagonal position and can hit the
          opponent right on the head if they were crouching and blocking. 
          good reach, high priority, this is what i use for a jump in combo

-- Kicks --

- Short Kick - 

-Standing: Jill kicks at the shin of many opponents. very fast to execute and
           no delay if it is blocked. low priority
-Crouching: Jill crouches and stretches her leg and the foot of the opponent.
            high priority because it is her otg move. if Jill happens to sweep
            an opponent with crouching roundhouse, you can use this to otg the
            opponent and then use crouching fierce punch for an easy combo
-Jumping: Jill short-kicks the opponent. not used at all by me. low priority,
          no range. 

- Forward Kick -

-Standing: same as standing short kick but Jill extends her leg a little bit 
           more to hit the opponent. low priority. 
-Crouching: same as above but this move has alot more priority than most of 
            her moves because it has good range 
-Jumping: low priority, bottom line. stick with Jill's punches to jump at 
          your opponent

- Roundhouse Kick -

-Standing: Jill does a roundhouse. has good range but low priority. can be used
           to combo into hyper rush attack super on ground
-Crouching: this is Jill's one and only sweep. very high priority since this
            move is otgable with a c. lk > c. fp excellent recovery time. 
            sometimes used to be cheap since the opponent needs a quick 
            character to escape it if it is used over and over and blocked
            incase ur opponent trys to counter the sweep they blocked
-Jumping: Jill hits the opponent in the face with a kick going down and 
          diagonally toward the opponent with her backed turned against the
          screen. decent priority. excellent range. i prefer her jumping 
          fierce punch

=4. Special Moves=

-- Rush Attack -- [qcf + p] (can also be done in air)

Jill shoulder rushes her opponent with two hits if done with light punch.
Highly recommended to use in a air combo > hyper rush attack. if you do
qcf + fp and hold fp, Jill will charge up the amount of hits her rush attack
will do once you let go of fp. i never use this feature because i can't find 
out a way to combo it. 

-- Zombie Dog -- [qcf + lk]

Jill does a quick taunt before a black and green dog comes charging across the
screen. the dog jumps before exiting the screen making it hard to jump over the 
dog itself without super jumping. used as a keep away manuever against 
characters that dont have projectiles. don't use against a skilled cable player

-- Crow -- [qcf + rk]

Jill does a quick taunt before a all black crow comes from the upper corner of
the screen and swoops down while in the middle of the screen and goes back up
to the other corner of the screen. another good keep away move used against 
characters that dont have a special move to beat yours. otherwise they will be 
forced to block

-- Zombie Helper -- [qcb + lk]

Jill does her famous taunt once again before a zombie dressed in a white beat
up shirt on finally comes onto the screen and across the screen. if the zombie
hits the opponent it will start munching on them 3 or 4 times before letting go
and dying

-- Zombie Helper -- [qcb + rk]

Same as summon normal zombie move except the zombie is on fire and hits only
one time if comes intact with opponent

-- Return Fire -- [qcb + p]

In this move Jill taunts and flashes a two or three times and during htis time, 
if the opponent hits her with any punch, kick, or super that isnt a projectile, 
she will push them back a few feet away from her and pull her pull her gun out
and shoot them up to 10 times if you mash the buttons

-- Grenade Launcher -- [f, df, d, df, f + p]

Jill takes out a grenade launcher, aims it upwards and shoots one grenade in
the air. explosion in mid-air is very small so therefore this move does not 
have any good priority. use sparingly

=5. Hyper Combos=

-- Hyper Fiery Dash -- [qcf + 2p] (can also can done in air)

Jill steps back a little and then simultaniously says "your finished!" and
charges at the opponent with a fiery shield in front of her. And some fire is
coming out from the back too because she's going real fast. This move should be
your bread and butter when it comes to finishing air and ground combos. It does
10 hits, had great priority, start time, and recovery

-- Hyper Rocket Launcher --  [qcf + 2k] (can also be done in air)

Jill pulls out a rocket launcher and then simultaniously says "your finished!"
and starts shooting rockets at the opponent. she shoots 16 rockets in all. If
you perform this super while close to your opponent or combo it in, the rocket
launcher will knock the opponent off the ground and into the air and all the
rockets will juggle the opponent from falling to the ground. some of the
rockets will miss and go under the opponent though. this super used for
chipping damage by many

-- Code: T-002 -- [qcb + 2k]

The most powerful yet useless super Jill has. Jill bends down, touches the
ground and says "what's that?". then a column taking 1/3 of the screen appears
from out of the ground and if the opponent is there, it will knock the opponent
into the air and tyrant comes out and starts slashing  the opponent with three
swipes and saying "argh!" each time he hits the opponent. after the third and
final swipe, the tyrant does his little taunt yelling "arrrgh!", then jumps up
and leaves. The opponent can block the column causing the tyrant not to even
come out and leaving Jill vulnerable to anything

=6. Throws=

-- Throw with fierce punch --

This is Jill's only throw. she jumps and grabs the opponent by the neck, takes
out her knife, and slices her opponents neck while saying "yah!". then she hops
back down to the ground.

