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FAQ/Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/25/10

 _____ __    _____ _____ ____  __ __
|     |  |  |     |  |  |    \|  |  |
|   --|  |__|  |  |  |  |  |  |_   _|
|_____|_____|_____|_____|____/  |_|
       _ _   _                 _                          ___
 _ _ _|_| |_| |_    ___    ___| |_ ___ ___ ___ ___    ___|  _|
| | | | |  _|   |  | .'|  |  _|   | .'|   |  _| -_|  | . |  _|
|_____|_|_| |_|_|  |__,|  |___|_|_|__,|_|_|___|___|  |___|_|

 _____ _____ _____ _____    _____ _____ __    __    _____
|     |   __|  _  |_   _|  | __  |  _  |  |  |  |  |   __|
| | | |   __|     | | |    | __ -|     |  |__|  |__|__   |
|_|_|_|_____|__|__| |_|    |_____|__|__|_____|_____|_____|


        C L O U D Y  W I T H  A  C H A N C E  O F  M E A T  B A L L S

                         W A L K T H R O U G H / F A Q

Platform : PS3                                           Written by threetimes
Developer: Ubisoft Shanghai                              October 22nd 2010
Publisher: Ubisoft                                       Version: 1.0
Released : 2009                                          Updated: October 29th

This FAQ can be used for the Wii, Xbox360, and PC versions of the game although
the controls will be different. It does not cover the DS or PSP versions of the

TABLE OF CONTENTS ................................................ SEARCH CODE
To find a section of the guide select the Edit option on your toolbar and then
Find and type the code. Or use Ctrl +F, (it's the Apple button for Macs +F)
to bring up a box where you can type in the code.

   I. Introduction .................................................... *INTRO
  II. Controls ........................................................ *CONT
 III. Game Basics ..................................................... *BASIC
  IV. Hints And Tips .................................................. *TIPS

   V. The Walkthrough ................................................. *WALK
      Act 1 ........................................................... *ACT10
      1.1. Bait Ship Boulevard ........................................ *ACT11
      1.2. Ice Cream Tundra ........................................... *ACT12
      1.3. Italian Street Fair ........................................ *ACT13
      1.4. Road To Jelly Castle ....................................... *ACT14
      1.5. Restaurant Row ......................................... ... *ACT15
      Act 2 ........................................................... *ACT20
      2.1. Power Plant Perimeter ...................................... *ACT21
      2.2. Ice Cream Tundra ........................................... *ACT22
      2.3. Cheesewedge Way ............................................ *ACT23
      2.4. Road To Jelly Castle ....................................... *ACT24
      2.5. Stadium Exterior ........................................... *ACT25
      Act 3 ........................................................... *ACT30
      3.1. Cannery Court .............................................. *ACT31
      3.2. Good 'n Creamy Elementary .................................. *ACT32
      3.3. Sardine Circle ............................................. *ACT33
      3.4. The Jellycastle ............................................ *ACT34
      3.5. The Stadium ................................................ *ACT35
      Act 4 ........................................................... *ACT40
      4.1. Food Falls Freeway 18 ...................................... *ACT41
      4.2. Swallow Falls Dam .......................................... *ACT42
      4.3. Mount Foody ................................................ *ACT43
      Act 5 ........................................................... *ACT50
      5.1. The Cannery ................................................ *ACT51
      5.2. Swallow Falls Dock ......................................... *ACT52
      Act 6 ........................................................... *ACT60
      6.1. Meat-A-Roid Crust .......................................... *ACT61
      6.2. Meat-A-Roid Subterrain ..................................... *ACT62
      6.3. Meat-A-Roid Mantle ......................................... *ACT63
      6.4. "Boss" ..................................................... *ACT64
      Act 7 ........................................................... *ACT7
      Outro ........................................................... *OUT

  IV. Trophies and Unlockables ........................................ *TUNL
   V. Credits, Legal Bit and Contact .................................. *CLC

I.  I N T R O D U C T I O N ............................................*INTRO

* Introduction to Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls
Despite the fact the game is based on a film which is based on a book, and is
one of those movie multi-platform tie-ins designed for children, it's an
enjoyable, if short, adventure for the child in us all. You collect various
gigantic foodstuffs whilst exploring a range of well-designed locations using
different gadgets to complete various small puzzles. Sometimes it's fun to
indulge in a little fast food after a surfeit of lengthy gourmet games.

* Introduction to this FAQ
Cloudy with a Chance of Meat Balls is not really a game that needs much
explanation but you might miss getting the odd piece of collectible food, or
want a couple of tips about how to get all the trophies. If so, here you go!

* The Story
Flint Lockwood is a young inventor who dreams of creating that one big
invention that will improve everyone's life. When he created the
F.L.D.S.M.D.F.R. (Flint Lockwood Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food
Replicator) it looked like he finally pulled it off, when food miraculously
began to fall from the sky! However, what started as a triumph for the people
of his hometown of Swallow Falls soon turned into a mess of gigantic
pro-"portions". Now Flint must utilise every invention and crazy gadget to save
the world from a food-tastrophe! (From the Manual.)

* The Characters
Flint is the main character and has a companion monkey called Steve whom you
can summon to help out if you use a second controller.

The rest of the characters only play a role in the story or introduce a
particular level. They are:
- Flint's dad, Tim Lockwood.
- Sam Sparks, a girl who works at the weather station.
- Brent McHale the town's celebrity.
- Cal Devereaux the son of the local cop, Earl.
- Mayor Shelbourne.

II. C O N T R O L S  ................................................. *CONTROL

MOVE           Move the left stick in the direction you wish to go
JUMP           Press X to jump
SWITCH GADGETS Press L1 or R1 to switch between gadgets
USE GADGET     Press L2 or R2 to use a gadget
PAUSE GAME     Press the START button to pause the game and view the overview
               screen where you can quit a mission or restart

MOVE           Move the left stick in the direction you wish to go
JUMP           Press X to enter and exit the vehicle
SWITCH GADGETS Press L1 to switch to the previous gadget
               Press R1 to switch to the next gadget
USE GADGET     Press L2 or R2 to use

Plug in a second controller to allow Steve the monkey to join in during any
level. You can use a PS2 controller with the appropriate USB adapter. Playing
in co-op mode is required for one PS3 trophy.

SWITCH        Press start to switch between Flint and Steve

The game is automatically saved and you can only have one save file. If you
want to start a new game your previous save will be erased.

III.  G A M E  B A S I C S ............................................ *BASIC

1. Flint's Lab
2. Acts and Levels
3. Gadgets
4. Hydrons and Hydronic Foodpods
5. Drops
6. Food Ingredients
7. Enemy Food

The game revolves around a hub in Flint's Lab where you'll find four monitors.
The one at the far left allows you to change Options: for Music, Voice, Sound
Effects and Subtitles, and shows the controls. The one at the back of the lab
shows all gadget upgrades and you can "buy" three upgrades for each gadget. The
monitor at the right displays the blueprints that make up the Ultimate Weapon,
and you can access Music, Movies and Art Work that unlock as you complete each
level. The central monitor is where you select these levels and you can replay
any of them as often as you like, once completed. To access a monitor just walk
up to it and press X.

There are 6 "Acts" and each one has a number of levels. You can only select one
that is highlighted in orange. Finish all levels for one act to progress to the
next. Completed levels are shown with a green tick.

Each level has an objective and there are 6 different types:

- Reach an objective
This is shown as a arrow pointing to a circle.

- Clear an area of all enemies
This is shown as a skull and crossbones.

- Search and destroy a specific type of food (e.g. Broccoli)
A picture of the food with the number required is shown.

- Find and gather a specific type of food  (e.g. Butter Pats)
A picture of the food with the number required is shown.

- Use the Outtasighter to clean an area
This shows a picture of the machine and a percentage total of how much has been

- Use the Outtasighter to destroy specific types of food from an area (e.g.
This shows a picture of the machine and the food type.

Each gadget has three levels of upgrades which can be bought with the Hydron
rewards from missions. You can choose the order in which you buy them. Each
mission allocates the gadgets you need to complete it and a blue light shines
around a foodstuff when you're equipped with the correct gadget to destroy it.

Handheld thermal accelerator. Melts stuff. Mostly used for melting Ice Cream
Balls and Ice Pops. Can also be used as a weapon to attack snowmen and gummy

Hyperbionic handheld stabber and transporter. Handy for picking up certain
types of food. The Fork is also used to hook onto Spaghetti Rope enabling you
to climb up to higher ground, and to hold a Coconut Shield in place. Forks also
have a use as a weapon: hook a whirling Spaghetti and back away and that will
cause it to unravel, destroying it. You can pick up gummy bears and dump them
into rivers or hot chili sauce.

Porta-vac with liqui-pulsion squirter. Sucks up liquids and spits them out.
This gadget is used in conjunction with various drops (blobs) to suck up
coffee, honey, oil or chili and then spray it onto the ground or onto enemies.
Honey can be sprayed onto high walls (made of bread) so you can climb them.

Manual anodised blade with ergo-grip. Slices up food. This acts like a sword
and you can attack various foodstuffs such as marshmallows, gummy bears and
onions. It's also used to slice and dice gherkins, carrots and large jellies.

Bionomic clubber with sure-grip handle. Good for punching. Punch a burger and
it will move if its on an oily floor. Punch enemies to push them into chili
sauce to melt them, or onto honey making them stick. Used to break brittle
stuff like Nachos or cookies.

This machine vacuums up foods such as chili sauce or honey from the ground. It
also has a grabber that can be used to pick up larger items such as a burger
or burrito and fling them out of sight. Press X to enter it or leave it. The
Outtasighter is only found on a few specific levels.


These are water molecules produced by the FLDSMDFR when it turns water into
giant food. When food is destroyed you can pick up blue balls of water and use
these (together with the rewards for completing each level) to purchase
upgrades for gadgets.

Break all Foodpods to retrieve the Hydrons and if you break all in one stage
you obtain a puzzle piece for the Ultimate Weapon. Get all these blueprint
pieces and you obtain the Ultimate invention! There are five types of Foodpods
and they are all in fixed locations. You only have to find them once and if you
repeat a level only the ones you missed will still be there.

A medium size white cube that can be destroyed using the Coffee Drop (the grey
coloured blob) and the Chili Drop (the red blob). Use the Upsucker to suck up
some coffee or chili and then use it again to spray onto the sugar cube.

A pink round ball of icecream. These are melted by the Hot enougher.

This is a large yellow/orange sausage looking thing that can be broken up using
the Bigacious Pow or sliced with the Chopper-er.

A square pasta that needs to be broken using the Pow, forked up with the
Fork, or sliced open with the Chopper-er.

A large red strawberry that requires slicing with the Chopper-er.

These are not things that drop from enemies, but blobs of coloured liquid that
appear on the ground and can be sucked up and then sprayed.

Sometimes you will find a half avocado. Use the Pow to render it into a pulp
and then suck it up with the Upsuck. The resulting green Guacamole is used to
smother chili and create safe pathways.

Handy stuff if you use it to burn up enemies. Very effective against massed
gummy bears!

This dangerous red sauce can drop on you from above or be laid out on the
ground. It will burn if you touch it and you cannot use any tools while
sizzling. However, Avocado, Honey and Oil Drops can be sucked up and used to
cover up the chili. Also, the Outtasighter vehicle can scoop it up removing it
completely, and butter pats will melt if placed on it, creating safe pools to
walk on.

Grey/brown coloured drop that is used to destroy anything made of sugar. It
doesn't settle on the ground and looks more like a dust stream then coffee.
Use it on Doughnuts and Sugar Cubes.

A bright yellow blob, this substance multi-tasks! Spray it on walls and you can
climb them, spray it on chili and you can walk on the surface, even if your
steps are slow. Use it as a sticky surface to trap any moving foodstuff, such
as bears, bouncing marshmallows or roasted chickens. Then you can kill them off
with ease.

This appears as a white blob and can be sucked up with the Upsuck. Use it to
create safe paths over hot chili sauce, It's also handy to make slippery paths
if you need to push something from one place to another.

These are benign foods that won't attack you, but can be used to help you
progress to new areas, or maybe just need to be destroyed.

Slice the big broccoli using the Chopper-er. Sometimes they block a path and
you'll need to jump up to hit them. Smaller broccoli florets will move
around and can be sliced to reveal a red healing ball. If you don't catch them
quickly they tend to run away and drop off ledges in a suicidal move.

Jump on a jelly to reach higher ground. The large ones can be sliced into three
smaller ones using the Chopper-er and these can be stacked on top of one
another using the Fork.

Large slices of bread make climbing walls when sprayed with honey.

A large round burger in a bun. These cannot be destroyed but they can be
removed altogether by the Outtasighter. Most often used to jump on and reach
higher ground, and can be pushed using the Pow if the ground is made slippery
using Butter Pats or Oil.

A very large yellow tube with chili sauce oozing out of it. Only found in
specific places where the Outtasighter must be used to pick it up and fling it
out of sight..

Butter pats can be lifted using the Fork and placed on chili to create oil
pools. These are slippery and can be walked over. You can also melt butter pats
with the Hot enougher to create paths over which you can push Burgers or
Muffins. Butter Pats can also be used to help you reach higher ground.

Slice and dice this large carrot, and then hit it with the Pow and the slices
will spin away and destroy many enemies. You cannot move the carrot.

These red rounds of sausage have two functions: to help you reach higher
ground and to give a safe stepping stone over burning chili sauce. Move them
using the Fork.

Smash a coconut with the Pow and you can use the remaining piece as a shield.
Pick it up with the Fork. Sometimes just the piece is found. Keep hold of it on
the end of the Fork to protect from enemies that fire seeds or missiles. When
you reach the enemy drop the shield and attack.

Cookies are found blocking a path. Just break them using the Pow.

This is a large bun with egg filling. Treat it in the same way as as a burger
by pushing it along a slippery pathway to where you can jump onto it, and reach
higher ground.

This large long green object looks like a cucumber and can be sliced with the
Chopper-er. It divides into four neat slices that can be stacked on top of each
other using the Fork and used to reach higher ground.

A large piece of blue cheese that might block access. Melt it with the
Hot Enougher

These large items need three actions to destroy them, and they are found
blocking access to the next area. First, hit the outer biscuit with the Pow,
then, use the Hot enougher to melt the Ice Cream, and finally hit the other

Usually you'll see two or three iced lollipops blocking an opening or access to
a new area. Use the Hot enougher to melt them. Sometimes there is a large one
hiding behind some scenery that blocks the way for the Outtasighter. You will
have to get close enough on foot to melt the Ice Pop, and this will cause the
scaffold-like scenery to break, clearing the way for the Outtasighter.

A large brittle wall that blocks pathways. Simply hit it with the Pow.

You won't find many oranges, but when you do they can be used to shield
attacks. Use oil drops or butter pats to make the ground slippery and oranges
will roll to a new position.

This has only one function - to raise you to higher ground. Use the Fork on the
end of the rope and it will automatically retract and pull you upwards.
Sometimes the rope end is out of reach and you need to find something to stand

All these foodstuffs will hurt you if they can. Destroy them before they
destroy you! You'll also be bombarded with enormous Meat Balls and Hot Dogs
during some levels and these have to be dodged. Don't get squashed!

Doughnuts are bad for you! They pelt you with missiles that can quickly deplete
health and can only be avoided by jumping or running to one side. They can only
be destroyed by using the Upsucker and spraying them with coffee.

These are small, many coloured bears that will gang up on you as they usually
appear in groups. Fork or punch them over edges or into chili sauce to melt
them, use the Hot enougher to melt them, or the Chopper-er to slice them up.

These look like snowmen and will fire missiles, although they do not move. You
can melt them with the Hot enougher, or hit them with the Pow and push them
into nearby chili sauce.

These are large bouncing creamy towers. Use the Upsucker to spray honey
underneath them to make them stick and then slice or melt them.

Purple coloured onions are dangerous as they send off plumes of poisonous gas
that will damage health. Use the Chopper-er to slice them up and move away
quickly to escape the gas cloud.

This round red fruit fires damaging seeds. Protect from its attack by using a
Coconut shell as a shield. When you get close enough drop the shield and slice
it to bits using the Chopper-er.

Chickens first appear like they would in a roasting tin, all neat and ready for
eating, but when you move too close they will stand up and charge. Lure them or
punch them onto a sticky floor and they can't move. Slice them to kill them.

The shell can move to attack and must be heated up using the Hot enougher to
open it. Then, hook out its insides with the Fork.

Use the Fork to hook the spaghetti and move away and that will unravel this
enemy. Or, use the Chopper-er to slice them up.

IV.  H I N T S  A N D  T I P S  .........................................*TIPS

* Watch out for completing a stage before you've found all the food! It's a bit
  annoying when there is just one left to get and you've destroyed all the
  Broccoli, Gorgonzola, Scallops or whatever else it is, before getting that
  last one.

* You will have to revisit two areas to obtain all the foodpods ( two Ice Cream
  Balls require an upgraded Hot enougher) and you might miss a few others on
  the first time through. Revisit a level and, once you have destroyed all the
  missing ones, you get the option to leave the area and return to the lab, so
  you don't have to do the whole level again.

* When instructed to use the Outtasighter to clean up an area you'll be shown a
  percentage total. In fact you only have to reach 89 or 90% to finish the
  mission, so keep an eye on the total if you still have foodpods to find!

* Die from enemy attacks or by falling off a ledge and you'll restart at a set
  location, usually quite close by. You can use this feature to your advantage
  if you want to repeat an action to get a trophy, or to heal up if health is
  low, because you'll return with full health. There is no penalty for failure!


                  V.  W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  ................. *WALK


Complete all levels for one "Act" to progress to the next one. It's as simple
as that! Destroy all Foodpods for one level and you'll get the reward of a
Blueprint piece.

ACT 1 - WHEN GOOD FOOD GOES BAD ........................................ *ACT1

There are 5 levels in Act 1 and the first open level is Ice Cream Tundra, but
that cannot be completed now as there is one ice cream ball you won't be able
to destroy. The rest of the levels are unlocked after completing Ice Cream
Tundra, apart from the first one which is unlocked after completing the other
four. You can "buy" your first upgrade after completing two levels. Make sure
to upgrade the Pow before tackling the Bait Shop level in Act 1.

