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Achievement/Trophy Guide by odino

Updated: 02/17/2010



Trophies/Achievements Guide
PS3/360 2009

Version:        1.0     released on the 19th of February 2010
Author:         odino   http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/47976.html
This guide is EXCLUSIVELY available at GameFAQs.

| .========================================================================. |
| |                           TABLE OF CONTENTS                            | |
| '========================================================================' |
| 01.) Introduction                                              |   G0100   |
| 02.) Basics                                                    |   G0200   |
| 03.) Trophies/Achievements                                     |   G0300   |
| YY.) Version History                                           |   GYY00   |
| ZZ.) Credits & Thanks                                          |   GZZ00   |

01.)                    INTRODUCTION                                 G0100

Welcome to the 'Up' Trophies/Achiements Guide for the Playstation 3/Xbox 360.
The game was released in 2009 and some people seem to struggle with getting all
achievements even now. This document tries to end all these confusions and get
ONLINE! At least one achievement requires to play with a second controller.

Suggestions, comments or errors - email me about it. Enjoy!

02.)                    BASICS                                       G0200

Some trophies/achievements are automatically completed by simply playing the
game. Others require some other tasks you normally would never do. Luckily
most in this game are easy.

I have not listed where to find the bugs and butterflies. This might be better
suited in a general FAQ but the game also notes which level has bugs and
butterflies and you just have to look in every corner and smash all bushes to
find them all. It can be frustrating but it is not as bad as you might think.

03.)                    TROPHIES/ACHIEVEMENTS                        G0300

The first list are for achievements you will not need to do anything but play
the normal game.

Adventure is Out There (15)(Bronze)
Description: Defeat the first wave of combat planes.
Note: Complete Level 1

To Paradise Falls (15)(Bronze)
Description: Complete the level to start Carl's journey to Paradise Falls.
Note: Complete Level 2

A Bird Named Kevin (15)(Bronze)
Description: Find Kevin before Muntz does.
Note: Complete Level 3

Slide and Slither (20)(Bronze)
Description: Defeat the giant Anaconda.
Note: Complete Level 4

A Voice In The Mist (20)(Bronze)
Description: Find the voice in the mist.
Note: Complete Level 5

Meet the Pack (20)(Bronze)
Description: Meet the pack: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.
Note: Complete Level 6

Night in the Jungle (20)(Bronze)
Description: Avoid being captured by Muntz's dogs.
Note: Complete Level 7

Sinkhole Terror (30)(Bronze)
Description: Defeat the giant Crocodile.
Note: Complete Level 8

Paradise Falls (30)(Bronze)
Description: Help Carl get his house to the top of Paradise Falls.
Note: Complete Level 9

Spirit of Adventure (30)(Bronze)
Description: Free Russell and Kevin, then escape the Dirigible.
Note: Complete Level 10

Adventure is Here (50)(Gold)
Description: Defeat Muntz's canine squadron in the skies above Paradise Falls.
Note: Complete Level 11

Bird Watching Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Locate Kevin for the first time.
Note: At the end of Level 2.

Fishing Badge (20)(Bronze)
Description: Survive against the hungry Piranhas
Note: This is just for swimming across a specific lake, thus automatic.

Knot Tying Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Tie off the house so it doesn't float away.
Note: You must do this more than once in the game to proceed.

Sharp Tools Badge (15)(Bronze)
Description: Use Russell's key to cut through three items in the game.
Note: You must do this throughout the games at least a dozen times.

Survivor Badge (50)(Bronze)
Description: Complete any Story Mode level without failing or quitting.
Note: Basically just complete the first level of the game.

Swimming Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Swim through all of the areas that have water.
Note: As far as I know this is automatic as you need to swim through all areas
      to progress through the game.

Wings Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Defeat the first plane in the battle over Paradise Falls.
Note: Simply shoot down one plane in the first level, which you have to do
      in order to actually finish the level.


Animation Badge (20)(Bronze)
Description: Unlock the Bonus Art.
Note: Complete all quest cards that unlock Bonus Art.

Artifact Curator (35)(Silver)
Description: Find and collect all of the Artifacts.
Note: Finding all artifacts as described on the quest card can be a lengthy
      process, but also managed in a single playthrough. Here are the details
      for all artifacts per level in order of appearance. There are no
      artifacts for Level 1, 4, 8 and 11.

      Level 2
      Bronze: At one point Russell will shimmy across a ledge and the artifact
              is right there - hard to miss.
      Silver: Go right in the split and jump up the stone steps to the right
              rather than over the ledge.
      Gold: On the left path after knocking down a boulder. Hard to miss.

      Level 3
      Bronze: Shortly after a log push there is a bridge you can knock down
              with Carl that only goes as far as the artifact.
      Silver: Nearby some snare traps.
      Gold: Shortly before regaining the house are two mushrooms. Jump high on
            the first one to reach this.

