Where do I find Raul the Ghoul?

  1. Raul is a helpful companion who is very good at repairing damaged items. Where can he be found?

    User Info: GS-MR_Riddles

    GS-MR_Riddles - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Raul is in the prison on top of Black Mountain.

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Other Answers

  1. He can be obtained at the top of black mountain (near hidden valley) after fighting a lot of super mutants and nightkin, also when you get him, before you do help the broadcaster that is their with her friend or you will be swarmed by super mutants

    User Info: gulpgip

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  2. To get to Raul, enter the Prison building (the fenced off broadcast building at the top of Black Mountain.) and look at the already available terminal, read entry 6 and this will give you the password, 123456789, to the terminal next to it (Locked Very Hard), this will dis-engage the lock to the prison door and allow you access.

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  3. Raul Tejada is spawned into the game world at the Black Mountain, which houses the radio station and the base for the State of Utobitha (super mutant) faction. In other words, you may have to encounter Super Mutants or their minions on the way there. They will also likely attempt to kill him too once he has been freed.

    In fact, the Super Mutants and their leader Tabitha are rendered hostile once you have done this, and Tabitha and some of them will also be repositioned outside the Prison, waiting for you (and Raul) to come out if you had not eliminated or otherwise removed them from Black Mountain already. You should keep this in mind if you want to keep him around. (In other words, you may have to let him hang back in the Prison while you get rid of them.)

    Anyway, to free Raul, you need to hack the door terminal to his prison and read a certain entry made by Raul himself when he performed maintenance on the very same terminal. This entry will give the password needed to open the lock to his prison door.

    User Info: Gelugon_baat

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  4. You can find Raul the ghoul with two chances (In my opinion) The First time is when you are doing the quest "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" which is helping a Super "Sane" Mutant named "Neil" (Well you could work with him or go solo) to fight a bunch of Super Mutants ( A Lot of them but a good challenge) to find Tabitha's Robot. As you complete the mission by reaching to the top of Black Mountain Safely instead of going into the middle building (out of the three) you will go into the Prison building, in there you will find a terminal. Read all logs and then it'll give you a password to unlock the door and The Ghoul himself is right behind it with Noodles next to him lol.

    and The Brotherhood Of Steel Quest " Eyesight to the blind" (I say two chances, but technically three and the third choice is when you are free roaming and decide to come back and check it out) . This quest is technically the same situation. Accept you could either go to the third building's stairs and pick up the keys, or you could kill Tabatha and claim his/hers keys, but after doing either quest you can go into the Prison building, read all logs on the terminal, get the password, open the door, and meet the Ghoul.

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  5. He is in the Black Mountain go to the Prison Building, there is a terminal in the Prison Building, read all logs and it will give you the password to unlock the door

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