1.1. BAIT SHOP BOULEVARD .............................................. *ACT11
Mission : Get to the Bait Shop!
Foodpods: Cheese Puffs: 30
Gadget  : Bigacious Pow

This is the last level for Act 1 even though it's the first one in the line.

Hop over the barrels and go left, jumping down the ledge where you'll bump into
your first cheese puff [FOODPOD 1]. Jump onto the burger to reach the second
one [FOODPOD 2]. You'll be pelted with chili sauce as soon as you start moving
and need to keep a careful eye on where it falls.

Return to the left of the barrels, avoiding the chilli sauce on the ground.
Smash the Nacho and jump up the left barrels. Look to the right and you'll see
another cheese puff. Jump onto the second set of barrels and then over to the
platform at the right to break the [FOODPOD 3]. Return to the left wall and
carry jumping up the ledges at the left avoiding the chilli and break [FOODPOD
4]. It's a bit tricky avoiding the chili just in front of this cheesepuff, and
if you die you'll be back at the start and can just go all out through the
Nacho and up those left ledges before the chili gets there!

Continue along the high left ledge to reach the next two puffs [FOODPOD 5] and
[FOODPOD 6]. Jump onto the swinging platform at the right, and go straight
ahead to break [FOODPOD 7]. Jump down to the ground and walk back down the path
to break another puff [FOODPOD 8]. By this time the chili will have stopped
dropping down so you can pick your way through the splodges.

Now, go right for the next cheese puff [FOODPOD 9] and keep heading right to
find three more [FOODPOD 10], [FOODPOD 11] and [FOODPOD 12]. Walk back and jump
onto the nearest burger to reach the back wall. Jump right, onto the next
burger and you'll find another puff [FOODPOD 13]. Keep close to the wall
because some chili sauce will spatter down. Jump forwards over the sauce and
step onto the suspended platform. The next bit is tricky because you need to
jump off the platform onto the boxes and walk up to get the next cheese puff
[FOODPOD 14]. If you fall off on the far side you cannot get back up. Walk down
(still on top of the boxes) and then jump to the right to reach another puff
[FOODPOD 15]. Now it's okay to jump down.

Get one more puff [FOODPOD 16], and walk up towards the Nacho. Break it to
enter the next section. More chili will crash down here, so just move forwards
one step and then back off onto the ledge if you prefer to see where it's all
going to fall. Alternatively make a run for the puff straight ahead [FOODPOD
17] and then, jump up the two boxes to the right to reach the puff on the top
row of boxes in the left corner [FOODPOD 18]. This is the best way to do it
because otherwise the chili will drop onto the boxes, preventing you from
reaching the highest cheese puff. Just stand on the chili and die and you can
restart at the Nacho and do the quick run and jump!

Break the two puffs on the ledge at the right [FOODPOD 19] and [FOODPOD 20] and
you'll notice that it is slippery. (Unfortunately you cannot punch and move
the burger to the right onto this surface to reach the high box so don't bother
trying.)  Before heading right walk down this area and smash two more puffs
[FOODPOD 21] and [FOODPOD 22]. Jump on the burger to reach the next area and
stop on the other side of the patch of chili. There's a message from dad and
you'll be bombarded with huge meatballs that roll down the roof. Time it right
to bash the cheese puff just to the right [FOODPOD 23] and then the next one
[FOODPOD 24]. If you die you'll restart just to the left of the first meatball.
There is a narrow safe place if you stand between the two meatballs

Move right to find the next puff hiding down at the corner of the fence
[FOODPOD 25]. Walk up past the chili patches to the Nacho and bash it. You're
out of danger from rolling meatballs but there are bouncing blobs of meat to
avoid while you punch and push the burger across the slippery floor to the
right. Jump on the burger and up to the wooden platform and then down the other
side. Walk up to the wall and jump onto a stack of jellies and off to the right
to reach two cheese puffs [FOODPOD 26] and [FOODPOD 27] on top of a green
awning. Keep going right to reach the next two [FOODPOD 28] and [FOODPOD 29].
Return to the green awning and jump down. Walk right to reach the final
[FOODPOD 30] that's close to the hedge and opposite the Fresh Goods shop. Once
all that has been accomplished, walk right to end the level.

1.2. ICE CREAM TUNDRA ................................................. *ACT12
Mission : Clear Chili!
          Outtasighter 0/100%
Foodpods: Ice Cream Ball: 0/30
Gadget  : Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

NOTES   : Foodpod --/30 is not accessible until until you have the level 3
upgrade for the Hot enougher. Stand to the left of the VW van and jump while
firing. If you don't melt it, change position, jumping and firing as fast as
you can until you do.

Inside the first wired off area melt the pink ice cream ball at the lower right
[FOODPOD 1/30]. Then, target the two Ice Pops blocking the exit to the next
area and melt them all. Go right and there's a single ice ball to melt for
[FOODPOD 2/30]. Walk up the path and you'll see a Snowman at the top left. Aim
your Hot enougher at him and walk from the right to the left to avoid his
missiles while you melt him. Melt the two Ice Creams at the left fence [FOODPOD
3/30] and [FOODPOD 4/30], and make sure to do the same on another one just down
from these two [FOODPOD 5/30]. Pick up all the Hydropods by walking over them.

Head to the right and jump on the jelly next to the bus to reach the next area.
Walk right to find another Ice Cream in the lower right corner [FOODPOD 6/30].
You can see another Snowman standing inside a low circular wall. Attack him
while walking up the right wall. Melt the single Ice Cream at the left of the
circle [FOODPOD 7/30] and then go up to melt the two Ice Pops and you'll find
three more ice cream balls behind them for [FOODPOD 8/30], [FOODPOD 9/30] and
[FOODPOD 10/30]. Head to the right from the circle and melt two more Ice Pops
to access the next area.

As soon as you start exploring this area some chili will drop from the sky and
splatter the ground, but there's no need to worry about that because you have
your very own Outtasighter! Walk up to it and press X to enter  Use the machine
(pressing R2 or L2) to scoop up all the chili sauce. Exit by pressing X again
and melt the Ice Cream in the bottom right corner below the two cars for
[FOODPOD 11/30]. Walk up the area and simply circle around the Snowman while
firing and it will melt without being able to hurt you. Melt one Ice Cream in
the top left corner [FOODPOD 12/30] and another one behind the VW van [FOODPOD
13/30]. Jump on the box next to the van and then up to the roof to find two
more Ice Creams [FOODPOD 14/30] and [FOODPOD 15/30]. Hop down and melt three
Ice Pops to access the next area. Get in the Outtasighter and drive through.

More chili sauce will drop down on you if you try to walk up to the visible Ice
Creams, and some scenery blocks the bridge to the other side of the area. Use
the Outtasighter to scoop up the chili and then, jump over the car to melt the
the two Ice Creams [FOODPOD 16/30] and [FOODPOD 17/30]. Walk onto the jetty and
go down to melt an Ice Cream for [FOODPOD 18/30]. Jump onto the moving waffle
and off onto the stationary second one. Melt the Ice Cream on the third waffle
[FOODPOD 19/30] and jump across to pick up the Hydropods. Return to the moving
waffle and jump to the far side of the water. (Try not to fall in but if you do
you'll be back near the first jetty so it won't matter.)

As you walk towards the bridge some more chili will fall so be careful. There's
a large Ice Pop on the bridge and you can melt this and remove the obstacle.
Get in the Outtasighter again, cross the bridge and clean up the chili sauce.
You'll probably find that you destroy the ice cream ball in front of the van
while you're doing that [FOODPOD 20/30]. Walk over to pick up the Hyropods
and walk behind the van to find a hidden ice ball and melt this for [FOODPOD
21/30]. There's another pink ball down the screen at the bottom right corner of
the area near the large green balls [FOODPOD 22/30].

(If you attempt to jump onto the van you'll see a black shadow of Flint which
looks odd, and means you cannot get up there.)  Jump onto the jelly to reach
the roof and kill off the Snowman. Melt the Ice Cream on the ledge up here for
[FOODPOD 23/30]. Back on the ground you can melt three Ice Pops to give access
to the next but wait! There's another ice cream ball sitting on top of the VW
van. Don't bother jumping around to try and melt this one because you need the
Hot enougher to be fully upgraded first. This is one that you need to come back
for later in the game.[FOODPOD --/30 - not accessible until later!)].

Drive the Outtasighter into the next area and start to clean up the chili sauce
in the top part of the area to get [FOODPOD 24/30], in the top left corner, and
[FOODPOD 25/30] in the right. DO NOT CARRY ON CLEARING! You'll notice that you
get a % total for the cleaning up job and, if you finish this too quickly, you
won't be able to get the rest of the ice cream balls because you complete the
clear up by getting around 90%. Walk up to melt the ball on the small ledge
[FOODPOD 26/30]. Clear a path down to the lower left corner and melt another
one [FOODPOD 27/30]. Clear the chili close to the truck at the right so you can
jump up and collect the Hyropods from two more [FOODPOD 28/30] and
[FOODPOD 29/30]. Finish off by cleaning up some more chili until you get a high
enough percentage and that will be the end of the level. Mission complete!

1.3. ITALIAN STREET FAIR .............................................. *ACT13
Mission : Fill Canner. Fool Ratbirds!
          Butter Pat: 0/6
Foodpods: Ravioli: 30
Gadget  : Forkamajigger
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Walk up the beach to the huts and pick up the red Chorizo piece using the
Forkamajigger. Move it to the left hut and jump up to break open the first
ravioli [FOODPOD 1/30]. Walk to the right hut and through the open door to get
the second one [FOODPOD 2/30]. Move the red circle back to the starting
position and jump up to break the next ravioli [FOODPOD 3/30]. Jump over the
low fence and move the Chorizo to the right so you can jump up onto the wooden
jetty. Go down to find another ravioli [FOODPOD 4/30]. Walk around the chili
sauce on the road and fork away the next two ravioli [FOODPOD 5/30] and
[FOODPOD 6/30]. Jump onto the open truck for the next one [FOODPOD 7/30], and
hop down the far side.

There are two red circles waiting to assist your jump onto the green truck and
two more ravioli to get when you jump over the chili sauce [FOODPOD 8/30] and
[FOODPOD 9/30]. Walk down the wooden jetty and jump across to the second wooden
raft and then down the screen to the third where you'll find two more ravioli
[FOODPOD 10/30] and [FOODPOD 11/30]. Head back to the wall and use the Fork on
the bottom of the Spaghetti Rope to be taken up to the road. Jump over the
chili to the left and fork open two ravioli for [FOODPOD 12/30] and [FOODPOD

Head right and jump down to a ledge and onto the sand. There's a ravioli just
to your left [FOODPOD 14/30] and another one down the screen at the edge of the
beach [FOODPOD 15/30]. Walk right and enter the blue huts through the open (not
visible) doorway and break two more pasta shapes [FOODPOD 16/30] and [FOODPOD
17/30]. Return to the left of the buildings and fork up the red Chorizo onto
the low wooden platform. Jump onto it to reach the ledge and then hop over the
fence onto the roof of the Pizza huts.to get [FOODPOD 18/30]. There are two red
circles and a Spaghetti Rope here so pick up one and deposit it under the rope
and then move the other one on top of it. Jump up to reach the rope.

You're now on a ledge outside the Coffee Bar. Go inside (it's straight ahead
from the top of the Rope) and destroy the two ravioli [FOODPOD 19/30] and
[FOODPOD 20/30]. Jump down to the right and back to the beach where there's
another ravioli [FOODPOD 21/30] on top of a small hut. Use the Chorizo if you
missed landing on the roof. Move the two sausage rounds to the X marks the spot
place under the Rope and fork it to climb up to the wooden jetty where you'll
find another pasta [FOODPOD 22/30].

From here, jump down to the right wooden ledge and back to the beach. You'll be
told to complete a mission which involves forking up 6 butter pats and
depositing them inside the white glowing part of the machine. Before doing that
find the rest of the ravioli. There's one hidden at the left of the machine
[FOODPOD 23/30] and another behind the Beach Patrol buggy at the left of the
beach [FOODPOD 24/30]. Head for the top right corner of the beach inbetween the
sea and the decking to find [FOODPOD 25/30]. Move two of the chorizo pieces
alongside the hut at the right and then fork up the top one and place it next
to the hut. Fork the butter pat onto it to make a step high enough so you can
reach the roof. Jump up and break the pasta for [FOODPOD 26/30] and [FOODPOD

There is another ravioli lying at the right edge of the beach nearly surrounded
with chili sauce [FOODPOD 28/30]. From here jump over the chili heading down
the beach and you'll find another one at the bottom right corner [FOODPOD
29/30]. Move all three chorizo onto the X under the Spaghetti Rope and let it
twirl you up to find the final Ravoili [FOODPOD 30/30] (and another butter

The butter pats are found just down from the machine (BUTTER PAT 1/6), at the
lower right corner of the beach (BUTTER PAT 2/6), on the beach patrol buggy
(BUTTER PAT 3/6), (fork it over the side and drop it to the beach), on top of
the pile of chorizo (BUTTER PAT 4/6) (move them all out of the way), next to
the hut at the right (BUTTER PAT 5/6) and up the Spaghetti Rope (BUTTER PAT
6/6). Fork all the pats into the machine and that's the mission complete.

1.4. ROAD TO JELLY CASTLE ............................................. *ACT14
Mission:  Banish Broccoli
          Broccoli: (0/8)
Foodpods: Strawberry: 30
Gadget  : Chopper-er
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Be careful! If you destroy all the broccoli then the stage will end. Find all
the strawberries first.

From the start, turn down the screen to find the first strawberry between the
tree and the fence [FOODPOD 1/30]. The second one is more obvious, next to the
bush at the upper left of this first area [FOODPOD 2/30]. Approach the large
jelly and jump on top of it to reach the ledge. (You can slice these jellies
into smaller pieces but there's no need to do that yet.)

You'll run into the first broccoli so slice it to bits [BROCCOLI 1/8]. Jump on
the small jelly to reach the ledge and kill two strawberries. [FOODPOD 3/30]
and [FOODPOD 4/30]. Walk to the corner where a tree root crosses the path and
there's a gap in the fence. Jump down.to a ledge. Jump a gap to the right and
cut two berries [FOODPOD 5/30] and [FOODPOD 6/30] and jump down again for one
more [FOODPOD 7/30] and your first gummy bear. Just one slice should suffice to
end it's short sweet existence. Continue walking along the ledge and keep going
onto a wooden jetty where you'll find three more berries [FOODPOD 8/30] and
[FOODPOD 9/30] and [FOODPOD 10/30]. Walk back to the ledge and jump up using a
jelly. (If you go left there's a gummy bear on the path for a few extra

Continue up the path toward the broccoli where you'll find three bears. Slice
them all and kill the green stuff! [BROCCOLI 2/8]. You'll find a small red life
ball on the path before you reach the next [BROCCOLI 3/8]. Jump onto the rock
and there's a choice of paths. (Don't be concerned about falling in the water
because you'll start again here with no loss of anything.)

Jump right onto a single rock ledge to slice up one strawberry [FOODPOD 11/30].
Then, go left to find three more strawberries [FOODPOD 12/30] and [FOODPOD
13/30] and jump up for a third [FOODPOD 14/30]. There's a bear on the next
ledge and a jelly jump up to a large jelly at the left. Use this to jump onto
the wooden platform at the right and then to the second one where you can slice
up two strawberries [FOODPOD 15/30] and [FOODPOD 16/30]. Jump off this platform
to the front and you'll land on the rock ledge for another berry [FOODPOD
17/30]. Jump down to the right and kill a bear. Jump on the jelly and use the
Chopper-er at the same time to destroy the next Broccoli [BROCCOLI 4/8]

You're on a ledge with a jelly to take you up to the next one and there's a
large green vegetable directly ahead [BROCCOLI 4/8]. There are some people
waiting at the right of this ledge, but ignore them for now and jump down to a
lower ledge at the right. There's a bear waiting to be sliced on the next
ledge. Carry on jumping to the right where you'll find two more berries
[FOODPOD 18/30] and [FOODPOD 19/30]. Head back to the left and use the jelly to
jump up the ledge below the group of people.

Walk up to them and look left. There's a small jelly on the ground and you can
bounce up to reach another strawberry on the high platform [FOODPOD 20/30].
Once you're obtained all these you can go through the opening behind the people
after slicing a large jelly into three pieces. Jump onto one of these to reach
the wooden ledge and another strawberry [FOODPOD 21/30].

Cross the bridge to the right and stop off at the middle to kill two bears.
From here jump down to a lower ledge for two more berries [FOODPOD 22/30] and
[FOODPOD 23/30]. Walk to the end of the bridge and destroy the veg [BROCCOLI
6/8]. There are two more bears to slice and a red life ball at the left. Walk
all the way to the right of the area where you'll find one more berry [FOODPOD
24/30] and two more on a ledge that you cannot reach

Slice up the large jelly and jump on the small pieces to reach the next ledge.
Carry on to the right using the well-placed jellies and jump down to get those
two strawberries on the lower ledge. [FOODPOD 25/30] and [FOODPOD 26/30].
Return to the jelly you sliced and jump up to reach the [BROCCOLI 7/8]. After
it has been destroyed jump onto that ledge and down to the left. From the left
edge you can jump onto the ledge with the remaining berries. Chop them all for
[FOODPOD 27/30], [FOODPOD 28/30], [FOODPOD 29/30] and [FOODPOD 30/30]. You will
unlock a Blueprint piece. Kill the last bear and attack the final [BROCCOLI
8/8] to complete the level.

1.5. RESTAURANT ROW ................................................... *ACT15
Mission : Beat those bears!
          Gummies: 0/3 and 0/3.
Foodpods: Sugar Cubes: 30
Gadget  : Upsucker Plus
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

In this level you use the Upsucker Plus gadget to suck up coffee (which looks
like a blob of brown dust) and spray it onto sugar cubes. Inside the first area
you'll see the first brown blob. Stand close to it and press R2 or L2 and
you'll suck it up filling the gauge yellow. (The coffee drop will refill
quickly.) Walk to the bread wall at the right of the arrow pointing up and this
is covered with sticky honey allowing you to climb up.  Walk forwards and spray
the sugar cube [FOODPOD 1/30] before heading right, where you can drop down
onto the ledge and spray the next cube [FOODPOD 2/30]. Drop down to the floor
at the right when you've killed off both cubes.

