• Trophies

    There are 1 Platinum trophy, 2 Gold trophies, 7 Silver trophies, and 44 Bronze trophies. PS3 exclusive trophies are marked with an asterisk (*). Descriptions may contain spoilers.

    *There are 40 secret trophies. show

    10,000,000 GaldHave over 10,000,000 Gald on hand.Bronze
    150 Hit ComboGet a combo of over 150 hits.Bronze
    All Memory Points DiscoveredTouch all memory points (save points).Bronze
    Bunny Guild Member (secret)Wear the Bunny Ears on Yuri, Estelle, Rita, and Judith for 5 consecutive hours.Bronze
    Collector Book CompleteFind, synthesize, or upgrade every item in the game.Silver
    Conquer Labyrinth of Memories (secret)Complete the Labyrinth of Memories (defeat Kratos).Silver
    Conquer Tomb of the Desired Mirror (secret)Complete the Tomb of the Desired Mirror (defeat Spiral Draco).Gold
    Defeat the Adephagos (secret)Complete Part 3.Gold
    First Fatal Strike (secret)Successfully Fatal Strike for the first time.Bronze
    First Giganto Monster (secret)Defeat a Giganto Monster.Bronze
    First Synthesis (secret)Synthesize one item.Bronze
    Giganto Hunter (secret)Defeat every single Giganto Monster.Silver
    Level 200 CharacterGet at least one character to level 200.Bronze
    Low Level Challenge (secret)Complete Part 1 under level 15.Bronze
    Monster Book CompleteScan every enemy in the game with a Spectacles (Magic Lens).Silver
    Over 100k ChipsWin over 100k chips in the casino.Bronze
    Perfect Quiz (secret)Get a perfect score on the Tales Quiz.Bronze
    Playtime Over 100 HoursPlay for over 100 hours.Bronze
    Recovered the Aque Blastia (secret)Complete Part 1.Bronze
    Secret Mission 1 (secret)Defeat Zagi without Estellize taking too much damage.Bronze
    Secret Mission 10 (secret)Kill the Leader Bat when Pteropus splits up.Bronze
    Secret Mission 11 (secret)Destroy the Outbreaker's sphere to prevent it from changing day into night.Bronze
    Secret Mission 12 (secret)When Belius splits up, light the torches with fire attacks to dispel the illusion.Bronze
    Secret Mission 13 (secret)Knock down Tison and Nan when they use attacks that leave them stuck in the ground.Bronze
    Secret Mission 14 (secret)Recover and knock down Schwann after he uses Blast Heart.Bronze
    Secret Mission 15 (secret)Heal Zagi when he poisons himself using Karol's Kasshin Recover Stamp (Nice Recovery Smash)Bronze
    Secret Mission 16 (secret)Knock Baitojoh out from under the ice when it uses "Moving Ice Blade"Bronze
    Secret Mission 17 (secret)Use Mother's Memento when fighting Estelle with Yuri alone.Bronze
    Secret Mission 18 (secret)After Yeager reveals his blastia heart, guard break him and use Raven's Shigure (Rain).Bronze
    Secret Mission 19 (secret)Knock down Alexei after he uses Senha Ranseijin (Brilliant Cataclysm).Bronze
    Secret Mission 2 (secret)Knock down Goliath by hitting his weak point when it prepares X-Buster.Bronze
    Secret Mission 20 (secret)Use the Malice Stella. (This SM is chronologically after the next two)Bronze
    Secret Mission 21 (secret)Attack Gusios's tail, then knock him down after he stands on his hind legs.Bronze
    Secret Mission 22 (secret)Knock down Khroma Dragon after she uses her earthquake attack.Bronze
    Secret Mission 23 (secret)Let Flynn use all of his moves against you.Bronze
    Secret Mission 24 (secret)Knock down Zagi when he uses Blastia Bane.Bronze
    Secret Mission 25 (secret)Finish off Duke with a mystic arte.Bronze
    Secret Mission 3 (secret)Knock down Gattuso with a Biribariha flower.Bronze
    Secret Mission 4 (secret)Knock Zagi overboard by using Overlimits when he is in the air on the side of the ship.Bronze
    Secret Mission 5 (secret)Knock down Dreaded Giant when it raises its front legs.Bronze
    Secret Mission 6 (secret)Use Raven's Mogura Nari (Serpent) to blow up Gigalarva's tail when it tries to heal.Bronze
    Secret Mission 7 (secret)Destroy the bridges when fighting Barbos to prevent reinforcements..Bronze
    Secret Mission 8 (secret)Knock down the Wandering Skeleton when it reloads its revolver.Bronze
    Secret Mission 9 (secret)Let Zagi absorb too much aer (use magic on him when he absorbs aer) to have his blastia explode.Bronze
    SnowboarderComplete Course 1 of Boarder Repede in under 40 seconds.Bronze
    Speed Gamer (secret)Complete the game under 15 hours.Bronze
    Stopped Alexei's Ambitions (secret)Complete Part 2.Silver
    Synthesize 20 Items (secret)Synthesize 20 items.Bronze
    Title CompleteAchieve all titles.Silver
    TOV Master (secret)Get all other trophies.Platinum
    Traveled Over 50k kmWalk or fly over 50k km.Bronze
    Watched All SkitsWatched all skits (Can be achieved through Unlock All Skits GRADE Shop bonus).Bronze
    World Map CompleteFully uncover the entire world on your map.Silver

    Contributed By: KryptoPyro13.

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