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  1. I'm currently trying to beat the 3 Mad Giants on Chapter 8. No such luck, but I sometimes get a Direct Kill or something on one Giant. I was planning to try to do this to the others, but I don't know how to actually do a Direct Kill?

    Any ideas or strategy maybe?

    User Info: levelup777

    levelup777 - 8 years ago

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  1. A direct kill happens when you break a creature's armor part that is a weakpoint basically. Those giants you are fighting have a weakspot on their front that if you break destroys the main body as well. If I recall though that armor piece has a lotta health so full scratch activating for a machine gun or using a handgun with a hawk eye accessory equipped is the best bet.

    Another enemy that will do this is turrets later in the game. Once they open up to expose their guns you can destroy the gun part to destroy the whole turret.

    User Info: Spyke_MH

    Spyke_MH - 8 years ago 0 0

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