You'll see some honey covering the floor and a gummy bear waiting for you, but
because it's on the honey it cannot move quickly. Spray coffee on it and then
spray the next sugar cube [FOODPOD 3/30]. Fill up with some more coffee (you
might have to spray out the little you've got left before you can suck up
more), and jump over the boxes to the right. Spray another two visible Sugar
Cubes [FOODPOD 4/30] and [FOODPOD 5/30], and then suck up some honey from the
yellow/orange drop. Spray this on the bread wall to make it sticky and climb
up. There's another coffee drop up there but it's easier to fill up with the
one on the ground floor first, so you can instantly kill the bear. Spray the
next cube [FOODPOD 6/30] and jump up the ledges to reach another cube [FOODPOD
7/30], and another coffee drop. Jump back down and stay on the lower ledge
while you spray another bear that will come to investigate, and then get the
next cube [FOODPOD 8/30].

Jump off the roof back to the ground level and spray another bear. Watch out
for steaks that will drop down from above. There's another coffee drop you can
fill up on and another cube [FOODPOD 9/30].nearby, as well as one down the side
of the building [FOODPOD 10/30]. Refill with coffee and cross over the water
using the rafts to reach two more cubes [FOODPOD 11/30] and [FOODPOD 12/30].
When you reach safe ground again, walk up the path to find the next cube
[FOODPOD 13/30] and then, all the way down to find one next to the sign for the
roofless restaurant [FOODPOD 14/30]. There's another coffee drop half way down
if you need a refill. The next sugar cube is at the lower right corner.behind
the honeyed floor [FOODPOD 15/30]..Walk up the path between the water and the
building to find the next cube [FOODPOD 16/30]. Refill the coffee before
heading right.

The next task is jump across the water to a new area. Walk up the narrow path
for another cube [FOODPOD 17/30], and if you need some healing after all the
steak crashing action there's a welcome red ball next to the cube. Walk back
down, and go right, to find two more cubes [FOODPOD 18/30] and [FOODPOD 19/30].
Cross the wooden bridge next to the helpful arrow and walk right if you need
another refill. There's a bear to drown with coffee before you reach the coffee
drop, but if you've run out just suck up some honey and spray that to make it
stick in one place. Refill with coffee and attack the sugar cube near the
bridge [FOODPOD 20/30], and the one next to the coffee drop [FOODPOD 21/30].

There's another cube straight up from the coffee drop at the corner of the
building [FOODPOD 22/30], and a vicious bear that might benefit from being
slowed down with honey before you attack it. Walk down to find another two
cubes [FOODPOD 23/30] and [FOODPOD 24/30]. Turn up to face a bread wall and
spray this with honey using the handy honey drop. Change over to coffee before
you climb up as there's another cube [FOODPOD 25/30].when you've jumped over
the small ledges to the right.

You'll find another honey drop near that cube and, when you go further to the
right, you've given a mission: Beat those bears! Fill up with honey first and
spray this around the area to catch the bears. After emptying out the honey,
suck up some coffee and kill two of them, but leave the third until you've
destroyed the remaining sugar cubes. There's one near the entrance, [FOODPOD
26/30], one on top of a car [FOODPOD 27/30], and one in the lower right corner
[FOODPOD 28/30]. You can replenish health with the red life ball here, and
there's a second one between the two cars at the right. The final two cubes
[FOODPOD 29/30] and [FOODPOD 30/30] are found at the upper side of the area.

Once you've got all 30 Sugar Cubes you can go all out when three more gummy
bears drop down. Use the same tactics: lure them towards your position whilst
standing behind a shield of honeyed floor and blast them with coffee.

ACT 2 - TOURIST TROUBLE................................................. *ACT2

There are 5 levels for Act 2, and again, four of them are unlocked from the
start. The final level is the third one, CheeseWedge Way which is only unlocked
after completing the other four. All these levels give you two gadgets which
means that you have to switch between them, using the L1 or R1 button,
according to the obstacle ahead. By the end of one more level you should be
able to purchase the last Level 1 upgrade for your gadgets and that unlocks
Level 2 upgrades.

2.1. POWER PLANT PERIMETER ............................................ *ACT21
Mission : Remove Burgers!
          Burgers: 0/8 (Outtasighter)
Foodpods: Cheese Puffs: 30
Gadgets : Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Make your way over the green Guacamole path and break the Nacho. Jump across
the gap where you'll find a Guacamole Drop to suck up. Return to the gap and
spray green stuff on the chili sauce below so you don't get damaged when you
jump down. to the lower floor. Spray more guacamole if you need to and break
the two cheese puffs down here [FOODPOD 1/30] and [FOODPOD 2/30]. Climb up the
left box and jump over the gap again. Steaks will drop from above hurting you a
little if they hit.

Before doing anything else walk down the metal steps in the front of the area
to find the third cheese puff [FOODPOD 3/30]. Suck up more guacamole and spray
the chili sauce in this area, and smash the Nacho with the Pow. Break the puff
at the left [FOODPOD 4/30] before going through the gap to the next area. (You
cannot jump back up here, but if you miss anything it's easy enough to come
back a second time.)

In this next area there's a half avocado. Hit it with the Pow, and it will
create another Guacamole Drop for you to suck up with the Upsucker. Walk down
over the truck where you'll find a red life ball and an accessible cheese puff
in the lower left corner of the area [FOODPOD 5/30]. Spray a path to the
Outtasighter. You can clean up the rest of the area using the machine and break
the rest of the cheese puffs [FOODPOD 6/30], [FOODPOD 7/30], [FOODPOD 8/30],
although you might have to walk over the Hydropods left behind in order to pick
them up.

The Outtasighter has a second gadget too: a spoon and fork for eating up the
two wobbling burritos. Just target one, press R2 or L2 and the cutlery will
lift it up and expel it outtasight! Clean up the rest of the chili and move
forwards until you're stopped by some scenery. Walk around the area to break
all the cheese puffs. There's one down the screen in front of an industrial oil
tank to the left of the oily water [FOODPOD 9/30], (and one behind the tank
that you cannot reach yet). Walk up over a couple of pallets to find another
one at the left of the path [FOODPOD 10/30], and a second at the far end
[FOODPOD 11/30]. Jump onto the pallets and then, onto the higher barrels and
forwards onto the metal grid. Walk down the left ledge for the next cheese puff
[FOODPOD 12/30].

Break the Nacho and climb onto the large vat thing where you'll find two
gummies and a Guacamole Drop  Punch the gummy bears onto the chili sauce and
then such up the green stuff and spray it on the chili if you want to pick up
the Hydrons they left behind. Move on to the next vat which is covered with
chili. Spray it and break the puff [FOODPOD 13/30], and walk over to the exit
at the lower right. Drop down to the ground and pick up a red life ball. Break
the next puff [FOODPOD 14/30] and go left, where you can break a cookie to
shatter the scenery and open the way for the Outtasighter. Drive the machine
forwards, clear the chili and "removalise" the two burritos.

Before going on there are more puffs to destroy. Break the one sitting on chili
at the right of the pond [FOODPOD 15/30] and the two visible ones on the metal
path [FOODPOD 16/30] and [FOODPOD 17/30]. Walk along the path at the south side
of the pond to find three more puffs hiding in the left corner, behind that oil
tank you couldn't get past [FOODPOD 18/30], [FOODPOD 19/30] and [FOODPOD

Return to the Outtasighter and drive forwards into the next large area where
you'll find a new task: Remove Burgers! Don't be too quick to start or to
finish this task as there are more cheese puffs to find. The first one is at
the corner if you drive straight ahead [FOODPOD 21/30]. Jump on the first
burger and up to the roof where you can see a puff and another burger. Break
the puff [FOODPOD 22/30] and push the burger off the edge of the building. Jump
down after it and find a cheese puff next to the building [FOODPOD 23/30].
There are two more lying in pools of chili [FOODPOD 24/30] and [FOODPOD 25/30],
one at the far right of the area [FOODPOD 26/30], and another hiding behind the
two men [FOODPOD 27/30].

[Burger 1/8] is at the entrance to the area and [Burger 2/8] just inside, the
third is the one you pushed down from the roof [Burger 3/8], with two more on
the ground [Burger 4/8] and [Burger 5/8]. Finish clearing the area and then
break the Nachos at the top left (and get another healing ball) and you'll find
the next [Burger 6/8] and another [FOODPOD 28/30]. To obtain the last two
burgers you need to climb up to the roof and platform to the right whilst being
pelted with oil.

Climb up the ladder at the right of area and you can walk up to the roof. On
the way there's another half Avocado so smash it and suck up the Guacamole
Drop. Break the Nacho to gain access to the roof and spray the good green stuff
on the chili sauce so you can reach the cheese puff at the left [FOODPOD
29/30]. Part of the floor is oily so you can push the Burger [Burger 7/8] off
the edge. Fill up with more Guacamole if you need it (the Avocado will regrow!)
and go right this time. Spray the chili, break the Nacho and break the last
cheese puff [FOODPOD 30/30]. There are two annoying bears on this slippery
surface but punch them into the chili sauce near the last burger [Burger
8/8]and they will melt. Spray the chili and hit the burger to make it slide off
the ledge onto the lower one. Punch it again to move it onto the floor.

Finally, power up the Outtasighter and chuck those burgers to where the sun
don't shine!

2.2. ICE CREAM TUNDRA ................................................. *ACT22
Mission : Rescue Kids!
Foodpods: Ice Cream Ball: 30
Gadget  : Hot enougher, Bigacious Pow
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

NOTES   : Foodpod --/30 is not accessible until you have the level 3 upgrade
for the Hot enougher. Stand to the left of the telephone box and jump while
firing. If you don't melt it, change position, jumping and firing as fast as
you can until you do.

Melt the first pink ice cream ball [FOODPOD 1/30].before turning your attention
to the Ice Cream Sandwich. Break the outer biscuit with the Pow and melt off
the layer of Ice Cream with the Hot enougher, and then break the second
biscuit. Go through the opening and walk down the snowy path to find the second
Ice Cream [FOODPOD 2/30]. Walk up the path and there's another one at the left
of the Egg Muffin.

You'll see a VW van and three butter pats lying on the ground. Melt the butter
pats with the Hot enougher and that provides a slippery surface for you to
punch and push the muffin with the Pow, "relocalising" it next to the van. Jump
up to higher ground and walk right, and down the roof, to reach the next two
ice cream balls on top of the second van [FOODPOD 4/30] and [FOODPOD 5/30].
Jump down into the next area.

Here you'll see an ice cream ball on top of a high box. The only way to get
this one is with a fully upgraded Hot enougher. Stand at the left of the box
and jump and press X as fast as you can. You need to be at arm's length and
keep trying until it works! Come back later for [FOODPOD --/30].

Attack the snowman, either with the Hot enougher to melt him directly, or with
the Pow to push him into the chili at the right. Melt the two balls [FOODPOD
6/30]. and [FOODPOD 7/30] and the Ice Pop at the left. There's another ball
behind this [FOODPOD 8/30]. Watch out for the falling ice cream!

Make your way along the safe path over the chili until you see another path
leading down the screen. Jump over the small gap and melt the ball at the left
next to the fence [FOODPOD 9/30], and then jump and walk all the way to the far
right corner of the fence for another pink ball [FOODPOD 10/30]. Return back
the way you came and follow the path to the top left corner of the area jumping
over a car. You'll find a bouncing Marshmallow blocking access to a small room.
Blast it with a steady stream from the Hot enougher and enter the room to melt
two more pink balls [FOODPOD 11/30] and [FOODPOD 12/30].

Jump back onto the car and then right, onto the open truck, and up to find two
more balls [FOODPOD 13/30] and [FOODPOD 14/30]. Jump down to some safe ground
and there's another pink ball between the two trucks [FOODPOD 15/30]. Return to
the middle of the room by jumping back onto the open truck and car. Head right
this time and jump to the car that's next to the truck in the lower right
corner. Jump up onto the truck and melt the ball on top of the cab [FOODPOD
16/30]. Return to the main path and walk up to the car. Melt the [FOODPOD
16/30] by standing on the bonnet. Follow the path and you'll find a red healing

Before climbing on the roof melt the Ice ball in the corner of this small area
[FOODPOD 18/30]. Jump on the small boxes and go right to blast another
Marshmallow before jumping up onto a chili and guacomole roof. There's another
pink ball in the top right corner [FOODPOD 19/30]. Walk down and jump onto a
low roof and you can easily melt the snowman in front of this hut without it
being able to hurt you. Jump down and take out the next Ice Cream [FOODPOD
20/30]. Head left to obtain another one in the lower left corner [FOODPOD
21/30].before going right. Once you jump down to the next area you cannot climb
back up.

Blast the Ice Pop at the top left and climb up onto the ledge at the left by
jumping on the car. Then, jump to the bonnet of the truck and up to the roof to
melt the three Ice Creams [FOODPOD 22/30], [FOODPOD 23/30] and [FOODPOD 24/30].
(If you see the black shadow of Flint after jumping onto the truck try again.)
Go right and melt two bouncing Marshmallows. You can run under them if you
can't be bothered to wait until they melt. Walk up the left ice cream wall to
find the next pink ball [FOODPOD 25/30] and climb onto the bonnet of the bus to
reach the one on the roof [FOODPOD 26/30]. Walk along the roof and jump up to
the ledge where you can jump on top of a muffin to access another two ice balls
[FOODPOD 27/30] and [FOODPOD 28/30]. Punch the muffin to push it off the ledge
and punch it again to move it to the right. Walk down to the lower right corner
of the fence for the last ice cream ball that you can get now [FOODPOD 29/30]

To get over the fence at the end, jump onto the bus and push the Egg Muffin
down to the ground. Melt the two butter pats with the Hot enougher and push the
Muffin to the gate. Jump on top of it and punch the Ice Cream Sandwich, then
melt it and punch it again. Finally, jump over the fence to end the level.

2.3. CHEESEWEDGE WAY .................................................. *ACT23
Mission : Eliminate Gorgonzola
          Gorgonzola: 0/9
Foodpods: Ravioli: 30
Gadgets : Forkamajigger, Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

This is the last level for Act 2. Spaghetti Twisters can be destroyed by
hooking the Forkamajigger into them as they pass by and moving backwards a few
steps to pull them to bits. Spaghetti Ropes can be climbed using the Fork. Use
the Hot enougher to melt the [GORGONZOLA 1/9]

From the start turn left and use the Fork on the Spaghetti Rope to reach the
roof. Hook the Twister to unravel it, and then fork the first two ravioli
[FOODPOD 1/30] and [FOODPOD 2/30]. Go back to ground level and use the
Hot enougher on the first large cheese you see. That will prompt a rush of
bouncing hot dogs careering down the road towards you. Stand on the yellow line
or at the left edge of the road and they will miss. Time your actions so they
don't hit you... Fork the ravioli at the left of the road [FOODPOD 3/30] and
then the one at the right [FOODPOD 4/30]. Lift up the red round of chorizo and
keep close to the fence moving to the right and you'll avoid the hot dogs.
Deposit it next to the truck and go back to break up the ravioli [FOODPOD
5/30]. Jump onto the truck and break the ravioli on the cab roof [FOODPOD

Jump off the truck and walk as far as you can go to the right and you'll find a
red healing ball and another ravioli [FOODPOD 7/30]. Return to the right side
of the truck and melt the [GORGONZOLA 2/9] at the left of the two men. Use the
Fork to twirl up to the roof.where there's another red healing ball. Jump off
the roof to the right and you can safely fork up three more ravioli [FOODPOD
8/30], [FOODPOD 8/30] and [FOODPOD 10/30]. Jump on the double red rounds to hop
over the fence and climb back up to the roof. Go right, over the narrow wooden
bridge and melt the cheese [GORGONZOLA 3/9]. This gives you access to a large
roof area with butter pools and chili sauce covering the floor, as well as the
risk of the falling meatstuff.

Walk and slide up the left side of the room to the top left corner where you
can fork over a ravioli [FOODPOD 11/30]. From here, jump onto the blue platform
and go right onto the oily floor. Make you way down the right side of the room
and jump left onto a smaller section of safe floor to find another ravioli
[FOODPOD 12/30]. (Once you leave this roof you cannot get back to it.)

Go through the gap in the wall onto a grey roof with a single twister. There's
another cheese blocking the way through, but leave this for now and jump down
the front of the roof where you see a Spaghetti Rope hanging. Break open two
ravioli in this small area [FOODPOD 13/30] and [FOODPOD 14/30]. You'll find a
hidden red round above the barrels in front of the left truck. Use this to jump
up onto the shelf there and jump again to break open the two ravioli on top of
the truck [FOODPOD 15/30] and [FOODPOD 16/30]. That's all you can do here, so
climb back up the rope and melt the [GORGONZOLA 4/9] on the roof.

Take a step forwards to the edge of the roof and you'll see an oil round
directly below. Jump down and the angle changes. You're at the left of an area
covered with steaming chili sauce. Fork up the first butter pat you can see and
walk back to the VW van with it. Drop it down here and leave it. Jump to the
gap in the chili and over to the safe ground in front of another wedge of
cheese. Melt the cheese [GORGONZOLA 5/9], break open the ravoili [FOODPOD
17/30], and lift up one of the butter pats. Place this down adjoining the safe
patch to create a butter pool, and do the same with the second one to make a
safe passage back to the VW van. Two more butter pats will fall down so pick up
one and carry it back to the van. Make a step with the two butter pats so you
can jump onto the van and obtain the 4 ravoili behind it [FOODPOD 18/30],
[FOODPOD 19/30], [FOODPOD 20/30] and [FOODPOD 21/30]. There is a barrel that
allows you to jump back over the van.

Use the butter pats to make a path to the far side. If you keep using them they
will be replaced, but if you leave some unused and return later they will have
melted. Reach the lower right corner for two pastas [FOODPOD 22/30], and
[FOODPOD 23/30], as well as the big cheese to the next area. Melt this
[GORGONZOLA 6/9] and walk through to a new area.