      Level 5
      Bronze: Shortly after pulling up Carl with Russell you will find an odd-
              colored wall. Use Carl to demolish it and find the artifact
              behind it.
      Gold: On a platform with flesheating plants and wasps, go all the way
            right and drop down the stone steps to a secret cave. The artifact
            is in this cave.
      Silver: Use the moveable rocks to reach this when you see it - hard to

      Level 6
      Bronze: Shortly after using Dug to open up the bridge there is an odd-
              colored wall Carl can demolish and the artifact is behind it.
      Silver: Midway when pulling up Carl with Russel.
      Gold: In the swimming section with the eels. Find the artifact on the
            right but be careful not to go too far.

      Level 7
      Silver: When the dog ambush is over, break some rocks.
      Gold: When Russell cuts a vine for a a co-op jump, look for an area at
	    the front of the screen with some hidden goodies including this.
      Bronze: In plain sight in-between some red butterflies.

      Level 9
      Bronze: Shortly after the start in some grass.
      Silver: After swinging with a vine, follow the cliff around instead of up
              and find this in the niche.
      Gold: After the second cave with the bats, continue right outside down
            some steps and the artifact is right here.

      Level 10
      Bronze: In the museum area at the beginning you need to have Dug move
              aside a display case. Go towards the screen to find this among
              some crates.
      Silver: In the "2D" section with Carl and Russel, at one point you have
              the choice of going left and right. The left has some propellers
              thus you want to go right and follow this patah until you get the
              artifact and it will take you around to the propellers.
      Gold: In the same room as Russel, smash the crates on the right.

Beginner's Wings (10)(Bronze)
Description: You've accessed the Multiplayer game menu.
Note: Basically just access the Multiplayer option from the main menu. You do
      not need to be online and you do not need to play the game - just access
      this menu.

Buddy System Badge (25)(Bronze)
Description: Free your buddy from five Snare Traps.
Note: This is much easier in Co-op play as I do not think the CPU
      will free you nor that it gets trapped. You can simply push them into the
      trap and free the CPU player though. There are more than five traps in
      a single playthrough but you might set off some yourself thus having to
      replay a level with the traps.

Bug Hunting Badge (50)(Silver)
Description: Catch or squash 100 Dio Bugs or Butterflies.
Note: If you are hunting for bugs and butterlflies anyway then this is going to
      happen automatically. Else just go berserk on some additional ones. 100
      is not that many.

Defense Badge (15)(Bronze)
Description: Successfully defend against 10 dog ambushes.
Note: If you play the game long enough you will have 10 dog ambushes
      automatically before the end.

Ellie Badge (50)(Gold)
Description: Complete all of the Quest Cards for a special badge.
Note: As it says, complete all the quest cards by finding all the artifacts and
      collecting enough bugs and butterflies. This will be one of the last
      ones to complete.

Entomology Badge (20)(Bronze)
Description: Collect all varieties of each Butterfly and Dio Bug in the game.
Note: You need to find a certain amount of each variety if you plan on
      completing the quest cards.

Environment Badge (20)(Silver)
Description: Break apart 500 objects.
Note: Objects in the game hold many things, from health to bugs and badges. You
      want to smash many, many things on the screen thus I would think 500
      objects is going to happen automatically before the end of the normal

Excavation Badge (25)(Silver)
Description: You've found the hidden cave in "A voice in the mist".
Note: There is indeed a cave on this level. After a house float you will be on
      a platform with those flesheating plants and some annoying bees. Walk to
      the right of the platform and you will find some stepping stones leading
      down. Enter it below to get this.

First Aid Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Use Russell's Canteen three times.
Note: Although not required to be done in the game, the canteen is very useful
      for some sections of the game (i.e. ambushes). Sure the game is very
      easy so you can always just waste three canteens you picked up at any

Global Citizen Badge (20)(Bronze)
Description: Make sure to put out your campfire.
Note: Many people miss this. On Level 6 you start out just next to a campfire.
      Hit it for this award. You can always quit the level if you just want
      the price...

Hiking Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Find the picture-perfect view of Paradise Falls.
Note: Easy missable. On Level 9 you have to traverse a couple of caves. After
      the second one where you have to dodge the bats you will be on a large
      sunny plateau. Paradise Falls is actually just to the left (from the
      camera angle when you are actually outside). There is a small wooden
      platform next to it with some coins floating at the waterfall. You only
      need to make the camera pan over to Paradise Falls.

Karate Badge (20)(Bronze)
Description: Break open 10 watermelons.
Note: This is done on Level 7 alone. There are 10 in total thus you must find
      and break all. If you go through the level and only smash some then they
      will still be gone for the next walkthrough and you can concentrate on
      finding the ones missed last time around. Here is a list of all 10:
      #1 Right at the start of the level.
      #2 After the first dog ambush on the left side.
      #3 Left after the house float.
      #4 After/During the second dog ambush on the right side.
      #5 When Russell cuts a vine for a a co-op jump, look for an area at the
         front of the screen with some hidden goodies including this melon.
         Actually this might be the only melon players tend to miss.
      #6 After climbing on the rock you pushed, on the right.
      #7 Hard to miss, after pushing the rock.
      #8 Same as #7.
      #9 When you get through the water, look for it on a ledge.
      #10 In the area after the bridge scene.