=7. Tips and Tricks=

-Always go for the otg combo after comboing a crouching rk

-Use the crouching rk alot

-Do not forget that Jill has a decent keep away game. use a variety of zombies,
crows and zombie dogs while calling out an assist to keep the opponent pinned
down at the other side of the screen

-The hyper fiery dash super does great chipping damage. so dont worry about if
the opponent blocks it, if they are low on health, it will probably kill them

-Jump in with j. fp to hit the average and shorter sized tiers on the head so 
they cannot block your move even if they were ducking and blocking

-Always finish air combos off with a hyper fiery dash super if you can

-Rush down keep away characters that have projectiles

-While jumping in with fp, i get about 5 throws a game. this move has great 
range and i always seem to throw my opponent if they try to jump at me at the
same time i am trying to jump at them

-Use the rocket launcher super for chipping damage

-If Jill is being rushed down herself, dont be afraid to do her return fire
special move to get them off you for a few seconds

-Back Jill up with a good projectile or anti-air assist (aaa)

=8. Combos=

I am not going to post every single combo for Jill in this section. instead, I
will just post the combos that actually come in handy during a real game

-The following combos were tested on cable, an average damage taker
-The following combos were tested on the level 2 damage setting
-The following combos are in order from least to most damaging
-Notice that 143 points of damage is fatal

- 1. j. fp > d. c. lp > c. lp xx hyper rocket launcher
     [13 hits, 48 damage] (credit goes to karey for sending me this combo)

- 2. j. fp > d. c. lp > c. lp > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > fp or rk
     [9 hits, 55 damage]

- 3. j. fp > d. c. lp > c. lp > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > rush attack 
     with lp (2 hits)
     [10 hits, 56 damage]

- 4. j. fp \/ d. c. lk > lk > rk xx hyper fiery dash
     [13 hits, 60 damage]

- 5. j. fp \/ d. c. lp > c. lp > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk > rush attack
     with lp (let it only hit 1 time) xx hyper fiery dash
     [19 hits, 73 damage]

- 6. (in corner) j. fp > d. c. lp > c. lp > c. fp /\ lp > lk > lp > lk >
     rush attack with lp (2 hits) xx hyper fiery dash   
     [20 hits, 74 damage]

=9. Recommended Partners=

-- Guile --

Guile works nicely with Jill. i like how his flash kick super combos in with
Jill's hyper fiery dash super while in mid-air. and guile's anti-air assist
stops most players from getting too close to you. or basically, his aaa assist
will keep the opponent on the ground for the most part. it is a two hitter and
kills most  of other assists in the game

-- Cable -- 

Cable works nicely with Jill. he provides a serious keep away game, which Jill
does not have. i use his projectile assist although some people would diagree
with me and say that aaa is better to use with Jill. i've tried both and if
cable's assist does not connect, it leaves him wide open for an attack. and
Jill isnt exactly the fastest dasher in the game to go help him so you just
kind of have to watch him get punished. his projectile assist comes and goes 
and sets up for some nice air combos

-- Sentinel --

Sentinel is a beast, period. he provides a keep away game for Jill's lack  of
one with his fast standing and crouching fierce punches (beams). his super
moves come out very fast and his hyper drone attack super has no recovery and
can be comboed over and over with a standing fp xx hyper drone attack. sentinel
can fly, something that Jill cannot do. and he is the fastest flyer in the
game. sentinel's ground assist provides Jill to get in some easy combes against
her foe. may i mention that sentinel also takes damage the best in the game, 
meaning, he hardly takes any at all and plus you have to hit him 2 times to get
him to go into a stun before attempting a combo

=10. Credits=

Myself - for making this

GameFAQs - for hosting this

IGN - for hosting this

Shoryuken - for having a mvc2 multimedia section and forums

My Friends - for playing this game with me and helping me get better

Capcom - for making this game

=11. Contact Info=

Did you like the FAQ? Did I mispell something? Have a question?
Please contact me:

Email: lodjoker@hotmail.com
Mirc: #x-clan on irc.enterthegame.com
Aim: ackritebia

Copyright © 2003 Phillip "xjoker" M. All rights reserved.

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