Destroy the two Twisters, that are circling a single Gorgonzola, with the Fork,
and then, melt the cheese [GORGONZOLA 7/9], which doesn't fight back. Break
open the pasta at the left of the area [FOODPOD 24/30]. Pick up a butter pat
and use it on the chili sauce at the lower edge of the area so you can reach
the red chorizo. Fork that out of the way and use another butter pat (it will
drop down to replace the one you used) to reach the ravioli in the bottom right
corner [FOODPOD 25/30]. Ignore the cheese at the right with the people moaning
that they are boxed in until you're found all the ravioli. You'll need the two
chorizo and a butter pat to reach the Gorgonzola on the platform. Hop on the
pile and target the cheese to get [GORGONZOLA 7/9]. Jump up and break open the
pasta [FOODPOD 26/30]. and [FOODPOD 27/30].

Although you can jump across the gap to the right from the platform and reach
the blocked off section of the area, you won't be able to reach the two pasta
here. So, move the pile of chorizo and butter by the platform next to the
blocks, jump up and fork over the top chorizo into the sectioned off area. Use
this to reach the pasta [FOODPOD 28/30] and [FOODPOD 29/30] and break up the
last pasta [FOODPOD 30/30]. Return to the main floor and use the butter pats to
reach the cheese at the right. Melt [GORGONZOLA 9/9] to finish the level.

2.4. ROAD TO JELLY CASTLE ............................................. *ACT24
Mission : Exterminate Gummies!
          Gummies: 0/13
Foodpods: Strawberry: 30
Gadget  : Forkamajigger, Chopper-er
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Walking small broccoli florets will yield red healing balls if you slice them
before they suicide by jumping off the edge of cliffs.

From the start pick up the small jelly with the Fork and dump it close to the
higher ledge. Fork the other one on top of it and jump up. Jump over the rock
platforms to reach the far side and fork another jelly close to the ledge.
(There are two more broccoli here but you won't have received any damage yet so
there's no point in slicing them up.)

On the next ledge you'll find a large gherkin that can be sliced into 4 pieces.
Fork them over to the cliff at the right and pile up three of them to reach the
high ledge where you can slice the first strawberry [FOODPOD 1/30]. From here
you can jump across to the ledge with the two broccoli. Slice up a gummy bear
as well as the veg [BROCCOLI 1/8] and [BROCCOLI 2/8]. There are three more
strawberries hiding behind the right broccoli [FOODPOD 2/30], [FOODPOD 3/30]
and [FOODPOD 4/30], and four behind the left one [FOODPOD 5/30], [FOODPOD
6/30], [FOODPOD 7/30] and [FOODPOD 8/30]. Return to the start.

Fork one jelly to the right now, and jump onto the ledge where you'll find the
next [FOODPOD 9/30]. Head right jumping across the gaps and be careful as the
last of the rocky platforms will disappear if you stay on it for too long. Once
on the far side walk down and right, below the ledge to find two more
strawberries [FOODPOD 10/30] and [FOODPOD 11/30]. Jump on the gherkin slice to
reach the ledge in front of the bridge.

At the bridge use the Fork to pick up the half coconut at the right strut
and hold it as you cross the bridge. That protects you from the red seeds that
are fired by an aggressive pomegranate. Reach the fruit, drop the shell and
slice it. Pick up the coconut and cross the second bridge doing the same thing.
After killing the pom fruit slice two more strawberries [FOODPOD 12/30] and
[FOODPOD 13/30].

Head right and you'll jump onto a rock that moves. Wait until the right edge of
the moving rock is high enough to give you a boost and quickly jump off the
upper edge onto the high ledge where you'll find two fruits [FOODPOD 14/30] and
[FOODPOD 15/30]. Jump down and kill a bear and a broccoli. Keep going south to
find a large rock that moves down. Slice two hidden strawberries in a crevasse
[FOODPOD 16/30] and [FOODPOD 17/30] and then jump south from the rock onto a
long ledge with three small jellies waiting for you. (If you return to the
point between the two bridges and go right, you'll reach this same ledge, only
you have to wait while a rock platform falls to the right and then jump off

Leave the jellies for a moment and walk down the ledge and along a narrow path
to find three more strawberries [FOODPOD 18/30], [FOODPOD 19/30] and [FOODPOD
20/30]. Move one jelly on top of the one close to the ledge and jump. Slice the
first strawberry you see [FOODPOD 21/30] and move right where you'll get a
message from Sam. Jump right and pick up a coconut shell with the Fork. Cross
the bridge using the shield and chop the pomegranate when you reach it. Slice
the gherkin and pile up three pieces to reach the rock. Go right onto a rock
platform that moves and then jump to the wide ledge up the screen. Get ready
with the Chopper-er and slice up two gummies and a couple of broccoli florets
if you need to heal up. Jump up to the ledge and kill three more bears and two
strawberries [FOODPOD 22/30] and [FOODPOD 23/30]  Jump onto the rock platform
at the right and this will move down the screen and tip you off if you don't
jump on another ledge.

You'll find a large jelly on the next ledge. Slice it and move the jelly pieces
close to the right rock so you can jump up. This next bit confused me the first
time. There are strawberries on top of a high ledge and nothing immediately
obvious to help. Walk directly down the screen and jump down to another ledge
(you can see some grass waving). Slice the large jelly and make sure to destroy
the strawberry behind it [FOODPOD 24/30]. (If you look down to the right you'll
see the location of more strawberries.)  Carry all three slices to the edge of
the ledge and makea stack. Jump up and pick up the top one form the pile. Carry
this to the high ledge and you can reach the three berries [FOODPOD 25/30],
[FOODPOD 26/30] and [FOODPOD 27/30].

Now, there'a a bit of a glitch here. If you do that section first and try to
return over the sloping rocks to head north and fall, you'll be at the right of
area and cannot get back. You'll you hear the girl saying something about the
bears and a moving rock takes you down to where some bears are waiting. Jump
off to the left as it moves down, and slice one strawberry [FOODPOD 28/30], and
then jump down to the rock. You can try and reach the other two lower berries
but you'll probably miss and die, but that doesn't matter as you'll be back on
the moving rock and can jump again to get the two berries on the lower ledge
[FOODPOD 29/30] and [FOODPOD 30/30]. The other way is to fork up a couple of
gherkin slices to the edge of the ridge and climb up to the berries.

There are 3 behind the gherkin and after dispatching those another 4 will drop
down. Slice them all and slice up the two broccoli florets and these count as
another two gummies. (I think the bears are hiding inside them.) Chop the
gherkin and stack the slices by the rock wall to reach another gummy. There are
two more on the next ledge and the last one is on the highest ledge disguised
as a broccoli floret. (If it falls off into the water that counts!)

2.5. STADIUM EXTERIOR ................................................. *ACT25
Mission : Fill Canner. Fool Ratbirds!
          Muffins: 0/4
Foodpods: Sugar Cube: 30
Gadgets : Upsucker Plus, Bigacious Pow
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Go left from the start and walk up road keeping to the left. Use the Upsucker
Plus to suck up the coffee drop and then target the 3 gummy bears. the coffee
and then blast 4 sugar cubes [FOODPOD 1/30], [FOODPOD 2/30], [FOODPOD 3/30],
and [FOODPOD 4/30]. Fill up on coffee and use the Muffin to jump onto the
truck. Break the cookies with the Pow, and jump down to find another cube
nestling between the truck and the shop front [FOODPOD 5/30]. Walk right and
you'll find yourself in a round open plaza with a couple of gummy bears and
lots of sugar cubes. Blast the bears first: there's one if you keep going right
and you can sneak up behind it, and another at the top left of the area near
the ranks of boxes, two more behind the fountain and another one to the right
of the coffee drop.

Now for the cubes: there are three in front of the fountain [FOODPOD 6/30],
[FOODPOD 7/30] and [FOODPOD 8/30], and one on its own on the grass in front of
those three [FOODPOD 9/30]. Walk right around the perimeter path to find two
more [FOODPOD 10/30] and [FOODPOD 11/30], and the last two are at the left of
the central path [FOODPOD 12/30] and [FOODPOD 13/30].

Walk up the wide path and nab the cubes as you proceed. The first one is on the
porch of the first house [FOODPOD 14/30] and the next one in the gap between
the two houses [FOODPOD 15/30]. There are two coffee drops nearby so fill up
again and walk down the porch to jump over the fence and spray the next cube
that's also between two houses [FOODPOD 16/30]. At this point you'll notice a
doughnut that's firing pellets at you. It can only be killed using the coffee
spray but you don't have anything to shield you from its attack. Simply hop
onto the car in front of the next house and the pellets will miss. After
finishing the doughnut get the last cube in the top right corner of the street.
[FOODPOD 17/30]. Finish off the coffee and suck up the yellow honey from the
drop here.

Walk back down the street and turn to the right where you'll stop at a bread
wall. Spray the wall with honey and climb to the top to take a good look at the
next area. As soon as you jump down you'll get a mission: Fill Canner. Fool

The task is to find 4 Egg Muffins to fill the canner. But leave this for the
moment and concentrate on dealing with the enemies and finding the rest of the
Sugar Cubes.

There are three types of drops here: the yellow honey drops, brown coffee drops
and beige coloured oil drops that will make a surface slippery. Use honey to
make the gummy bears slow down if you have any trouble killing the five of
them. Kill off the Doughnut with coffee by circling around it so its pellets
can't hurt you. There are two cubes inside the small fenced off area to the
right [FOODPOD 18/30] and [FOODPOD 19/30] and another one by the fence at the
right [FOODPOD 20/30], with four more at the top left of the area [FOODPOD
21/30], [FOODPOD 22/30], [FOODPOD 23/30] and [FOODPOD 24/30]. Suck up some
honey and spray the bread wall in the middle of the area and suck some more
coffee before climbing up.

Spray the two cubes at the upper left corner of the roof [FOODPOD 25/30] and
[FOODPOD 26/30] and jump onto the ledge at the left for the third [FOODPOD
27/30]. Climb back up and push the Muffin off the roof with the Pow. Jump onto
the small ledge at the right and onto the roof of the smaller building to get
the last three [FOODPOD 28/30], [FOODPOD 29/30] and [FOODPOD 30/30].

Finally, use the oil spray to create slippery pathways to the canner and pound
the muffins to push them into the machine. It's easier to do the one at the top
left behind the barriers if you just make a narrow path for it [Muffin 1/4].
There's an oil drop next to the one inside the railed off grass [Muffin 2/4],
and you can easily push the one that you dropped down from the roof [Muffin
3/4]. The last one is close to the canner and doesn't need much persuasion
[Muffin 4/4].

ACT 3 - F.L.D.S.M.D.F.R. GOES BANANAS .................................. *ACT3

There are 5 levels for Act 3 and the last one to unlock is the middle one,
Sardine Circle. All these levels give you three gadgets which means that you
have to switch between them, using the L1 or R1 button, according to the
obstacle ahead. As soon as you can purchase the Level 3 upgrades, obtain the
Hot enougher one and you can revisit the two Ice Cream levels to melt those out
of the way balls.

3.1. CANNERY COURT .................................................... *ACT31
Mission : Save the Workers!
          Gummies: 0/13
Foodpods: Cheese Puff : 30
Gadgets : Bigacious Pow, Forkamajigger, Chopper-er
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

You are facing an area with a safe path over steaming hot chili sauce and a
number of Gummies. Wait for a moment and the nearest bear will run towards you.
Just whack it with the Pow pushing it back onto the chili and that will melt
it. Then, jump onto the stack of tyres and over to the wooden platform to the
right. Break the cheese puff with the Pow, or slice it with the Chopper-er
[FOODPOD 1/30], and jump back.

Walk along the path and jump over to the second patch of guacamole and wait
until the gummies approach and knock them back, or fork them into the chili. Go
left onto the slippery oil patch and smash the puff [FOODPOD 2/30]. Slice up
the gherkin, and fork three of the slices onto the guacamole so you can use
them to reach the puff at the top left of the path [FOODPOD 3/30], the one at
the top right [FOODPOD 4/30] and the one at the bottom right [FOODPOD 5/30].
(To make a path place one slice onto the chili and another one close to the
edge, jump onto the one on the chili, and pick up the second one and place it
on the chili to make a two step path.)

Return to the slippery surface where you'll find a broccoli wandering around
between the boxes at the left. Slice it for a red healing ball. Stack the
gherkin slices next to the boxes to reach the top of the truck and another puff
[FOODPOD 6/30]  If you stack three of them and then jump on the boxes, you can
lift up the top two slices onto the boxes. From here you can jump left to a
ledge where there's another puff waiting to be smashed [FOODPOD 7/30]. Jump
down and slice up the large carrot. Then, line up behind the carrot facing the
three gummies and hit it with the Pow. That will send carrot slices spinning
into the bears. Destroy two more puffs [FOODPOD 8/30] and [FOODPOD 9/30]. You
cannot reach the higher ledge just yet, so drop down to the path where you'll
find another carrot.

(NOTE: There is an alternative way to do this if you miss the jump from the
truck roof. Fork the gherkin slices onto the boxes and use them to reach both
the higher ledges at the right and left of this area.)

Slice the carrot and hit with the Pow to destroy two pomegranates waiting to
fire off seeds at you. Walk along the path and slice up the broccoli. There's
another carrot to the left and four gummies. Slice the carrot and hit the
slices at the gummies, but don't use up all the slices because another set of
three will drop down next to the gherkin. If you run out of carrot slices then
slice the gummies directly with the Chopper-er. You can even pick them up with
the Fork and drop them over the edge of the decking into the water. When they
are all gone break up the puff in the lower left corner [FOODPOD 10/30].

Slice up the gherkin (it will probably already be in slices by now.) and carry
three of them over to the barrels at the right. Step up to get two more Cheese
Puffs [FOODPOD 11/30] and [FOODPOD 12/30]. Carry all four slices down to the
ledge (next to the carrot on the path which will have reformed by now) and
stack them up. You cannot jump onto them so climb back to the ledge using the
boxes. Fork up the top slice and use this to reach the high ledge where you'll
find a broccoli hiding a red healing ball and two more cheese puffs [FOODPOD
13/30] and [FOODPOD 14/30]. That's the first part of this level completed and
you can move off to the left now, but carry a gherkin slice with you!

Down the path you'll find another broccoli with a red life and another carrot.
Slice it and hit it to destroy the pomegranate on the far side of the water.
You'll also smash another broccoli but the life ball it leaves behind won't
disappear. Smash the two puffs next to the carrot [FOODPOD 15/30] and [FOODPOD
16/30] and walk over the moving platform to find another puff next to the large
sardine box [FOODPOD 17/30]. Walk onto the moving platform carrying a gherkin
slice and let it carry you up to the top of the boxes. Place the slice on the
red chorizo and jump up to the high box to break another puff [FOODPOD 18/30].

From the box jump onto the roof and walk up to find a Nacho. Once you reach
this point various foodstuffs will start to rain down on you. Hit the Nacho and
jump up onto the high roof. Go right to find a cheese puff [FOODPOD 19/30] and
start hitting the burger along the slippery path to the left. Stop off halfway
to break another puff [FOODPOD 20/30], and when you reach the far side hop onto
the burger to reach the ledge. Break open a puff [FOODPOD 21/30] and drop down
to the left to get another puff [FOODPOD 22/30]. You can get a good view down
to the jetties at the left from here and the falling food won't touch you.

Walk down the roof and jump down to the visible puff [FOODPOD 23/30]. Step onto
the elevator and ride down to the ground level. Walk up to get that red healing
ball you released with the carrot attack a while back, and to find another puff
[FOODPOD 24/30]. As soon as you turn the corner to the area where dad and the
workers are waiting you'll get the mission: Save the Workers!

Warning! The first time I did this I killed off all the bears before getting
all the foodpods so try not to do that. There's no rush to save the workers,
despite the stirring music! Carry on down the path next to the tall building
and break open the first puff [FOODPOD 25/30] and turn the corner to get a
second one [FOODPOD 26/30]. As soon as you walk along the wide road between the
jetties three gummies will drop down but they just stay put so ignore them for
now. There are two puffs and the end of the road [FOODPOD 27/30] and [FOODPOD
28/30] and another at the right [FOODPOD 29/30]. Slice the carrot on this jetty
to kill the pomegranate and the two bears on the nearby jetty. After doing that
three more bears will drop down blocking the way so turn and aim the carrot
slice towards them. Then, slice the other carrot and hit the slices towards the
pomegranate at the left and the five gummies in front of the cheese puff. Walk
up and break that puff [FOODPOD 30/30] and finish off by slicing the three
gummies nearby.

(If you fall you'll be back at the top of the elevator and the mission will

3.2. GOOD 'N CREAMY ELEMENTARY ........................................ *ACT32
Mission : Save Cal!
Foodpods: Ice Cream Ball: 30
Gadgets : Upsucker Plus, Bigacious Pow, Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

You start in an area with chili sauce on the ground and pink blobs of ice cream
falling from the sky. Make your way over the safe parts to the ice pops
blocking the school gate and melt them with the Hot enougher. Go left and
you'll find a Guacamole Drop. Suck this up and return through the gate spraying
the chili so you can reach the two ice cream balls in the bottom right corner
[FOODPOD 1/30] and [FOODPOD 2/30]. Go back through the gate and spray a path to
the avocado half before doing anything else because the first drop does not
re-appear, whereas the avocado half will regenerate. Hit the avocado to make
pulp and suck it up. Melt the pink ball at the right [FOODPOD 3/30] and then,
keeping close to the bottom fence and spraying the chili walk left until you
reach a ball [FOODPOD 4/30] and spray a little further to find another one
[FOODPOD 5/30]. Bash the ice sandwich outer biscuit and melt the inside to
access the next area.

Spray the chili and melt the three obvious ice cream balls [FOODPOD 6/30],
[FOODPOD 7/30] and [FOODPOD 8/30]. There's another one in the area behind the
burger [FOODPOD 9/30]. Melt the two butter pats and hit the burger to push it
next to the left building. That will trigger some oil drops crashing down. Jump
up and melt the three ice balls on the roof [FOODPOD 10/30], [FOODPOD 11/30]
and [FOODPOD 12/30]. Back on the ground, push the burger to the right so you
can jump up onto the roof. Jump back down on the far side.

There's another avocado half here and a burger butter pat combination. Spray
the chili to you can reach the two ice balls in the lower right corner [FOODPOD
13/30] and [FOODPOD 14/30]. Melt the butter and push the burger to the right so
you can jump up onto the ledge. Tackle the bouncing Marshmallow first by
melting it and then jump on the burger to reach the left section of the roof
and another pink ball [FOODPOD 15/30]. Use the next burger to cross over the
fence and melt the ice ball [FOODPOD 16/30]. Suck up honey from the yellow drop
and spray it to make the fast bouncing marshmallow stick to the ground so you
can melt it.