Kite Badge (20)(Bronze)
Description: Use Carl's House to float across all the chasms in the game.
Note: This is ALMOST automatic, only for one jump that is off the main path.
      On Level 3, after getting back the house you normally go north, but you
      might have noticed a path on the west that was blocked before jumping on
      Kevin. Follow that path around and eventually it leads to another float
      with the house. You should get the rest of the floats automatically.

Memorabilia Specialist (30)(Silver)
Description: Collect all of Carl's Mementos.
Note: Check the quest cards if you miss any. Here are the locations.

      Level 2
      After you learn how to pull up Carl (after catapulting Russel), in the
      bottom right of this area.

      Level 3
      After getting back the house, do not proceed north but instead go left
      and follow that path.

      Level 5
      When Russel is done making a bridge for Carl, check the oddly-colored
      wall and break it down with Carl. The memento is behind it.

      Level 6
      In the area after the piranhas, go towards the far left waterfall to find
      this right in it.

      Level 7
      Next to the digging spots is a hole in the wall for Dug to crawl through.
      The memento is behind this wall.

      Level 9
      In the second cave with all the bats, do not use the sliding rocks to cut
      across the cave but instead go all the way left and the memento is in
      that corner.

      Level 10
      I do not know if you can manage to move the display case without picking
      this up, but you should easily spot this when you return to the first
      area of the blimp.

Merit Badge Champion (50)(Gold)
Description: Collect 6000 Merit Badges in the game to become the Merit Badge
Note: Simply collect enough of those badges. They are hidden in objects and you
      can also kick some boulders into balloons if you wish. You should be
      almost at this amount before ending the game, and as I am quite certain
      you will need to replay levels, not only for 'Recycling', but also for
      those bugs and butterflies.

Multiplayer Extras (50)(Gold)
Description: Unlock the extra Multiplayer Combat Maps.
Note: Complete the quest cards that unlock Multiplayer maps.

Music Badge (10)(Bronze)
Description: Use Russell's Bugle three times.
Note: There is one point in the game where you MUST use the bugle to continue.
      There is also another point late in the game where it is highly
      recommended. I would say this is gained automatically but you could
      always hit left for some more bugle action whenever you have it.

Pest Control Badge (25)(Bronze)
Description: Squish 10 Wasps and Spiders.
Note: You must squish at least two wasps in the normal game and you will most
      likely squish more just for getting rid of them. I tend to run through
      spider/wasp-infested areas but if you use the bugle to stun them you can
      also squish them once and for all.

Rare Statue Badge (25)(Bronze)
Description: You found the Golden Jaguar.
Note: On Level 10 after you free Russel and fight off the dogs you will descend
      an elevator and return to the area you started this level. On the left
      side of this floor requires you to push the case (where you pick up the
      music instrument). There are two doors to continue but the right one does
      not appear to be active. Smash it to change all that. Open it and find
      the Golden Jaguar statue among another artifact.

Recycling Badge (15)(Bronze)
Description: Play through any previously completed level in Story Mode.
Note: You simply need to replay a level. I suspect you have to do that anyway
      in order to get some other unlockables.

Shoveling Badge (25)(Bronze)
Description: Dig up all of the hidden bones using Dug.
Note: A lot of people seem to miss the bone in the cave where there are two dig
      spots in the same area. Note that once Dug has found the bone then the
      rest of dig spots in the area are ignored. Here are all the locations.

      Level 6
      #1 As soon as you get control of Dug for the first time there will be a
         tutorial message about the digging. Find the bone among the first few
      #2 When Dug joins you there will be a bridge with a couple of dig spots.
         There are more digging spots after the bridge.

      Level 7
      #3 Dug will join after a dog ambush. Digging spots are right there.
      #4 Use Dug to help Carl across the water and then turn left instead of
         up the path. Find some digging spots here.
      #5 Further left from #4 is a hole in the wall for Dug to climb through.
         Not only is there an artifact here but also more digging spots.

      Level 9
      #6 When Dug joins you inside the cave, start digging on the right.
      #7 Same area as #7 and you can also dig more on the left. It seems a lot
         of people miss this one.
      #8 When Dug joins you in the second cave there will be some spiders that
         are very annoying. Squish them to avoid dying and then dig around with

Teamwork Badge (30)(Bronze)
Description: Defeat either the giant Anaconda or Crocodile with 2 players.
Note: This means you need to have a second controller and preferably a second
      person to play with you, although I could imagine beating the croc by
      switching controllers quickly when necessary. And if you really do not
      know, you need to beat Level 4 OR Level 8 to get this.

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Description: Unlock every Trophy in the game.
Note: PS3 ONLY once you collect all other trophies (as usual).

YY.)                    VERSION HISTORY                              GYY00

v1.0     Complete (19th of February 2010)

ZZ.)                    CREDITS & THANKS                          GZZ00

GameFAQs for hosting this file.

Heavy Iron Studios for the game.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited,
and a violation of copyright.        ,,,
                                    (o o)

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