In the adjoining area you'll see your first roasted chicken. You cannot kill
this one but you can immobilise it by spraying more honey around and hitting it
so it falls over and gets stuck. (Or just luring it towards you over the
honey.) There's a trophy for knocking down a chicken 10 times which you could
get now if you wanted to bother, but you'll find more chickens later.)  Melt
the two ice cream balls [FOODPOD 17/30] and [FOODPOD 18/30] and spray more
honey under the bouncing marshmallow before melting it too.

After melting the mallow, jump down through the gap in the fence (following the
friendly blue arrow). Kill two more ice creams [FOODPOD 19/30] and [FOODPOD
20/30] and there's a third one near the school bus [FOODPOD 21/30]. Suck up
more honey if you need it and make the chicken stick to it again. Spray honey
on the bread wall behind the chicken and climb up. Go right to find a single
ice cream ball on the roof [FOODPOD 22/30]. Another blue arrow shows you the
way to go and Cal calls out for help.

After jumping down from the roof spray the chili with honey and go left to find
three pink balls [FOODPOD 23/30], [FOODPOD 24/30] and [FOODPOD 25/30]. You
don't need to bother using the avocado drop since honey works just as well on
chili even if it slows down your movements. Bash and melt the ice cream
sandwich and move right. Spray more honey and wallop the chicken down onto it.
Melt the single ice cream ball [FOODPOD 26/30] and then head right, to the
fence, and up, and you'll find three balls tucked away to the left after
jumping over a low rail [FOODPOD 27/30], [FOODPOD 28/30] and [FOODPOD 29/30].

Forget about Cal for the moment until you've reached the last ice cream ball.
Jump onto the ledge and spray honey to make the marshmallow stick and then melt
it. Head up the ladder and do the same for the second bouncing sweet (you
cannot get past it unless you melt it) and then melt the last ice cream
[FOODPOD 30/30].

Back on the ground, go left and break and melt the ice cream sandwich to get
access to the structure. The second marshmallow is bouncing fast so you must
use the honey to stop it. Melt it with the Hot enougher and you've rescued Cal!

3.3. SARDINE CIRCLE ................................................... *ACT33
Mission : Tame Tornados!
Foodpods: Ravioli: 30
Gadgets : Chopper-er, Forkamajigger, Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

This is the final level for Act 3. You're in the town and it's covered with
chili sauce so be careful where you step! From the starting point walk right to
find the first easily forkable/slicable ravioli [FOODPOD 1/30]. Walk to the
butter pat and fork it onto the chili so you can walk down the narrow alleyway.
It is replaced so you can use another one. Break the second pasta [FOODPOD
2/30] and fork up the red slice of chorizo. Stack up the two chorizo slices at
the right of the narrow railed ledge and jump up. Walk around and jump to the
awning and break the pasta [FOODPOD 3/30]. Move the stack to the left of the
small awning and break that ravioli [FOODPOD 4/30].

Walk down the area and jump across the squashed car. Break open the pasta on
the yellow car [FOODPOD 5/30] and jump onto the roof. Melt the big cheese and
walk right and stop. A huge meat ball will bounce down the alley way. Walk up
the gap to pick up a red healing ball and fork up a red chorizo. Place the
sausage slice on top of the one next to the bus. Walk down to get another pasta
piece [FOODPOD 6/30] before jumping up onto the roof of the bus. Break the two
pasta squares [FOODPOD 7/30] and [FOODPOD 8/30], and hop down to the right. Get
the two ravioli here [FOODPOD 9/30] and [FOODPOD 10/30] and wait as another
Meat Ball crashes down the gap between the buildings. There a gherkin that
needs slicing so get ready with the Chopper-er and run up, slice it and run
back, keeping to the left while the balls roll down. Place the slice next to
the truck and go back for two more. Jump onto the three slice stack and up to
the roof of the cab. Break the pasta [FOODPOD 11/30] and jump down close to the
building where you can see the telltale blue signifying another pasta. Get this
one [FOODPOD 12/30]. and the one down the screen next to the fence [FOODPOD

Walk up the pavement for another pasta [FOODPOD 14/30] and avoid the meat ball.
There's a red healing ball by the truck in case you get hit. Return and fork up
the butter pat and use this on the chili in front of the gorgonzola next to the
hedge. Melt the cheese and move to the next section. Go as far as you can to
the right and now there are two huge meat balls bouncing down the road. Take
you time about it and walk back to destroy the single ravioli in the middle of
the road [FOODPOD 15/30], and then head back if you want to pick up the Hydrons
it leaves behind. Jump over a narrow band of chili to reach the pasta by the
barricades at the right [FOODPOD 16/30] and get the one on top of the car
[FOODPOD 17/30]. Walk left between the rolling balls to get another pasta
[FOODPOD 18/30]. The next task is to fetch the butter pat so you can reach the
Spaghetti Rope. Wait until the right meat ball has passed by and walk up to the
butter pat. You should have time to pick it up and walk back to the rope area.

Dump the butter pat in front of the rope and go back for a second one. The rope
is close to the wall so you need two of them for safety's sake, although you
can manage with one. Hook the Fork into the rope and go up to the ledge where
there's a healing ball. Jump down to the right of the ledge for a spectacular
scene! Everything changes and you'll find yourself with a new mission: Tame
Tornadoes! and placed in the middle of an open area surrounded with gummies!

This mission takes place in stages: complete one to trigger the next and
destroy the rest of the foodpods before the end of the mission.

A. Gummies 0/7
Slice two of them and take out a third on the wooden platform. A fourth one is
on the ledge adjoining the bus at the right. A fifth is on the level crossing
at the left and another one on the awning above it, although this one might
jump down. The seventh is dancing around on the roof above the Spaghetti Rope.
However, deal with all the pasta after getting rid of the ground based gummies.

You cannot get them all just yet as some are out of reach on chili or behind
the bus. Starting at the wooden platform, break open three pasta [FOODPOD
19/30], [FOODPOD 20/30] and [FOODPOD 21/30]. (You can reach the one down from
the platform but cannot get the Hydrons from it [FOODPOD 22/30].Head left and
you'll find one around the corner at the far left of the area [FOODPOD 23/30].
and another next to the Rope [FOODPOD 24/30]. Climb the rope and ignore the
gummy. Jump down to the lower roof and break open two more ravioli [FOODPOD
25/30] and [FOODPOD 26/30].

B. Spaghetti Twister 0/1
After killing all the gummies there's a new mission: Tame Tornados! 0/1. This
is simple as it's just a single Spaghetti Twister that you can slice or fork to

C. Gummies and a Snowman 0/7
Next up is Tame Tornados! 0/7 and there are more gummies. Try forking a couple
of them onto the chili, but this time there is less chili as oil will drop from
the sky. There's also a snowman on the platform that you should take care
quickly using the Hot enougher. Just walk in a circle around it. When you've
dealt with the 4 gummies in the main part of the plaza the snowman and the one
on the road at the left, concentrate on obtaining the rest of the Ravioli. When
you have all of them, lift two butter pats (one after the first regenerates)
and make a path over the chili to the Spaghetti Rope. Climb up and slice up the
last of the gummy bears.

The red chorizo is now on an oil patch so you can reach this. Fork it up and
put it on the ledge in front of the bus and you can jump up to get the one on
the roof [FOODPOD 27/30]. There are two more pasta squares down amongst the
chili sauce but it would be suicide to jump down there. Get the butter pat at
the left of the wooden platform and use this to make a safe path down the left
of the area. Use another to reach the pasta down the road at the left [FOODPOD
25/30].  Place one on the oil patch at the right of the platform and stand on
the red chorizo. Lift the butter pat with the Fork and pass it over the low
wall onto the chili sauce to make a path at the back of the bus. You will need
three of them to reach the two pasta shapes [FOODPOD 29/30] and [FOODPOD

D. Spaghetti Twister 0/2
Two of them this time. Should be easy enough now as there won't be too much
chili lying around. Just slice them up.

E. Mixed enemies 0/8 (3 Gummies, 3 Onions, 2 Snowman)
Go left first of all and slice up two gummies. There's a red healing ball under
the awning if you need it. Your oiled areas will be the same as you left them
so it's simple to climb up the rope and slice the onion on the roof. Melt the
snowman at the left of the platform and collect another healing ball from the
platform. Slice the two onions and go for the gummy at the right, close to the
bus. The last snowman is perched on top of the bus but it can't harm you while
you're engaged with the rest of the enemies. Fork up the butter pat and place
it on the chili next to the bus and then fetch the red chorizo and deposit it
on the ledge by the bus. You can get another red healing ball here. Jump up and
melt the snowman.

F. Spaghetti Twister 0/2
Same as before. And that's mission complete! Whew.

3.4. THE JELLYCASTLE .................................................. *ACT34
Mission : Fill Canner. Fool Ratbirds!
          0/6 Oranges
Foodpods: Strawberry: 30
Gadgets : Chopper-er, Forkamajigger, Bigacious Pow
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

- FLOOR 1 -
Walk to the right and break the coconut next to the piano, and you'll
find a Coconut Shield. Fork this and walk up the blue arrow where there's a
pomegranate firing off seeds. Drop the shield when you reach it and slice it.
After that's been dealt with you can begin to explore the rest of this room.
There's a new enemy at the left of the room. This is a purple onion that can
spew damaging purple gas. Slice it with the Chopper-er and then run away while
it breathes its dying poison breath. It's not worth while using the shield when
attacking the onion as the gas can still hurt you. Slice the three strawberries
near the onion [FOODPOD 1/30], [FOODPOD 2/30] and [FOODPOD 3/30].

Slice the broccoli at the left of the room and break the cookie to find a
floret behind it that will give up a red healing ball. There's another cookie
at the right of the arrow with a [FOODPOD 4/30].behind it. The next broccoli
hides a gummy bear. The statues cannot be destroyed and are just decoration.
Jump on the jelly to reach the Spaghetti Rope with the Fork and go up to the
next floor.

- FLOOR 2 -
This floor is divided into sticky and slippery areas. There are a mass of
strawberries straight ahead surrounding another onion. Just slice away and run
off to avoid too much damage from the gas. The middle section of floor is
sticky so it's best to jump away and wait until the gas has cleared before
getting the rest of the berries [FOODPOD 5/30], [FOODPOD 6/30], [FOODPOD 7/30],
[FOODPOD 8/30], [FOODPOD 9/30], and [FOODPOD 10/30]. Tackle a second onion
that's rolling around at the left of the room and fork up the nearby jelly,
moving it to where you can see another Spaghetti Rope hanging down.

The next cookie hides another floret with a healing ball and the broccoli in
front of the rope also obscures a floret and heal ball. Both the large broccoli
pieces at the right hide a gummy bear. Jump on the jelly and use the Fork to
ride up to the third floor.

- FLOOR 3 -
This floor is more dangerous with the addition of lots of chili sauce, another
onion and a spaghetti twister. However you can walk freely around the edge of
the room so it's not as bad as it looks. Walk down onto the clear floor behind
the railing where you entered the room and attack the onion. Then go left and
fork or slice up the twister. Fork up the two gherkin slices and carry them up
to the alcove where you can see the rope hanging down. Bash the cookie and
slice the floret for a healing ball. Go around the room and deal with the rest
of the vegetables and cookies. The cookie to the right of the rope hides a
gummy bear as does the one at the left and the two large broccoli lumps. No
foodpods here.

- FLOOR 4 -
You arrive at the north side of this floor. Walk left and you'll seen a
circling wheel type platform with some spokes covered with honey. It is moving
clockwise. Jump onto a spoke and walk up to the middle so you can attack the
twister with the Chopper-er. You'll see that some of the spokes have an end
wall that prevents you from jumping off or on, so avoid these and walk to the
end of a sticky spoke. Wait until you pass by a ledge with 3 fruit and walk off
and slice them [FOODPOD 11/30], [FOODPOD 12/30], and [FOODPOD 13/30]. Walk back
onto the wheel and do the same for the second ledge [FOODPOD 14/30], [FOODPOD
15/30], and [FOODPOD 16/30].

There are more strawberries on ledges lower down and you need to time your
jumps down to get these. For the ones at the right, stand on the upper edge of
the honeyed spoke and jump off to the north [FOODPOD 17/30], [FOODPOD 18/30],
[FOODPOD 19/30], [FOODPOD 20/30]. After slicing them all, jump down to Floor 3
and use the rope to climb back up. For the ones at the left move to the lower
edge of the spoke when you first jump on it, and jump off to the north again as
soon as you see the fruit [FOODPOD 21/30], [FOODPOD 22/30], [FOODPOD 23/30],
and [FOODPOD 24/30]. When you've got all the foodpods walk to the edge of a
spoke and jump off at the alcove where there's another Spaghetti Rope. Jump up
with the Fork to grab the rope and go up to Floor 5.

- FLOOR 5 -

You arrive on a small ledge. Walk down onto the main floor and you'll see a
canner. The mission is Fill Canner, Fool Ratbirds! As usual, you should find
all the remaining strawberries before completing the mission, but you might as
well bash the Orange that's nearby into the canner and get it out of the way
now [Orange 1/6]. Take care of the twister by slicing or forking it and then
bash the other Orange along the open path skirting around the chili, and into
the canner [Orange 2/6]

Walk across to the Rope which is hanging down in an alcove and walk left from
here to reach a single strawberry [FOODPOD 25/30]. Keep going and it appears
that you cannot get any further, but just jump to get over a hidden barrier and
you'll reach two more berries [FOODPOD 26/30] and [FOODPOD 27/30], .

- FLOOR 6 -
Take the Rope up to Floor 6 where you'll find a smaller area with a clear
floor, 2 oranges and a pomegranate. Make your way over to the orange at the
left and stand behind it blocking the attacking seeds. Slice the fruit to death
and get another berry at the same time [FOODPOD 28/30]. Bash the orange into
the hole in the floor using the Pow [Orange 3/6] and do the same with the one
at the right [Orange 4/6]. Break the cookies to find 2 gummy bears to kill off
and there's a welcome healing ball behind the left cookie. Kill the gummy next
to the Rope and climb up to the next floor.

Note: if you're having trouble with the pomegranate then climb up to the next
floor to find a shield.

- FLOOR 7 -
On this floor there's a coconut at the left that you can break and obtain a
coconut shield. Slice the floret for a red healing ball and two more
strawberries [FOODPOD 29/30] and [FOODPOD 30/30]. Bash the two oranges [Orange
5/6] and [Orange 6/6] down the hole so they drop to floor 6. Fork up the shield
and drop down the hole and you'll land next to the oranges in the middle of the
floor. Hit the oranges down the hole and jump down and you'll be back on the
floor 5 with the canner and all 4 oranges right next to it. Hit them into the
canner and that's the mission complete!

(Note: if you die during this mission any oranges not yet in the canner will be
back where you found them.)

3.5. THE STADIUM ...................................................... *ACT35
Mission : Clear Battered Ballfield!
          Outtasighter 0/100%
Foodpods: Sugar Cube: 30
Gadgets : Upsucker Plus, Bigacious Pow, Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Use the Hot enougher on the two large Marshmallows that are already stuck on a
honeyed floor and go left to find an Oil Drop to the left of the wall. Suck
this up and cover the route from the Egg Muffin to the fence with oil. Punch it
to the gap in the fence and jump up. Chili will drop on the steps, so avoid
that or just use more oil on it to make it safe. Jump down to the lower step
and suck up the honey drop. Use this under the bouncing mallow to make it
stick, and then melt it with the Hot enougher. Suck up some coffee from the
brown drop on the top step and walk over the honey to reach three sugar cubes
Blast them with the coffee [FOODPOD 1/30], [FOODPOD 2/30] and [FOODPOD 3/30].

Jump down to the green area and use more honey to make the bears slow moving,
after which you can coffee them to death. (Or just wait until they reach the
green ledge and fire off coffee at them from there as they cannot jump up.)
Bash the two biscuits and melt the icecream. Suck up more honey and spray it on
the bread wall. Climb up and drop down the other side to get inside the
Stadium. As soon as you enter three bears will move towards you and you'll get
a mission: Clear Battered Ballfield! This is a huge area and there's a lot of
cleaning up to do for which you need the Outtasighter. Spray honey to slow down
the bears and hit them into the chili sauce with the Pow.

You'll see a bouncing Doughnut at the left of the patch of chili and it will
start firing pellets at you if you get too close. There's a second Doughnut
down the field a bit which will start crossfiring if you move in that
direction. You cannot push them into the chili and the only way to destroy
doughnuts is to use more coffee. Walk down the clear ground and you'll run into
three more bears: just push them into the chili, and pick up a red healing
ball. Go left and jump across the chasm using the grassy platform and you'll
find a coffee drop just down from the Outtasighter. Jump back over the chasm
(you'll die if you fall in here) and spray the nearest doughnut with the
coffee. It's best to jump over the pellets and move close to it firing off the
coffee and pushing it backwards. You'll end up next to a large Ice Pop. Spray
with coffee and that shatters the scenery making a clear road for the

Ride the machine to clear up the chili in the left area and destroy three Sugar
Cubes [FOODPOD 4/30], [FOODPOD 5/30] and [FOODPOD 6/30], but don't remove all
the muffins just yet! Back on foot, suck up the Oil Drop and spray oil around
and in front of one of the muffins, making a path to the overhang at the left.
Push the muffin to the overhang. (If you have already removed them all, then
jump down the gap at the right to restart here, and that will generate another
one.) Before going further walk back down the grass and fill up on coffee
again, and then, jump onto the muffin and climb up the honeyed wall. Chili
Sauce will fall down onto the terraces but you can jump around the patches and
spray all four sugar cubes [FOODPOD 7/30], [FOODPOD 8/30], [FOODPOD 9/30] and
[FOODPOD 10/30]. Hop back over the fence and use the Outtasighter to clear the
remaining Muffins, Burrito and chili sauce and get two more sugar cubes
[FOODPOD 11/30] and [FOODPOD 12/30]. (Actually, you don't HAVE to clear the
Muffins and Burritos as they don't count to the percentage total.) By the time
you're done at the left side of the field you should have around 18% cleared

Time to move! Cross the grass bridge and clear the chili near the Doughnut. You
cannot pick it up with the machine and need to blast it with coffee. Clear out
the chili and burrito in the fenced area and break up the four cubes with the
Outtasighter [FOODPOD 13/30], [FOODPOD 14/30], [FOODPOD 15/30] and [FOODPOD
16/30]. (Walk over the Hydropods if you don't manage to get them all.) Drive
down the field cleaning up chili as you go, to the far end (keeping to the
right of the chasm) and break up another cube [FOODPOD 17/30] at the bottom
left corner. Drive right to collect two more [FOODPOD 18/30] and [FOODPOD
19/30] and then another two to the left of a burrito [FOODPOD 20/30] and
[FOODPOD 21/30]. Carry on driving along the lower perimeter and get two more
cubes [FOODPOD 22/30] and [FOODPOD 23/30]. Reach the right perimeter fence
where you'll find an oil drop and a single cube [FOODPOD 24/30]. (By this point
you'll probably have around 50% completion.)

Drive up to the top right of the field to find two more cubes [FOODPOD 25/30]
and [FOODPOD 26/30] and a coffee drop. Get out of the machine, fill up on
coffee and jump over two Muffins to reach a rooftop with two cubes [FOODPOD
27/30] and [FOODPOD 28/30]. Use the Outtasighter to remove the Muffins and
scoop up the chili to reach the last two cubes next to the right fence [FOODPOD
29/30] and [FOODPOD 30/30]. Go all out now, scooping up the rest of the chili
until you reach around 90% and that's it.

ACT 4 - MOUNT FOODY .................................................... *ACT4

There are 3 levels for Act 4 and the last one to unlock is the third one,
Mount Foody. All these levels give you three gadgets which means that you
have to switch between them, using the L1 or R1 button, according to the
obstacle ahead. You have to collect two types of foodstuffs: 15 of each,
although they are counted together to show the total number of 30.

4.1. FOOD FALLS FREEWAY 18 ............................................ *ACT41
Mission : Free the People!
          Nacho Chips 0/6
Foodpods: Cheese Puffs: 15 (C)
          Strawberry: 15 (S)
Gadgets : Bigacious Pow, Chopper-er, Forkamajigger
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

From the start, slice the carrot and bash it from the left to send the pieces
off to the right where it will destroy the whirling spaghetti. Jump down the
gap between the two ledges and slice a chicken. Walk right using the safe
ground and jumping the chili sauce to reach the cheese puff [FOODPOD 1 - C] at
the right of the area. Slice the two strawberries [FOODPOD 2 - S] and [FOODPOD
3 - S] at the corner. Jump on the Burger to get back to where you started. Jump
across the gap and push (use the Pow) the burger along the slippery path to the
corner so you can jump on it and reach the narrow ledge. Turn left and jump to
slice the Broccoli. Then, hop onto the ledge and go left to smash two puffs
[FOODPOD 4 - C] and [FOODPOD 5 - C]. Push the burger down and off the ledge and
jump down next to it. Push it to the left and jump up to reach the left ledge
with one puff and three berries [FOODPOD 6 - C] and [FOODPOD 7 - S], [FOODPOD 8
- S] and [FOODPOD 9 - S].

Jump over the gap again and up onto the ledge, and this time turn to the right
and break the [NACHO 1]. Slice the chicken on the ledge and do the same for the
strawberry [FOODPOD 10 - S] inside the broken wall at the back. Walk down the
path behind the wall and jump to the right. Slice the Gherkin into four pieces
and walk down to the bottom edge to slice a berry and puff [FOODPOD 11 - S] and
[FOODPOD 12 - C]. Go back to the gherkin and make a pile of three gherkin
pieces next to the small ledge. Jump up and slice the strawberry [FOODPOD 13 -
S]. Fork over two of the pieces to the other side. You will stack these to the
left of the large arrow so you can reach another hole in the broken back wall,
but first of all get rid of the roast chickens  The easiest way to do this is
to stand next to the yellow honey area and lure them one at a time onto that so
they are stuck. You can hit them with the Pow to knock them over (helping to
add to a trophy) and then slice them. (If your Chopper-er is already at level 3
then it's simple enough to chop them up directly.) Slice the strawberry at the
bottom right corner [FOODPOD 14 - S] before jumping on the green rounds onto
the pathway inside the broken wall.

Walk up the path all the way to the upper left and then jump left onto a metal
grid to destroy two puffs and one strawberry [FOODPOD 15 - C], [FOODPOD 16 - C]
and [FOODPOD 17 - S]. Go back down the path behind wall until you reach an
opening. Step out and turn right and smash the [NACHO 2] with the Pow. Honey
will drop down onto the platform, but just jump right onto it. Oil will drop
onto the next platform so be careful crossing it, although if you fall you'll
be back at the gherkin step. Jump to the right on to a jelly mattress and use
the Fork to hook onto a Spaghetti Rope.

You're now on a kind of road and there's a cheese puff directly ahead [FOODPOD
18 - C], Walk down and break a [NACHO 3] and jump to a small metal grid with a
strawberry [FOODPOD 19 - C]. This is really easy to miss if you don't jump far
enough, and you'll have to do the level again to get it. A kamikaze leap off
the edge will return you to the area by the bridge, and there's no way back up.
Annoying!  (It's not worth while restarting the level as you'll lose all
progress so far and it's faster just to re-do it later.) Anyway...

Pick up the red chorizo and place it next to the ledge in the left wall. Jump
up and break the Coconut to obtain the essential Coconut Shield. Pick it up
with the Fork and don't let it go! Well, smash the next [NACHO 4] first, and
THEN don't let it go while you are crossing the bridge. You'll be pelted with
hot dogs and honey drops while crossing the bridge as well as seed missiles.
Reach the Pomegranate, drop the shield, slice it, pick up the shield again and
march onwards. At the far side there's a second pomegranate so deal with that
and break the cheese puff [FOODPOD 20 - C]. You'll be healed by a handy red
ball. Check your totals and you should have 10 of each at this point.

Drop off the ledge to the right and this area presents some new challenges. The
ground is half covered with chili, there's a rampaging headless chicken and a
snowman. Stay away from the snowman and let the chicken move towards you so you
can slice it up.. Approach the snowman from the left side and bash it into the
chili sauce to melt it. Make you way to the lower right corner of the area and
break the cheese puff [FOODPOD 21 - C].

Gather together the three red slices and the two jellies and arrange it so you
have a pile of four with a jelly on top (just start the pile with a jelly as
each item is added underneath the previous one), and a single step to the side.
Jump on the one slice and onto the top of the pile of 4 and bounce up onto the
round thing at the left of the area. Slice the strawberry [FOODPOD 22 - S] and
jump onto the ledge at the corner and thence up to the blocked off section of
road. Here you can slice two berries and smash two puffs [FOODPOD 23 - S],
[FOODPOD 24 - S], [FOODPOD 25 - C] and [FOODPOD 26 - C]. Quite a good haul!

Jump back down and move the stack with the same kind of arrangement so the pile
of 4 is underneath the Spaghetti Rope. Bounce and hook it with the Fork to
twirl up to the road. Break a [NACHO 5] and walk right a few steps and then
drop off the edge onto a metal ledge. Drop down two more ledges (first to the
right and then to the left) and lastly to the right and you're back on solid
ground and close to the end of the level.

Walk right and bash the snowman back into the chili to melt it. Break the
cheese puff [FOODPOD 27 - C] and jump onto the truck to pick up a red healing
ball. From here jump to the oil patch and onto the car. Slice up the berry
[FOODPOD 28 - S] and go onto the next oil patch for another cheese puff
[FOODPOD 29 - C]. From here, jump left and pummel the Snowman into the chili.
Jump to the next oil patch and slice the Twister. (You could use the Fork, but
it's a bit tricky on a slippery surface surrounded with chili, and not
recommended!). Slice up the gherkin and a roast chicken will hobble forwards.
Just keep slicing and it will die. Muhahaha  (By the way, if you die you'll be
back at the start of this section with all enemies intact.)

Fork up three of the gherkin slices and place one on the chili sauce in front
of the last cheese puff. Put two on the oily surface and step onto the single
one. Fork one over onto the chili and you can step on it and break the puff
safely [FOODPOD 30 - C]. If you want to pick up the Hydrons as well, then you
need to fork over the third slice on top of them so you can stand there without
getting burned. (Just saying, though it's hardly worth the extra effort
required.)  Fork the slices over to the last [Nacho 6] and hit it with the Pow
to complete the mission. .

4.2. SWALLOW FALLS DAM ................................................ *ACT42
Mission : Clear Freeway. Save Kids!
          Outtasighter 0/100%
Foodpods: Ice Cream Balls: 15 (IC}
          Sugar Cubes: 15 {SC}
Gadgets : Hot enougher, Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

There is nothing to find in the first area so just climb up the sticky bread
wall to the roof. More honey will drop down and it's a simple matter to let the
chicken come towards you and wallop it with the Pow, knocking it over onto the
sticky surface. Jump to reach the coffee drop and fill the Upsucker. Spray the
Ice Cream ball [FOODPOD 1 - IC]. Leap off the roof to the right and spray
another pink ball [FOODPOD 2 - IC]. Jump the gap to the right and you can jump
up next to the muffin (oil will drop down making the whole ledge slippery).

Use the Muffin to reach the left ledge with another ice cream and two sugar
cubes [FOODPOD 3 - IC], [FOODPOD 4 - SC] and [FOODPOD 5 - SC]. Jump back to the
muffin ledge and back to the smaller ledge at the left. Hit the muffin with the
Pow to push it forwards and jump up to the larger area at the right. There are
three gummy bears here and you don't have a Chopper-er, but more honey will
drop down. Let the bears get stuck and then spray them with coffee. There's
another refill coffee drop here so you won't run out. Give the sugar cube the
same treatment [FOODPOD 6 - SC]. You cannot reach the higher ledge at the right
of the this room just yet.

Walk right, smash the cookie and drop down to the next room. There is another
coffee drop and an oil drop as well as a muffin and doughnut on the ham covered
platform, although it cannot touch you while you're on the lower ground. Suck
up some oil and turn to face the lower edge just to the right of the coffee
drop. Jump down onto another ledge where there's a handy jelly. Turn left and
spray the chili sauce with the oil. Go back and fill up with coffee. Jump down
again and go right to find a hidden ice cream ball [FOODPOD 7 - IC]. Then head
left, jumping across the oily ledge to another ledge at the left. Here you'll
find another ice cream ball [FOODPOD 8 - IC] and two sugar cubes [FOODPOD 9 -
SC] and [FOODPOD 10 - IC]. Return to the higher ground to deal with the rest of
the area.

Suck up the oil and spray it around so you can move the muffin to the ledge.
Suck up some coffee and then jump onto the hammy ledge and treat the doughnut
to a coffee blast. (Circle around it as you spray.) You'll notice a yellow drop
of honey here but you don't need that yet. Drop down and hit the muffin to the
left wall. Stand on it and jump to the wall, which is already sticky with
honey. Climb up and you'll reach the high ledge in the left room.

Suck up more coffee if you need some and blast the ice cream [FOODPOD 11 - IC].
Drop down to the lower part of the ledge and spray another pink ball and two
cubes [FOODPOD 12 - IC], [FOODPOD 13 - SC] and [FOODPOD 14 - SC]. Return to the
muffin area and push it back to the ham ledge where you can suck up some honey.
Spray the bread wall at the right and jump to it to climb up and over.

Attack the snowman with the Hot enougher and then walk down this room to find
another coffee drop. Suck it up and saturate the ice ball and sugar cube
[FOODPOD 15 - IC] and [FOODPOD 16 - SC]. Break the Ice Cream Sandwich and jump
right to face a new challenge: Clear Freeway. Save Kids!

Get inside the machine and start to clear up the chili around the school bus.
By the time you've finished you'll have 40% done. There's an ice cream behind
the bus [FOODPOD 17 - IC], a cube at the top left of the area [FOODPOD 18 - SC]
and another ice cream ball sitting on the bonnet of the bus [FOODPOD 19 - IC].
You'll have to deal with that one directly using coffee. (If you've run out you
can get some more from the coffee drop where you see a blue arrow at the right
of the area. Jump down (there's a jelly so you can get back) and fill up here.
Wait on the ledge and let the gummies get close enough so you can blast them
with the coffee. Carry on down the path and turn to the right. Break a cookie
and you'll arrive at a small area with an aggressive chicken and a honey drop.
Punch the chicken off the edge, or suck up honey and make it stick. Nullify the
sugar cube [FOODPOD 20 - SC] and jump over to the oiled ledge at the right to
find another two cubes and an ice cream ball [FOODPOD 21 - SC], [FOODPOD 22 -
SC] and [FOODPOD 23 - IC].

After all that, suck up the honey and spray the bread wall. Climb up and you'll
see lots more chili and a second bus load of kids. Carry on spraying the honey
heading to the left, past the burrito, and up the road towards the broken
scenery and a sugar cube. Hop over this and target the large Ice Pop with the
Hot enougher. That clears the way back to the Outtasighter. Fill up with coffee
by jumping down onto the dark ledge with the jelly and then drive your trusty
clean-up machine down the road towards the burrito, breaking two sugar cubes on
the way [FOODPOD 24 - SC] and [FOODPOD 25 - SC]. (The one that was next to the
Ice Pop and the one at the lower left corner.)

Use the fork and spoon gadget to hoist the burrito out of the way and continue
to clean up the chili. Once again, be careful not to clear too much before
you've accounted for all the foodpods. Smash the ice cream ball at the top of
the area [FOODPOD 26 - IC] and you'll notice a ledge running along the back
with a coffee drop next to a yellow honeyed patch at the left corner. Get out
of the machine and jump up onto the bonnet of the bus to reach the roof. Spray
that ice cream ball [FOODPOD 27 - IC] and jump onto the ledge. There's another
ball at the right and a cube [FOODPOD 28 - IC] and [FOODPOD 29 - SC].

Return to the main area and clean up to the lower edge at the right and find
another [FOODPOD 30 - IC]. Finish up with the chili close to the bus. As soon
as you get to 89/90% you will have completed the mission and saved the kids!

4.3. MOUNT FOODY ...................................................... *ACT43
Mission : Save Brent!
          Enemies 0/8
Foodpods: Ice Cream Ball: 15 (IC)
          Ravioli: 15 (R)
Gadgets : Chopper-er, Forkamajigger, Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

This level unlocks when you've completed 4.1.and 4.2.

Walk forwards and you'll see a new enemy slowly approaching across a sticky
floor. This is a scallop shell and it can only be destroyed using a combination
of two gadgets. Use the Hot enougher to heat it up so the shell opens, and then
hook out the insides with the Forkamajigger. Fork up the jelly piece and use it
to reach the top of the ham. Melt three ice cream balls [FOODPOD 1 - IC],
[FOODPOD 2 - IC] and [FOODPOD 3 - IC]. Pick up the jelly and walk through the
doughnut hole to the cake wall. Jump on the jelly to reach the higher ground
and head right to jump down and find a ravioli and two more ice cream balls
[FOODPOD 4 - R], [FOODPOD 5 - IC] and [FOODPOD 6 - IC]. Jump back to the main

Continue up the screen and heat and fork another scallop shell. Slice up the
gherkin and stack three pieces to reach the ham ledges. Go left for two
foodpods and a healing ball [FOODPOD 7 - IC] and [FOODPOD 8 - R]. Go right and
slice or melt the bouncing marshmallow (slicing will help add marshmallows to
the total needed for a trophy). Fork the end of the Spaghetti Rope and climb

In this next room you'll find a purple onion. Slice it and run away to avoid
the gas, and as soon as you move onto the ledge some oil will drop down making
it easier to move. After that, fork up the gherkin slice to reach the ledge
with three ravioli [FOODPOD 9 - R], [FOODPOD 10 - R] and [FOODPOD 11 - R]. Hop
back down and move the slice over to the ice pop barrier. Melt the ice and
climb up to the ledge where you can slice another marshmallow. (Jump off the
edge and you'll be back at the start of this room and can repeat the actions
until you gain the trophy *Sugar Slayer*. It's hard to get this one during
normal play because you don't always have the Chopper-er when you meet

Drop off the far end of the oily ledge onto a cracker and through a doughnut
ring to the next room. Kill a shell and destroy a ravioli on the ham step
[FOODPOD 12 - R]. There's an ice cream ball on a small ledge at the front of
the area [FOODPOD 13 - IC]. Jump to the higher ham ledge and slice the gherkin
and use three of the slices to reach the cake ledge at the left. Fork up the
top slice and carry it left after you've melted the three ice pops. Place the
slice in front of the ham ledge and climb up to find a red healing ball and two
ravioli [FOODPOD 14 - R] and [FOODPOD 15 - R]. Jump down and then get ready for
lots more jumping.

Keep going left over the flat (but sticky) three ledges while being bombarded
with stuff. You'll arrive at a place with a twister, chili sauce and a large
jelly. There are a few things to do here. First of all, walk toward the large
jelly and a shell will appear. Heat it up and fork out the insides as usual.
Jump on the jelly to reach a melon ledge. Carry on up the small ledges breaking
two ravioli [FOODPOD 16 - R] and [FOODPOD 17 - R] and then melting two ice
creams at the top [FOODPOD 18 - IC] and [FOODPOD 19 - IC]. You get a great view
of the food mountain and the chili sauce river!

Head back down and slice up the jelly. Carry the pieces down past the chili
splodges and stack them up at the edge of the dark cake ledge. Jump up, slice
the twister.and melt the ice cream ball [FOODPOD 20 - IC] and then fork up the
top jelly so you can put it under the Spaghetti Rope. Climb up to the next
ledge. (By this point you should have 10 each of ravioli and ice cream balls.)

On the next ledge melt and break two more of each foodstuff [FOODPOD 21 - IC]
and [FOODPOD 22 - IC], [FOODPOD 23 - R] and [FOODPOD 24 - R], and walk left.
Jump down off the left edge of the biscuit to land safely. A mission starts:
Save Brent!, and you're told to kill anything that moves, except the chicken -
because poor Brent is inside a chicken, hanging down roasting over chili. There
are 8 targets and when you've dealt with them all the level will end, so, once
again, you must make sure you've found all the ravioli and ice cream balls

Walk forwards and a shell will appear, kill it for (Enemy 1/8) and then walk up
past Brent's chicken to kill another shell (Enemy 2/8). Smash the ravioli and
melt the ice cream on this floor [FOODPOD 25 - R] and [FOODPOD 26 - IC] and
collect the red healing ball. Move left and slice the marshmallow (Enemy 3) and
get another ravioli [FOODPOD 27 - R] before picking up the jelly and walking to
the ledge with the onion. Another shell might appear on the main floor now but
you could leave this one until later to make sure you've still got an enemy
left. Jump up and slice the onion (Enemy 4) and melt the pink ball [FOODPOD 28
- IC]. Go left over a slippery floor and slice another marshmallow (Enemy 5)
and deal with another shell (Enemy 6) and the tornado (Enemy 7). Destroy the
ice cream in the top left corner [FOODPOD 29 - IC] and the ravioli at the
bottom left [FOODPOD 30 - R]. Finally, hop back down and melt and fork over the
last shell. You've saved Brent!

ACT 5 - A NEW PLAN ..................................................... *ACT5

There are 2 levels for Act 5 and by this point you will have been able to
upgrade all gadgets to level 3. Both levels for Act 5 utilise three gadgets and
require you to find three different types of foodpods although they still add
up to a total of 30.

5.1. THE CANNERY ...................................................... *ACT51
Mission : Energize Flycar II!
Foodpods: Cheese Puff: 9 (CP)
          Ravioli: 18 (R)
          Sugar Cube: 3 (SC)
Gadgets : Forkamajigger,  Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

You start inside a room with a floor completely covered in chili sauce.
Fortunately there are platforms to jump over to avoid getting burned, although
they are moving up and down just to make things a tiny bit more challenging.
Jump onto the first moving platform when it's low down and then to the top of a
buggy down the screen when the platform is high up. From here you can see the
rest of the route. Jump to the next moving platform and then up to the roof of
the buggy (again, waiting until the platform is high enough). From here, jump
to the right platform and keep going right.

You'll find a single jelly nearly surrounded with chili. Fork it up and place
it next to the blue and yellow buggy. You'll be hit by two pomegranate if you
jump up onto the buggy roof so be careful and quick! Jump up and go right, over
a moving platform and land on a ledge above the firing fruit. Break the cheese
puff [FOODPOD 1 - CP] and smash the ravioli [FOODPOD 2 - R], then jump across
to the high ledge at the left where you'll find another puff and a ravioli
[FOODPOD 3 - CP] and [FOODPOD 4 - R]. Jump off down the screen and you'll be
safe from the pomegranates.

Jump onto the moving platform when it's low and then turn up the screen to
enter the room where you can see a blue arrow pointing up. Take a moment to
check out the layout before moving. You'll see a gummy bear and a chili drop as
well as two small jellies, one at the right and one at left. These are blocked
by nachos. When you move into the room lots more gummies will fall down and the
easiest way to deal with them all is to suck up the chili and spray them with
it. Make a pool of chili in the middle of the room leaving plenty of space to
either side and bears will continue to fall and be melted instantly. Break the
nachos and pick up each jelly and place them on top of each other to the left
of the blue arrow. Jump up and be healed from any damage with the first of
three red healing balls you'll find up here. There is another one to the right
and one to the left.

Watch the conveyer belt and you'll see that it has stacks of pallets of varying
heights. Jump onto a low one and then keep jumping to the left as the belt
moves right and the piles increase in height until you can jump up onto the
left walkway. Break the puff and spray chili on the sugar cube [FOODPOD 5 - CP]
and [FOODPOD 6 - SC]. Jump back to the conveyer and onto a high pile so you can
jump off onto the walkway to the right where you'll find another puff and cube
[FOODPOD 7 - CP] and [FOODPOD 8 - SC]. (Hearing the plaintive squeaks of those
poor bears as they fall into the chili is heart wrenching...and you might be
glad to leave this area.)

Walk up the middle path and and you'll see an orange, muffin and gummy bear
appear on the screen. Jump off the path to the left and you'll see why. You
land next to the Flying Cart II and have a mission: ENERGIZE FLYCAR II! The
idea is to find one of each of the items and chuck them into the car and that
will complete the level. But by this point you've only found 2 ravioli, 4
cheese puffs and 2 sugar cubes so there are a lot more foodpods to find as
well. Each item is found in a different area - the orange to the east, the
bear to the west and the muffin to the north, so I'll deal with them one at a

Walk up the room and suck up the honey drop. There are two chicken here that
you cannot kill off but can stick to the honey if you spray it on the floor.
It's really easy to die off in here if you attempt to use up the chili you've
got left in the spray before sucking up the honey. Anyway, expel the chili by
targeting the boxes at the bottom of the room and then fill up on honey. Spray
a patch of floor and knock over the chickens so they don't bother you. (There's
a sugar cube in top right corner of the room but if you use the chili on that
while the chickens are still mobile there's a good chance you'll die). After
dealing with the chickens break the nacho and walk up the passage. Climb the
stairs to the right of a room filled with gummies and fill up on the chili
drop. Return to the first room and take out that sugar cube [FOODPOD 9 - SC].

Fill up with honey again and spray the bread wall at the right of the main room
and climb up. You'll be deposited back here if you die during this section,
which you probably will! Go right and through the gap in the railings to walk
onto a moving platform. Wait until it's lined up with the second one and jump.
Wait again until this one drops down close to the north end of the room and
jump off onto the ledge bordering the water. Break the nachos on all the
alcoves in the north wall. Starting at the left: you'll find a bear (just fork
it over into the water) and a second nacho behind which is a ravioli [FOODPOD
10 - R]. The second nacho hides a gummy. The third one reveals a ravioli
[FOODPOD 11 - R] as does the fourth [FOODPOD 12 - R] and there's another gummy
behind the second nacho. Jump back onto the middle platform and wait until it's
lined up with the third before jumping onto that one. When the platform moves
down the room jump off to the south and you'll land on a ledge with a puff and
ravioli [FOODPOD 13 - CP] and [FOODPOD 14 - R]. Suck up the honey and jump back
onto the platform, again waiting until it's close enough. The platform will
move a little way towards the bread wall and you must spray it. Wait again
until it returns to the wall before jumping and climbing up. (Jump when the
platform is higher as you won't be able to spray the lower part of the wall.)

Once on the walkway, head down to suck up a chili drop and then, walk all the
way around killing the two snowmen with the chili. Bash the Orange so it falls
down to the lower floor, but don't follow it! Jump across the gap and hope you
make it safely because you don't want to go through all that again. Fork the
two ravioli [FOODPOD 15 - R] and [FOODPOD 16 - R] and jump down. If you fell
during this section the chickens will be on the loose again. Deal with them
first. I had to discharge a load of chili before sucking up the oil drop. Spray
oil so the chickens fall over and then punch the Orange down the room to the
Flycar. One down, two to go.

This is very much simpler. Walk through the passage into the west room (left
from the honey drop) and stay behind the bread wall where you'll find a ravioli
to fork [FOODPOD 17 - R]. Suck up the honey drop, spray the bread wall and
climb up. Walk right for another ravioli and a cheese puff [FOODPOD 18 - R] and
[FOODPOD 19 - CP]. Then, head around the walkway to the end and find another
pasta and puff [FOODPOD 20 - R] and [FOODPOD 21 - CP]. Suck up the oil drop and
spray the chili to stop the gummy bear from melting away. It will slide off the
platform and all you need to do now is jump down and pick up the gummy with the
Fork. Walk back to the Flycar and dump it inside. One left!

Break two nachos to access the room at the north, and walk around the left
passage to the back where you'll find a cheese puff and ravioli [FOODPOD 22 -
CP] and [FOODPOD 23 - R]. Return to the start and climb the stairs. Suck up the
chili drop and step out onto the sticky ledge overlooking the room with the
gummies. Go to the end so you don't inadvertently spray the ledge itself.
(Oops!) Send the spray down onto the poor bears below facing up, left and then
down, to target most of them. Jump down and finish off any that are still left
alive and kicking, either by spraying more chili or knocking them back into the
steaming pools with the Pow. Fork up the four ravioli in the corners [FOODPOD
24 - R], [FOODPOD 25 - R] [FOODPOD 26 - R] and [FOODPOD 27 - R]. Suck up honey
to spray the bread wall (and the chili too if there's a lot of it blocking the

Climb the wall and suck up the Oil drop. Walk down the passage to the left and
jump over the muffin walking all the way down to where you'll find a gap. Jump
across (if you miss the jump you'll have to walk all the way back through the
glass room) and carry on down to find the last cheese puff and two more ravioli
[FOODPOD 28 - CP], [FOODPOD 29 - R] and [FOODPOD 30 - R]. Walk back up the
passage spraying oil as you go and jump back over the muffin. Punch it down the
passage until it reaches the gap and drops down to the room below just above
the Flycar. Jump down and spray more oil if you need to before punching the
muffin into the flycar. Mission complete!

5.2. SWALLOW FALLS DOCK ............................................... *ACT52
Mission : Free Sam And The Doppler!
Foodpods: Cheese Puff: 10 (CP)
          Ice Cream Ball: 10 (IC)
          Ravioli: 10 (R)
Gadgets : Bigacious Pow, Forkamajigger, Hot enougher
Reward  : 3000 Hydrons

Walk to the right of the beach and oil drops will crash down while a scallop
shell charges towards you. Heat it and fork out the middle to destroy it Watch
out for the chili and head all the way to the far right of the beach where
there's a cheese puff hiding behind the hut [FOODPOD 1 - CP]. Move the red
chorizo to the left of the area and use it to reach the ice cream ball on top
of the left hut [FOODPOD 2 - IC]. (Place it next to the step in front of the
hut and move to the step, then fork it up onto the step.) Fork it back to the
hut at the right and do the same thing, putting it on the step so you can climb
up to the roof and bash the third puff [FOODPOD 3 - CP].

Jump over the boxes and onto the roof area where oil and honey will rain down
as well as a couple of gummy bears. Blast them with the Hot enougher or fork
them over the edge down to the chili below. Attack the snowman too and destroy
the ravioli behind it [FOODPOD 4 - R]. Melt the ice cream in the lower left
corner [FOODPOD 5 - IC] and the gorgonzola. You'll find a muffin behind it. You
need to push this to end up at the right of the hut roof so you can jump to the
right ledge in the direction of the blue arrow, but you cannot push it all the
way there at the moment. Jump down the small hole and this is a moving platform
that takes you inside the building.

Head for the Spaghetti Rope and climb to the left side of the roof, where
you'll find a red healing ball and two gorgonzola. Melt them, and kill the
pasta and puff behind them [FOODPOD 5 - R] and [FOODPOD 6 - CP]. (If you missed
getting the first ice cream ball, you can jump over the red car and you'll land
on the roof the green hut and can melt the ice cream ball on top of it ) Go
back up to the roof and down the hole and fork up one of the butter pats. Ride
up to the surface with the butter and place it on top of the honey at the right
of the hole. Melt the butter and you should be able to push the muffin all the
way to the edge of the roof and down to the ledge at the left of the arrow. Use
the second one if you find that you can't. Jump from the muffin onto the ledge
(it needs to be just a little way down from the wall) and pick up the red
healing ball. Bash and melt the ice sandwich and go right.

You can easily slide underneath the two bouncing marshmallows, or just melt
them with the Hot enougher. Once you jump off the end of the chocolate ledge
there's no going back. Drop down onto the cheese and destroy the ice cream and
ravioli [FOODPOD 8 - IC] and [FOODPOD 9 - R]. Jump left, following the obvious
path made out of cheese and floating chocolate, until you reach a large brown
island with a cheese puff to break [FOODPOD 10 - CP]. Fork up the coconut shell
shield and walk right, and down, onto a grapefruit segment with a snowman. Drop
the shield and melt it. Walk right, along the chocolate rafts, and do the same
for a second snowman on a grapefruit slice. (You don't have to bother with the
shield but it might help a little.) Melt the ice cream ball on the orange slice
[FOODPOD 11 - IC] and carry on to the next island.

Destroy the ice cream ball and cheese puff [FOODPOD 12 - IC] and [FOODPOD 13 -
CP], and gummies will rain down on the island: well, two of them. Use the Hot
enougher on them (there's a trophy related to doing this so it's a good move!)
When you move towards the Ice pops that block the way forward a huge meat ball
will come rolling down. You're safe if you stay at the left of the oil patch,
so time your movements to melt the ice pops after the ball has rolled past and
then dash back to the left before it hits you (or carry on to the right.)

Move out from this island and jump across three floating pieces of toast, and
stop when you reach the floating and gently rolling cheese. You'll spot a small
island down from here. Jump onto the second cheese and down over two toast bits
and land on a slice of grapefruit. Break the three cheese puffs and melt the
single ice cream ball [FOODPOD 14 - CP], [FOODPOD 15 - CP], [FOODPOD 16 - CP]
and [FOODPOD 17 - IC]. (The water effects are rather chilling, no, it's not
blood floating by.) Walk back onto the toast and you'll see a path of sloping
cheese ahead. Jump over four cheese and then, go left over more toast until you
reach the shore (and a message from Sam). Pick up a red healing ball and climb
up the cheese steps.

When you arrive at the top more gummies will rain down (three this time). They
are on honey so they cannot move much, and you can kill them in lots of
different ways as there is some chili up here too. Fork the pasta [FOODPOD 18 -
R] and melt the ice pops. Go through and smash the cheese puff [FOODPOD 19 -
CP] before jumping down onto the roof of a small green hut. Carry on down and
go around the cheese wedge wall to the left to find an ice cream ball [FOODPOD
20 - IC] and a jelly. Move it to the left and close to the ledge and jump up to
a ravioli [FOODPOD 21 - R]. Jump on the second jelly to reach the ice cream
ball [FOODPOD 22 - IC]. Return to the beach and go right, following the
direction of the blue arrow.

Three slowly revolving ring doughnuts (and very pretty they look too) are the
next obstacle. The second one has a twister whirling its way around in a
clockwise direction. Time your walk and follow the twister around the doughnut
until you reach the orange slice at the right. Stand here and stick out the
fork to hook the spaghetti as it passes by if you want to destroy it, but you
don't have to. Break the last of the cheese puffs [FOODPOD 23 - CP] and lift up
the chorizo slice. Carry it over the third doughnut and back onto land where
you can use it to reach the roof of the green hut. Break a ravioli [FOODPOD 24
- R]. Go right, past two marshmallows (melt or dodge underneath them) and melt
the ice cream [FOODPOD 25 - IC] before jumping to the toast shelf. Break the
nacho and jump down to the beach at the right where the mission starts.


STAGE 1 0/4 (2 Marshmallows and 2 Shells)
There are marshmallows bouncing up and down and chili covering half the beach
together with the odd scallop shell and some foodpods to find. Break open the
ravioli close to the left wall [FOODPOD 26 - R] and walk around the stacked
boxes in the middle of the area to find a second ravioli [FOODPOD 27 - R].
Stand on the boxes to deal with the shell (Enemy 1) and one of the marshmallows
(Enemy 2). Melt the other mallow (Enemy 3) and you'll find the fourth one,
another shell, down the left side of the area (Enemy 4).

STAGE 2  0/6 (5 Gummies and 1 Snowman)
Oil and honey drops rain down making the area more accessible and there's a red
healing ball on the boxes. Kill 5 gummies and 1 snowman any way you like.
Pushing the snowman into the chili is always satisfying.

STAGE 3  0/5 (2 Gummies, 1 Spaghetti Twister, 1 Snowman, 1 Marshmallow)
Now things change even more and oil drops down to the right, giving you access
to the sticky bread wall and the hut at the right, where you can fork up
another ravioli [FOODPOD 28 - R] and find a healing ball. However, hot dogs
will roll down from above the wall and you need to find a way up there! Climb
up keeping to the right edge and you'll be safe enough. Once you reach the top
you'll find two bears, one spaghetti twister, another snowman and a

Fork or push the bears into the chili sauce and jump on the roof of the red car
to break another ravioli [FOODPOD 29 - R]. Jump off and push the snowman into
the chili and then, deal with the twister at the left of the area. Trying to
handle it while a hot dog crashes down isn't a good idea! Just hook the Fork
into it and pull away, moving backwards a few steps. Melt the ice cream ball at
the lower left [FOODPOD 30 - IC] and stand on the edge to target the bouncing
marshmallow. Mission complete!

ACT 6 .................................................................. *ACT6

There are three levels for Act 6 and you have to do them as they appear, one
after the other. There are no more foodpods to break, and no rewards, and each
level utilises three gadgets. If you have any trophies left to get, get them
now or you'll have to wait until after defeating the 'boss'.

6.1.  MEAT-A-ROID CRUST ............................................... *ACT61
Mission : Find the FLDSMDFR
Foodpods: None
Gadget  : Forkamajigger, Hot enougher, Chopper-er

Walk down the path, and as you reach the corner bits of meat will start
dropping down. Do your best to avoid these and carry on to the right over a
slippery floor. You'll arrive at a gap and should just carry on jumping over a
single platform until you reach the far side, where you'll find s single
chorizo slice. There's a high ledge ahead and you cannot reach the top. Pick up
the slice and go back over the platform with it. (Place it on the honeyed edge,
jump over the gap and pick it up.) Use the chorizo to access the top of the
melon where you can slice up a gherkin. Fork a couple of gherkin slices back
over the platform, making sure you place them right on the edge so you can
reach them with the Fork. With two slices you can jump up onto the large

The next section has five oranges ranged along the path and there are two
pomegranates on platforms, ready to fire as you walk past. You cannot move the
oranges so just jump to avoid the seeds and stay behind the oranges as you go.
The sticky floor doesn't help! If you die you'll be back at the start of this
section so it's not too bad, and if the seeds hit you will be pushed backwards
to a lower ledge. Once you reach the second orange it's pretty simple.

Wait on the edge after the oranges and a large meat ball will be flying down in
front of you. Time your move to miss it and pick up the small jelly in the
first pink area. Move out carrying the jelly and you'll be slow as the floor is
sticky. The narrow pink areas are safe and you have to evade three meat balls
to reach the next ledge. Bounce up and down the other side.

There's a pomegranate in the middle of the path, so jump over the gap to the
left to reach a butter pat. Fork this over to behind the orange that's stuck
behind some chili and melt it, causing the orange to roll forwards and stop in
front of the pomegranate. Jump back the way you came and walk up to shelter
behind the orange. Get your Chopper-er  ready and jump over the orange and
slice the fruit. Carry on and enter a cave.

6.2. MEAT-A-ROID SUBTERRAIN ........................................... *ACT62
Mission : Find the FLDSMDFR
Foodpods: None
Gadget  : Bigacious Pow, Forkamajigger, Upsucker Plus

You start on a ledge looking down a cave. Jump down the upper side of the ledge
to land safely. The top of a Spaghetti Rope in hanging down from here but
that's no use to you. Jump to the lower ledge and the muffin is also of no use
now. You can see chili steaming below but turn to the left and there is a blue
coloured ledge just below you. Hop down to the next blue ledge and the next
ledge has a chorizo nearly hidden at the left. Pick this up and drop down to
the bottom ledge where you can drop the chorizo on the chili, making a safe
path to the oil drop in the right corner. Suck up the oil and spread it around
removing all the chili and making a path to the high ledge at the right.

Fill up on oil again and use the chorizo under the Spaghetti Rope so you can
return to the top ledge. Stay on the ledge and spray oil on the muffin's ledge.
Then bash the muffin off the ledge and drop off back down to the oiled floor.
Hit the muffin over to the ledge and climb up.

Break the coconut sitting to the right of the path and fork up the shield to
protect you from the pomegranate's seeds as you walk on. Drop the shield and
jump over the chili river using the moving crackers. At the far side destroy
two gummies (I just forked them into the river...) and suck up more oil. Jump
back across the river higher up and you will land on a rock of something or
other. Carry on over these three stepping stones and break a nacho on the
shore. Walk up a couple of steps and you're in a whole new area.

Take a few moments to check out the area. Flint says there a cave up ahead but
it's quite a way up, past two twisters and lots of chili. To add to the
difficulties there are also two pomegranates: one up at the left and the other
almost out of sight sitting on a high ledge at the right. Jump up and you can
spot it behind the nearest red healing ball. (And that's the good news: there
are three of these.)

You can also see a blue arrow pointing to the cave entrance and make out some
bouncing hot dogs crossing the area close to the cave. You can do this one of
three ways: run the gauntlet and move as fast as you can up the cave ignoring
the enemies and spraying oil as you go. Cover as much of the chili as possible
and take out the twisters as best you can, or just avoid them. However, I
prefer the middle path which is safe and simple and involves less chance of
disaster. Stand at the south edge of the chili and spray some oil. Move
forwards and hook a twister as it comes past. Walk backwards down the path to
the entrance and you'll destroy it, and the pomegranate at the left won't fire
if you move gently. If it looks as if it might fire, just back away until it
stops moving. Once you've dealt with both twisters it's much easier. Walk
right, and jump and run up the safe ground so you'll avoid the missiles from
the pomegranate. Spray some oil so you can walk into the cave.

6.3. MEAT-A-ROID MANTLE ............................................... *ACT63
Mission : Find the FLDSMDFR
Foodpods: None
Gadget  : Bigacious Pow, Upsucker Plus, Chopper-er

Walk forwards and slice up two broccoli and then two gummies. Suck up the oil
drop in the left corner and spray a path over the chili. Where the chili stops
a meat ball will start pounding down the passage  Wait until it passes by and
walk down, heading to the right wall. You'll slide on an oily floor and find a
small alcove with a red life ball. Wait again until the meat ball passes by and
carry on heading for the left wall, and another alcove with a red ball. Do the
same again, crossing to the right wall for another alcove, and then left again.
Finally, head right and you'll be in a tunnel going to the right and away from
the meat ball. (You can do this more quickly by simply walking down the right
wall using the two alcoves there.)

Break two cookies and be careful! I thought there wasn't a gap and fell in the
river and you'll be back at the start of this stage. Jump to the round ham and
then over three stepping stones to an island in the middle of the area. Spray
oil to get rid of the chili. If you need more oil, take a detour onto the
moving bread at the left, and carefully jump onto another moving bread and
then, to a couple of hams where you'll find two oil drops  Jump off the ham to
the right. (Otherwise, just go straight ahead from the chili island.)

Break the cookie in the alcove and spray oil under the muffin. You need to push
it all the way to the right so it stops under the high ledge, so spray a path
for it. Keep the path narrow and close to the wall so you don't fall in the
water while trying to push the muffin along. Jump onto the Muffin and up onto
the ledge. Walk left to find a coffee drop where you can fill up the Upsucker.
Break the ice cream sandwich and spray it with coffee. Once through this
barrier you'll see a large hole with a blue arrow pointing down... Uh oh. Jump!

"BOSS" - Destroy the FLDSMDFR ......................................... *ACT64
Mission : Destroy the FLDSMDFR 0/4
Foodpods: None
Gadget  : All

You're now at the boss area and special conditions apply! Move to the left and
you'll find a small ledge with Sam waiting there. She has a set of three
gadgets and a slightly different three gadgets are held by Brent (in a chicken
suit) who's waiting on the right ledge. There are four patches in the arena
that change from chili to oil to honey on a regular basis as drops crash down
from above. The pattern is: all chili, oil on the middle patch with honey on
the other three and then, chili again on them all.

RIGHT  : Bigacious Pow,  Forkamajigger, Upsucker Plus
LEFT   : Chopper-er,  Forkamajigger, Bigacious Pow

There are three gummies close by and after killing a couple of them a chicken
will drop down. Best to have the Chopper-er equipped for this. Take out a
second chicken and another gummy or two before changing over gadgets to the
Upsucker plus. Wait until the patch at the top right or left of the area isn't
covered with chili and suck up the coffee. Use this on the Doughnut. Wait until
the chili has changed to oil and then, break the cookie and run up the narrow
path until you reach the end (chili will drop on you so keep moving). Hit the
swinging FLDSMDFR with the Pow or Chopper-er when it's close (you see the blue
light), and that's the end of the first stage.

This time the whole area is covered with varying patches of oil, chili, honey,
and avocado. You start off standing on a honey patch and there are chili gaps
between this and the two large oil pools at the right and left of the area.
Within a few seconds honey and oil will rain down and cover the gaps so you can
walk left or right. The large pools go from avocado to honey to oil, and the
one at the start goes from oil to honey and never changes to chili. The other
smaller patches that make pathways between the larger rounds will change
between oil, honey and chili. Once again your helpers hold different sets of

RIGHT : Bigacious Pow,  Forkamajigger, Upsucker Plus
LEFT  : Hot enougher, Forkamajigger, Chopper-er

Go left, making for the large patch to the right of the spiky hole, and kill
the gummies. Remove the marshmallow using the Hot enougher or the Chopper-er.
It can speed up its movements when sitting on oil so watch out for that. You'll
see that there is a pomegranate in front of two marshmallows that block the
path to the FLDSMDFR. You can find a coconut shield sitting on the large patch
at the right that also won't be affected by chili. Make sure you have the Hot
enougher equipped so you can deal with a scallop shell on the way to the
shield. Return to the left circle and wait until there's a safe path over the
chili before walking up to the pomegranate with your shield in place. Slice it
up and slice or melt the mallows.

Make your way up the path and watch out for the change to chili as you go. If
you keep moving the floor will be oil for most of the way, and you'll only be
stopped by some chili when you reach the top of the slope. Wait until it
changes back to honey before moving again. There are plenty of red healing
balls though, so it's not that difficult. The main problem is that when you
reach the end of the path it can change to chili and you might fall off while
you are trying to hit the swinging FLDSMDFR. Back off if you find yourself on
chili and wait for the change. Ideally you want the end of the path to be honey
as you can slip on the oily stuff.

This stage is a little different because you need to keep moving and go from
one safe patch to the next in a particular order. Follow this order and you'll
have the correct gadgets for each part of the route.

The whole area is covered with chili sauce and even the part where you're
standing will soon be chilified if you don't move! Guacamole or oil will drop
down onto you and after that it's chili, so jump over to the second patch of
green or white, just to the left  From here, jump right, onto some oil and
then, right again onto a large patch of green. There's a snowman here too so
push him into the chili or melt him. A small patch of honey will fall now so
you can jump up to the right ledge and change gadgets so you have the Upsucker
plus. Jump back down and suck up coffee from a drop just to the left of the
green circle. You've got enough time now to saturate the doughnut that's
appeared on the upper edge of the large pool of white or green.

After that, wait until the area to the left changes to oil or honey, and move
onto it. Wait until green stuff falls to the left and move onto that. A snowman
will appear and you'll have to use the coffee on it. Be careful as you move
around it as there's a tiny circle of chili in the middle of the green. After
that a small oil patch will fall so you can access the left ledge (and a
healing ball). Jump up, and as you move an onion will fall down to the green
patch. You'll change gadgets to the Chopper-er, so jump back down and slice the
onion. Wait until a small patch of honey falls to the left of the green and
move onto it. Keep moving north so you can jump a small gap to the next oil
patch that falls at the upper left of the spiked circle. Move forwards again
and another oil patch falls. Nearly there! Jump again onto a large oil patch in
front of the barrier to the passage and a twister and three gummies will join
you. Slice them all and bash the Ice cream sandwich biscuit, melt the ice cream
and bash again to break through the barrier.

You're facing a chili patch in the passage and there's a broccoli after that.
Equip the Chopper-er and wait until some guacamole falls down and move forwards
and wait again for some oil. Keep moving forwards over oil and guacamole,
picking up two red healing balls as you go. If you stop moving you'll get
caught by the chili. Equip the Pow and jump forwards onto a patch of honey when
it drops at the end of the path, and hit the FLDSMDFR as it swings past you.

The first time through I was disappointed with this stage as it's literally a
cakewalk! Both your helpers say something about spray on shoes. This is the
magic invention! Pick one of the ledges and jump up to receive the ultimate
weapon! It s a kind of insect spray can. Walk up the passage to the end and use
the shoe glue spray and that's it!

Watch the ending scene and the credits (optional) after which the game will be
saved and there's another scene outside the lab with Dad, Sam and Steve. Walk
over to the lab door (the blue box) and enter. And now you can tackle the final
stage of the game!

ACT 7 - THE ULTIMATE WEAPON! ........................................... *ACT7

This is the point at which you can get the rest of the foodpods if you left any
lying around. Find them all and get all the blueprints and you will receive the
Super Spray On Shoes!

Once you have this ultimate weapon and have completed the main game you cannot
repeat any more levels. There is only one level to select:Outro!

OUTRO ................................................................... *OUT

This new section is only available after you've beaten the game and have
obtained the Ultimate Weapon.

Mission : Destroy the FLDSMDFR!
Foodpods: None
Gadget  : Ultimate Weapon

You're back at the same arena where you had to attack the FLDSMDFR, but this
time there is only one gadget, the Super Spray On Shoes! Also, although there
is some chili on the ground, nothing rains down on you so it's easy enough to
stay away from the chili and make your way around the area.

Stand on the yellow platforms to the left and right to target some of the
enemies. You can kill the chickens, scallops and the two nearest ice cream men.
After that, stand to one side of the spiked holes to target the twisters,
onions and doughnuts without damage. End up melting the bunch of bears and
marshmallows protecting the path by aiming from one side. Avoid the chili! Make
your way up the path destroying the barriers until you reach the broccoli and
can hit the FLDSMDFR. Your game is saved and it's straight on to the next area.
Be ready to run!

Mission : Escape!
Foodpods: None
Gadget  : Ultimate Weapon

Just run! You are chased by fast encroaching chili sauce. You'll have to run
directly down the screen and jump over a number of platforms set in a chili
river. This area is going back through the place you were in before and you'll
have to move fast to keep ahead of the chili. The game is saved and then

The next section has you running in a large area. Keep to the left and then
jump three rocks on the river and cross over using a moving platform. Run left
and jump across the river again using a moving platform. This is hard to judge
to reach the other shore in time. Best to head up the area a little so you can
jump onto the moving platform when it's higher up, giving you time to jump off
onto the shore. Keep going and you'll end up having to jump up those ledges
that led down from the hole when you came here the first time. Finally, jump on
a jelly to reach the top. The game is saved again.

Carry on running along the path watching out for the falling chili and use the
Fork on the Spaghetti Rope when you see it. You'll have to jump on a couple of
jellies to reach higher ground and jump across a few platforms but this is
easier. Follow the main path until you turn a corner heading up the screen and
that's the end. YAY!


IV.  T R O P H I E S  A N D  U N L O C K A B L E S ...................... *TUNL


1. Trophies
Platinum Trophy:  Unlock all the trophies.

Bear Buster (Silver):  Kill 25 gummies by heating.
Use the Hot enougher to destroy gummy bears. It helps if they are slowed down
on a honey coated floor.

Bread Head (Silver):  30 times using the bread to climb.
Spray a bread wall with honey and then climb up. You should get this trophy
just through normal play but if you don't, then climb any honeyed wall, jump
down and climb up it again until you see the trophy! (Act 1, Restaurant Row has
a wall in the first room.)

Buck this BBQ (Silver):  Going to the FLDSMDFR.
A story related trophy that you'll get automatically near the end of the game.

Castle Master (Silver):  1st time play in the jelly mold.
Automatically gained when you reach the jelly castle level.

Chick Nixxer (Silver):  Make 10 roasted chickens fall on ground.
When you find a roast chicken enemy lure it onto a honey floor which makes it
stick. Then use the Pow to strike it, knocking it to the ground. If you hit it
again so it escapes from the honey you can lure back or hit it into the honey
and make it topple over again.

Chow Hound (Silver):  100 Hydronic Foodpods destroyed.
You'll get this easily just by playing the game.

Dishin' Out! (Gold):  Destroy all the Hydronic Foodpods in the game.
This is harder to achieve as you will have to make sure you have found and
destroyed all foodpods. There are two that cannot be destroyed on the first run
through and these are ice cream balls found on Ice Cream Tundra, Act 1 and Act
2. You need the level 3 upgrade for the Hot enougher which gives enough power
to melt the ice cream

Foodnik (Bronze):  1st time get an upgrade.
Even after the first level you should have enough points to get an upgrade.

Food'onaut (Bronze):  Complete 1st mission.
Automatic after completing the first mission.

Grub Drubber (Silver):  Clear 5 levels with full HP at the end.
This is easier that you might think and you'll probably achieve this trophy
without trying. If you don't, then replay one of the first levels in Act 1 when
you have some upgrades and it won't take long.

Hungryman (Silver):  1st time get the Blueprint Piece.
You cannot get this for the first level as you need to return there later to
melt an out of the way ice cream ball, but you should be able to obtain it at
the end of the second level.

Hydronic Foodpod (Bronze):  1st time get the Hydronic Foodpods.
You'll get this trophy when you melt an ice cream ball in the first level.

Licked it (Bronze):  1st time kill an enemy.
You'll get this trophy when you kill a Snowman in the first level. Using the
Hot enougher move around him and keep firing until he melts.

Max Food'onaut (Silver):  Complete 1st Act.
Finish all five levels in Act 1. You don't have to get all the Foodpods to gain
this trophy.

Mr. Twister (Silver):  Kill 10 spaghetti tornado by using Pick.
When you come across a Spaghetti Tornado approach it with the Fork and you can
hook it. Move away from it, still holding the Fork and pulling on the spaghetti
until it crashes and dies. Do this 10 times.

Party of Two (Bronze):  Play coop mission.
You can manage this so long as you have an additional controller. If you don't
have one for the PS3, then hook up a PS2 controller using a USB adapter. It
will appear on the top right of the screen during any level. Press START to
switch to Steve the monkey. That nets you the trophy and you don't have to
continue playing with Steve.

Pasta Power (Silver):  30 times using the Spaghetti Rope.
Keep using the Rope to climb. If you haven't got this by the end then return to
a level where you can use the rope and do so as many times as it takes.

Rockin Roller (Bronze):  Clear Bridge for OOS.
This is achieved during the first level when you clear the bridge for the
Outtasighter. You have to jump across the water using the waffles and then
return back across the bridge and use the Hot enougher on the large ice pop
which destroys the barrier.

Slurpdaddy (Silver):  Pumped 50 drops.
You'll get this in the course of playing the game. Just use the Upsucker Plus
on the various drops that appear.

Sugar Slayer (Silver):  Kill 25 Marshmallows by cutting.
This is one of those trophies that can be hard to get without making a special
effort. You need to find a stage that has the Chopper-er AND plenty of
Marshmallows. Go to "Mount Foody" Act 4 and reach the second Marshmallow. Slice
it and drop off the ledge and you'll start again on that section of the level.
You'll have to slice up an onion, avoid the poisonous gas, melt the ice pops
and use a jelly to reach the ledge with the Marshmallow each time. Keep doing
it until you see the Trophy pop up. Then, just exit the level if you've already
completed it, and you'll still have the trophy.

Tour de Fork! (Gold):  Finish the game walkthrough.
Finish the main game and beat the boss.

Ultra Foodnik (Gold):  Get all upgrades.
Use your points to obtain all the gadget upgrades in the lab.

Ultra Food'onaut (Gold):  Finish Game with Final Ending.
Complete the game using the Ultimate Weapon: the Spray on Shoes. You need all
the blueprint puzzle pieces gained from destroying all foodpods in all levels.

Unmunchable (Gold):  Kill 500 foods (NPC+DOOR+HYDRONIC FOODPOD) in the game.
You'll get this just by playing through the game and it includes foodpods,
enemy foods and smashing through stuff.

Yummer (Silver):  Get 20 life points.
Use 20 of the red healing life balls as you go through the game. Slice up the
small broccoli whenever you see them for additional life balls: but you need to
have lost some HP before you can be healed so try to get hit by something!

2. Unlockables
Music, Art Work and Movies are unlocked bit by bit when you find the Blueprints
for the Ultimate Weapon.

Obtain all foodstuffs for all stages to obtain all the blueprint pieces and
unlock the Ultimate Weapon!

This unlocks:
- MUSIC: 23/24
Unlock and access special music passages recorded for the game.

- ART WORK: 60/60
Unlock and access the unique artwork created for the game.

- MOVIES: 8/9
Unlock and access special movie clips created for the game.

MOVIE 9 and MUSIC 24
To unlock Movie 9 (The End) and Music 24 (Escape from the Meteorite) you must
complete the final mission of the game with the Ultimate Weapon.


V.  C R E D I T S ,  L E G A L  B I T ,  C O N T A C T ....................*CLC


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